we design studio

Wax deals are in R&D

Wax seals are in testing.

We want to make sure the quality, color, function of adding and opening them, etc. are ready before they are sold.

We will start this summer with inexpensive “peel and stick” – real wax, pre-melted, irregular edges, pre-stamped design, similar to a sticker in how it affixes to seal an envelope.

In 2016, we will expand into traditional (but expensive) wax sticks and metal seals. Later, we will open our design studio to broader collaborations.

A few months ago, for a uni project we had to design a studio and I chose to do Cecil’s radio booth (of course). I never managed to do a full colour version, and now I decided I am going to try and finish it! So, here is the WIP with the colours but only a little shading. I’ve never really digitally painted before so please forgive me.