we dont stay calm

I have been quite of busy this week, I knew Dream Daddy would be delivered on July 13th and when I read the message from the team and knew the situation of the developers.
I just want to say that making a videogame is very hard, if you know programming is awesome but also kind of a headache.
I programmed a tamagotchi, a little virtual pet with the basic needs and when I thought I had finished, the bug searching and run of the program is one of the most difficult parts, because you have to search and try a lot of options to verify the program will not crash.
Now imagine, if programming one little tamagotchi is stressful, the Dream Daddy team is programming 9 characters + sons and daughters of the other dads.
Yeah, I programmed my pet with help of one fellow (was my beta programmer) and the Dream Daddy team has more people but it’s the same.
- so just have patience, be a little patient and if you are thinking about sending them a message, send them words of wisdom and love ❤