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I suppose is different to paint the abs of a celebrity you don't know than to do it for someone that know you by name.

LOL RIGHT now everyone is sending me pictures of rob’s abs and it’s hilarious


next time we’re even in the same vague vicinity i’m gonna hear a distinct shrill “SCOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU” and i’m going to start sprinting in the opposite direction and shouting “bro u do what u gotta do to keep food on the table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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Yes ok hello so you’ve probably already answered this a million times but what inspired you to draw the blessed saga that is God n Gabe that is all ily



every other time there’s a “can rob and ____ act out a scene between their charas?” it’s pretty serious or like “PLS FORGIVE ME”

but with these two it was literally

hanging out

watching tv

and from that point on it was “holy shit IT MAKES SENSE”


Imagine my disappointment when there were no bees. :(


day 4: the moment you knew lucas would always like riley

S2xE4 Girl Meets Pluto

“…these things are important to us.” // “you’re really important to me” -Girl Meets Texas Part 1

Not many people celebrate puberty, but anyways today I am officially one year on T!!!

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Sterek. Summer evening breeze. Mutual pining, preferably with hints of a happy ending.

I’m gonna go ahead and apologize right now that there aren’t really hints of a happy ending. I am terrible at happy, and probably terrible at pining. I’m trying


Stiles sat on the edge of the roof, heels banging gently against the brick of the wall beneath him as he looked out over the city. Everything seemed so peaceful from this height, like there wasn’t a supernatural war going on nightly, like they weren’t all fighting tooth and claw to stay alive to protect the people they loved. Up here it was quiet, a soft summer breeze ruffling at his hair, ghosting over his skin, whispering of familiar, warm times long past where things had been simpler, comforting even.

He closed his eyes, tipping his head back a little and letting the sensation wash over him for a few heartbeats as he took a long, slow breath and let it out even slower.

When he opened his eyes to the evening sky, his gaze ticked over the stars, the blanket of night just beginning to quench the fire of day. He smiled.

Behind him, the roof door clicked, and he was on his feet before it opened, though he relaxed his grip on his steel-barbed bat when he realized it was just Derek.

“They’re out,” Derek said, controlling the close of the door so it shut quietly. “Time to go.”

Stiles nodded, because he’d been up here as a sentry, making sure nothing came in at them from the sky unannounced, but in the utter quiet, he’d started to relax. He knew that they weren’t supposed to be here, that the grotesques that guarded this sector of the city would be wakening in the next few minutes, but he just…

“In a minute,” he said softly, nodding his head toward the cityscape laid out beneath them. “Come look.”

Derek gave him a searching look, and then stepped over to the edge of the roof. Stiles watched as he took in the city, face softening just a little in fondness. The warmth in his expression brought a smile to Stiles’ lips, and he didn’t bother to hide it. Derek was beautiful when he loved something.

“It looks better from up here,” Derek said, gentle, like he wished things could be different up close. “Can’t smell the blood.”

With a sigh, Stiles followed his gaze out over the city one last time. Two buildings over, one of the demonic grotesques began to stir, the stony stiffness fading from its leathery wings as it stretched. They needed to leave, to get back to the pack before things got dangerous.

“Yeah,” he agreed, barely a breath but knowing the wolf would hear him. Knowing that Derek would hear the resignation in his voice but not having the energy to hide it. He turned away from the city to head for the door.

He didn’t see the way Derek watched him leave, gaze clinging to him as though he wished he could drag Stiles back to where things were not quite so broken for just a few more minutes. By the time he opened the door and looked back, Derek was already moving to join him, not quite meeting his eyes. 

Stiles let him pass, and, as he had always done, followed after him.