we don't even know you or have spoken to you

  • A: Not everything I do is about you, you know!?
  • B: are you sure ?
  • A: You don't even know me! Not anymore anyways. We haven't spoken since forever!
  • B: I know you enough, to know your favourite colour, where you got to have lunch, that you rescued a bunch of kittens last week...
  • A: THAT'S HARDLY A SECRET...and stalk-
  • B: *ignoring A* and that you like me.
  • A: ... you wish! In your dreams!

anonymous asked:

Would it be out of line or implausible for Tony (in a fanfiction where he's less of a dick but still Tony) to ask T'Challa to help him with Peter's suit because he's aware that the Wakandan's are light years ahead of Stark tech and he wants to protect Peter however possible? And if Tony did ask what would T'Challa say?

I really think the best course of action would just be to avoid that by any means possible. Tony could ask but I’m pretty sure T'Challa wouldn’t go out of his way to help peter. They’ve never even spoken as far as we know. Plus T'Challa doesn’t seem to be aligned at all with Tony besides when he wanted to kill Bucky. I honestly don’t think they’d be interacting at all.

If you want to portray Tony going the extra mile to protect peter you could have him going all im2 levels of not sleeping to develop some new tech. I’d advise you (and anyone else) to keep Wakanda out of your fic if all they’re doing is helping a white character.

teeeon  asked:

I know they never solve anything, but would you consider making a petition to the devs? I think it'd be good to have evidence of how many people are upset by the endings (a lot of us even personally upset). I feel like the only thing we have are snarky memes and long tumblr rants and a lot of the Joseph haters just drown us out. I hope I don't come across as lazy, but you're so much more well-spoken than I am, in addition you being a gay Christian man, I think you'd be an excellent spearhead.

I mean, honestly? I’d be thrilled to create a petition! My only setback is I would need help both to find a good petition site that isn’t seedy/is fairly well known, and that I would need help from others to find posts that people have made regarding their feelings to the fact that Joseph has no good ending. So far, I only have my letter, a post that gender-bends the game to WlW for effect, and the one post about Oak23 with the Barbie Dolls.

If I had more, then I would be more than happy to write up a long, long post using these other people’s arguments as evidence that it isn’t just me and some other people being whiny about a bad ending to a game. You can’t change someone’s mind by just saying it’s bad - you need a lot of evidence! Plus, there’s also the need for signatures. I’d say a 1,000 signatures petition would be enough to show that at least that many people are 

I have sent my letter to the DD twitter and the DD email several times now and they still haven’t responded, so I worry just me isn’t enough to actually do anything. So, that’s why I’m going to ask my followers here for a bit of help? I need more stories and arguments, and I’ll need at least some assurance that, if I do create a petition and post a link to it on various social medias, that people will do their best to promote it and sign. If I can get that, then I will create one, you have my word.

You don’t come off as lazy at all, my friend! As stated above, a petition is a lot of work. You need evidence, you need signatures. You need to write out a detailed description that doesn’t come off as too whiny or too preachy. You need more than just your word, and you also need the guts to stand up to people who can and will very much try to kick you down for putting your neck out there. Have you seen my post listing the terrible things people have told me since I started defending Joseph? It’s rough, honestly. The first night I started getting hate I couldn’t sleep. Not that I’m asking for your pity or anything, lmao, I’m just saying I understand why someone wouldn’t want to do it!

And, also, thank you, by the way, for saying I’m well spoken and that you think I’d be a good leader in this situation. That really does mean a lot to me as I do tend to have communication issues.

So, over all: If I can get some more arguments and enough support, I will gladly start a petition.

Thank you for this ask, Teeeon. You’re very kind!

anonymous asked:

Can you believe Harry, who completed all his commitments to the band and never have ever spoken bad about the band or its members gets more hate than Zayn who left half way now that we know the break was suggested much before he left. Its a shame if you ask me. He gets so much hate for thinking that it was better if they took a break just because the other 3 did not want the same. This makes me think that even if 1D ever comes back, I don't want Harry to be back. He doesn't deserve the hate.😔😔

Hey anon, don’t be sad about it. Everyone that good gets a bunch of senseless haters, but who gives a fuck?

As for the rest, well if someone is saying “Harry took the break even though the others didn’t want it!!!” its literally…..as stupid as it sounds. All of them are literally out here making music and making the most of their time, trying to establish their solo careers. Does that seem like someone who didn’t want to take a break?

Harry initiated it, alright, we already knew it but ofcourse it’s being blown up now because of the way people are taking what Louis said. When it’s literally nothing new or…wrong? like they wouldn’t all have just been like “hey guys time to take a break!” at once.

Someone’s bound to be the initiator, someone who could tell what’s gonna be the consequences of working tirelessly for longer, someone who cared about something they’ve put so much work into, not fizzling out to waste, and that someone just happened to be Harry.

Did he quit the band immediately? no. Did he get anything​ extraordinary for suggesting a break? no. Hell he wasn’t even the first person to put out music as a solo artist. Soooo I don’t see any logic behind this drama apart from, ofcourse, the nonsensical hate for him that’s always there.

All the boys are doing their own thing now, no one is sitting at home saying “I never wanted this so I won’t do anything on my own I hate it!”.

They’re all on their own and are doing pretty good for themselves so far, I don’t see any “partiality” at work as they’re all working with pretty great people and teams and are getting good opportunities. Ofcourse now they have to get it all on their own and they will be assessed separately.

