we don't need luck to make it

pll characters reacting to their fetus selves
  • alison: okay i know being a bitch is sort of your thing and all and that makes you cool but like would you rather be dead (or fake dead) or cool? actually CHILL GIRL
  • aria: maybe don't with the pink streaks? it's not as cute as you think it is girl, either go all out or not at all
  • caleb: lol what a nerd, who even wears beanies anymore, also you're going to fall in love with this one girl so remember NOT TO SLEEP WITH HER BEST FRIEND thx bro
  • charlotte: *can't react because is dead*
  • emily: you're super mega ultra gay, just embrace it girl
  • ezra: just...wait until aria is legal, okay? okay. actually, just forget girls, cake is much less complicated and more cake = less heartbreak
  • hanna: girl you fab don't let anyone else tell you otherwise...but like don't steal those sunglasses, love yoself (and yo mom, the things that woman will do for you o m g)
  • jason: lol we've changed quite a bit haven't we
  • lucas: you will become very very rich. but you still can't get girls. your life is sad
  • mona: don't play dumb. you're a badass. also toffee tango is a great lipstick color on you you should wear it more often queen
  • paige: you're gay and that's okay but plz get a new haircut, anything that makes you look less aggressive
  • spencer: you need to take a chill pill no more like a thousand chill pills well actually no don't do that we have a problem with pills
  • toby: what a smol bean, stay gold ponyboy. also your life sucks, but it will suck significantly more if you don't date spencer hastings. you're welcome.
  • wren: you handsome devil you, you don't know how much you're going to fuck up, good luck mate
some things I love about b.a.p members
  • ➝ inspired by my list for my other love, Infinite ←
  • Bang Yongguk: an amazing leader that is equally respectful and respected. writes all of b.a.p songs, that is some hard shit. deep voice with even deeper words. grandpa like behavior and laugh...aha.hah.aha. he loves tigger bc it is the first gift from his grandparents omgosh my hearteu. loves children and charity. takes good care of the members. honestly, the dude is an inspiration to me.
  • Kim Himchan: visuals af. fabulous. mother of the group bc someone has to do it. b.a.p's 2nd leader/second in command and there is no denying it. part of the loud trio. loves babyz, but not as much as he loves his dongsengs (especially jongup). friends with a lot of ppl. improved in dancing and singing. ppl tend to forget that he's a musical genius and can play almost every instrument (guitar, piano, janggu) and he was going to attend a music school if he wasn't in b.a.p
  • Jung Daehyun: LOUD. if he was on chat, it'd be in all caps. main vocalist and we all know why like cmon have you heard the boy sing, he's one of the best vocalist in kpop. loud trio member. his relationship with youngjae is adorb bc it reminds me of bickering siblings. loves babyz. luscious lips, i'm jealous. 'cheeji cake.' he dropped out of school to chase his dreams and that's hard for someone so young. debuting after only one year of training must put a lot of pressure on him but he's doing great. (listen to his solo song, shadow)
  • Yoo Youngjae: also LOUD. loud trio member. got too much sass in his body. his words are like knives #savage. aegyo member bc someone got to do it. byung byung byung. that winking thing he does a lot now kills me everytime. he reminds me of a fluffy bunny idk why. or a marshmallow. 'early 95ers and 94ers are friends' but daehyun doesn't like so. he left jyp after training for a couple of years and he could've moved on but decided to continue the path of singing. he needs a r&b or soul solo song like now.
  • Moon Jongup: that member you don't notice bc he is super quiet but he has a lot of thoughts... 4D af. jongUP or jongDOWN.'swiss miss mannn', loves hot chocolate and shake shack. needs to be protected. he's literally two different ppl onstage and offstage. how can someone so cute turn into a sexy mofo the next sec. sorcery. that time he was in charge of filming but forgot to press record so he was talking to himself for a good 20 min. so proud that he wrote and produced his two solo songs ('now' and 'try my luck') listen to them and be amazed.
  • Choi Junhong/Zelo: cute face with a long body. tol but smol at the same time. did you see his abs in young wild and free. boy if you don't. amazing dancer that also needs to be on hit the stage. LTE rap that we all try and fail to do at one point. part time model on ig, full time lover of his puppy. a total meme material. his msg to his parents makes me cry all the time. going through a lawsuit at age 18, it must have been scary for him but glad that the members decided to wait till he turn 18 to go through it together.
  • b.a.p in general: there is only so much that I can say about this group. I wasn't a big kpop fan in 2012 but I feel in love with their music and listened to their first full album frequently. seeing their journey, it reminds me that hard work and perseverance can come a long way, especially when chasing your dreams. each member have their own story and for some reasons, they met and became one of the groups I love so dearly. the lawsuit didn't hurt them, it made them stronger. their journey made them stronger. bc they are the best, absolute, and perfect.

