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I thought I liked the body positivity movement and it meant well but honestly now it's just BS. Most time it only has cis, able bodied, white women with petite, pear or hourglass shape figures with that one token woc. Completely forgetting hairy, trans, disabled, muscular, rectangular , apple, inverted triangle shaped, and etc women. The community talks about "loving your curves" but what if you don't even have those. It excludes others and puts them down.

That’s a real thing. White, cis, able-bodied women (like myself) tend to take over movements like that - taking a positive, helpful concept and making it toxic. 

Here is a post that we reblogged earlier on the subject (specifically fat acceptance) and here is a post about how health should not be a measure of worth. 

People have an unhealthy obsession with being thin and conventionally beautiful, and supposedly you can’t celebrate your body until you reach certain standards. Instead, why don’t we focus on how incredible the human body is? Think of the science behind how hair grows. I don’t know how it works, but I know it’s some fun science. What about how hormones alter your body and brain chemistry? More fun science. Also, all of the different body types. I bet there’s some cool science behind why that happens, too. (sorry, I’m a science nerd)

If the body positivity movement isn’t including everyone, it’s not doing its job. 

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I'm autistic and asexual (figured it out in that order) and I've been following your blog and another one about autism (specifically stimming) and I just found out that they're "exclusionary" and don't believe that cishet acc/aro being in LGBT and I feel like my best friend just slapped me in the face... I also get people who tell me I'm not "autistic enough" (when they only see my good days) so now I'm feeling invalidated all over... Is there hope that I could be accepted finally?

Of course you’re accepted here!! You are LGBT+ enough, and you are autistic enough. These are your communities to participate in, and I’m very sorry you’ve had such a bad experience. We love you all the same, nonnie   💜

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I've been attracted to girls so I consider myself bisexual. I had a crush on the pastor's daughter, but because our religion don't accept gays, I didn't think she'd like me too. Until we went over for a dinner and we both went upstairs to her room. She changed in front of me and got super horny. I made the first move, and started feeling her up. She didn't mind. Then I was laying on the bed, and she started to eat me out. We fingered each other until we both squirted. It was fucking amazing

  • Kravitz: How much more dying do you think is gonna happen? Just so I know how to um sort of pitch your case to the Raven Queen.
  • Taako: Well dang. Now we've reached something of an impasse, huh? How much more- *Us* dying? Or like other regular dying?
  • Kravitz: Just like um any dying...at all. What's the game plan there?
  • Taako: Well, there's gonna be some. The thing at Refuge was definitely an outlier, I don't plan to die that many times again. So that was probably- Here's what I'm gonna say [and I put my hand on his hand to help him shape the vase he's been working on]
  • Griffin: It's very very- It's very cold, his hand is.
  • Taako: Oh boy! Oh boy-howdy that is a clammy one! Listen, if we can over look that unpleasantness, I think you're going to find a very acceptable level of death in the days and weeks ahead. That's what I'm gonna say to you. A very normal sort of corporeal just usual amount of death.
support for the signs
  • aries: no one can hold you back, and bring you down. because you are special and I will tell you no matter how many times I have to. whether it be at 2am, when you're at your lowest, or on a day where you're as bright as the sun. don't forget that whoever you are I will be here.
  • taurus: people who try and break your defence already have theirs broken, they need to heal as much as you do. you are beautiful and I assure you that everything will be better soon. you are my beloved and I treasure you.
  • gemini: we all crave emotion and feeling, so I beg of you— do not starve yourself of it. love will help you grow and bloom. people around you will learn to accept and forgive. you are precious.
  • cancer: no matter who you end up as after all this has blown over, I will remain loyal to you. you are my most precious treasure and I will support and treasure you for as long as it takes.
  • leo: other people's words are weak, but yours are all that should matter to you. take a deep breath and let all emotion out, I will cradle your head and whisper sweet words of comfort.
  • virgo: your heart should remain as gold as it originally was, and if it begins to change— I will paint you with the colours of the sun. you are supported, and I promise that you are beautiful.
  • libra: we remain in our bodies for long enough, so we should respect and adore them. there is no instant change, no overnight remedy, only my unchanging love for you. I will embrace you and speak tender words until you heal.
  • scorpio: passion is a strong and desirable emotion that can be subdued by ones tears. I will nurture the rose within you that will one day grow to be the most beautiful. you are important and loved. remember this.
  • sagittarius: you may be wounded, my friend, but there is a cure. a drug called happiness; harmless but effective. no side effects, no regrets. I can give you that feeling, I will help you smile. your radiant grin is charming and adored.
  • capricorn: hard work is essential in life, so slacking brings no luck. you've got to stay motivated and find true joy. throughout the journey, I will be there. I will hold your hand and remind you that it's all going to be over soon.
  • aquarius: insecurities are imps that leech of the soul. so I implore you, my dear, yo beat them away and shine like the star you are. you are influential and godlike. have faith in yourself, as I do.
  • pisces: life is not fair. there will be many times when you feel down. think of it like the calm waves of the ocean. up and down. there cannot be an up without a down. so reach land, and you will be safe in my arms. I will embrace you and absorb all your worries. you are precious and loved.

