we did care...and then you kept talking

Hidden{3}[Peter Parker]

Pairing:fem!reader x Tom Holland’s!Peter Parker

Summary:The reader develops feelings for her childhood friend Peter Parker but is scared to admit it because she’s afraid it’s going to ruin their friendship.


*gif: tony is me and peter is the reader in this part  lmao*

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“I don’t see where the bad thing is.If you like him,why don’t you just tell him?” asked Michelle,her eyes fixed on her drawing.

“Because if he doesn’t like me back, it means bye bye friendship! Forever…" She whispered as she took a look at the girl’s “piece of art” as she called it.

“I can’t risk it…”

“You said bye bye to your friendship with Peter the moment you fell in love with him…" Michelle stated,rolling her eyes.

“I thought you were on my side?” Y/N almost shouted. Immediately,she took a look around,making sure that nobody had heard her.It didn’t seem like it.

“I am on your side Y/N! I mean, i’m literally sitting next to you…”

Y/N widened her eyes in shock.  

"Wh-what?” MJ let out a small laugh.

“Okay,i’m kidding…Look,i think you should tell Peter everything. Avoiding him isn’t really helping as you can see. And why are you coming to me for advice again?”

“Because we’re supposed to be friends?”


Y/N stayed silent. After a few minutes of nobody talking,she stood up from her desk and grabbed her backpack,ready to leave detention.

“Homecoming is tomorrow night.” Michelle looked up at her and Y/N swore she saw a smirk being created on the corner of her lips.

“So?” Y/N asked,not really getting her friend’s point.

 "Ask him to be your date or something. Homecoming is the perfect chance,don’t you think? You have nothing to lose.“

MJ was right. She had to-at least-try. It was indeed the perfect chance. It was then or never. She was so sick of hiding.

“You’re a genius!” Y/N said,giving her friend a quick hug.

“I know…” Michelle snorted and waved at Y/N who exited the class,running.

Positive thoughts flooded her mind.Peter saying yes to her proposal,both dancing for hours the night of homecoming,finally telling him how she felt about him. All that weight she’d been carrying all those years would finally be lifted.

As soon as she got out of school,she saw Liz motioning her to come over. Y/N furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.What did she want?

“Hey Y/N!”She said sweetely. Y/N gave her a fake smile and nodded.

“I was just about to go home.Mind walking with me?” Liz asked.

Y/N didn’t really want to but just the thought of telling Peter about homecoming made her happy. The last thing she wanted was to worry about Liz. Besides,it was just one time. Her and Liz weren’t close.Sure,they had many same classes and they went to the same parties. But they never really hung out.Y/N didn’t know much about her. All she knew was that she was one of the most popular girls at school and that she had a huge crush on spiderman. Enough to not like her.


As they walked down the streets of Queens,Liz kept talking about things Y/N didn’t really care about,for example,how hard the organization of homecoming was. It wasn’t until the girl mentioned a familiar name that she actually listened.

“Did Peter tell you?”

Y/N stopped walking.

“Tell me what?” She dared to ask,impatience taking over her.

“That he’s my homecoming date?We met at the school hall earlier today and he asked me out. Isn’t it great?”

Y/N felt everything start tumbling down. All the happiness,the excitement…All gone. What was she thinking? Peter was in love with Liz,not her. She was just a friend. And that’s all she would be. 

“I thought you guys were close?”

How stupid of her to think that he had gotten over Liz. 

She felt like she couldn’t breathe.

“Y/N,are you listening?” Liz asked,waving in front of her face.

“Uh…Yeah,yeah…Amazing! You guys are gonna be so cute together…” She said pathetically as she got back to walking,faster than before.

All she wanted at that moment was to get home as soon as possible and cry. Hard.

She was broken.







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I’m thinking about you a lot right now.
I know I shouldn’t be, but I can’t refrain.
I miss you so much.
I just wish you knew how badly.
I keep thinking of past happy memories with you.
It hurts knowing that they’re just past memories and I will never be able to make future ones with you.
I wish we were still talking.
I wish you cared about me.
I wish you still loved me.
I wish I could see your face again - in person.
I wish we were still friends.
Sadly, we just kept pushing each other away instead.
I hope you don’t regret anything we did together.
I will tell you right now that, I don’t.
I just can’t bare the fact that we can’t go back to what we once were.
I’m trying to feel better alone, I swear.
But thinking about a life without you just makes me feel so empty and hollow inside.
Please, just come back to me.
Fill this voided emptiness buried within me.
I don’t want to be hollow anymore.
I just want to hear your voice.
I just want to see your smile.
I just want to taste your lips.
I just want to feel your skin.
Is that too much to ask for?
Why don’t you love me back anymore?

New Girl

Pairing: Clay Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 3.5k

Warnings: A lot of fluff.

Summary: You’ve moved to San Luis and now attend Liberty High. You meet Clay and develop a crush on him, but only start talking to him when he hurts himself badly in front of your house. It takes place the summer after Hannah’s death.

A/N: I wrote this right after I binged watch the show. I really fell in love with Clay’s character. This is a little something for all those who believe Clay deserves true happiness.:)

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Nice guys finish last but they finish with the best.

When I found out you slept with my best friend’s ex boyfriend, I forgave you.

When I found out you’d steal stuff from people/me, I forgave you.

When i found out you’d borrow money from people and not return them, I accepted your past, I stayed by your side and tried to change you because I didn’t want you to be like this forever.

When you told me your debtor is knocking on your door and threatening you to pay up otherwise he’ll bring your parents into the drama, I transferred you money immediately so you wouldn’t get into trouble.

When you know I’ll get insecure/paranoid/worry when you go out with other guys on movie dates/ cafe hopping / exhibition trips, you didn’t bother to inform me at all. You just went ahead with it despite being aware of my feelings, but I still forgave you.

When you nonchalantly told me you’re gonna work in a gay bar and you didn’t check how I’d feel about it, I scolded you but i eventually bit my tongue and accepted it.

When I tried to ask you to be more accountable for your actions, be better at money management, be more responsible, you told me I was too demanding. I accepted it and told myself maybe you just needed more time to figure things out.

I did all these because I saw potential in you, in us. Thats why I kept putting in so much effort in trying to change you because I wanted to shape you into a better person.

Here’s the thing about me, I always see the best in people and i always give second chances because I believe people are always capable of change. I’m a nurturer and thats why I will never give up on the people I love unless I have a reason to. I tried and I tried and I tried, but all I get back in return are heartaches after heartaches. 

I know I’m not not perfect, I have my flaws too. I’m not rich enough to bring you around to places you like, buy you the things that you like, I get temperamental at times, I tend to let my emotions get the best of me and for these, I apologise. I may not be able to indulge you in materialism but I gave you my heart and I honestly thought that was more important than anything else in the world. Turns out I was wrong, maybe all my time and efforts were for nothing. Maybe my heart is not valuable enough for you.