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i don't blame the authors, i don't even blame the publishing houses, everyone needs bread to eat, but that is precisely the thing! but that's why countries should fund culture instead of make it exclusive for rich people. you write books about silvers and reds and you don't seem to realise that you are the silver here and we are the reds. and no, you don't deserve people stealing for you, but you of all people should understand how the system is rigged in the favour of the "silvers".

As with the Robin Hood metaphor, calling me a “Silver” is incredibly incorrect and offensive. Do I have an immense amount of luck and privilege? Absolutely. But I really don’t appreciate people trying to make me feel bad about myself, or comparing me to literary villains, because I want to be paid for my work, and I want the dozens of other people who work on these books to be paid for their work. And punishing people who work in the arts because governments don’t “fund” culture (which in this argument, apparently means buying books for people all over the world)? That doesn’t seem productive.

As suggested by many others, why not try Book Depository (ships free internationally) or libraries (you can actually borrow ebooks)?

I’m not answering questions about this anymore. I’ve said more than once, I understand there are extenuating circumstances, but I’m not going to agree with people stealing from me and everyone else who works in publishing. We fundamentally disagree on this point. I am not the person to try and argue pro-piracy stances with.

BTS Reaction: Their S/O has to go to a specialist doctor because she's been in pain and she's scared about it.
  • No computer = no gifs I'm sorrryy. I hope you still like it and I wish the anon who requested this the best! Enjoyy💜💜
  • ———————
  • Kim Seokjin/Jin:
  • At first he'd think you're just tired and having a random pain, nothing special. It changed when you told you him you'd been in pain for quite some time now and needed to go to a doctor.
  • Jin: Why didn't you tell me? I could've taken care of you.
  • You: I didn't want to worry you, you're busy-
  • Jin: and you think you're health isn't important?
  • Jin: Let me take care of you when you need it. I love you, what kind of a boyfriend would I be if I didn't take care of you?
  • Jin: Let's set up an appointment with the doctor and see what's going on. Whatever happens I'll always take care of you, princess. –He hugs you, wrapping his arms around your shoulders and his chin atop of your head–
  • Suga/Min Yoongi:
  • He noticed you'd been in pain for a bit but decided you'd be okay the next day or something but when he saw it wasn't he asked you if you were okay or if you needed a doctor.
  • You: I'm scared, what if I'm not okay? It's been like this for so long and I'm worried I'll be very sick.
  • Yoongi: You don't know anything right now, Y/n. Calm down. Wait till we hear a doctor alright?
  • You: I can't. It's..
  • Yoongi: Baby, Just breathe. Everything will be okay whether you're sick or not. I'll be there, I'll be there to help you and support you.
  • You: Thank you so much, What would I do without you?
  • Yoongi: Panic. -He smiles a little and wraps one arm around your shoulders-
  • J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:
  • He'd be extremely, overly worried about your health. He'd cut off any doubt you had about being okay because he couldn't handle the fact of you may be extremely sick.
  • You: Hoseok, please listen. We have to consider what could be wrong with me.
  • Hobi: No, I refuse. I refuse to listen.
  • You: You're so childish.
  • Hobi: I am. I will be. I want to hear it from the doctor if you're well or not, okay? Understand that I can't handle knowing that you might seriously be unhealthy when I want to believe that you'll be just fine. Just fine.
  • You: Hobi.. I'm so sorry.
  • Hobi: I'm sorry too. Let's not talk about this. Let's watch Disney, sound fine kitten?
  • Hobi: Maybe it'll make you relax and forget some of this for a little.
  • Hobi: I hope you know I want the best for you. I love you and you'll be okay. You'll be fine, it'll just be something small. Believe that.
  • Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:
  • You guys told eachother everything. There was hardly any secrets between you guys. So you told him what was going on and he listened carefully.
  • RM: First thing I want you to know is don't be scared. We don't know anything about what's happening and we can't just make assumptions.
  • You: But there's so many what ifs..
  • RM: Stop, those are the reason you get scared. They are just what ifs.
  • You: There could be something actually wrong with me.
  • RM: You don't know that nor do I. First let's get this checked out. You might just be in pain and need medicine simple as that. You might be extremely sick and need more care but you'll get better and we'll work together.
  • You: and if I'm not able to get better?
  • RM: Stop it, Y/n. We. Don't. Know. Yet. And I hope that's not the case. Let's look at this situation neutrally. Alright?
  • You: Alright?
  • RM: Don't be too scared. I'll be there with you, honey.
  • Park Jimin:
  • Once he knows he'd be making sure to talk to you, to ask you how you are and wait till your doctors appointment.
  • You: Do you think there's something wrong with me?
  • Jimin: No
  • You: Are you sure?
  • Jimin: Yes
  • You: I could be-
  • Jimin: Y/n stop. Please just be quiet, stop thinking these things. You'll be fine. You have to be fine.
  • You: Are you okay?
  • Jimin: I'm afraid. I don't want you to.. I don't want to lose you like this. I want to do so many things with you and I don't want our time shortened. So please, please stop.
  • You: I'm sorry.
  • Jimin: I know you're scared too. Just express your fear differently. I'll comfort you however I can, gorgeous.
  • V/Kim Taehyung:
  • As he figures out this information he takes care of you every second he can. Super worried but tries not to show it because he wants you to feel safe.
  • You: Taehyung calm down. You don't have to do all this for me.
  • Tae: Aren't you in pain?
  • You: Yes but I feel like you need rest too.
  • Tae: No, I don't. I want to take care of you so let me. Until that appointment comes I'm caring for you.
  • You: What do you think is wrong with me?
  • Tae: I hope there's nothing wrong. I want you to be healthy.
  • You: and if I'm not healthy?
  • Tae: I'll still love and care for you, beautiful. But I believe you'll be fine. You will be okay, nothing will be wrong, and we'll be happy as always.
  • You: Come cuddle with me.
  • Tae: -He gladly agrees and you guys stay in a blanket cuddling and him caring for you hoping you'll be alright-
  • Jeon Jungkook:
  • He'd listen seriously to your explanation, that you have been in pain for awhile now and need a doctors appointment. You even told him how you were scared of what was going to happen.
  • JK: We really don't know anything until we go to that appointment. Let's not worry too much until we have information.
  • You: Are you sure?
  • JK: Yes, I'll care for you until then. You'll be just fine Y/n. I'll kiss it better.
  • You: You're so cheesy.
  • JK: Did I make you smile though? You'll have the golden maknae power to heal you and give you luck.
  • You: You're so cute.
  • JK: I'm not you are. You're an adorable Y/n who will be okay. You will be safe and healthy with me, alright doll?

