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@directedbyzacksnyder first of all I would like to thank you for putting into words what I have struggled with.

In case anyone doesn’t know, Justice League director, Zack Snyder, recently announced that he would be stepping down from the project due to a family tragedy.

Snyder only announced this because knowing the internet he knew that if he had simply said he was stepping down, loads of bloggers and clickbait websites would have gone on to write inaccurate articles about how “Hack Snyder ruins the DCEU once again”, or “WB finally washes its hand of Zack before he creates another disaster.”

Over the years it’s become incredibly clear that critics and bloggers have used their opinion on Snyder to become nothing but massive jerks.

And in doing so not only have these bloggers, websites posted incredibly hurtful stories about Zack but they’ve taken it to a personal level.

Just yesterday I got into a huge argument with a Critic, who I once had massive respect for, because she decided to make a terrible joke about how she was completely confident that Zack Snyder hated his mother.

Look I understand that Zack isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, hey I consider myself a fan and even I don’t love all of his work.

But please, please, can we stop with the massive personal attacks on this guy. Snyder is a kind man who every single person who has worked with him has praised to the high heavens for being a gentleman. And many actress​ have said that if it wasn’t for him they would have quit acting.

He’s not a misogynist, or some Right Wing Ayn Rand obsessed psychopath, or some edgelord who wants to ruin your childhood.

He’s just a guy who has feelings just like us and that often gets forgotten about.

Right now Snyder needs some time to make peace with a family tragedy and a kind word could a long way. And if you can’t do that feel free to say nothing at all. You have already proven your character.

Romance Manga

Here are some fabulous shojo romance choices to keep you warm and cuddly! Enjoy! (No particular order)

Haru No Ride

Reason to read: The struggles the characters face are real. Futaba struggles with her identity, and Kou with his family and self-worth. We get to see these two characters fall in love and get many satisfying romantic moments! 

Wolf Girl and Black Prince 

Reason to read: At first, I wasn’t a fan of this one, but I am glad I gave it a second chance because this manga is freaking fantastic. The dynamic between the two has a rocky start but romance and reciprocated feelings soon ensure. Another great thing is that this manga actually mentions (and may in the future show) sex, unlike many shojo that tend to pretend that it does not exist. 

Ouran High School Host Club 

Reason to read: If you haven’t seen the fabulous anime, then go watch it and come back and read it. Your welcome. If you have seen it, then we all know what that final scene was missing. Do not fret! For this manga continues the antics and the romance! Everything from the characters to the plot are perfect in this manga and I can say with complete confidence that this manga has the most satisfying, heart-warming ending of any manga I have ever read. 

Nodame Cantabile 

Reason to read: I do not play an instrument and have never listened to classical music, but this manga gave me a profound appreciation for that world. Nodame is by far the most unique and interesting heroine I have come across in manga, and her relationship with Chiaki is great because the love takes a while to blossom, but that makes it a lot sweeter. There is a 3 season long anime series that I watched and enjoyed and I actually do believe that watching it might be a better option because this show does involve music, but the manga has a lot of spicy details that are fun to come back to after watching! 

Hibi Chouchou 

Reason to read: This manga is not everyone’s cup of tea, but those who like it LOVE it! The reason this manga polarizes people is because both protagonists are extremely quiet and shy, so we get a lot of glimpses into their thoughts and wishes, but not a lot of actual dialogue. The reason everyone should give it a try is because it really is an accurate depiction of the struggles of shy love and is really well drawn and cute.  

Kamisama Hajimemashita 

Reason to read: Nanami proves that a cute face and dainty demeanor does not define her level of strength. Tomoe and her relationship grow so naturally and the special circumstances they are in makes the reader really want to root for them. 


Reason to read: Hori and Miyamura show each other sides of themselves that no one knows and they become essential parts of each others lives. They are so freaking cute together!

Your Lie in April 

Reason to read: First of all, I REALLY recommend watching the anime first. Our protagonists are musicians so if you actually want to hear their music, the anime is the best option. I would recommend reading the manga after watching the anime if you want to relive the pain good feelings. The strange thing about this show/manga is that technically, it is categorized as a “shonen” which automatically makes me think of lots of boobs and butts, but this show is an innocent and lovely choice for any reader! WARNING: sadness inside. 

Kaichou wa Maid Sama! 

Reason to read: Misaki is one of the most kick-ass girl characters. She juggles being the student council president with great grades and a job at a maid cafe all while her home life crumbles. Usui and Misaki are one of my favorite manga couples because they truly deserve each other! 

Akagami no Shirayukihime 

Reason to read: Shirayuki may look like a weakling, but she is actually mentally strong and incredibly brave. I have not read too much of this manga yet, but so far I like what I see, and since I always spoil stuff for myself, I know for a fact that love is around the river bend! 

Cherry Boy, That Girl 

Reason to Read: First of all, this is a Korean manhwa, not a manga, so you read it left to right. This freaking work of art…I love this manhwa. It has it all, twists, turns, love, deceit, tricks, and treats galore, all wrapped up in fully colored chapters!

Last Game

Reason to read: OMGGGGG. It all started when Kujou knocked Yanagi off of his high-horse by beating him in almost everything: school, sports, and the like. Yanagai was one of those boys who has talent, but mostly gets what he wants because he is rich. Then Kujou comes out of nowhere and with her ordinary, plain-jane looks steals his pride without really trying at all. From that moment, Yanagi has followed Kujou to high school and now college to try to win the Last Game. Yanagi is the true gem of this manga because unlike in many shojo romances, it is actually told from the boy’s perspective and the boy falls in love first. 

Special A

Reason to read: This is literally the epitome of the classic “competition –> love” scenario…and I love it. The charm of this manga is all of the different love stories that blossom between all of the other characters. There is a good anime for this show, but the manga is a tad better.    

Do you ever think about what it will be like for us shippers and just readers of fanfiction in general when we are old. And I mean like 90 years old, in case we get the privilege to live that long.

Do you ever think about the fact that after all the challenges of life you will have been through, all the pain and suffering and laughter and love you will have felt, you will be sitting in a squishy armchair, perhaps a cup of tea in one hand and a phone or tablet in the other and you will stumble upon one of your favourite fics that you read when you were still so, so young.

You will begin to read it, a warm feeling of nostalgia will overwhelm you as if someone had lit a warm fire in your old and bruised body. And you will smile and laugh and cry with your favourite stories again, all the more precious this time because you know life is running out for you and this might very well be the last time you get to feel these words about your favourite people in your favourite imaginary world. 

It will remind you of all the stories you’ve read, where you read them, what they taught you and how much more beautiful your life was because of them. At that moment you won’t regret a thing in your life, because, no matter what you’ve been through, it has all led to this wonderful humbling feeling of love.

Your Plants Love Tea Too

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As we all know - I love tea & I love my plants. 

I recently learned that using your tea along with your garden makes your garden perk up just like I do when I drink a cup of tea! Here are some of the uses I found:

  • Plant food
  • Preventing & getting rid of pests
  • Add to compost

I hope you give your plant friends some nice tea to enjoy with you! 

We drink a cup of tea, but we do not know we are drinking a cup of tea. We sit with the person we love, but we don’t know that she is there. We walk, but we are not really walking. We are someplace else, thinking about the past or the future. The horse of our habit energy is carrying us along, and we are its captive. We need to stop our horse and reclaim our liberty. We need to shine the light of mindfulness on everything we do, so the darkness of forgetfulness will disappear.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh gems

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Just general writing advice for beginners?? also I love tales of merlia it's like just ??:,) I love it so much

Thank you dear! I’m glad you like Tales of Merlia :D

Well, everyone has their own forms and ways of writing. As you keep writing, you’ll develop your own tactics for writing, but here are mine.

1. Write whenever possible

It’s not possible to write everyday, as much as we want to. School and work and chores are always getting in the way. But it is to write whenever you can. It will make you a better writer, you’ll get a lot done, and it will put you on time management skills.

2. Brush up on grammar

What I always see with new writers is that they don’t spell words correctly or don’t know what a certain word means. It’s important that you brush up on spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. It’s also important to know the meanings of words. 

Now, I must stress this. Grammar is always changing, one year, a certain word is improper, the next it’s the god among words. Words like y’all and ain’t and hisself are totally fine to use if you know how to use them. They actually spice up your writing. You are totally allowed to use the slang and the language you grew up on. Doesn’t matter what any teacher says, as long as you make your writing readable and enjoyable and you enjoy it, that’s what matters.

3. Read

A lot. Read whatever you can. You’ll find out what you like, what you don’t like. You can find topics you want to write about, a favorite genre, a favorite style of writing. And you’ll find out what you don’t like, which is just as important. You may find words you’ve never heard of or a new way of description and so forth. So read. And read a lot.

4. Keep an open mind

I want to be honest. It’s not cool to hate on a genre. Especially one you’ve never read up on. It’s okay not to like a genre, but HATING genres and the people within them is unprofessional and harmful to new writers that like that genre. Because just like you, they have a lot to offer if you give them a chance.

5. Cringe is good

I’ve made it clear that it’s never okay to hate on an artist or writer because what they write or draw is cringy. We all start from somewhere, and you need to express yourself when you are young. From there you will learn on your own or from compassionate people who only want to offer advice. You’re allowed to make mistakes.

6. Failure is good

Every failure brings you closer to success if you are willing to learn from your mistakes and apply them to your life.

7. We all have moments of self doubt

It comes with the business man, we all love and hate our writing at the same time. Have others read your writing, and others will love it I promise.

8. Follow Writblrs and Bookblrs

Like @theinkstainsblog @git-writing-good @writerintraining-us @sophialikestowrite @blackfeatherantics @sawyerblue @novel-like-you-mean-it@crazybunchwriter @thewritershandbook @the-book-ferret @theartofnotwriting @thecaffeinebookwarrior @writing-questions-answered

To name a few ^^;

9. Learn to take criticism 

You MUST learn to take criticism if you are to be in the arts. My rule of thumb, if it points out a plot hole, or if more than 3 people make the same complaint, I know to fix it. If the complaint is: “This sucks.” and they don’t give me a reason why, ignore him.

It’s hard and can hurt your self esteem. Just remember what you’re writing for, and write for yourself. I recommend watching “Arthur Writes a Story” to understand my meaning.