So on the night of 31st August, I wanted to treat you to a nice dinner at my favorite cafe. I haven’t eaten the whole day because I wanted to enjoy your birthday meal with you. Then you texted me and told me to postpone our meet up from 8 - 9 because you were still out with your friends. I waited patiently, I didn’t wanna kick up a fuss because it was suppose to be a good day for the both of us. I asked you if you could leave earlier because i haven’t eaten anything the entire day, so you can imagine the pain I felt when you said 

I mean this really says it all. You’re willing to let me wait and starve while you enjoy the company of your friends. This utterly broke my heart.

You then told me you’re leaving soon at 8:39PM, I took the train towards our meet up place and reached at 9:10PM. 

At 9:11PM you told me you’re walking to take the train
At 9:36PM you said you didn’t know where the train station was
At 9:40PM you told me you’re walking to Dhoby

And you finally reached at 9:50PM. I waited for more than 2 hours, 7:30 - 9:50 and I was literally on the verge of tears. I kept asking myself why am I doing so much for someone doesn’t even appreciates it. I wanted to slap myself on the face for being so stupid.

I explained how I felt to you, I asked you if you even care about me because if you did you would have excused yourself from your friends instead of letting me wait and starve for you for more than 2 hours. 

You looked down.

I asked you if you still liked me,

You looked down.

Then we both sat down on the benches and had a very long talk. 

I asked you if you still like me,

You looked down and then back at me
and shook your head.

I brought you to a corner, gave you one last hug and one last kiss. I don’t know why you cried when I did that, maybe you still have feelings for me and maybe you still liked me but maybe its just all wishful thinking on my part.

I wouldn’t say these past few months was all for nothing. I did enjoy your company in the beginning and it brought me a lot of joy. I also learnt alot about myself so it was all worth it.

I’m not gonna be like Taylor Swift and embrace my inner mean girl when something goes wrong in my life. I know giving selflessly is a good quality and maybe one day someone will appreciate my efforts and my heart and until that day comes, I’m not gonna change anything about myself.

So all in all, i just wanna thank you for the experience.

I Loved you.
Your Annoying Nicholas

Abandoned//Scott McCall

Characters: Scott McCall, Malia Tate, Derek Hale, Reader.

I fell in love with you at 3:16 on March 4th. It was a Tuesday, I think it rained. I met you at 8:02 on September 26th. It was my first day of school, I was new to town. Lydia was my peer guide so I sat with you at lunch. You made me laugh. I laughed all the time with you, Agent Scotty.

“You’re really going to sneak into coach’s office and do it?”

“Yes! Stiles has done it. I’ll just redo it and put it on his desk. He’ll never know I flunked the test.” Scott shrugs.

“I don’t have a good feeling about this.” You sighed.

“Trust me. I’m like a spy. He’ll never know I was there.”

“A spy, huh?” You giggled.

“Agent McCall.” He raised an eyebrow.

“Sounds too formal…” You looked up at his smile.

“Agent Scotty.” You laughed, his smile widening as he laughed with you.

“Agent Scotty at your service.” He saluted you.

“Well, Scotty, I need the flunked test on my desk by 4 p.m. You better not fail me!”

“Yes, chief!” He shouts as he takes off down the hall to coach’s office.

You were my best friend. You had Stiles and I had Lydia, but we had each other. You were my net.

Do you remember that time we got caught cooking a 3-course dinner at 4 o'clock in the morning by your mom? I do. She was so mad at first, but then she grabbed a plate and sat down and ate with us.

What about that time we’d convinced Stiles that Leonardo DiCaprio was never in Titanic? He was so pissed when he found out we’d tricked him. He told Lydia he loved Ryan Gosling’s work in that movie. He wouldn’t talk to us until we brought him pizza and a life-sized cutout of Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie. I think he still has it in his apartment.

Did I tell you that Lydia and Stiles are engaged? He proposed last week.

Do you remember our first date? You took me to the reserve. We became official there. It was January 6th at 10:42 p.m. That was a Monday.

“Scott it’s super dark out here.”

“Trust me, Y/N. Please?”

“Okay. I do trust you. It’s just..really dark.” You grasp his hand and he squeezes it.

You walked until you reached light. You looked over the town, sighing as Scott approached the edge.

“You brought me to our spot.” You smile.

“Oh but of course. Where else would I take you?”

“I don’t know..” You look around. “Promise me that that if this doesn’t work out we’ll still be friends?”

“God, Y/N..you’re my best friend. Nothing, and I mean nothing will change that.” He stood behind you and wrapped his arms around you. “Besides, why is that even a question?”

“I don’t know. I just thought I’d ask.”

He kisses your cheek. “I plan on staying your boyfriend, if you don’t mind.”

“Boyfriend?” You look up at him.

“I mean…yeah. I thought so…is this weird? Am I making this weird? I didn’t know if we were official or not so..” He blushes.

“No, I like it. You’re my boyfriend.” You laugh.

“Good. That makes me feel better.”

I told my mom about you that night. She knew you only as my friend. I’d never told her I’d liked you. I gushed, and as embarrassing as it is to think back on, I’d do it again, just so I could talk about you like you were brand new.

I lost my virginity to you, it was February 14th. Super cliche. But you knew that, you were there. The sex was terrible and we both knew it, but it was Valentine’s Day, it was supposed to be romantic. We cuddled afterward, that was the first time you spent the night. I remember thinking how warm you were, I loved it. We woke up the next morning and you ran out of my room, afraid of my mom coming in. She wouldn’t have minded, she loved you. She knew that you were the one for me.

The next week was amazing. We were closer than we’d ever been. It was obvious to everyone that we’d taken that step but we didn’t care.

“God, Y/N…just go to the janitor’s closet already.” Malia rolls her eyes.

“Oh shut up. I’m just looking at him.” You roll your eyes.

“No, you’re devouring him.” She nudges your arm as you continue to stare.

“I can do that. He’s mine.” You smile at Scott across the room and he smirks.

The day I fell in love with you I’d just wrecked my car. My mom wouldn’t answer the phone and I walked to your house for help. You found me standing outside. It definitely did rain, now that I’m talking about it, because I was dripping wet. I even you remember you saying something flirty about it. I stood there shivering, my arms crossed over my chest. I was wearing that big blue jacket of yours. You pulled me inside, your warmth already making me feel better.

“Babe what happened?” Scott asks you, unzipping your jacket.

“There was a deer. I swerved to miss it and hit the guard rail.” You sighed, pulling your wet hair up. Your makeup was smeared all over your face.

“Look, I know I’m supposed to support my girlfriend and all but you’re a hot, hot mess.” Scott gives you a once over.

You laugh and step out of your shoes. They squelch as you put them to the side. “Thanks for that support then.”

“I’m just saying. Look, I’ll call AAA and we’ll take care of it. For now, come upstairs and get changed.”

You nod and take his hand as he leads you upstairs.

You changed into his T-shirt and some boxers, climbing into his bed. “Babe hold me. I’m cold.” You pouted at him.

He sits on top of his sheets, holding you in his arms. “I called while you changed, they said they’d get your insurance number from your mom.”

“Thanks, Scotty.” You sigh into his chest.

“Hey, that’s what I’m here for.” He smiles.

“Scott….” You mutter.

“Yeah, babe?” He looks down at you.