What I’m willing to draw are 

any undertale au characters(skelebros or the humans if you can)

furries(i’ll try)


I will NOT draw nsfw stuff this will go on till, lets say April 10th. I’ll choose 4 random people. and make sure your message is on so we can discuss it on that day. Also if you can, give me a reference so i can make your characters more accurate.

I’m excited to do this for you. And good luck

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hey love i get that tumblr is your safe space and you need this place to vent but why make your account public then? i mean you'll just get reported and your blog deleted and you're probably endangering/influencing others. wouldn't making it private be easier? (i don't mean to offend you this is a genuine question) stay safe xx

If my account had been private I wouldn’t meet people with my same issues and we wouldn’t support and understand each other as I do with some people that I have the luck to meet thanks to this blog. This blog is public to express how I feel and support people who feel the same, It helps to feel less alone

Hellsing Headcanon Time!!!: The Purge
  • A certain serpent dropped by again and demands our favorite characters get dropped into the world of the purge! Here we go people.
  • Alucard: when the worst of it hits (ex: the vampires come out to play) he'll be there with unlimited ammo and a smile.
  • Integra: oh great an excuse for vampires to run wild...yippe. She'll let Alucard handle it.
  • Seras: does not participate in the action. She'll settle for watching the live broadcast of the action.
  • Walter: a younger Walter would have participated and tore everything limb from limb with bare fucking hands ooooohhhh yeah...ahem. He's making tea for Integra. He's a gentlemen and takes no part in this insanity.
  • Pip: stays home with Seras. He's not crazy enough for that shit.
  • Anderson: he is cleansing the streets of heathens. Wish him luck.
  • The major: how about no. Please tie him up. We don't need a world war on our hands! Dok?! Dok, please!!

