we do not talk about tumblr with the people who we blog about

here’s a post about how terrible 2011-2013 tumblr was for those of u who weren’t there/want to Reminisce with me because i’ve seen so many people post about how they miss the Old Tumblr and this morning i was thinking about how much i can just. not relate

i think i’ve been on this website for like almost 8 years now (8 in october) so i joined when i was like.. 12? and really started making Friends and being in a “blogging clique” with all the “humor blogs” when i was like 13 or 14. and this website was possibly the most toxic thing i’ve ever come across still in my 20 years of being alive. the entire humor blogging clique had its own little subcliques, everyone usually just talked via skype or something because we didn’t have these little. pop up. DM things that we do now i guess. anyways i think a majority of the bloggers around this time were in the age range of 14-17 and there were a few who were 18+ that mostly like, kept within themselves but there were some who were very predatory (and my 13 year old Dumb Ass dated one of these people for four years and actually met up with him irl) and off the top of my head i can name probably.. 5 or 6 and i think there’s still a list floating around somewhere from two years ago when a few people called these people out which caused most if not all of them to deactivate. anyways these people were actively sending unsolicited nudes to multiple people/begging underage people for nudes/manipulating underage people to do skype video calls they didn’t want to do/etc.. it was a terrible time tbh

i only really came into contact with two of the people 5/6 people i can think of and one (the obvious one) caused me lots of anxiety and emotional trauma that i still deal with a lot. i’m just gonna talk about my personal experiences because i don’t wanna bring up anyone else’s because it was such a shitty awful time. but the really Big experience that came to mind this morning when i was thinking about it was when f*****t and i were dating on and off (i still follow a lot of people who i was friends with around this time. sorry u guys had to endure this with me) and we would get into very public arguments on tumblr and make very passive aggressive posts toward each other. mind u i was probably 14 or 15 at this time maybe and F is five years older than me so he was 19 or 20. and a little backstory is that i have never….. been a sexual person. not now that i’m an adult and especially not back 5 years ago when i was a child. i’m still not sure exactly what i am but most of the time i’ll identify as asexual and i think a lot of what happened with F is a contributor to that. but he would basically guilt me into sending him explicit pictures/nudes (at………14/15…….when he was…..19/20…..) because if i didn’t then he would cheat on me and blame it on me because “i know how he is and if he doesn’t get it from me then he has to get it from someone else” and this was also the same with sexting/phone sex/etc. but this relates to what i was talking about earlier because when we would get into these arguments, he would threaten to post them. all the time. and F had a very large following because he had a “rare URL” and was a skinny white dude so obviously people were all over him in 2012. and the grossest part about him threatening to post this stuff is that he actually… had people backing him on it and encouraging him. like encouraging him to post child pornography of his underage girlfriend. and that’s mostly what i’m getting at with this like 2011-2013 was all about the Shock value and everyone would literally work together to try and actively ruin someone in a very serious and harmful way just because it was funny and dramatic. 

WHICH BRINGS ME TO like the biggest poster child of this blogging era which were burn blogs aka blogs “anonymous” people made and it was used to collect anonymous asks insulting people and submissions of more mostly underage bloggers nudes. like these blogs were literally created to belittle and degrade and “expose” people and people fucking loved it for some twisted reason. and these blogs popped up every week or so and lasted anywhere from a few minutes to a few days before the person who made it deleted it because tumblr mods didn’t and still don’t give a shit about their users. anyways

along with these ^ there were the racist jokes and liberal use of the N word and the antisemitic holocaust jokes and sexist jokes etc. 

i don’t know how some of u miss that blogging era because this one is….. so much better. reblog a dog and a discourse meme and ur good

Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you. -Deuteronomy 31:6
When Moses spoke these words to all of Israel, he was reminding them of God’s goodness as Joshua succeeded Moses and prepared to lead the children of Israel into the Promised Land. Not everyone was for the children of Israel.
God’s children had enemies, and we will too. But through Jesus Christ, we have been assured that He is with us, and He won’t leave us when we are faced with them.
Remember this when:
1. People don’t support you on your journey to live for God
2. They’re talking about you behind your back
3. People make sarcastic remarks about what you’re trying to achieve
4. You get looked over by a supervisor, a coach, a teacher, a professor
5. You’ve been left out and mistreated by family members
6. The people you thought you could trust the most abandon you
7. The person you thought you were in love with broke your heart
8. Doors seem to be closing, and none seem to be opening
9. People unfollow you or cut you off for reasons uncertain to you
10. You can’t seem to please people, no matter how hard you try
With all of these things, you have to know that when God goes with you, their words and their actions will not take away from the promise that your God is for you, and because of that, you have no reason to fear and no reason to lose sleep over what people have said and done. So do everything you do not because of what man has said or done, but because of how good God is, remembering that He is with you and He will never you.
Of course it will be ideal to have the support of everyone, and it’s possible that things could change in the future, but remember what’s most important is having God’s approval and He doesn’t need the approval of others before He begins to do mighty work in your life! Continue to show love to others along your journey in a way that Christ would, and knowing that no matter what happens God is still pleased with you when you work to please Him!
Written by @morganhnichols for #QWCDevos


