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What will you do with the newt eggs

Oh, I put them back in the pond where I found them. We practiced investigative learning in preparation for teaching our students. It’s pretty fun - you explain to the kids the basics of making observations and asking questions like a scientist, then let them loose on the frog pond with buckets and nets. After they’ve caught some cool shit, you break out the microscopes and share your finds, observations, questions, etc.

given the current state of The Discourse, I’m … actually kind of glad Planescape: Torment came out 15+ years ago and isn’t getting a re-release ever.

PST is a game where you can do terrible things. Sell your friends into slavery! Learn their darkest fears, and use them against them! Betray your closest friends for petty reasons! Literally murder the only person who cares for you unconditionally!

The game is also pretty unambiguous about the fact that doing any of those things makes you a horrible person. It’s one of the few games where I don’t have a beef with the morality slider, because if you manage to make the slider go all the way over to Evil, you have done some seriously immoral shit. We’re talking “I unleashed a God Of Destruction Of Literal Universes, because he gave me a cool knife” levels of evil. (That’s also a thing you can do!)

And I’m really glad that the evil options exist, because they exist alongside good options, and the fact that you can choose evil makes the good options genuinely heartwarming. You can convince your friend that everything he believes is a lie - or you can help him regain his faith in himself. And it feels so much better picking the latter when you know you could have gotten ahead faster by being repugnant. I’m not a believer in Manicheanism in the general case, but I do think it makes a big difference in game design. I played Planescape: Torment and felt genuinely, defensively good about my choices. “The Practical and the Paranoid have done wrongs, and I am here to right them.” It’s good stuff!

But the Discourse this game would generate, coming out now. Where people see “you can do this thing in the game” and think “obviously the developers think this thing is fine and completely without problems”. Good Lord, am I glad I can avoid that.

you are all probably wondering, “thats a pretty cool pattern darkie. are we allowed to use it?” and the answer is of course you fukin are. in the future ill be doing more shit with this pattern (obvious example is SOUL.OS), so keep an eye out my dudes.

extras: my top bar pattern:

you dont need to ask me to use it but some kind of credit would b nice


You know, my yoga asana practice isn’t pretty. It’s fucking gruesome most of the time. It’s a lot of sweating, crying, swearing, falling down, & picking myself back up again. For most of us, the gruesome reality of an asana practice is shocking- I mean, it’s all fun and games when you’re looking at instagram photos, but real life is on some different shit.

BUT THAT’S THE POINT. This practice isn’t supposed to be easy or pretty. And it’s not about the fucking poses. Flexibility and strength are cool & all, but don’t get it twisted- that’s not why we show up on the mat. There is a spirit inside each of us, and it needs to be nurtured and cleansed. And that nurturing/cleansing isn’t easy or pretty, and it sure as hell doesn’t have anything to do with social media. So while I’m pleased with where my eka pada raja kapotasana II prep is heading, the actual shape of my body doesn’t begin to measure the work that’s going on beneath the surface. And that work never really gets “easy”- even postures I’ve been practicing for years can feel brand spanking new depending on what’s going on in my brain. Don’t get hung up on making things “easy”- the point is to stand in the fire and challenge yourself, no matter what happens to your consciousness in the process.

BTW, all my @codyapp plans are 30% off until tomorrow night- use the code ‘NY2017’ at checkout. If you’re a brand new yoga practitioner, I would recommend starting with “Begin To Embody Yoga”, “Get Loud”, and “Bare Your Soul, Find Your Flow.” I am so proud to be part of your practice, Cody students- y'all impress the shit out of me. I’ve been blessed to watch so many of you grow, and I’m so inspired by the work you’ve put in to become more in tune with your spirit. If you’ve just started one of my Cody plans and you want to ask a question, check out my youtube channel before clicking send on that email because I have several videos answering new student FAQs that will more than likely offer necessary guidance. Put in the time, pick yourself up when you fall, and trust me- all is coming. All is coming. And I honor the fuck out of your practice. (at Durham, North Carolina)

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I suppose we have exhausted absolutely everything Piffle has to offer at this point BUT STILL. IF THERE WAS ONE WORLD I WISH WE COULD STAY IN FOREVER, IT WOULD BE THIS ONE. 

But I suppose the heartbreak awaits. 

Either way, it’s precious that Syaoran is struck with INSTANT PANIC over the thought that he has to pick out a gift for Yuuko. 


He’s also the only one to consider the finer implications of abandoning a MOVEABLE HOUSE and just never returning it. WITH GOOD REASON. IT’S KIND OF RUDE TO SAY THE LEAST.


