we dont care

“Why do you still care about her after what she did to you?”

“Because it doesn’t work like that. Giving a shit about someone that you give a shit about, doesn’t just evaporate the second that they fuck up.”

—  the magicians

I love this teasing tone Peggy uses with Angie sometimes (◡‿◡✿)

A little gift for @lara-games , she has been really depressed lately, so I wanted to make this for her. I hope you feel better, and know that things will get better!! If you kill yourself things will never get better, trust me. Even when everything seems lost. And please, dont harm yourself it only makes your life worse.  Im not the best at making speeches, but know that you are NOT ALONE. There are so many people who go through the same situation as you, and they eventually get better.

We all care about you lara.


Goth is by @nekophy

Lara is by Lara-games

March #KeepHerInTheGame Baseball Campaign


Our March #KeepHerInTheGame Campaign is our most ambitious plan yet. We hope you’ll help us make it our most successful too!

Campaign Dates: March 1st- March 31st

We are sending FOX executives Dana Walden, Gary Newman, and Tony Tompson baseballs. Most of you by now are probably familiar with the names Dana Walden and Gary Newman. Just a reminder that they are the final decision makers over at the network. The fate of Pitch literally lies in their hands. Tony Tompson may be a new name to you. Tony is VP of Drama Development & Programming and without his work, Pitch would’ve never made it to our television screens. Tony is an extremely important person to target right now and we want to make sure to also show him how much we want the show back.

  • Dana and Gary are the priority to send baseballs to.
  • If you are sending more than one baseball, we urge you to consider sending at least one baseball to Tony separately.
  • Write on your baseballs #KeepHerInTheGame, #RenewPitch, and whatever other hashtags tickle your fancy. Please remember to be respectful. No demands.
    • We asked you guys for some suggestions and here’s what you said:
      • #43
      • #PitchPlease
      • #TeamBeard
      • #Team Sanders/Fav player
      • #WhatElseYouGot
      • #Bawson
      • #PitchStreetTeam (no we did not add this one ourselves XD)
      • #BakersBabes
      • #LawsonsLadies
      • #FightFor43
      • #PitchLikeAGirl
      • #Pitchsanity
      • #WomenInBaseball
  • Some Pitches are planning on sending their baseballs in bubble mailers or flat rate boxes from the post office. These are just suggestions to give you an idea how to ship them off, but you can do whatever works best for you!
  • Please include a small note asking FOX to donate the baseballs to the local Boys & Girls club in your packages.
  • If you are shipping baseballs directly from amazon.com please include a small note with your shipment with the hashtags #KeepHerInTheGame and #RenewPitch & a request to donate the baseballs.

Our first goal is to send the network 500 baseballs obviously the more the merrier but one step at a time, folks. Pitch Street Team is keeping track of the numbers bc #DATA. Please help us to do this by filling out the baseballs form!

From now until February 28th we are asking if you are planning on sending baseballs that you fill out the Baseball PLEDGE form.

Starting March 1st we ask that you track the baseballs that you have actually sent in the Baseball TRACKING form.

Address your baseball packages to:

Dana Walden & Gary Newman

Fox Broadcasting Co.

10201 W. Pico Blvd 

Los Angeles, CA 90064


Tony Tompson

Fox Broadcasting Co.

10201 W. Pico Blvd 

Los Angeles, CA 90064

We’re the ones on the mound right now. US. We throw the balls. 

So let’s throw them. 

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while helping my sibling farm for the blackwatch mccree skin on their account i just so happened to have THE GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT OF MY LIFE

au where isak is moving out and even’s the guy who helps with that/taking his stuff to his new place and while theyre outside packing into the car, isak hears a familiar voice greet him and he freezes and turns around and its julian, his ex, holding another boy’s hand and isak screams inside but puts on a smile “hey julian. what are you doing here?” and julian looks at his boyfriend, “we’re on a house hunt. moving in together” and isak clenches his jaw bc fuck that, THEY were supposed to do that months ago before they broke up. then he looks back at isak “and you? moving out?” and isak panics and doesnt think twice about what he’s saying, “yeah actually im moving out to move in with my boyfriend” and he wishes he could take it back or just run but he stands still and julians like “boyfriend?” and isak wants to wipe that smirk off his face, “where is he then?” and then isak hears the car door close and then even is walking towards them with a smile, work finished, and isak just. “here.” and even stands next to isak and is looking between him and julian, “hm?” and isaks like “this is even, my boyfriend. im moving in with him” 

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pls tell me there are pictures SOMEWHERE of eunwoo's precious little hands holding the biggest items it's for science

@ PPL GOING TO THE NEXT FANSIGNS PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN skdlfjhadglka for real, reading your message already made me scream bc it made me imagine she holding like a huge bear or smth like that omg i’m crying


1. Let’s start with Rena going crazy bc of how cute Eunwoo’s hands are (skip to 12:25) (reminder that rena is the shortest on pristin and if you pay attention you can see in the 2nd pic that her hands are way bigger than eunwoo’s dlkfjalkgja)

2. Idk if any sound comes out when she claps bc honestly her hands are so tiny there is no area to create any sound lskdjgg (check the whole gifset here, done by my fellow eunwoohoo @eunwoooo)

3. Try to ignore the gayness happening Just compare the sizes of yuha’s and eunwoo’s hands I’m crying 

i’m sweating

4. Her hand vs the mic


I could srsly go on forever, no joke 

no, antis are not irresponsibly using charged language to scare people into stigmatizing a ship.

minor-adult relationships are pedophilia

minor-adult relationships are pedophilia

minor-adult relationships are pedophilia

if you don’t feel comfortable admitting that, you’re desensitized to the abuse inherent in minor-adult relationships.

THAT’S the problem. if you’re more concerned about misusing a dictionary definition that essentially ignores the practical, colloquial, real application of a word than you are about addressing harmful attitudes towards pedophilia that normalize abuse, then you are the problem.