we dont know his eye color


So I was watching LazyTown and I know that’s not a good starting sentence but please

Just a casual character that vaguely looks familiar…wait what

Guys, this guy looks has the same color eyes, same lines, same nose shape, and same jawline as Mr. Tin Foil

I’m not sure whats more depressing the fact that I recognized him, that I’m watching LazyTown, or that his life has gone so down hill since the filming of this

The same maker of this iconic video in Pyros channel was in LazyTown (or at least a doppelganger of him)

I don’t know for a fact if it is him but my god. He sure does look like him

Please tell me what you guys think after watching it


Also if you need a refresh on who the hell Mr. Tin Foil is to the Pyrocynical Community here ya go


Look if y'all don't get out my messsges!! I'm not gon keep saying this I DONT KNOW ANY OF THESE PEOPLE!! If stuff I make up sound believable then I'm a better liar then people give me credit!!😜 I can ship who I want and my if my stories favor who I'm shipping then oh well, it's called shipping! That means we look at everything through rose colored glasses. So, AR is not Val's girlfriend in my eyes which is shipping eyes, but Zendaya is his girlfriend because that's who I'm shipping. It's not real and y'all know it so what difference does it make if I make up stories? So, stop acting like I know these people!😡
“petition for the starmyu fandom to be called stardust rebels” - totally unrelated to the post ww

already at the 8th episode

and i still can’t get over tengenji’s pose *uncontrollable laughter*

look at yuzuriha’s eyes. his hair. the color that fades to a pale green. *caresses the screen* yuzuriha is so beautiful im cryin

look how nayuki sits. poajogmaohmahonmaohmaoh

ohmyghad. ribbon instead of a necktie!? oh akira. and can we appreciate how he holds his school bag like a girl

i love starmyu okay i love it so much i dont even know how to describe what i feel go watch this musical of stardust rebels

as we burst into color - soulmate!luke au

summary: “he probably would have laughed if someone said that he would have stepped into a stadium for a show and suddenly seen color, because that just doesn’t happen. except, it does.”

notes: word count of 3089; based off a soulmate au post where everything is in black and white until you lock eyes with your soulmate and you finally see color. 

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