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Scattered thoughts on American Murder Song
  • I would love to play a Deadlands game set in the same cosmology as these albums and videos
  • While I enjoyed the music of Repo The Genetic Opera and The Devil’s Carnival, I thought the stories didn’t hang together well.  That’s probably why I like this best of that creative team’s ventures; I think they do a lot better with short, concise stories told through individual songs.
  • It’s interesting to see the musical style shift from “meticulous recreations of the sound of actual folksongs” in Dawn to “fuck it, we’re doing a rock album” in Donner Party.
  • I also really like the use of modern day thinking about serial killers as applied to old-fashioned murder ballads, as seen in the song Quiet Johnny.
  • Mary from the song of the same name did nothing wrong.  Her tragedy, if I was in any way a writer of any of this mythos, is that she believes what she did constitutes murder.  It did not.
  • No idea what happened in Lullaby, though.
  • The Donner Party is my favorite of the albums, because of the videos introducing the songs where the guys do terrifying/hilarious Rod Serling impressions.
  • Also, gothy pioneer girls in severe outfits gogo dancing to rock songs about cannibals is my aesthetic.
  • It really does suck that Voltaire was in some of the videos but never sang.
  • I really want fanfiction for this whole series of stories which sort of does and sort of doesn’t combine as a whole!
  • I’m totally buying that card deck they have on their website.
  • person: how are you?
  • me: we open on Kid Rock doing a show at a private party. Instead of the loud, dancing audience you'd expect, it's a group of mild-mannered nerd, immediately juxtaposing with Kid Rock's music and giving us a sense of atmosphere. Enter Richard Hendriks and his roommates-- these are our heroes. As they look around the party...