10. Love what you do

I knew I was in this job when writing gave me adrenaline. When the thought of writing made my skin tingle. When I was coming up with stories out of boredom. When others saw a train, they saw a train. When I saw a train, I saw a train that lead to a space station far in the stars. The ocean was a particular mystery to me, and that’s why my stories involve it so much. There was a whole new world I could see under there.

I knew when my writing made my sad friend smile, when my idea of a perfect night was to sit in my bed with a cup of tea and write a story. I knew when a song came on the radio and full blown scenes filled my head. I knew when the thought of me giving up writing seemed so ludicrous. I knew then I loved writing. And I still do.

Because if we didn’t like it, there is no point to it I believe. So…do what you love, okay? <3

Thank you for asking! <3

Love Potion Starters


  • “Ugh, is it suppose to smell like that?”
  • “Smelling this feel like I just snorted sugar.”
  • “This better work.”
  • “Does this smell like love potion to you?”
  • “Hey, I think you might be burning something on the stove.”
  • “Hey, what’s this? Can I try?”
  • “Wait, where’d the little bottle go?”
  • “Please tell me that’s not what I think it is.”
  • “You mind tasting this… No Wait!”
  • “This is going to end badly, you know?”
  • “Who has time for confessing, this is much faster.”
  • “Are you sure using generic ingredients is the best for this type of thing?”
  • “Did you just taste your own potion?”
  • “Quickly look up and see what happens if you accidentally taste your own love potion please.”
  • “Why is this so complicated?”
  • “I don’t understand why a love potion would even need this kind of ingredient.”
  • “Do you think if you drank your own love potion, you would learn to love yourself?”


  • “Why do you have a squirt gun and why is it filled with pink?”
  • “This lemonade is nice and also I love you.”
  • “This tea is amazing, we should get married.”
  • “What was in that taco sauce anyway?”
  • “Ugh, what was in that?”
  • “It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s just that you’ve never made me anything edible before.”
  • “Wait, which one was your cup again?”
  • “Wait that’s not ketchup–”
  • “This has an, uh, interesting flavor.”
  • “The secret ingredient is love.”
  • “I made this Valentine chocolate just for you. Really put my heart into it”
  • “This smells like feet and garlic, I’m not drinking this.”
  • “What is this? I’m not gonna let you use me as a guinea pig again. Not after last time.”
  • “No thank you, maybe later.”
  • “Why do you keep shoving this in my face?”
  • “Why can’t you just try it?”
  • “Just one bite and I’ll leave you alone.”
  • “Is this a love potion?”
  • “I know exactly what this is and I’m offended you think I wouldn’t.”


  • “It’s the antidote, I swear!”
  • “It won’t affect me anyway.”
  • “I think I’m gonna be sick.”
  • “Will you marry me?”
  • “Was it supposed to do that?”
  • “Wow, I hate you so much right now.”
  • “It wasn’t suppose to work like this.”
  • “It was suppose to make you love me, not lose everything else about you.”
  • “Look at them, is this what you really wanted?”
  • “You could have just talked to me you know?!”
  • “In my defense, it wasn’t suppose to make you throw up.”
  • “How was I supposed to know you were allergic?!”
  • “So let me get this straight, you accidentally ingested a love potion that you made yourself?”
  • “I like being in love with you!”
  • “I knew they didn’t like me, anyway.”
  • “I’m not sorry.”
  • “I’m sorry.”
  • “You’re such an idiot, you didn’t need a potion to make me love you.”
  • “Love potions don’t work when a person is already in love.”
  • “I love you!”
  • “I didn’t need a potion to see how beautiful you are.”
  • “No potion in the world could match up to the love I already feel for you.”
  • “How can I ever trust you again?”
  • “Leave me and never come back!”
  • “I just wanted to you love me the way that I love you.”

ok so i’ve just watched The Amazing Spiderman and i got Remus feels while watching Peter so here you go, a young Remus Lupin imagine

also, if anyone wants part 2, it could be their date, them already being together, smut, just request and i’ll write:)

i’m sorry i posted it again, tumblr was playin with meh

word count: 1204


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It was a cold day of winter at Hogwarts, snow covering the windows and the grounds, so it was safe to say that not one student was outside. Of course, there were a lot of things to do in the castle, such as annoying Filch, pranks, annoying Peeves (or him annoying you), playing chess, muggle-borns playing hide and seek, there was a lot to do. But with all these things to do, there were certain people that were extremely bored.

You and your friend, Lily, were in the common room, near the fire. She had her nose buried in a book, as always, and you were simply staring at the fire with a cup of hot tea in your hands, a blanket wrapped around you. You two were enjoying the silence, although you weren’t the only people in the common room; it was quiet, and that was what you both needed.

“Oi, Evans, Y/L/N, come here, let’s play a game!” you turn around and see four boys climbing out of the portait hole; Sirius, James, Peter and Remus, the four Marauders. Sirius, being the one who called you, looked at you with a smirk on his face. “Oh, come on, it’s not like you have something better to do,” he whined. It was somehow true, you didn’t. But Lily was.

You looked at the four boys, until your eyes lay on Remus and you look away quickly, blushing. It was alright, you could blame it on the fire. “Well, I don’t know… Lily?”

“No way, I’m reading.” She shook her head.“

“Please, Lily,” you beg. You could use come distraction from your thoughts right now.

She sighed and close her book, which made a loud noise. “Fine,” she said firmly. “But if you make us break the rules…”

“We won’t, Evans, now come on, let’s make a circle,” Sirius says excitedly as he sits down on the carpet, along with the others, so you were sitting between him and Lily. James, being head over heels for Lily, sat next to her, and took out of his pocket an empty bottle of firewhisky. “I start!” yells Sirius as he spins the bottle, all of your eyes watchin it intently.

It landed on Sirius and James. “Truth or dare, young man?” Sirius cocked an eyebrow at his bestfriend.

“Dare,” he said, looking at Sirius intensely.

“I dare you to go to Filch and ask him girl advice.” He smirked, as you all let out a laugh. James agreed, and soon enough we were all in wandeing the corridors in search for Filch.


“Oh, my God,” you laugh, trying to catch your breath as you enter in the common room again.

“He said to stick a dung bomb up her arse,” James laughed so loud it echoed through the corridors.

They sat back in the circle and James spun the bottle, it making an annoying sound as it spun, everyone curious who’s going to be the next one. It stopped on James and you. “Truth or Dare, Y/N?” You quickly glanced at Remus, although you didn’t know why and catch him already staring at you.

“Truth,” you answer, moving your glance back on James.

“Do you fancy someone?” You roll your eyes at the stupid question, although a blush appears on your cheeks, knowing that the person was in the room.

“Maybe,” you answer.

“That’s not how you should answer!” James exclaims, smirking.“Who is it, Y/N?”

“Yes, I do fancy someone. I’m not telling you who it is, you’re only allowed one question,” you say as you spin the bottle. It stopped at you and Sirius. “Oh, are you joking!” you cried.

“Well, Y/N, I give you two options. Truth, you say who you fancy. Dare, you kiss him.”

“How do you know it’s a he? Maybe it’s a she, maybe I’m a lesbian,” you look at him with your eyebrows raised.

“We both know you’re not. Now, your choice.”

You sigh dramatically. You thought this was gonna be fun, you never thought you were going to be forced to admit your feelings towards Remus, or worse, kiss him. Not that it would be bad to kiss him, because quite frankly, you played your first kiss in your head a million times, but not in these circumstances. Either way, you weren’t exactly forced to do any of those, you could easily leave. But you didn’t want to be a coward. “Fine, you wanna know who I fancy?” you throw your arms in the air with exasperation, as they all looked at you curiously. Lily obviously knew, as she was your bestfriend, but the four Marauders didn’t, and you weren’t keen to tell them. “It’s one of you.”

“No, Y/N, you have to tell us-”

“Says who?” you say as you get up.

“T-the game? Y/N, come on! Don’t leave us like this,” Sirius whines. “It’s not fair. At least give us a clue!”

You thought for a bit. You had to say something that none of them would get it, only Remus. He’d be the only one who would get it, because of course, it’s about him. There was something that he onle shared with you. “It’s the one who has a stack of chocolate,” you smile playfully and go towards the girls’ dormitories.

“But none of us has that!” you hear Sirius yell after you, but you were already in your room, ready to sit on the bed, when you hear steps rushing up the stairs and then the door opens, Remus standing at the entrance, panting.

“Y/N,” he said breathlessly. “I mean, I-um, there is no one else with a stack of chocolate by any chance, is it?” he asks looking at you hopefully, a slight blush covering his cheeks.

You take a step closer as you were both a few inches away from each other. “From all I know there’s only you.” You shrug.

“Well, I-I, um, I… don’t know what I’m saying,” he laughs and clears his voice.

“Just say it.”

He opened his mouth to say something, but decided against it and closed it. Instead, he placed his hands on your waist and brushed his lips against yours, pulling you into a deep kiss. As you weren’t expecting that, you took a few seconds to answer his kiss and move your hands to cup his cheeks, enjoying everything you ever imagined these past few months.

As you pull away, your hands still remain on his cheeks and his on your waist. “The boys are probably mad because I have a stack of chocolate and I didn’t tell them,” he said and you laughed. “If you haven’t noticed yet, I like you too, Y/N.”

“I do now.”

“Then go out with me! W-we could go to a bookshop, I know you love books, we could also get tea and we could just read-”

“Remus,” you said firmly. He looked at you concerned. “That’d be amazing, but don’t stress that much for me, please. It’s just me, Y/N.”

“The fact that it’s just you, Y/N, absolutely drives me crazy,” he whispers before pulling you into another kiss.

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Oh are you taking request? You couldn't do a lazy Sunday with Harry or maybe going to concert with him, whatever you prefer

Okay, this is very fluffy, but there is a little bit of sex, so I’m putting it in the smut category. Fluffy smut I suppose. Enjoy. x

Easy Like Sunday Morning

The sun hadn’t risen yet. The bedroom was still dark except for a tiny bit of moonlight that shown through the tree branches outside my window, casting an eerie shadow on the opposite wall. I watched as the shadow moved back and forth, silently telling me a story. A story that although I knew was a true one, I liked to pretend was fiction.

