we dont care

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i bought a pudding cup from my school and it came with a plastic spoon and i started chewing it, and it was really bendy and nice, but after like 15 min i got this /awful/ taste in my mouth, like I was being poisoned or something. so lesson learned, i shouldnt chew plastic spoons from my school :P

woah thats so weird…i chew on plastic spoons all the time and thats never happened to me, it must be that specific brand. but they are a great chew stim arent they!

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lmao i love how everyone is ignoring the ~confirmation about weed. we all knew and dont care at all also just want to roll up one with them even more now

Weed is cool but I’m laughing while imagining Ally smoking weed


I love this teasing tone Peggy uses with Angie sometimes (◡‿◡✿)


The Rock, he knew. He could feel the immense weight of it above his head.” 



sophie okonedo as melisandre

zoe saldana as catelyn stark

chloe bennett as margaery tyrell

angela bassett as cersei lannister

lucy liu as lysa arryn

odeya rush as sansa stark

willow smith as arya stark

dascha polanco as daenerys targaryen

laverne cox as selyse baratheon

amandla stenberg as myrcella baratheon