Their fans should start doing that too, instead of still putting the blame on the other boys for every damn thing.

anonymous asked:

Prompts for when person A and B have known OF each other, but don't even know their names. Does that make sense? Like, an example is if they work at the same place but don't know each other's name. Or if they go to the same book store every Tuesday and have never spoken. Stuff like that please.

“You come into my work every day while I’m cooking in the back and holy god you’re gorgeous”

“We go to the same coffee shop and you’re always in the back corner on your laptop when I get here to read”

“I’ve run right into you in our apartment building at least four times but neither of us has actually spoken to each other yet because we’re determined to make things awkward”

“You’re my best friends roommate but you’re intimidatingly gorgeous and just plain intimidating so I never speak to you and you never speak to me”

“You’re my dads friends kid and you guys come over a lot for dinner but we’ve never actually spoken to each other”

“We go to the same library and always see each other in the different sections- me in Mystery, while you’re in Romance- but we never talk, just sort of awkwardly pretend we’re not staring”

anonymous asked:

Beautiful words to anon regarding Flaunt article. You summarized Joshifer fans so well. I feel the wheels from the bus on my back and question WHO IS THIS JOSH? So many inconsistencies....I don't know if I can still be a Josh fan.

Big hugs to you. I have spoken to a few people who feel the same way. And I’m talking about people who have been fans of his for YEARS. And I know there are people who will say “Well they are bad fans.” but even if we make a joke about being bad fans, they are NOT. They are people who promoted Paradise Lost, blasted out The Rusted on their social media, fondly think of little Josh in the Journey movies. They are people who cheered him on. But it can be hard to shake your pom poms when you feel a little smooshed under a fallen wide receiver. 

But saying that, I have friends who have met Josh and it’s always the same “He is the nicest guy”. I have never talked to someone who talked to him who said he was an ass. It’s alway how kind he is, what warm hugs he gives, how he talks to you like a real person. Couple that with everything his co-stars have said about him, how they love him. I mean look at Woody, he’s a straight shooter with no pretension and will not fake his way through anything. And the way Jen just loves her Josh. That good guy is the REAL Josh. Beyond what his PR puts out there badly and kinda clumsily.  For me the Flaunt article just was no bueno for him. But look at all this:

“For me, overall, the relationship with media, press, social media, is very frustrating because it’s a balance of wanting the interview to be representative of you, but at the same time, not wanting to give all of yourself to the media,” 

  • Me: Gurl...
  • Did you watch Lemonade?
  • Coco Amazon: No gurl! I don't have internet or cable...was it everything?!
  • Me: Gurl. Everything and TEA TEA TEA was spilled.
  • Coco Amazon: WHATTTTTTT
  • Tea on who?!
  • Me: My nigga...her relationship
  • Coco Amazon: Gurl u got me considering driving to mama's
  • With Jay?!
  • Me: Indeed
  • Coco Amazon: What she said?!
  • Me: Basically that this nigga was outchea but they working it out.
  • Coco Amazon: Where do niggas b finding the time?!
  • Me: Gurl I don't.know but she blasted that ass and then said I love you and we gon work on it. But everybody looking around like he bet not again cuz it's curtains.
  • Coco Amazon: Esp after what she went through w/ her daddy...Flagrant
  • Me: All of that was spoken on
  • Coco Amazon: That's y Solo fought his ass
  • Smh damn
  • Me: "This is your final warning. You know I give you life. If you try that shit again, you gon lose your wife."
  • Pretty clear.
  • Coco Amazon: WOWOWWWWW
  • Coco Amazon: I love that she's being transparent bc she really doesn't even have to.
  • Me: She really don't.
  • But I'm thinking this is in defense of her sister, being honest and spilling her own tea instead of being put out there without her consent.
  • Coco Amazon: And that's POWER
  • Coco Amazon: And that goes to my belief that people cheat bc they want to...U can b fine n have ur shit together n ppl gon do what they gon do.
  • Me: Yup
  • Precisely.
  • Coco Amazon: Gurl that's like I was reading ppls experiences with Prince, namely Melody Ehsani's and Myleik Teele's and he was all about controlling ur voice n living life on your terms.
  • Me: Bless
  • Another revolutionary act for Black women.
  • And what I love is that it gives other women permission to do what's right for them, whether that means stay and work it out or bounce.
  • If Bey gon leave Jay then you can leave yo nigga with his broke ass.
  • Coco Amazon: AMENNNN
  • And speak on it!
  • Gurl I've held things inside to the point I feel like I've swallowed poison all in an effort to keep peace or not offend.
  • Me: Gurl we all do that shit.
  • It's time out for being silent and that's why I appreciate her, on God! There's power when women use their voices.
  • There were so many images of women and someone pointed out that she used sisterhood to pull herself through it. And that's a beautiful sentiment.
  • Coco Amazon: That's real!!!
  • Later
  • Coco Amazon: And I'm in there.
  • Me: Bow
  • Coco Amazon: Thanks friend!
  • Gurl this is deep.
  • Me: Chile
  • Coco Amazon: I am here for all of this.
  • Me: And gurl this poetry's written by Warsan Shire. Every ounce of this is a celebration of Black women.
  • Coco Amazon: Gurl shut up! I love Warsan Shire!
  • Gurl I'm over here ugly crying.
  • Me: Gurl me too re-watching it.
  • Coco Amazon: "Ima keep running cuz a winner don't quit on themselves."
  • Me: She preaching or she preaching.

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