we don't have that in baseball

when your town's urban legends kinda suck
  • Rebellious Teen: My dad used to tell me this legend about a guy from around these parts who wore a pig-mask and was always carrying a baseball bat. He said that if you saw him, he would give you two riddles. If you got one right, he'd whack you with his bat and chase you off. If you got both right, he'd give you anything you desire. And if you get both wrong, well, you'd become a part of his mask.
  • Lethargic Teen: Wow, so was he like magical?
  • Rebellious Teen: I don't know.
  • Lethargic Teen: I mean, he could give you anything you desire so he has to be kinda magical.
  • Rebellious Teen: That's pretty much implied.
  • Lethargic Teen: Then why'd you say you don't know?
  • Rebellious Teen: I don't know.
  • Lethargic Teen: Also, does making you a part of his mask mean that he like shrinks you down so you're a very tiny person and he tapes you to the mask? Or is it more grisly in that he kills you and takes a patch of your skin to be a part of his mask?
  • Rebellious Teen: I don't know. We didn't come out here to talk about the logistics of this dude. We're here to see if he's real.
  • Lethargic Teen: *yawns* But, he's probably not real.
  • Rebellious Teen: Ugh! I know he's probably not real, but it's creepy and fun to think he is. Have you ever heard of fun?
  • Lethargic Teen: If I wanted to have creepy fun, I'd be at home playing Resident Evil which I much prefer to standing out here in these smelly woods.
  • Rebellious Teen: Can you chill for like two seconds and maybe enjoy your time out instead of being so damn pedantic?
  • Lethargic Teen: I don't even know what pedantic means. I'm legitimately too dumb to know.
  • *sound of footsteps on grass*
  • Rebellious Teen: Shit! Hide! *pushes lethargic teen beneath the bushes and peaks out to see who's coming*
  • Lethargic Teen: It sucks down here.
  • Rebellious Teen: *whispering* Shut the fuck up.
  • Lethargic Teen: You have a fat ass. Have we known each other for long enough that I can casually call your ass fat in a non-sexual way. Because you have a really fat ass and I'm only just noticing now.
  • Rebellious Teen: If you don't shut the fuck up right now, I'm going to literally choke you to death. But thanks. My ass is fat.
  • Pig-Mask: *walks by dragging a baseball bat attached to a leash behind him*
  • Rebellious Teen: Oh, fuck. He's real.
  • Lethargic Teen: It's probably just some guy dressed like him.
  • Rebellious Teen: I'm going to confront him!
  • Lethargic Teen: You're gonna get killed maybe. I don't know.
  • Rebellious Teen: *hops out of the bushes* Hey, pig-mask!
  • Pig-Mask: *slightly glances behind him* ...Oh, bother.
  • Rebellious Teen: I know all about you. So... uhh...
  • Pig-Mask: Can we just get this over with. I want to go home.
  • Rebellious Teen: Uhm.
  • Lethargic Teen: *crawls out of the bushes*
  • Rebellious Teen: What do I do?
  • Lethargic Teen: Iunno. You're the one who knows the legend.
  • Rebellious Teen: Yeah, but the legend doesn't really say how you're supposed to go about confronting the guy.
  • Pig-Mask: Oh yeah, I'm supposed to ask you guys two questions.
  • Lethargic Teen: Two questions each?
  • Pig-Mask: I'm really tired so you guys can share two. One for each of you.
  • Rebellious Teen: I'm fucking fired-up! Shoot those damn riddles at me! I don't care! I'm not afraid of you!
  • Pig-Mask: Please don't yetll. Here is my first riddle: Who is the uhh... what is... uhm... what day is it?
  • Lethargic Teen: Wednesday.
  • Pig-Mask: Hmm... is that right? *looks down at baseball bat* Is today Wednesday?
  • Baseball Bat: *wan* *wan*!
  • Pig-Mask: Yeah, today's Wednesday. Congratulations you got it right.
  • Lethargic Teen: That wasn't a riddle.
  • Rebellious Teen: Seriously, that was just a super easy question.
  • Pig-Mask: Oh, bother... I guess your second test will have to be a riddle. Oh, bother. Let me get out my riddle book. *digs in his pants* Bother, bother, bother, bother... here we go.
  • Pig-Mask: *opens his tiny book* Okay, so... this one's not good. This one is kind of racist. I don't think this one is in English. Whatever. *tosses book* Here is your second riddle. What day is it?
  • Rebellious Teen: You asked that already!
  • Pig-Mask: Yeah, I did. Sorry... I guess. *sighs*
  • Lethargic Teen: *yawn* This guys sucks.
  • Rebellious Teen: Yeah, dude! You really fucking suck!
  • Pig-Mask: Sorry, my dad was a lot cooler. I have depression and anxiety and stuff. I haven't really been in any sort of mood recently, y'know. Feels like nothing even matters anymore.
  • Rebellious Teen: It really was a waste of time coming out here. Come on. Let's go home.
  • Lethargic Teen: Finally, can you carry me there?
  • Rebellious Teen: Sure, hop in my arms.
  • Lethargic Teen: *hops on up and smooches rebellious teen right on the cheeks* I'm going to pass out in your arms now. *goes limp*
  • Rebellious Teen: Goddamn, you're heavy. Why did I agree to do this? *waddles away*
  • Pig-Mask: Ah, their relationship is so wholesome. I wonder what it feels like to carry another human?
  • Baseball Bat: *wan* *wan*!
  • Pig-Mask: No, like a living human. Also, since when can you bark like a dog and stuff.
  • Baseball Bat: *gone*
  • Pig-Mask: Oh, you weren't real. *cocks head to the side* I wonder where I got this leash from? Just another of the mysteries of the world, I guess.
#PickUpPitch Postcard

