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Code: Realize: King of Cakes Saint Germain 

Also known as the Patron Saint of Cakes. For…obvious…reasons. Similar in style to Lupin’s cake, Saint Germain’s cake is shaped like multiple top hats piled on top of one another from biggest to small. They all look like party hats to me, but I think we all already knew Saint-G is a mad hatter deep down…and mad hare…and the Cheshire cat. Well, at least you’re guaranteed a lovely cup of tea if you join him to eat cake, that’s for sure! 

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McHanzo Week - Day 1 “First Time”

A little help from my friend @rick-astley-online~ It’s a headcanon we think of. Often. Way too often. It’s unhealthy how much we love these old gay men.


Final Word Count: 1250


Hanzo sits there, staring into his cup of green tea. It’s been a rather strange year… Genji introduced him to this bizarre man who seemed to have made it his life mission to get his attention. Time and time again, the assassin made it clear that he had no intentions to be chased after, to develop ties to any of the Overwatch members was completely out of the question. Even if he has agreed to help the damned fool out with his ranch not too far from the Gibraltar Watchpoint. The idiot had 40 horses. 40. Why does any gunslinging, rugged, filthy, amber eyed, whiskey drinking, baritone voiced, devilish smiled man need 40 horses? There’s no possible way anyone can take care of that many creatures. The only reason he even agreed to help is because no one would help. It gave him the time to think, the time to spend his energy on something else. Grooming the horses, feeding them, occasionally riding on of his gaited horses that is equal parts proud and intelligent. Hanzo knows that he is far too small on this far too large horse. He’s even been thrown off of her a time or two, only to get up and get right back up on her.

The cowboy, Jesse McCree, always praised him for how good he makes Rebel Lady look when they ride together. The first time it happened, Hanzo couldn’t help but stare at him. ”You were lookin’ might fine out there, darlin’. Come back again, now! I get the feelin’ she likes you.“ As much as he didn’t believe him, there was something about the way those eyes twinkled and wrinkled sweetly at the corners that stopped him in his tracks. The way he smiled so widely at him… Hanzo couldn’t tell him no.

It only got worse. It got so much worse. Ever since he agreed to come back to the ranch, and therefore spend more time with Jesse, he has come to actually enjoy his company. The fool never stopped talking, and it actually annoys him at times, but there was something about him that was safe. He knew that none of his secrets would ever be revealed. And they had more in common than either of them originally thought. It didn’t come as a surprise to them when they went to bed one day and woke up together with Jesse covered in bite marks and Hanzo sore from top to bottom. Literally. They just rolled into the relationship without much hassle, without questions. It was just a natural process.

And now Christmas is here… But Jesse isn’t here. While he doesn’t celebrate it like the Westerner does, he did still have a present waiting for him to open. His eyes slide down to the little bundle of gold wrapping paper neatly tied together with a red bow. It was a dumb little thing he found on a mission to Hanamura. A Pachimaru. Jesse had a strange liking for the oddity, but he won’t complain about it. It made him relatively easy to shop for. Morning rolls by, nothing. No sign of the cowboy. Lunch time, Hanzo gets worried. Near dinner time, he gets irate. And more than a little disappointed. In Japan, Christmas is a time for lovers to spend together. It’s more intimate, more familiar. There are no gifts being exchanged, no trees put up in houses. And…fried chicken. Lots of it. Even Hanzo thinks it’s a weird tradition, but he won’t say no to it.


The dragon picks his head up all too quickly when he hears the familiar howl of his coyote. A scowl slowly creeps onto his face as Jesse literally barges into the room he’s in, all sweaty and panting. “I am so sorry about that, sweetheart-”

“Jesse McCree…” His arms cross in his displeasure.

“Darlin’, let me explain. See, the horses-”


“… Y’know what. Just come with me.”

Before he could growl out all the reasons he shouldn’t, Jesse grabbed him by the hand and Hanzo finds himself being dragged out the door. “Sorry I haven’t been here, sugar. Your present just got here and I’ve been workin’ on it all day.”

Just like that, his anger dissipates. This always happens… But Hanzo reserves an open mind today instead of trying to get angry at him again. Which he never could, but he doesn’t try to get pissy. Not yet, anyways. It doesn’t take them long to go down and drive to the ranch. All the snow surrounding them made Hanzo realize that he really couldn’t take the day off. Not if he wanted to keep the horses from suffering. He felt embarrassment for being upset. He probably should have helped him… The cowboy nudges him once they get there and Hanzo hops out of the old truck. The barn, old and red and filled with happy whinnies once they hear that their caretaker has arrived. It always reminded him of the barns you see in old movies and shows. Jesse seems eager… Nervous, but eager. Jesse opens the barn door.

