we do bad things to bad people

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I got to say this but- Is summoning Alcor is a bad idea?

California would certainly say so.

But for real. It doesn’t come out as much in fics, because most everybody loves Dipper/Alcor and wants to see him happy with other people, but Alcor is a demon. A demon with some human instincts, sure, but a demon nonetheless. He wants to be on top. He wants to rob you blind. He really really really wants to see if he can finagle your soul into the bargain, because wow those are delicious. Sometimes his pesky human brain butts in and messes things up (what we would think of as doing the right thing), but nobody should rely on that. Summoning Alcor is a bad idea. A really, really bad idea.

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how do you deal with having a parent whos actions are abusive, when you're pretty sure they honestly aren't trying to be? i think my mum has problems like undiagnosed mental illness and possibly some sort of developmental disorder that make it hard for her to understand that certain things aren't okay and stuff (eg i think she has little to no empathy and she's said she tries but can't understand things she hasn't experienced herself) abuse is only when its on purpose, right? :s

hmm i’m not so sure. my mom is severely mentally ill and very abusive. much of her abusive actions are due to her mental illness.

i believe that we still have to take responsible for the actions we perform. when people are bad or abusive, regardless of their reasoning, they are still acting bad or abusive. 

if you feel comfortable doing so, you can call your abuse “abuse”. it doesn’t matter the motives of your abuser. what matters is that it is happening

i think as for dealing with it, try to set up boundaries if you feel comfortable doing so. she can’t have a reason for disrespecting you (even due to being mentally ill) if you have made your demands for your treatment clear. 

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How to tell if you are emotionally abusive

I feel we talk about signs of abuse from the victims standpoint but not from the abusers standpoint. In order to stop emotional abuse and recognize when we engage in unhealthy behaviors I made this list.

  • Do you react to important people in your life by ignoring them completely and not acknowledging their presence? Especially if they do something you don’t like?
  • Do you feel that your partner/friends/family members are the cause of your bad moods or frustration?
  • Does your partner/etc “do things the wrong way”?
  • Do criticize your partner/etc for being unreliable or a bad person?
  • Do you feel you have to constantly overlook your partners flaws in order to be around them?
  • Are you frequently accused of being “moody” or “hard to please”?
  • Do your partners complain that “nothing they do is good enough?
  • Do your partners appear to avoid you when you are angry or upset rather then comfort you?
  • Do you negatively comment on their intelligence or appearence? Either in private or in front of others.
  • Do you blame them when someone goes wrong?
  • Do you ever use phrases like “I could just hit you right now” or “I”m so mad I could punch something”?
  • Do you ever punch walls/throw things in front of your partner/etc?
  • Do you leave during fights and not inform of where you are going and when you will be back?
  • Do you behave the same alone with your partner that you do if you were in front of your friends or in public?
  • Have you frequently accused your partner of being too sensitive?
  • How often is your partner praised and complimented by yourself?
  • Do you think your partner spends too much time with friends and family?
  • Do you feel your partners friends and family are trying to drive you apart?
  • Do you refuse to actively comfort your partner when they are upset or angry especially if you don’t really understand why they feel the way they do?
  • If your partner brings up a behavior that bothers them do you respond by discussing how to change it or do you respond defensively?
  • Do you have difficulty apologizing?

All of these things are abuse tactics. Obviously even the healthiest of us will do these sometimes but if any one becomes a regular habit that’s when the problem starts.

Edit: Due to several requests I would like to add many of these are also symptoms of bpd or Borderline Personality Disorder as well those struggling with mental illness. Proper communication and understanding with your partner or family member is very important. Having a mental illness is not an excuse to be abusive however being mentally ill puts someone at higher risk of being abused. I highly recommend therapy if at all possible although this is just as someone who has been to a ton of it. My askbox is always open. Please no instant messages without my permission. 

Look, I get it.

I get why you don’t want to believe in God. I get it.
You’ve seen the Christians on street corners who are screaming about going to hell. 
You’ve seen Christians turn a blind eye.
You’ve seen Christians give really crappy answers when you’re hurting.

You’ve seen Christians in church ignore the new people.
You’ve seen Christians avoid you in the store.
You’ve seen Christians be downright hurtful.
You’ve seen Christians be just plain mean.

Here’s the thing.

Christians aren’t Christ.

I get it. Christians give Christ a bad reputation. I do it. I swear and listen to music and mutter words that would make my grandma and my Jesus blush. I’m mean. I avoid people. I get it. 

I get it. We base our beliefs on what we see. We build our perceptions on our experiences. We base our opinions on what we’ve learned.

If you’ve had a bad experience or 47 bad experiences with Christians,
I’m sorry.

This isn’t one of those posts that is going to end with the typical, “we’re all sinners and that’s why Jesus died for us”.
although that is true - that’s not the point of this.

What I’m saying is that Christians are going to disappoint you. Christians are not always going to represent Christ. Christians are going to hurt you. Christians are going to not look like Christians all of the time. 

But are you following a Christian or are you longing to follow Christ?

