we don't know any better


mood suddenly dropped the other night and I felt Heckin Awful so I watched some TFA to try to cheer myself up, the ep I watched had Shockwave in it so naturally that made me wanna draw my Disquette a bunch!

plus some bonus Soundwaves bc I apparently can’t draw one without the other lol

Protogens are an open species by cool.koinu on instagram/malice-risu on FA
Disquettes are a closed species by andaeroos on instagram, please do not make your own!

  • The Adventure Zone: Suck my butt, Taako.
  • Also The Adventure Zone: Are we just gonna... burn every world that we can't save? Just to... keep the hunger from getting its hands on it? How does that make us any better than them? We don't know what happens to the world consumed by the hunger, they could still be alive in there! We could save them! This is the point where we get to decide who we are. I refuse to let us be the type of people who could destroy an entire world for any reason. This... this isn't us! This can't be how we do this.
I’m torn between the isolation of no one knowing what happened to me and being terrified of how all my relationships would be flipped upside down if people did know.
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If you think everyone is allowed informed consent access to hrt and srs, including fetishistic crossdressers who hurt real trans people and teens who ID as nonbinary and want their levels of estrogen and testosterone equalized bc they don't know any better, then how tf are we supposed to get insurance coverage for dysphoria treatment? Why wouldn't we have to pay out of pocket like everyone who gets cosmetic surgery? What's the difference if you refuse to see any? $$$ gatekeeping is just as bad.

Having certain medical services freely available to anyone who wants them and getting insurance to pay for said services are completely different things. Insurance won’t pay for a cosmetic breast augmentation for cisgender women because it’s elective but it will still, usually, cover reconstructive augmentation for survivors of breast cancer. Same with cosmetic facial surgery.

I really don’t see how gender-affirming medical procedures would be any different.

the one time i tried to confess to a friend that i had obsessive-compulsive disorder, they said, “no you don’t, your room is way too messy, haha”

a human being literally said that to me

It’s only been one night — not even a full day — and my great-grandmother has already been driven to hysterics four times and woke me up twice.

We’re not equipped to help her. She needs constant attention and demands it from one person, but affects all three of us. My grandmother is going to collapse from stress trying to deal with her. We don’t know how to help her — we don’t know how to lift her without hurting her, and even so she won’t let *me* do it so my grandmother has to despite not having the strength to do so

Angelo Panettone:

- Has been running a successful cake stall for what is probably years

- Has legions of fans and is critically acclaimed as a result of said cake stall

- Is apparently highly skilled at stealthily taking out his victims unnoticed 

- Has the skills to set up a shop in the middle of a monster infested labyrinth of flowers and still attract many customers, with an equally savvy partner when it comes to this kind of thing 

- Doesn’t seem to realise that attacking a group of youths for no apparent reason will scare those customers away 

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Defending racist or problematic things kpop idols do because of the "but it's a homogenous country!" is completely racist and enabling. That is literally like saying that it's okay if black people are racist against Koreans because we're not really taught much about their history. That's like saying we can mock them with stereotypes because we don't "know any better." Neither of us are children. You do not have an opinion. You are a racist. Stop attacking the admins. I won't have it.


-Admin Nia

I have no fucking idea what will come in quali…


Just made this “Castiel’s Grace” necklace~ <3

I’m going to keep tinkering until I can make a production quality version. I might sell these at Vegas Con~

can I just say. if this was any other job, any other person, she would be fired immediately. you don’t see any other professionals, on the OL crew or not, ranting and telling lies about their co-workers in a public forum, do you? nepotism at it’s finest, my friends.

now can we go back to enjoying these two lovebirds, pretty please? 

Black Taxi - We Don’t Know Any Better - 2012

Oh, thank God Tinderbox redeems itself. Black Taxi sounds like Neon Trees but fails to bring the hook. Still, there are a couple moments, most notably on “Tightrope”, where their sound gets pleasantly funky. Any band that has me wondering whether it sounds more like Coldplay or Bends-era Radiohead and knows how to use a trumpet is good in my book.