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lotto is catchy but i don't get what they're trying to convey when i read the eng lyrics lol

let me translate quick

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Oh Lotto-tto
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah yeah

mating call

Pretending not to be interested, avoiding your eyes
Please understand, I have to risk my all
Just passing by, oh yeah
I can see that you’re way different from other girls
I look back and luck will still find me 

i cant make u look at me we need to make an eye contact

damn it look at me i’m staring at u for like, 10 min

i checked you out while acting chill 

girl, you’re hot

i even managed to check out that ass dayum hella

Lipstick, Chateau, wine color (Lalalala)
White champagne, shower with bubbles (Lalalala)
It might only be once in my life
My pressed down instincts are popping up
What to do, I just hit the lotto (Lalalala) 

okay dem lips looks kissable

i’m having a brain-melt i have no idea wtf am i saying

if i tap that it will be a once in a lifetime thing

great now i have a boner, perfect.


You’re my luck, you make me
Throw my heart into a thread-like chance
Now the others have their popcorn
Waiting to see what happens to us


i think i’m in love damn those curves

my asshole friends are watching me and laughing

even one of them started a bet like, yo, can ya talk to that chick?…rude

I hear a sound from far away
No way (No way no way no)
Just have fun, oh yeah
Everything changes, oh yeah
Even the air is different from today
The world changes
The night sky is filled with silver stars

the other assholes are laughing even louder

saying no way i can make u interested in me

yeah guys have fun, make me the butt of the jokes


jfc is it fall already it’s cold as hell tonight

i drank too much man the lights are flashing infront of my eyes imma have one hell of a hangover tomorrow

Don’t lose this moment
We’re going crazy, my lucky lady
This day will be remembered once again
I’m thirsty even now, there’s still so much to give you
I don’t need no money, I just need you
I want you so bad

holy shit you’re looking at me now


this day, remember my friend, is the day i get laid with a solid 10

i need another drink to actually be able to talk to u tho

but i’m a student so no money and this is going for me which is not good

fuck it i’m coming lady

(Yeah oh)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
(Just hit the lotto woo yeah)
Lotto oh oh oh
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
(Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
(Hit the lotto whoo yeah)
You’re Lotto (Lalalala)