“I’m in love with you.” You said proudly. You knew he’d reciprocate, you’d heard him say it in his sleep.

A big smile spreads across his face. “I love you too.” He kisses you gently, your wet hair falling into his face.

You took care of me so well, everyone knew we’d get married. We even looked into getting married in a state that would allow us to get married as minors. We never did though, we kept putting it off. You said you’d never proposed so it wasn’t official, but I knew it was because of your mom and dad. You never talked about their relationship much, you just swore up and down to me you’d never become him.

We never got the chance to get married.

I lost you June 19th. I know the exact time. Every time I see it flash on a clock my heart breaks. It was 9:29 p.m. You’d gone out with Derek to talk to an alpha of another pack. Derek showed up on my doorstep, unable to speak. My last words to you were ‘don’t do anything stupid.’

You heard a knock at your door, you figured it was Scott so you ran to it before anyone else could answer it. It was Derek, he’d been crying. He had tears running down his red cheeks, he was bent over, he looked emotionally drained.

“Derek, what’s wrong?”

“Scott. H-he…we were all calm and we trusted the other alpha…he just…” He sniffles and you lean against the door frame.

“Derek…what’s going on?”

“Scott…he’s…he’s gone. The other alpha broke his neck..I just..God it happened so fast, Y/N! I’m so sorry!”

You fell to your knees, a scream ripping from your throat. This wasn’t real, it wasn’t real. This was just one of those dreams that Scott would hold you through. You’d wake up in Scott’s warm arms and he’d be stroking your hair.

“No…no it’s not real.”

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I took him to the hospital.”

Your sobs rang through the house, your vision going blurry. You felt your body go numb, the only thing you could hear was your heart pounding. Your tears soaked the front of your T-shirt. It was Scott’s, you’d kept it from the time you wrecked.

Derek squatted in front of you, holding you as you cried.

“He’s gone Derek. He left me! He left me in this stupid town and now I have no one!” You screamed. “I’m all alone! He abandoned me! The love of my life is dead!”

I’m sitting here writing you this letter. I hope you can read it in spirit. I plan on leaving this at your grave..your mom said they clean it up every week. So, read it before then.

I did find a ring in your room. Your mom let me go look after you died. It was in the second drawer in your desk. It had a blue post-it with my name on it. It’s beautiful. I still have the post-it. I left it on my fridge just so I can still see your handwriting.

I better end this letter before it gets too long. I love you, Scotty. I miss you.

A Dangerous Game (Suho Mafia!au fic) Chapter 14 - Glutton For Punishment

Warnings: Sexual undertones 

Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Ch. 7, Ch. 8, Ch. 9, Ch. 10, Ch. 11, Ch. 12, Ch. 13 Ch. 14 Ch. 15(M) Ch. 16 Ch. 17(M)

Weeks went by and Spring slowly faded into Summer. Junmyeon, was up and walking around but still wasn’t able to get back out on the streets. It wasn’t just his body that wasn’t back to the way it was yet….

“Morning,” he said, walking over and kissing my cheek as I made breakfast.

“Morning,” I replied, handing a dish to him.

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Castle: Part Three

Part One // Part Two


You weren’t considered a hero.

You weren’t considered a villain.

And that’s why they couldn’t afford to leave you out in the world.

Tony Stark had brought you in, with your fatal past and life full of dark secrets. Now within the walls of the Avengers compound, you are left with no choice but to train with the good guys - for one sole purpose. In this very line of work, Steve Rogers promises you an offer you can’t refuse - which requires you to train with the world’s most dangerous former assassin, The Winter Soldier.

notes: posting part three tomorrow. let me know your feedback please :)

violence is the main warning in this one, a slight bit of choking. but there’s some fluff in there… the SMUT is coming soon. Promise. Just please let me know your thoughts so I know if I should continue. :) please

word count: 3,603

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Cheating? // Miniminter Imagine

Summary: Y/N and Simon have been dating for a few months but they haven’t “done the deed”. When Simon sees Y/N buy a pregnancy test, things head south.

A/n: This was just one of my random ideas. I’m going to write all/most of your requests! I’m really in a writing mood so expect more imagines soon! Xoxo



Originally posted by sidemen-gifs

Don’t you think it’s weird how feelings can change so quickly? I mean one year ago I couldn’t even imagine dating Simon and now here I was. We had just celebrated our 5-month anniversary. In the beginning everything felt a bit weird and overwhelming because Simon was my first real boyfriend. I wanted to take things slow and he was very understanding.  

That’s also the reason that we hadn’t “done the deed” yet, but Simon didn’t make a problem of this. He always said that we’d do things at my tempo. He was just a complete gentleman. But for most people, that was a well-kept secret. When people thought we were doing “Netflix and chill”, we were just watching Netflix and chilling.

And that’s exactly what we were doing then. I was at the Sidemen house, laying in Simons bed. My head was on his chest, his arms around me and a movie playing in the background.

“Hey babe?”, my boyfriend asked. “Yeah?”. “You know I love you right?”, he asked. I was taken aback. We had never said those words to each other. I sat up and looked him in the eyes. “Yeah I know and I love you too”, I smiled. Simon kissed me and I could feel him smile.

“I really felt the need to say it you know. Because I really do love you and I’ve never felt this way about someone. And I know how insecure you can be and stuff but just know that I love you and that you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me”.

What was happening?! Simon was never this emotional. “I love you too Si. So so much”. I jumped when my phone went off. It was Y/F/N. “Sorry Si, I really need to take this”, I said. He nodded.

“Hey Y/F/N what’s up?”. “I think I’m in trouble Y/N. I’ ve done something very stupid and I need your help”, she rambled. “What is it?”.

*Time skip to a few days later*

*Simons p.o.v.*

“Hey Simon. Is Y/N coming over today?”, Josh asked. “I don’t think so. Why?”. “I think you should have a talk with her”. “Why?”, I asked hesitantly. “Well, there are a few photos circling around of her”. “There are a lot of pictures about her on the Internet Josh. You have to be a little more specific”.

“It’s actually not my place to say this”, Josh backed out again. “Josh, you’ve started, it’s too late to back out so continue”, I insisted. He grabbed his phone and showed me a picture. It was Y/N in a shop. Holding a pregnancy test.

I felt all color drain from my face.  “No, no, no, no, no! This can’t be happening!”, I yelled. “Hey Si calm down. For all we know it was just a scare and nothing happened”, Josh tried to assure me. “NO! You don’t get it! She’s a virgin! We haven’t done it yet!”.

Everything seemed to just stop for a moment. Then Josh spoke up again: “Maybe it’s not what it seems like?”. “God Josh! Don’t be so stupid! How on earth can it not be what it seems like?! She’s buying a fucking pregnancy test! You know what I’m getting her over right now”. “Okay Simon, but just be careful. Not everything is what it seems”, Josh said whilst walking away.

*Y/N p.o.v.*

Hey Y/N can you come over we need to talk  ~ Si

When I got his message, I felt a bit anxious. What did he want to talk about? Did I do something? The whole way from my flat to the Sidemen house I kept trying to figure out what he could want to talk about. Once there I let myself in and saw Josh immediately.

