we deserved to see her come back from the darkness to make consequence of what she had done

5. Being Attacked by Bugs

So andavs is not quite ready to post her art version yet (we already checked, the mind meld factor is not high…), but I wanted to put this up because it is a special gift for obriensnipples! Primarily as a belated birthday present, because she wanted Derek mowing the lawn shirtless but also because rough times suck and I hope this fic helps with that even if only a little bit!

So this next Not Quite Normal OTP challenge is for you, babe! I hope it brightens your day a little bit!


Stiles’ summer vacation does not start out well. In fact, it starts out pretty poorly.

Okay, really, it’s a fucking disaster.

 Because, Stiles is walking out of Beacon Hills High, officially a Junior now that the final bell has rung, and he’s talking to Scott who keeps insisting that Junior year will be the year that he will finally ask Allison out and Scott has fallen behind to stare at her and Stiles keeps walking because Scott will catch up eventually, though Stiles is keeping an eye on him, and-

Well, that’s when he gets hit by a car.

Not just any car, though. No, when Stiles regains consciousness and manages to blink away the dark spots that take up 90% of his vision, he finds himself staring at the front of a black Camaro.

And the only black Camaro in Beacon Hills belongs to…

“Oh my god.” Derek Hale.

Derek Hale, the now-senior lacrosse player and subject of almost all of Stiles’ dirtiest fantasies.

He groans. And it’s only partly from the pain.


“Stiles!” Scott sounds frantic. “I’m calling an ambulance.”

“I don’t need,” Stiles tries. And then stops. Because he looks down to see his leg covered in blood and he has never liked blood and- well, he doesn’t complain when Scott stands up with the phone pressed to his ear.

“I’m sorry!” Derek Hale is saying and he sounds… angry? This is not how Stiles wanted his first interaction with Derek Hale to go. “You just- you just walked right into the road!”

“Dude,” Stiles replies, rubbing at his eye. “Are you really blaming me for this?”

“Not blaming you, I just- you walked right in front of me!”

“You hit me with your car!” Stiles winces at the sounds of his own voice. It’s too loud. Everything is too loud.

When he opens his eyes again, Derek’s eyebrows are draw together in concern.

“I’m sorry,” Derek repeats. It’s probably just the result of Derek’s ridiculously attractive face and Stiles’ epic crush on the kid, but Stiles forgives him instantly. Even though he’s getting colder by the second and he’s pretty sure that’s not a good thing.

“Don’t worry about it,” he says, waving a hand and regretting it when the motion hurts his leg somehow. “I’m sure I’m fine.”

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I’ve been asked a couple of times for good fanfiction and since I do read a lot I decided to make a post with some of the ones that I really enjoyed reading or found interest in.

(in alphabet order)

  1. A love that consumes - COMPLETE - Elena Gilbert loves Stefan Salvatore. No, really, she does! Sure, she’s been having more and more late night encounters with his devilish handsome brother Damon and there have been a few kisses and touches, but it’s not like they mean anything. Right? (Post Canon)

  2. A Woman’s Worth - COMPLETE -  Love hurts. This story takes on a literal meaning when Elena is a victim of abuse by her boyfriend. A journey of the silent sufferings of a girl with no one to turn to and unwilling to ask for help. Enters Damon, a social worker determined to rescue a damsel in distress and falling for her along the way. What is he willing to sacrifice in the end to save a girl he loves? (All Human)

  3. Addictions - COMPLETE -  When Elenas’ life has been consumed by addictions, can anyone save her? (All Human)

  4. All At Once - COMPLETE -  Damon and Elena have been in an extremely casual arrangement for a month when he assumes temporary custody of his teenage nephew. Follow them on a journey as ‘nothing’ may just turn into 'everything’ if they can overcome dark pasts & biggest fears. (All Human)

  5. All You Are To Me - INCOMPLETE -  Damon and Elena have been best friends for their entire lives, but when they risk their friendship to become something more will their relationship be strong enough to weather any storm? (All Human)

  6. Anyone Else But You - COMPLETE -  Elena has worked for Damon for five years, they complete each other in ways no one else can. But will either of them be brave enough to fight for the love they deserve? (All Human)

  7. Bittersweet - COMPLETE -  Elena has her “happily ever after.” Married to the love of her life with the job she’s always wanted, she can’t dream of making any changes. But sometimes life has a way of playing by its own rules. When her world turns on its side, can the one person who’s always been there when she needed him help her pick up the pieces? (Post Canon)

  8. Can’t Be Tamed - INCOMPLETE -  Damon Salvatore is a well-known and ruthless mobster who gets what he wants, when he wants. When John Gilbert fails to settle his debts on time, Damon takes matters into his own hands and kidnaps his niece, Elena, Johns most valuable asset. But is Damon her captor or her saviour? (All Human)

  9. Crying Lightning - COMPLETE -  "I should have helped her. I should have done something. I deserve this. I deserve to die" - Damon is an 18 year old troubled lost soul with a bad reputation and Elena a 17 year old popular high school student who thought she had everything she ever wanted, that is until she got to know the eldest Salvatore and realizes that life is about more than being crowned Prom Queen! (All Human)

  10. Dancing in the Dark - COMPLETE -  Singer, Elena Gilbert gets signed to the most prestigious record label in the world. She thinks it’s her big break until she meets her producer, the cold and stoic Damon Salvatore. (All Human)

  11. Do You Believe In Angels? - INCOMPLETE -  "Damon?“ She asked. He looked at her, waiting. She took a shaky breath, "Do you believe in angels?” “No,” he said, “Not anymore.”. Two children with tragic pasts meet at a refuge. Hurt and alone, they clinge to each other to survive. This is their story, and everyone involved along the way. (All Human)

  12. Don’t give up on my son, a dying man’s wish - COMPLETE -  Elena takes a job caring for her friend Stefan’s father. When Elena discovers his dying wish is to reconcile with his older son Damon she decides to make it happen. But Damon doesn’t exactly make it easy on her. (All Human)

  13. Down A Crooked Path - COMPLETE - Some loose ends should be burned. Sequel to Self-Inflicted Wounds (Post Canon)

  14. Echoes - COMPLETE -  Things have been calm in Mystic Falls for years. Damon and Elena have been peacefully raising their family in the town where they both grew up. But this is Mystic Falls. Things can change quickly…and never for the better. Sequel to “Bittersweet.” (Post Canon)

  15. Echoes of the Past - COMPLETE -  Each of us has a past that shapes and defines us. Some pasts are filled with pain and heartache. Can Damon and Elena overcome their pasts to allow themselves a chance at happiness? Or will things from their past resurface to destroy their future? (All Human)

  16. Faults and Blizzards - COMPLETE -  Six months after their divorce, Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore are forced to spend Christmas together. (All Human)

  17. Fighting Fate - COMPLETE -  "I believe in fate more than the average person. We will run into each other again because we are meant to be. I just know it.“ (All Human)

  18. Forever Mine - EPILOGUE LEFT -  The night Damon Salvatore met Elena Gilbert changed the course of their destinies forever. But just as the future made itself known, the past caught up with them to destroy it all. Together on the run, Damon finds himself falling for this girl. Hard. But, Damon Salvatore doesn’t love and he won’t let her change that. No matter how much his soul…his body begs him to give in. (Alternative Universe)

  19. Forever Yours  - COMPLETE -  'But If we’re really meant to be, shouldn’t this be a lot easier? Why has it all been so hard’ - Do you believe in reincarnation? The chance to start over after your life has ended. Take this journey with Damon and Elena to find out if they should be together for eternity. Is it possible to fall in love with the same person over and over again? (Alternative Universe)

  20. Four Lettered Lie - EPILOGUE LEFT -  Damon Salvatore thought he’d never have to see Elena Gilbert again. He was wrong. (All Human)

  21. Friends with benefits - INCOMPLETE -  'He breaks me every single time.’ They’re best friends & lovers until they’re torn apart by secrets, lies & pride. 'A love like that – consumes until there’s nothing left to break. Destiny leaves you no choice - love conquers all.’ (All Human)

  22. Georgia On My Mind - COMPLETE -  Damon takes Elena on his little road trip to Georgia. Elena, distraught over her resemblence to Katherine, decides to let loose with surprising consequences. (Post Canon)

  23. Gravity - INCOMPLETE -  Sequel to Cannonball - Finally free from the clutches of Mystic Falls and their rivaling families, Damon and Elena are home free. Their love and loyalty to each other is stronger than ever, however they will soon learn that being on the run isn’t all that easy. (All Human)

  24. Guide You Home - INCOMPLETE -  Elena has been a foster kid her whole life, the day she goes out there, trying to find her roots and herself, she meets someone, a man, that will change her life forever. Someone that gives her hope again. (All Human)

  25. Her Mother’s Eyes - COMPLETE -  Damon tries to heal from the death of his wife while raising their small daughter. He thought no one could compare, until he meets Elena Gilbert, who will forever change his, and his daughter’s life. (All Human)

  26. Hindsight - COMPLETE -  After a blissful summer Damon & Elena find themselves surrounded by sad and dark secrets being revealed. While trying to deal with the regularly scheduled Mystic Falls drama of aftermaths and side-effects, they are unexpectedly confronted with Silas’ new macabre plan that threatens to tear them apart forever. (Post Canon)

  27. History - COMPLETE -  Elena Gilbert’s nightmare is just beginning. Picks up right where season one finale left off. No relationship is left unchanged in the aftermath as history comes back to haunt them all… (Post Canon)

  28. If You Can Afford Me - COMPLETE -  Damon is a wealthy businessman in need of…Well sex. Sex kept out of the papers, that is. Elena is a high class call girl able to offer that. What happens when need presents itself and they meet? (All Human)

  29. Inevitable - COMPLETE -  Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore are juniors at Mystic Falls High School and they have been best friends and partners in crime for as long as they can remember. When Elena needs Damon to pose as her boyfriend things start heating up between them, but complications arise when you’re dealing with such emotionally damaged people. Is it worth risking a friendship for love? (All Human)

