we dont even have to try

yo yo yo yo listen just because Shilla came out and said that SM announced Jinki would not attend does not DOES NOT mean that they completely made the decision themselves. Shilla ofc is not in contact with Jinki personally messaging him and asking him “hey you wanna come or nah?” They have to go through company representatives and when they say “SM announced” or “SM decided” it’s because…well…yea that’s kind of who they’re talking to! This could’ve been Jinki telling SM “hey I’m not ready.” it could’ve been SM taking into consideration the atmosphere and the impact Jinki attending the concert would make and talking it through with Jinki and them deciding together what the best plan of action was. So like, please just stop with the hate. I know you guys want people to blame, but sometimes it’s better to just focus on support and positivity than trying to immediately place blame when you don’t know all the thinking behind a decision.


We will not have any sh@ladin content on this blog, we never have and we never will. We don’t want any arguments about this, we are merely trying to stay out of trouble. If you have any issues with antis and/or sh@ladins there are plenty of blogs for you to go on and argue on that are MADE for it.

This blog is going to stay on the safe side, we don’t want trouble so we will stick to platonic quotes and ships that will not cause trouble.

Any asks about this will from now on be DELETED. I’m not going to tolerate this anymore because frankly I’m tired of repeating how we don’t want drama and yet we still get asks about it. This information will be added to the FAQ (which I suggest you all read)

- Mod Keith

hi puerto rico is dead

IRMA JUST LEFT AND NOW MARIA IS ON HER WAY AND SHES GOING TO SLICE RIGHT THROUGH THE CENTER OF THE ISLAND AS A CAT3/4. We haven’t even gotten over the damages with irma yet and some people STILL dont have water or power and now we’re getting hit with something thats going to be even worse for us PLEASE PLEASE pray for puerto rico and the caribbean because this shit is serious

stuff that is now officially COOL to do:
  • asking questions for the sake of learning
  • asking questions to clarify things that could be miscommunications
  • asking questions as opposed to arguing, just to keep provoking further answers and explanation from the other side even if they’re really really wrong & bad, and then leaving it at that without making statements urself. like jsut let them stew in their own answers they said. kinda makes em feel like a fool sometimes if ur dealin with a real bastard, and u dont have to go thru the trouble of engaging.
  • hey guys? how come we dont ask more questions? 🤔

Can we talk more about Lextra’s room here?


And also what the actual fuck are those floating candle cages????¿? Why the fuck do they hang so low? Just imagine Clarke getting out of bed at like 3 am to go to the bathroom, half asleep and tired af with her eyes barely open. She knows the rooms layout enough to be able to walk through practically blind but she always forget about those stupid ass candle cages until CLANG she walks headfirst into one and smacks the shit out of her forehead. And Lexa wakes up to the smash and Clarke’s half grunt half roar of pain and salty frustration and immediately goes for her bedside dagger ready to fite like ‘who dare attack me and my Clorke?¿’ ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
And in the darkness of their room she just gets from Clarke 'jeSUS FUCKING FUCK SHIT FUCK WHY’ and Lexa is so confused and startled and disoriented and ready to kick some ass but Clarke is still going off 'WHY THE FUCK ARE THESE THINGS EVEN REAL WHY THE FUCK DO YOU NEED THIS SHIT LEXA FUCK’ and Lexa’s eyes are adjusting and she can now see that she and Clarke are the only one’s in here so she is just like ?¿ big eyes like the confused puppy she is and like stumbling through the dark towards Clarke with needy grabby hands like 'clorke my sun and my stars I will protect- where you be?’
And Clarke is just holding her forehead continuing to roar obscenities even though it honestly isn’t even that painful she’s mostly just tired and pissed that she has to deal with this shit at 3 am and she’s just 'LEXA GET RID OF THIS SHIT YOU DONT NEED 78 FUCKING CANDLES IN HERE AND 9 OF THEM IN FUCKING FLOATING METAL FUCKING SHIT CAGES’
and yes I did count all those candles and I counted 78 fucking candles fite me (don’t actually I’m small and frail)
And Lexa is just like 'shhhh klark my love come back to sleep’
And Clarke is 'FUCKING WHY LEXA’
And Lexa is all 'shhhh it’s for the aesthetic clork’
Clarke 'bUT WHY-’
Lexa 'shhhhhhhhhhhhh the aesthetic clock the aesthetic’
And a guard comes in like 'HEDA I HEARD SCREAMING ARE YOU ALRIGHT’
And Clarke grabs some random ass candle lying around and chucks it at this poor soul like 'NOT FUCKING NOW WESLEY’