“Ello Y/N! I guess you’re here to see Simon. He’s in his room”, he smiled a bit uncomfortable. I just nodded and ran up the stairs. Simon was editing a video, so I cleared my throat to let him know I was there.

“Oh hey Y/N”, he said. There was something off about him. His smile barely reached his eyes. “Hi”, I smiled back. “You wanted to talk?”. “Are you cheating on me?”.

“What?! Why would you think that?”, I asked confused. “Okay other question; are you a liar?”. “Simon where is all of this coming from? Just tell me what I did”. Instead of answering, he grabbed his phone. He showed me a picture.

My eyes widened and my jaw dropped. How did anyone even see me?! “Now I get it”, I said. “Yeah good for you. But care to explain so I get it too?”, Simon asked. “I’m actually not supposed to talk about this yet but… So remember when I got a phone call?”. My boyfriend nodded.

“Well that was Y/F/N. She went out and hooked up with a guy she didn’t know and then she missed her period and then she started to doubt if they used protection or not and then she got scared so she called me and she wanted me to get her a pregnancy test because she was too scared to do it and because she knew that we haven’t done “it” yet. So I agreed to do it because I thought that you would know that I was not doing it for myself but clearly you didn’t”, I rambled in one breath.

“Wow wow wow, calm down Y/N. take a breath”, he laughed. “I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions like that. I should have asked you first what was going on and I’m sorry for thinking that you would ever do something like that to me. I love you Y/N. I know it’s early but I know that I love you way too much to lose you”.

“I love you too Simon”. He grabbed my chin and kissed me gently. But after a while, it wasn’t that gently anymore. Things started to get more passionate. Suddenly I pushed my boyfriend slightly away. He looked confused so I said; “I’m ready Si”.

Luci’s Tattoo

gif is not mine

Title: Luci’s Tattoo

Reader: Lucifer x Reader (Soulmate AU)

Word Count: 921

Warnings: Fluffish and slight angst

A/N: I hope you all enjoy some Lucifer <3 <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I hope you all enjoy this, I love you all so much!! <3 <3

This was requested by an anon: Hey can you do a Lucifer soulmate au where they have matching tattoos of his wings and make it angsty then complete fluff

Ever since you could remember, you had this tattoo of wings on your back.  Your parents used to tell you that one day you would see a tattoo that would match the one on your back.  That person was your soulmate.  

You were getting ready for a party and you heard a knock on your bedroom door.  You were having trouble getting the zipper the rest of the way up.  “Come in,” you called over your shoulder.  Perhaps the person on the other side of the door would help you with your dress.

Lucifer poked his head into the room, almost surprised to see that you were still getting dressed.  “Are you trying to seduce me [Y/N],” Lucifer asked as he entered your room.  

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Feelings-Chris Schistad Imagine

Requested: Yes

Warnings: just fluff

A/N: Talk Norwegian to Me is the prequel to this and I suggest you read that before this one :)

Originally posted by redfoxincutesocks

  “HE WHAT?” Noora, Vilde, Eva, Sansa, and Chris exclaimed.

  We were hanging out in Eva’s room, pre drinking for some other bus’ party that night when I decided to share mine and Chris’ makeout with them. It felt cathartic to get it off my chest, but almost immediately afterwards, I felt vulnerable. They all looked at me with shocked expressions on their faces, and I suppose it was fair.

  “And how long ago did this happen?” Eva asked. 

  “A couple of weeks ago,” I muttered.

   “You waited two weeks before telling us this? I thought we were friends,” Vilde whined.

  “I guess I needed some more alcohol before I felt comfortable, you know, telling you guys,” I said.

   Noora massaged her temples, something she only did when she was stressed out. “Okay, okay, how exactly did this happen?”

   “He was helping me practice Norwegian in his room—”

   “Makes sense, he wanted to make you vulnerable,” Sansa said.

   “It wasn’t like that, we just went up there and I don’t know why but I didn’t think about it twice. Anyway, he was telling me this funny story and…and I stressed out because I couldn’t remember venn,” I continued. “And so he gave me vodka to help loosen me up.”

   “This sounds so bad,” Eva said.

   “Well, it gets worse because before I knew it, he was kissing me and I was kissing him back. Now, it’s all awkward.”

   “Only because you guys made out and then you slept in the same bed together?” Noora asked. 

   I hated how well the blonde girl knew me so well in the short amount of time that we had bonded. “Well, not exactly.”

   “Tell us!” Chris demanded.

   “He told me that he really did like me and I just sort of left. I feel so bad now.”
   “Why? Because you don’t like him back? Which makes sense because he’s such a big player, almost as bad as William,” Vilde said.

   “Do you like him, Y/N?” Eva asked.

   I shrugged. “I mean, I like him more after getting to know him but, I don’t know.”

   All the girls looked at each other, as if silently asking each other for help on helping me and I couldn’t have felt worse. The only reason I told them was because I couldn’t make up my mind and I felt that I was losing it. Chris had quickly become more withdrawn during our lessons and he seemed to be a muted down version of himself. I hated knowing that I was the reason that he was acting this way and the last thing I wanted to do was hurt him.

   “Forget about it, guys, let’s just get hammered and forget our problems,” I said.

   Chris nodded. “I like.” 

   “Are you sure that’s what you want, Y/N?” Noora asked.

   I responded by downing the last of my wine glass. Eva’s mom had good wine and it was certainly helping me relax. Besides, didn’t everyone always tells me to relax and have some fun? 

   About an hour later, my friends and I were walking into yet another house party already filled to the brim with girls dressed in their slinkiest outfits and boys trying to stick their tongues down everyone’s throats. Girl Chris disappeared after a couple of seconds into the fray, so Vilde, Noora, Eva, Sana, and I grabbed more drinks in the kitchen.

   “I love Party Y/N!” Eva cheered as I downed another vodka shot.

   “I like her too,” Sana said.

   Noora frowned. “You really don’t want to slow down?”

   I shook my head. “I’m fine, Noora, I can drink, I’m not a lightweight.”

  Then, Rihanna’s “S&M” came on and I made Vilde and Eva dance with me. Sana glared at me when I tried to pull her in to dance so I settled for Noora. The room spun round and round as the music played and I had never felt so light before. For a while, I had forgotten about Chris even though I had spotted him off in a corner, talking to some girls. For some reason, that made the pit of my stomach clench so I quickly turned around and faced my friends, all who looked worried…I think.

   “I’m getting hot!” I shouted over the music.

   “I’ll take her to get some water,” Noora volunteered.

   Eva and Vilde nodded and kept dancing while Noora helped me out of the dance area. She tugged me into the kitchen and handed me a cup of water.

  “It tastes so good,” I moaned.

  “Yes, alcohol tends to make hydrating water taste good,” Noora teased.

   I ran a hand through my hair. “It just feels so good to be out with you guys and not think about him.” 

   “Uh huh,” Noora said, nodding. “Are you sure because you looked a bit upset when you saw him with—”

  “I’m not upset! Just…just annoyed is all.”

   “Hello, ladies,” I turned to see a gorgeous dark-haired boy coming up to us. 

   “Hi, Sam,” Noora said, sounding bored.