  30. Jump Start to Feeling - COMPLETE -  Elena is paralyzed from the waist down. She doesn’t like Christmas because on top of everything else, her old boyfriend walked out on her because he couldn’t deal with her injury. In walks Damon… (All Human)

  31. Killer’s Insight - COMPLETE -  Elena Gilbert is an FBI trainee who needs information on a case. She has to turn to infamous serial killer Damon Salvatore for his insight and help. Will her connection with him be more than she can handle? (All Human)

  32. Kiss Me, Break My Heart - COMPLETE -  Elena Gilbert has been in love with her best friend Damon Salvatore for years, but when he asks her to help him win back the woman of his dreams, Elena decides she’s had enough. Now Elena wants to move on, but Damon’s not making it easy on her. (All Human)

  33. My Damon - COMPLETE - Damon has become everything he swore to Elena he’d never be, driving her away in the process. When he realizes his mistake, Damon will stop at nothing to win back the love of his life and prove to Elena that he’s still her Damon, always. (All Human)

  34. Near to You - COMPLETE -  Damon and Elena continue to search for Stefan, but they quickly realize he’s a lost cause. While they struggle to fight their feelings for each other obstacles like doppelgangers, Originals, hybrids and the return of Stefan always seem to threaten their new and undefined relationship. Can Delena overcome anything or is their new found connection doomed from the start? (Post Canon)

  35. Oblivion - COMPLETE -  It’s been 4 years since she last saw his blue eyes, or so they say. 4 years since the coma-inducing tragedy that took her parents but let her live. Elena wakes up at 23, with no memory of the years leading up to her accident or the gorgeous man sitting beside her with a ring on his finger. Desperate for answers, Elena embarks on a not so typical amnesia-love story. (All Human)

  36. Physical Attraction, Chemical Reaction - COMPLETE -  It all started with a night of hot sex. Where things could go from there to Elena and Damon? Could they fall for each other although they don’t believe in love anymore? (All Human)

  37. Picking Up the Pieces - COMPLETE - After Damon convinces a reluctant Stefan to leave his exile, things quickly go wrong when Stefan’s reunited with Elena. The outcome leaves Elena shattered, and Damon is there to pick up the pieces. (Post Canon)

  38. Pretend You Love Me - COMPLETE - While their marriage is falling apart, Damon and Elena must learn to get past their demons or lose each other forever. (All Human)

  39. Real Life - COMPLETE - Sequel to Physical Attraction, Chemical Reaction. "Is that what I think it is?” Damon asked as he looked at the tiny pair of plain white handmade crochet booties shoes. She nodded but she was wrong. (All Human)

  40. Restrictor Plate - COMPLETE - Damon is a NASCAR driver with a troubled past and present. Elena is the former love of his life. Both find themselves back in Mystic Falls and employed by Salvatore Racing. With a mountain of baggage between them, including a carefully guarded secret, it’s only a matter of time before they have the “Big One.” (All Human)

  41. Rock Hard, Love Harder - COMPLETE - Damon Salvatore, the lead guitarist of the world-famous band, The Mystic Republic, is used to getting what he wants - women, alcohol and music. But when he realizes he’s falling for the one person who is off limits, the world as he knows it shifts from right under him. What will loving his best friend’s little sister and band manager mean for the band and ultimately, his heart? (All Human)

  42. Self Inflicted Wounds - COMPLETE - “If I had chosen differently, I never would have met you.” Elena chose to kiss Damon. Stefan chose human blood. Katherine chose redemption. Damon chose to confess. These choices change everything. (Post Canon)

  43. Separate Beds - COMPLETE - A heartbreaking tale of love, loss and everything in between. Damon & Elena shared an intense connection from the moment they met, and she ended up pregnant after just one passionate night together. Damon, now engaged to be married to Kat has to make a choice; to please his father or to follow his heart. (All Human)

  44. Settle Down - COMPLETE - Damon Salvatore is a fast-talking, womanizing sports agent, living big in New York City and leaving his childhood in Mystic Falls far behind him. When he returns home for his father’s funeral, he meets Elena Gilbert, a fiery brunette who gets under his skin. Between her and facing his past, returning to Mystic Falls may change his life. (All Human)

  45. Sink or Swim - COMPLETE - Can love born out of a lie? Elena is getting married to a man she thinks she knows but things are not always the way they seem. And trough all the web of lies, would she be able to find true love? (All Human)

  46. Slow Burn Summer - COMPLETE - When the unthinkable happens, it’s never the thing you expected. It’s the thing you never even thought you should be afraid of. (Post Canon)

  47. Small Time Charm - INCOMPLETE -  After nearly 10 years away from small-town Mystic Falls, Damon is summoned back in another punishment from his father. Once there he’s determined to live the good life, having fun, and certainly not doing anything his father wants. Life has something for him when he stumbles upon a little boy getting picked on by some bullies. Saving him brings Damon close to the boy’s mother.(All Human)

  48. Snowbound - COMPLETE - When Elena left Mystic Falls to visit her Aunt in Richmond, she got stuck in the snow with her ex-boyfriend Damon Salvatore? Can she try and mend things up during the short time they have together considering she’s the one that broke his heart? (All Human)

  49. Somebody I Used to Know - COMPLETE - Grieving the sudden death of their parents, Damon and Elena are forced to face their past choices and mistakes. Take a wild a journey through 20 years of their lives…together, apart and everything in between. (All Human)

  50. Someone like you - INCOMPLETE -   You fall in love, get married, fall in love again, get your heart broken. What if it got broken by a heart surgeon that never came back to fix it? (All Human)

  51. Strawberry Wine - INCOMPLETE - It’s funny how those memories they last…Is the first love really the deepest? A decade after her departure Elena Gilbert returns to Mystic Falls to relieve the best years of her life. They say there’s nothing like first love and Damon Salvatore is certainly not an easy man to forget. (All Human)

  52. Swap Out - COMPLETE - If Damon Salvatore believes in one thing, it’s second chances. And fun. And the word “yes.” Okay, so three things. But when asked if he wants to go rock climbing, skydiving, mountain biking, the answer is unequivocally in the affirmative. But dealing with his control-freak tyrant of a boss, Elena Gilbert? That proves to be far more difficult than anyone planned. (All Human)

  53. Sweet and Sexy Mistakes - COMPLETE - An expert on the dynamics between men and women, Damon Salvatore knows his uptight new publicist could use his help getting a date. The only problem is, the more time he spends with her, the more he realizes he doesn’t want her dating anyone but him! (All Human)

  54. Taking Chances - INCOMPLETE - After spending 9 years in the Army, willingly isolated from home Damon Salvatore returns to Mystic Falls to see Elena Gilbert, his brother’s girlfriend and his first love. What he finds is a battered and broken Elena and he’ll do everything in his power to make it right. Can he help her and overcome his own demons or are they both too damaged to take a chance on each other? (All Human)
  55. Teenage Diaries - COMPLETE - You think you have it all and one day everything you know vanishes and you can’t stop the downward spiral. Your Parents die in a car crash, your forced to move to a small town and start at a new school. Worse part your pregnant from a one-night stand.(All Human)

  56. The Choices We Make - COMPLETE - It’s 117AD and war has erupted between vampires and werewolves. So what happens when fate brings vampire Damon and a pre-transitioned werewolf Elena together? Just something that results in the creation of the Sun and the Moon curse.(Alternative Universe)

  57. The Rain King - INCOMPLETE -  Sequel to The Queen of Unintended Consequences. Six years after Damon leaves Elena with Klaus, he’s called back to handle a delicate situation. (Post Canon)

  58. The Road Less Traveled - COMPLETE - My version of early S4. Of course there’s angst, but that’s part of what makes it fun. (Post Canon)

  59. The Story of Us - COMPLETE - The past four years have built up to the moment that will define everything for Damon and Elena. When reality comes crashing down around them, they find themselves looking back on the past and trying to decide where to go from here. (All Human)

  60. Their Best Life - EPILOGUE LEFT - Elena and Damon’s romance began in “His Best Girl” but how did they get to that perfect future? Follow their journey through pregnancy, adoption, and much more. (All Human)

  61. Through the Ghost - COMPLETE - Damon, a carefree soldier & Elena, a no-nonsense physical therapist at an Army base met under ordinary circumstances. Stuck between attraction and resistance, they struggled to define their relationship until fate made the decision for them. 4 years later a heartbroken Elena battles to make good on a promise when she discovers nothing but the shell of the only man she’s ever loved. (All Human)

  62. To Save a Sinner - COMPLETE - Damon Salvatore, the new star swimmer and transfer student at MFU, befriends the dark and mysterious Elena Gilbert, a girl the rest of Mystic Falls considers crazy. When he discovers the deep, haunting secrets she keeps from the world, can he handle the truth or will it cost him his heart and even possibly, his sanity? (All Human)

  63. Vagrants MC - INCOMPLETE - Born and raised in Phoenix, Damon Salvatore has everything he needs to lead his father’s M.C., the Vagrants; the thirst for danger every young man has and a shining motorbike ready to lead a shining city. But cue a girl, arriving amid a cloud of flame with trouble on her tail, can Damon step up and deliver what is expected when the Vagrants are threatened? (All Human)

  64. What’s Wrong with Us? - COMPLETE - Adjusting to having a daughter is driving Damon crazy so he hires someone new to help out. Elena has her own secrets & her past but she puts everything aside, falling in love with her employer and his daughter. Juggling therapy, secrets, and exes. (All Human)

  65. Where We Are Now - EPILOGUE LEFT - Still recovering from a bad break-up, Elena moves to Mystic Falls to live with her Aunt Jenna, enrolling at a new school and meeting new friends. But who’s that guy always hanging around her? And what about Damon Salvatore, the 'bad boy’ of this new school and town? (All Human)

  66. Wrong Salvatore - INCOMPLETE - What if Elena got into a car accident and woke up with no memory of the last four years? As she learns to cope with her amnesia she has to also cope with her new life… it was certainly not what she expected. (Post Canon)

Happy reading!

anonymous asked:

So you saying you hate aang? I been reading your blog and I feel you really don't like him or respect his culture.

