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!! did you make your little bucket zenyatta cosplay? (if so do you have any progress pics or tutorials?) :0 !!

hello ! ! !!!! yeah!! tbh i didnt expect ppl wanting to know how i made the costume so my progress pics are… a bit lacking in quality and also i dont know what parts exactly you wish to know so i made some tutorials too (that are probably like. “of course it goes like this. why are you explaining this my dude”)

SO!!!! for such a simple costume i probably used a little too much time making it but what can u do… lets start with the cutest part, the bucket,

heres me trying it on. i. bought the bucket from an animal store (why do they even sell these?) and the second pic is from when i cut a hole to it. i used an angle grinder that we have at school so unfortunately i dont know any alternatives ;_;

heres the bucket after several more modifications! the lil round dots and the ‘eyes’ are colourful tape and the yellow part stuffed underneath is hobby foam!

for the clothes: i went through several clothing stores and flea markets to find a good sweater but bc the colour was a weird purple/grey i couldnt find any close enough so because im a big fool i decide that knitting a sweater a week before the con would be a good idea (and what do u know i actually finished it???)

the yarn i used (and this is my fave thing) is drops nepal in grey/purple! its rly soft i love it… for the pants i used a linen fabric bc i thought zenyatta would use linen clothes………. i couldnt find yellow so i dyed the pants myself after sewing!

i made some rly shitty tutorial s that you probably wont need for the rest of the stuff in ms paint:

annddd here u go!!!! im sorry for clogging ur dashboards w this post that… became longer than expected aaaaaaaaaaa….. thank you for asking!!

My fav thing about this series is we have this canon line that Keith sleeps like a baby, but hes often made out to be an insomniac. Idk why I find that interesting.

Im off my work schedule so far I don’t even care. Sure I have a plan but Ive been interesting in trying to learn new things.. This time.. calming the fuck down. I tend to go over board when it comes to makeing stuff look perfect. I want a sketcher tone to my work.

I realize this line may be wrong cause im going off memory but you get the idea


idk which version is better so here you go have both of them

a mix of all the shits on my mind atm 

my sister started singing “ugh let’s try something else NUMBER TWO” one day so i decided to make a full-length shitpost out of it

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ok kids svtfoe fandom REALLY needs fics

im offering incentive….write any svtfoe fic + show proof that u posted it to either tumblr or ao3 and if we get to 27 fics (oneshot or mutli chapter, but multi-chaps dont have to be finished, just started and planned to continue) then i’ll release the only fic i ever wrote. its rlly fuckin garbage and y’all get the chance 2 laugh it up… also its not even finished (but 36 pages) and i dont plan to but ill free what i have.

only rules,

  • has to be svtfoe
  • has to be your work
  • any ship, or no ship at all
  • 500 words or more
  • you gotta, like. Try. It can’t be “star loves Marco” copy pasted 80 times.
  • NO NSFW.
  • it can be sourced from ao3 or tumblr but it’s gotta end up on tumblr with a link or something, also please tag my url so it’s easy to find

ik this seems like a lot but this is gonna hopefully be a pretty chill thing,yk. Just something going on in the background and if we happen to hit 27? Holy shit great!!!!

As a Leo ...

I can honestly say if I get quiet around you its either I dont trust you, I don’t like you, OR I’m still trying to decide either of the two. Leo’s come across as air headed or in a world of our own but don’t let that fool you, we can see And call stuff before you even play your card. We have something like a 6th sense for those kind of things And we’re very observant.

at least twitter bts stans dont hate themselves unlike yall on tumblr, u guys are so ashamed of calling yourselves armys xhhdhd, please stop. armys are the worst fandom just because of youtube comments? im posed to be ashamed of stannin bts and bein an army even though we didnt do shit? Nah. Cant relate.
the worst thing armys have done is comment on youtube videos while your lovely family is out there contactin the white house over one daesang and making melon try to rip their hairs out but aight 😳 yall out there tryna sacrifice jungkook, make bloody edits of bts but ARMYS are mad annoying ? 😳 yall trended “i hope jin dies in the jungle” yet we’re the uglies? 😳
if i see one more person go “im so ashamed of calling myself an army” or go “ion stan bts because of their fanbase” unless sth serious happens im deletin yalls existance. Yall take this shit way too seriously
stop being so scared by kpop stans theyre all headasses, listen and stan whoever u want goddamn, fuck outta here with “this is why everyone hates armys” 🙄 i dont claim armys often but like ….. who you tryna impress w that “im an army but i hate armys too” chdhdj sis shut up. Don’t let those uglies get to you lmao if one of your lil mutuals comes for u for stannin bts theyre deadass just being extra and ugly. dont feel bad for stannin a group fam.