People on tumblr are constantly complaining about the tcc and seem to give out so much abuse. They have called us ‘weirdos’ 'psychos’ among many other Words that are a lot worse.


My experience of the tcc has shown me that they are some of the most caring people. People who are so supportive of each other even though they don’t personally know one another, people who share a similar interest and enjoy having others to talk to about it and people who have to listen to a lot of criticism from others about their interests.

Why should we have to take any shit from anybody? Not everyone is going to understand why we like what we do but that DOES NOT give an excuse to abuse, bad mouth, hurt someone’s feelings or put them down.

Therefore, if you don’t like what we post, then stay off our fucking blogs… Out of sight, out of mind!

I’m totally fine with people who have a different view from me asking me in a nice manner 'why?’ And 'how did you get into it’ etc. It’s all about your attitude and respect. But if you have Nothing nice to say then don’t say anything.

Let me talk for a moment about how harmful it is to accuse someone of faking their illnesses without solid evidence of them doing so.

Many of us come to Tumblr as our escape from the real world. People who know us personally are often misunderstanding of what we’re going through. They do not understand how difficult it is to live with chronic pain, to have severe dietary restrictions, to not have the energy to do what everyone expects us to be able to do. Social media has given us the opportunity to connect with people who actually know how we’re feeling. These people are able to empathize with us and offer us advice on dealing with our condition(s). In a way, they become out closest friends.

Now, when one of us is casually blogging about what is going on in their life, one of who things is going to happen:

1) They perfectly explain their situation. Every diagnosis, every medication, every procedure, every fact is presented so clearly and accurately that even their harshest critic is going to say, “Okay, yeah, that makes sense.”
2) They won’t.
They may have misunderstood something their doctor said. They may think that they were prescribed one medication, but were actually prescribed another. Or maybe they just plain suck at describing things.

When the latter happens, a good supporter can either ignore the oops, or they can kindly ask questions to clarify.
A bad supporter, however, starts screaming “faker” to everyone who will listen.

In the past, our community has been hit with a few Munchausen’s cases. These were obvious: claims of a service dog whose breed changed multiple times over the duration of a couple months, central lines that changed location in each picture, “admitted to the hospital” pictures taken in king-size beds. You know the deal. It’s infuriating to see someone who will fake an illness that many are suffering and even dying from.

But as it has been mentioned by others before, people on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc, who are speaking about being chronically illness are SO UNLIKELY to be faking that illness. The support-seekers online vastly outnumber the attention-seekers.

So before you decide to play hero and call someone out on faking because of a “hunch” or something that could be a simple misunderstanding, stop and think, “Why do I feel the need to rip away the support source of someone who needed that support so bad that they reveal their personal information to thousand of people online? And wow, why am I such an asshole?”

a few protips for our little fandom

If you like a ship, and ship it. Great! But don’t be a dick to those who don’t like it or ship it.

If you don’t like a ship, Great! But don’t be a dick to those who do.

Remember, it’s all fiction and nothing is taboo. If someone elses ship preferences offend you, that doesn’t mean you’re right to talk down to them about it. 

You wanna ship Drakecest? SamxRafe? ElenaxSully? Knock yourselves out. These ships make you uncomfy? That’s okay, time for tumblr savior or keep scrolling.

You can talk about what you love and don’t love about ships in detail, as long as you’re not personally attacking the people who feel different from yourself. 

also, while we’re on the topic of fandom etiquette. we have a bunch of people who make really lovely things for our fandom and theres a couple blogs out there who are taking these things without asking and reposting them or chopping off watermarks and making “edits” from them.  Don’t do this. We’re all cool people here. Ask permission from the blogs you love or make your own stuff. 

mcgnus-bane  asked:

(for the tumblr ask thing) every second one bc I'm difficulty and nosy :)))))))

oh dear here we go

ii: is your current url the same since the first day you created your blog? if not, do you remember what it was?

boy i sure do, it was ‘chiffongirl28’ bc ‘chiffongirl’ was taken and me and my two friends at the time had an inside joke so we all got matching urls

iv: what do you love the most about tumblr?