I definitely don’t hate Aang; I actually like him a lot. It’s just that many of the plot points that I criticize through the asks I get and my critiques of LOK and the A:TLA comics happen to tie back into how Aang’s character was handled with respect to the romance and the A:TLA finale. Most of Aang’s characterization holds up just fine, but since this is a criticism blog, the parts of his narrative that work don’t get as much figurative screentime. 

You haven’t seen me critique a character I actually hate unless you’ve read The Triumph of Uther Pendragon. 

I do have problems with the way Aang’s character is given a pass on things that other characters have to endure, simply because he seems to be the favorite of Mike and Bryan. For example, compare what happened with Aang in the finale, where he was faced with an impossible choice but got out of it without a real cost to himself, with what happened to Katara in “The Puppetmaster.” Katara was likewise given an impossible choice: bloodbend, which she believed to be wrong, or watch her friends kill each other through Hama. The difference is that she wasn’t given an out the way Aang was and actually had to bloodbend in order to save her friends. It traumatized and changed her; she allowed that darkness to feed into an already existing anger and had to deal with it via some hard soul searching in “The Southern Raiders.” Yet the fact that she had to make a hard choice and deal with the consequences greatly benefits her character. It would have done the same to Aang if the creators had allowed it. 

Or take how Aang is rewarded with Katara at the end of the series without having to apologize for a) kissing her without her consent or b) yelling at her and storming off right before the fight with the Firelord. On the one hand, you could say, “Well, Aang is nice, and he’s been pining for Katara for ages, and he’s been through so much. Doesn’t he deserve some happiness?” On the other hand, what about Toph? She was pining for Sokka in several episodes, and saved his life multiple times; she’s been through a lot too. But she never gets encouraged by, say, prisoners in “Avatar Day” or Avatar Roku himself to pursue Sokka because “Hey, you’re the Blind Bandit, just hang in there and he’ll come around!” The narrative never believes that Toph is owed a relationship because of anything she has achieved or any hardship she’s experienced.

This also applies to how Aang’s culture was treated–as I have stated here:

There is this attitude in A:TLA that because all of the Air Nomads were peaceful and were wiped out, Aang needs to keep their ways and wisdom pristine. They were victims, even martyrs—so their ideals should not be touched. This is true even though the monks are only fleshed out in one episode, “The Storm,” in which they seem as flawed and human as anyone:

  1. They told Aang he was the Avatar before he turned sixteen, which Monk Gyatso acknowledges was a mistake.
  2. They refused to let him grow up as a normal boy.
  3. They tried to rush Aang’s training.
  4. They tried to take Aang away from Monk Gyatso, his father figure, mentor, and the wisest monk in the temple.

Is it a tragedy that all these men were killed? Of course. But does that make them the guardians of absolute morality? Should their wisdom be treated as infallible, when we can see that they themselves were anything but? Being the victim of genocide is a terrible thing, but it does not automatically elevate you and your culture to sainthood. Contrast this with the way every other nation’s beliefs are challenged in the show. The Water Tribe’s beliefs about the place of men and women are criticized and proven false by Katara. The Earth Kingdom’s belief in separating the social classes as a key to order is shown to be authoritarian. The Fire Nation’s belief in its own superiority and the rectitude of its conquest is destroying the world.

The Air Nomads, though? The Air Nomad beliefs are given a free pass in a way no other nation’s are. Their ways are right, period, and anyone who doesn’t know that will have to be taught otherwise.

This does not mean that I hate the Air Nomad belief system, merely that I wish it had been treated fairly according to how the show treats and challenges the beliefs of the other nations. If you think I’ve been unfair to Aang or the Air Nomads, please feel free to point out specific examples of how I have been so. I can take what I dish out–criticism of criticism is welcome.

Of course, this ask was quickly followed by:

You know what? Forget it you are just another aan hater who doesn’t respect his culture or his beliefs so you can just fuck off! Goodbye you fucking hater.


You are a fucking racist and a bigot! With how you say aangs culture and beliefs are wrong tells me you are either a white person who thinks everyone should be like you and think like you or you are a blinded aang hater! I am blocking your bigoted ass! Fuck you!

I love how in one breath they imply that if I don’t think Aang’s culture and beliefs are right, I am a racist and a bigot…and in the other that I think everyone should be and think like me. Those are quite the mental gymnastics.

It’s ironic that the most virulent and angry messages I’ve ever gotten have been from the so-called fans of the most peaceful and conflict-averse character on the show. I wonder what Aang would think about sending this kind of anonymous hate to people, eh?

anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on the Robin series so far?

I’ve been holding onto this cause I’ve had a post in my drafts on my thoughts on Robin once I finished. Once I got this ask, I decided I’d post them here. So here’s a bunch of random thoughts on Robin in no particular order. I’ll put it below the cut cause it’s kinda long also, you know, spoilers.

**Spoilers for the Robin series**

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No brave faces in sleep.

Just a vent piece, suddenly wrote out shit I’m feeling today in a drabble/oneshot? of which these emotions fit surprisingly well. I want to write a long story of my own eventually but anyway. Here’s a random snippet thing. Sorry it’s maybe not particularly original blah like I said just venting  

Characters: Link, Zelda, Ghirahim
Words: 1,115
Summary/Context: For all Link’s outward strength, he’s worn thin now after the events of SS. Ghirahim has been his blade for a little while, and this weakening does not escape the spirit’s notice. He uses Link’s nightmares as an example to Zelda, who still doesn’t trust Ghirahim, to make a point as well as show her what’s truly happening to the boy whom was once merely her childhood friend.

He was floating - floating upward, rising slowly. He opened his eyes and felt his feet on solid ground, a small circle of land in the midst of the water he’d come out of. He was supposed to do something now, something important, but he couldn’t seem to remember what. Where was this - who was he? Something important, so important…

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kabby fic rec

i read so many fics the past few months i might actually share some of my squees over the talent we got in our small corner of fandom =D

without further ado, here’s what i did read and immensely enjoyed so far (and it is an expandable list, i still have so much to catch up on!)

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Instances - A Moriel Fic

Series: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

Characters: Feyre, Rhysand, Night Court Squad

POV: Cassian

Ship: Mor/Azriel

Rating: T (for minor language)

Word Count: 2345

Ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8130478 Summary: For @acotarshipweek’s Moriel Week, Day 4: Through Another’s Eyes.

Three times that Cassian noticed Azriel’s affection for Mor, and one where he does something about it.

Comments: I had a ton of fun writing this! Cassian seemed to be the perfect person to tell the story of our beloved shadow bat and his queen of light. Thank you to @illyriantremors for reading it over, and also inspiring events with your lovely Shadowsinger fic (if you haven’t read it, you totally should!) I hope you all enjoy!

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So I’ve just realized something that pisses me off even more than Robin dying. Regina’s whole arc has been about redemption. It’s been about making good choices instead of bad ones, of clawing your way out of the darkness to find light. Her story, to me anyway, is about finding hope when you never thought you would have it again. It’s about finding happiness in unexpected places. It’s about forgiveness. It’s about love. Regina’s story means so much to me, in so many different ways. I don’t care who you ship, but that fact that Robin was able to meet Regina, know exactly who she was and what she’s done upon meeting her and immediately see under the mask of The Evil Queen is fucking remarkable. He saw a mother going through living hell. He saw a women broken. He knew she was not truly the monster the stories made her out to be, not anymore. He saw Regina and he knew that she was worthy of a second chance. Eventually, she found that second chance with him. Or so she thought, I guess. I saw a post tonight about how Regina is never allowed to be happy for more than one season, and it’s true. To quote Isaac, she really does get screwed over the most. She’s lost her first love, her father, her mother, her sister, she’s even lost her son at times over the course of this show. And now she’s lost her soulmate. Outlaw Queen was about second chances at love. I think that everyone identities with Regina in different ways, and the reason I love her so much is because I’ve literally lived through parts of her story. I’ve had the person I love die in my arms. I’ve had the person I loved most literally forget who I am. The pain and the anger and the fear we see in young Regina, the darkness that’s brewing in her after Daniel’s death, I see that in myself. Her story reminds me to always try and look towards the light instead of the dark. Her story has really helped me, as I suppose it has for many of us Evil Regals out there. And then along came Outlaw Queen. The idea that Robin could see the light in Regina, hand in hand with the dark, and love both of those parts of her really struck a chord with me. It comforted me and gave me hope that someone could love me as I am, with the dark and the light, with my burdens and my regrets. I’m not at all surprised that Robin is dying. The writers have never treated him with the regard that he deserves and maybe we should even be happy for Sean Maguire that he’s getting away from this hell of a show. The thing that really pisses me off is how this all effects Regina and her storyline. Because no matter what decisions she seems to make, she keeps getting punished. She let Robin go presumably so that his wife could live, and she ends up with her sister raping him just to get back at her. She went to the Underworld to help Emma, because she loves her and considers her family. Even when she was given a way out, she stayed. And now as a consequence Robin is going to die. She is consistently being punished for her good, righteous choices. Instead of showing us how hard it can be to be in a relationship when you’ve never trusted a single person in you’re whole life to stay and support you, or how this baby will affect their relationship, or how difficult it can be to blend families, or literally any other more compelling story, they are ripping Robin away from her. Regina’s story used to be about love. 

Now it’s about pain.

I have no idea what the writers think they’re doing. This is the cherry on top of the cluster fuck that is this season. Maybe they’re doing it for dramatic effect, maybe Sean wanted out, maybe they think this is somehow necessary to feed whatever plot line they’ve set up for next season. I have no idea. What I really think they need to be worried about is what message they’re sending. They’re saying that redemption really isn’t possible. Yes, Regina has definitely changed her way of thinking and she’s on Team Hero and she’s repaired her relationship with her son. I’m not denying that. But she made the good choices. She’s consistently chose the high road this season. What does she get in return? Her heartbroken. Again. Fucking great. It doesn’t seem to matter what Regina does, the end result is pain. How is this women, who has the greatest capacity to love of anyone on this show, going to trust in romantic love ever again? My biggest fear for Regina at this point is how she’s ever going to let herself fall in love again? Both of the men she loved (three if you include Henry) have died in front of her. 