This might just be the most graceful exit they’ve ever been able to pull off. 


A Beginner’s Guide to Crystals




SO CLICK THE READ MORE TO READ MORE (and then the caps will stop I promise. Mostly).

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It kinda scares me that he could possibly be disgusted by the way we fawn over him? But I gotta a lot of kinks so that honestly turns me ON. But I'm worried for others that might have that mindset? Because even if Joji didn't like our shit, there are many others out here who do!! 💕💕 I'm sure he likes our stuff tbh I mean, who wouldn't? - 9 inch Anon

aaa I have been blessed by 9 inch anon what time to be alive

yea I mean we do some pretty cool shit here as well? we’ve taken characters who have been in only one video/have no physical appearance and made them into fully fleshed out characters??? Like that’s so cool!! also we have good memes and strong friendships :)

Event Announcement (Happy Birthday Craig!)

Craig: Today’s my birthday!

Craig: As you probably know, Clyde’s life kinda sucks ass right now. Plus he’s kinda pissed at me. It sucks having your best friend pissed at you so I had an idea. And since it’s my birthday I have an excuse to make him come over.

Craig: He’s still kinda torn up over Bebe, and it’s annoying as fuck. SO…I’m pretty sure he has a thing for Kevin, so we’re gonna invite both of them over and have a little party. Should be fun.

Admin Note: We’re going to run off to the store and get some cool shit for the “party” and then we’ll be back on and doing a bunch of neat things. There’ll even be another live answer session (for Kevin and Clyde). Happy Birthday, Craig.~

Holsom after college headcanons

So @fuxkbaz and I might be slightly obsessed with the comic omgcp and since our favs Ransom and Holster are graduating soon we made some headcanons

•they get a cool apartment together near where Rans is going to med school and whatever Holster decides to do
•and it has 2 bedrooms so they each have their own but like they are so used to sharing a room that they end up only using one anyways
•Like they fall asleep watching movies on holsters bed or whatever
•And like eventually they just take all of ransoms shit out of his room and make it like a rlly pretty guest room?
•or maybe a office for rans to work on his med school shit idk
•and like maybe they aren’t together officially at this point like they don’t kiss or anything but they hella cuddle and like??? Are basically together in every other way???
•But they’re both sorta scared to take it to the next level??
•and whenever rans has to work a late shift at whatever hospital he’s interning at holster always leaves him like a muffin or something on the counter with a note for when he gets home
•and they take turns making dinner which almost always ends up in something catching on fire or an emergency skype call to Bitty
•and they’re just so platonically gay for each other and domestic and cute
•holster first realizes he is in love with rans when they are at the fucking laundromat or something
•and ransoms like chilling and leaning against the dryers? Washers? And the sun coming through the the Windows is making his skin glow or some cheesy shit like that
•and holsters just like “lol I’m so fucked”
•And then he thinks “lol I wish Rans could be fucked” and then his thoughts keep doing that just keep flipping everything into something sexual or romantic about Ransom
•but he doesn’t realize he’s totally spacing out so ransom looks over at him and holster has this dazed expression and he’s just like “bro u good?” And holster just blurts out “you’re good” and rans is just so confused
•and holster blushes and he like gets all flustered and try’s to straighten his glasses but knocks them off his face instead
•after the laundry incident Rans watches Holster more closely and he catches himself focusing on little details, like Holster’s voice late at night and early in the morning, the veins running up and down his arms, his collar bone and Adams Apple (lol speaking of which), & the way water catches on the little bit of hair on his stomach after a shower, or the way Holster wearing glasses makes him think about being held against a wall, and wait what??
•so of course these dorks gotta come to terms with their feelings and confront the other eventually
•Okay so there isn’t anything epic really, nothing that would show up in a ya romance novel or anything
•They’re just grocery shopping together and telling each other stories that they remember from their childhood and then one of them (presumably Rans cause he’s super impulsive imo) just leans in and kisses the other
•and he stops immediately cause “oh my god, hols, I’m sorry I don’t, I’m sorry I -” and then they’re kissing again and
•and it’s in some ridiculous aisle like right next to the cereal or something and since they’re such large hockey dudes they like knock a bunch of boxes off the shelf and maybe accidentally step on one
•and they get in trouble with the store but they don’t even care
•And they’re both smiling like idiots and holding hands the whole time it takes for them to walk like 5 blocks to their apartment and they’re just so happy and in love

Lol sorry we are literally trash for this ship pls help us


So I finally got a response from a god. Who was it you ask? Morrigan. I have no idea how to worship her, but after some tarot card Q&A she visited me in a dream and we chatted about it.