Being a Wodneswoman is like:

An old man shows up to your house uninvited to throw a party and have you share in an adventure he is arranging. Very amusing for him, very good for you, and profitable too, very likely, if you ever get over it.

You can’t refuse.  You can’t accept.  You can only stand there, screaming silently.

Good morning.

About About Ray

Okay so one of the biggest arguements I’ve heard is how dare they have a cis-female actor play a trans-male character. Right?

I would like to point out that when Orange is the New Black used Laverne Cox’s twin (cisgender-male) brother to portray her pre-transition you all were SO proud of their choice because they were respecting her and refused to have her appear male. They didn’t want to put her through that AND they wanted the character to actually look PRE-TRANSITION. 

Now, About Ray is about a young PRE-TRANSITION boy. I know that I would not want to see a post-transition guy being made to play this part, and yeah, they could have found a pre-transition guy maybe, but I know personally, I would hate having a film out with pre-transition me if I was planning on transitioning especially if that was my first role. Not to mention, a lot of pre-transition guys do not have the acting expertise that these actors they’ve casted do. This is a really good cast, and from what I’ve seen Elle Fanning is going to do this role justice.

I’m not saying it would have been impossibe to find actors - good ones - who are actually pre-transition trans males. HOWEVER I think it’s preposterous for you to criticize and boycott a film that can do so much good just because they use a cisgender actor to portray a transgender character. Firstly for the reason I already mentioned, and secondly because your other option is to not have the movie at all. This film can do a lot of good things for the trans-masculine community. How about you sit down, shuttup, and give it a chance. If it sends the wrong message, or is handled horribly or whatever, yes. Throw a shit-fit and speak your mind. But don’t judge it before you’ve seen it just because they didn’t use a trans actor. 