Hanzo stands speechless.

There she stands, this elegant black horse with her head raised high and posed with all the beauty she knows she has. She wears traditional Japanese tack, from the tied red tassels trailing down to her knees along her chest strap to smaller tassels attached to the sides of her bridle to the golden saddle secured tightly onto her back. A red blanket covers her hindquarters, but Hanzo does not need to approach to know that it is of Japanese make. He covers his mouth. “The Lady’s all yer’s, Han. Go on.”

“J-Jesse, I…”

“Listen, I’m real sorry that I couldn’t do more for ya. You deserve a bit more than this.”

“You’re such a damned fool…” He doesn’t even need to look at Jesse to know that he froze from the normally stoic voice breaking. He doesn’t even need to turn his head to see that he worries if he had wronged his fickle dragon in some way. “This is… The first Christmas I have had like this…”


“You are the first man to give a damn about Christmas, Jesse. You’re far more than I deserve… Thank you.” That is when he turns and see that grin. Heavy boots come closer, a soft, warm hand comes up and wipes away the tear that’s slowly building at the corner of Hanzo’s eye. That same hand holds his chin in place when he tries to look away in embarrassment. “I’d give you the whole god damn world if I could, sugarcube.”

“You already have.”

“Yer killin’ me here…” Jesse laughs, the one that Hanzo can feel in his own chest more than hear. It always leaves him speechless and wanting to hear it again. He leans into him, eyes closing when he feels those arms wrap around him in that perfect hug. Smoke, whiskey, leather, horse, and a husky scent that is uniquely Jesse, all wrapping him in his safe haven. And he would have stayed like that if the two of them weren’t broken up by a giant black muzzle shoved between them with an annoyed snort. The horse in her red and gold get up will not be ignored. Hanzo chuckles, giving his riding partner a hug around her neck.

Outside the barn, a certain cyborg smiles behind his visor as he witnesses his older brother’s first Christmas.

overcoming writer’s block

The only thing that has worked for me is basically quite simple…


We all started because it somehow fascinated us and because it’s fun to do, so remind yourself of the things that you love so much about writing…
I personally find myself thinking a lot of stuff along the lines of
 “writing is so hard, man” or “it’s so much work” - blah blah blah

But consider this:

  • writing is beautiful, writing is fun, writing is flexible, writing doesn’t judge you, writing demands nothing if you don’t let it
  • everything you write is under your control
  • you can sit there with a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate and light some candles and put on a nice playlist if you want and get lost in your story again
  • basically have a date with writing
  • I promise you will work wonders again, even if it needs time
  • don’t you love that sound of your fingers flying over the keyboard?? it makes me, a smol bean,  feel hard working and important and professional

  • don’t you love the excitement of creating your characters with every single word you write about them?
  • isn’t planning out a plot the most interesting thing in the world? it can be challenging, yes, but also so much fun!
  • let your thoughts and feelings stream into your keyboard without a filter and see what happens if you dare to

  • write because writing is such a powerful, incredible, creative, healing thing to do 
  • if a good story comes out of it, even better
  • but don’t write with the intention of creating perfection, you will only block yourself and your creativity 
  • writing is your friend, man…it doesn’t have to be intimidating

And if you really don’t know what to write, I dare you to write about how beautiful writing is- it’s the perfect way to find your love for it back and let go of your fears, because I think that’s all a writer’s block is…


Requested by: @kalianoble :: Could you please write for me where Sherlock catches the reader singing or something. Like maybe something from Ed Sheeran. Just something really cute and sweet. Thank you so much!

A/N: This isn’t like a song fic, it just uses the song- ‘Photograph’ by Ed sheeran. Hope you like it nevertheless.


Sherlock was frustrated. It was snowing outside, and the temperature was horribly low for him to conduct any sort of experiment.
He had absolutely nothing to do now- no case, no experiments. He muttered angrily, setting down the tea cup.

He plopped onto his couch, frustrated and closed his eyes.

A minute later he heard something.

“You know it can get hard sometimes
But It is the only thing that makes us feel alive…”

His eyebrows furrowed.

“We keep this love in a photograph,
We make these memories for ourselves,”

He recognised your voice immediately, but didn’t realise until then that you liked singing or could sing for that matter.

In a few long strides he was standing outside your door, his ears pressed to it, listening intently.

“..never closing, our hearts are never broken and time’s forever frozen still..”

Sherlock could hear the soft strum of a guitar too. That, combined with your singing was somehow mesmerising.

He closed his eyes, listening, thinking of nothing but you and the words. You, who, lately had been quiet a distraction.

“So you can keep me,
Inside the pocket of your ripped jeans,
Holding me closer to our eyes meet
And I won’t ever let you go
Wait for me to come home..”