   “Noora, who’s your friend?” Sam eyed me up and down and I gulped.

   “Y/N, this is Sam, we have science together,” Noora said.

   “Y/N, you look insanely hot tonight,” Sam said, gesturing to the black v-neck mini dress I was wearing. 

    I smiled. “Thanks, Sam.”

   As I spoke longer with Sam, I could feel eyes on me. I glanced and saw that it was Chris. He looked upset and all I wanted to do was rub in his face how much I didn’t care, but I did care. So, I kept talking to Sam and we drunkenly debated politics—a smart decision, I know. Then, somehow, we got on the subject of emotions.

   “They are so ridiculous, the only things we really need to know is if we are in danger or if we are safe. Basically survival instincts,” I said.

   “Really? And why do you think that?” Sam asked.

   “Because all our emotions do is make things complicated. Imagine this: you and a friend of yours of the opposite sex bond a little bit over the years. Caring about someone is completely natural but what if they say they don’t like you back? Then, it becomes all awkward and you can either allow them to move on with someone else or you could really fight for them and possibly ruin the relationship.”

   “So, you think feelings ruin relationships?” Noora asked.

   “Yes, especially if they’re one sided.” 

   “But what if it’s mutual?”

   “Great, then you can go be happy together before you two get on each other’s nerves and break up.” I sighed. “And then there are the times when you really hate a person and they hate you back. However, you’re forced to get to know them for some odd reason and then you realize that they aren’t that bad after all, you might even like them, come to find out, they like you…a lot. But you’ve spent all this time disliking them but you kind of like them, and now your feelings are all mixed up. It’s so frustrating!”
  Sam nodded. “I hear that.”

  “Why can’t everything just be logical?”

   “Because life doesn’t work like that,” Noora said.

  I groaned and leaned against the counter. “I hate feelings.”

  “Well, if you’re up for it, I’m not into the whole feelings thing either,” Sam said, getting closer to me.

   But I didn’t like Sam, I barely knew Sam. His offer was a little tempting though since he did look like the lost Hemsworth brother. Any other girl would jump at this opportunity, but I wasn’t every girl. I didn’t even get a chance to respond since someone interrupted us.

   “Excuse me, can I talk to Y/N for a moment?” Chris asked.

   I froze. No words came to my drunken mind since I definitely didn’t plan on speaking to Chris that night. Sam must’ve allowed Chris to interrupt because he got closer to me. “Chris—”

   He cut me off with his lips, my eyes fluttered close, and I almost immediately wrapped my arms around his neck. It felt really good to kiss him again and I had a feeling that I wouldn’t regret it.

   “I like you,” I blurted out when he pulled away. “And…and I’m sorry that I couldn’t admit it earlier, it’s just weird to think that we could’ve gone from detesting each other to liking each other. Are we cool again?”

   “Yeah, on one condition.”

   “Name it.”

   “You don’t flirt with any more guys,” Chris said in a very serious voice.

   I couldn’t help but laugh. “Deal and the same goes for you.”

   “I can’t help it women find me irresistible.”

   Chris laughed when I slapped his chest.

   “This’ll be one for the books,” Noora muttered before sipping some more vodka. 

   Well, she was right. 

Silent Treatment

Prompt: “ Can you do a TJP fic? Where the reader is 23, a month or two younger than Noam, everyone ships them two, but (Y/N) likes TJP, but goes along with the joke and always takes selfies and jokes around with the shippers on twitter, TJ later on gets full of it and gives her the silent treatment, and then he eventually tells her his feelings about her and it’s just fluff? I don’t know if that makes sense but thank youu!”

Requested By Anon

Word Count: 757

Tags: @laziestgirlintheworld @linoki

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You Again Part 10 - Final

Originally posted by jjks

pairing: jungkook x reader x jimin

genre: fluff/angst + college au

word count: 2020

part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

You blinked once, and then again as you tried to adjust to the sunlight filtering in through the windows. Rubbing your eyes, you sat up in bed as you immediately began to feel a pounding headache - evidence of the damage you had done the previous night. Looking around your surroundings, that was when it hit you… Wait this isn’t my room… Oh fuck. Why am I in Jungkook’s room?

You tried racking your brain to remember how on earth you had gotten here but… nothing. Why can’t I remember anything! Of all times, your brain had chosen now to draw a complete blank. The only thing you were sure of was the fact that you were in Jungkook’s dorm, in his bed and even in one of his gigantic white shirts! What happened last night? Think Y/N, think!

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Come Home

Teen Wolf

Come home 

This story took me forever to finish. I’m glad to be done with it, honestly. I hope it turned out okay. I don’t normally listen to music while I write, it distracts me too much, but this time I listened to a couple songs, and they honestly gave me the feels so bad. Please, do me a favor and before, after, or during this story, listen to OneRepublic’s All This Time and imagine it in Theo’s point of view and then listen to OneRepublic’s Come Home and imagine it in Liam’s point of view. You can thank me later ;).

Theo laid in the backseat of his truck. It was not exactly comfy, but it was the only thing he had. While the crickets chirped outside, Theo pondered his life. He was alone. He did not have anyone left. After the Wild Hunt was over, he thought things would be different. He thought he could have finally earned a place in Scott’s pack. However, after all the craziness had settled down, he seemed to have been forgotten by the pack. Even Liam, who he thought he had bonded with over the events of a few months ago, had moved on with his life, and left Theo behind. Theo truly had no one. That was the last thought he had in his head before falling asleep.

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Anon Request: Can you do a female reader x jealous!bucky or possessive!bucky (they’re both kinda the same thing idk but jealous!bucky is my religion) ?? thank you!!

