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me, on my personal blog, nothing tagged: i'm afraid to come out to my extremely catholic parents as ace. aphobes, literally popped up out of no where: omg no hates you for your tmi sexuality; your religion will actually commend you for it. when i told my parents: oh honey you're wrong you just haven't found the right person yet even though you're 17. let's take you to counciling at the church they'll fix this.

Search makes it too easy for assholes to find you. Not a TMI sexuality. Catholic churches like chastity before marriage, not asexuality. Parents are awful like this. I don’t think they mean harm, but yeah, parents do harmful things all the time. I’d firmly tell them you don’t need counseling if they push. While Christianity as a structure isn’t nice to aces, you can find specific people in the bible that are ace like. Paul for example. I think Paul was kind-of a jerk, but Catholics like him. So he’d be easy to quote a verse as a subtle biblical stfu.

I personally like Thecla. Because in some versions of the story she was like who needs sex! And Paul and others were like wow Thecla, you are really into this chastity thing, join us! But then other women wanted to get divorces because of her teachings and views on chastity. And Paul started to be wait, noo… And then she wanted to be baptized but Paul was like no lady, behave first. So she apparently jumped into a pit of like sharks was like a fuck you, I baptized myself and then became a saint for it because God protected her from harm.

Hell, if they push I’d just be like “I’m going to WWJD it and focus on goodness first and foremost until I find the right person.” Simply because I think it would be the simplest sure whatever leave me alone now fix. Doesn’t matter if it’s a lie or not. I had a true love waits ring before I knew what asexuality was and all of my very religious family was like I can respect that. 

My point is. As a minor you can only control so much. Ignore the online bigots, and with your parents if you care about your faith at all you can easily pretend you mean it like they do until you are old enough to be like lol jk not like that. There’s actually a lot of more supportive Catholic people you can find and quote too. I mean recently the pope was like we need say sorry to gay people. Personally, I’d lie and not tell them things. Your safely needs to come first in situations like this.

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yahoo(.)com/news/chris-evans-talks-life-love-135954444(.)html hope the link works! Just remove the ()

[Anon 2]  So Chris had to say all those nice things after his favorite human spilled the bean with the press? PR, you are doing it right!

[Anon 3]  For me the new interview sounds more like “damage control”. It’s by People Mag, there is no video, it’s just written. Totally his PR team trying to make it look like everything is happyclappy between them when everything in her interview made it sound otherwise. This should Support the “we are still friends” shit. Of course he has to say nice things about her now so that it doesn’t look like he was the ass. Sorry, not buying it. I Love Chris, but that was a bit too much

The quotes were very ????????????

The first one, to me, honestly sounds like something he would have said BEFORE the break up. “Jenny is my favorite human” Okay, so wouldn’t you still be dating then if that were the case?  Magazines L-O-V-E to use quotes out of context.

 And in regards to the second one…I agree with you Anon 3. It’s almost like he HAD to say something nice so he didn’t come off looking like the asshole. And if there’s no shame in sharing if it was a “beautiful experience”….Chris’ radio silence about Jenny up to this point means what then? LOL Because he never shared ANYTHING.

It’s my opinion that he wouldn’t have even said anything about this ever if Jenny hadn’t opened her big mouth. 


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;___; You guys are my fave rp blogs. You took something awesome and made it the AWESOMEST THING EVER. No matter what happens from now, thank you for this experience, it's totally amazing to watch everything unfold before our eyes in this way. Keep up the great work and always remember to have fun! <3

OP: Don’t cry, anon! We love you too! ❤ Thank you so much for the compliments; we’re doing our best to have fun but SOME PEOPLE (I’m looking at some very specific anons here) have been trying to make it difficult.

Also there’s this AND I QUOTE:

promptodiary mod: there is NOTHING FUN about waking up at 5am to write a post because i didn’t do it the night before, let me tell you.


(the rest is kinda cool though don’t make me out to be a bitch)

(you’re gonna keep that bitch part in there aren’t you)

(i’m going to mail you a box of spiders)

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ as you see we are very responsible and we all adore each other


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aaaaaa this is the cheesiest and gayest fucking thing I’ve ever drawn— but Happy Anniversary Babe!!!! I love you so much. I got this quote from one of the things I sent you in 2014 before we started dating, remember when we looked at all those messages? Yeah since I saw that I had this idea in my head hehe

i’m crying this is so sweet!! i do remember when we looked back, it was funny how we obviously liked each other but were very shy about it back then. i love this so much though and i love you so incredibly much too!!!!!!!!!