You stopped singing after that, and Sherlock frowned. Why had you stopped?

Suddenly the door to your room opened and Sherlock stood face to face with you.

“Hey, need something?” you asked, gazing at the detective.

He looked flustered for a second but then said, “Ah, no-no nothing.”
He quickly walked back to his armchair and plopped onto it.

You shrugged at him and then waltzed out of the room, humming to yourself.
Sherlock’s eyes were closed but he was listening, hoping he’d catch something.

“Don’t have a case?” you asked, nibbling on the biscuit you found.

“Nope,” Sherlock said, popping the ‘P’.

“Mind if I play the guitar?” you asked.

Sherlock smiled inwardly.
“Not at all. I’m bored anyway,” he murmured.

You were back in the living room, a minute later, sitting in John’s arm chair with the guitar in position.

And you began to strum, softly first, before beginning to lose yourself into the song completey.

“Loving can hurt, loving can mend your soul, but its the only thing that I know.. I swear it will get easier and remember that with every piece of ya..”

Sherlock sat upright, gazing at you intently. You looked most beautiful when you were doing something you loved, he’d always observed that. He placed his hands under his chin, listening attentively.

“And it’s the only thing, we take with us when we die…”

And then you broke into the chorus, signing with all your heart and without a care in the world.

“We keep this love in this photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Our hearts were never broken
Times forever frozen still…”

Sherlock felt goosebumps when he heard you sing and he faltered. He, as a violinist, appreciated music in most forms. He didn’t like the usual Rock/Pop that so many people loved, but he couldn’t help but admire the way you were singing and the song you were so mesmerisingly strumming to.

“…And if you hurt me
That’s OK, baby, only words bleed
Inside these pages you just hold me
And I won’t ever let you go”

“Wait for me to come home…”

Sherlock swallowed hard, as you modulated your voice to fit the pitch of the song and he could feel his face heat up. He was blushing for some reason and it confused him.

“Oh you can fit me, inside the necklace you got when you were 16;
Next to your heartbeat, where I should be;
Keep it deep within your soul…”

The high note was beautiful and you’d hit it perfectly- you really enjoyed singing this part. You glanced at Sherlock as you sang.

His hands were joint in front of his face, his gorgeous, icy blue eyes fixed on you. You blushed a little under his gaze. To your surprise, a soft crimson blush had suffused his own cheeks- Why was he blushing?

“When I’m away,
I will remember how you kissed me,
Under the lamppost,
Back on 6th street,
Hearing you whisper through the phone,”

Sherlock pursed is lips, inhaling sharply.

“Wait for me to come home.”

The last part was your favorite, it always melted your heart. You ended the song with a soft strum and sighed. The song always warmed your heart because it was so sweet-sounding and pleasing but heart-breaking at the same time.

You looked at Sherlock again, to see what he’d thought of your singing. You’d never sung to him before.

Sherlock however, abruptly stood up and turned away from you.
You pouted at this.
“Where are you going? Did you like it or what?” you queried, staring at the back of his head.
He didn’t look back but merely noted a tittle harshly, “It was.. er.. good.”

Good? That was probably the best you’d ever sung!

You frowned at him. Never knew how to pay a compliment, did he?

He cleared his throat and then walked out of the flat, flinging his coat over his shoulder, leaving you upset in his wake.


He stepped out onto the snow clad road, his hands dug deep into his coat pockets.
He walked on, along the pavement, aimlessly.
Your song, and the way you’d sung it had stirred something in him. When he’d tried to respond to you, his words caught at his throat and he could only mumble a ‘good’.

He tripped over a jutting rock, his mind still playing the song he’d just heard.

Try as he might, he realised he’d never be able to shake you out of his head. You served as a distraction a lot lately, and he hated the way his heart fluttered when you were around. Every feature of your face was etched onto his mind, like a preserved photograph.

And now that he’d heard you sing…

Perhaps the song had struck a chord, or perhaps the words had meant something to him.

But, as he ducked under another snow- covered branch- a soft warmth spreading over his chest as he thought about you, he knew that he had fallen; fallen for you.

A/N 2: If you haven’t heard this song, go listen to it now! Also, tell me if you liked this fluffluffy fic?  


My constant worry is ruining my costumes when I am eating or drinking anything. I’m genuinely one of the most clumsiest people ever. I love a cup of tea and pretty much always have one on the go. When shooting in Croatia for season four I spilt a berry flavoured tea down the front of my costume while they were setting up a shot. Wardrobe had the not so fun job of dealing with that. Now if you see me eating or drinking on set, no matter how warm the temperature we are in, I am wrapped up in a dressing gown – I don’t trust myself to not spill it down myself like a toddler. You gotta do what you gotta do… for the love of tea.

