we don't have to wait anymore

I don’t think I’ll ever really be over you. I tell myself I’ve moved on, but your smile still gets my heart racing, and I still find myself getting lost in your eyes.
—  Do you still think about me?//1-2-17
We Don’t Talk Anymore (Part 4)

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I apologize for how late this part was. But I’m sure the wait will have been worth it with how things go for Y/N. This part definitely gave me the feels as I was writing it. :’( Things will only get better from here. ;) I will try to build a schedule for these posts as best as possible. But for now please enjoy this part, for I certainly enjoyed writing it!

Genre: Angst, Slight Fluff

Pairing: Chanyeol x reader

Word count: 2,498

Inspired By: “We Don’t Talk Anymore” by Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez

Summary: Everything was going perfect for us. But then he changed.


I went around my usual work routine until I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. “Yes?” I assumed it was just another customer who wanted to complain.

I was not expecting to see Yixing. My face lit up with pure excitement as I extended my arms out to pull him into a hug. Which he gladly accepted.

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1 -Oh, welcome!

2-Thank you for saving the planet.
-Before we can connect, I need to tell you some things…

3-I am the one who monitors the ecosystem of this planet and…

4-That’s not how the connection works!

(sorry for the bad english guys!
it’s hard for me play pokemon super mystery dungeon… oww… More in Zygarde’s place, maybe…)

Zekrom can’t wait anymore. )       

Me Throughout Seven's Route

Seven: We should keep our distance.

Me: My heart is shattered, Seven ;-;

Seven: I guess I have feelings for her.

Me: Awwwww ily too bae~

Seven: I don’t care about your feelings, alright?!

Me: *stares at all the pieces of my heart on the floor* *sobs uncontrollably*

Seven: I.. I want you to stay by my side. Will you?

Me: …*walks out* I can’t. I can’t do this anymore.
*goes back in to finish his route*
You’re ruining me.

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At first she wanted to help him lay back but then she realized the man wasn’t a child anymore and surely knew if he could’ve sat up or not. So Ayako stayed calm and listened to his words till he stopped.

“Your work?” He got her interest and she couldn’t hide it when she was really interested in something. But reason brought her back to the more important things now. Pain killers.

“Shall I give you some?” Without even waiting for an answer the woman sat up and walked straight into the floor of the small hospital searching for someone who could’ve helped him with his needs. After a few seconds she came back and opened a bottle full of water for him. “I got pills.”, she said, offering him some and waiting for a response. But the longer he had taken for one the more she realized that in fact he talked about his loss of memory in connection with all the pain meds the doctors had probably gave him.

“Oh!”, she said as Cicero’s look kind of confirmed her assumption. How awkward! And she wasn’t really the type of feeling shame at all. But now she felt it, her cheeks becoming red and warm a bit.

It wasn’t odd that she was interested in what he did. After all, it was one of those small talk questions you always usually ask. That and the fact that no one else seemed to really know what he did. He liked to think himself a man of mystery, but it was more likely he was just a hermit who just didn’t care for talking about his work. Not like anyone would really arrest him out here, but it was best to keep things under wraps.

Heh, ‘under wraps’. 

Cicero rubs his bandages idly and she speaks up without giving him a window to answer before she got up and left him in a hurry.

Did she hear the bad joke? Did he say it out loud?

When she returned, he saw what had happened and couldn’t help but smile. She was a busy body, but seemingly very caring.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll just take em later.” Cicero nods carefully taking the medication and the bottle from her. He couldn’t tell her exactly what he did for a living, but he always had covers.

He pats the chair she previously sat in. “I hunt. That’s what I do. Just a work related injury. Nothing serious, nothing to worry about. Happens all the time!” Cicero smiles. It wasn’t really a lie, he did hunt things. Though it didn’t happen all the time, he had enough scars to make someone think it did. 

Shit, his scars.

Cicero’s back was the worst, but he had plenty of scars to speak of over his shoulders and torso. Luckily, most of em were wrapped though.

If there is someone you love, tell them. Send a long mail to your aunt, call your mother, send a text message to your dad. If you have the strong urge to apologise to your best friend for hurting her with words that you didn’t even wanna say, do it now. Don’t wait another day. The fact that the ones we love most could potentially not be there anymore in an hour or by tomorrow shouldn’t paralyse us and leave us anxious, it should motivate us to make use of the time while they’re still around. If you have some love to give to someone important in your life, do it now. Don’t hesitate.

  • Rebecca Sugar: ...So then, we're going to bring back Malachite, and-
  • Crewniverse member: Wait, Malachite? But we're not doing a Jasper arc until later. How can we justify her not being around if she's not trapped in the ocean anymore?
  • Another crewniverse member: I have an idea

s1: The Winchesters are really scared and have to plot and fight really hard to take out stronger demons

s11: The Winchesters are pretty sure they can take on something so powerful angels had to be invented to lock it away