He was leaving tomorrow.

One more day. That was all I had left with him until…well I didn’t know for sure. And I didn’t think I wanted to.

I listened to his breathing behind me as I continued to stare at the wall, part of me wishing he would wake up so I may selfishly have more time with him. A tear trickled from the corner of my eye just as he seemed to somehow hear my silent request and wrapped his arm around my middle to pull me closer. I sighed and wiped the tear, allowing my body to fit into his like a spoon. He groaned low and kissed me just behind my ear. Seconds later I could hear his breaths even out and I knew he was asleep once again. I wondered if he had even awoken at all, or if his gesture was purely automatic.

It didn’t matter though. I was his, and he was mine, if only for a little while.

He’d told me he loved me that night. It had been in a moment of passion, and as one tends to speculate the truth behind such confessions, I certainly had. Not to mention he was who he was and could have anybody he wanted. Why would he choose to fall in love with me?

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boyfriend!Tom + anxeity

****trigger warning for for anxiety/anxious feelings

  • he can tell when it starts. you’ve got that look in your eye. maybe its an extra uncomfortable jitter in your step or the uncontrollable bouncing of your knee.
  • he stays nearby like a net, waiting to catch you when you finally jumped out.
  • if you need to babble it all out until you can’t speak between hiccups of sobs or pace up and down the expanse of your living room or for him to hold you stead, he’d do whatever
  • makes a clear effort to be comforting but not pressuring. “i’m here, darlin’. Can’t say anything that will change that, yeah? I’m right here.” he hums into your ear for pressing a kiss to your hair
  • or “i noticed you’ve been acting different, love. you been feeling a bit off? would ya like to talk about it? we can have a nice long chat, i can brew us a cup a’ tea. Be nice, yeah?” he murmurs, hugging you close to his chest
  • the morning after you talk or have an anxiety attack, he turns off your alarm, letting you sleep in a bit later than normal.
  • (he can always get an excuse for your tardiness, charming the pants off any employer or professor he come in contact with)
  • he fixes you a big breakfast of nice, healthy things to set your day right.
  • he goes with you on long walks, letting your hold tessa’s leash (it’s normally his job) or just cling onto him when your away from the grey lion.
  • “have you every talked to anyone about this? like a therapist or a doctor?” he asks, without judgement or expectation. he only asks to offer an option of support. he doesn’t press or pretend to know you better than you know yourself. but tom lets you know he cares about you and your mental health and only wants that best for you
  • on his notes app in his phone, he has a list of the funniest episodes of your favorite TV shows.
  • he’s cheerful and positive. not overbearingly so. more so that he’s excited to see you. happy to let you crawl up next to him and bury your face in his neck. that he can be a little sunshine on your cloudy day.
  • he has a whole folder of bookmarks for breathing exercises, calming messages and other tools to help
  • he lays with you until you fall asleep, hums softly by you or tells a story and his voice, sleepy voice comforts you

guys….this has been said already but

we’re not demanding that you like our ships. i’m not making people ship chlonette, i don’t get salty when people say it’s not their cup of tea, and i don’t yell at people for not shipping any queer ships. 

i literally just want to stop receiving anon hate for my ship. i want to stop having homophobic comments tagged onto my fics and headcanons. i want to stop having people come to me and go out of their way to tell me how much they don’t like my ship. i just want to be left alone in my corner doing what i love. that’s what all content creators for queer ships want and that’s literally all we want. 

be nice to us

that’s all we’re asking. 

respect us. be nice to us. please please please. 

Fred Weasley; spontaneous weasley.

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“Roman Holiday” ~ Halsey

Disclaimer: Most lyrics in italics.

Warning(s): Smut, some cussing, recklessness, angst, beware of sadness!

You and the Weasley Twins had just graduated from Hogwarts. The two mischievous red heads were sending off a firework of their departure. Once you saw the bright, red-orange firework explode you beamed. They sprinkled the night sky so brightly. You saw Fred, and smiled at him. The three of you were best friends, you’d usually scorn the two for their mischief being the one to keep them under control.

Fred looked at you and winked. You blushed uncontrollably, George laughed at Fred.

“What’s so funny George?” Fred asked. “How she blushes uncontrollably when you look at her? She always clenches her legs together when you two talk. Come on Fred and just shag already.” George smirked at his twin, who was flustered. “How are you so sure that she likes me?” Fred questioned George. “Bloody hell Fred you’re the most dumbfounded person I know and that’s saying a lot.” George shakes his head.

You looked at the talking Twins curious of their conversation. You left the area, heading to your dorm to pack all your items. You grabbed one of your own books and went in the Common Room to find out a party had been started. You sighed, and dropped off your book. You were about to stay there till one of your friends called your name out.

“Y/N!” Corey called out.

“What Corey?” You huffed. “Fred Weasley wants to talk to you.” Corey breathed. “Oh OK, I’m coming.” You walked out fixing your clothing and hair. You bumped into someone, “Huff! Oh my I’m so sorry!” You then looked up to see Fred grinning at you. You sheepishly smiled, “It’s OK, twinkie.” Fred called you by his nickname for you. “I’ve already told you many times that I hate that nickname.” You pouted. “Anyway why did you want me for?” You interrogate.

“I’ve wanted to know if after we leave Hogwarts. If you want to come with me and George to the Muggle world?” Fred asked. “Sure! That’d be lovely Fred.” You smiled. “Can’t wait to be out of Hogwarts. Yet I’ll still miss my home from home.” You beamed.

“Life is so spontaneous. Don’t you think Fred?” You asked him. “Sure is.” Fred muttered. “I can’t wait to be living an adult life, odd I know, but I feel like I’m ready. Ready to be a Ministry worker. Reader to find my love life. Have a kid or two, but the first thing I’m gonna do is have a nice cup of tea and read a Shakespeare novel.” You giggled. Fred laughed and sighed, “I’m ready for that too, sadly this war that’s going on is something that I want out of this world.”

“Me too. Life can be so spontaneous, Weasley, too spontaneous it’s horrifying. You never know what happens.” You shivered. “Well thank you for the offer.” You turned around starting to walk back to your dorm. “Wait Y/N!” Fred shouted over the booming of music and screams. “Yes, Fredrick.” You quirked. “I’m gonna pick you up late and bring an extra pair of clothes and some pajamas.” Fred said. “OK.” You chuckled.

You made it home. Where your mom and Dad greeted you with hugs.

“I’m glad your back.” Your mom cried. “I’m happy to see you two.” You hugged your mom and Dad. “I know that you will be with us for a long time to come. And you will have the opportunity to visit us as much as you want. Also since you graduated, your father and I decided to let you go out into the city with a friend.” Your mom told you. “Are you serious?” You coughed. “Yes. Just contact us every chance you get to make sure you’re safe.” Your Dad smiled. “Thank you so much.” You embraced them both again.

You went to make a cup of tea and grabbed a Shakespeare’s classic. Just as you were about to sip on a cup of tea late night, an owl flew in.

“Hello.” You chirped at the owl. You grabbed the letter and opened it.

‘Come outside.’

- F.W.’

You went outside and saw Fred in a used light blue truck. You quickly went inside and grabbed all the stuff Fred told you to get. You went into your parents’ bedroom. You grabbed a tiny, pink bottle of perfume, spraying the rose scented mixture in your neck.

You went out and greeted Fred, without George. You wondered for a moment.

“Where the bloody hell is George?” You look around for him. “He’s gotten sick.” Fred smiled sheepishly. “Oh well I hope he gets better.” You entered the car in relization. “So where are we going Fredrick?” You bit your tongue. “Where going to explore the city late night!” Fred cheered.

Do you remember the taste of my lips
That night I stole a bit of my mother’s perfume?
‘Cause I remember when my father put his fist
Through the wall that separated the dining room
And I remember the fear in your eyes
The very first time we snuck into the city pool
Late December with my heart in my chest and the clouds of my breath
Didn’t know where we were running to
But don’t look back

The windows were rolled down. Your heart thumping, you were with Fred Weasley, he looked at you and smiled. You were afraid at the same time, like what if this was a sick prank to try to reveal your feelings to Fred. You gulped, the lights flashing on your face. You’ve never really explored outside of your home. That’s why you joined the Twins, they’ve always been up to something and you joined at times. Discovering more of the Wizarding world made you have ambition to know more.

“Y/N, I’ve got to tell you something.” Fred sighed. You looked at him, “What is it Fred?” You whimpered. You were afraid of what he might say. Even though Fred is sweet as a tangerine, he frightened you, not only you thought life is spontaneous. You thought Fred was too, he is like a boggart that comes out and surprises you with your greatest fear well he could if he’d known. Fred parked in front of a motel that seemed properly groomed and nicely fixed.

“I like you. I’ve liked you since the first time we’ve met. I’ve never really had the nerve to tell you for six years. Life is truly spontaneous in a good way, I mean I’ve finally told you out of the blue that I like you Y/N.” Fred became quiet once you intertwined your hand with his. “I like you too Fred. I know that I’m the most obvious really. I blush as bright as your ginger hair. Thank you for telling me Fred.” You pecked his lips, you pulled away for a second staring into his eyes.

Fred dove right back in pushing his lips against yours. You unbuckled your seatbelt, climbing over onto his lap. Rubbing your hips forward to give friction between the two of you. “Well aren’t you surprising as well?” Fred bit your neck. The belt that Fred still had on bothered you immensely. As you were about to unbuckle the seatbelt Fred opened the door, pushed you out, and unbuckled his own belt.

Fred then kissed you again, opening the door to the back of the back of the vehicle. He put you in there his legs in between your hips grinding himself into you. “Oh god.” You moaned. “I can feel you beneath my panties.” You smirked. You were only wearing a long sleeve maroon shirt with a black skirt. Fred tugged of your shirt, his fingers tracing your stomach. You were about to pull your skirt off before Fred pulled your hand away. “I want you to look like an innocent school girl sweetie.” Fred said, grabbing a tie and putting it on you.

Fred began taking off all of his clothing. Only leaving himself in boxers. Your hands went everywhere on his body, his abs which were slightly visible, his soft face which you laid kisses on, and his biceps which you clung onto.