studying with adhd!! ✨🌈

before we begin: i have mostly hyperactive type adhd & these tips have worked for me! i cant promise they will 100% work for u & maybe they will work even if u dont have adhd. but again, i went from a c-student to an a-student with these, so if you think they sound helpful, give them a shot :-)

🍁 make a checklist of what you need to study before anything else. as you gather your materials, refer back to this list. once you have everything on the list, double check: is there anything else you need? check again. keep your supplies within reach

 🍁 try to have a large study space so you can spread out! try the floor, a kitchen counter, or even your bed. this way, even if you’re messy, you can just shove what you don’t need to the side because…

 🍁 only keep what youre currently working on in front of you. people with adhd need simplicity to minimize extra steps in their thought process (extra steps lead to distractions, forgetfulness, and potentially executive dysfunction)

 🍁 don’t force yourself into pomodoro cycles - work in “shifts” while taking breaks and using ur hyperfocusing powers :-) working in shifts means that the minute you get bored of working on one assignment, shift to another. when you get bored of that one, shift back to the first. if you get overwhelmed or suddenly unbelievably unmotivated, take a break to breathe - when you get bored of breathing, back to work! do ur best not to burn urself out by working too long, but if you feel yourself hyperfocusing, don’t break your focus by forcing yourself to stop

 🍁 prioritize! this is a huge problem for us - we try to do 30 things and finish 1. it’s incredibly frustrating to feel like you are working harder than anyone but getting the lowest results. the secret is prioritization (which goes along with simplicity)! write down three things you have to get done. do those. do you have extra time? pick two more things to do. done? finish your study session with one last, low-priority and low-stress task

 🍁 rubber bands, bracelets, erasers, rubix cubes, and stress balls are my favorite things to fidget with when i dont have my spinner. i personally can’t concentrate in chairs that spin, but walking around while reading my notes aloud helps me. 

 🍁 if you really really cannot physically bring yourself to do homework, watch a tv show that youve watched a million times before as you do it. 

🍁 take interactive notes! if you take messy notes with a lot of gaps at school and rewriting them isnt an option for whatever reason: write your messy lecture notes on the left half of the page. at home, highlight main ideas from the left side. on the right half, fill in any blocks of information you missed using youtube/textbook/other resources. avoid extensive colorcoding because…

 🍁 colorcode when youre studying for your exams! make a box next to each main topic and check off when you are done with it. highlight questions/whatever you wish as you read through your notes to stop passive learning. 

 🍁 take it easy on yourself! adhd isn’t a curse, but it does make it difficult to do a lot of things that school requires to do “well.” sometimes you won’t be able to understand information as quickly, or you’ll forget to turn in your homework. you are doing your best, and that can be just passing a class or finishing one worksheet. youre doing great & you will succeed! 

Today is the birthday of the one and only Wen Junhui!

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Originally posted by withjunhui

It is the birthday of a talented:

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I hate that I even have to say this but just because someone is your friend doesnt make you entitled to their time and if you throw a fit because they’ve been distant or quiet without even trying to ask what they’ve been up to/ if theyre ok? That makes you an asshole.

Some friends just arent as talkative. Some friends are the kind of friends you have conversations with once and a while with long spaces in between and thats ok. That doesnt mean that person doesnt like you/cares for you. 