Are you getting to know Christians and doing things how they do them or are you getting to know who God is and why exactly He sent Jesus?
Are you spending your time pouring over Instagram and trying to match your journaling bible designs to the ones you see there?
Or are you spending your time pouring over the Bible and trying to match your life to the ones detailed in the stories told there?

What I’m trying to get at is this:
Christians will misrepresent God. Christians will mess up, we’ll make mistakes. We’ll say the wrong things. Because we’re not God. We’re not good at being God. We’re good at being humans. We were created as humans, and God is God.

God is good at being God. God won’t misrepresent himself. God doesn’t mess up. He doesn’t make mistakes. He doesn’t say the wrong thing. He doesn’t leave. He doesn’t break his promises. He doesn’t let you down.
Christians are meant to follow God. Christians are meant to become more like Jesus, not other Christians. 

If you’re skeptical about this whole thing, I get it. But if you’re willing, please seek to learn who God is and not who Christians can make him out to be.

-31Women (Emma)

As an autistic person, PLEASE refrain from reblogging content of us where we are aggressively referred to as “pure” and “good” and similar terms.

We’re no more or less good or pure than anyone else, and implying that a developmentally disabled person is somehow pure is incredibly ableist and suggests that we aren’t capable of understanding things that are bad, complex, gritty, or dark because our minds aren’t developed enough to do so.

This is the same type of thinking that enables our abuse, because people think we don’t understand what happens to us when we really do have a conscious perception of the abuse - people who think we can’t possibly know what abuse feels like don’t believe us when we say we’ve been hurt.

It’s especially dehumanizing when attached to a video, because comments like “GOOD AND PURE” are put onto videos of cute animals, and tacking the “GOOD AND PURE” comment on inspiration porn of autistic people - and other developmentally disabled people - is treating us exactly like those animals and no, it isn’t cute at all.

Have enough empathy/sympathy/decency to curate the videos you reblog please, and if a video of autistic people is treated like a video of cute kittens keep that shit off your blog for fuck’s sake.

Can I just talk about how important this press conference is to me. He just got back from Afghanistan after months of torture. He refused to go to the hospital and instead immediately went to a press conference. He could barely stand, and instead had everybody sit with him, but he showed up.

“We have become comfortable with a system of zero accountability” Tony’s first thought when he arrived home, now aware that bad people were using his weapons was to stop it. He didn’t go to the hospital or to his own home. He went to the public and told them.

‘Hey bad shit happened because of me, so I’m going to hold me accountable, and I’m gonna tell you what I’m going to do so you can hold me accountable too.’

Now when I get home from vacation the only thing I want to do is go home, and I don’t generally have emotionally scarring things happen during my vacations. I just miss my home. After months in Afghanistan I’m sure Tony did too. Yet he prioritized shutting down weapons to that. Which he should have, but it shows incredible strength of character. 

I’m just so proud of him as a character. Like good for you Tony.


I love them??? please excuse the bad anatomy I haven’t been drawing people 

it makes me sad to see people dismissing jumin’s affection in the valentine’s day dlc just because he buys so many gifts. 

not everyone expresses their love solely through words or cuddles. sometimes people enjoy picking out items that they think others might like, and enjoy giving gifts as it’s their way of showing how much they care. gifts are not inherently bad, and not inherently a sign that your love is fake or inadequate. 

some people don’t like receiving gifts, and that’s okay! it’s also okay to give gifts if it’s a way to express your love and make others happy! 

disliking jumin’s valentine’s day ending is not the problem. disliking it because you think gifts automatically diminish his feelings is kinda missing the point. 


Petition to start a group called “Party Poopers Club” that’s basically people who remind others that Science is a Thing and that you have to actually support your ideas with facts 

Potential Slogans: 
“I ruined so many people’s days” 
“If the truth always ruins your fun, consider that you might just be a really boring person” 
“Accept Reality, it’s hella cool”
“I feel delight by means of the truth” 

Various things that means you are a member of the society: 
- Reminding people that Pluto isn’t a planet 
- Explaining that Human-Caused Climate Change is a thing and it’s bad 
- Yelling that birds are dinosaurs, and dinosaurs have feathers, and Jurassic World is Bad Science 
- Describing in great detail about how GMO’s aren’t actually terrible for your body 
- Screaming about how vaccines do not cause autism 
- Explaining how evolution actually works and yes, we are all evolving 
- Talking about how animals aren’t like people and shouldn’t be anthropomorphized 
- Reminding people that prehistoric animals behaved like animals and were not monsters 
- Explaining how Nanotyrannus, Dracorex, and Stygimoloch aren’t actual things 
- Screaming about how focusing conservation efforts on “cute” organisms completely misses the point 
- Shouting about how gender is a societal construct, not connected to biological sex, which is a scientific model, and that both are not limited to just two options 
- Reminding people that neuroatypical conditions such as OCD and personality disorders are real conditions and that you don’t feel “sooooo schizo” because that’s not how it works 
- Explaining that there is no scientific basis for the idea that any “race” is superior over any other
- Screaming about how accurate representations of prehistoric creatures is really freaking important 
- Shouting that in general it’s better to have data to back up your ideas than just random anecdotes and that pseudoscience is bad

Feel free to add your own causes/facts that mean you are a member of this society. 