The #PickUpPitch Campaign is still going. We are sending letters, postcards, and emails to the content managers at Hulu, Netflix and MLB Network asking them to pick up our team. 

We’ll be releasing this postcard next week sometime and we’ll let you guys know when. Are you all interested in sending postcards again? Let us know by reblogging and leaving comments!

We understand that we have already sent baseballs and postcards before which is why we are asking that you #JustSend3. Consider sending one postcard to each of the platforms we are targeting to keep cost down but still get our message out. 

Things that confuse me in Fallout 4:

  • you can heal Nick Valentine…with a stimpack??
  • burnt and ruined books, empty lunchboxes and napkins somehow don’t count as “Junk” but functional circuit boards, biometric scanners and distress pulsers do
  • How the Institute hasn’t found the Railroad HQ yet, considering there is a massive red line leading directly to a location that has their fucking logo painted on the outside wall
  • the password is  R-A-I-L-R-O-A-D ffs how has nobody besides some random dude from a vault figured this out before
  • how did Ironsides get on that ship. also where did he get that sweet hat
  • Diamond City people remember what Halloween and Christmas is, but have forgotten how baseball works despite living in an old baseball stadium
  • how can the Bobrovs have a Russian accent when nobody’s had contact with Russia in 200+ years? same for Cait’s Irish accent or Proctor Quinlain’s british
  • “yes I’m sure this 200 year old irradiated canned slop is still good to eat”
An announcement not about Imagawa Aoi

(wow finally)

Forgeru and Nozakibento got main roles in a stage play about baseball!
It’s called “Baseball Fighters”, the creators are planning to have around 15 more male actors in it.

The play will be introduced at Shinjukumura LIVE during June 27 - July 2. The other details are to be announced later.

Nichan was supposed to be in the main cast, but because of unexpected health problems it was decided that Nozaki would replace him.

“Baseball Fighters" official Twitter


The 1989 Tour + Long Live (12/12/16)

“We are the kings and the queens,
You traded your baseball cap for a crown.”


Finchel AU: inspired by the movie ‘Never been kissed’ 
↳ Rachel is a journalist who goes undercover as a 17-year old student in her old high school. Unfortunately she didn’t count on falling in love with her teacher, who doesn’t know she’s not actually his student. 

toppdogg as conversations i've overheard at my performance&arts school
  • p-goon: "let's join the baseball club; that's a great way to get active" "are you fucking with me?" "it's a baseball club who doesn't love baseball" "ugh you're such a dad"
  • jenissi: "i remember when mr. bingham had the student coffee machine, then wilson fucking broke it" "that was one time" "you still broke it"
  • seogoong: "who would get food at the school store when there's free food right here" "that's for theatre kids only" "so? free food"
  • gohn: "but you know when she sings the song and goes 'eeee' on the second verse yeah i want to go 'eeee' on the first verse too" "you want to hit a high note?" "oh yeah a high note"
  • hojoon: "i wore no makeup today so i can cry with ease" "kimmi that's so deep" "i know"
  • kidoh: "i want to dj for lunch this friday" "why? no one likes your music" "i think they will i have really great stuff they can listen to, man" "if you play your fucking summer mixtape-" "i will" "i'm going to report you to ms. norman"
  • sangdo: *someone playing amazing grace on the saxophone in the hallway* "do you hear that?" "wow i've been cleansed of all stress" "it's only second period" "i've been cleansed john"
  • nakta: "but no you don't get it, like this art piece explores the joy we get from skateboarding but like it's eerie because we're skateboarding on a baby which is new life and we're destroying that new life with our joy" "you just want to paint a fucking baby" "yeah and i want to paint a baby"
  • hansol: "ugh the straights are taking over the school; i can't believe they made a baseball club. who fucking plays baseball" "i played baseball-" "ugh was i asking you"
  • b-joo: "my mom says that if i just keep drinking protein shakes i don't have to exercise" "your mom's a liar" "mY MOM WOULD NEVER LIE TO ME"
  • xero: "dude i'm so ready to fail this" "what why do you want to fail" "it's called reverse psychology; you gotta psyche yourself out to win" "you just didn't study" "i didn't study"
  • a-tom: "sometimes you just want to make art about tits, everyone loves tits, tits are so cool" "but what's your real concept?" "let me draw the titty, dude"
  • yano: *loud af curses coming from one end of the hallway during break* "HOLY FUCK DUDE" "noooo" "what's that about" "either there's a fight or someone just destroyed something" "hey did you see that some freshman knocked over adom's sculpture"

