we don't do shit hip hop

All the hate about Zico right now.

Like shut up, if you don’t like it, don’t fucking go there and listen to it. The hate being spread right now is what annoys me the most. 
Together with all the bullshit about being racist. 

1. Oh hes wearing cornrows

External image

2. He wears bandanas

External image

3. He is wearing grills

External image

4. He has twerking girls. 

i couldn’t find a good gif or picture but hey, we all remember Hyuna’s Red, don’t we?

So, we haven’t spit them out or flood them with the hate, told them how it was racist or just unbiased them, so why should we do it with Zico who is a real hip-hop artist in my opinion and has been praised by so many underground rappers as well, and is still accepted in that culture even though he’s in the k-pop scene now as well. That’s because he is good and he can pull these type of things off well.

Also, his style has always been this way.

this isn’t k-pop. it’s k-hiphop.. it’s not k-pop people. It’s not the fluffy shit you usually see. 

satanslovingconcubine-deactivat  asked:

Modern day lovers of rap shouldn't be politically correct people. Since the beginning, rappers have said sharp shit that can be seen as homophobic, racist, sexist, ect. But It's just commentary on the society we live in. My question is, Iggy is hated on this site because of her past lyrics and comments. Is this really a valid argument against her? She's called racist, homophobic, ect. Yet, the majority of rappers use slurs and I don't think there's room for sensitivity in hip hop.

Let’s make things clear. We do not hate Iggy Azalea. We do not hate anyone. We’ve mentioned this countless times. Stop putting words in our mouth and making assumptions.

FR was a longtime supporter of Iggy’s career and if you look through her tag, we have posted several of her recent projects. There are MULTIPLE people who run this Tumblr, and up until recently, I felt it was necessary to take a stance against her problematic response and lack thereof regarding those Twitter posts and other RECENT comments she’s made in interviews. My comments do NOT reflect those of the other members of this community. But you know what’s fucked up? She never apologized. And rather pathetically, tried to save ass by deleting those tweets only until AFTER news sites began reporting/people began calling her out.

Rap may not politically correct, but it should strive to be progressive. When countless beautiful & talented WOC from the South are ignored and someone like Iggy begins making a profit off of an entire style of rapping they spent YEARS building, it leaves something to be desired.

And the sad part, she doesn’t even care. Her team doesn’t care. You don’t care. We no longer want to be part of the problem, and we’ll be as sensitive as long as we fucking want.