Do you know what hurts so very much? It’s love. Love is the strongest force in the world, and when it is blocked that means pain. There are two things we can do when this happens. We can kill that love so that it stops hurting. But then of course part of us dies, too. Or we can ask God to open up another route for that love to travel.
—  Corrie ten Boom, The Hiding Place
And as I told myself that he would just break my heart I felt an impulse traveling down every nerve in my body. I knew that what we had wasn’t love. It was stronger than that. There was sadness when we looked into each other’s eyes and knew that we wouldn’t be able to spend the night lost in each other’s gaze. There was hatred when we realized that we both have to move on even though our hearts can’t seem to do it. There was bliss when we talked and our words seemed to fit together like a puzzle even though there were a couple pieces missing. This isn’t love but it feels like it is… But the reality is, you hurt me too much and in turn I hurt you back. I don’t love you but I’m never going to stop. I hope you don’t either.
—  Missing pieces
We were the catastrophe of our time.
We loved too much with our bodies and not enough with our souls.
We were hindered by the universe and it’s malice ways.
Our flame burnt out, I watched him turn his back.
Seldom do I smile when I think of him.
Yet very much do I miss him, more so the feeling I found in his arms that I couldn’t find anywhere else.
I don’t think I could ever forget him, even if I wanted to.
To say I would do it all again, would be an understatement.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write (M.R)

I don’t want someone that always post his relationship on social media to tell everyone how happy he is. I don’t want someone who complains about my physical appearance, ask me how my weight comes from, and who complains about what I wear. I don’t want someone that I can only share my other interest with, rather than all the stuffs that I like.


I want someone who understands me. He would listen to all my shitty things and have a deep conversation with. I don’t know, maybe talk about the existence, how the galaxies are made, death, politics, history, philosophy, what is life, what life means, music. I don’t want to have a conversation that is just saying “hey, what’s up”, I do really hate small talks.

I want someone that looks me the way Johnny looked at Winona. The one that we have something in common, but also something to argue. Despite the arguments we would make, we still look each other in the eye and last the bond.

I want someone that is just okay for what I wear. Ripped jeans, oversized tees, sneakers, messy hair, all black outfit, flannels. Dresses, tank tops, blouses, heels, make ups. He would not complain for what I wear, instead we just have fun.

I want someone who I can call in the middle of the night just to tell him that I just ate a cereal. He would listen all those nonsense, and continue to talk about how did Socrates could have such a great minds.

I want someone who makes me laugh. Telling me his jokes even though it’s not funny, tell me how his day was and being lazy together. Maybe watch a movie, listen to music, read books, or just lay in bed all day. Or maybe, watch The Breakfast Club, Dead Poets Society, The sound of Music, Disney, Pride and Prejudice, or 10 Things I hate About You.

I want someone that doesn’t afraid to tell me if I behave rude lately. We just share our thoughts and being outspoken. 

I want someone that can also be my best friend. Instead of “Hey baby, I love you” he can say “Hey let’s have pizza, my treat”. He doesn’t have to buy me sweet things, like flowers, expensive stuffs, dresses, and all those cliche things. I would rather be given a mix-tape. Or love letters. Or a book about our bucket list. 

I want someone that photographs the memories and even though he would photograph the insecure me, he would just pause me to do other thing and capture it and he would say how perfect it is. Not to be posted in social media, but instead being framed or saved in the photo albums. We would look to all those photographs some other time, and how the person in it would never change.

I want someone who takes me to unpredictable dates. Not a fancy dinner, but maybe we could hike. Explore nature and go on adventure. An impromptu date night where we would just lay on the grass and stare at the starry sky, or maybe we could have a snack eaten outside a closed library. I don’t know, take me somewhere I have never been before, or somewhere that is your favorite place. Your sanctuary. 

I want someone that Winona hard to get over, and be someone Johnny really tried to get over. We just complete each other and we don’t know what to do if finally we are being apart.