Other potential members of the Party Poopers Club include: 

- @palaeofail / @palaeofail-explained
- @why-animals-do-the-thing
- @biologizeable
- @aurusallos
- @bruh-i-nevre-seen-a-cooler-dino
- @fezraptor
- @albertonykus
- @synapsid-taxonomy

Potential Seals/Symbols of this Society: 

Pluto, Smiling like the little shit that it is 
A scientist holding up data/graphs/a paper 
Feathered, accurate Velociraptors 
Earth, on Fire 

Anyways reblog if you’re a proud member of the Party Poopers Club. 

Okay, so I’m glad 2016 is over, but I have just one all encompassing New Years Resolution for everyone:

Don’t be passive this year. Don’t sit by and watch atrocities happen, content in being able to morally object things but then only hoping for and expecting someone else to make it better. We can all agree the world has faced many tragedies this past year, that a lot of bad things have happened, and maybe you did your part, maybe it was out of your control, but the fact of the matter is we can always do something to help the world and ourselves a little everyday. We can apply for that scholarship, email that job representative. We can step in when things are going bad instead of only filming it.  We can volunteer for causes close to ourselves. We can call our  local government representatives so that our discontent is actually heard and has a snowball chance of being taken seriously. 

2017 is going to suck as bad as 2016 if we let it. With the people currently coming into power, it’s not the time to sit by and simply be upset. It’s the time to do something. 

We are not going to let this year go bad without a fight. 

No matter what choice you make, it doesn’t define you. Not forever. People can make bad choices and change their minds and hearts and do good things later; just as people can make good choices and then turn around and walk a bad path. No choice we make lasts our whole life. If there’s ever a choice you’ve made that you no longer agree with, you can make another choice.
  • radicals: we should do things that have good ideas behind them and share good ideas, and also stop people from doing things inspired by bad ideas or sharing bad ideas
  • liberals: we should tolerate and debate obviously bad ideas forever on the off chance that they're good, and in the meantime let bureaucracies decide what we actually do

So, things are looking bad.

I don’t want to call anything early, but things are looking bad.

And I just want to say, stay strong. Hold on, because we need people like you right now.

We’re going to need to be strong and stand together because things are going to get darker soon. And that sadly isn’t only true for the US–it sucks that our bad decisions affect everyone, but they do.

If you’re among the people most vulnerable right now, don’t lay down and die. Don’t turn your fears onto yourself. Don’t make it easier for the people who want you gone.

Stay safe, stay strong, stay kind. 


“We like to think there is this core of human nature – that good people can’t do bad things, and that good people will dominate over bad situations. Infact, when we look at the Stanford prison studies, that we put good people in an evil place, and we saw who won. Well, the sad message in this, is in this case is the evil place won over the good people.” — Philip Zimbardo

The Stanford Prision Experiment (2015) dir. Kyle Patrick Alvarez

Most Inspiring Advice Taylor Swift Gave Fans In 2014: 

“One terrible truth I’ve discovered is that sometimes we don’t just have a bad day or a bad month, sometimes we have a bad year. Sometimes we feel like we have no control over the endless waves of bad luck we seem to be experiencing.. But one thing you do have control over is your outlook. Your mindset is yours to control and as hard as it is to step back from the situation and have blind faith that things will change and get better, it’s our only option other than ending up in a downward spiral. People can shoot cameras into my windows and make things up about me every day, but they can’t get into my head. Please don’t let these people into your pretty head and your beautiful mind. I love you and am wishing you the best every step of the way.”

Best episode of Teen Wolf in a long time. It was a treat to see the big kids back onscreen and DEAR GOD, MY STETER SHIPPER HEART IS SO SATISFIED.

Because that, kiddos, is what we call a long term redemption arc. Your favorite fandom punching bag just threw himself head on into his greatest fear and incinerated himself to save these kids. TO MAKE SURE STILES ISN’T FORGOTTEN. TO GUARANTEE HIS DAUGHTER DOESN’T MEET THE SAME FATE.

Here’s the thing. We need villains in stories. We need people who can be bad and do bad things. Good isn’t good without bad to offset it. And Peter Hale is a villain who is a delight to hate, mostly because Ian does it SO WELL. I love to see what despicable, ill-conceived plot he’ll hatch next.

But we need to all be honest here, because when Peter does something right, he does it in a big way. You can’t help but love how he just shoves life right back in the chest when it shoves him down. Think back over the first four seasons. How many times did he come to the aid of this ragtag crew? How many times has his advice or action gotten them out of a life or death situation? The captive betas in the safe. The hospital against the alpha pack. THE NOGITSUNE IN 3B.

Yes, I remember the end of s4. I am not erasing that. Yes, Peter cares most about himself. But he has some flicker of affection for this scrappy band of kids that usually seems to manifest itself into saving their asses when they need it most. And in the end, it just might save him too.

I don’t ever want Peter to be all good. He isn’t made that way. He is a manipulative, sadistic asshole, but by God, I wouldn’t ever want him any other way.