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I know how the freaking Supreme Court works honey. My dad is a political science major, and I plan on minoring in that when I attend college. I've learned about our government since before I could walk. I simply was putting down the stupid stereotypes that people have. If your from Texas, I'm sure you get called a redneck all the time. How does that feel? I feel that the Supreme Court as of right now does not correctly represent the views of the American people.

I am still very sorry that the American school system has failed you so badly that you’re having trouble with statistics. 63% > 50%. 63% is the percentage of Americans who supported marriage equality in 2015.

And I am from North Carolina, currently living in Texas. I grew up in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. I’ve wandered barefoot through forests and collected blackberries and honeysuckle and gotten poison oak. Somewhere my mom has a picture of me, my brother, and my cousin playing on a dead tree they cut down. I’ve been to proper barbecues where you cook a whole damn pig in a firepit. I’ve run wild in the country. I’ve screamed the words to Sweet Home Alabama with all my other friends as we drove down backroads at 3 am. I swam in lakes and creeks and swung on rope swings and climbed mountains and comforted my friends when they weren’t sure if their parents would ever forgive them for being lesbians or if they’d have a home to return to once they were out. I sat in a Waffle House with my friend Daniel the night he came out and we talked and had hashbrowns and that night he bought me a pack of Kool-Aid and a giant rubber ball because he was so happy I still loved him. I had people assume I was dating him and neither of us ever corrected them because we weren’t sure if it would be dangerous for them if they did. I watched good ol’ boy Republicans hold up signs in my History class calling my best friend a fag behind the teacher’s back and I couldn’t do anything because I was just praying to God that my friend wouldn’t turn around and see them.

I have never been called a redneck, but in that moment you could have called me any damn thing you wanted and it wouldn’t have hurt as much as that did. I’d rather be called nothing but redneck if I could stop that kind of hate from ever happening ever again.

Don’t assume that just because someone is from the south they’re like you. Don’t you dare assume that “the views of the American people” are the same as they were ten years ago – or twenty, or thirty, or more.

Views are changing, and people are changing, and I cannot stress this part too much, the Supreme Court was never meant to reflect the views of the American people. The Supreme Court was designed to protect the law from the tyranny of a majority that would try to override what’s good and right and just with factionism and oppression.

That is how the government is supposed to work.