I was tagged by @lankyboybarakat :-))

Age: 14 :-)) (don’t underestimate me :-))

Biggest fear: hORROR MOVIES

Current Time: 8:05 pm

Drink you last had: coke because we had jollibee for dinner

Everyday starts with: me dying because i don’t want to go to school today

Favourite song: wedding singer by modern baseball

Ghosts: sometimes

Hometown: Somewhere in Rizal, Philippines (secret :-)))

In love with: Yoshimoto Kouki !! 😍

Jealous of: Andie Miller (because she has jack but i’m happy for them :-))

Killed someone: in my dream? I don’t know probably yes but i never did in reality

Last time i cried: friday because i didn’t win round 3 of the all time low meet and greet contest for their show in manila ( we have different stuff here ya know )

Middle name: i’ll keep that as a secret lol

Number of siblings: 2 (i’m the middle child actually!)

One wish: let me live in the haikyuu world as a manager for fukurodani so i can meet my volleybabies

Person you last talked to: my sister because she stole my fidget spinner

Question you are always asked: “can you draw this for me?”

Reasons to smile: akaashi keiji is a blessing from the heavens

Song you last sung: one of those crazy girls by paramore

Time you woke up: 5:30 am


Verse from a song you like:

“Just let my cry a little bit longer
I ain’t gonna smile if i don’t want to
Hey man we all can’t be like you
I wish we were all rose-coloured too
My rose-coloured boy”


Worst habit: becoming loud all of a sudden

X rays you’ve had: back in 5th grade when i sprained my ankle when i fell down the stairs

Favourite food: okonomiyaki !! 😋

Zodiac: virgo

i tag @lastgaskarth @baratwat @shady-adventurer @goldendevotee




Honestly fuck Sun & Moon, YW3 has me by the balls now. We even have a Colonel Sanders Yokai that looks like Hungramps that appeared in the other leaks!

Also Mulder and Scully from X-Files are in the game as well…


WE WINNED!!!! 3-1 in 13 against the Cardinals!

My Player of the Game: Smarj for going toe to toe against Carlos Martinez, who was pitching just a little bit better. Also, Christian Arroyo for that two run hit in the 13th. 

I am, however, very disappointed with Buster because you don’t fucking show up a teammate on camera. I know that BB9 did not do a thing after Buster specifically told him to do that thing, but honestly it wasn’t that big a mistake. And even if it was, you yell at him in the dugout, not on the field.

And look, I get that I go a little Mama Giraffe when it comes to BB, but I don’t care who it is, the captain of the team shouldn’t show up one of his players in public.

the signs as shit my sister (a virgo) has actually said
  • aries: "These people should have like three statues of me by now, I've saved them so many times. I want statues!"
  • taurus: "I have tiny hands!"
  • gemini: "You have to pay attention or the lizard kills you."
  • cancer: "She's been making tea since the Great Depression, leave her alone."
  • virgo: "Animal milk is for babies, nut milk is for grownups."
  • libra: "How deep is too deep?"
  • scorpio: "I don't really have /serious/ intrusive thoughts, because things like murder are things i think about deliberately."
  • sagittarius: "Obi-Wan can force penetrate meeeeeee!"
  • capricorn: "Having noodles without sauce is like having a dick without lube."
  • aquarius: "And then where would we be? Truly and utterly fucked...or not as fucked as we wanted to be."
  • pisces: "There's no looting in baseball!"