Honest to fucking god. This show is supposed to be about hope. Outlaw Queen was about hope. I’m watching the entire foundation of this ship crumble at the hands of incompetent, insensitive asshole writers and they probably don’t even know they’re doing it. Robin Hood deserves better. His children deserve better. Sean Maguire deserves better. And for fucks sake, Regina Mills deserves better than to have her heart ripped to shreds every goddamn time even a glimmer of happiness comes into her life. Show me that she can find love and happiness with the people around you after a lifetime of darkness and shitty decision making. Show Regina that those good choices are actually freakin’ worth it. That’s the real redemption. 

In conclusion, fuck you OUAT writers. 

i found the world’s longest anti regina rant in my drafts that i…think was written after the 5b finale? anyways, i’m very sorry, but it’s so long i feel like i’m doing a disservice by letting it sit. i sometimes get asked why i dislike regina because i’m sort of vague about it and i don’t like pissing people off (shocking, i know). i feel like this genuinely covers just about everything. 

you do not have to read this. if you know this will make you angry, please do not read it. you like her? cool, awesome, i’m not condemning that. these are just some of my thoughts. you have been warned. seriously, if you know you’re going to hate me, don’t read it. don’t do it. i for real don’t want to argue with people, just make my reasons more or less known.

i just know some people might feel the same way and - again - this is so fucking long i can’t just let it sit there. 

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Too Late Pt. 4 (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Genre: Angst/Romance (I think)

Word Count: 1,052

Summary: After you stormed off, Draco is feeling incredibly guilty and depressed. Will you come back to help the one you love or distance yourself even further?




I’m racing towards the nurse’s office. I have a free period before Potions that I’m sing to make sure that Dean is ok. He took away the girl I loved, that phrase was all you thought about on your way there. The first thing you were going to do was ask Dean who he recently asked out. Well, make sure he was ok first, then ask.

 “Dean asked me on a date…but it’s probably not me. Pansy? I don’t think Dean would stoop that low. Lavender? Maybe. She was quite nice and clever.” You had made it to the clinic with all these thoughts and paranoias swimming in your head.

 “(Y/N)! I was about to come find you.” Dean greeted. He didn’t look like he had any physical damage. In fact, he was beaming.

 “How come you’re so happy?” you inquired. 

“Well,” he began, “let’s just say a certain someone visited me and this someone knows a thing or two about nargles” he smirked.

 “Awww Dean! Luna visited you!” you fangirled, forgetting your mission for a second.

 “Yeah, did you need something? You came in looking a bit crazy” he chuckled.

 “Oh right! Did you ask out anyone before me?” you asked urgently.

 “Hehe. You…uh, you were actually the first girl I asked out” he said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck.

 “Hopefully Luna will be the next,” you stated with a wink, “I have to go, see you later Dean”

 “Bye” he waved.

 You began walking to Potions early. He took her away from me before I could even tell her. You could imagine Draco yelling that as his blue eyes pierced through you before going soft, realizing what he said. The girl I loved. You thought about that with a smile. You might just have a chance with the Slytherin Prince.

Wednesday Night- Draco POV

I snuck out of the Slytherin dorms in the middle of the night. I was wearing my black robes, trying to blend in with the dark night sky. I successfully made it to my destination: the astronomy tower.

 This was the place I went when I had to think. When I got letters from my father, the news about you know who, and now, mourning over the destruction of my pride and the loss of the small friendship I had with (y/n). I stood by the railing and looked up at the billions of little lights sparkling in the sky. Maybe she might forgive me. Someday. I tilt my head down towards the landscape, feeling as if I didn’t deserve the beauty of the stars.

 Time to face the facts, I, the Draco Malfoy, has lost one of the few things that could bring me joy, and it’s my own fault.


You had to sort this out. Your friend Harry let you borrow his invisibility cloak for the night. You needed the cloak to venture to your thinking spot. It’s where you went to think about life, the impending war, basically anything that stressed you. Your feet were lightly padding against the concrete ground as you sneaked up the stairs of the astronomy tower.

 The light of the stars was comforting, as if you were surrounded by millions of small friends. You thought you saw a shadow but dismissed it as a trick of the light. You had completed your ascent and took off the cloak as you stepped on to the balcony.

 You froze, your (h/l) (h/c) hair lightly blowing in the breeze. There he was, the exact problem you were trying to get out of your head.

 “Hello” he greeted, shocked by your presence.

 “H-hey” you responded. Why are you stuttering?! Why does he do this to you!?!

 You moved to stand next to him, leaning against the railing.

 “So…nice weather today” you said, trying to break the awkward silence. He laughed.

 “I guess you could say that.” You both fell into another period of silence. This time he broke it.

 “I-I just wanted to apologize about earlier. I shouldn’t have done what I did” he looked away from me. His voiced sounded tight, as if he were on the verge of tears but his facial expression wasn’t letting on.

 “It’s ok. I overreacted a bit as well,” I laughed nervously, “Sorry about that.” 

We laughed together and gazed up at the stars.

 “It’s a beautiful night tonight isn’t it?” you said dreamily.

 “Not as beautiful as you” Draco whispered softly. Our gazes met.

 “Draco…was I the girl you, um, mentioned earlier?” you kept your voice low. He sighed.

 “Yes, yes you were. You probably don’t feel the same though. I’m such a horrible person even for a Slytherin and I- “you cut him off by gently pressing a kiss to his lips. Your hands looped around his neck while his arms wrapped around your waist. You pulled away and he hugged you to his chest tightly.

 “I love you” he whispered, voice slightly muffled by your hair.

 “I love you too” you whispered back, burying your face into his neck.

 You meant it with all of your heart and had a feeling Draco did too. The rest of the night was filled with laughing and talking while sitting with your arms around each other. Eventually, you both fell asleep on the balcony wrapped in each other’s embrace. Neither of you thought of the consequences and frankly, you still wouldn’t care.

Professor Trelawney POV

I walked to the astronomy tower to collect the readings I hard charmed the telescope to record. I needed them for today’s lesson on astrology and horoscopes. As I strolled onto the platform though, I noticed two bodies intertwined on the floor. I saw that it was none other than Draco Malfoy and (Y/N) (L/N).

  How sweet!! I thought. Their signs were definitely a perfect match for each other. I should mention that in today’s lesson! I decided to handle the two lovebirds before they were discovered by a professor that would punish them. 

“Wingardium Leviosa” swish and flicker is how I remember it. Since it was still quite early, I was able to transport them to their dorms undetected.

  I hope the reveal they are a couple soon! They are so cute together! I hoped as I walked back to my classroom.

pooperscooper89 asked: Prompt: Dean needs money for food for him and Sam (cause John is ok with leaving them alone at a motel room with barely enough food, the show says so) so he picks pockets, but a handsome rich young man who is his age (Cas) catches Dean picking his pocket but ends up buying groceries for Dean and Sam and also takes Dean out.

Author’s note: I liked this idea a lot! Also, I’m not sure if this needs an ‘underage warning’, but Dean is 17 and Cas is 19 when they meet (and they don’t do anything other than kiss at this age), so I personally don’t see a problem with it at all. Anyway, enjoy! 

Five days until Christmas eve. While looking for a new victim, Dean rubbed his hands together in a futile attempt to warm them up. His fingers were numb, but he reminded himself that he had bigger problems to worry about.

Sammy. Money to buy food for Sammy. That was the one thought keeping him from feeling guilty about his less than noble plan.

Needless to say, he’d felt guilty about it the first time. And the second time, maybe even the third. But he had no other choice, dammit. Being stuck in a motel room with dad gone on one of his crazy quests for the rest of the week, leaving behind barely enough food for one person to eat… Dean saw no other options. There was no point in looking for a job; no one would bother to hire a seventeen year old without experience who’d be gone by the end of the week. Which meant that it was either this, or starving.

The main street of whatever town they were currently staying in -Dean had given up on keeping track- was crowded, people rushing left and right, here for their last minute Christmas shopping. Caught in a sea of twinkling Christmas lights, Dean scanned the stores on his left, colorful Christmas decorations greeting him from behind display windows.

He stumbled on his feet when a middle-aged lady abruptly bumped into him, taking him by surprise. She muttered an apology, looking extremely stressed-out as she continued on her way, carrying at least ten extra-large shopping bags. Yeah, celebrating Christmas seemed like a whole bunch of fun.

Dean rolled his eyes at her before turning to observe the stores at the other end of the street. He noticed that several people were window shopping there. Perfect. Some of them were obviously busy drooling over all the crap that they couldn’t afford anyway; too preoccupied to watch their pockets and purses.

There was a young couple, both of them looking wistfully at the giant flat screen televisions behind the glass. They weren’t carrying any shopping bags, an indicator that they didn’t have much to spend. Not the best choice then. Dean moved on, and a young man with dark hair caught his eye.

He was wearing a black trench coat, a midnight-blue scarf, and shiny black dress shoes. The guy appeared to be waiting for someone, just standing there, thumbs fumbling with an expensive looking phone, eyes locked on the screen. He couldn’t be much older than Dean, but he looked wealthy for sure. The bonus? He was too engrossed in whatever he was doing on his phone to ever notice someone picking his pocket. Definitely worth a shot.

“Here it goes…” Dean mumbled to encourage himself, taking one last deep breath before pushing through the crowd, eyes never straying from his target.

Closer, closer. He slipped past the couple that he’d spotted earlier, seeing that the dark haired guy was still staring down at his phone. This was going to be a piece of cake. Two more steps and Dean was close enough. Close enough to reach out and-

“Hey!” A deep voice warned, long fingers securing themselves around Dean’s wrist just as he was about to explore the left pocket of the guy’s fancy coat.

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Cruel But Beautiful chapter 17

“Eren!” Mikasa called, as the impulsive brunet violently pushed himself away from her, and brushed past Sasha, going somewhere that he probably shouldn’t. Mikasa immediately caught up to him and grabbed his arm. He turned to face her, and she felt dread seep into her heart. She knew that look, and she knew that she’d have to calm him down very quickly if she didn’t want all hell to break loose between Eren and Jean. “Eren, please,” she said, imploring him to listen to her. “It’s not that big of a deal You don’t need to-”

“Don’t tell me this is not a big deal!” he spat, pulling his arm out of her desperate grasp. “That bastard had no right whatsoever to tell anyone about that.” He looked at Sasha for a moment, who was watching them both, clearly on-edge over his sudden outburst. “Especially not her,” he muttered so that  Sasha couldn’t hear them. “You know that if Sasha knows, everyone in this army knows. You know that, Mikasa.” Mikasa sighed.

