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Can we please talk about how precious Billy was in the reboot, and how everyone knew that he needed to be protected at all costs? First Jason, then Kim, and then everyone else. Then Rita drowns him and everyone balls 😭😭😭 The hand claps, the cute comments…..the dancing at the end…. blowing up his lunch box. Be still my fragile heart…..

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Requested ages ago by @grace-for-sale​. Hope you like it!

Summary: AU in which Dean and Cas are both high school teachers. Dean has a crush, but no courage to do anything about it.

Word Count: 1600ish

Warnings: None. I wrote something without smut. What??

“You’re late, Mr. Winchester.”

“The bell was literally ringing as you said that, Lydia,” Dean smiles. “I think we can all let it slide.”

Lydia smiles back and starts sharpening her pencil in the sharpener by the door, where she’s clearly been waiting for him. “I can let it slide,” she agrees, “since you were just out there talking to Mr. Novak.”

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❤ - go blind/speed dating and happen to find each other (w/ childhood.rival!jungkook)

If there was one thing you didn’t trust when it came to blind dating, it would be the fact that it could be anyone in the god damned spectrum of the universe that would be paired up with you but this specific person had to be it. Out of seven billion people, he was the odd one out. What the fuck. Not only that, you trusted your friend’s word and taking that into consideration, Park Jimin was going to get an ass whooping of a lifetime.

“This has got to be a prank. Where are the cameras?”

“Still the same old Y/N. You never do give up on thinking the world revolves around you, huh?”

“…listen Jeon, just because we’re in public and you may be taller than me, doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass,”

“Oh,” He scoffs, leaning forward with the lift of his brow, “Would you like to try me, then?”

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hi can i please have more bokuto headcanons? that was so cute! i love the grapes

omg yes you can??? the grapes were my favorite part!!

  • he can literally catch anything in his mouth people throw at him
    • across the room? doesn’t matter
    • a whole clementine? easy
    • once caught an apple in his mouth even though it almost chipped his tooth
    • he’s the best at catching throws from akaashi and secretly loves showing off
    • his record is 64 catches in a row, and the only reason the streak broke was because kuroo accidentally threw the raisin at his eye because he was laughing so hard
  • v good at jump rope. i like to think he’s got a ton of siblings, and probably some younger ones, and he teaches all of them jump rope. he can do the crazy double dutch like it’s nothing
  • okay this is kind of off the wall but i was imagining him in american gym classes the other day?? he’d be a MONSTER he’d get picked first for everything
    • whatever team he’s on has not lost dodgeball once. reigning school champion
    • we played this game called jedi which was like dodgeball but with bats and he’d be really good at that too
    • dominated the baseball and basketball units
    • we did a mock olympics things and i feel like he’d win gold in everything
  • exceptionally good at paper football. he makes akaashi fold them but then he can flick them to any target in the room
  • one time at a college party i played a drinking game called vietpong which basically one side has the basic pong set up and the other side gets to put their cups in any spot around the room as long as it’s visible. he’d destroy anyone at that game.
  • also really good at quarters
  • has found a total of over 300 dollars in change by now
    • is secretly funding akaashi’s snacking habits with all the change he finds
  • he’s been able to cartwheel one handed since he was 8 and does it to celebrate in matches. almost got kicked off the court once for excessive celebration
  • weirdly good at that rope climb thing in gym class
  • set the school record for the pacer test
  • the gymnastics team wanted him but he thought volleyball was more fun
    • the gymnastics, soccer, baseball, and track coaches regularly get together and cry because he won’t be on their teams
happy birthday | alfie solomons

my girl @yourenotmytype requested shelby!reader thinking alfie had forgotten her birthday when he was really getting the whole family in on it

“Ollie, you seen Alf?”

“Uhh…no, not today”

“He hasn’t been in at all?”

“Meetings, I think”

You sighed, shoving your hands in your pockets and turning about his desk.

“Oh, happy birthday! I nearly forgot”

He scuttled off behind to rifle through the drawers and pulled out a poorly wrapped box.


“My niece helped”

You laughed, holding your hands out for the present.

“I truly appreciate it, thank you”

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One of the downfalls of high school teachers is that they assume the ‘smart kids’ are also the 'good kids’. Today I was in a group with the other teacher-proclaimed “'good kids’” and all we did was discuss whether the 14-font period trick would work on the current English teacher

In case you missed it,,

The question was “What does Rocky do after a shower?” and someone said “Cha Eunwoo” and they read it live outloUD I AM CRYING 

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Pregananant or parent leggy headcannons!

  • Leggy’s kids has the best hair (Thomas’s kids come in second; and its a two way tie with Burr’s kids, and Angie’s) 
  • Leggy’s parenting style is “let them do whatever”; kids end up in a weird situation “how the hell did this happen?!?” 
  • Leggy are the parents that when the kids are going bonkers because they are refusing to nap, will hide in the bathroom and drink wine
  • Laf and Peggy coming out from hiding and cleaning up their chaos; finding drawings of them by the kids and going “we did good”

ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-10: favorite uncle/aunt/niece/nephew scene

(scenes with Ryke Meadows being an uncle)

He pries the defiled comic book out of Moffy’s clutch and then lifts the baby in his arms. Moffy laughs, like a giggle. My lips rise. My brother’s not too bad with my kid.

“You should babysit more often.”

“Fucking hilarious,” he curses, passing me Maximoff while Lily slides off my back, her feet thudding to the floor.

Lipstick (Blurb)

addy!harry with his girl or twins being 13/14 starting to wear makeup and at first he’s mad at her but it’s only because he’s emotional she’s growing up but the missus talk to him and it’s all end well 


Whoa, whoa, whoa, where do you think you’re going, young lady?”