anyways i love bts and those who aint fake bang bang army gang

i work at a place that serves hella soup. we let people sample them before they order (like 1 oz of soup) to make sure they like it. fuck every customer that has come back with “this soup is awful can i have x soup instead?” fuck you pay for it. fuck every customer who stands there and samples all 12 soups for ten minutes and buys the smallest fucking size. fuck every customer that is annoyed when we dont have the 1 soup they really want out of the 150+ we serve, and refuses to try one of the 12 we are serving that day. fuck the company for making such a stupid ordering design that i literally have to walk people through the ordering process from. (sounds like soup but with a z) fuck customers that ask for a sample and are annoyed when they have to wait two minutes max for the soup to be poured and put in the front counter area. fuck my boss who literally never even worked in a resturant before he owned one and SUCKS at everything involving it. fuck

why a netflix clintasha show whould be the best thing ever
  • we could find out what the fuck happened in budapest
  • more natasha backstory in the red room
  • more clint backstory at the circus
  • maria hill and phil coulson cameos
  • nick fury
  • the rest of the avengers could show up
  • flashbacks from when clint was sent to kill natasha and he didn’t (awesome fight scenes people!!)
  • more badass scenes of hawkeye and black widow
  • they could spend some time showing us the effects of loki’s mind control to clint
  • also we would get to see natasha trying to wipe out her ledger (hospital fire, sao paolo, etc)
  • CLINTASHA CUTE MOMENTS (either as friends or even lovers/we-dont-know-what-we-are)
  • clint may have a wife so the series will have to agree with that, but AT SOME POINT THEY BANGED THATS SURE
  • more clintasha moments trying to built friendship and trust between them
  • MORE C L I N T A S H A

do i even have to say anything else?

honestly? i am freaking out. how can so many people who claim they adore the show just leave because it got cancelled.

why arent they bothering to fight for it like the rest of us. although i may be unable to send a letter as im in australia for the american followers out there or those who can afford it please do try to post a plane.

for those who are messaging netflix and hulu keep going we are clearly getting heard, those who are asking disney to hand over the rights although youre angry please try to be polite.

i reblogged a set of emails of disney channel high authority, please try to email them if you want a more chance to have the show kept alive.

i love all the characters so much. i even remember my first episode when i was at my mums wedding we stayed at a holiday home with a heap of her friends and i turned on disney channel as i dont have it at home and up popped girl meets world. straight away i had a connection, but me being the moron i am forgot the show name. later i found some photos of rucas and though ‘i know them somewhere’ so i researched and found the show two years later. i started to watch the show from episode one. i started to ship riarkle, smackle and rilaya. after i watched all the episodes available i downloaded and watched boy meets world, and oh golly i wish girl meets world had the same mature subjects in it.

i love all of you guys so much, although i know i don’t have any fans but i dont care i love all of you guys who support the show. thank you all so much for being on this journey with me. now i cant wait for girl meets sweet sixteen.

High thoughts 💭

The nice people we have on Tumblr are fantastic. We are literally the last of a dying breed, people in the real world are simply not nice. Not genuinely nice imo. Like they’ll tell you to have a good day when you leave their store but you can hear the repetitive monotone in it. Dont get me wrong I can be ruthless but that’s more in a fight or flight situation, my natural intentions are to be nice. That’s it. Just nice. I don’t even have to try, that’s how you know its genuine. I don’t have to think about what I like about people, when I see someone new I instantly start listing off all the beautiful things about them. And I’m trying to do my best not to hold back in the real world when I like someones shirt or freckles or lipstick or hair or voice or smile.. I’m just guna blurt it out like I do in my head cause people have been trained and brainwashed into thinking life is some competition or something and that were not supposed to encourage each other but rather talk shit and bring the other person down so we can use them to climb up but in reality we look like a bunch of stupid mother fuckers that will never get anywhere cause we carry so much hate and envy in our hearts that weigh us down no matter how many people we pull down with us. The only way you will ever rise to goals and succeed in anything is to put aside your ego. Your ego is not your amigo. Stay humble, stay nice.

Where is the transmen positivity?
Why is there so much hate and disrespect in the trans community for transmen?
We should be standing together not attacking eachother
Ive seen so many people being ugly about us and its ridiculous. I think its people trying to jump on the “all men are awful” train but like,,,, transmen and cismen are different, we werent raised with male privileged and dont have that privilege until we’re passing in society. Most of us are still treated like girls by our peers so we still face misogyny and on top of that transphobia from people who know we’re trans or can guess.
Like honestly fuck off with this hating on transmen shit its so gross and ignorant and transphobic. We hardly even have representation in media and most of society just views us as butch lesbians or think we’re going through a phase. Leave us alone if you’re not going to be nice.