Could you imagine the taste of your lips
If we never tried to kiss on the drive to Queens?
‘Cause I imagine the weight of your ribs If you lied between my hips in the backseat
And I imagine the tears in your eyes
The very first night I’ll sleep without you
And when it happens I’ll be miles away
And a few months late
Didn’t know where I was running to
But I won’t look back

Fred took of your panties, while you took his boxers off. His member sprung out hitting your stomach. “Oh damn.” You moaned. You touched the beady red head, and rubbed it against your folds. You let Fred do what he wanted, you felt him rubbing himself against your entrance. Till he pushed his whole length in. Your breathe hitched, he was a pretty good length and width for you to receive pleasure by.

“Oh Fred it hurts.” You groaned. “I’m so sorry Y/N.” Fred began to pull out, until your legs pulled him back in. Making both of you moan. “No, don’t pull out. Stay inside me.” You begged for him. Fred sucked on your neck slowly, but roughly pounding into you. Your juices lubricating his manhood. “Your so tight. Fuck I can fuck you all day till you can’t walk straight for a week and your sweet little pussy is loosened.” Fred cooed.

“Yes, please do that.” You gasped. Fred’s hair stuck to his forehead, beads of sweat on yours. You were writhing under him your eyes rolling around. Your mouth opening whenever he thrusted into you.

Fred didn’t know what was really happening. He never thought that it would happen. He thought that it be a sweet kiss and perhaps a date, but you were already squirming underneath him as he pounded himself in your womanhood. Fred rubbed your clit to add more pleasure. You lolled your head around, “I’m almost there. Fuck me harder.” You scratch his back your nails digging into his skin surely to leave it red next morning.

Fred grunted loudly. Both of you heard the slapping of your skin against his. Fred seemed flustered his thrusting sloppy. “I’m gonna cum.” Fred groaned. “Me too.” You squinted your eyes shut. The pit of your stomach about to burst in pleasure like the fireworks Fred and his brother sent off at Hogwarts.

Then, you came your walls clenching on Fred’s member milking him. Fred came as followed letting his white ecstasy pump into you. Fred began to thrust slowly to end your highs, pulling himself out not really wanting to loose the feeling of you. His cum was leaking out on the car seat from your womanhood.

Fred picked you up and kissed you passionately. You grabbed a blanket you brought and wrapped it around you and him. You then drifted to sleep on top of him. Fred twirled his fingers through your hair, your head laid against his bare chest. Fred locked the car and fell asleep with you.

“Fred?” You mumbled. Your eyes fluttering open wide. “Yes, love.” Fred caressed your head. “Good morning.” You looked him, “That was amazing.” “I’d say the same.” Fred kissed the top of your head. You both grabbed your clothing and changed. You stretched outside of the car. “Gosh I smell like sex.” You blurted, Fred chuckled.

“Let’s go. I’ve ordered a room for us yesterday, but clearly that didn’t happen.” Fred joked. “Good because I smell like a good night.” You wink at Fred.

You showered and got ready, dressing in your favorite outfit. It consisted of a pair of high waisted denim skinny jeans with a tan lightweight coat and boots. Fred dressed in a white shirt with jeans. You looked at him and smiled. Is this what you both have become.

“Y/N?” Fred called out.

“Yes.” You said.

“I probably should’ve asked you this before we did you know what. Will you be my girlfriend?” Fred asked.

“Of course.” You gleamed.

“Fred, how did you get this room?” You interrogated. “A few Muggle friends helped me.” Fred slyly grinned. “I wonder who.” You sarcastically asked. Corey was a Muggle she was born from a wealthy family. Her, Fred, and George are best friends, so you concluded it must’ve been Corey.

“Maybe when we come back after our journey we’ll have an adventure?” Fred played with your hair. “Or maybe we’ll go back to my home to drop me off?” You smirked.

Close To The End Of Harry Potter’s Seventh Year

You and Fred laid down on the bed exhausted. “Amazing as always, love. But that position was crazy.” Fred laughed. “Almost two years Fred.” Your hand traced figures on his bare chest. “Just two more months.” Fred smiled. “Why is sex with you so exciting and ravishing?” You chuckled. “Because I’m Fred Weasley.” Fred replied.

“That reasoning is so invalid.” You rolled your eyes.

After three weeks, you felt unsettling symptoms. Your mother had told you that you were the most troubling pregnancy she’s had and ever heard of. During that time she told you of those symptoms and the common ones. You became nervous each time you had a symptom. You took a test and came back out of the restroom as a soon-to-be mother. It was all going swell for you. You had your career as a healer, Fred was always with you, and you were going to start a family. You decided to wait a little longer to tell Fred the great news, but that’s when a spontaneous tragedy struck.

A war on the loose and Fred wanting to battle. You joined Fred not willing to leave him alone.

“Love, I need you somewhere else. I’ll be sure to tell Ginny to get you once it’s over.” You obliged and went to help students and staff that had been injured. Your healer skills went to work, you seen young children all bloody and bruised it made your heart shatter.

Feet first, don’t fall
Or we’ll be running again
Keep close, stand tall

That’s when you heard an explosion. You looked up and ran outside quickly trying to find Fred. You sprinted to a big group of people realizing they were the Weasleys due to their red hair.

You heard their cries, “Fred!”

You shoved through and saw Ginny crying. You looked at Fred he was all broken. “Fred! Fred! Fred, please stay with me come on we have to get you to-,”

“It’s OK. I’m fine.” Fred muttered. “No, Fred. Please Fred you can’t leave me or your family. Not just your own, but ours too. Fred your gonna be a dad. Like you’ve always wanted.” Your eyes dropped tears, your hand clenching onto his. “Tell my baby I love him or her. You’re going to be a great mum Y/N. I believe in you. I love you and our family. You’re the brightest light I’ve ever had in my life. You loved me and all my mischief for years Y/N. I’ll never forget about my whole family especially you.” Fred smiled, his hand slowly rubbing your stomach as his eyes fluttered closed. His hand falling to his side. He lost grip on your hand.

“Fred.” You called for him. “Fred!” You wailed. George grabbed you and held you tightly. “Fred.” You whimpered. Everyone came into a group hug, their cries for their dearly beloved Fred loud rang through the battle.

All the joy and the glee just had to go away and only Lord knows why.

“How have you been?” Molly asked, putting vegetables in boiled water. You were chopping up more vegetables, you being out of focus kept cutting till you were about to cut a finger.

Molly grabbed your wrist before you sliced through your finger.

“Oh my, I’m sorry Molly. I’m out of focus. I was thinking that if I’d helped him-, h-he would’ve b-been here! But it’s all my fault!” You shouted, reaching for a knife. Molly grabbed your face, stopping you and then gave you a soft yet stern look.

“Y/N, you look at me. You are part of my family know. You are the person who filled Fred’s life with joy. Now, be a mother! You’re a strong, kind woman that is capable of so much. I need you to be strong for Fred, because despite him being not here. The bundle of joy is there is like a small version of the both of you and your love. Let me tell you that being a mother is the most splendid thing that ever happened to me, you’ll be blessed once that child is born. Be strong.” Molly held your face, tears running down onto her hands.

You coughed, choking on your own sobs, “OK.”

“Ginny!” Molly yelled.

“Yes, mum!” Ginny came down out to the kitchen.

“Take Y/N out to get fresh air, please Ginny.” Molly ordered Ginny.

“OK. Come on Y/N.” Ginny held your shaking hand and slowly lead you outside.

“Y/N I need you to be happy. Happy thoughts. This child needs with mum to be happy.” Ginny soothed your nerves.

“H-How?” You stuttered.

“Y/N, when Fred left you. He didn’t do it on purpose nor to blame you. He did that to none of us.” Ginny and you were outside. “Y/N, when I met you when you greeted me at the Gryffindor table we had a connection. I trusted you with all my life and I always told you what was happening, I never told anyone but you before hand when I was dating Dean. You are a part of our, this world.” Ginny hugged you.

“Fred is safe. He’s OK. I promise.” Ginny said and with that you went into another state of mind.

Fred never meant to hurt you’re feelings. You weren’t the one to blame. Perhaps you lost everything you’ve cared for, but that’s what you thought. Fred never did hurt you’re feelings never once in your relationship and even now that’s what you had to comprehend. You had to stay strong and live life for the life you’re meant to care for. You weren’t going to let anyone down. Not now or never. Maybe, just maybe life was leading you on a road you weren’t prepared for.

“Thank you Ginny.” You laid your head on her shoulder smiling.  

“No problem Y/N.” Ginny replied.

“Oh they look so much like Fred, don’t they mum.” Ginny cooed, Molly nodded. “You want to hold one of them.” You asked Ginny. “Oh, yes, please. I can’t believe I’m an aunt!” Ginny cried carrying one of the twins.

“What’s their names?” George questioned. “The little prince is Fred George Weasley. The little princess is Ginevra Molly Weasley.” You told George, he looked at you. “Thank you Y/N. Fred would’ve loved to be here to see his own children.” George’s eyes spilled a few tears. “He would’ve been the best father. But he is, in their heart and blood he is the best father.” You gripped his hand.

“You want to hold Fred?” You stared at George. “Sure.” He sniffed, you handed him Fred. “Just like Fred. He looks so bloody much like him.” George laughed. Molly and Arthur were filled with joy to be grandparents. “Who are the godparents?” Arthur asked.

“Fred’s godparents are my friend Corey and Harry.” You said, Harry who just had entered after grabbing a quick drink smiled. “The more the merrier, huh?” Harry commented. Everyone chuckled at Harry’s statement. “And Ginny’s is Rubeus and Minerva.” You finished.

The children were passed around. A joyful aura filled the room. More visitors came to see the ginger twins. At last when it was late in the afternoon and the only person to be staying by your side were George and Ginny; someone came in.

“Y/N.” You and the rest looked up.

“Fred.” You smiled. “I’m not hallucinating?” You questioned yourself.

“No, you’re not. I can see him too.” Ginny flabbergasted.

“Oh and there is-, my children? I thought that we’d only have a child, but Twins! This is splendid.” Fred shouted. The Twins giggled loudly. “They recognize their own dad. What’s their names?” Fred smiled at his children.

“Fred and Ginevra.” You stammered.