Maybe this is too much for I could have asked for someone. But I swear, the way you give me your best, the way I do give you the very best of me.

you’re the first person I wrote poems about
you’re the first person i wrote poems for
i wish you could have read them
i wish you could know just how much you
have meant to me since
the moment you entered my life
i knew you were going to rip me open
and make my soul anew and
breathe life into it
i think i gave you too much power
i was too dependent on you
when I should have been dependent on myself
but you live and you learn, and i won’t do that again

you were my first for a lot of things
you were my first love
and also my first heartbreak
i saw myself marrying you and that was really scary for me
at the time, i was really coming to grips with my identity and who i wanted to be
I thought i had a choice in this
but i cannot help who i fall in love with
no one can
but one thing’s for sure - even if I could
choose, i would still choose you
in a crowded room, our souls would still link
i was lost and somehow in all the madness,
you found me
you always say you found me,
but we found eachother

the distance is what broke us
i don’t think we knew what we were up against
we were young, dumb, and in love
we were both so naïve and just wrapped up in another’s presence
you were the most beautiful soul i had ever come into contact with
you were so precious and
i saw that you were fragile and i’m fragile too
i wanted to protect you from the world.
you made me feel excited about everything in life

you made me feel so alive and inspired
i had never felt this strongly
for anyone in my life and i couldn’t get enough
i was addicted to you and the idea of you
i was always looking to get my fix
holding your hand, kissing your face,
falling asleep and waking up beside you
were the things i loved most
even though i didn’t get to do them very often

I definitely took you for granted
i took the love you have for me for granted too

but i will always love you
the thing about me is that my love for
you will never fade
if there is one thing of which i am sure,
it is that.
because when i love, i love so hard
it makes me want to dance in the rain
and you know i hate getting my hair wet.
it makes me want to scream from the
highest of rooftops because love is
the utmost best feeling i have ever felt
and i am blessed to have loved you
and for you to have loved me

but i need to move on for both of our sake
i am physically and mentally drained
and i no longer have time or space for you
we loved hard but we also fought hard too
moving on is the best possible thing
either one of us can do
I wish you the very best and
I will always carry what we shared with me
five years, ten years, even in thirty years
when I’m working my dream job,
I will think of you and wish you happiness and peace

you were my first love but you won’t be my only love and you won’t be my last love
because as much as I love you, I love myself more

It’s not an issue what I do or what [Dougie] does. When I’m with him, I’m just his girlfriend. Nothing else. He’s been doing this longer - which is a first for me. Because as much as I love good control over what I do, it’s something some people might find hard to deal with because it’s very unusual. It’s a lot of emotions, a lot of song writing, a lot of wrting about people. We can have a really healthy understanding of what we do, but we’re not too in it. There’s no ego or anything like that.

hello friends!

So, quite honestly, this is probably incredibly ambitious but i need something to do to keep my mind off other stuff lol. 

I’m going to see Dodie Clark aka Doddleoddle aka cutest human bean on earth in OCTOBER and i am so incredibly excited its ridiculous

anywho. I think we all know Dodies done SO SO SO much for us, between traveling around everywhere, writing and performing her music, etc etc etc, and we all love her very much. 

well id like to do something for her too. Ive seen this done for people before, but i dont think anyones done it for dodie, and id like to put a bit of a twist on it. 

I’d like to make a book. Id like it to include art, quotes, messages, etc, etc, etc, anything you guys want. I’ll print it and put it together, and hopefully get the chance to give it to her????? that would be amazing. 

I’m going to tag some artists who’s art i saw in the ‘dodie clark art’ tag (under the cut), as well as some dodie-related blogs i follow, so sorry if im annoying you or anything lol. 

if you are interested, please please message me. you can contact me here on tumblr, my email jbeebe743@gmail.com, or on my kik which is “jordanbeebe.” (with the period lol)

please please please reblog this, and tag people who you think might be interested! we can all contribute, even if its something as small as a short message you’d like to add. (keep in mind if i dont get enough people, i wont be able to do it, so please spread the word!!) 

if this happens, ill need all the submissions by about October 10th, but ill post more info in the next day or two. thanks you!!!!!!!!!!

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Please do the quote "We accept the love we think we deserve" from Perks of being a Wallflower. Thank you in case you do it :> And thank you for this blog too, it inspires me to do more art <3

Hey, thank you so much! I actually lettered this quote a very long time ago, you can see the original post here. I’m unsure if I want to do another version of this quote yet. We will see :)

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Will you be angry if they kill root and shaw?

That’s a loaded question.

Devastated? Yes. Sad? Yes. Disappointed? Extremely.

But Angry? Bitter? Betrayed? No on all counts. It would suck majorly we’d have to add more to the dead wlw characters who’ve died (and died this year alone!) I’d be bummed about it for a long time, but within the context of the show it seems acceptable to me.