A few New Years resolutions:

1. Be brave. Stop being holding yourself back because you’re afraid.

2. Speak up. You’ve got so much to say.

3. Focus on yourself. It’s okay to put yourself first.

4. Be more appreciative. You have so many people who love you so much, let them know you love them as well.

5. Do what you love. We’ve all got that one thing that makes us feel alive.

6. Put some time aside each day. Write in your journal. Meditate, read a book, sit down for a cup of tea, just relax.

7. Try your best at school. I know it’s stressful, but it does matter. Try to make the best of your time there.

8. Get more sleep. Nobody likes feeling tired all the time.

Birthday Surprise

A special Connor x Reader story, to celebrate our lovely Connor’s birthday! (April 4th, 1776)


“Are you serious? How can you not now?” Your voice sounded much more angry than you intended. Haytham lifted his eyebrows and let out an audible sigh.

“Well, my dear, I don’t. As you may have noticed, we don’t have a typical father-son relationship” He said with his signature gentle tone, handling you a cup of tea. 

“Yes, I’m aware of it, Mr. Kenway, but this is something beyond that” You said, shaking your head before sipping your tea.

“Well if is worth any consolation, (Y/N), I do know it is during April” Hayhtam said it as if it were the solution to all your problems.

“I know that too” You couldn’t help rolling your eyes. “Everyone knows it, actually. Apparently Connor said it to Dr, White at some point… and well, he spreaded it through all the homestead”

You have asked everyone, nevertheless no one could told you when was Connor’s birthday. You asked Prudence, Ellen and Diana, they told you it was on April. You knew Myriam wouldn’t be able to help you, so you trusted Norris could, but no, he didn’t know it either. You talked to Connor’s good friend, Stephane, he just laughed and said “good luck with that”

So, finally you decided to visit Connor’s father, Haytham. He was your last resource, knowing their relantionship was rather complicated. Altough, you never thought he wouldn’t know his own son birthday.

“I don’t know what to do”. You let the cup on the table and went to the window. “Today is March 31st. For all I know his birthday could be tomorrow, and I really want to make something special for him…” You realized you were saying out loud what was on your mind.

Haytham smiled. “Oh, I see… and why is it so important to you to greet him on his birthday, if I may ask?”

You blushed. “Is j-j-just… we’re-friends-and-he-is-so-nice-to-me-and-well-he-works-so-hard-he-deserves-it” you talked faster than you thought you could. “Well, I see what I can do, thanks for receiving me, Mr. Kenway”

“You are always welcome here, (Y/N)” Haytham seemed amused by your reaction. “Travel safe”

Back at the homestead, you searched for Connor everywhere yet you couldn’t find him. He still hadn’t come back from his latest mission. The idea of breaking into the manor crossed your mind, but you didn’t want to violate his trust. When he stopped at your house to say goodbye before leaving to his mission, Connor indeed told you to “step by the manor whenever you wanted” during his absence. However you thought it hardly meant a free pass to snoop all over his documents.


Four days later, you were working on an embroidery at Ellen’s, when you heard a horse trott coming closer. Your heart raced. “He’s back!” you thought, and rushed outside the house.

Covered in dirt, blood stains and mud, Connor stopped and dismounted outside Ellen’s house. He was exahusted and a little aching, but had to see you. All the time during his mission was the thought of you waiting for him at the homestead what motivated him. 

“(Y/N)!” He exclaimed when he saw you by the door. His smile was so sweet that you could have melted. “Well, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes” Connor said looking at you and blushing a little.

“Connor, you’re covered in blood! Are you hurt?” he always returned with bloody stains, yet you couldn’t help getting worried.

He chuckled softly “I am fine, (Y/N). Is not my blood”. The young assassin caressed your cheek softly. “I missed you… I-I-I brought you this” Connor opened a compartment from his utility belt and took a small brown package. “The salesman said this are the finest needles in the market”

You looked at your brand new set of beautiful needles. The gift was lovely,and quite useful, but you couldn’t help feeling bad. “I should be giving a present to him…” you thought.

“What is the matter, (Y/N)? You don’t like it?” 

“Oh, no, I love it, Connor, thank you so much… “ you stood on the tip of your toes to reach his cheek, and gave him a little kiss.

Connor smiled sweetly at you. “I would like to invite you to the manor, to have supper with me, tonight”. He held with his both hands one of yours. “Would you join me?”

“I most certainly would!” You responded with your hear pounding by the touch of Connor’s rough yet gentle hands.

“Great!” he said. “I’ll see you tonight, then. Now I’d like to wash up and get some rest, to be presentable for you”

“I like you both clean and dirty” you said, making him blush again. “See you tonight”.