“Fred and Ginevra, lovely names you choose Y/N.“ Fred told you. “After you and Ginny.” You responded to his comment. Fred grinned at you.

“Fred? How are you here?” George spoke up. “I’m a ghost. I came here after I heard Minerva speak the news of her being named godmother of my child. To be fair Hogwarts was getting quite boring as well.” Fred responded.

“We missed you.” Ginny blurted.

“I missed every one of you too.” Fred confessed.

“Fred.” You called him out.

“I want to you to be with our children as they grow up. If you want you can stay at our home.” You say.

Fred went up to you, “I’d love to.”

“You’re still my spontaneous Weasley. Aren’t you?” You grinned.


It was a curse and a blessing for your life to be full of spontaneous events, your just hoping the afterlife will go with ease. And then you’ll have your spontaneous Weasley with you forever.

Spontaneous (adj.): happening naturally, without planning or encouragement.

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lovingstyles87  asked:

What do you think Harry would have planned for the day when you first introduce him to your toddler daughter? Dad!Harry always gets me!!

*** This is edited and written on mobile but I think I might take this further and write a series! I love Dad!harry too, he is so wonderful 😭 thank you!!! Requests are still open :) ***

Tea Party

You heard a knock on the front door of you flat, and your heart skipped a few beats. You’d been waiting for this day for a while now, and you were suddenly hesitant about it.

It was just Harry, but this was also your little girl.

“C'mon, bug, let’s go see who’s here,” you said softly, playing with her small brown curls. Her hands reached up to you, signaling that she wanted to be held. You obliged and picked her up, making your way to the door.

With one big breath, you tried to shake the nerves so diligently pulsing through your entire body, making you nervous. You didn’t know why though – you loved Harry and he loved you; you shouldn’t be so scared.

Opening the door, you were met with a big smile from Harry and his eyes bore into yours, filled with excitement and compassion.

“Hi there, pet,” he said.

You felt your daughter immediately try to hide in your neck, body pressed tightly to yours as if Harry was the scariest person she’d ever seen. You laughed, “Bug, what’s gotten into you?”

You stepped out of the way to let Harry in and shut the door behind him.

“How was the drive over?” you asked, rubbing your daughter’s back in small circles.

“Was pretty nice, traffic wasn’t a problem either,” Harry said as he walked over to your couch, plopped down, and patted the spot next to him.

You followed and sat, hoping she would warm up to the idea of a stranger in her house soon. She wasn’t normally this scared of others…

You pulled her off of your chest and turned her to sit on your lap, facing Harry. He sat there and smiled, knowing that she was nervous and didn’t try and make any sudden moves.

“Bug, this is Harry,” you told her, stroking through her hair and held her hand with your free one, “can you say hi?”

She looked up at you with big doe eyes, still silent, and then back at Harry.

“Hi,” the tiniest voice squeaked out.

“Well hello there,” Harry murmured warmly, “it’s nice to meet yeh.”

She smiled a little but then almost immediately went back to hugging your torso, face buried in your shirt. You chuckled; she never put on this much of a show for anyone else.

“Bug?” Harry asked and waited for her to turn.

She didn’t at first, and he called her again, “Hey there, bug?”

Your daughter timidly turned to face him, looking up through his eyelashes.

“Your Mumma was telling me about your dolls, could you show me those?”

Her face lit up, “Yeah! Momma can we?”

She jumped off of the couch, almost an entirely different little girl, and grabbed your hand. You laughed, “whoa there bug, they’re not going anywhere!”

You turned to Harry and mouthed “thank you” before getting pulled down the hall to your daughter’s room. He followed the both of you, smiling to himself as he watched you interact with your daughter.

You soon found yourselves seated on the floor of a very pink bedroom, being shown all of the toys and dolls and books and dresses that she had. You mostly sat and watched, as Bug was showing Harry all of the toys. He soon had a pile of stuffed animals and books at his side, and a small tiara on his head.

“That’s for princesses, Mumma tells me that I’m gonna be one someday,” she would tell him, words stumbling out of her mouth with excitement.

He turned to you, grinning, and then back to her, “I think you are already one,”

The three of you spent the morning like this, it must have gone on for nearly an hour. It was the most at peace you’d felt in a while – you all fit together so perfectly. Harry knew that Bug meant a lot to you and the way he played with her and talked with her really made your heart swell.

You were shaken out of this fairytale-like setting by your phone, ringing shrilly. You sighed when you picked it up and saw your boss’s number on the screen.

“Are you okay to sit with her?” You asked Harry, defeat evident in your eyes.

“Of course,” he said, nodding his head, “do whatever you need. M'here as long as yeh need me.”

You pushed off of the floor and took the phone call out in the hall. You heard Bug giggling back in her room and Harry softly talking to her, probably reading a book.

It wasn’t a very long phone call, but your boss needed you at work. They were slammed and didn’t have enough employees to cover for the day. You agreed, knowing you needed the hours, and sighed when you hung up.

Walking back to your daughter’s room, you heard a ‘clink!’ and Harry talking in a higher pitched voice. You turned the corner and held back a laugh when you saw him seated at a small table, knees nearly to his chest sitting in such a tiny table. He still had the tiara in his hair, but this time was wearing a clip-on earring and had a dress-up purse in his lap. Bug had set up her tea set that she loved dearly and begged to play with almost every day. She was wearing a big princess dress and was daintily sipping on a pretend cup of tea.

Harry looked up at you and smiled, absolutely loving every second of this.

“Do you need to go?” He whispered over to you.

You sighed again and nodded your head.

“You don’t have to watch her, I can call a sitter and we –” you started.

“No, s'fine,” he cut you off, “she’s much happier here, I can tell.

“Plus, we haven’t even properly had our tea party yet.”

You rolled your eyes, “you’re ridiculous!”

He just sat there grinning, nodding along with Bug’s monologue she’d come up with. Today it was all about princesses and Harry was the Prince.

“Bug,” you called over to her, “Mumma has to go to work, can you stay with Harry?”

Her eyes grew wide and she jumped up and down, “Yes! Yes mumma yes!”

She ran up to you and hugged your legs, and then went right back to playing.

Harry looked back to you and nodded, mouthing the words “we’ll be fine,” to you.

You teared up a bit, knowing that she was in good hands. It wasn’t out of sadness, but out of relief and joy. She bonded with Harry so well and it just worked. He was the perfect puzzle piece for your messy life. And he wanted nothing more than to be a part of it.


Never Again.

Characters: Erik x Reader, Charles.

Warnings: Physical violence, mentions abusive relationships, swearing.

Authors Note: I do not support any form of abuse in any kind of relationship. If you are in an abusive relationship, or know someone who is in one, please seek help. Thank you @mm277me for the request.

It was a particularly quiet day.

You were sitting in your king-sized bed drinking a warm cup of lemon water. Gazing out the enormous window, the golden sun peaked through the trees, the rays illuminating your skin. Wearing only underwear and your love’s shirt, relaxation flowed through you. In the midst of day dreaming your mind snapped back to muffled yelling and a sudden slam of the door.

“Erik?” No one answered back.

“Erik,” you asked again, with still no response.

You set your cup down on the mahogany nightstand and shuffled into the den. Erik was hunched over the dining table, back facing you, his muscles stretching his shirt. He was heaving as his fists were clenched together.

“Erik,” you whispered.

Erik exhaled a frustrated breath and shook his head.

“Erik, baby, what’s wrong?”

“I thought you were asleep,” he murmured.

“I woke up ten minutes ago, maybe fifteen,” you replied. You carefully walked up behind him and put your hand on his shoulder, “what’s buggin’ you, baby?”

He replied flatly, “Shaw.”

“Charles brought it up again, didn’t he.”

“He doesn’t understand, I have to stop him. He killed my mother.”

“He doesn’t want you to get hurt.”

“He doesn’t want to fight.”

“He doesn’t want you to bite off more than you can chew.”

“Are you actually defending him,” Erik turns to you, “ of all people?”

“I don’t want you to go after Shaw either, not right now.”

“Why,” Erik growled, “because you couldn’t handle a bit of blood either?”

“Excuse me?”

Erik began to prey on you causing you to walk back into the bedroom, him inches away as he growled, “ you know Charles wants you, and you know he could influence you if he wanted to.

You were brought to a halt by the foot board of the bed, “I know that he wants me, but he can’t influence me, and you can’t beat Shaw, not today.”

He latched onto your wrists and pinned them against the wall.

“You’re weak,” he snarled in your ear, “you’re weak and you know it.”

“Let me go Erik.”

“What do you think you’re gonna do, huh? What do you think would happen?”

You could feel his hands strangling the circulation out of yours, with great pain you pleaded, “Erik, please stop, it hurts,”

You fought to get out of his claws but the grip tightened.

“Get the fuck off me!” You then kicked him in the stomach. He fell to the ground, winded, and tried to run. Erik pounced on you and grabbed you by the shoulders bringing you down with him. The two of you began to scuffle, rolling around on the floor until you managed to get on top of him and pin him down this time. You punched him twice, as hard as possible, making his nose bleed.  

Erik was out cold and you sprung up to successfully escape.

You were speeding through the hallways and corridors to get as far away as possible.

About to run out into the gardens a pair of hands reached out to you, “stop, what are you doing?”

You froze in your tracks to the sight of Charles, he rushed to you, “what’s going on? What happened?”

You stuttered, “I was in my bed, then a I heard a - and he came - and we - then he - then I - and he’s on floor and now I’m - and I -”

“Shhh,” Charles whispered, placing his hands on either shoulder,”  don’t worry, love, I’m here.”

You nodded, still winded.

“Come with me and we’ll talk after some tea, yeah?”


Charles sat you down in the kitchen and made you a cup of chamomile tea, “here,” he said, “this should help you relax.”

“Thank you,” you sniffled.

“Now, what happened.”

“I was in bed a-and he came in, and was just so angry about Shaw. Then, before I knew it, he was holding me against the wall, then I pinned him to the floor and punched him, then I ran and now I’m here, a-a-and…”

“You don’t have to go on,” he assured.

You looked to him and saw guilt in eyes, ”its not your fault,” you said.

“Maybe not, but you still got hurt pretty bad.”

“I’m fine, really,” you insisted.