Not everyone can handle being someones shoulder to cry on constantly and thats also ok. People have different levels of friendship and what type of things they can deal with from someone, and constantly putting someone in a position of a therapist without knowing if thats even ok or asking how your friend is doing? Shitty thing to do.

and in b4 yall come in with “WE CANT ALL BE NEUROTYPICAL KAREN!!” bullshit: I have BPD so dont try it.

quotes from the signs of how they view themselves and their signs

aries: “I’m opinionated and when something intrigues me or is brought to my attention I really like to research it and learn about it so I’m like super great to come to for advice. I can be really aggressive in a way like not physically but emotionally and I’m reckless. I like to have fun”

taurus: “umm im really closed off n not many people know the REAL me like no one really knows the inside me u know like i dont share my feels n like im really loving n caring n emotional n i can be kinda dramatic but like cancers overshadow us”

gemini: “well i think there are definitely ~two sides of me~ but i think it’s like that for everyone”

cancer: “the stereotype about us being like huge crybabies isn’t entirely true like i think i’m just as emotional as the next person but i feel like cancers are a lot stronger than people believe they are and we’re problem solvers too even though people generally see us as problem creators. i don’t think i’ve ever met a cancer that didn’t have a huge heart yknow like i’m super loving and caring and i think that more than being like crybaby emotional we’re lovey dovey emotional. great at giving advice bc we’re super logical and parental. of all the signs i’d say we’re the most similar to lawyers. we also talk a lot”

leo: “i say i don’t care what people think of me but i really do, i hate making other people upset idontknow anymore i was trying to be inspiring for you but that’s all i got”

virgo: “i pay attention to every single detail about anyone and everyone. i have very good sense of judgement and truth. i’m very hard on myself, very insecure. i think very logically and cautiously. i dont even know much more i see of myself, but i’ll tell you one thing, the most important, virgos love. they love so fucking hard. i’d say more than anyone else. I WAS GONNA MAKE IT REALLY GOOD AND LONG AND MEANINGFUL BUT I HAVE TO PEE SO BAD I WAS HOLDING IT WHILE THINKING”

libra: “Smart funny but indecisive as hell cant make up their own mind if their life depended on it. Generally very good hearted people and there for others. Not easily discouraged but can get lazy easily and unfocused from the task at hand. Aesthetic sign in love with all that is beautiful and pleasing to see and feel.”

scorpio: “uhh I really want to be loved and accepted and I think that’s why I’m really sexually driven like I give the people what they want in exchange for what I want”

sagittarius: “idk i don’t really care about anything like i’m laid back but i also care a lot about everything??? if you make me mad i can be really like cold towards you and i’ll make it known that i’m upset. i’m loving and caring and i protect the ones i love”

capricorn: “Capricorns are definitely hard workers and very goal oriented and do things that they set their minds too like everyone says but I also think many capricorns are sensitive and parental but also children at heart”

aquarius: “i like to be alone but in the presence of people i’m kinda backwards idk i’m shy but with close friends i am a lunatic also why is aquarius an AIR SIGN LIKE THE LOGO FOR IT IS LITERALLY TWO WAVES WHY ISN’T IT WATER LIKE AQUA-RIUS HELLO”

pisces: “I guess I’m funny. I care for people a lot but when it comes to them needing help, idk how to help bc I’m a piece of shit! But I’m a pretty good listener. In relationships I think I’m a pretty good partner bc I give it my all but I can be a piece of shit.”


I’m sure aliens have some sort of concept of a never-ending thing, so when they learn about infinity, they aren’t too surprised. But what would they think about everything we do with infinity? 

For example, the concept of multiple infinities, with some infinities being larger than others?

Alien: But, aren’t these sets both never-ending? If so, then, this can’t be larger than the other infinity.
Human: Yes, they’re both infinite, but there are more numbers between 0 and 1 than there are counting numbers.
Alien: I dont understand.
Human: So basically, if you were to try and pair the counting numbers with a number between 0 and 1 you’d always have a new decimal even after you’ve exhausted the counting numbers.
Alien: But??? They’re never-ending sets? You can’t exhaust them??
Alien: *exhasperated screeching*

When aliens try to find a reason as to why humans do this with numbers, they get even more confused, because there are humans who believe that all the stuff about infinity is useless nonsense. 