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Consequences  (Yoongi)

Hello! May I req one yoongi angsty-fluff scenario where im like the one yoongi hates the most in this world since the first we met. But one thing happened that turns everthg upside down, ended up he never wanna lose me? Thank you:)

Here you are @thedawnsky! I’m so sorry this took so long.

Part II

Tuesday , 7:45pm

Loathe, detest, despise, dislike, hate.

I met her three months ago, an old friend of Hoseok’s and from that moment on, I never wanted to meet her again. Everyone had their bad traits, but never before had I met someone who’s bad outweighed their good, who truly drove me up the wall. It might make more sense to say I didn’t know why I felt such a strong desire to stay away from her, but I knew exactly why.

She was loud, always announcing herself by saying “hey guys! I’m home!” at the top of her lungs.

She was hardheaded, stubborn as all hell, never giving up without a fight even when it came to things easily solved.

She was too open, sharing unnecessary details to all of us, always droning on and on, she never shut up.

But the thing I hated more than her at this moment, was the uneven number of members, because now, sitting beside her in the driver’s seat of a car, empty except for the two of us, because of Namjoon’s awful ability at dividing people up, I have never been more irritated. Even though she’s silent next to me, her quiet brooding was much more annoying than if she was talking. I try to busy myself with the road in front of us, gripping the wheel with knuckles slowly turning white. My irritation mounts, a small amount of rage starting to bubble up in my chest with each side long glance at her, with her arms crossed and eyebrows knitted tightly together in a visual representation of her displeasure with our situation. I try to hold back my words- I swear I do, but…

“Look, you can knock off the childish pouting, neither of us are happy about this. Just stop.”

“Why do you  have to be so rude?” She snaps, eyes narrowing as she shifts further away from me. “I haven’t ever done anything to you, and all you ever do is act like a dick.”

“You annoy me.” I take a turn sharply, despite the darkness, skin starting to burn with the mounting frustration. “I thought maybe it was because you never shut the fuck up. But evidently, you’re even more annoying when you aren’t talking.”

She scoffs and the noise makes my skin crawl, every little thing she pulls, it gets under my skin. Unbridled anger controls my movements as I press the gas peddle a little more, desperate at this point to just get where we’re going, if only to feel relief from this anger I’ve never experienced before. It’s almost something I’m scared of, my own mind seems to be out of control, the thought of pulling over and pushing her out overpowering the more logical portion of my brain.

“I don’t deserve your fucking attitude, Yoongi.”

“Then just sit over there, shut the hell up, and stop acting like a little kid.”

“Fuck you, Min Yoongi.”

I can’t help but laugh. I laugh because this is the longest conversation we’ve ever had. I laugh because at this point my vision is becoming blurred because of my anger. I laugh because this is the first time she’s ever said anything abrasive to me, despite our mutual dislike of each other. The car whines beneath me as my foot presses down slightly more on the pedal again and in front of us the road begins to wind, twisting off into the distance, the cars containing the others slowly disappearing into the night. I feel warm, like there’s fire under my skin, fueling me on to say the next thing that comes out of my mouth-

Fuck me? Oh please, you’d love that. The only reason you hang out with us is so someone pays attention to your pathetic life. Hanging all over idols because we’re famous, you just want to feel like you fucking matter. But you don’t. And I can’t wait for everyone else to realize that.”

She’s silent this time, her hurt is evident in the way she shifts further away from me, but this only lasts for a moment, because with a tone made of poison she replies-

“The only pathetic one here is you. Can’t you just live your life without being so pissy all the fucking time? You’re disgusting.”

“Okay you know what. Just shut the fuck up-”

My head whips to the side, staring at her as I slam my hands against the wheel, I just need her to shut up for two fucking seconds. I shouldn’t have looked at her, I should’ve kept my eyes on the road, but I was so angry.

“Watch the fucking road-”

Tuesday, 8:01 pm

This is the meaning of the word chaos. This is the end of the world.

The truck’s light is blinding, white hot and it brings tears to my eyes. When I jerk the wheel, the tires scream under us, protesting at the sudden movement and it causes my ears to ring. But I can still hear her screaming. Even with the spots dancing in front of my eyes, I still see her hands fly up to protect her face as the car flips, only to have the skin torn apart by bits of glass. Even though the shock of what’s happening has caused me to feel numb, I still feel her blood hit my face in warm droplets, I still feel the glass snag my skin. The car’s roof crunches as it collapses in on us, the sound drowns out her pained groaning only for a moment, and then it’s back and it makes my head hurt. The car makes one more flip, busting out the remaining windows as it lands and I can’t hear anything. My eyes are blurred by blood running from an unknown source and I pray that it’s my blood, that I’m not covered in the blood of the girl who’s life I might have just taken. I can’t feel anything. The ringing in my ears subsides only a little, just enough to hear her still screaming, and it’s the last thing I hear before I slip into a comfortable darkness.

Tuesday, 9:02 pm

It’s warm here. I’m wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, and there’s a fire burning next to me. Above me, on the mantle, there’s pictures, some I recognize as old school photos and others are family portraits. The small room is filled with the smell of cooking food, something vaguely similar to ginger and baked sugar. There’s a long mirror standing next to me, and when I look into it, I see a happy me, one I hadn’t seen in a long time. My skin looks like it’s shining, a slightly pink tone illuminating my cheeks, the sign of a healthy child. The image of me that stares back from the mirror seems to not be able to help but smile. It’s a calming image. I want to stay in this room forever.

But someone’s calling for me…

“Yoongi, you’ve got to wake up. Come on, get up.”

“Yoongi, it’s time to wake up. Come on sweetie.”

Something bright is shone in my face again, disrupting my serenity. I turn my face away from it, trying to catch a glance of myself in the mirror again, but this time I see the silhouette of a girl behind me. Her face moves into the light and I see her lips, bloodied and dry, moving to form a sentence.

“Wake up.”

My body feels like it’s being yanked, a pulling sensation forming between my eyes. Panic floods my mind as the furniture around me begins to dissolve and the happy warmth seeps out of my safe haven. I’m reluctant to go, but something tells me I have no choice.

Maybe I’ll come back…

Tuesday, 9:40 pm

I’m only awake for a few moments before slipping back into a darkness that unlike the one before, is anything but comfortable and warm. My eyes open slightly, all activity around me slowed to an agonizing crawl and while I’m sure there’s plenty of noise, I find that I still can’t hear anything. I catch a glimpse of a nurse frantically injecting things into a small plastic sack above my head, her lips rapidly moving. She moves to my side, my eyes lazily following her as she comes to a stop next to a man wearing a medical mask, defibrillators poised to strike in his hands and judging by the already apparent stinging in my chest and my difficulty breathing, I’m sure this isn’t the first time they’ve been used on me. Using all the strength I can muster, I roll my limp head to the side, eyes barely open, searching for any sign that would help me rest easy after this, even if it was the end of the line. A jumble of nurses to my right shift around each other busily, swarming over what I come to realize as a bloodied body. My heart rate slows a little and a soft ringing begins in my ears, staying awake suddenly becomes a struggle as one of the nurses moves to the right and I get a good look at the battered face of a girl. The ringing begins to intensify as I drag my eyes away from the mutilated face and  find the heart monitor, slowly beeping. My lips curl up and while I can only feel half of my face, I know it must look peaceful of me to be smiling in my last moments. The fight to stay awake becomes much more difficult than before and I finally give it, allowing my eyelids to shut and my body to relax. Even so, the ringing becomes unbearable, it makes my mind go fuzzy and stars appear behind my eyelids. I’m not a murderer. I’m so sorry.


Sunday, 10:56 am

“Min Yoongi of the widely known boy group ‘Bangtan Sonyeondan’ was declared legally dead for several  minutes after a near fatal car crash involving a girl who sources have identified as a friend of the group, who is still not responding to doctors. Stay with us-”

I can’t stand the sound of the reporter’s voice, all it does is drill into my head and leave it aching. Makes me wish I’d lost my hearing like the doctor said I was supposed to. Not that I got off easy though, left with hideous scars running up and down my arms and a hearing aid in my left ear. Not to mention a nasty bruise on almost the entirety of my right side and a broken leg rendering me bedridden for the next couple of weeks.

All this was tolerable though, in fact the weeks off from the hectic life I usually lived with Bangtan was readily welcomed. The sudden rest and relaxation would be much more enjoyable if it wasn’t spent in this place.

I was plagued by nightmares now, everytime I closed my eyes, I saw her bloodied face in the car next to me, or heard her screaming. Or worse, I imagined that the monitor next to her limp body would flatline and Hoseok’s eyes barring into me with hatred, accusing me. Murderer. When I wasn’t asleep, which was a frequent occasion, I was in constant pain, the deep bruise  on the right side of my lungs made taking a deep breath ridiculously painful, and the stitches in my wounds itched and ached consistently. I hadn’t had much sleep over the past few days, the sleeping pills they give me were tossed as soon as I thought it was clear. I knew I must look like a wreck and I’m sure the nurses weren’t as dumb as I thought they were and most likely were aware of my little game but decided to ignore it because of my idol status.

I stayed awake for her. Every night I watched the monitor beep, and every night I hoped she’d wake up again, even if the first thing out of her mouth was a string of cuss words, damning me to hell for all that I’d put her through. Sometimes at night I’d speak to her torn up form, apologizing over and over until tears rolled down my cheeks and the gasping they caused made my ribs hurt. I wanted to sit next to her bed and beg her to wake up, I’d lower myself to the ground and grip her hands and pray she’d know how sorry I was, how badly I felt. Movement was restricted for me and it was driving me insane. Day in and day out doctors and nurses floated in and stood over her, murmuring and poking and never giving answers.