Key: Y/N=Your Name Y/L/N=Your Last Name S/H/N=Super Hero Name C/N=Charity Name

Tonight there was another party at Stark tower. The only difference compared to all the other parties is that this one was meant to put the Avengers back in the good graces of the public. In a way, it was a charity event. Natasha and Wanda were in my room helping me get ready. I had previously died my hair a pastel pink/purple color. My dress would match that in a way. The top half was black and then it fanned out into dark and light pastel colors. There was purple, burgundy, a yellowish orangeish and a pink. I had a black shoulder handbag that had my gun, an ammo clip, and a knife. My makeup was nude, with my eyes popping out. My hair was done up in a messy bun and my shoes were black goddess sandals. When we were all ready, we walked out of my room and went down to the floor the party was on. When we came down the stairs (like the stairs in the avenger’s tower in age of ultron) there were reporters at the bottom. Some were taking pictures while some were recording.
“And here we have the women of the Avengers! Y/N Y/L/N, Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff! Ladies can we get an interview?”
“Of course.”
We each had our own interviewer with Nat to my right and Wanda to my left with me in the middle. I could hear parts of their interview but I focused on mine.
“I’m here with Y/N Y/L/N one of the lady Avengers, Y/N can you tell me how you joined the avengers?”
“I joined like the others did. I was called in when the attack on New York was immediate.”
“And what qualified you to be an Avenger?”
“I have the exact same skill set as Natasha. I am a level eight S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and like Natasha I’m the best there is.”
“Alright so one last question, who are you wearing tonight?”
“Uhm, I’m not really sure. I don’t want to sound mean when I say this but I don’t see how that is a relevant question. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the party.”
I walked away and grabbed Nat and Wanda. We walked away from the group of reporters and walked to the bar where Steve and Bucky were with Bruce behind the bar and Thor standing off to the side. They nodded their greetings at us and we all smiled back.
“So we saw you got hounded by the reporters as well.”
“We did.”
“The only thing I saw wrong with the interview was that Y/N took you girls away from your interviews.”
“Yeah well they shouldn’t have asked me who I was wearing. I knew if I got asked that, the girls would’ve gotten asked the same questions.”
“This is supposed to be a charity event Y/N. You have to be nice.”
“Niceness is not in my vocabulary, Captain.”
“It is when it’s an undercover op.”
“Yeah well this is not an undercover op now is it?”
“And if it was?”
“Then I would be nice.”
“Then think of this as an undercover op then. Your target is to promote the Avengers and get some people to help donate to charity. And to do that you have to be nice.”
“Lame but alright. But just fyi, you suck.’
“Dully noted Y/N.”
I walked away from the team and scanned the place. I found Tony talking to some investors so I figured I’d walk over there as well. Tony’s back was towards me so he didn’t see me come up behind him.
“Is this guy boring you with his “Iron Man” stories. Well I can tell you from my own personal experience, that they are all lies.”
Everyone started to laugh and even Tony chuckled. He put his hand on my back and grabbed me a champagne glass.
“As if Y/N. Gentlemen may I introduce you to Y/N Y/L/N. She’s also known as S/H/N. Y/N these are a few of our main donation investors. They are big donors to the C/N you are so big on.”
“Really? Well thank you so much! I’m glad I can finally put a name and a face to the donors who help those in need. Again thank you for your donations. Hopefully we can talk more later.”
They all nodded at me and I gave Tony a peck on the check. We were all wearing comms and I almost forgot when I heard Maria’s voice come thru them.
“Alright Avengers we have some big names and some big companies here. So tonight you’re to get the donors to donate to whatever your charity is. They have all been told beforehand that they are to hand you guys the money. Whoever comes up with the most money by the end of the night, gets a week off of work and the losers have to do whatever that person wants for that entire week.”
I reached up into my comm and pressed a button that was on the side of it so everyone could hear what I would say.
“Are there any rules to this little arrangement?”
“I’m glad you asked that Y/N, there actually is a few rules. There can be no teams or partnering up. This is a solo act. It is fine if you go to the same donor but you cannot be there at the same time. Also, you cannot rub it into each other’s faces how much money you have. You can also take down names of donors who are willing to donate full time to a charity. Now get out there and work Avengers. Good luck.”
Oh this should be fun. I already scanned the place for potential donors and those who would just be willing to give me money. For the next five hours that’s exactly what I did.

*Bucky’s View*
After Maria came onto the comms saying there was a contest, all the avengers went into what I guess you could say, Avenger-mode. I had already told Maria beforehand that I wouldn’t participate in it. I watched the team go around making a buzz go around the place. I counted how many people they were going to and took into account who gave them money and whose names they wrote down. I noticed that so far, Y/N and Nat seemed to be moving around the most which means they probably have the most money and donor names. I watched Y/N closely though and watched who would touch her or even talk to her. I guess that sounds a little possessive no? Y/N looked very cute and gorgeous in the dress eh was wearing. She had just dyed her hair to a pastel pink/purple color and that, paired with that dress was beautiful. It also helped that her hair was my favorite color. (I don’t know if it is or not but for this it is) I watched the way she glided around the room like she owned the place and how she would talk to the people and get them to do what she wanted. I don’t know why but watching her dance with some young and ugly dushbag made me feel something. I kept repeating the same mantra over and over again in my head. She’s not mine. She’s not mine. I don’t own her. She’s not mine.

*Reader’s View*
I had already circled the room hitting all of the very rich people. Now I’m just going around and getting the others who could be potential donors. Right now I was dancing with some dushbag who kept trying to put his hands on my ass. Each time he did, I would reposition his hands somewhere higher than that. He leaned into my ear and started to talk some bullcrap.
“You should come with me and get out of here. I know you don’t want to be here just as much as I do. We can leave here and have some fun. Some real fun.”
“No thank you I’m on the job.”
“But you don’t care. You seem like the kind who wants a good lay and needs one now.”
“But yet I really don’t. So if you would be so kind as to let me go, I have others guests to attend to.”
“Now, now, I don’t think you understand, I wasn’t asking.”
Really? This idiot is at the very bottom of the idiotic line. I just nodded my head and we walked to the elevators together. Security was on the elevator and when we got there I got to work.
“Security take his name and number down and make a note to call him tomorrow and have Stark do his thing.”
“Of course. What would you like me to do with him?”
“Escort him off the premises. He’s no longer a guest here.”
“Why you little slut! I own you!”
“It’s a real shame that nobody here asked for your opinion. Now get out of here.”
I walked away from the elevator and went back to the party. I heard the man yell that I would be hearing from his lawyers and I just shook my head. I pressed the button on my comm and watched the others reactions.
“Is this party over yet?”
“What’s the matter Y/L/N? Can’t take the pressure?”
“Actually Cap I can it’s just after what I had to deal with I’d kinda like it to just be us now. Besides, some of us do have a mission at two in the morning tomorrow.”
“She’s right Cap. She’s got an early day tomorrow and so do I. Tony it’s time to end this.”
“Thank you Maria.”
“No problem Y/N.”
I cut my comm off and looked around for Tony. I saw him get handed a microphone and get up on a table.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s now twelve o’clock and we do have work in the next few hours so we are going to have to cut this party short. If you would all, please grab your belongings and follow the security guards to the exit. Thank you.”
Tony scanned the crowd and nodded at each one of us. We all left the room discreetly and went to the back room. There we would have our own little party and Maria would count the money with the help of Friday.
“Alright and the winner is, Y/N and Natasha! They both tied with $3,568 and a total of thirty donor names. So for the entire week you all have to do what they say and they get the week off.”
“Uhm Maria I have to work in three hours.”
“Not now you don’t. I alerted Fury and he’s changed that. A level six agent will go in your place.”
“So for a whole week me and Y/N have nothing to do? No missions, no recon, no op, no paper work, no nothing?”
“That’s correct Nat. This is a work free week.”
“Now what do you think about that Y/N?”
“I think this is going to be a very long week.”
“I’m with you there sister!”
Me and Nat clanged our glasses together and took a very big sip from it. The others laughed at our antics and shook their head. We were all just sitting around laughing and talking when someone brought up the idea to try to lift Thor’s hammer.
“It’s a trick man!”
“Don’t you know it buddy.”
I looked around the team and saw they were actually going to do this. I just shook my head when I saw Thor lift his hammer and place it on the table. One after the other, the team tried to life his hammer. Even Steve tried to but it didn’t move but he did manage to move it a little bit. The only ones who hadn’t yet to attempt it, was Nat, Bucky and me.
“Alright so the only ones who haven’t tried to yet is the Russian killers. Any of you want to give it a go?”
“Stark shut up. We are not killers and Bucky here isn’t even Russian. But back on topic, that’s not a question I need answered.”
“If I do this, you all have to agree to never do this ever again at any party.”
I just shook my head but I got up any way. I walked over to the table where Thor’s hammer was and grabbed the handle. I didn’t even notice it but I had managed to lift Thor’s hammer. I looked at the hammer and the team and saw they were all shocked as well.
“Well I guess your past doesn’t matter. If Y/N can lift it then anyone can lift it.”
“It’s fine Cap, I was going to call it a night anyway. Tonight was fun Stark.”
“Any time!”
I placed the hammer back on the table and walked over to the elevator. The doors were about to shut when a metal arm came between the doors. I looked up to see Bucky standing there and I smiled at him and he came in and pressed his floor number.
“I hope your actually tried and not just leaving the party because I am.”
“No, no, I am actually tired and plus I didn’t want to have to listen to Stark and his rude jokes. He over stepped a boundary back there Y/N and for that I’m sorry.”
“I don’t know why. You aren’t the one who said it but its fine. He has a point. If someone whose as bad as me can lift the “worthy” hammer, then anyone should be able to. Besides I don’t really care.”
“But it should.”
“yet it doesn’t.”
“You asked Stark to end the party earlier why?”
“Bad experience that’s all.”
“I saw.”
“Then why’d you ask?”
“Because I care about you and your mine. No one else should be able to touch you like that.”
“No one else? Bucky we’re not even together.”
“Then why don’t we change that?”
“And how do you plan on doing that?”
“By doing this.”

