we don't talk about this scene


Sure, the bedroom scene is #iconique, but can we talk about how Keith gives Lance the softest look ever in the middle of a f i g h t??


Kurt, what if it’s only a matter of time before I become like that?

I was watching Empire Strikes Back and I never noticed this before, but in the scene where Leia briefs the pilots on Hoth? You can see Han in the background, working on the Falcon

Leia begins the briefing and he’s still welding in the background

still welding…

but the Hobbie asks about two fighters against a star destroyers and Leia turns to talk to him

meaning she’s now facing the Falcon

and when we cut back to the wider shot…

look who suddenly found something better to do, and is in fact not even pretending to work anymore, he’s literally just standing there

(it’s almost like he perked up when Hobbie questioned Leia’s plan like he wanted to see how she’d respond to it aka reminder that Leia’s “calm facade concealed an impressive temper” and Han “enjoyed watching it in action” and how the hell did he even notice this with the noise and the sparks from the welder, eh Han? Eh?)

anyway as soon as it’s clear that she’s turned away again, it’s back to the welding

… at least until the commander guy yells “okay, everybody to your stations!” and Leia turns to go

at which point he’s back to just standing there, although this time he remembered to at least pretend to be engrossed in work

so basically Han Solo notices when Leia Organa turns towards him halfway across the hangar, stops what he’s doing to watch her give orders when she turns so he can see her, then hurriedly goes back to pretending to work once he realises what he’s doing

i still cant believe the boat scene in wonder woman was improvised… like that was some of the funniest stuff in the movie!! and like!! diana talking about the ‘physical pleasures of the flesh’… you’re telling me that was improvised. there were twelve (12) volumes about it?! that led to the conclusion men are unnecessary for pleasure… that was improvised!? thank you gal.

gal gadot… the lgbt ally we deserve


Mekke øl + mutually failing at talking to their crush because they’re nervous

  • television shows: i mean, who needs lighting?? let's just not use any lighting. forget the lighting. oh, but add a whole ton of contrast!! yeah, do that. can't forget about those blurry flashbacks!! oh, and let's make things really grainy!! love that, too. and why don't we put the credits over really awesome scenes?? yeah, that's great.

It’s poison. I can feel it.


Queen Sugar Week - Day Five : Most heartbreaking moment
→ The hospital scene with Ernest, Ralph Angel & Blue

Elliot and Angela kiss

me: oh wow, what a great friendship

Tyrell grabs Elliot by his shoulder, caressing him gently

me: look at that, true love, so pure 

i don’t understand people who says that JJ won’t follow what Rian established on this movie, like first of all:

  • JJ created Kylo and Rey connection
  • JJ was the one that was going to shoot the Ahch-To scenes and the shirtless kylo scene (THEY EVEN HAD THAT SCENE PLANNED OUT ALREADY) but Rian told him to give those scenes to him.
  • The movie has been planned out since the beginning, they’re not making things up as the go. This is SW we’re talking about, not fast and furious. The main story is already plan out. Even if they give the directors full creative license to write the movie, they are following what have been already established in the main story.
  • If we have only one movie left, and the writers have spent two years building up the relationship of two characters that happen to be the main characters of the movie, they will have to continue that route. 
  • JJ was the executive producer of TLJ, so in other words he agreed to everything that Rian wrote. 
  • JJ will have to acknowledge Kylo and Rey’s feelings and force bond in the next movie even if he doesn’t want to ( and let’s be real, JJ loves kylo and rey) because it was the main focus of TLJ

So i seriously don’t understand why people are saying that JJ will do things different, like please…..just look beyond the horizon next time when you’re going to say that JJ won’t follow what Rian wrote.


19 weeks of Captain Swan

Week 5 ● Captain Swan + ‘Underrated’ Moments

where I would take famous lady pictures on dates

a picnic in an abdondoned wooden townhouse in the dying part of town, we read celebrity gossip outloud on our phones with her head in my lap, later we exchange risque poetry on the roof and drink wine that is almost fancy

take her to a mall in the middle of chicago and watch her shop for expensive things with those slight sugar-mama undertones, go to a cafe with heart chairs and flaunt pink lesbian extravegence, get on the indoor ferris wheel and shamelessly makeout

take her to an outdoor concert with fairy lights and bands playing electric fiddles, we sit on my car roof and eat rocky road icecream until the sprinklers come on, run around and cuddle in the summer grass as fireflies come out

meet outside a nameless bar downtown where we are both slightly drunk, go to an empty walmart parking lot and discuss feminism, she smokes and I tell her she’s beautiful, she says ‘I know,’ end up naked and tattooed at a strangers house

go to a haunted house and scream at everything for the hell of it, go to an art studio afterwards and paint nature scenes on walls and each others back, eat cold frenchfires and talk about history and the end of the world