having an outlet to talk about my obsessions freely (well, as freely as one can) and the people i’ve met ❤

vi: if you could meet one of your followers, who would it be and why?

apart from you bc you are so sweet and i’d love to see your pretty face in person, @hoteldumorts bc i wanna scream about Things with her in person, caps lock doesn’t cut it for me

viii: top 5 favourite blogs?

so off the top of my head, and apart from the above mentioned ;), @darlingalecs, @doddario, @izzybabewoods, @simonlevvis 💗

x: do you know who created tumblr?

that david guy dude?

xii: is it you in your icon? if not, who/what is it?

a cow-loving giraffe :)

xiv: have you ever talked about tumblr to someone who hasn’t got one?

i mean sure, but like, they didn’t care so thank god

xvi: have you ever met one person from tumblr?

i have actually, two or three years ago i think

xviii: do you post or reblog a lot?

more than i should… i,,,, need a life

xx: does someone in real life know that you’ve got a tumblr?

a lot of people, but only my best friend knows my url lol

Hey anon, we blocked you after the first message but tumblrs blocking system sucks so we can see part of ur ask in our notes but can’t respond to them. It really doesn’t matter how many times you send stuff because we blocked you, but please just block us. Dating means caring for or even being in love with someone, and a large part of dating should be supporting and helping. This blog is to say we, as people who have cluster b disorders, deserve to be romantically loved and dated, even those of us with ugly symptoms. We do not advocate not getting help. In fact, you can be in a relationship while getting help. Also, not everyone with a personality disorder needs professional help, and sometimes people can’t afford it and go without. But that’s not what this is about. This is so people with this disorder can have fun and talk about things that aren’t heavy. Make a supportaclusterb suggestion blog! Make whatever blog you think is going to help you. We aren’t making out this disorder to be any less serious or awful to have by saying we should be dated, loved, and cared for. I think saying that people who are sick can be dated and that you should be loved even though you struggle with depression or self harm is normalizing our disorder not making it seem better or less fucking awful to have sometimes. You said yourself that not everyone shares your view, so this blog is for them and we won’t delete because you think what we’re doing wrong. I ask again that you please block and forget about us.

If I could summarize everything happening in the fandom right now:

-Leafy joined Tumblr and posted a screenshot of us on Twitter
-One person actually had a panic attack because they never wanted to get noticed
-Seriously Tumblr is the polar opposite of Leafy’s scene. This is kinda a sanctuary where we make cute edits of him with flower crowns and worry about his sleeping habits.
-I mean seriously my most popular post now is a screenshot of him Tweeting that he slept for 14 hours because THANK GOD HES FINALLY TAKING CARE OF HIMSELF
-Twitter went apeshit because according to them we’re all thirsty hoes
-Leafy didn’t do shit about the Twitter users who talked shit about us
-Like 70% of people got hella offended by that (lol *triggered* but srsly it isn’t cool)
-In protest, some of the most popular accounts turned into Keemstar blogs
-We’re all paranoid because what if he makes a video roasting us
-A couple of people have stopped watching him altogether because all of it has gotten too much.
-People are now talking about how he makes his videos less for comedy, more for shock value these days
-I mean a few people are chill and just want everything to go back to normal (@ me)
-Most people are either screaming or crying
-Everything has gone to hell in a matter of days
-Seriously help us

Note: I refuse to make a rant on this topic. I will continue to support him, but I’m still really uncomfortable with this situation. I’m probably gonna get really upset if he makes a video on us, but I don’t rlly want to touch this issue with a 10-foot pole


Hey there everyone, and welcome to MarkiSiblings, a brand new blog dedicated to the support and well-being of the Markiplier community here on tumblr. Now, for an introduction as to what we will be doing…

MarkiSiblings is designed to feel like a family platform, where well established blogs and people can help out those in the community of whom don’t have much of a foot hold. It is also designed where markiplites can come and talk, rant, or even ask for advice, about everyday life, youtube, Markiplier, etc. We’re here to support and defend this community with all of our power.

Run by experienced Markiplier blogger markiplieressentials and kimaika, we know all about the Markiplier community and the happenings within. We are here for anyone who may need help. We will always be here.

Use the tag #MarkiSiblings if you need help, advice, or just someone to talk to. Everyone is in this together. We are a community, and it’s high time we begin acting like it again.


Looking for Members’n’Friends

Heya !

So, we Mods at the Intersectional Aro/Ace Safe Space are looking for Members and Friends who can help us run this blog for more inclusion !