“I beg to differ,” Charles pointed.

You looked down to see purple marks on your wrists, bruises from Erik’s hands.

“It’s nothing,” you shrugged.

Charles scowled, “and this has never happened before?”

“No, never.”

“Well if this keeps happening you need to let him go, I don’t want this to turn into abuse.”

“Believe me,” you laughed coldly, “he wouldn’t be around if it was.”

“Well, good,” Charles nodded.

You spent the next few days in Charles’ quarters. You slept in his bed while he took the couch in the other room. He insisted and you couldn’t say no. Charles granted you a vacation from training but you would look out his window to see Banshee flying around ever so often and the occasional red flash coming from Alex.

The fight kept replaying in your mind, everything happened so fast. The blood, the bruises, the yelling. It was a 24 hour news reel of pain and regret and despair.

You started to weep, “Erik, Erik…”

Your tears were interrupted by a creaking doorway, you wiped the droplets away, not knowing who it was that was sauntering towards you.


“Darling, I’m so sorry.”

You jumped from the bed and into his arms, sobbing, “I’m sorry too.”

“I shouldn’t be in here but I had to see you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Charles told me to leave you alone, but I just couldn’t.”

You chuckled, “you made the right choice.”

“Please forgive me, baby.”

“I do, of course I do,” you looked up to him and you changed your tone,” but if you do this again you’re gone.”

“Of course, darling, of course. Never again,” he cried.

Hand in hand you went back to your room, laughing and kissing one another.

Charles was leaning in a doorway, watching you cheerily walk with Erik. He sighs and walks outside to check on the other’s training.

Requests and Submissions are open + Masterlist.

i mean i sort of understand people who think heaven sounds boring but i also think that people who think heaven sounds boring - even if it is just “sitting and singing all day” - are people who dont really………i dont want to sound judgmental or anything but like……..theyre people who dont really get how broken 1) the world 2) humanity 3) themselves are…….? like people who say heaven sounds boring, people who make movies about how heaven is the dull option and they want Free Will to Have Fun and Mess Up and Enjoy Human Nature In All Its Foibles Because Our Flaws Are What Makes Us Us, those people just. aren’t grasping how broken and mangled life and every human being ever really is. life isnt how its supposed to be. those ~fun flaws~ are rooted in the same urges that make people murder and assault and go to war and dehumanize each other and all those other ~less fun flaws~ that make the nightly news a living nightmare to watch. (much less to live out on the other side of the tv screen.) but heaven?? none of that. fundamentally different from life on earth. we wont be like we are here. we wont be bored doing…….uhhhhhhhhhhh………what we were supposed to do from the beginning. i mean its great to have fantasies of what we’ll do in heaven in our spare time and i spend a LOT of my life doing just that (libraries!!! favorite characters back from the dead and in perfectly-written roles!!! plenty of time to study everything i didnt get to learn on earth, but without sin or sadness or time constraints!!! having!!! a perfectly brewed cup of tea!!!! with jesus himself!!!! thanking jesus to his face for what he did for me and what he brought me through!!!!!! holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!) but even if we are “”just singing and strumming harps”” or whatever like……..we’ll be doing that in a perfect world. with a perfect god who loves us so much. like. what about that sounds boring to you. why are we so wrapped up in our own egos that shedding our flaws/flawed personalities in favor of perfection and love incarnate sounds “boring”


“Excuse me,” you knew that voice, “may I talk to the manager?” His tone was serious and probably caused the poor sales associate he was talking too a slight panic attack. You saw him walk in, dressed in his normal attire of a vacation dad shirt and skinny jeans and his worn out brown boots. You weren’t expecting him to stop by today, he had informed you earlier that morning at breakfast that he was swamped with meetings.

“I’m the manager,” you couldn’t help but smile as you made your way over to him and your newest employee. “What seems to be your issue sir?” Your voice was sweet and professional and the poor girl he was talking to before looked relieved when you stood next to her.

“Well ya see my lovely girlfriend wondered out tha house this mornin without giving me my goodbye kiss.” You couldn’t even stop yourself from rolling your eyes as he spoke. The sales associate standing next to you went wide eyed as she looked from him too you.

“Well sir, I’m sorry what is your name?” His face went into a smirk as you went on to act as if you didn’t know him.

“Harry, my name is Harry.” He couldn’t help but laugh a little as you extended you hand and when he reached out you expect him to shake it, instead he just grabbed it and brought it to his lips for a kiss.

“Well Harry,” you snatched your hand from his hold and turned to face your employee that was now in total shock. “Thank you Erica I will take care of Mr. Harry here, you can go on break.” She looked relived as she quickly turned and walked away from the two of you.

“Oh so ya gonna take care of me yeah?” You felt his arms slide around your waist as he spoke. You just shook your head as you turned and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“This is a surprise,” you told him before you pressed a quick kiss to his cheek. “A very pleasant surprise.” You added causing him to smile and show off his dimple.

“I do love ta surprise ya every now and then petal,” his voice was soft and sweet in your ear causing you to just smile. “Got ta keep ya on your toes.” You felt him give your waist a squeeze.

You unwrapped your arms from around his neck as he reluctantly removed his from your waist. You grabbed his hand and lead him towards a corner of the store that was a little more private.

“Ah look mugs! We need more mugs don’t we love?” You laughed as you watched Harry look at the shelves lined with rows of tea cups and mugs, “they got ones with cats on em, we need those.” He reached for a mug that had two cats sleeping on it and you just rolled your eyes.

“Came all this way for a cat mug Harry?” You teased and he shot you a playful glare as he put the mug back on the shelf.

“Came all the way cos someone,” his voice was low and deep as he stood in front of you. “Didn’t give me my goodbye kiss this mornin.” His voice was now a whisper as he leaned in closer to you. You just placed your arms loosely around his neck as his nose started to touch yours.

“Oh silly me,” you teased as you felt him place his hands on your hips. “How could I forget your goodbye kiss?” With that you pulled him closer to you so you could place a sweet kiss to his lips. You felt him smile into the kiss before he pulled away.

“Now that we got that outta tha way,” he gave you a smile as he looked up at the shelf above your head. “We really do need these cat mugs lovey.” You just laughed at him causing him to laugh as well. You kissed his cheek quickly before letting go of him.

You loved when he would come and see you at work, most of the time it was a scheduled visit that mainly involved him brining you lunch. But it was the surprise visits like this that made your heart burst because you knew he was a busy man, and the fact he would squeeze in time to come by a ceramic shop all the way on the opposite side of town from the house you two shared meant the world to you. It was just another little thing that made you love Harry even more.

Forgotten Moments

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes X Reader

Requested: Yes

Anon: I have a request for Sherlock x Reader if you feel up for it. Maybe like one day Sherlock does an experiment on one of the readers favorite things they own and so the reader gets angry and Sherlock has to make it up to her? I would love it if you wrote this but I understand if you don’t.

A/N: Here it is! Thank you all so much for supporting my first Sherlock fic, I hope this one meets your expectations! I’m sorry if it is not very good… Thank you so much for the request sweet anon! Enjoy!


You open the door to the flat, expecting to see a typing Watson with an observing Holmes looking over his shoulder, but instead, you were greeted by a bloody living room and a pacing Sherlock, drenched head to toe in the red substance.
You spot John in a somewhat clean corner, looking extremely fed up.

“Sherlock!” you say loudly, trying to grab the attention of your boyfriend. “What is going on here? It looks like a crime scene!”

“Experiment.” he simply replies as if it were obvious, tending back to the severed head that was sitting on the floor. The head that you hadn’t noticed before. The head that was sitting right beside a disheveled looking body. It looked freshly dead. How you knew, you weren’t exactly sure, you just picked up a few things after spending enough time around Sherlock.

Your eyes widened and you glanced at John, locking eyes with him. Silent words were exchanged and you both sighed at the same time. This was quite normal behaviour for Sherlock.

“Where did you-” John starts before Sherlock cuts him off.

“Molly let me take it. I call him John.”

It was John’s turn to look at you in shock as his eyes widened.

“Doe.” Sherlock then says, releasing John from his state of terror.

“Ah, alrighty then… you don’t even know who this person is.” John mutters the last part under his breath. “Well, couldn’t you have had the decency to leave it at the morgue?!”

“Relax John, at least he hasn’t blown up the flat again,” you say, maneuvering yourself so that you avoided the blood covering the floor while searching for a mop. You sigh again as you examine the flat drenched in blood. “Though Sherlock, maybe you should consider laying down a towel or a few sheets over the floor and furniture the next time you decide to do a messy experiment-”

You stop in your tracks when you spy something out of the corner of your eye. Your heart sinks when you realize that your favourite jumper underneath the head, soaking up the excess blood.

“Sherlock!” you shout, startling both Sherlock and John. “You used my jumper as a freaking towel?”

“I’m sorry?” Sherlock answers with a look of confusion and your heart breaks a little at the sound of his voice. He really didn’t know what he had wrecked.

“And it’s ripped!”

“I needed to cover more surface area, besides, it’s just a jumper (Y/N), you have plenty. Heck, you could wear one of John’s and people wouldn’t even question whether or not it was yours.”

John nods, before realizing that he had just been insulted and his face contorted into a frown.

“Hey! I am proud of my taste in jumpers!” he exclaims. “But even I am a little confused. What’s so special about this particular jumper?”

You sigh. It was true that you might’ve been overreacting but you held that jumper close to your heart because…

“It was the first gift Sherlock had ever given me,” you whisper, eyeing the stained jumper sadly. “Sure, at that time it was simply an act of kindness, not love. A Christmas gift. But I wanted to keep it as a memory, sort of like a memento that would mark the baby steps of our relationship.”

Sherlock blinks and cocks his head to the side as if he was trying to remember. You look at him sadly when his infamous face of realization remains absent.

“Hmm. I can’t seem to remember ever giving you that jumper. Hell, I don’t even remember buying it.” he says and your sadness turns into anger, your face turning a light shade of red.

“How could you not remember?” you yell, close to tears. “Maybe it is stupid that that jumper meant so much to me, but again, maybe you’re just too inhumane to understand.”

Sherlock looks taken aback but he doesn’t admit that he’s sorry.