And on the last game of the 2016 season the Phillies closed it out with a win and an incredible display of respect for Ryan Howard. Fans came out in droves to say goodbye. The Phillies organization held a pregame ceremony and offered gifts and memories. Howard was drafted by the Phillies in 2001 so to spend 15ish years with one team meant for an emotional goodbye. He was NL rookie of the year in 2005 and one year later became the NL MVP in 2006. He was a 3 time all star, 2 time home run leader, 3 time RBI leader and of course a World Series champion. Howard was a vital part of the Phillies during their reign not only for his talent but as his worth of being an extraordinary teammate. That’s the first thing anyone who has played baseball with him will say about him. Ryan Howard is a genuinely good human being and we were all lucky to have him. I personally will miss the hell out of him. My favorite moment of being at a Phillies game came from one of his home runs, I still get chills thinking about it. Good luck Ryan, we hope you know Philly will always love you.

DS9/Space Jam parallels (a.k.a “I honestly can’t believe I’m actually doing this”)

So here we have…

… a cast of colorful characters, being tought to play a popular American sport…

… by a black guy with an attitude, to compete against a team…

… of super strong and skilled aliens…

… who’s leader happens to be a real asshole.

Also, might I point out that at one point in Space Jam, Michael Jordan is seen playing baseball himself (which he used to do at the time the film was being filmed).

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imagine Steve and Bucky doing like renovation work around their neighbourhood bc they want to get to know people, and they’re working for a senior citizen but then they discover it’s someone they knew back in the day. Like maybe it’s little suzie who was 8 years old lived down the street and had the biggest crush on 17 year old Steve Rogers and always said hello to him when he passed her house in the morning and Bucky used to tease him about his little not so secret admirer. And then she’d tell him all about the life she had and her family and the things her kids went on to do and when they leave Steve notices Bucky looking kinda sad and he asks him about it and he tries to brush it off as nothing, but then he’s like “you ever think about what if Stevie? like what if things had worked out differently and we’d gone home and had families and grown old together?” and Steve’s quiet and then he goes “We could still have that Buck. A family. If you want to, we could do it all, buy a house, get a yard, adopt 2 little kids. Boy and girl, boy first so our little girl always has someone looking out for her, put up a treehouse and teach them how to play baseball. The whole 9 yards Buck, we can have that. And we already grew old together…but I’m not going anywhere if you ain’t”

