we did good mike

The signs as Stranger Things objects

Aries: Lucas’ wrist rocket

Taurus: Steve’s nailed bat

Capricorn: Barb’s glasses

Scorpio: The deprivation

Virgo: Dustin’s tooth

Leo: Mike’s freckles

Gemini: Brenner’s suit

Cancer: Nancy’s ponytail

Libra: Hopper’s hat

Sagittarius: Ted’s chicken

Pisces: The kids’ supercoms

Aquarius: The Eggos hopper left in the forest

ALSO ONE HELL OF A THANK U TO @dadharbour for joining me on the wild ride of making this as my guide and showing me the ways of shitposting

yo very unpopular opinion here but its bothering me a fuckton so here

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Ride It, My Pony

Reader Request: Could you do a Drabble with Dean, for #25? Thanks, love you!!! (requested by Anonymous)

Word Count: 1,090

Warnings: Teasing, sexual lyrics, but other than that…we is good :)

25. “Magic Mike did it better.”

Author’s Note: Sorry it took me a while to write this one! I have a couple more after this and then I’ll be done with the Drabbles :) I hope you like this one! *covers eyes nervously*

Song of Inspiration: “My Pony” by Ginuwine 


You’re about to turn the page of the lore book you’re reading when you hear it.

At first you think you’re imagining it. There is absolutely no way that Sam or Dean would ever in their right minds play this song. Drunk or sober.

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