This quote from Shaw actually seems very fitting - “It’s that how you do matters as much as what you do”

Like if a show is going to bury it’s gays, I’d want them to to respect the characters, the relationship and the audience and POI has met that trifecta perfectly. This relationship is the shows main love story throughout all it’s 5 year run and it’s had the best nuanced slow burn I’ve ever seen. We know they’ll survive to the final episode so the characters and relationships entire story have lasted throughout all the show too, so a death at the very end of a story doesn’t seem as devastating to me personally (although they were talking about one day rebooting the series which makes me think at least one of them will survive)

Which kind of brings me onto the fact that whilst I will worry about them every single episode till the end, it’s not because I’m looking around every corner for the trope™ it’s because we’re supposed to fear for their lives, we’re supposed to be engrossed in the narrative that much that at any moment ANY of the main characters could die and I think that the show does this well enough. Nolan, the doom and gloom troll he is, has already said there’s no happy ending, it’s a blood bath etc. but he’s known to be hyperbolic, before he hyped up the season 4 finale (a bit too much IMO) as a bloodbath and only reoccurring characters died.

But it’s fine what he’s doing, he’s just getting us scared and pumped for the season, he’s not promising us anything and never has. It’s the tv writers that promise you the best groundbreaking™ representation and the best stories that worry me. Those are usually the shows you have to stay away from.

It’s likely they may both live regardless, if any show can pull off that groundbreaking (no ™) move I hope it’ll be this one.

The Results:

  • Winner     ~ 1.09 - Anslo Garrick
  • Round 21 ~ 1.04 - The Stewmaker
  • Round 20 ~ 1.01 - Pilot
  • Round 19 ~ 1.10 - Anslo Garrick Part 2
  • Round 18 ~ 1.03 - Wujing
  • Round 17 ~ 1.02 - The Freelancer
  • Round 16 ~ 1.17 - Ivan
  • Round 15 ~ 1.05 - The Courier
  • Round 14 ~ 1.21 - Berlin
  • Round 13 ~ 1.22 - Berlin Conclusion
  • Round 12 ~ 1.11 - The Good Samaritan Killer
  • Round 11 ~ 1.14 - Madeline Pratt
  • Round 10 ~ 1.07 - Frederick Barnes
  • Round 09 ~ 1.18 - Milton Bobbit
  • Round 08 ~ 1.20 - The Kingmaker
  • Round 07 ~ 1.08 - General Ludd
  • Round 06 ~ 1.06 - Gina Zanetakos
  • Round 05 ~ 1.19 - The Pavlovich Brothers
  • Round 04 ~ 1.13 - The Cyprus Agency
  • Round 03 ~ 1.12 - The Alchemist
  • Round 02 ~ 1.16 - Mako Tanida
  • Round 01 ~ 1.15 - The Judge

The last episode standing is: 1.09

Who would have thought? Certainly not me.  And I believe that everyone participating in this game didn’t think so either. Everyone has their own episode that deserved to be number one, but since the taste of everyone is different many episodes got voted off by others that we hold most dear. Why is 1.09 our number one then? Why was 1.09 not voted out? Because it was good, in fact it was awesome. It had tight writing, it had us on the edge of our seats and the performance of the entire cast was outstanding! We had a badass blacklister who scared us and we believed he was a real threat to Red and the task force. We believed that if Liz would be caught, she’d be killed. And we believed Red ties lie deep within the crime world ! Nobody could say it was bad. Which means it didn’t come to our minds when having to choose an episode that had to go.

Regardless it was an intense battle sometimes between episodes. And our entire fandom struggled having to choose one or letting an episode go. And that until the very end.

Of course I read all the comments and I saw the voting process and small discussions and even though we were only a small fraction of the fandom, I think we represented the viewership quite well. All in all it in each round I had from 30 to 50 people participating.

So what was the trend when it came to voting? Which episodes battled with one another? Well I think the ranking shows it quite well.

The first 4 episodes out battled from the start, but 1.15 was a solid loser. But with the middle of the season out, the voting became harder and harder and sometimes just one vote made the difference. I really don’t want to list all the complains about each episode here. That was never the purpose. But I want to give an overall impression about the criteria’s that influenced the voting process and can be seen in the standing order.