Lets put this stupid word into Perspective
  • A lot of times I always find myself in arguments with people about equality (rights for trans,les,bi,gay,etc.) and they usually throw a verse from the bible at me.The verse reads:
  • Leviticus 18: 22: "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman;it is an abomination"
  • Then they walk away oblivious and feeling triumphant,even though the conversation is usually indeed never over.Every time I hear this verse,one word stays in my head.
  • ABOMINATION.What does it mean?
  • According to google,here is the definition:
  • A•Bom•i•na•tion (n.) A thing that causes disgust or hatred (I would like to point out that this you could call just about ANYTHING an abomination,because people use it opinionatedly.Now to carry on)
  • The word "abomination" occurs sixty seven times in the bible (revised standard version).It appears only twice in the New Testament (Luke 16: 15 & Revelation 21:27)
  • In the sixty five times "abomination" occurs in the Old Testament,here is what is what
  • -13 "abominations" are dietary restrictions,including clam chowder,shrimp,and the non existent four legged insect (which isn't considered an insect)
  • -5 "abominations" refer to something that is an "abomination" to people
  • -seventeen refer to improper sacrifice (I don't know about you,but even though I'm a Christian,I don't believe in slaughtering innocent animals over an altar.In fact,I THINK it's illegal)
  • -3 "abominations" include adultery and adultery by divorce (which happens quite frankly,yet we accept these people and not someone who is attracted to the same sex?)
  • -going back to Luke 16: 15 (yes I'm aware it's New Testament ok) the love of money is listed as an "abomination" (idk about you but I like a couple Abraham Lincolns now and then)
  • -12 refer to bahaviors from murder to women wearing "anything that pertains to a man" (it's basically saying we can't wear shorts or skinny jeans which is outright sexist) ((different conversation different day))
  • -including one from revelation,8 passages are vague about what they mean by "abomination"
  • -only TWO VERSES refer to homosexuality,although there was an understanding of none back then of homosexuality as we define it today.
  • Two things:
  • 1.many of these items can be linked to someone pretending to be something they aren't (yet its EXACTLY what literalists/Christians ask gay,les,trans to do.They INSIST that they stay in the closet)
  • 2.The people that insist that lgbtq are "abominations" are violating several verses themselves (probers 6: 16-19 "there are six things which the LORD hates,seven which are an ABOMINATION to him:haughty eyes,a lying tongue,and hands that she's innocent blood,a heart that devises wicked plans.feet that make haste to run to evil,a false witness who breathes out lies,and a man who sows discord among brothers)
  • I don't know about you,but I can name a lot more stuff that has caused more "discord" in society,households,families in that than the literal reading of ONE verse.
  • So just keep in mind,when you're going around,labeling these people as "abominations",consider how many times you could be called an "abomination" yourself.

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Hi! I'm sending you a prompt, never did it before and my english is not so good, so...I hope u'll understand. :) If you don't feel the story, no worries, nevermind! So here we go: we know Regina will have "sleepless nights crying over Henry" in season3B. I'd like if Emma could check on her, maybe calling before and understanding there's something off, so she goes to check on her at the mansion. M rated, cause I dont really read anything else. :) THANK YOU!!

(Not M rated, sorry.)

It was the sixth night that Emma had called Regina. Neither bothered to ponder why, simply accepting that it was becoming a habit. Ever since the blonde’s return to Storybrooke and Regina’s discovery that her son did not remember her, Emma had felt strangely tethered to the woman.

Like she needed to fix everything somehow. Like she needed to make it right. There simply was no way to do that, though, so Emma called. She called every night of that first week.

Sometimes it was only a few words—I’m sorry, Regina. I’m sorry.

Sometimes it was an entire story—And he has friends in New York. One night, he brought a whole bunch of them over for a pizza party and video games, and he was so…

Sometimes it was silence, just breath.

Sometimes, it was gratitude—What you gave me, Regina…I…thank you.

And on that sixth night, it didn’t feel like enough. The hard plastic of her phone felt too impersonal against her ear and cheek. She needed to see Regina, comfort her if she could, the way that Regina had done her best to provide her and Henry with comfort that day at the town line, a comfort that could have lasted them a lifetime. 

Regina’s sorrowed words, her labored breaths echoing through the phone, always ached in Emma’s chest, and she simply could no longer take it. She needed to be closer.

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This is so not relevant to my blog at all but

people are still doing the #dontjudgechallenge and I hate it with every fibre of my being. Are we really that much of a narcissistic generation that in order to feel good about ourselves we need to bully those different to us? By all means, love yourself and be happy with your appearance. But if in order to do that you need to drag someone else down, you are very insecure. Being nasty to get a few likes on a video or a compliment or 10 is quite simply sad.

There is so much pressure on kids today to feel perfect they’ve resulted to choosing being malicious over being accepting of others. My heart goes out to everyone having to watch these pathetic videos and see people associating features they have with being “ugly.” It’s not right but unfortunately, in this society, getting a few compliments is the most important thing.

It’s called the “don’t judge challenge”, yet here you all are judging others for their features and here I am judging you for doing so. What a messed up generation we have turned into.

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hello white person here! can you all stop getting offended over this, yes white people are racist. we're brought up to be, you have to check yourself and call yourself out constantly cause if you don't accept the fact that you have racist thoughts then you're never gonna take a look at yourself and do anything about them. we don't want to be, we don't mean to be and most of us try not to be but yes we are racist and we have to all try harder to not be.