The worst was when the boys visited. Jimin always tried to stay bright, bringing small gifts and visiting frequently, sometimes with Jungkook and Taehyung, who avoided eye contact with me, but played along with Jimin’s erratic behavior. Despite my band mates efforts, I still felt the tension in the air, their direct blame of me for the problems that were now clouding us was evident. Namjoon visited by himself a lot, spewing inspirational lines and trying his best to maintain his gaze when he looked at me, but with him I couldn’t tell if it was because of how awful I looked or because of what I’d done. His visits were short, ended with a quick pat of my unbroken leg before he practically ran out the door murmuring a goodbye. Seokjin often came with Hoseok, and these visits were the worst. Hoseok has only said four words to me, all of which were none to kind and Seokjin later told me he knew I wasn’t feeling like myself because there was a lack of angry remarks from me at Hoseok’s sharp tongue. Now he just wanders over to her bed and sits there, hunched over with his head in her lap, and his silent crying sometimes reaches my ears and makes me want to rip the needles out of my arm and throw myself at his feet, begging him to kill me because it’s what I deserved. Seokjin tries his best to comfort me, but all it does is make me feel uncomfortable.

On this particular night, the nurses had forgotten a pair of crutches next to my bed and already a plan was formulating in my mind. I was waiting for someone to notice the missing pair and take them away from me, but hours passed and they remained leaned just within my reach. I kept my eyes trained on everyone who entered the room, anticipating the end to my plot with every slight turn nurses took towards my bed, but they were too focused to notice. Before I knew it, it was lights out and the nurses made one last round to our room before flipping the light switch, handing me my sleeping and pain pills and uttering a hushed goodnight. I counted footsteps as she rushes down the hall. Once it felt safe, I tossed the sleeping pill and downed the hydrocodone dry and dragged in a deep breath, wincing a little. Giving myself a little time to prepare my aching body for the trial I was about to put it through.

Gently I pushed myself up to a sitting position, pain ripping through my muscles and body screaming at the sudden movement. It took everything I had not to cry out, opting instead to bite my bottom lip until blood began to seep into my mouth. With another gentle and timid movement I pulled the sling holding the bandaged leg elevated loose until finally I was released, my leg hitting the bed again causing me to sink my teeth into my lip, tears slipping out of my eyes. My ribs felt like they might crack and shatter if I moved again but breathing hard I leaned towards the crutches, fingertips brushing it at first until I managed to wrap one around it and pull. One falls onto my bed, the other hitting the floor with a loud crash that causes my body to freeze.


One, two, three then four seconds pass as I wait for the sudden noise from a supposedly sleeping room to attract someone who could put an end to my actions, but nothing happens. No body comes running and I release a labored breath at my lucky streak. Cursing under my breath, I pull my body towards the crutch, heaving it over the side of the bed and finally into a half standing, half sitting position. With my body leaned majorly on my new inanimate friend and my left hand gripping the bags of liquid attached to me, I take a timid step. Upon finding that putting too much weight on my bandaged foot caused pain to rocket up through my body and making my scalp tingle. This time I do cry out a little, strangled gasps and whimpers escaping from me as I hobble little by little towards her.

“Y/N.” I whisper, voice hoarse and strained. “Y/N, I want you to wake up.”

Suddenly, through a pained and excruciating journey across the tiny space between our beds, I find myself in front of the person I’d ruined. This victim of my anger, innocent until I’d tainted her with my outrage, directed at someone who never deserved it in the first place. My body lowers in a tender way, joints protesting at the amount of movement I was putting them through after all the lying about I’d done, until my knees touch cold tile. Abandoning the crutch, I reach my hands up to grab hers, face barely above the edge of the bed as I let the tears stream freely down my heated cheeks. My lungs are exhausted and my body is upset, every stitch and broken bone desiring rest even after my small trek.

“Y/N, oh god please forgive me. I’ve made such an awful mistake. Y/N please, if you wake up now, I promise I’ll protect you. I swear to god I’ll be there always, I won’t let anyone touch you, not one person will lay their hand on you. I’ll kill them before they even get to stand in front of you. You know I’m capable of it, you always said my anger made me crazy.” A small chuckle escapes my lips. “I’ll be here. I’ll always be here, I want you in my life. I’m so guilt ridden and I feel like I’m dying, we miss you. I- I miss you…”

I let my face drop into the blankets, staining them with the evidence of my sorrow, hands gripping her slightly chilled ones tightly, feeling her pulse through the skin of my shaking fingers. The silence of the hospital suffocates me, I want her to speak, I want to hear her annoying voice scold me, bitch at me or just speak to someone else, I needed to hear it. I wanted this sign of her life, I wanted this sign that I wasn’t a murderer. If she’d just wake up. My heart is resting in my throat, everything is aching as sobs take over my body but I don’t care, I welcome the suffering, aware that I deserve every bit of it.

“Please Y/N. Please don’t leave me.”

Now all that I can hear is the small beeping of her monitor and my own pathetic crying. Everyone leaves at some point in their life, whether it be through death or a trip away from home, and if anyone knew this it was me. I’d lost so many people in my life and was able to deal with it, though it may have been through destructive ways I knew now that if I lost this irritating and beautiful person, I would destroy everything, myself including. Myself especially. Sitting here with the smell of overly cleaned and disinfected sheets smothering me, the realization that should I give my life for hers, this world would be a nicer, much more calm place. That if I just ripped this lifeline out of my arm and one by one took the sleeping pills I’d kept hidden then maybe she’d live, maybe I could make up for the choices I’d made, maybe-

The hand clutched in mine is moving.

Sunday, 11:34 pm

Time has come to a complete stand still. Delicate fingers are twitching in my calloused grip, moving ever so slightly but still enough to make my heart stop. Removing my face from the safety of the white linen, I watch for another sign, anything. Again, her fingers twitch, and then again and again until they are wrapped loosely around my hold. My eyes move to her face, watching another twitching begin, pink lips moving open as a small groan, hardly audible slips out. Next the movement travels to her eyes, eyelids fluttering and eyebrows scrunching as a light red color returns to her cheeks, the sign of life. I’ve forgotten the hurt in my body, the only thing that remains is an overwhelming sense of hope. The monitor begins to beep a little faster as her heart wakes up just as the rest of her does, eyelids finally opening, just slightly because of the deeply purple bruises bloomed across her face.

And now I am staring into eyes so bright they could light up the world.

I feel laughter bubble up in my chest, crazy and wild it comes out in short gasps as she gazes confused at me. There is recognition and confusion in those eyes, whether it be because I nearly killed her or because she’s surprised I’m alive I don’t care, as long as they are open. Her chapped lips move gently, small squeaks coming out until finally;


It’s hardly even a whisper, but it sets me over the edge and I’m kissing her fingers, pushing myself up by the bed and pressing kisses on her face and arms, anywhere I can find that isn’t covered in purple. The laughter is still spilling out as I fall next to her, softly pulling her towards me-

“We need a nurse.” My voice doesn’t get  very loud but I still scream. “Help! Help, we need help in here!”

She winces at my contact but still moves her hands to touch my arms while my hands busy themselves by pushing her hair away from her face. Confused questions come in a steady stream from her as I listen to the sound of nurses rushing towards us, pure euphoria pulsing throughout my body.

“No, no please don’t talk, I’m right here. You’ll be okay, I promise I’m going to protect you. You’ll be alright.” The tears are steady from eyes as I press my face into her shoulder, peppering kisses until I’m pulled away by the hand of a nurse, and before the view of her is overtaken by helpers I yell one last time-

“I’ll never leave your side again.”

Olicity Rebuild:  3 Reasons Why Oliver Needs to Make the First Move

Before I dive right in, I’d like to preface this post by saying that I love both Oliver and Felicity equally.  Whatever obstacles they face, I try to look at the situation and understand their motives from both their perspectives.  They’re amazing characters with flaws like anyone else.  Although they may not be perfect, I do believe that they are perfect for each other.  

The Arrow writers have hinted that the Olicity rebuild will happen this season. How long that will take, no one knows.  We’ll simply have to wait and see. Until then, I thought it’d be interesting to examine which half of our OTP should be the one to take the first step toward initiating a reconciliation.  The more I’ve pondered it, the more I think (and hope) that it will be Oliver.  Here’s why:

1. Oliver has never fought for Felicity

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Anatidae - CS AU

Expecting to see her neighbor, she was ill-prepared to see him— dark hair, clear, brilliant blue eyes shining with happiness and hope.


Instinct kicked in and she moved to close the door on her past, but his reflexes were faster and his foot between the door and the frame prevented her from shutting him out entirely.

“It’s not Swan anymore.”

“Oh yes, Emma Nolan. You’re not the only one who’s good at finding people.

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MAGIC (Part 3) - Prince Calum x Witch Reader

Part 1 || Part 2



You were sleeping peacefully on your new bed. You were waked by the light that was shining through the window, fluttering your eyes open. You knew that being a witch meant that you were going to be imprisoned for life, and felt that they only way out would be to cast a love spell on Calum, hoping that as prince he would find some way to release you. And although he hasn’t found a way to release you, he had done so much for you. He had moved you from a dark cell, to a room fit for a lord, saying that you needed a new room and bringing you small gifts like flowers and books.

You still felt a pang of regret every time you thought about the love spell. Calum was only doing this because you were manipulating his feelings into thinking that he loved you. Nothing he felt for you was real; you needed to remind yourself constantly, because the nicer he treated you…the more you thought he did actually love you. You knew that this was bad, magic isn’t meant to be used to manipulate others, you were taught that magic must be used to help others, never harm. You thought about the Rule of Three, this sort of ill magic, would definitely have its consequences that you knew would one day come…you just hoped that it would happen after you escaped or the many good deeds you’ve done could somehow lessen the reverse karma that you would receive…but magic rarely worked that way.

You hoped that Calum would find a way to let you go, that his love for you would force him to break the rules for you, and when you were free, you would undo the spell and hopefully the small feelings that were harboring in your chest would leave too. because you couldn’t deny that you felt a flutter in your stomach when Calum was near, he treated you like you mattered, that you were important, the smile on his face proof of that, and being alone most of your life, you couldn’t help but grow feelings for the future king.