Bucky pushed off of the wall and walked over to me and grabbed my waist pulling me against him. He leaned down and his metal hand started to make its way up my back and behind my neck. He looked at my eyes and then my lips and I leaned up to close the gap between us. I never thought that someone like me, with my past, would be able to feel the way I’m feeling now. We eventually had to separate because we needed air. He didn’t pull away completely however, leaning his forehead on mine. I opened my eyes to see him smiling some goofy smile.
“Well that’s one way to do that.”
“Your mine Y/N. Only mine.”
“And your only mine as well Sargent.”
“I love you Y/N.”
“I love you too Sargent.”
“Mhm, I could get used to hearing you say that.”
“What I love you or Sargent?”
“Mhm, both.”

Soulmate, My Ass: Part IX [Eric Coulter x Reader]

AN: Hey guys, sorry I’m late. Eric got away from me again and I am actually on vacation so this will be the last one for a while. Don’t worry, I’m sure I can squeeze a few more chapters out of this fic. I have the end clear in mind. To those of you that send in reviews, I can only send you my uttermost thank you. And those who tagged me in that ‘author you cant live without’ thing, I–have no words. You’re awesome, whoever you are. ;)

Without further ado, I give you, Eric Coulter, our favourite asshole.

Originally posted by jmscott30

Dauntless was in an uproar. At least, that was how Ally interpreted it. Honestly, it was not so bad. Sure, everyone was busy making preparations for the newbies and those of age are getting ready for their Tests. You and your friends barely had time to hang out anymore, what with Lia getting picked to be an instructor and you being promoted to senior medic.

So when free time came, the three of you went out celebrating, spending your earnings that year on some good food, well deserved pampering, and clothes. Lots of clothes.

“So, YN, find anything yet?” Lia’s voice came from the fitting room.

You laughed from your waiting perch and shook your head even though she couldn’t see. “No! I don’t want clothes. I have enough of them already.”

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Abused Part 2- Twenty One Pilots

You opened your eyes and were met with 3 sets staring down at you. You blinked a few times letting your eyes adjust to the light.

“Hey there. How you feeling?” you heard Jenna ask.

“Um good I guess. Where am I?” you questioned trying to sit up but you felt pain throughout your body.

“Lay back. You’re in the hospital with broken ribs and they had to stop some severe internal bleeding. Do you remember what happened?” Tyler asked.

You thought for a minute unsure of how you even got here then you remembered. You looked back up at the three of them.

“Look I’m sorry.” you tried to begin but Josh’s scoff and roll of the eyes stopped you.

“You’re sorry, right. You don’t have to be sorry for anything but not telling us. I mean did you want to be killed?” Josh asked anger clear in his voice.

“Josh enough.” Tyler said sternly and before Josh could say anything else he and Tyler were out of the room.

“He needs to just cool down for a minute. Look I’m just glad you’re alive, but why didn’t you get help. We all care so much about you. We’re all here now and we’re here to help you.” Jenna kept you company for a while until you grew tired again.

The next time you woke up the room was silent except for the steady beeping of your monitors. The room was dark and so was outside. There was only one other person in the room and it was Josh. you could tell from his bright hair. He was sleeping on the couch and although you didn’t want to wake him you did at the same time. You wanted to talk to someone, you hated silence.

“Hey Josh.” you whispered and he woke up. “Didn’t think that would work.”

“I wasn’t sleeping. Just had my eyes closed.” he said dragging a chair next to your bed. “They said you can go home tomorrow evening if everything looks good. You can stay at my place.” he said and you shook your head.

“No, I can just go home.” you said not even realizing you said it.

“Are you out of your mind Y/N. I’m not leaving you alone, like ever. It’s either my place or Tyler’s. Conor is in jail and he’s not getting out anytime soon. We know what he did to you. The doctors told us it was clear it’s been going on for a while. Just, why didn’t you tell us?” it was clear that he was a bit choked up at the last part.

“I was scared.” you told him.

“I understand, but please just know that we’re all here and we’re not letting you go. People actually love you. Conor wasn’t love.”

“I don’t even know what love is Josh. I mean I’ve been in this relationship for so long that I think I forgot that I have my own life.” you started to cry and it was very painful.

“Don’t cry Y/N. It’s only gonna make the pain worse.” he wiped away the tears. “You don’t need to cry. You’re so strong and you’re allowed to have your weak moments, but not now. You’re a survivor and a fighter.”

“Am I though? I mean look where I am. Look at me. I’m covered in cuts, bruises, broken ribs. That’s only half of it. The words, the sex. I hated every moment of my life with him. I was thought he loved me and I forced myself to love him.”

“You know what I see right now Y/N?” he asked and you shrugged. “I see this beautiful woman who has been through some of the worst, but she’s strong. She’s been through the unbelievable, but she’s still here and fighting. I see the girl I fell in love with years ago and I see the girl I still love.”

“Josh don’t. Please.” you said quietly but he still heard.

“I have to Y/N. I can’t hide it anymore. The reason I was so pissed earlier was because I could stand knowing that happened to you and I wasn’t there to save you. When I saw you yesterday at your door then I saw Conor I thought I was going to kill him, but Tyler stopped me.” he held your hand in his. “I was like that because I can no longer try and get over you. I love you Y/N. I know you need time, but I’ll wait.” he said and you looked down at his hand that was covering yours.

You brought his hand up to your lips and kissed it. “Thank you Josh. As much as I want to say I love you too, I’m not really sure what that is. I promise when I’m ready we can try this.” you said.

