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amy and jonah dating hcs
  • no pda at work - amy is too Responsible and Professional and jonah respects her
  • amy still makes fun of him bc he’s so easy to make fun of? but she always puts that smile at the end . she means it but she likes him. but he also annoys her sometimes.
    • on the outside: stop being so pretentious
    • on the inside: and cute asgjjkhdfjrjklagfkld shut up
  • loads of deep talks but they’re sitting side by side on the floor and the whole length of them touching and amy lying her head on jonah’s shoulder
    • they’re both a bit tired and then they both fall asleep while talking and the next morning they wake up cuddling
  • singing along to soundtracks everytime they’re in the car together. poor emma.
  • they both like to read ya? book shopping competitions about who can carry more books (they buy only a lil tho bc they’re both broke and books r expensive Let Me Tell You)
  • that one time amy kissed jonah’s cheek. he hasn’t gotten over it yet.
  • one the other hand, jonah gives cheek kisses all the time
    • amy secretly lives for them but who wouldn’t? i also want someone to kiss my cheek 24/7 applications are now open
  • lazy evenings in front of the tv but no french movies. it’s not like jonah wants to watch them either
    • everytime he says that they should watch one but amy just looks at him so he just.
    • they usually watch an action movie or a comedy
    • amy burrowing her face in jonah’s chest bc she’s laughing so much god she needs a hug
  • h u g s  tho
  • holding each other it’s going to be ok
  • talking about it. they talk mote easily around each other. something in the other makes them open up
    • for amy it’s that jonah will listen and that he will care enough to not give up till she tells him. she feels better after. sometimes she carries too much around with her
    • for jonah it’s that amy will show that it’s going to be okay. she’s pragmatic. there’s some way. sometimes he gets lost

I’m here to give you a warning. Leave me and the people around me alone. And what if I don’t? If you don’t, I’ll come and find you, no matter where you may be. I’ll end our first encounter with just this warning but if I ever come to see you a second time, you will die.

know this: clarke griffin has no reason to believe bellamy blake is alive considering it’s been six whole years plus some, and she’s still been recording messages addressed to him for 2,199 days and that is the sound of endgame.

Theory time....

Alright so I want to talk about this

Now, I know that this has been talked about a lot (and I’ll probably discover that someone already talked about this before) but I want to give my thoughts, as I haven’t seen anyone say this theory yet. So hear me out please.

Alright, so far I’ve seen a bunch of different speculations about what is going on in the above picture. Back before season 2 came out, I think the largest theory surrounding this was that this was proof that he was galra, as it made his skin turn purple and shows his galra form. Even now people still think that is what it is even though they don’t need it anymore to try and prove that Keith is galra.

Lately I’ve seen a bunch of theories about him also being a druid, and saying that that is why his hand looks like that instead of the glowy wounds like Shiro and Thace’s.

Then there is the simpler theories of the magic just burned his hand and the pure quintessence healed it.

All or any of these could very well be true, but consider this;

The purple in his hand is corrupted quintessence.

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*curtsies* Hey, Duke. So I'm in a trouble zone right now. I really struggled with writing the last essay of my current English class. Didn't quite make the minimum word count, try as I did. I wasn't confident at all when I turned it in. I'm an A+ student and I've never hated writing an essay as much as I hated this one. We don't even have our grades back yet, but I feel as if I've already failed as an English major. Maybe I was just having a bad week? I dunno... Any advice?

 *Curtsies* Yep. Get over it. 

That probably sounds harsh, but believe it or not I’m actually trying to save you a lot of anxiety down the line. Here’s the thing: Mediocre grades happen to everyone. Difficult assignments happen to everyone. Assuming you’ve “failed” at the first sign of a grade lower than an A+ is not going to help you in any way; it’s over-dramatic and unnecessarily stressful. If you could get an A+ in every class without struggling that wouldn’t mean that you’re an A+ student; it would mean that your school is a joke. What a lot of people don’t seem to grasp about college for some reason is that it’s supposed to be a challenge. It’s not supposed to just hand out good grades. It’s not supposed to give you an A for effort. It’s not supposed to be a breeze the whole time, and if it is, your school is doing something seriously wrong and you are not actually getting an education. The whole point of education and higher education in particular is to learn stuff you don’t know and to get better at stuff you’re not good at. There’s nothing wrong with you. You haven’t “failed” as an English major. You are supposed to have to work hard for those As. The only way you’re going to fail as an English major is by letting academic setbacks derail you.

So. What should you do? Definitely don’t panic or mope about it, especially when you don’t even know how you actually did yet. If it turns out you did do poorly, that’s still not a good reason to mope or panic. Instead, be productive. Read your professor’s comments carefully. Ask them for clarification if you don’t understand their comments completely. Try to be your own constructive critic and figure out what went wrong with this paper. Did you not do enough research? Did you not do a thorough enough outline? Did you procrastinate? What didn’t work here that usually does? Figure that out and look: you’ve learned something. That’s what college is for. If you can’t figure it out on your own, go to the writing center. Talk to an advisor. Try to learn from whatever mistakes you made so you can get that A next time. 

And lastly? Let. It. Go. You’re not perfect. You’re not supposed to be. You were just raised in an unhealthy educational system that places a greater emphasis on good grades than on actually learning. So try to break out of that mold by saying, “Okay, this wasn’t great. I’m disappointed but I’m just going to learn from it and do better next time.” Don’t be unnecessarily hard on yourself. Life’s hard enough. More here.

but now I’m insecure and I care what people think

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Hi! I was wondering if you had a master list of the 100 fics you've read or that you've written? (Particularily about the 100 finale because the bellarke scenes in the finale have me ssssSSSShhhhHHHHooooOOOOkkkkkKKKKKeeeeEEEE)

hello! i confess i’ve only read two fics about the finale so far, this future one by @ponyregrets (where bellamy meets madi) and this one by @wellsjahasghost (set the night before the death wave). both are fantastic, as Chash and Jade’s fics always are, so i’d highly recommend checking them out if you haven’t yet!

as for my own fics, ’after the bombs’ is the only one i’ve written about the finale so far. if you’re looking for ALL my t100 fic, it’s probably easier to check out my ao3 page! (be prepared for a LOT of modern au and a LOT of snarky-sweet fluff)

One of Inktoberwatch prompts was Sombra. I really don’t know (maybe Blizzard will let us know coming weekend).

Breeder: Ok so the puppies should be born around march 15th

Me: *Goes to check every day if there’s any news on their website since march 3th*