DUALITY Lyric Starters
  • "I was knocked out."
  • "I will haunt your fucking dreams."
  • "No one will love you like I did."
  • "Good luck finding something better."
  • "He needs a break from you."
  • "You should escape, skip town."
  • "You're better on your own."
  • "Okay, we get it. You're both a happy couple."
  • "I'm living fast until I'm dead."
  • "I don't owe an explanation."
  • "We're young, we're dumb, and having fun."
  • "Don't make me tell you twice."
  • "You're the only one standing in your way."
  • "Just take a breath, relax."
  • "Are you sick of feeling sorry?"
  • "Chin up, quit acting like you're half dead."
  • "You know how to make me smile."
  • "You know my intentions 'cause it's 2am."
  • "This is the last time you taste my lips."
  • "I know who you really are."
  • "Give me any reason not to cut you off."
  • "How full of shit you are."
  • "Now, what are you to me?"
  • "You're not fooling anyone. Not you. Not me."
  • "All I can say is this is your warning."
  • "I have a confession that you will not believe."
  • "Can't count the list of things I know are wrong with me."
  • "I'll never take the blame."
  • "Mark my words - one day, you will pay."
  • "You've always been a huge piece of shit."
  • "If I could kill you, I would. But it's frowned upon in all fifty states."
  • "Burn in hell."
  • "Fly away."
  • "We've got tomorrow."
  • "There's always another day, another night."
  • "We're the authors of our lives."
  • "I stole the moon."
  • "You made me the bad guy."
  • "I fought for you. I kept you safe at night."
  • "I would have risked my life."
  • "The saying goes 'if you love someone, let them go'."
  • "Is your pleasure like my pain?"
  • "It looks so bright with the lights out."
  • "You broke my heart."
To the seven: Which minor god would you swap for a major god?
  • Hazel: Come on, Hecate should so be a major God!!
  • Frank: She's very passionate about this subject
  • Hazel: She literally has magic, is that not much cooler than starting wars?
  • Mars/Ares: Hey!
  • Hazel: or wine?
  • Bacchus/Dionysus: That's fair
  • Hazel: See!
  • Frank: But who would you swap?
  • Hazel: Ceres because she always tries to give me cereal
  • Ceres/Demeter: It's good for you
  • Hazel: I already eat Cheerios
  • Frank: Okay, calm down
  • Hazel: I AM CALM
  • Leo: Yeah, Frank, she is calm jeez
  • Frank: Zip it, Valdez
  • Leo: Just sayin'
  • Percy: Hazel can get angry?
  • Piper: Did not expect that
  • Leo: Anyway moving on. I think Iris should switch places with Little Miss Sunshine aka Apollo
  • Apollo: Dude, I'm way cooler than Rainbow girl
  • Iris: Uh-uh, I have better cupcakes
  • Apollo: Gurl, I'm a poet
  • Iris: You couldn't make a decent poem if you had a rhyming dictionary in front of you
  • Artemis: Ooooooooh
  • Apollo: You can't have a rainbow without sunshine
  • Iris: And...
  • Apollo: You'd be useless without me
  • Iris: Helios was the better sun god
  • Apollo: Not true, I'm way cooler than that douche
  • Iris: You keep telling yourself that
  • Apollo: See what you caused?!
  • Leo: #noregrets Helios was better
  • Apollo: Fine, your summer is gonna be crap from now on
  • Percy: The weather is always good at CHB
  • Apollo: And who do you think helps maintain that?
  • Percy: Hello, son of Poseidon. Rain is water and water is my turf
  • Apollo: *grumbling* I preferred Greece
  • Percy: *stick tongue out* I think Hestia should be a major God again and swap with Dionysus who caN'T EVEN LEARN PEOPLE'S NAMES
  • Dionysus: I know your name, it's Peter
  • Percy: See what I mean?
  • Dionysus: Patrick? Piers?
  • Percy: It's Percy, P-E-C- forget it I can't spell, it's Percy!!
  • Dionysus: That's what I said, Pierce
  • Annabeth: He's just messing with you, Seaweed Brain
  • Dionysus: See, Annabelle gets it
  • Annabeth: Don't push it. I think Nemesis should be more important, someone has to keep the balance - way more important than Hera
  • Hera: How dare you, my job is much more important!!
  • Annabeth: Oh, go back to you cows
  • Hera: Don't make me throw their waste at you again!!
  • Annabeth: Try it, see what happens
  • Jason: Okay, as much as I'd enjoy to see Hera get her ass kicked we need to calm it
  • Hera: She started it
  • Jason: I find that hard to believe with your reputation
  • Hera: What's that supposed to mean?
  • Jason: Nothing nothing
  • Jupiter/Zeus: Jason
  • Jason: What, I've not said anything
  • Jupiter/Zeus: Just make sure you don't
  • Jason: Fine, whatever. I think Fortuna and Mercury should swap. I mean good luck vs a mailman - it's a no-brainer
  • Mercury/Hermes: That's not my only job
  • Jason: Oh, yeah! I forgot the thief bit, Lord knows we need more thieves
  • Mercury/Hermes: Your next birthday presents may just get lost in the mail
  • Piper: I've never really thought about it. I suppose Harmonia because we all need a little Harmony. And I think she should replace Ares because who needs wars?
  • Mars/Ares: Wars aren't always a bad thing punk
  • Piper: How is war not bad
  • Athena: Without war think of all the dictators who would have power
  • Piper: I suppose
  • Frank: I think she means all the people who die...
  • Piper: Yeah...
  • Annabeth: Frank, you haven't answered
  • Frank: Hmm
  • Piper: Oh yeah
  • Frank: Well, I think everyone likes to sleep so I think Hypnos should have a higher status
  • Hypnos: *yawns* did someone say my name?
  • Frank: Yeah, I think you should be a major God
  • Hypnos: Too much work, I'd rather sleep
  • Frank: Meh, I still think you should be. I'd swap you with Hera tbh because everyone says she's mean
  • Hera: It was Annabeth wasn't it? I knew she talked about me behind my back
  • Annabeth: Oh yeah, that's right blame me straight away
  • Hera: It's an educated guess
  • Annabeth: Educated, you?
  • Percy: Okay okay, don't start another war
  • Hera: It was her
  • Percy: We were literally here whilst it happened, it was you
  • Hera: N-
  • Percy: Not bothered, just leave it
  • Annabeth: *sticks tongue out*
For Your Sass Master (Someecards + Anne Taintor Starters)
  • "Good morning. I see the assassins have failed."
  • "Well that's a level of incompetence I have not seen before."
  • "Did it hurt when you came up out of the ground from Hell?"
  • "I'd call you a douchebag but that'd imply you could get near a vagina."
  • "Here, let me wipe that bullshit from your mouth."
  • "My business isn't your business so unless you're my thong don't be up my ass."
  • "Two things. 1. Where have you been all my life? 2. Can you please go back there?"
  • "I'd like to say I understand your point of view. Unfortunately, I'm not batshit crazy too - so that's impossible."
  • "Your crazy is showing; you might wanna tuck that back in."
  • "Well aren't you just a fun little lollipop triple dipped in psycho."
