we did a cosplay thing


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Characters, All for the Game © Nora Sakavic

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Regrann from @yamino_cosplay - EEEEEEE!!!! New Tifa Lockhart image from the fabulous @will_bezio 💖💖💖
I can’t wait to show you all the rest of the great things we did 😍
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Just a very funny, improvised thing we did, when we were actually just checking camera angles and lighting. What we used the bed for, you’ll find out at a later time. Ahem. But this shot is just hilarious to me, because Rabbit is obviously playing around, and The Spine is just about done with his antics. XD

I caved

Okay, so I know I said I was going on hiatus for a few weeks but the cosplay gods have blessed me tonight and I have to post some of my progress now that assessments other than exams are done.

The detail for the back of Mikazuki’s armor! Before making the red omamori knot with tassels and attaching it, I made this out of a curtain ring and scrap pieces of Worbla from my in progress Hanbei cosplay. I primed the worbla part with 4 layers of PVA glue, then sprayed it with gold spray paint and a clear acrylic sealant and it looks so shiny and feels very smooth!!

Making omamori knots is time consuming…

It was a bit weird at first trying to get the hang of it but after a few tries I managed to make it look good. Once done, I just super glued the tassels on and voilà! Mikazuki armor 2.0 is complete!

So I guess I’ll just be posting my progress as I finish things. I should be able to finish everything by Monday so that I’m ready to pack everything up for the con on the Friday before. Sounds like a good plan d(^_^ )


Ruby and Sapphire and Frog~ The Answer~

So this picture was pretty much the entire reason we fell in love with frog and wanted to do these versions of Ruby and Sapphire~

So yes we did the thing!! :P

Basically my favourite photo from NYCC.

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