we do some weird shit

god one of the funniest acid memories i have is playing gta 5 with my best friend, but at the same time.. our other friend walked into the room to see us sitting next to each other, her right hand playing the right side of the controller, my left hand playing the left side, and in our non controller hands we were both wearing a corresponding fluffy pink glove and holding a night cap beer. and we were playing very effectively, not just messin around. but it must’ve been a weird and creepy sight. idk we are just linked in the brain and the acids made it enhanced so we were doing some weird twinbrain shit…. good times =)

How Pisces Sees The Signs
  • Aries: Why are you so scared of me all the time? Do I frighten you that much? But really I love you because you're awesome but please, I'm nice I swear.
  • Taurus: You love to debate and really love to be right and won't agree or even take into account anyone's opinion, but you know what, that's why I love you and I am fully able to have an intellectual conversation with you, never change.
  • Gemini: My bestie! You're like my other half, we mess around a hell of a lot, and you sure do love to play pranks on everyone. You always end up doing some weird ass shit whenever we go out but it's hilarious to see you mess up e.g. Go up the wrong side of the escaltors by mistake.
  • Cancer: Super sweet and adorable and always so modest. And don't be a pessimist all the time! You're awesome and deserve all the success in the world.
  • Leo: Okay, so we don't get along most of the time but we love each-other none the less. You're loud and say things at inappropriate times but you're the life of the party and enjoy embarissing me. Thanks.
  • Virgo: I love you so bloody much, you're hilarious, and a mess, which is so ironic because of the typical Virgo sterotype. You always make the most inappropriate jokes at the wrong times, but act as if you're an angel around strangers.
  • Libra: You're alright sometimes I guess, but way too over dramatic and make the smallest problems seem like the biggest thing ever. Always moody and pissed if people don't listen to you. But I know you're actually really nice and only pretend to be different to fit in with everyone.
  • Scorpio: Oh my God you're awesome, we have the same intrests and everything and you're always there to help me out. The ironic thing is that the Scorpio sterotype is that they love sex, but whenever anyone makes sexual refernces, you're the only one that doesn't get it! You're too innocent!
  • Sagittarius: Bit overdramatic and loud most of the time but it's okay because you're a good friend. You make fun of others for things that even you do. Sometimes you need to stop.
  • Capricorn: Omg you're too funny and we get along great! We're always the ones messing about at the back of the classroom yet never get caught by the teacher.
  • Aquarius: You're slighty annoying and over dramatic...sorry. You don't really like people who don't agree with what you say and you get violent a lot.
  • Pisces: You're usually really bitchy and have that 'Idgaf' attitude and only like discussing your intrests. You don't even try to act innocent, but it's okay because we're both Pisces and we stick together and get each-other.

Okay so what gets me about acting is this.

Actors have to do some really weird shit that we don’t even think about.

I mean look at this gif.

There were no vines in real life when Dylan filmed this.

With that in mind, just look at his hand. Look at what he does with it.

Now imagine doing that 10+ times, at different angles, leaning over a stump, while like twenty people are watching.

Watching you reach your hand up to a tree stump and then shake it erratically.

I just find these little things fascinating.