we don't have that in baseball


One of my best friends from camp happened to have a mop of curly brown hair the same shade as mine and often tended to wear a baseball cap, glasses, and navy blue bomber jacket. People were always mistaking us for one another, even though she’s much taller than me. We decided to roll with it and tell the kids that we’re identical twins, and they all believed it. It only got awkward on her birthday when she was called to the podium during the middle of a group meal. To maintain our ruse, I went up with her and we stood uncomfortably in front of hundreds of people.
Later, we decided to fuck with people further by wearing the same clothes.

Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States of America. It’s going to be okay. Sit down, have a cookie, breathe into this bag, and put on your mandatory “Make America Great Again” baseball cap. We’ll survive this, right?

Despite the sun coming up in the morning and life seemingly going on like normal, the world might’ve been forever changed last night. So we needed to break the little glass box, pull the lever, and record an emergency podcast. Jack O'Brien is joined by Jason Pargin (aka David Wong) to make sense of what happened at the polls last night, why we should’ve seen it coming from a mile away, and what we can actively do to prevent this from happening again. As Jason says on the site today, “Do the opposite of Panic. Work through the problem.” It’ll all be okay.

And if we’re still alive this weekend, make sure to catch the next LIVE taping of The Cracked Podcast this Saturday, November 12 at 7 p.m. at the UCB Sunset Theatre in Los Angeles. Jack O'Brien, Daniel O'Brien, and Michael Swaim will be joined by an expert in psychology to talk about some of the psychological myths everyone seems to believe, like Rorschach tests (sorry, they don’t work), middle child syndrome (not real), and depression (totally real, but antidepressants might not actually work very well). Tickets are only $5, and they’re available here.

What The F**k Just Happened You Guys!?

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To anyone nervous about Pitch only having a ten episode order or who is worried that we won’t get renewed, please just remember that Grey’s Anatomy only had NINE EPISODES it’s first season and was initially on the cancellation list. Fans backlashed so hard that they got renewed.

Grey’s Anatomy is now in it’s thirteenth season.


Finchel AU: inspired by the movie ‘Never been kissed’ 
↳ Rachel is a journalist who goes undercover as a 17-year old student in her old high school. Unfortunately she didn’t count on falling in love with her teacher, who doesn’t know she’s not actually his student. 

Voice actors terrify me man, they have too much power.

Like for example this guy is Sawamura Eijun

He constantly shouts and has exactly 0.01% chill, but also shares the voice of this guy

Who is fairly quiet until provoked, and is also the voice of 

THIS GUY, who we all know as freckled jesus. All hail the entire half of him that’s still left in some titan’s spitball somewhere. Don’t even get me started on other voice actors. Oh, Miyuki from Daiya no Ace? Sure he’s cute look at him!

Sassy motherfucker with a penchant of picking on Eijun. But wait! HE ALSO VOICES THIS ASSHOLE 

AND THIS HOT HOT TATER TOT (readthemangapls)

Then there’s this guy’s voice actor okay look at him. Precious pink mophead awhh.

Who is going to voice this guy (hellyeahalrighthelfuckinalright)

And we all know his voice better as THIS FUCKIN’ GUY

*unravel playing in the distance*



The 1989 Tour + Long Live (12/12/16)

“We are the kings and the queens,
You traded your baseball cap for a crown.”




Honestly fuck Sun & Moon, YW3 has me by the balls now. We even have a Colonel Sanders Yokai that looks like Hungramps that appeared in the other leaks!

Also Mulder and Scully from X-Files are in the game as well…


Is it some sort of cosmic law that all the little headshots used on tv when they show player stats have to be incredibly unflattering no matter the sport??

It’s like, “jaw lines? NO! Cheekbones?? Not allowed either! how can we make your eyes look piggy?? Tilt your chin the bad way. Thank you.”

DS9/Space Jam parallels (a.k.a “I honestly can’t believe I’m actually doing this”)

So here we have…

… a cast of colorful characters, being tought to play a popular American sport…

… by a black guy with an attitude, to compete against a team…

… of super strong and skilled aliens…

… who’s leader happens to be a real asshole.

Also, might I point out that at one point in Space Jam, Michael Jordan is seen playing baseball himself (which he used to do at the time the film was being filmed).

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EIJUN WEEK (2016)|| Day 03: Dreams and Reality captured as Sawamura moves towards to his goal.

“I’m here to become an ace!”

“I never wanted to become a relief pitcher…”

“We’ve started to think how reliable you’ve become.”

If anything, doing this Gilmore Girls rewatch has reinforced my hope that we’ll see Luke & Lorelai have their own kid(s?) in the revival.

Like…Luke is SUCH a good dad. Even from season one, it’s clear that he loves Rory SO MUCH. And then everything he’s done for Jess. There is the April stuff in the later seasons even.

But like…he never got to experience the early parts. The first steps and the first words and the first days of school. The beaming with pride as his kid wins a dumb award at school or the thousand other things. He can gripe all he wants about how he doesn’t like jam hands, but deep down we all know Luke Danes deserves to experience parenthood from the beginning.


Honestly he was having a good time, it had been forever and a day since he had last been at one of these things. Not mention that he was having a good time with Adelina and Jayden and Alyvia. Throwing a baseball at the target, he hit it on the first try. “We’ll take that big bear right there.” He stated with a smile on his lips. When it was handed to him, he handed it down to the nine year old girl. “There you go sweetie.” He stated, with a smile. This was his goddaughter and she got whatever she wanted from Thomas. “What shall we do next? Your choice.” He stated as the little girl started to walk off with her father, he followed next to them. Of course he wanted children, he almost had a child but that just had been a scare. He didn’t talk about that much because it ended his relationship and he had actually loved Lindsay and wanted to build a family with her. But she left him after the scare. As if being with him and having a family with him would have been horrible or something. 

Sighing a little bit, as the group made small chit chat, he glanced up and thats when he saw her. Lindsay. Glancing over at Jayden and Alyvia, he smiled a little bit. “I’ll meet up with you guys. Okay? And then cotton candy and elephant ears.” He promised, he got a look from Jayden and then shook his head a little bit. “I’ll explain later.” He informed his friend, before departing with them. Taking a deep breath, he let it out a moment later. Making his way over to Lindsay, he wasn’t exactly sure what the hell he was even going to say to her or do because he hadn’t seen her since they broke up. And now she was here of all places. “Hey..” He said this as he finally reached her.