PSA for anybody who has ever felt insecure about how they write their character. Remember why you began writing them in the first place. Remember how much they mean to you and how much you enjoy writing them. There will be other people roleplaying the same character as you, it is inevitable, but there is only one of YOU and only one who plays the character the way YOU play them. You bring something special to that character. Something that nobody can mimic or do the same as because nobody is just like you. You need to accept that, and accept that there will be others, but just like you they will be playing the character their own way as well. Nobody is better. Nobody is the same. Nobody deserves to play a character more than another person does. This is no popularity contest and you should never feel as though you aren’t worthy of playing a character just because you or someone else has made you feel that way. Instead of comparing yourself to others who play the same character as you; try to embrace the differences and admire them. Cheer up and keep on keeping on. You love your character, you love roleplaying as that character, and in the end that is all that matters.

Dating Bill Denbrough

i love IT. ive been wanting to see is since like april and now that ive seen it twice ill write about the amazing cast bc they deserve the world. i wont do smut bc thats weird as fuck so pefhiwdsk

  • loving him & his ADORABLE stutter
  • y’all are a blushing mess of pre teens
  • i feel like eyebrow tracing would be a thing
  • && it would leave him blushing so who wouldn’t want to do that???
  • comforting him when he is upset about georgie
  • he’ll either wrap his arms around you and hug u sososoosos tight you can feel his heart beating
  • or he’ll just put his face in your neck then apologize for getting your shirt wet
  • which u insist that its ‘okay billy’
  • he wants to hold you hand all. the. time.
  • u got sweaty hands? who cares!1!11!!1
  • riding bikes together awwwhhw
  • you were beverly’s friend before you met bill so after you had joined the losers club, billy-boy started to catch feels
  • he’d stare at u
  • your first kiss with him sent something like this;

“i can’t do this anymore, we are all going to get killed bill!!!!”

“p-p-please, stay.”

“i can’t”


“what are yo-“


  • he didnt even know what he was doing until he opened his eyes while he was kissing you and almost fainted
  • he would want to kiss you all the time after that btw
  • you would have to dodge him sometimes ahahaha ohhhh this kid
  • when everyone is chilling on the couch at his house, you legs would be on top of his and he would run his finger tips on your calves awwwww
  • richie would tease yall every second of every day. mark my words

“you guys are going to get herpes”

“(y/n) i think you’ve sucked as much of bills face as you can into your mouth”



  • beverly doesn’t like seeing pda from u two but she supports your relationship & when you’re not with the boys, you & her talk about the relationship


“i have hand sanitizer for you two”

“ok WELL mY mOm SaID tHaT tHe EAsieSt Way To GeT sIcK iS to MAkEOut sO iM juST WarNinG YA

  • could u just imagine lil bill trying to tell u he loves you

“(y-y-y/n, i n-need t-to tell y-you somethi-ing”

“billy you’re stuttering is getting worse, are you okay?”

“i-im f-f-f-fine.”

“um oka-“


  • are you’re like blushing and gasping and just like egiburefjndslkm
  • u won at life
  • congrats

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forlorn-kumquat  asked:

Can I request AUs for teenagers with powers/magic who band together to become superheroes? Thank you.

sure!! :D ((just to let everyone know, most of these can probably easily be turned into ot+ prompts as well))

  • I know we’re all a team to save this place but I swEAR TO GOD STOP QUOTING/COMPARING US TO THE AVENGERS
  • no. we’re not calling ourselves the x-men. just no, okay? it’s probably copyrighted.
    • same for justice league, don’t even try buddy. no, league of justice doesn’t count!!!!
  • okay so we all got our powers from that big accident, and obviously so did the villains. does anybody remember who else was there so we can figure out who and/or how many we’re dealing with?
    • bonus if one or more of the villains gets included into the otp/ot+
  • woah woah woah I thought we were the GOOD GUYS I didn’t sign up for this
  • so each of us has an element? that’s pretty coo- DONT YOU DARE START QUOTING AVATAR. IM WATCHING YOU
    • “even if we find a boy trapped in an iceball?” EVEN IF WE FIND A BOY TRAPPED IN AN ICEBALL
    • “that’s modern zuko” I SWEAR TO GOD
  • you know what? I quit. I’m done. I have finals coming up, I don’t have time for this. Do whatever you want, I don’t care anymore
  • “why does it feel like you’re purposefully trying to lose” I DONT WANNA TAKE MY EXAMS OKAY JUST K I L L ME ALREADY you don’t even have to kill me just like, put me in a temporary coma or SOMETHING
  • I don’t even know how to drive yet!!!!! Why am I flying!?!?!?!?!?????