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yo! if u take fic suggestions, i have a fic suggestion: its called you can't block people in the group chat!! its a group chat fic (w side pairings like Brallon, Peterick, etc!! 💖)

Yes, I’m going to try and post all of the suggestions we have in our inbox now. I really like this fic, and it’s actually one of the few groupchat fics thats actually really funny.

You Can’t Block People In The Chat by Equifish (79/? | 30,550 | General Audiences)

[ 12:09 AM ]

Beebo: ok guys so like dont be mad but

Beebo: we;re all SO gay already i just

Beebo: *we’re

Beebo: fuck

Beebo: lets become even gayer what'ddya say

this fic also has a tumblr: @youcantblockpeopleinthechat

- Mel

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It's funny that when a show wants to have a wlw relationship on-screen it has to 'develop realistically' so it wouldn't feel like an 'unnatural' development. The moment a str8 ship comes it doesnt matter how shoehorned it is heey its a straight ship so obvs its more legit even if its absolute shit chemistry. Comeon.

queer relationships are so often awkward on screen & feel unnatural to me (obviously there are exceptions!!! amanita & nomi esp come to mind) & i think its bc a) some ppl have no idea how to write a queer ship bc it absolutely is not the same as a het ship w a little fearful pining & then fearful coming out & aggrandised acceptance & b) we dont get to see it presented as natural?? where is the intimacy where is the depth?? not to say that actors dont do a helluva job trying to portray it but yknow if the character & the story is lacking it then thats smth u cant fully cover

on the flip side while i would kill for relationships to be built healthy & awesome & stuff i would also kill for more fun easy rep like ok that scene in san junipero just a bit of it when they’re in bed together & laughing & stuff ok we just need more easy stuff too?? also more spot the queers in the background like shove them in there i honestly dont care abt being pandered too i would love that put!! queers!! on!!! screen!!

also now that im thinking abt it c) some writers have a lot of trouble finding that balance between “this character is queer!! just queer!! thats all u need to know abt them!! just this one thing!! queer!!!” & “this character may be queer but its nothing to get worked up over its a natural thing that happens we are very relaxed abt it its not a big deal #lg??smth lol there is so much more to this character than the fact that they’re gay move on ppl” bc like idk maybe they’re used to stereotypes & ppl not feeling safe to be their queer version self around them but every queer kid i’ve hung out w is like hey. hey guess what i did this weekend & then their friend like sighs & is like were u gay–I WAS GAY yEAH U GUESSED IT 

anyway long story short u right from now on no straight relationships & only an abundance of queer relationships

My own style chibis arent the best I used here but I couldn’t find any so yeah
Idk I thought some money would be nice and even tho i said i would never do commis I still want to try it once

The rules are that I draw whatever I want, something simple and not too time wasting and no animals pls I can’t draw them
Just IM me and we can talk about stuff and I can give you my paypal

Well well well.. after doing as well at my exams as expected (ie pathetically flopping) I’M BACK. Miss me?? (don’t answer). First of all, I hate you all bc the minute I had to study, ts2 simblr “””suddenly””” became a fucking cornucopia of unstoppable activity. I know that was a planned attack against me so dont even try to deny it. Where was all this energy when I would pass 200 hours staring at a dead dash???? ANYWAY, let’s move on..

Recap time, in case you forgot, because I certainly did: when we last left the Unions, Daniel grew up into a 19th century communist, Komei cheated with Marissa Bendett, and Victoria spent a magical night with Malcolm Landgraab in retaliation. We pick up right where we left off…

Aka KOMEI ANNOYING UNSUSPECTING ANIMALS, WHAT ELSE. I faintly remember having the idea to turn Komei into a werewolf?? Have never succeeded in doing this without cheating, but if there’s one sim who can make it, it’s secret-lives-of-furries over here.

Completely engrossed in Komei’s wolf adventures, I forget poor Gunther’s birthday, something that is tragically becoming a running theme. It looks like Gunther has grown out of the unbearable Komeiness of his face?? Good job Guns! 

Then something happens that changes the course of this family forever…

As in, THIS IS THE AMAZING OUTFIT GUNTHER GROWS UP IN. JFC. 3 months later, I’m still semi-mad about getting saddled with a third kid but man, what a pay off. Theres something missing from this masterpiece tho..

….Oh yes. There we go. If you thought this family could not look any better, THINK AGAIN.

Gunther has been a kid for a good 2 minutes when I look at Komei’s panel and what do I see???????


What a sophisticated way to get your penis cut off! Props to you, Komei.