We are looking for Members and Friends who are willing to post positivity posts, happy stories about their intersectional identities, and the beauty of having an intersectional identity.

If you want to be a Member :

- Members are regular rebloggers/posters who will help run the queue. They will have to be careful of checking the source of the posts they reblog to avoid seeing “ace discoursers” (a.k.a. douchecanoes who invalidate aces and aros) on our blog.

Safety is key for the people who will look at this blog and we want this blog to be a 100% safe blog.

- We will do a casting with two mods who will talk with you about your identity and intersections. First you need to fill in this questionnaire, then we will contact you via tumblr or email and we will have a conversation on the Discord app.

We’ll also ask for your main blog url (it won’t be disclosed if you don’t want to, it’s just for checking people who might be “ace discoursers”, sorry but we don’t want you here), and you will be accepted then.

- We only want positivity and happy stories, no “discourse” on this blog. Please respect the will of the mods who are tired of this “discourse”. We already have enough on our main blogs to be honest.

If you want to be a Friend (collaborator/submitter) :

- You are more than welcome to submit us your happy stories, your positivity posts, and general Feeling Good Posts™ that will be added to our queue.

- Our submit box is open 24/7, however please understand that the mods aren’t always available & depending on the number of posts we receive your post might show up later so please be patient.

- You can submit anonymously if you want to, your safety and well-being coming first, however, no “discourse” please.

Here are the intersectionalities we are specifically looking for (but anyone can apply, really !!!) :

- mlm/achillean aces and aros

- wlw/sapphic aces and aros

- trans/non-binary aces and aros

- disabled/mentally ill aces and aros

- aces and aros with personality disorders

- poc aces and aros

- religious aces and aros // aces and aros with a religious upbringing

- aces and aros with intersectional identities who would be capable of answering asks in a language other than English (please tell us !!!)

And that’s pretty much it !!! I hope you have a wonderful time here and hoping that you are well.

We would be very happy to hear from you soon and wishing you all the best !

~The Intersectional Aro/Ace Mods.


So like I said, I just reached 1200 followers which is incredible awesome and yeah. A lot of stuff happend since my last follow forever around christmas last year, so I wanted to do one anyway. I was in England, I’m back home since.. three weeks (?) now and first of all, a big thank you for all of you who supported me in this time. It was rough sometimes but your support meant a lot to me - you’re awesome.

A lot of football stuff happened as well, Basti and Iker left (I’m still not over it), Barca won something but we don’t talk about it and my blogging during the break was a bit low and I’m very sorry about that - but hey, Bundesliga starts on Friday, better times are coming!

I actually don’t even know where to start, but I have to start somewhere so let’s start with the most important people here on tumblr before I come to the blogs you should definitely follow, some of them are bold (mutuals or people I really like and who have an insane good blog) and the rest is normal but their blogs are pretty cool as well.

Thank you all so much guys, it means everything. Thank you for following me and I really hope you don’t regret it :D


vamos-realmadrid: Julie oh my god I miss you so much. Next week I’m coming to visit you and god, like I already said, I really miss you. We haven’t seen each other for over 9 months now - still can’t believe it. You’re my best friend, I absolutley love talking to you (would be bad if not) and our discussions about weird things sometimes. God we really have to do stuff otherwise I always have to mention the stuff we did 9 months ago, like Berlin or the weekend I was at your place and we..cooked xD France next year is a sure thing and we really have to go and get Donuts again! God I miss you honey, take care of you and I can’t wait to see you again. Love you a lot xx

buy-me-a-color-tv: babygirl. light of my life, my sun and stars. I have absolutley no idea where to start with you. This whole thing with us, how it started, how we finally met, it’s just crazy and insane and god I love you so much. I never thought I would end up with a girl and here I am, happier than I ever was before. We managed to have this long distance thing and tbh, I’m still so fucking proud of you - of us. And I’m still very happy that I booked the plane tickets on this day and came home for you. You make everything better. This all feels just so right and easy with you and tomorrow I’m seeing you again and ah, I’m actually just very happy. Take care baby, see you tomorrow. All the love baby, I love you - a lot.