“Look, (Y/N), I’ve told you this before. Only useful things go into my mind. You fill your head up with rubbish like memories and feelings, while I delete them because they are not important. That’s the difference between me and everyone else.”

You look at the man in front of you and sigh. You thought that you would then be the one who could fix him. That you were the one that would save him from the monster within. It was a long shot back then, but now, you weren’t sure if there was even anything left to save.

“I’m not sure if you remember, but this isn’t the first time you’ve done something like this,” you say, turning your back to him, your hair flying like a whip. You head towards your room, regardless of blood in your way. At this point, you simply didn’t care.

“If it involved anything to do with feelings then I probably don’t.” he answers and your tears finally start to fall.

“I expect the flat to be free of blood or dead corpses the next time I walk out of this door,” you say before entering your room. “And Sherlock? You’ve just proved my point; you said ‘delete’, as if you are some soulless machine. Is that all you are? Am I dating a robot? Many people have warned me and I refused to believe them but now? Now, I’m starting to think that’s true.”

You slam the door as Mrs. Hudson walks in.

“Hoohoo - oh my. What’s going on here?”


“You just refuse to lose, don’t you?” John groans as he mops the floor. He glares at Sherlock who was sprawled on his chair, his long limbs dangling almost lifelessly, not bothering to help clean up. “Sherlock!”

“She’s just overreacting!” he finally exclaimed. “She can’t expect me to keep track of every single-”

“And she doesn’t expect you to keep track of everything,” Mrs. Hudson interrupts from behind. Sherlock glares at her for interrupting him but he doesn’t say anything. “She’s not angry at you for destroying her sweater, well she is but she’s more hurt from the fact that you don’t care. She knows that you lack some compassion and therefore she is forgiving and willing to let some things go, but you also have to give in to complete your side of the deal, it’s about balance.”

“I’m sorry, but what do you know about relationships? Your last one ended badly and I ensured his execution!”

Mrs. Hudson looked a little hurt by Sherlock’s outburst but she didn’t say a thing for she assumed that this was probably one of the only relationships he had ever had and was still getting used to everything.

“Well, at least Mrs. Hudson doesn’t go around burning gifts like deer stalkers and violins. A freaking violin, Sherlock! She gave you a violin and you loved it, then you just turn around and set it to flames?” John exclaims, letting his mop drop to the floor.

“I forgot she gave them to me, besides, they were experiments.”

“And that one time you put a stray eyeball in her cup of tea. She freaked and dropped her favourite cup!” Mrs. Hudson adds in.

Sherlock scoffs, “That was on her, she broke it.”

John shakes his head and points his finger at Sherlock, making sure he looked him in the eye. “As Mrs. Hudson said, she’s more hurt because you do not bother to remember or empathize or even admit you’re sorry. From now on, the least you could try to do is remember. Moments, and feelings. In the end that’s all we have left in life Sherlock. And she knows that. I know you love her, so go and prove it to her. Show her that you do remember, care and cherish moments-”

“But I don’t-”

“Yes, you do. Somewhere in that thick head of yours are forgotten moments that you’ve decided to lock up. I know you haven’t deleted them, Sherlock. Now let her know too.”

And that’s when Sherlock realized that John was right.

“Possibly for the first time in his life,” Sherlock mutters under his breath.




“Go away.” you mutter from the floor as Sherlock closes the door gently behind him, trapping you inside your room. Great, he was the last person you wanted to spend time with right now.

He walks over and kneels down in front of you. Your try to avoid eye contact but he lifts your head with his hands, forcing you to look at him.

“I don’t want an object to define our relationship. Because objects break, and that is not something I want to see happen to us. I don’t need objects and past moments reminding us of our love because I don’t need to remember that our love is real. Because I know.” he takes a deep breath before continue, his words flowing quickly.

“I may have trouble remembering moments I find silly or unimportant, however it is clear that you don’t think of them the same way I do. And I am willing to do my best to make you happy, even it means remembering every gift given, every moment spent together and giving up an experiment that could’ve been a scientific breakthrough.”

A single tear falls down his cheek and he pressed his forehead to yours.

“I’m a breaker, (Y/N). I wreck almost everything I touch. Every object, every life, but the one thing I will do my damn hardest not to break is your heart.”

Two-Part Drabble Game

I found this idea while looking around for other drabble games so I decided to make my own list. All the prompts below are ones I thought up, and if they’re the same as on another list, that’s just purely coincidental.

Send me one number from the first list, one number from the second list, and a character and I’ll write a drabble for it. Please don’t spam, I’ll be able to tell if you do.


  1. at a bar
  2. cuddling
  3. fighting
  4. soulmate au
  5. cooking
  6. getting married
  7. in the hospital
  8. after a long day
  9. drunk
  10. by the firelight
  11. making out
  12. domestic
  13. expecting a child
  14. hurt/comfort
  15. protecting
  16. first kiss
  17. seeing the other dressed up
  18. jealousy
  19. love proclamation
  20. cold and wet
  21. college au
  22. someone has the flu
  23. post-argument
  24. after a long time of not seeing each other
  25. first time together
  26. going to the fair
  27. cleaning wounds
  28. pretend relationship
  29. morning after
  30. working late at night
  31. being walked in on
  32. walking home late at night
  33. after the first date
  34. date gone wrong
  35. not wanting to be alone


  1. “I’m with you for a reason, stupid.”
  2. “I had a lot of fun, surprisingly.”
  3. “Look me in the eye; are you sure you’re alright?”
  4. “Sometimes I hate you, sometimes I love you. I’m trying to decide which I’m feeling right now.”
  5. “We are not dancing right now.”
  6. “Hey, things could be worse, right?”
  7. “I can’t help it. You’re just really warm. Like a giant heater.”
  8. “I love you. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anybody.”
  9. “Listen, I know it’s hard, but I’m not going anywhere.”
  10. “I just want you to be happy. With or without me.”
  11. “Your hand is in my personal space. Not that I mind.”
  12. “I know it’s late, but I don’t know where else to turn.”
  13. “I could give you a ride, if you want.”
  14. “The guilt is eating me alive.”
  15. “Do you need a massage? A cup of tea? A hot bath?”
  16. “No, no, no. I know where this is gonna lead. We do not have the time for sex.”
  17. “You don’t get to apologize after you’ve hurt me so bad.”
  18. “This is so unfair. You’re bigger and stronger than I am.”
  19. “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you. Would you mind saying that again?”
  20. “Please stay the night. I really don’t mind. I wouldn’t feel right knowing you’re sleeping by yourself.”
  21. “I’m really busy right now. And what you’re doing is distracting.”
  22. “It may not have a ring or a bouquet of flowers, but the sentiment is still the same.”
  23. “I know you might not think so, but you look really good right now.”
  24. “You’ve been working too hard and need to get some rest. There’s bags under your eyes.”
  25. “You look really peaceful when you’re asleep.”
  26. I’m not very flexible, you know.”
  27. “That looks like my shirt, but it can’t be. I know I left it in my closet, with all the other shirts you try to steal.”
  28. “I don’t like it when you’re alone with them”
  29. “I’m never letting you out of my sight ever again.”
  30. “Please never do that ever again.”
  31. “You look like you need a hug.”
  32. “I just want to be alone right now, okay?”
  33. “I hate that I need you around to feel safe. Because what if one day, I lose you?”
  34. “You? Tackle me to the ground? Don’t make me laugh.”
  35. “It was an accident, I swear.”

Drabble #5

Nick: It’s Tuesday morning here on the radio 1 breakfast show and I’m here with my guests Harry Styles and his beautiful girlfriend Y/N Y/L/N

Harry: Good Morning

Y/N: Hello

Nick: Now, this was not a scheduled appearance on the radio this morning was it Harry?

Harry: It was not

Nick: Tell the people how you got here, because this started out as a date didn’t it?

Harry: I wouldn’t call it date

Y/N: Heyyy

Harry: *looks at Y/N* I would call it romantic morning ruined by grimmers

Y/N: H got me up early so that we could go out for a nice breakfast before we got to work for the day, and somehow, we ended up near the BBC and now we’re here

Nick: Harry and I planned this Y/N, you’ve been kidnapped, you’re never leaving these studios again

Harry: *chuckles* Geeze Grim, that’s a bit much

Nick: I’m joking, you’re free to leave any time you like Y/N

Y/N: Alright, bye *stands up to leave* *sits back down* I’m kidding, I’m not going anywhere, I don’t know where I am

Nick: Hopeless, should we go to a song now?

Harry: Sure

Nick: Any requests?


Nick: Alright, Harry would you like to introduce it?

Harry: Sure, I’m Harry Styles and this is my song Kiwi

Nick: That was kiwi, and Harry Styles is here, with his wonderful girlfriend Y/N

Harry & Y/N: Hello

Nick: So Y/N, are you having Harry’s baby?

Y/N: No, and I don’t enjoy cheap cigarettes either, nor do I have any intellect

Harry: Don’t put yourself down like that love

Nick: aww isn’t that sweet of you Harold.

Harry: *shrugs & smirks* 

Nick:  Now I figured since your both here we could play a game

Harry: Oh god

Nick: No it’s a good game, I’m going to quiz you on each other, So Y/N you will answer questions about Harry and Harry you will answer questions about Y/N and who ever gets the most right is the winner

Harry: What do we win?

Nick: The love and affection of your partner

Harry: I’ve already got that, I don’t need a quiz to prove it

Nick: Y/N you can go first since Harry is being a child

So, Y/N your first question, what does harry do every night before he goes to bed?

Y/N:*giggles* He sends himself an email with his schedule for the next day, then he has a cup of camomile tea while he gets himself ready for bed, because he’s a middle aged women

Nick: Harry, is that correct?

Harry: Yes, I do, do that

Nick: One point to Y/N, Your turn Harold, Are you ready?

Harry: *Prayer hands* hit me

Nick: How does Y/N take her coffee?

Harry: That’s a trick question, Y/N doesn’t drink coffee, it makes her anxious, she does enjoy a black tea though

Nick: Y/N?

Y/N: Yeah, I can’t drink coffee, but I drink a lot of tea

Nick: Excellent, that means you each have one point, we ready for round 2?

Y/N: Always

Nick: Alright Y/N,  How old was harry when he had his first kiss?