Your 13-year-old daughter stopped and turned to face her father who was seated at the kitchen table.

“School?” she shrugged.   

“Not dressed like that, you’re not. And what’s all over your face?”

Your daughter sighed and crossed her arms. She was dressed in black skinny jeans and a top that was a bit lower than she normally would wear.


“No, c’mere,” Harry said, motioning her over.

You came around the corner just in time to see Harry examining the makeup on your daughter’s face. She saw you and gave you a look to suggest that she wanted you to step in and tell her father to stop being so embarrassing.

“Harry, what are you doing?” you asked.

He peered around your daughter to give you a very disgruntled frown.

“Have you seen what our daughter is planning on wearing to school today, (Y/N)?”

You took a few steps closer and smirked.

“I have. I was there when she bought that shirt.”

“It’s fashionable, dad,” your daughter insisted, “You’re always wearing fashionable stuff; why can’t I?”

“Because I’m not 13,” Harry countered, “And since when do you wear makeup?”

She sighed, clearly fed up with his questions.

“Since mum took me to the store and helped me pick some out.”

Harry frowned again, but finally leaned back in his chair.

“Shouldn’t need to wear that much makeup at your age. You’re beautiful without it.”

“Dad…can I go, please?”

Harry sighed, but then nodded.

“Take a coat though, please. It’s chilly out.”

She let out a bit of an exasperated huff, but grabbed a jacket from the rack on her way out. As soon as you heard the door shut, you walked over behind Harry and slid your arms down around his neck.

“What’s that look for?” you said, poking at his cheek which was still turned down in a frown.

“She’s 13. Do all 13-year-olds start wearing makeup and dressing like they’re 18?”

“Some of them do. Does it really upset you that much?”

“S’not so much the makeup…s’just…she’s still supposed to be my little girl, isn’t she? Now she’s walkin’ around all grown up and stuff. S’like I blinked and missed everything.”

You chuckled and moved around to the front of him, sitting down on his knee and leaning in to give him a kiss.

“She’s still your little girl, Harry. She’s growing up, but she’s always going to need her dad, no matter what. We’ve raised a strong, confident, beautiful, independent young lady who is starting to come into her own and there are going to be a lot of changes and heart breaks and stresses for her coming up in the next few years. A little experimenting with makeup isn’t the end of the world.”

Harry finally broke into a small smile and gave you another kiss.

“We did raise a good kid, didn’t we?”

“We did.”

He nudged at your neck with his nose.

“So…any chance you’d ever want to raise another one?”

You quickly got off his lap and walked for the door.

“Oh, look at the time! I think I have to go…do something else. See you later, honey!”

Harry laughed, shaking his head and taking another sip of his tea.

It had been worth a shot.

Don't forget where you came from


Finn and I sat at the table in Watery Lane 6 with some paper and a pen. I was still trying to teach Finn how to write. He’s fourteen now and I’ve been teaching him for years, you’d think he would’ve gotten the hang of it by now. I think he secretly knows how to do it, but he just enjoys having me there to teach him. It’s no secret that he has a bit of a crush on me. He’s younger than me, I turned seventeen not too long ago, but it’s cute to see him get flustered when I lean in too close or I accidentally touch his hand.
“Look at that will you. Finn’s having class again.” Arthur grins when he walked in followed by John and Tommy.
“You’re either really stupid or you’re really enjoying your teacher’s company.” John adds. Finn sighs.
“Alright boys leave him alone.” Tommy places his hand on Finn’s shoulder. “He’s just trying to be a good student.” He adds, a ghost of a smile on his lips. I can’t help but grin at their jokes and the frustrated look on Finn’s face makes me let out a small laugh.
“You alright y/n?” Arthur asks as he sits down next to me. I nod. “Everything at home alright?”
I sigh as I remember how my father looked when I left this morning. “Yeah, everything’s alright.”
Tommy gives a look that says he doesn’t believe me and I quickly look away. “You need to tell us if you need help y/n.” He says.
“I will.” I answer but I keep my eyes on the paper.
I can just feel that Tommy doesn’t believe me and John seems a bit wary too.
“Y/n.” John starts. “Tell us.”
“It’s nothing really.” I shrug. “Just the usual. He got really drunk so I went to my room and locked the door. When I left this morning he was still sleeping.”
“You got a lock on your door now then?” John asks.
“Yeah, I put it there for her.” Finn answers for me. He surprised me with it after the last time my father hurt me.
“Good work Finn.” Arthur pats his brothers shoulder before he turns to me.
“He’s been getting drunk a lot lately then?” Tommy asks as he lights a cigarette.
“You want us to have a talk with him?” Arthur raises his eyebrows as he looks at me.
I shake my head. “No no you’ve done too much for me already.”
I always used to play with Finn when we were little kids and everything was still good. Sometimes we did little jobs for the older Shelby boys. I’m basically a part of the family, just not by blood. They look at me like a little sister, except for Finn. My mother died while my father was away at war. Her death combined with the horrible things he had seen in France made him start drinking. He’s a mean drunk. When he drinks he tends to hurt me. I managed to hide it for a while, but one time it was really bad. Polly found me that day, bruised and with several broken bones. She took me to a doctor and then back to their house. When the boys found out they had a rather rough ‘talk’ with him and he behaved for a while, but that didn’t last long.
“We’ll always help you.” Arthur says. “You’re practically family.” He throws an arm over my shoulders and gives me a squeeze.

“Good teamwork kids, lets head home.”

“Did we not do most of the fighting though?”

“Pietro just let father have his moment.”

Alternate movie ending where Peitro doesn’t get shot a billion times and Hawkeye immediately adopts the twins and everyone lives happily everafter at the farmhouse rolling haybales, the end.