  • "I feel a spree coming on. It's either a shopping one or a killing one. The choice is totally up to you."
  • "Oh darling, I don't do spite. I do karma."
  • "Look...I'm trying to rant here. Stop interrupting me with 'facts' and 'reason'."
  • "Honey, you couldn't handle half of me."
  • "Think of me as a challenge."
  • "Ladies and gentleman, may I have your undivided attention please; I'm happy to announce that shit just got real."
  • "I propose a toast to the booze for making you all seem tolerable."
  • "If some people were on fire, I'd happily toast marshmallows"
  • "According to serving sizes, I'm a family of four."
  • "Salmonella my ass, I'm eating the batter."
  • "I can't tell if I'm dealing well with life these days or I just don't give a shit anymore."
  • "Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice."
  • "I get enough exercise just pushing my luck."
  • "Put on your life preserver, I'm about to rock this boat."
  • "I think we should just be friends with sexual tension."
  • "You are going to be fine. You come from a strong line of lunatics."
  • "Nothing you say can shock me honey."
  • "Of course you look good. I don't have ugly friends."
  • "I believe we have an opportunity to make some extremely poor choices."
  • "We're total fucking badasses."
  • "You have a sick, twisted mind. Do you want to be my friend?"
Me taking AC characters on a plane.
  • Altair: hmmmm, I wonder if I can perform a Leap of Faith from here.
  • Me: with a parachute and steel balls, yeah.
  • Altair: a para- what?
  • Me: Ezio! Come here and tell him what a parachute is!
  • --
  • Me: Malik, you can't come.
  • Malik: and why is that?
  • Me: they might suspect you being a terrorist, you might blow us up.
  • Malik: what????
  • Me: plus you don't have an arm.
  • Malik: Let me through, novice!
  • Me: xD
  • --
  • Ezio: *flirts* Do you fly here often?
  • Flight attendant: yes, very often.
  • Ezio: maybe you and I can enjoy a company of two? *wink*
  • F. Attendant: I'm married
  • Ezio: *gets hits in the face with a board saying MARRIEDZONED*
  • --
  • Connor: *hides his face in my shoulder* I'm scared...
  • Me: awww, it's okay Connor, the plane won't crash.
  • Connor: o.o *starts shaking* did you really have to say that!?
  • --
  • Haytham: *plane on the ground* I don't care, I don't care, I don't care *reads*
  • Haytham: *plane in the air* OMG OMG, why are we shaking, why are my ears popping, what is that, OMG we are so high from the ground. *forgets what a book is*
  • -
  • Aveline: I don't give a shit, I just want food.
  • Flight attendant: Alright, we will have to wait until-
  • Aveline: now.
  • --
  • Charles Lee: *gets pushed off the plane once it takes off*
  • Me: we don't need rats on this ship!
  • Edward: *from the very back of the plane* SO IT IS A SHIP! I told you Ade!
  • --
  • Edward: Hey, wench,I need some drinks here!
  • F.Attendant: ummm yes..sir, may I see your ID please?
  • Edward: what? My face is my ID,madam, now give me that rum!
  • --
  • Adewale: there is no escape from here....
  • Me: Ade, please, not this shit again.
  • Adewale: I will get my freedom back! One day I will!
  • --
  • Shay: *as the plane takes off, suddenly yells* I make my own luck!
  • Me: Cormac, what the hell?
  • Shay: I just wished myself good luck....
  • --
  • Arno: *loud french swearing*
  • Me: Dorian what's wrong!?
  • Arno: the wing is on fire!
  • Passengers: *panic*
  • Me: *looks out of the window* OMG Arno, is just a grey cloud passing through!
  • Arno: oh....*gets hit with a baguette on a head from Elise*
  • "Shisui": //drops pink hair in front of Sasuke smirking while doing so
  • Sasuke: No...
  • Sarada: Mama! What did you do to Mama!
  • Shisui: If I can't get to you, then... his wife is the next closest thing, correct?
  • Sarada: //tears up
  • Sarada: Mama doesn't deserve this!
  • Sasuke: //stands in front of Sarada, pushing her back
  • Sarada: Papa--
  • Sasuke: No.
  • Sasuke: //glares over at Shisui
  • Shisui: Hit a sore spot, huh, Sasuke?
  • Sasuke: Tch. Sakura nor Sarada have *nothing* to do with you.
  • Shisui: True. But they have everything to do with you. ... The moment you married the woman, and the moment she was conceived, you had gained two massive weaknesses.
  • Shisui: ... Making you someone who is able to be taken down.
  • Sarada: What is he talking about--
  • Sasuke: [fuck]
  • Sasuke: Where is she? Where is Sakura?
  • Shisui: She is safe.
  • Sasuke: WHERE?
  • Shisui: Hm... the plan is in motion, but it isn't time. I wonder how desperate you will get...
  • Shin: F... Father... We... should leave...
  • Shisui: Ah. See you soon, Sasuke.
  • Sasuke: !
  • Shisui and Shin: //disappear
  • Sasuke: No...!
  • Sasuke: //tries to attack them as they leave, but fails.
  • Sarada: MAMA!
  • Sasuke: //pulls back to stand in front of Sarada, facing her.
  • Sarada: This is all *your* fault!
  • Sasuke: ... Ah.
  • Sarada: If you... had of been home... then Mama...
  • Sasuke: I know. But I had to be away.
  • Sarada: No, you didn't!
  • Sasuke: You understand nothing.
  • Sarada: And you don't know how to be a husband! Or a father, for a matter of fact!
  • Sasuke: ... I know.
  • Sasuke: But... I will get your mother back. She... I cannot lose her.
  • Sarada: ?
  • Sasuke: You and her. All I have left... for my family.
  • Sasuke: So, I will save her.
  • Naruto: //appears
  • Naruto: Where's Sakura-cha--
  • Sarada: ... Gone.
  • Naruto: !
  • Naruto: Sasuke--
  • Sasuke: Take Sarada back. I'm going after him on my own. I need you to watch Sarada. They will go after her as well.
  • Naruto: Demo--
  • Sarada: No! I'm going with you.
  • Sasuke: Definitely not.
  • Naruto: ...
  • Naruto: I think... that it's best she is with you, Sasuke.
  • Sasuke: I couldn't keep Sakura safe. What makes you think I could keep Sarada safe?
  • Naruto: Because I'm going with you as well.
  • Sarada: ... No. Papa and I... we need to do this.
  • Naruto: ... I understand.
  • Naruto: //looks at Sasuke
  • Naruto: It's your daughter's decision, Sasuke.
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Sasuke: Hai, hokage-sama.
  • Naruto: [he's serious if he's talking like this]
  • Naruto: Good luck.
  • Naruto: //disappears
  • Sarada: Papa...
  • Sasuke: ... We need to get your mother back.
  • Sarada: Hai.
  • Sasuke: Don't... Don't do anything stupid, Sarada. Please.
  • Sarada: Hai, Papa.
You know how in Iowa the election was decided by a coin toss (spoilers Hillary won). Remember how we all thought that was ridiculous? Well in Nevada they don't decide by coin toss: they decide by drawing cards! As in playing cards, highs win! Don't let the future be a gamble! Don't let there be another tie that goes to Hillary by luck! VOTE!!!