Y/N: Ooh I actually don’t know this, but I’m going to guess like 14

Harry: Good guess

Nick: Another point to Y/N, Harry, you have the same question, how old was Y/N when she had her first kiss

Harry: I don’t have to guess this *shoots glance at Y/N* I was there, she was 18

Nick: Really? That’s quite old

Y/N: Thanks nick

Harry: I don’t think its old

Y/N: Thanks H

Nick: We’re going to go to the news and when we come back we’ll have the deciding round

Nick: You’re listening to the radio one breakfast show on Tuesday morning, it’s 8 o’clock and I’m here with Harry Styles and his girlfriend, and we’re about to finish our quiz to see which one of them will win the love and affection of their partner. This round is the tie breaker, Y/N are you ready?

Y/N: I was born ready Grim

Nick: Alright, it’s a two parter so to get the point you need to get both parts right. Now you’re Australian, what does harry love most about your country and what does he hate?

Y/N: Ok he hates how far away it is and the time difference, he also hates the snakes, not that he’s ever seen one besides at the reptile park which doesn’t count

Harry: It does count! And yes, I hate all of those things,

Nick: And what does he love?

Y/N: Me? I don’t actually know, probably something cliché like the weather or the beaches, or the scenery

Nick: Harry?

Harry: It’s a beautiful place, especially where you grew up, and you, that’s probably the thing I love most

Nick: Awwwwww well done Y/N, you got the point, pressure’s on now Harry

Harry: *Takes breath* Lets do it

Nick: Alright, it’s also a two parter, What was Y/N’s first job and why did she quit?

Harry: She worked at McDonald’s or “Maccas” to use her native tongue, and she quit because her boss made her cry

Nick: Y/N, is that correct?

Y/N: Yeah, my boss was a dick, and I hated smelling like nuggets all the time so I quit

Nick: Well that means it’s a tie! You both know each other very well, you can go back to your breakfast date now, because that’s all we have time for on the show

Harry: Thanks for having us

Nick: Should we leave them with Sign of the Times?

Harry: Yeah!

Nick: You’re listening to radio one and this is Sign of the Times by ….  

Harry: Harry Styles

@youngbouquettragedy you requested something like this a few days ago, and I’ve finally had a chance to write it, so I hope you enjoy it! 

I really enjoy writing these interview scenarios, so please send in requests if you have any! 


Early Morning Tease (Seth Rollins) - the reader is home with her boyfriend Seth for the holidays. Seth goes out with his friends for a few drinks, but not before being teased as he leaves. fluff/smut

y'all, this is my first time posting my writing on this blog so let me know what you think.

WARNINGS: language/smut(ish)


“That’s such BULLSHIT,” Seth yelled from the living room. I rolled my eyes, assuming he was just pissed that he was losing his video game. Every morning Seth ate his breakfast while he played Madden. It was like a tradition in our house. And almost every morning, Seth lost.

I grabbed my mug and made way into the living, finding that my assumptions were true when I saw an angry Seth standing right in front of the TV, thumbs furiously pushing at the buttons on his controller. I plopped myself down onto the couch and brought my knees to my chest, watching him with intrigue. Whenever he got worked up, his back muscles involuntarily tensed and flexed. I like to think it’s the universe’s little gift to me.

About ten minutes passed and Seth had officially lost to the Minnesota Vikings, 24-0, with a defeated and angry, “Fuck!” He turned around and looked me in eyes, smiling softly before climbing over the coffee table so he was standing in front of me. He leaned down and gave me a lingering kiss on the lips, before pulling back and gently kissing my forehead.

“Bet you had no idea was even sitting here, huh?” I asked, playfully poking his face as he sat down next to me, curling up into my side like a child.

“No, I knew,” he said, matter-of-fact.

“Seth there’s no way you knew. You were so engrossed in your video game.”

“You’re wrong. I always know when you’re around me. I have like, spidey senses that only work for you,” he looked up at me for his place on my hip and smirked.

I rolled my eyes at him again, for the second time this morning. “You’re an idiot.”

“But I’m your idiot. That’s the beauty of it,” he sighed into my skin.

I was really thankful for the time we had together at home in Davenport this Christmas. It originally wasn’t looking like we were going to be able to make it home until the 23rd and then in turn have to be back in Tampa by the 27th, but Carrano pulled some strings for us at the very last minute. Now we had about 2 and a half weeks off together. No obligations, no responsibilities (other than Kevin), and no work. Us both being professional wrestlers on the main roster for WWE, it was hard to get time like this. Time where we could lounge on the couch at our home and enjoy each other’s company.

“I’d be so lost without you, babe,” I muttered into my cup.

“Likewise, princess.” He placed a kiss on the outer part of my thigh before sitting up. “Speaking of that actually….” he trailed off, looking sheepish.

I gave him my best stern look, anticipating my annoyance at whatever was going to come out of his mouth in the next 30 seconds. “What did you do?”

He stood up and started backing away from me and into the kitchen, out of my smacking range, but I just picked myself up and followed him. “Okay, baby. You can’t be mad because it’s… i-it’s something you told me to do.” He raised his hands in defense.

I crossed my arms over my chest and leaned against the kitchen counter. “Take out the trash? Do the dishes? Put your disgusting socks into the washer and not leave them on the bathroom floor?” I questioned, gaining an eye roll from him.

“Okay, not exactly. But I promise that I’ll start getting better about that stuff.” He trailed off, not sure how to read my body language. “Remember how you told me to take time to relax and indulge in the small moments in life?”

I vaguely recalled being wine-drunk a couple nights before and telling him those things. I groaned inwardly. I should’ve known those words would come back and potentially bite me in the ass. I nodded tightly, too annoyed with myself to actually speak.

“Wellllllll,” he began, putting his hands on his hips and looking at me with that stupid, cute ass face that made me agree to anything he wanted. “The guys invited me to go over the lodge today and shoot some pool and drink some beer and I said I’d come.” He backtracked and raised his hands defensively when he saw my eyebrow raise. “I said I could ONLY go if it was alright with you.”

His big, brown bambi eyes pleaded with me and of course, my weak heart couldn’t stand here and say no when he looked so goddamn cute. But that didn’t mean I would let it look like I surrendered too easily.

“Oh? What time were you thinking?”

“Like 10? Only if that’s okay with you, princess,” he smiled nervously at me.

“And you’re going to the Moose Lodge here in town?”

“Yes. Just 10 minutes down the road. Close enough to be home incase of an emergency.”

I pursed my lips and pretended to contemplate before pointing a finger at him, commanding his attention. “I promise not to be a needy, mopey baby when you go hang out with your friends as long as you bring me some fried pickles when you come home.”

A big wide, award-winning smile spread across his face and he came around the kitchen island to envelope me in a warm hug. I squeezed him tightly, breathing in his scent. He felt like home and I loved it.

Seth pulled back just slightly to kiss me on the lips and then again and again. “Thanks, babe. I just didn’t want to leave you hanging while we had the chance to be home together.”

Eye roll count for today: 3.

“Seth, your friends deserve to see you too. They get to see you even less I do,” I smacked his chest playfully and went across the kitchen to get another cup of tea.

“I know, but you’re my number one priority in life,” he replied. I looked over my shoulder to see him staring at me from across the kitchen, adoration in all his features.

“Don’t you forget it, big guy,” I joked.

“With a woman like you, I couldn’t.”

“Good.” I turned in place and stared at his stupid, perfect face. He was too irresistible to not look at whenever I had the chance. We’d been together for 3 years and I still took every opportunity I admire him. I took and sip and suddenly remembered something. “Oh and can you pick up some milk?”

He furrowed his eyebrows at me and turned to open the fridge next to him. He grabbed the milk off the top shelf and held it up. “Yeah?”

I shook my head at the joker standing in front of me. “I meant at the store, Seth.”

He rolled his eyes at me this time and put the milk back where it belonged before closing the fridge and mocking my faux-annoyed pose. “Babe, I assume it weighs the same whether it’s in our fridge or at the store.”

“Seth Rollins, I hate you” I laughed.

He bounded over to me, pulling me into another tight hug. “You’re in love with me,” he muttered into my neck as he kissed his way down.

“Yeah, very true. I’m in love with you,” I whispered. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the closeness. He has just made his way to my t-shirt neckline when his hands snaked up and grabbed my breasts. His head popped up and by the darkening look in his eyes, I knew he was quickly getting turned on.

I smirked and shifted my position against the counter so my bare thigh rubbed against the bulge in his jeans. He groaned and brought his forehead down to touch mine.

“Are you not wearing a bra?” He mustered out between his clenched teeth.

“Nope,” I smiled back, popping the p.

“Why do you do this to me?”

“I thought we could have some fun this morning.” I made sure to bat my eyelashes at him and reach up to kiss his neck and tug at his hair, a few things that I knew would help with his growing arousal.

“Well then,” he said, lifting me up by my ass so I was now sitting on the counter, both legs on either sides of his hips, “we’ll just have to take care of that.”

Seth started kissing at my neck and playing with the waist of my silk pajama shorts. I pushed him away and hopped down form the counter, walking towards the living room. It pained me, but I knew it would pay off to both of our advantage later.

“Babe!” He shouted after me. “What the hell are you doing?”

I grabbed his keys from the bowl on the end table and tossed them to him. He caught them in one swift motion and stared at me incredulously, arms out.

“You gotta go. It’s 9:45 already. You told the boys you’d meet them at 10. You made a promise to be there and you’re not the kind of man to go back on his word,” I smirked.

He looked at the clock and then back at me a few times before sighing deeply. “You don’t play fair,” he moaned before heading towards the door.

“Not in the ring and not in the bed, baby,” I said before picking Kevin up and holding him in my arms. I grabbed one of his little paws and waved it at Seth. “Tell daddy bye-bye, Kev! Say, ‘Mommy’s going to go watch her TV shows without any clothes on while you’re gone.’” I kissed Kevin on the head before turning my attention back to Seth.

He was halfway out the door, turned towards me with lust and desperation displayed in his features. “You’re getting fucked into next week when I get home from the lodge later. I promise, princess.”

“Don’t forget the milk!” I shouted just before he shut the door behind him.

I laughed to myself and walked off to the bedroom. I was desperately looking forward to his return this afternoon.