The sun was almost set when you knocked on the door at the manor. You worn your finest clothes and arranged your hair in your favorite hairdo. 

You were nervous. Your feelings for Connor were getting deeper. From the moment you met, you and Connor flirted a lot. He was obviously interested in you, however, you refused to get your hopes up, until he expressly show he felt the same way. Now he had invited you on a date… “wait, is this really a date?” you asked yourself

“(Y/N)! You look astonishing Said Connor when he opened the door. “Please come in”

You steped inside the manor. There were candles lit everywhere. On the dining room, a true feast was set on the table.

“I made all this for us, (Y/N)” The assassin looked proud of what he had made. 

“Connor! This is wonderful” You were amazed.

“You deserve it.”

“What do you mean?” You looked at him, slightly confused.

Connor took a step closer to you, grabbed your both hands on his and placed them on his chest. Then he layed his hands on your waist and pulled you close.

“I went to see my father a couple days ago. He said you visited him, and inquired about my birthday.”

“Oh, well, I-I-I…” you stuttered a little, looking away “Haytham, you snitch” you thought.

“He said you seemed so concerned about it. He said that you wanted to surprise me.” Connor kept pulling you closer and closer to him. “He also said… that, uhm… he thinks you care about me… as more than friends… do you, (Y/N)?”

You looked at him and saw the hope in his eyes, so eager for you to say it… “Yes, Connor…” you whispered. “I have feelings for you that keep growing… that’s why I wanted to know when your birthday was… to give you a gift and surprise you…”

Connor held you thightly against his chest, while chuckling. You buried your face on his warm wide chest, inhaling deeply, too embarrassed to look at him.

He caressed your hair. “Oh, (Y/N), don’t you see? You are the only gift I want”. He looked at you in the eye and softly kissed you on the lips.

You closed your eyes, and responded the kiss, slowly and sweetly.

Connor leaned his forehead on yours.

“Happy Birthday, Connor” you whispered.

Holding hands, you headed to the table. You sat by his side, felling happier than ever. You noticed his wide smile, and you couldn’t help but chuckle. Connor chuckled as well and said “this is by far, the best birthday I’ve had”

***the end***

anonymous asked:

if we were dating i would make sure you were safe and happy and every night i would wrap you in blankets and give you a hot cup of tea and i'd hum a lullaby and i would let you boss me around bc i know i'd do anything for you / and then every year on your birthday i would give you a list of the days of the year and how you've made me happy each and every day

this is the most precious thing my eyes have ever read and 100/10 would date because this made me tear up a little.

send me ‘if we were dating’s’ and make me fall in love with you!

DIY Dots Teapot

If you read this blog carefully you know i’m not a tea but a coffee kind of girl. I don’t keep it a secret that i love coffee and that i’m probably even addicted to it ;) but sometimes a cup of tea is nice. long winter evenings with mr. pan can be quite cuddly but a cup of tea can make it even better.

When i moved into my flat i got this pretty white tea pot… it’s cute but we all know how good i am with handling colorless objects… right i don’t really do just white. so while i’ve been studying for the last couple of days every study break i added some dots to the tea pot. it’s actually really easy. just some porcelain paint, a tooth pick and some patience… end here we are. what do you think?

If you stay we can
figure out how long it takes.
The way you kiss me around
the wrists. Tap messages on my back. Don’t say

a word. Write to me only in French. Turn
the thermostat down to sixty and pad

to the kitchen in socks, wrapped up
in blankets like secrets. Boil a pot of water. Two

cups will do. Come back with tea. Steam will
fog between us as we wait under quilts.

—  Brett Elizabeth Jenkins, “Waiting for Rain”

anonymous asked:

Whoa, so cool! I wish you plenty of luck with your business! Running your own coffee shop, is it? Neat: ) when its up and running, I'd love to come and check it out ^^ -s

Ahhh thank you! It’s still a loooooong while out. There’s so much to do before we can even think of taking the first leap out to start it and once we get going it’s going to be a rapid fire to get it open.

But when it’s done you should totally come! It’ll be the best cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate or whatever you fancy you’ve ever had.

“So,” started Snow looking at her daughter “we really do need to find a solution to this Evil Queen problem. I have spent so much time with her in the past that I can’t really hate her. As crazy as it might sound, I love both parts of Regina.”

“Uh-uh,” said Emma, nodding “I love of all Regina’s parts, too.”

“Ma,” “Emma,” exclaimed Henry and Snow respectively.

“I mean… I love both parts of Regina, too,” the blonde corrected herself, before shoving another french fry in her mouth.

“I am out of here,” said Henry, before getting up and walking on the other side of the diner.

