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while voting for BTS in the BBMAs,

we should all do 1 squat per tweet. that’s 100 tweet votes a day, so 100 squats a day (go at your own pace). by the end of the voting, we can all have thighs like jungkook 💪💪💪💪 let’s do it~


Ok so these photos are not in any particular order but they made me so upset.

I recently got into kpop a little over a year ago and living in America and not be able to fully understand Korean has made it hard. However I still appreciate all the work these idols put in. No language barrier can hinder me from seeing that. So seeing this post is wicked offense to not just BTS but kpop in general.

If I’m correct (and please correct me if I’m wrong) but Jungkook is a fan of Charlie (somewhat) this cover was amazing and in my opinion better than the original. Just because you do not know of an artist, band, or even an entire genre of music does not make it below you or the music you listen too. If Charlie the man that wrote and performs this song can give Jungkook credit on a great cover than everyone should. Another thing, this girl also tweeted serval things about how they are not universally famous because they don’t play on the American radio stations and are from Korea. Like how does that make a difference. Last week in New York they played Blood Sweat and Tears sooooo idk She then goes in to say how you shouldn’t be proud of awards BTS have won because the award shows they go to are not as popular as the Grammys for example. Charlie Puth has won 8 awards from numerous awards shows in his career. Meanwhile bts has won over 53, and both artists have been around for the same amount of time. I’m not knocking Charlie or anything I’m just saying if you gonna try to come at a group and say they are not as talented or unimportant because the awards the win “don’t count” check yourself. Because in the end you look like the idiot and BTS stay winning

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Are you sure “Oi” wasn’t deemed inappropriate for broadcast because Jooheon and I.M’s raps were too god damn BADASS and fucking AMAZING!??!!? AND WONHO’S LYRICS AND COMPOSITION OF THE PIECE WAS TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD JUST LIKE HE IS!?!?

cuz i was just curious…

Grocery shopping with your OT7 children.

Shabba (Remix)
A$AP Ferg Ft. Migos, Busta Rhymes, Shabba Ranks
Shabba (Remix)

Shabba (Remix) - A$AP Ferg Ft. Migos, Busta Rhymes & Shabba Ranks

“Who that stocky nigga with the grills?, Trap Lord you’re so trill
I could get a new Bugatti but a nigga rather chill
Rather sit up on the block and stack it ‘till I get a mill

What about them old bitches who ain’t wanna give me feel?
Now they want a make it gushy cause a nigga got a deal

Rather double up and strap and hit a booty in Brazil
I hit Punta Cana when shit gets so real”

I got this review on Palo Alto:

I’ve never seen anyone dare to mix west coast gangsta rap and Harry Potter fanfic before. Therefore, you are a visionary.

And now I need someone to write a Straight Outta Compton AU where the marauders are the queer wizarding version of NWA.

I know a lot people are mad about Nicki and Nas but ya’ll gotta let it GOOO    😂😂😂😂 these two have been showing interest in each other since 2012. If you’ve been paying attention, Nicki & meek broke up around December and Nas started lurking on her IG around February (wasn’t even ‘following’ her at that point 👀  which makes it even more interesting) 

I’m also seeing a lot of variations of “HE’S TOO GOOD FOR HER 😫😩😭” which is hilarious because she’s GORGEOUS, theee most successful female rapper in history and has received praised from all the respected rappers in the industry (Jay, Kanye, T.I, Kendrick e.t.c) 

I get it, he’s #MCE for a lot of girls and dudes is mad because…I’m actually not sure why, niggas just hate her in general. But either way, I’m proud of Nicki for finally choosing a real man; I’m a Dricki shipper so I’m slightly salty but whatever. And for those that are mad at this union, well, based on what I’ve been hearing…Nicki bout to give ya’ll even more reasons to be mad at her this year…

  • Jungkook: *breathes*
  • Jimin: *gasps* I'll be right back...
  • Jimin: *leaves the room*
  • Jimin: *runs upstairs*
  • Jimin: *takes out his Diary from under the pillow*
  • Jimin: *date - October 21st 2015: Jungkook & I breathed the same air!! How amazing is that?"