“I’ll show you what love is Y/N. You’ll be my queen and I’ll take care of you. I’ll wait until we’re 95 if that’s as long as you need. You’re 100% worth the wait.” he said and you giggled. “Why are you laughing?” he asked giggling a bit to himself when he saw your smile.

“I’m not sure if I wanna live that long. I was hoping you would bring me on a date in a couple of months or so.”

“Well then that sounds like a plan to me. So Y/N are you available on April 25th 2018?” he asked looking at his calendar on his phone.

“Yes I guess.” you said laughing.

“Well I’m not sorry.” he said and you looked at him confused. “Oh I have a date with this amazing girl. It’s still pending if she is ready, but it’s in my calender for now.”

“You’re a dork, but I like you.” you smiled.

“I like when you smile. You should do it more.” he said and you gave him a really big smile where your eyes disappeared. “I love your smile.”

Love Isn’t About Whether You Get Stabbed; It’s Whether The Knife Gets Turned (Pt. 4) (Jefferson x Reader)

Summary: Washington makes everything better

TW: Swearing


Part One Part Two Part Three Part Five

You weave in and out of crowds, trying to get out of the building as quickly as possible. As soon as you step outside, you follow the garden trail. Once you get far enough from the building, you fall to your knees and start sobbing. You don’t know how long you’re there before someone comes over to you.

“Mrs. Jefferson?” they, no, he calls. He sits on the ground next to you and places a comforting hand on your back.

“Go away,” you mutter, causing him to laugh.

“I’m not sure the two will let me come back in without you.”

You finally look up to see who you are talking to. “Mr. President,” you gasp.

He smiles gently. “Would you mind telling me what happened?”

You sigh and explain everything that happened. As the last word leaves your mouth, you look up and see the president nod slightly.

“I love Thomas, more than anything. I just never thought I would love him. I never thought I could love him. I never thought I could love anyone.

He smiles slightly. “You are very much like your brother. You overestimate your brain and underestimate your heart. You also are both too stubborn to admit your faults.”

You sniffle. “You’re right.”

He stands up slowly. “Are you going to come in with me?”

You nod and take his outstretched hand.


Thomas sits with his head in his hands. His wife doesn’t love him. She never intended on loving him. She just wanted to help her brother. “This is all your fault!” he yells, pointing at Hamilton.

“What is, Jefferson?” Hamilton challenges. “The fact that my sister sacrificed everything for me even when I scolded her for it? That your wife tried to help me before she fell in love? That the most important woman in both of our lives is sitting outside, crying because we couldn’t hold our fucking tongues?”

“You heard her, she doesn’t love me. She never did,” Jefferson mutters.

Hamilton approaches him slowly. “That’s not what she said. She said that she never intended on loving you, but as much as it pains me to say this, she is madly in love with you. I’ve never seen her so happy. Even when she wrote to me, her language, her handwriting, it would all change when she told me about you. She would always describe everything you did in excruciating detail. She loves you.”

Jefferson looks up. “She used to talk about you, too. She would talk about how brave you were for taking care of your mother when you knew you would get sick. How you hold her during storms and tell her it would be okay. Before we even talked about marriage, she kept asking me if I could help you. She knew you were too talented to waste away on that island.”

Hamilton sits next to Jefferson. “Why do we always have to do this?”

“Because, we let our egos get in the way of everything.”

They sit in silence for a few minutes, before Hamilton speaks. “Can we try to keep our egos out of (Y/N)’s life? She only wants what’s best for both of us.”

Your husband smiles. “That may be the first good idea you’ve had.”

Interview (Tom Holland x Reader)

A/n thank you @newtafidoscamander for requesting this. I hope you like it! 😁😁

Tom’s P.O.V
One interview, that’s all I want, one interview that I don’t have to talk about Y/n. Ever since we broke up that’s all anyone wants to talk about. I miss her more than anything in the world and whenever someone brings her up I try my hardest not to break down. I sat in my chair as the hair stylist pushed a few hairs out of my face, thinking about Y/n. What is she doing right now? Does she miss me too?

Does she miss all of the things that we used to do? Does she miss staying in and cuddling all day? Or our weekly trips to the coffee shop? How we could sit the back booth and talk for hours? Does she miss me when it’s late at night and she’s in bed alone? That’s when I miss her most. When I roll over and she’s not there to snuggle into my chest. Not only did that keep her warm but it kept me warm and it reassured me that everything was going to be okay. Does she miss dancing around the house with me? Wearing my t-shirts that are to big for her but who cares because she looks so adorable in them? Most of all does she miss us?

“ Tom? Are you ready? ” the stylist pulled me out of my trance, “ they’re ready for you. I stood up and thanked her quickly. Harrison patted me on the shoulder and pushed me out onto the stage that the live interview was being held on.

” So Tom I have to ask, how have you been since the break up? Can you tell us anything?“ My heart sunk the second those words left the interviewers mouth. I almost made it threw a whole interview without talking about her. My head fell as I began to talk, ” I’m doing okay. I’m trying my best to stay positive. I still love Y/n with my whole heart and I always will. But I want her to be happy and if she’s happy now then I’m happy for her.“ He obviously wasn’t satisfied with my answer because the interviewer continued to question me. ” If given the chance would you get back together with Y/n?“ I shook my head with a slight laugh, ” of course I would get back with her but I can’t force her to do anything.“ Hopefully that will satisfy him. ” I respect you for that man, Thank you for spending time with me today Tom.“ I shook his hand and smiled ” Thank you for having me “

” I’m sorry he brought her up man", Harrison and I are sitting in the car on the way back to my apartment, “ I know how much it upsets you.”
My eyes went to my hands automatically, “ it’s alright man, I just wish I could talk to her one more time. Just to clear everything up, make sure she knows I care about her more than all of this fame.” Harrison nodded but didn’t respond, he tried to understand what it was like to love someone that doesn’t even want to talk to you anymore, but he can’t. He never will.

For the rest of the day Harrison and I decided to lay on the couch and watch movies. I kept wondering what y/n would think if she saw the video. She would probably be freaked out and hate me even more.

Y/n P.O.V
My phone buzzed in my pocket so I pulled it out to see who it was. It wasn’t anyone but it is an article, *Tom Holland Gets Upset Over Ex-Girlfriend Y/n In Interview* I had to click the link to see what had happened. It lead me to an interview that Tom had today, I tapped the play button and turned my volume up.

I cant believe that he would get back together with me. I thought that when I broke up with Tom that he hated me. I didn’t even want to break up with him, I just felt like he was better off without me getting in his way. I wonder if he knew I would see this interview, maybe I should text him. What if he was lying and he really does hate me? If it means I’ll have him back, I have to take the risk. Hesitantly, I opened my contacts and clicked Tom’s name. I must have sat for 10 minutes before tapping the call button. It took only a few seconds before I heard the voice that brought butterflies to my stomach.

“ Hello? Y/n is this you? Did you see it?”

the equation of love (pt. 8)

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→scenario: When you met Yoongi in a club, you thought it was fate that brought the two of you together. But after you walked into your college math class for the very first time, you weren’t so sure anymore.

→genre: smut | fluff | angst

→word count: 13,276

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