“Always so eloquent aren’t we, Miss Swan?” said Regina, approaching the booth, a warm cup of tea in her hands.

“Regina?” exclaimed Emma, almost chocking on her french fries “What are you doing here?”

“If you bothered to check your surrounding when you enter a room, instead of going straight for the food,” replied Regina “you would’ve noticed me by the counter.”

“I didn’t know you were supposed to be here,” Emma said, before looking at her mother “I thought we were supposed to talk about the Evil Queen situation.”

“Yes,” said the short haired woman while nodding “I never said we’d do anything behind Regina’s back.”

As her daughter was about to open her mouth in response, she pointed her index finger at her and said: “Do not…”

Regina, who was now sitting right next to the blonde, just smirked at that.

“What?” said Snow, looking at the brunette now “No snarky comments? No sarcastic comebacks?”

Both Regina and Emma looked at one another, and exchanged a meaningful look.

“Are you…” started Snow, looking at both women sitting in front of her “Did you… since when?”

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New year kiss / Neymar Jr. / Requested

“Gosh! This is exciting!” Shakira said, while rubbing her hands together, while blowing it.

I looked at her, and leaned on her shoulders. “Yes it is. 2016 will be a good year.” I said, smiling at her, and grabbing the cup of hot tea I’ve prepared for us minutes ago.

“Can we boys join you, ladies?” Pique said, while looking at us mischievously. We looked at each other, and smiled. “Well, since you boys have been good, you’re joining us.” Antonella said, while smiling at Leo, and they all joined us and seated with their own partners.

Neymar kissed my forehead, and placed his hand on my waist. “How are you doing, love?” He said, as he looked me deeply into my eyes, his eyes full of twinkle, his eyes full of love.

“I’m actually good, well aside from it get warmer when you went here.” I whispered, and we both giggled.

“Aye, young love.” Pique said, while trying to control his laugh. “You’re really a bully.” You know that, Shakira said.

I giggled, and rubbed my hands on my leggings, as it was really cold. “You’re cold?” Neymar said, removing his top jacket and laying it down to me. I looked at him. “Thank you, I’m really enjoying New years eve with everybody, especially you.” I said.

He hugged me tighter, and filled the glasses of wine resting at the table. “Well, everybody.” Neymar said, and stood, holding my hand, making me stand too. All of the players gathered on the table, and formed a circle. “What’s that, brother?!” Dani shouted, giggling. “Are you already planning to settle down? Don’t go ahead of me.” He added, and everybody laughed.

“No, silly! Maybe after this lady achieves her dreams, then maybe that’s the time we would be settling down, eh. Well, back to what I’m saying. I know it’s surprising that me, Neymar, would be saying a speech to everyone here at the room, it’s just that I want to thank everyone of you for giving us a wonderful 2015, and now that it’s about to end, moments from now, deep down my heart I’m glad that I’ve known each and every one of you, I thank the Lord for that.” He said, and raised the glass of wine.

“Salute mi Familia!” And everyone raised their glass of red wine. “So cheesy.” Leo said, and chuckled, pulling Antonella closer to him, and kissed her on the lips.

“Everybody, let’s make a countdown, ten seconds left before 2016 enters!” Marc shouted, everybody looked at him, and grinned.

“Oh, there you are!” Dani jokingly said. “Were have you two been eh?” He said and wiggled his eyes.

Melissa just laughed, as her face turned red, so as Marc’s. “Well, 5..4..3..”

“2..1.. Happy New year!” Everyone shouted and the fireworks made an art on the dark sky, there’s a lot of fireworks that we can see, different colors, different shapes. “Happy New Year, baby.” Neymar said, and I hugged him.

“Happy New Year too, babe.” I said, and kissed him on his lips, passionately – A New Years kiss.

What to do when you cant sleep at 3 am:

  •  stop trying to sleep we all know its impossible at this point
  •  get a cup of coffee/tea to warm up
  •  wonder around the house helplessly
  •  make lists of things you love
  •  make lists of books to read/movies to watch
  • drink water
  • doodlingggsss 
  • when its around 5 am watch the sunrise
  • enjoy the altered reality for a while 
  • look at your daily objects differently
  • feel the night & its difference to day time
  • look outside of your window and watch the street
  • make more coffee
  • imagine scenarios in your head
  • dream
  • sleep back when its around 7-8 to fuck up your sleep cycle

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When is your birthday? january 27th

What are you listening to right now? goodbye mr a by the hoosiers. just what’s on in the office, really.

Do you still have your tonsils? i do indeed.

