we don't make mistakes we just have happy accidents

the signs as bob ross quotes
  • aries: "i like to beat the brush"
  • taurus: "beauty is everywhere, you only have to look to see it"
  • gemini: "there is nothing wrong with having trees as friends"
  • cancer: "not all trees grow up to be perfect, a lot like people"
  • leo: "let's get crazy!"
  • virgo: "it's wet, slick and ready to go!"
  • libra: "i'm just crazy about ladies"
  • scorpio: "you gotta think like a tree"
  • sagittarius: "here i am the dictator and i can do what i want"
  • aquarius: "we don't make mistakes, only happy accidents"
  • capricorn: "maybe in your world, we aren't all straight sticks"
  • pisces: "just let your brush wiggle and have fun"