The Nevada Caucus starts today at 11 am! No need to register ahead of time! If you’ll be 18 by November you can still show up and make a difference!

As in a literal difference, like your vote may decide that Bernie wins instead of you know drawing cards at random and hoping Bernie gets lucky.

anonymous asked:

(919):I don't need a lecture. I'm 41. I know I'm an idiot.

“What are we gonna do now?”

“We’re gonna help him unload his stuff, then we’re gonna go have some lunch, and after that we’re gonna wave goodbye and wish him good luck with college.”

“I can’t believe you’re so calm about—he’s going to be alone.”

“He has Scott, he won’t be alone.”

There’s an exasperated snort. “Like that makes it any better. The two of them will probably blow something up within the first week.”

You are blowing everything out of proportion,” Mrs. Stilinski says in a fond tone. “Stop freaking out about this. He’s not a kid anymore.”

Something clatters inside the apartment, and Derek picks out Stiles’ muttered curses. Sheriff Stilinski sighs, it sounds like a prayer.

“You sure about that?” he asks his wife then, gets a delighted laugh in return, and Derek can picture her wrapping her arms around his waist, tip her head up to give him a kiss, like he’s so often witness her doing it.

“You afraid of the empty nest?” she asks teasingly.

“I’m n—what if he gets drunk and accidentally knocks up some girl?”

There’s silence in return, silence that sounds a lot like Are You Just Pretending To Be An Idiot Or Are You Actually An Idiot?