I hope these work for you, have fun! :D

~Mod Karissa


Let me tell you the moment i escaped the feelings. I guess it was at MAMAs. We were performing, i was singing and i realized i have MONBEBEs who loved our performance. I got to see their face and i thought i should not be depressed like that because there might be MONBEBEs who’re stressed out. Though there might be a bumpy road, try to believe that things will work out as MONEBE wants. I thought you can even do something impossible.

Yuzuru is the supreme elite of figure skating. He skates at an unimaginable level, and I have no choice. I have only one thing to do, to try achieving the same results somehow. Many skaters actually fear him, coz he’s just so above everyone else. He jumps so organically, so naturally in a program that I question if it is reality, if it’s achievable. It is necessary to set goals, but I dont look forward to the pain I have to go through to reach Yuzu’s level. Masters like Yuzuru know what to do. He “kills” even before entering the ice; he already does it during the warm-up. We juniors look up to him and try to do the same, to try to put out the rivals before entering the rink during warm up, but we haven’t reach that level, and we’ll probably never will. Even Yuzu’s look may affect another skater, so usually we try not to face his eyes.
Yuzuru Hanyu has so many records. Right now there is almost no competition for him, but when a rival appears, he won’t stop and wait, he will do something new because he is the highest level, and he will not give what belongs to him. I am still far from this company of world figure skating.
He is incredible, he is superior. If figure skating is a video game where there are many levels, Yuzu would be cruising in the insane level.
—  Dmitri Aliev on his opinion of YH (EDIT: He was referring to all of the top men skaters, not specifically YH. Apologies for not clarifying; this was how I found the quote to be written on an Instagram post.)
"Genital Preference"

Its not about sex.

It never has been. As a lesbian trans woman, almost all of my romantic encounters, crushes, and relationships are with other trans women. This is a pattern that holds true for 99% of us. We couldnt really care less whether some cis women don’t want to have sex with us.

But that is never how the conversation is framed by cis women who defend the notion of genital preference. Instead, its framed as “natural” for “real lesbians” to find our bodies repulsive. Our attempts to be included in women’s spaces and feminist discourse, where we belong, is equated to sexual violence, because apparently its impossible for you to see us tr*nnies as anything besides sexual predators. Its the way in which even supposed allies wax heartbroken about the need to protect young women (read: cis women, the only real women in their view) from us “trans activists” or “genderists” who are supposedly trying to force ourselves onto you when we never have. Its the fact that arguments in defense of genital preference are utilized as a way of reifying the notion that only equating womanhood with certain bodies is natural and good.

If you haven’t engaged in relationships with trans women, that’s fine. We seriously dont give a shit. Who says we want to date cis lesbians anyway? Oh wait, we’re sex crazed males in your eyes, so you assume we do. But when you make a politics out of specifically defending the right of people to be repulsed by our bodies…thats much more than just sex. You’re defending your right to see us as subhuman freaks, whose lives ultimately don’t matter.


NU'EST W’s 2nd ever win!!

They were just as shocked as yesterday, JR and the rest are really so used to losing for the past 5 years, it seems they dont believe it when they actually win. They all were holding back tears, Aron was biting his lip so hard trying to keep in the emotions. They all did very deep bows, even to juniors! I tried not to cry but seeing like this… i cant hold it in😭 I hope one day loves have given you so many wins you dont have to be in shock like this ever again! Always, forever, we will love and protect you. After 6 years of all the pain, and your OWN hard work and refusal to give up, you are finally standing on stage proudly. It wasnt luck, because few groups are as special as NU'EST- who stayed together for so long despite no success, who are closer than family and some of the most real, talented people in this industry. You’ll get wins from now on always, we’ll make sure of it! #NUESTW2ndWin