worriedducks: Trinaaaa, my favorite American. Things are not easy for you at the moment, they definitely aren’t, tbh they really suck. But I admire you so much, how you go through all of this, how you stay strong and all. I wish every day I could do more than just text you, just take a plane to the U.S. and hug you till you’re getting better. But I can’t and this sucks even more so I’m going to sent you a care parcel very soon - already got most of the stuff. You’re an absolutley beautiful, astonishing woman who dserves all the best in the world. I love texting you and you never - NEVER - bother me. I really hope you’re feeling better soon, that you’re without pain and everything because you really deserve it. Take care of yourself love, love you a lot. xx

rowan-fcb: Roow I still can’t believe it! It’s two years now and we STILL haven’t met! God dammit, I really hope September works out well for us, because I really miss you and even when we text less, our friendship still means so so much to me. Your support, our discussions and just everything. You’re so skilled and talented and I also admire you a lot. All the shit you went through and you’re still so happy. I probably will never forget our first phone call after the World Cup final when we just screamed at each other and had a sore throat :’) I can’t wait to see you love. All the best for you, love you. xx

dramagneto: Jess my favorite girl from the Netherlands! I hope you are okay ? We haven’t texted for a few weeks but I really hope you’re doing great. Your support during the last 8 months meant a lot to me and I’m so glad that I have you. I hope you’re doing well with University and that everything’s alright - we really should talk more again! You mean a lot to me, you really do. You’re so beautiful, inside and outside and I’m so glad that I can still call you my friend. AND HEY IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY IN TWO DAYS! I was confused shortly because you changed your URL and I was so scared that I wouldn’t find you again :’D But hey, here you are :) I really hope we can meet someday :) Take care love, love you very much xx



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DAY 126/365
Part 2 of 2

There are “friends” who destroy each other, but a real friend sticks closer than a brother. - Pr. 18:24

My dear sister,

2 things to remember to when it comes to dealing with friends + relationships

1. Encourage your friends
We live in a world where people don’t hesitate at all to express their opinions on their friends’ relationships. Tonight I just want to encourage you that even though there’s so much pressure to talk about people’s relationships or singleness behind their backs, let’s be the kind of women who continue to encourage and pray for our friends when it comes to their singleness and the people they date. Of course we should always hold one another accountable, but let us be careful as followers of Christ that we don’t tear them down in the process. Let’s continue to encourage our friends to make good choices, even when their pressured to do what’s wrong. Let’s not just talk about doing it…let’s encouraging them! Let’s not let our friends fall!

2. Be an example
It doesn’t matter how insignificant you feel at times, your friends DO notice your actions and you have the ability to inspire them to make better decisions! This is true even when you’re single. When you make that choice to stop texting that guy who is not respecting you, you just might inspire your friend to do the same with that guy who is not respecting her. When you tell your friend that you’re praying for God to strengthen your heart when it’s been broken, she just might ask you to pray with her if she ends up dealing with the same thing. We live in a world where so many people are recklessly entering and leaving relationships and are clueless about their worth. Their breaking each others hearts and getting more and more broken themselves by the day. The way that we can begin to see a change is by building up our friends and encouraging them to embrace their worth in Christ. Let’s remind them that they don’t have to settle for just any relationship.
Single, dating, engaged, married–let’s BE the example and inspire our friends to see their worth!

Biblical context + further reading: Pr. 18
Photo credit: @thedailychat + @godsetme_free - a real couple!

Hey, guys! It’s time to talk, ‘cause it’s a Social Weekend! Today we’re gonna talk about altruism and what’s Cosplay Blog all about.

I guess, we are, somewhat, a big blog right now (maybe even, you know, people outside of Tumblr know about us, I don’t even know) and I received letters like this, like, 3 or 4 times already. You know me, I’m absolutely honest to you and our blog is absolutely transparent about what’s unseen to you. I want to make something clear to anyone who sends us letters like this.

[Offensive language warning]

We are not going to sell ourselves and post any kind of payed ads in our blog.

Do not try to buy us with money.

Do not try to buy us with free items. 

Do not try to buy us with any-f***ing-thing.

Cosplay Blog is free from ads. It always was. And it always will be. I don’t want to force some “heeeey, look at this cool site!” stuff into my dear followers’ faces, because I love them. Every-f***ing-one.

I don’t want to say that I want my followers to see something because someone payed me to do this. It’s f***ing unfair and, what’s more important, it’s a f***ing lie. I don’t want to lie to my followers. 

I only share kickstarters and some fancy links I found useful for cosplay community and for everyone who loves cosplay, like, cosplay charity events or something else.

Cosplay Blog is my hobby. I love cosplay and I love to share something that caught my eye in the Internet. I don’t do it to grab any profit from it. I’m an active supporter of cosplay community, I’m not a vulture, who wants to earn money from other people’s work, because, let’s be clear, it’s not me who spends nights before cons rushing their costume to look awesome next day, it’s not me who carries tons of equipment to make amazing photos. If you want to give somebody your money, give your money it to cosplayers/photographers/artists: buy their books, buy their prints, send them money as donations. Or just show how you appreciate their hard work. Cosplay is not easy.