I can’t remember much of the dream now (prolly should have wrote it down) other than we talked on a broken street being swallowed by a river. But she seems pretty cool in a way that she appeared amused by my naivete, and genuinely enjoyed our conversation within my subconscious.

Now, the internet is full of shit about this goddess, I have no idea what is true about her. But what I do know, is that if she is associated with The Fae in any way, I shouldn’t mess with her or promise her anything until I’m damn sure I know everything I can about her and about the relationship we’d be embarking on.

So witchy tumblr, anyone work with Morrigan? Tell me what you know!

WhT do they mean when they say that S4 is fake? Like if there’s this missing episode and maybe even a whole season, why wasn’t there any set lock?

But *fake*? In what sense?? Like it didn’t exist? I have seen it! I own a physical copy! Like it’s an elaborate dream sequence? I have my issues with Moffatt but he’s a better writer than that! Like they personally will ignore it? Okay that’s cool, you do you, but if it’s just your headcanon why are you looking for clues, still, in pictures and screenshots and shit like that? I have headcanons too, and some of them I am pretty sure are what was intended by Moftiss, but at least I acknowledge they’re just headcanons/interpretations, not reality.

And why would they go to all that expense? What do they gain by putting out both S4 as we know it plus this alleged special/real season?

Admitting you’re wrong is hard, I know, but it’s time to apply Occam’s razor and come back to reality. What you’ve got is all you’re getting.

Sorry for any mistakes/typos/unclear words, I’m still sleepy.

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How did you first discover your love for pigeons, anyway?

ohhhh boy this is a nice story time XD

sooooooooo way back in the day i had my uncle pete and he use to race pigeons, anyway when i’d come home from school or we’d have to go up cus he head excess bread he’d show me and my sister his baby pigeons and i thought they were pretty cool XD

i didnt think of it much at the time, anyway also fun fact my uncle petes brother was a pigeon messenger in ww2 while he was stationed in africa. because no interwebz XD

sooooooooo flash-forward into the future and im doing fantasy football with some friends (i watch it but i dont know teams for shit) so i was like 0-6 for like the past couple weeks  anyway theirs one game  on and a pigeon lands on the field so i start rooting for it, and as a joke i made my team names pigeon related for most the season somehow it shot my team up enough that i was close to not finishing last in the league XD and what went from a joke to fantasy teams, became well actually they are badass birds.

plus in a way i kind of can relate to them, at a glance people see them and are either repulsed by them or enjoy their presence. plus they kind of don’t give a shit about impending doom at times like myself XD

ay thanks for asking this though always wanted to bring it up but never knew how :D

I love my personal trainer, he totally indulges my nerdiness

Like today we were doing some mixed martial arts moves with jabs/punches/kicks and I mentioned I was pumped to be hitting shit cause I binge watched the 2001 justice league this week and he asked, “Cool, so are you a wonder woman or like a batman?”

So pretty much the last half of our session involved me shredding my muscles cause he kept telling me to be “Fast like Flash” and it was damn motivating cause I am a Huge Nerd™

When he sees you for the first time BTS..

A/N: uahaha  ヘ( ̄▽ ̄*)ノ If you guys want me to do some: scenarios/imagine/ships.. Just request!! 
I will do it! Promise  (◦'⌣'◦) OKAY! HERE WE GO ARMYs FIGHTING!

JIN: oh.. *spit water* is she an angel?

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HEADS UP! Today at 5pm PST we’re going live on the Geek & Sundry twitch channel twitch.tv/geekandsundry to do a 48 hour charity gaming event benefitting the Lupus Foundation! Tune in and donate, we have some amazing stuff we’re giving away the whole time, and lots of cool guests you will be excited to see! 

This is a cause close to my heart, so your support is most appreciated! Plus: I’ll be playing at least 8 hours a games a day through Thursday. So…that’s dedication!

Also I curled my hair and burnt my thumb to look pretty for this shit. So support and I <3 u!

4k Follower Forever

Today marks a pretty big milestone for me on this trainwreck of a website: hitting over 4000 followers! I honestly didn’t expect to make it past like twelve but somehow, through a series of tricking people into thinking I’m cool and a lot of gay tears, here we are. 

I was pondering what I wanted to do because I was like “wow Sam this is sort of a big deal” and I thought I’d just pay a quick homage to some of my favorite blogs and internet friends as a thank you, so that’ll be under the cut (sorry in advance if I miss anyone). 

Thanks to all 4,005 of you!

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