Modern Baseball sentence starters
  • "I'm the best friend you have in this town, or at least you tell me that."
  • "I must be the under-the-carpet, dirty little secret you wish you never had."
  • "You're not one of a kind."
  • "Baby, why haven't we kissed yet?"
  • "You're just another girl and I'm just another boy."
  • "I'll try to make you fall for me."
  • "Don't enjoy our time together because it's short."
  • "I am most likely to get lost in those eyes."
  • "We are stuck in lust."
  • "We are way too young for this."
  • "You know, you're right, fuck it let's just give in."
  • "I'm not afraid to say how I feel, even if it's hate."
  • "I'm not gonna wait for rain for me to kiss you."
  • "I'm gonna stay here forever and fucking adore you."
  • "I'm not saying I want you out of my life."
  • "What we got, it will never be gone."
  • "I'll love you forever, hell I've loved you all along."
  • "That girl who's next to me, she's friendly and thoughtful and quite awfully pretty."
  • "I'll win him back again, we'll be lovers, best friends."
  • "He needed more than me."
  • "I couldn’t give a fuck whether you give a fuck or not."
  • "You told this high school story one too many times for me."
  • "You might run, but I won’t hide."
  • "I saw you from the bottom of the stairs before you knew I was coming."
  • "I know that it's quite heartbreaking we won't speak like this again."
  • "You gotta’ lot of nerve complimenting me through choruses and rhyme."
  • "The odds are in my favor."
  • "They just think we are young with broken hearts."
  • "We got it all wrong from the start."
  • "I heard little rumors here and there."
  • "I won’t fucking wait for you to stop lingering."
  • "You’ve got too clingy to this town that you supposedly hate."
  • "I’m just gonna’ go on without you."
  • "If sometimes I get scared, I know that I can look towards you."
  • "I’m gonna get back what I lost."
  • "You make me feel alive."
  • "I will never stop fallin' in love."
  • "I hate having to think about my future."
  • "I'm guilty as charged for leading you on."
  • "Why does everything collapse?"
  • "Do something already. I'm waiting."
  • "I gotta go, I got the worst fucking spins."
  • "You ask if I gotta leave, and I wish that I could say no."
  • "There's no good reason why I should leave your bed tomorrow."
  • "The first time I saw you was in your apartment."
  • "I could not muster the courage to say a single word to you."
  • "I was wondering if, maybe, you wanted to hang out tonight?"
  • "Breaking up never felt so cruel."
  • "Can we act like we never broke each others' hearts?"
  • "I don't know how you felt from the start."
  • "I'm pretty good at feeling sorry for myself."
  • "I know you well enough to hate you now."
  • "It's been three whole years of me thinking about you every day; sometimes for hours, sometimes in passing."
  • "Bullshit, you fucking miss me."
  • "I swear this has got to be the hundredth time I've thought of you tonight."
  • "You weren't the only one who thought of us that way."
  • "I spend most nights awake."
  • "I never thought that I would see the day, where I'd just let you go, let you walk away."
  • "Trying hard not to look like I'm trying that hard."
  • "Not feeling lonely, I just like being alone."
  • "I'm stuck between two good things."
  • "I should have been home an hour ago."
  • "It's a sick, sad sham of a marriage."
  • "Rough time to be a lost soul, I'm sure, but we feel the same."
  • "It's been a lifetime since we spoke last, I have a thousand things to say."
  • "Everything is changing even faster than it was back then."
  • "Do you know that you keep me safe?"
  • "It's not fair. All is wrong, again."
  • "You and I were made to feel this way."
  • "You let go of me once you saw all your friends."
  • "We were young and full of sin. And I too dumb to understand."
  • "I've loved you forever."
  • "I'm too drunk to lie."
  • "So, am I what you needed?"
  • "Say you love me to my face."
  • "Said I loved you to your face, but you just laughed and walked away."
  • "Will you stay with me? Will you sleep here tonight?"
  • "You and I have come such a long way, for us to start again."
  • "I immediately, without question, fell in love with her."
  • "And everything was going so swell, or at least that's what I thought, and then he walked in."
  • "I want nothing to do with you, your being, or anyone around you."
  • "She puts herself on the front lines with no reward and takes care everyone else before herself."
  • "Thinks he takes her for granted but to her surprise, he needs her more than she needs him."
  • "She's all he talks about to his friends."
  • "He acts like it's nothing but we all know the truth."
  • "Hold my hand, hold it tight."
  • "She's not just another face."
  • "It is about time that she acquired someone who knows she's not a fool."
  • "Don’t call me now, I am in bed."
  • "I've sacrificed all chances for street cred."
  • "There's a lot of things I've said before, lots of things you kind of ignored."
  • "Goodbye was not an option."
  • "I told you I loved you at eighteen, but now you're in New York and I'm pushing twenty."
  • "Maybe I'll see you when I get home and we'll avoid all the things we've said."

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yeah you should totally hit ichi with the bat i mean i have a feeling that he wont feel pain :3c you should totally try it


That’s not how we usually play baseball but that could be a cross between baseball and wrestling I guess? I gotta think about it. Only if Nii-san’s up for it though =D But Nii-san is up for many fun things, he’s a great bro! =D

As part of the “Audition Dance” scene in You Were Never Lovelier (1942), Fred Astaire had to jump up on Adolphe Menjou’s desk and hit him over the head his cane on a certain two beats. Talking about the experience in his autobiography, Astaire wrote:

When we got around to shooting the number, Adolphe said to me, “Now, don’t be afraid to really hit me on the head. I’ve got a hard head.” I carried out Dolphe’s wishes that first take when the cameras rolled.

He told me afterward, “I wish I had kept my big mouth shut - I didn’t know that cane was a baseball bat.”

When I told him he should have yelled, “Cut!” or something, he said, “I couldn’t. I was unconcious.”

"Things My Roommates Have Said" Starters Part 2
  • "It's one in the morning! You can't just knock on people's door and ask them if they know some random cat"
  • "But how much do they know about The Great Japanese Professional Baseball Crisis of 2004?"
  • "If there's knocks on the back door always answer with a knife in hand"
  • "When you date tall people they just get all the top shelves to themselves"
  • "You're like my wife, except we don't have sex and have no romantic interest in each other"
  • "Our band is gonna be nothing but silence and the occasional agonizing scream"
  • "Vodka gives me useless noodle arms"
  • "Math killed my father"
  • "Bro I saw your dad yesterday"
  • "You see, I'm an asshole, but I'm also a terrible person"
  • "Why are old white people offended by three girls raising a toddler together?"
  • "You went to bed so we turned the living room into a fort"
  • "We're not being haunted, I had gregorian chanter music playing"
  • "I'm not paying for an ambulance, just push me to hospital on a skateboard or something"
  • "I don't think my hair is 'screaming gay' enough yet"
  • "You left your vibrator in the bathroom sink again"