Calum didn’t deserve any of this, he deserved to love someone who loved him entirely, someone that was worthy of the love he was able to give but you needed to live, you didn’t want to die and this was the only way. You looked to the side, seeing the small gifts that Calum would bring, making the regret grow more and more in the pit of your stomach, he really deserved the world, he deserved to love someone that was worth it. You stood up from your bed, ready to get your day started, as well as praying that your love spell wouldn’t wear off, but you were sure that it wouldn’t, since Calum was completely in love with you. You were starting to get dressed, when your door was kicked in.

“Seize her!” one of the royal guards shouted as they all circled you like you an animal.

You looked around, wondering what you did wrong, you were already imprisoned for life, or at least until Calum will find a way to free you, so what more could they want.

“What have I done wrong?” you said raising your hands not wanting them to harm you like when they first captured you.

“Silence you witch, you know what you have done,” they answered as your arms were roughly pulled behind you then shackled, as you were pushed out of the holding cell, knowing full well that the tight grip would bruise you once again.  

You were led back to the grand hall in silence, the throne room was just as spotless as you remembered it. you looked up towards that regal thornes, expecting it to be Calum, but you knew that he would never had you treated like this, the love spell wouldn’t let him have the guards treat you like this, so you could already guess who was there.

The king and queen, and judging by their faces, they weren’t happy to see you.

“Halt don’t bring her any closer, before she curses the king and queen as well,” the royal captain ordered.

Curse? What exactly do they mean? Did they find out about the love spell that you casted on Calum, were they able to see through your spell and knew that something wasn’t right. This was it, there was no going against the king’s word, if the royal king ordered you dead…no magic in the world could save you.

“You witch…(Y/N) that is your name correct?” the king asked.

You nodded. You felt a kick on your side enough to leave you breathless but not enough to break any bones, thankfully.

“You speak when answering to your king,” the captain ordered.

“Yes your highness, that is my name,” you answered.

“So you are the one that my son calls for, do you understand what you have done? It is high treason to go against the crown. We don’t like to execute our prisoners, but seeing as how you have cursed our son ill, we have no other choice…unless you lift your curse, then maybe we will consider your old sentence of life in prison,” the king stated.

“Your majesty, I mean no disrespect but what do you mean cursed him ill?” not sure of what he was talking about.

“Don’t lie,” the queen quickly responded, “our son is sick in bed because of you. He was fine when we left and we return and he is bed ridden. We’ve never seen him this ill, and it just so happens to be after you were brought here,” she finished.

“But I didn’t curse him your highness, I can ensure you of that, I would never harm the prince,” well not completely, since you knew that once he found out you manipulated him…that could hurt him.

“How can I trust you?” she asked.

“I can ensure you I didn’t, but if you let me see him, I can help. Before you all caught me I was mainly a healer, I used my magic to cure never harm. I can help him, if not I can give you some nice mixes of tea and soup that will help him,” feeling attached to Calum, you knew that you needed to help; you just needed to know he was fine.

“I am not letting you anywhere near my son, not after what you did,” his majesty answered.

“Fine,” his mother answered. Your eyes widened not expecting her to agree. “None of our medics can help him, so maybe you can. But rest assured if my son gets any sicker, there will be consequences. I love my son, so please as a mother,” she paused placing her hand on her husband to calm him down, “please help him.”

You nodded and were quickly unshackled and led to Calum’s chamber room. You stood in front, while they advised you that they will keep watch to make sure that you wouldn’t hurt him and that if you need anything they will be the ones to fetch it for you. You nodded as you knocked on the door; you waited for the door to open. You waited and nothing, not even a simple response to let yourself in. You sighed and let yourself in.

You thought that the room you were staying in was big, this one made your own feel so small, this could easily be the size of your old home. Large stain glass wall windows adorned by red silk curtains, giving the room a beautiful light yellow glow, beautiful wooden wardrobes covered, the royal crown on a velvet red pillow, and a large plush bed filled with pillows that looked as soft as a cloud. But what caught your attention was the handsome ebony haired male that was fast asleep on the plush bed.

You quietly made your way over to his bed not wanting him to wake up, but as you walked closer you noticed that he wasn’t well. His forehead was glistening with sweat, matting down his hair to his forehead; his color wasn’t the tan healthy skin but rather an array of pale or reddened cheeks. He was really sick, and you didn’t understand why, you had seen him only two days ago when he asked the guards to let you out to further change your room, and as healthy as can be.

You pushed the strands of hair that were stuck on his forehead away and the moment your fingertips touched his skin, you could already feel the cold sweat and hot skin. He was running a bad fever and remembering everything that you learned from healing, you knew that before you could even use magic to heal, you should try the mundane methods first. You quickly ran to the door, asking them to bring you a rag and cold water, while telling another to start making you a stew listing exactly what and how to do it. You quickly went over to Calum, carefully pulling off the sheets, he needed to lower his temperature and being bundled up like that would do the opposite.

You were quickly brought the water and towel, and immediately soaked it, and asked for another towel as well. You placed the first towel on the back of his neck, knowing that it would start to cool him down. Calum started stirring the cold water slowly waking him up. With the second towel you started to clean his face of the sweat and slowly his eyes fluttered opened, his brown hues meeting yours.

“I can get used to you being the first thing I see when I wake up,” he said weakly with a smile.

Your heart raced and your face was heating up. He knew exactly what to say to get a reaction out of you, and instead of responding to his comment you continued to wipe his face, making sure to not be too harsh.

“Not that I mind you being here (Y/N)…but why are you here?” he asked leaning into your hand making it harder for you to clean his face.

“They thought that you are sick because of me, that I cursed you and now I have to heal you,” you said just resting your hand on his cheek.

“But you didn’t do this to me,” he said with a cough, “I just came down with something, but either way maybe it’s a good thing I got sick,” he said with a weak smile.

“Calum you’re running a high fever, how is that a good thing?” you asked noticing that while his skin was still hot, at wasn’t as hot as before.

His had gripped yours, bring it back to his cheek, letting the corner of his mouth meet your palm, “because I get to be nursed back to health by you,” Calum smiled.

Calum started to smile, before his body started to convulse. You immediately felt his body heat up against, his body starting to sweat all over again; he was heating up again. You immediately shouted for someone to bring you more cold water and to prepare him a cold bath. You felt in your pocket finding your quartz, hoping that they were cleansed enough to be of some use to heal Calum.

You couldn’t lose Calum, not because he was the ticket to your freedom, but rather…because you grew to love him, you realized that now. You were worried when you heard that he was ill, you thought that it stemmed that if something bad happened to him, you wouldn’t be able to escape…but that wasn’t the case. He shouldn’t be this ill, you were pretty sure that he hadn’t been exposed to anything this bad, at least to your knowledge he didn’t…so why was he this sick?

Then it hit you…there was only one explanation for him being this sick.

The Rule of Three

That was the only thing that you could think of. You knew that having him fall in love with you would bring bad consequences…but you never imagined anything like this. Was this your punishment for making Calum fall in love with you?

It made sense, a love for a love. You didn’t know what to do, at this point. You never thought that the Rule of Three would ever do such a thing. it seemed like the correct way for your karma to be returned, you manipulated someone to feel love, forced them to feel something against their will, and your fate would be to have the person you love die in the process. You heard of far worse tales when it comes to the Rule of Three, so why couldn’t this be it.

You couldn’t lose Calum, he didn’t deserve this, he didn’t deserve to pay for your magic, if anything the last few days proved that, he was kind, giving, everything a good king should be, everything you wanted him to be. He deserved the world and right now, the magic you casted on him, may rid him of the chance to have a happy long life.

You tried to remember the spell that would undo the love spell but nothing came to mind, your plan was to undo the spell when you escaped, allowing you to run back to your old home and find what the spell was. But right now for Calum’s sake you needed to remember it, you had to; his life could be at stake. But you mind was blank. Your hands clenched your head, hoping to find the right words to say, but nothing. So you did the only thing you could, and hope to cure him like you did with others.

Pulling out the clear quartz you started chanting, praying to all healing gods and goddesses, mother earth, and any other healing deities you could think of, and hoping that they could heal Calum. You prayed to the Three Goddesses to spare his life. Once you felt centered, you pressed the quartz against his body, cleansing him with it to your best ability hoping it would buy you some time. The guards immediately stormed in, telling them to take him to the bath, and following close behind.

He was looked better, the cold bath lowering his temperature back to a faint fever. You held his hand the whole time, the quartz between both your palms as you chanted wanting him to get better, hoping that he could direct his illness towards you, anything as long as he got better. Once you felt that he was ok, you told them if they could dress him and take him to his room. You were glad that they weren’t complaining and doing as they were told.

Once they said he was dressed you walked back into his chamber room, seeing that at least for now…he was fine, wondering if somehow all your prayers worked. Calum was sleeping soundly, making a small smile come on your lips. You started brushing the hair from his face, glad that this time that you did it, his skin wasn’t as fevered as before. Your fingertips glided over his face, feeling Calum’s soft warm skin. Your fingertips landed on his lips, feeling chapped…yet soft underneath. You wondered what they would feel like pressed against yours, wanting to know the answer yourself.

You wanted to kiss him, wanting to know what it felt to kiss someone that loved you, what it feels to kiss someone you love. Your face was heating up, just thinking about it. You gulped your fingertips still against his lips, and then bringing it up to yours. An indirect kiss, that’s as close as you would ever get to kissing Calum. You really did want to kiss him, but you couldn’t let yourself because you felt that the moment you did, you would completely fall for him, which would make it so much harder for you to let him go, when he finds a way to free you.

You just stayed in the room as you kept watch on him, making sure that he wouldn’t suddenly start convulsing again, but you were sure that he would soon be fine.

Your eyes started to droop; it was late and noticed that you should head back to your own cell before they force you. The queen had walked in a while ago asking the status of her son, and you proud to announce that it seemed whatever he came down with would no longer be a threat to him, and that he only needed rest. She was glad that you helped and said that you can stay to watch over her son if you wanted or to go back to your cell, which made you wonder if Calum’s kind nature was from his mom. You thanked her and said that you would watch over him a bit longer.