What is your opinion on sports? i’m shit at playing any sport but i love watching football and handball. i used to go see my local football team every other weekend with my dad growing up and his ex girlfriend used to be in charge of the fanclub for a fairly big handball team so we used to go see them quite often as well. despite most adult male football fans not being my cup of tea, chanting and singing and cheering on your team in a massive group of people is fantastic. i don’t own a tv so i don’t watch it much but i love watching it when it’s on. i love football, man, i love it. 

Rolling Stones or the Beatles? beatles probably

Is there a special piece of jewelry or accessory you wear all/most of the time? i’ve got a bracelet that my best friend bought me in barcelona that i never take off. didn’t realise how used to it i am until it slipped off my hand and i couldn’t find it for a good hour and a half last month.

What is your rising sign? listen i have no idea what this means but i just googled and calculated it and apparently it’s cancer and it said this about me as well and i honestly feel so called out: “You are dreamy, with a psychological nature that is oriented towards nostalgia for things past, towards your mother and your family. Your instinct and your need to protect yourself from the outside world are highly developed. Your inner life is rich, with a vivid and even unlimited imagination, a propensity to avoid all risks and to pursue security. You show your true face only to persons you can trust and you need the well being brought about by the nostalgia for the past.”

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? I don’t but I untie them when I put them on?

Do you have any nervous habits? I tend to look everywhere but your face in a faster pace than usual. If that makes sense. Usually I avoid eye contact but when I’m nervous I literally look in every direction but your face within like two minutes.

Who is your favorite author? Couldn’t tell you, tbh. There are authors I appreciate but I don’t tend to read by author but by which books I find interesting.

What’s the worst hairstyle you’ve ever had? Bangs. Whose fucking idea was that.

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- Nekochans line up (lol). Takao as waiter, Furihata as part time waiter, Kise as a barista, Kuroko as owner of coffee shop and manager of his own shop and Himuro as the chef (pastry chef). 

-Tachikuns line up (lol). Midorima as fan of tea who always come to Kuroko’s shop, Akashi as coffee lover and also the cafe’s benefactor, Aomine who loves Frapps in Kuroko’s shop, Kagami who is the supplier to Kuroko’s cafe food stuff and Murasakibara who is the pastry connoisseur that comes to like Himuro’s pastries very much.

Then, we can get the otps to do headcannons like:

Midotaka - Takao kept pestering Midorima when he came to have tea in Kuroko’s cafe. For some reason, everytime Midorima visited the cafe, the waiter that served him was always Takao. One time Takao didn’t even realize he was spilling the tea when pouring tea in Midorima’s cup but that was because he was busy staring at Midorima closely while having a mischievous look on his face. Midorima tried to push the boy invading his personal space but Takao leaned closer and stole a kiss. Midorima of course was red all over (lol). Midorima scolded Takao for wasting the good tea and helped the raven to clean the mess. He waited for Takao after the shop was closed and they had their first date under the moonlight in winter. Then, Takao gave Midorima a ride home in his rickshaw because it’s cold in January.

Akafuri - Furihata had heard rumors how the benefactor of the coffee shop was a yakuza called Akashi Seijuuro. One day when Takao was sick, Furihata was given the job to serve Akashi by Kuroko because they were short on people. Furihata got so scared that he trembled all the time when serving Akashi. Akashi found it funny so he told Kuroko that he wanted Furihata to serve him everytime he came for a visit. One time, Furihata was ready to piss his pants and dropped the coffee mug but Akashi was so quick at catching the mug and the coffee (how?) that there was no mishaps caused. Then he pulled Furihata onto his lap (0.0) and ordered Furihata to feed him coffee (lol). This scene seemed to repeat everyday until Furihata didn’t stutter anymore and appeared braver in his own come back. Sometimes, he would even pinch Akashi’s cheek for being ridiculous with his lap sitting requests. One day, Akashi brought a bar of chocolate and gave it to Furihata, and ordered the other to eat the chocolate while sitting on his lap. Furihata obeyed reluctantly (because it was still embarrassing) and while enjoying his chocolate, Akashi took the bar away from him and planted a chaste kiss while smirking. Furihata imploded with feelings (red to his ears) and pinched the benefactor’s hand after he let go. They had a movie night after Furihata got off work.

Aokise - Kise made the best Frapps in the town. With his look and glamour, he became Kuroko’s cafe mascot. Meanwhile, Aomine had just returned from studying in America since he got himself a basketball scholarship overseas. So, in his thirst from the long flight, he stumbled upon Kuroko’s cafe. There, he ordered himself a tall glass of Frapp and thought that the coffee there was gunna be mundane. He took the first sip and thought to himself that the coffee tasted extremely good above his expectation or anywhere else in fact. When he wanted to say something to the barista, he fell in love with Kise’s looks too but since he was a big tsundere, he pissed Kise off first and told him in the argument how Kise’s Frapps tasted shitty. But then, because he frequently bought Frapp from there since his first visit, even Kise could tell he actually liked the Frapps but was too stubborn to admit. Kise made a special Frapp one day for Aomine and wrote his name and number and made a sign to call him later. Aomine took the opportunity and they went for a dinner date at a nearby ramen stall.