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high school musical meme
  • "It's New Years Eve. Enough reading."
  • "Can I have my book back?"
  • "The party? Remember?"
  • "C'mon. One more."
  • "Someday you guys might thank me for this."
  • "This could be the start of something new."
  • "Never felt this way."
  • "It feels so right to be here with you."
  • "I tried a solo and nearly fainted."
  • "End of solo career."
  • "My shower head is very impressed."
  • "I'll call you. I'll call you tomorrow."
  • "In two weeks, we're going to be heading to the championships."
  • "The ice princess has returned from the north pole."
  • "And I will see you in detention."
  • "I can't believe you live here."
  • "Why are you whispering?"
  • "I won't be signing up for anything for a while."
  • "I wouldn't even think impossible is even in your vocabulary."
  • "Oh, were you going to sign up, too?"
  • "Nice penmanship."
  • "I missed you during vacation."
  • "When's the big game?"
  • "You are so dedicated, just like me."
  • "It's always good to get extra credit."
  • "I just thought it might be a good laugh."
  • "So is a mountain lion, but you don't pet it."
  • "Getcha head in the game!"
  • "Should I go for it?"
  • "What team!?"
  • "That should be sixteen over pi."
  • "I stand corrected."
  • "We needn't concern ourselves with amateurs."
  • "The answer is yes!"
  • "What a perfect way to get caught up!"
  • "What the heck are those two doing in a tree!?"
  • "We've never made it past the first round."
  • "Maybe next year."
  • "I guess I wouldn't know how to speak cheerleader."
  • "My nail beds are history."
  • "Well, then maybe they're not really your friends."
  • "Just something for you."
  • "What time is she due back on the mother ship?"
  • "I'm not even behind on homework yet."
  • "Shortcut. Late for class."
  • "Your friends don't know you're here, right?"
  • "You were always right beside me."
  • "I've never had someone who know me like you do."
  • "I finally found what I've been looking for."
  • "It's a crowd favorite. Everybody loves a good jazz square."
  • "Which tells us what?"
  • "Nice talking to you."
  • "Where is your sports posse, or whatever they're called?"
  • "Is this some kind of joke?"
  • "Maybe we'll get to meet Ashton!"
  • "Someone's gotta tell him/her the rules."
  • "It's making me lose control."
  • "Is that even legal?"
  • "Sometimes I think it's even cooler than homework."
  • "This is not what I want."
  • "I do not understand."
  • "Something is really really wrong."
  • "We can do it."
  • "Everybody quiet!"
  • "I really can't everybody staring at me. I really can't."
  • "You do not want to get into that. Too much drama!"
  • "It just doesn't seem right."
  • "It's really satisfying."
  • "Good luck on Broadway!"
  • "I'd rather stick pins in my eyes."
  • "Evaporate tall person!"
  • "So, this is your secret hide out?"
  • "Makes me practice a little harder, I guess."
  • "I just wanna be a guy."
  • "Do your friends know that guy?"
  • "You even look like one too."
  • "Like kindergarten."
  • "wow, so this is your real stage."
  • "Yeah, and on the same day I invented the space shuttle and microwave popcorn."
  • "I'm sorry, this is a closed practice."
  • "She's just a girl!"
  • "Yeah, well, a lot of things are special."
  • "Did you ever think that maybe I could be both?"
  • "Look, I just did it. Who cares?"
  • "Who's Michael Crawford?"
  • "Why would she put his picture in your refrigerator?"
  • "Not yet, my friend, but just you wait."
  • "Something isn't right."
  • "We need to talk."
  • "We need to save our show from people who don't know the difference between a Tony Award and Tony Hawk."
  • "Are we synced?"
  • "I can dream, can't I?"
  • "This is the side where you belong."
  • "It means nothing to me."
  • "Everyone happy now?"
  • "Did you wanna grab some lunch?"
  • "I confused my feelings for the truth."
  • "Listen, there's something I wanna talk to you about."
  • "We're gonna be there cheering for you."
  • "I baked these fresh today."
  • "We were worse than jerks because we were mean jerks."
  • "No, not done."
  • "I tried."
  • "Could you tell her that I came by to see her?"
  • "What you heard the other day, it wasn't true."
  • "It's not my problem, it's there."
  • "But your dad..."
  • "You need to say yes."
  • "Too bad all these events weren't all happening on the same day."
  • "I'm proud to call you my sister."
  • "Do you know something about this small person?"
  • "How you feeling?"
  • "I trust you."
  • "Oh, hi! Call me."
  • "They'll be here."
  • "You really don't wanna do that."
  • "Oh yes, I do."
  • "Hey, hey, hey. Look at me. Right at me."
  • "So, you're going with me to the after party, right?"
  • "Like on a date?"
  • "In theater that means good luck."
  • "I admire you so much."
  • "Buh-bye."
  • "We make each other strong."
  • "We're different in a good way."
  • "Together's were we belong."
  • "We're all in this together."
  • "These cookies are genius! The best things I've ever tasted."