we don't think any less of you


Aoi: it’s a pity when you’re not able to see bands that do such great LIVES for a while.* nevertheless, whenever I look at moments like this I end up thinking about ourselves and that we’ll probably be the same and it’s bitter.
Aoi: it’s too painful so I wanna do it as a sort of fade out,  so that year after year the number of GazettE LIVES keeps getting less and we become weak from old age, while saying something like “eh? lately we’re not doing any LIVES, are we? well, our bodies can’t keep up anymore〜”.
Aoi: I want you guys to be prepared for an elderly-only GIG someday. and as goods we’ll sell pots or massage equipment. or like wheelchairs that run with weak electricity.
Aoi: today I sent a LINE stamp combo to our manager no.1, who was waiting at the hotel and it killed him from an overload of cuteness. 
our managers are decreasing as well, huh. being killed by a cuteness overload.
Aoi: do not under any circumstances tell the other members, ok?! cause they’ll just scold me saying “you don’t have any dreams!”
Aoi: nah, it’s grilled fish.**
Aoi: today, I overdid my service a little. tomorrow I’ll take the liberty of giving you an unwelcoming treatment for a little while.

*think he’s referring to Sadie who announced that they’re taking a break (?)
**not sure but guessing it’s the name of the sticker set (?)

(the LINE messages read:
Aoi: Did you eat yetー??
Manager: good job! no, not yet. I’ve been waiting at the hotel!

I really don’t get why people are getting so worked up and upset about Ezra loving Nicole so much? just because he loved her, doesn’t make his love for Aria any less? would you really all want him to be completely alone and love-less for the 5 years? don’t you feel good knowing that he can love someone else? that if Aria ever died or something, eventually Ezra could love again? that he would be okay?