So here are the reasons that popped up over and over when choosing an episode over another:

  • Weak Blacklister! (why was this person on his list? Seriously!)
  • Not enough Spader screentime aka badass Red (we like the supporting cast, but we don’t care enough to endure an entire episode about that one person)
  • Not enough Liz/Red interaction (this was huge factor. And not just for the Lizzington shippers. Their dynamic is fascinating and still a huge mystery. The show is about their complicated relationship, and the fans want to know more. A 30 second encounter like in 1.16 per episode is far from enough.)
  • Satisfying storytelling (why did the Blacklister matter in the big picture?)
  • Shock moments (shock the fans with clever writing, not with sudden deaths. 1.16 partly got kicked because we didn’t like Audrey, the Cowboy and Jolene dying. It would have been much more interesting having them alive. Same reason I voted 1.22 off over and over and over again. Meera deserved to live!)
  • Unnecessary Scenes. (I believe that 1.12 & 1.13 got kicked early for that reason. Nobody remembered those episodes well, because it had way too much ‘boring stuff’)
  • Plot holes (*facepalm*, all of us loving to uncover the myth-arc know what I’m talking about. It’s frustrating that so much stuff is contradicting)
  • Music (the music choice was a huge factor. So many episodes and scenes are known for their great music. I mean who else cried when 1.05 and wicked game was booted WAY TOO EARLY? Episodes stayed longer because of emotional scenes high lightened with music)
  • Daddygate (I hate to say this, but episodes in fact did get voted off because of indicating twisted parternal feelings. The fans are tired of that dead beaten horse. He said: “NO!” for god’s sake. We want that damn DNA test now.)
  • Inconsistent writing / out of character (with 1.14 I saw lots and lots complains about gaymond. While it was funny in general, it seemed unlikely something Red would do/say. Also Lizzie’s shady past came very much out of the blue and even though we LOVED 1.14 for the dance and so so so many lizzington scenes and oh my good the heartbreaking speech from Red, it seemed, I quote: “off”)

Help me out if I missed some stuff. But I hope I caught it all.

All in all I gotta say though, the fandom hated the game as much as they loved it. Because we love this show and it physically hurt us kissing an episode good bye. And the results may have been a bit different if we had more people participating or if I had done it during another time. But if we’re honest, the ranking is okay as it is. [aside from  1.07, 1.11 & 1.05, that I still mourn every time I see the list. They could have stayed around a bit longer. And ps. I wanted the stewmaker to win]

The game was not about ranking the blacklister, nor was it about Lizzington or other singular plot driving parts of the show. We all tried to look at the episodes as a whole. And I learned a lot doing this game. Every fan cherrishes the episodes in his or her own way but mainly we all just love this show for various reasons. That said I hope season 2 continues where season 1 left off. With lots and lots of awesomeness. :)

My last words to the fandom: thank you all for voting …. it was fun with all of you playing along. And I hope it did shorten the time until season 2 starts. But to keep the discussion going a bit longer. Please, if you wish, list now your favourite 3 episodes and the reason why they are. We have voted off enough within the last weeks. Now it’s time for our loved ones. ;)

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Do you really think joker is in love with Harley like romantically? He never shows it so I'm curious :P

Well, yes and no. 

I do think he has feelings for Harley, he definitely cares about her much more than he cares about anyone else (except maybe for Batman), and I think he likes having her around. But I also think that he is much too messed up to actually ‘love’ anyone in the traditional sense. 

We do know he has feelings for her, feelings he doesn’t completely understand and feelings he definitely does not want, and he resents her so much for making him feel things that he’s tried to kill her. Which is a pretty shitty way to tell someone you love them by the way. 

So yes, he loves her as much as he can (look at me quoting Paul Dini), however his love for her is very far from what any sane person would classify as love. 


Hello there, fellow Klaroliners!
Are you excited, yet? Because you will be soon enough!

I’m officially presenting to you (the brilliant idea actually belongs to Kayla, though) the first ever Klaroquote Day, which is going to take place on the next Thursday, aka the 10th of July.

During that day, throughout the whole day, the only thing that you are cordially invited to do is go on Twitter whenever you can and tweet your favorite Klaroline quotes, maybe adding why it is that you love those particular ones so much and also using the hashtag #KlaroquoteDay, so that people will be able to browse through everyone’s favorite quotes if they wish to.

Then, on that same day, at 3pm EST/8pm UK, we would very much love to trend ‘Happy Klaroquote Day’, always on Twitter of course, to celebrate the successful day all together!

I think this could be a great opportunity to have fun as a fandom, remembering all those amazing, epic and feels-inducing Klaroline quotes that we all love so much, and also to once again own Twitter like we all know that we can do.

I genuinely hope that you are all going to like and approve of this idea, and that you will all be able to take part to it.

Pretty please, reblog this to spread the word if you can, so as many people as possible will know about it and hopefully join.

Many hugs and kisses and much, much love,