KagaKuro - Kagami was in the supplier business for a year now. However, he never met someone like Kuroko who could disappear on anyone and could drive his price down to the point of his most minimum price. Kagami swore it was because Kuroko’s eyes when pleading were very cute. Every morning, when he delivered the boxes of supplies to Kuroko’s cafe, the one to greet him was always Kuroko. After putting down the supply, Kuroko would invite him to have some yesterday’s leftover. They had a little talk and after that, he would go back to work. During lunch, Kuroko would always come to his store with two bentos and they would eat together. Then, after the cafe was close, Kagami would always wait for Kuroko to calculate the account closure for the day. Then they would go back to their respective homes. Later, when they realized it would be cheaper to rent the same place since they routinely do this everyday, they decided to move in together. Unfortunately there was only one bedroom so they had to share. One day, Kagami woke up and realized he had been dating Kuroko without knowing he was dating Kuroko. The next morning, he confessed during their leftover breakfast and Kuroko happily accepted.

MuraHimu - Their story is simple. Connoisseur Murasakibara heard rumors about the best pastry in town from his fellow food bloggers friends. Of course, he was a professional compared to the bloggers and his review influenced the ups and downs of a food chain. He decided to go to Kuroko’s cafe one day and ordered all the pastries on the menu list. When the pastry arrived, Murasakibara ate them all and admitted his defeat to the delicacies. He called the manager and introduced himself and his profession. Then he asked Kuroko if he could thank the chef in person. Kuroko brought Murasakibara to meet Himuro. Murasakibara had this glimmers in his eyes when he saw Himuro for the first time. “Muro-chin is delicious”, he said and kissed Himuro’s hand. (lol) Murasakibara proceeded to write about the cafe and gave 5/5 reviews and wrote a confession letter to Himuro in his own tabloid column. Himuro called the next day after the tabloid print to tell him he’d date the Connoisseur too.

All Falls Down

“Trinity Initiative, hmm?” 

Anna sat down in her luxurious chair in her office and snapped her fingers.

Since it’s inception, Sinette Academy had yet to remain challenged as a school in Noxus, most envious of the programs and level of education that one could achieve at one of the finest academia sites in the world, but there seemed to be a new rival.

“Helena, if you please, some tea.” She said as her maid came by.

“Yes, Milady.”

After a few minutes, Anna was served her favorite blood tea in her favorite ceramic cup. Helena always knew how to cheer her up.

“If you don’t mind me asking, Milady, what will we do about the rival school?” Helena asked.

“As much as I would love for you to devour the new headmaster, uhm, whatever her name is, my dear naga, I think it would be unwise. We will continue on doing what we’ve always done, and that is to provide an above average quality education to our students. The rest will solve itself.” Anna explained after drinking a cup of tea.

Helena nodded and took the teapot and poured more tea.

“I have sent Shadow out to scope out the place, when it gets back, it will tell us of its findings.” Anna said after taking a sip. “I’m sure it’s nothing more than an attention grab. Remember the sorcery school back some fifty years ago? Hogs-somethingorwhatever? That was gone so very fast. It’s nothing to worry about, Helena.”

I’m scared that it’s always going to be you and we fucked it up and everything else we do is going to be some kind of haunted. I’m scared that I’ll find your ghost living everywhere. That 30 years from now I’ll be standing in the kitchen of my own home and the windows will be wide open. My husband will be sitting on the counter behind me talking about the financial report on the newspaper. The kids are somewhere upstairs. And my hands will tighten around the cup of tea that I’m holding and I’ll remember that your ears were always slightly too big for your head, that I nibbled on them, that you listened to music with your eyes closed, that you held me like I was something important, that it felt like forever even though both of us knew it wasn’t. And who can feel that kind of regret and not be crippled with it? Who can say, without a tremble, that we loved and that it was beautiful and full, and somehow that it still wasn’t enough?

Azra T on ‘Loving Ghosts’

Feelings. Oh Mondays, end already. 


“We met on the set five years ago. It was love at first sight in the Hogwarts Great Hall – for me at least. Jade had been asked to be an extra for the day. The Slytherin table were doing our naughty thing, looking around for good-looking girls, and she caught my eye. The weird thing is, I didn’t really see her or speak to her for about two years after that, then we ran into each other on set again, and three cups of tea later, here we are.” - Tom Felton