Calum was still sleeping soundly, never once waking up, just the occasional tossing and turning to find a more comfortable spot to sleep. You felt that it was time to head to sleep, and there was no point in watching over him, since he had been sleeping soundly for a good while. You walked up to him one last time, this time sitting down on his bed.

His mouth slightly open, hearing the soft sounds of his breath. Your face was heating up, how is it possible that a single person can make your heart beat as fast as a hummingbird, how a single person can make you feel so much, that in itself is magic to you, one person having so much power over your feelings?

You were in love with the prince; it was simple as that, a witch in love with a royal.

You leaned down, your lips just over his, wanting to press your lips against his, almost needing to kiss him…but just before they met his you quickly decided to kiss his forehead. You softly kissed his forehead, finally accepting that in your plan to use magic to make Calum fall in love with you, you ended up falling for him too. But unlike Calum, your feelings weren’t fake; you genuinely fell in love with him.

You whispered against his skin a simple protection and healing charm, nothing to grand, but enough to keep him safe for the night. You sealed the charm with another kiss.

“Goodnight my precious prince,” you whispered with a smile, your hand caressing his face, glad that he was safe.

You got up to leave him, when you felt his hand lightly grip onto your wrist. You turned around, to see his sleep filled brown eyes lock on with yours, ready to fall back asleep in in any second, despite his hold being pretty strong.

“Stay,” was the only thing Calum whispered, as he started pulling you back.

You know that you shouldn’t climb into bed with him, but there was so little restraint as he lifted the covers and pulled you into bed. His arms wrapped around you as he pulled you close to his body, letting you smell the soap he used from his bath and his own personal scent, slowly lulling you to sleep too. you shouldn’t be here, yet it felt so right.

“Calum I should go,” you whispered, but still offering no intentions of moving.

Calum’s arms tightened locking you more in place, not wanting to let you leave, pressing his chest against yours feeling the warm skin heat up yours.

“No, as your prince I order you to stay here,” he said, laying his head on top of yours.

Your heart was pounding against your chest at a fast pace, it was starting to get difficult for you to remind yourself that he didn’t actually loved you, but right now that didn’t matter because right now you would let yourself believe that he actually did love you.

“As you wish my prince,” you answered, letting yourself not think that his feelings were fake and enjoy the moment.  

Calum’s hand lifted your head letting you look up at him, seeing his reddened face but you were unsure if it was because of him being sick or he was blushing. “Kiss me,” he said as he leaned down a bit but wanting you to close the space between your lips.

You placed your hand on his cheek, his face slightly leaning into your hands, as you leaned up to kiss him. They were softer than what you expected. You both had a closed mouth kiss, letting you both know what the other’s lips felt like. Finally his mouth started to move, making yours move as well. It was slow, nothing to dominant or heated. His hand burying itself in your hair as he angled his face to better kiss you, letting him take the lead. You could taste the medicine and soup in his mouth as you both explored each other’s mouths, his hands making your body feel warm and wanted. Your body felt marvelous, better than when magic courses through it, it felt like a mix of a warm fire and tingling sensation. Calum’s kisses were just as sweet as him, letting you feel the love that he had for you, it was almost overwhelming how much he loved you, but you felt that you loved him just as much. Finally feeling the need to breathe you both stopped, your faces heated and tinted.

He brought you closer, his head kissing your forehead. Both your legs a tangled mess, as you hugged him back, letting your lips press against the tanned skin of his chest and neck. You couldn’t slow down your heart at all, not with the way that Calum was holding you and making you feel. His arms drawing small shapes on your exposed skin, his lips on your forehead, the way his body heat felt like a warm blanket, everything about him just so inviting.

“I love you (Y/N),” the words filling the silence you both created.

“I love you too Calum,” you answered.

You honestly did, there was no point in denying it, but you really wished that Calum actually meant what he said, and it wasn’t just the love spell that made him feel that way. But for now, you let yourself believe he did love you as you fell asleep to the sound of Calum’s heart, matching your own heartbeat.



Sorry for not updating anything in a while but it’s just with my job and preparing for black Friday things have been hectic and especially since I had to work different hours than normal and school, things basically got piled up. so I am sorry for any inconvenience it have caused.



The Darkness of the Queen.

Recently I have been thinking about the Evil Queen and what that title really means.  We speak about mass murder but the show focuses on her vendetta against Snow White.  Yet there have always been references to the fact that Regina’s crimes go much much further than an obsessive manhunt for a princess or even the casual execution of her own unsuccessful minions.

To appreciate her path out of darkness it is worth exploring the depths of her fall.

In 1.16 Regina herself hints at this to Emma.  “Unspeakable things” is a phrase that will come up again.  But it’s clearly not about what she did to Snow.

David in 2.10 gives us the next indication of the scale of her evil.  Perhaps he could be said to be talking about her gleeful laughter as she used him to attack Snow but I rather doubt that is what is driving his insistence that they need to execute her.  He has seen something much bigger.

Cora in 2.12 plays to the nature of Regina’s crimes to bring her daughter back into line.

Snow’s judgement at Granny’s in 2.15 is not about herself.  We know that Snow throughout her feud with Regina was willing to let go of what Regina had done to her.  Even what Regina had done to her father.

The most direct evidence in the flashbacks is from 2.20 when she orders the massacre of an entire village out of frustration for failing to find Snow.

Zelena in 4.01 while impersonating Marian reminds us of the depths of Regina’s reputation.

Regina staring in season 4 starts to openly express her regrets for the choices she made.  A choice to evil not just revenge.  Here we have her describing those bad choices in 4.08.

David in 4.08 certainly hasn’t let go of what he saw of Regina’s past.

And continuing in 4.08 Regina insists that her karma is much worse than an affair with a married man.  She may be speaking to her most personal victim but her greatest victim… not on the scale of destruction they have hinted.

In 4.09 she needs to remind Robin that the Evil Queen was a danger to anyone who encountered her.  A continued example of her own self awareness growing.

A conversation with Emma brings us this intriguing but unexplained line from 4.12.  We get the question of did the Evil Queen go to war… is she talking here about other kingdoms or was she somehow a terror beyond the Enchanted Forest.  We already knew she had traveled to many other realms to judge the Land without Magic to be the fairest when she was talking to Henry.  I actually think the show is implying realms not other kingdoms given her use of the word “entire”.

Cruella and Ursula in 4.13 give us the image of Regina taking the heart of every villager in some section of the Enchanted Forest.  Given that Ursula at the end of 4.12 actually expressed fear of Regina’s darkness it seems likely this was no small number of people.  I have thought about what this meant…. did she kill the people?  Was there some section of the Enchanted Forest that travelers avoided because there wasn’t a single living person in the entire area.  Or perhaps more horrifyingly if you are Snow did she leave them alive.  An entire population of dead eyed peasants who had orders from the holder of their hearts to kill her.  She had gotten help from a village once and returned some time later to some sort of zombie like encounter.

Afterwards in 4.13 she tells Henry that they remind her of a time when she was a “true villain” which begs a question of what she means by that.  Were there petty villains that she clearly sees herself as beyond.  That both Ursula and Cruella fall into that category and she was so very much worse.

In 5.02 we finally get in the form of Percival a victim of Regina’s not related to Snow White.  He describes her as an angel of death.  We have known since season 2 that she massacred villages but here we have a survivor.  But there is something worth noting in his story.  He says she smiled at him.  She left him alive while everyone else died.  This itself is an act of terror.  She left him alive so that he would tell others of what he saw.  A demon, a storm, a force of nature could have taken that village but she wanted people to know it was her.  Or perhaps she was all of those things.

In the same episode she talks about the lasting damage of her reputation with Robin.  It stresses the difference between being a Queen and being a leader.  The former is about power while the later is about trust.  And even she knows that the people of Storybrooke have very little reason to trust her even after she’d been working to be a hero.

With Zelena in 5.03 we get a reference to relative damage.  Whatever Zelena’s sins she is certain hers are not just bigger than Zelena’s but bigger than Zelena can even imagine.

This is a repeated in 5.10 when Regina tells us that she spent so many years doing “terrible things”.  That’s not just chasing Snow.  It also makes me wonder when Regina considers the beginning of the Evil Queen.  Was her body count very much bigger than a handful even before Leopold died.

In 5.11 we get two references to the fact that Regina has a butchers bill long and deep.  Though the fact that we saw none of them in the underworld rather undermines this point.

Hades in 5.14 gives us more relative placing on body counts.  Regina was a major supplier to the God of death before she had gotten so “ugh” lately.  But Rumple has much larger body count.  So Rumple>Regina>Zelena.

The confession scene with Emma in 5.22 brings back the words “unspeakable things”.  Regina wont even specify now, perhaps because like with Henry, she doesn’t want her family to think about the exactly what she did.  But she clearly does.

The use of the phrase “well-deserved consequences” is itself fascinating to me because it says that she has no question that she deserves the suffering that has come to her.  It may hurt.  She may not want to see her family suffer.  But she doesn’t think this is fundamentally unfair.

The question one needs to ask about Rumple and Regina’s conversation in 5.23 is which of them is right.  Is she the hero who doesn’t like the darkness or is she the Evil Queen.  Both in a way for sure.  After all the darkness is in her.  But the question I’m left with is did she ever like the darkness.

But to me the most striking thing about all of the references to her darkness and crimes is the one with Snow at the end of 5.23.  She and Snow might perhaps be happy to disassociate the Evil Queen.  It is worth thinking about Regina’s own references to the Evil Queen in the third person.  But faced with one of her victims she can’t do it.  She can’t look at Snow and say she was a victim.  The little “I did” is like a flag on top of herself awareness.

On a show that has only given us dribbles of blood even though it deals with sword fighting on a regular basis, we’re never going to see the crimes implied in Regina’s past.  I believe though that it is clear that they were personal.  Her armies may have committed atrocities in her name but when she closes her eyes at night Regina sees the eyes and blurred faces of countless victims.

And she herself said that a person who has caused too many deaths that they loose count is a monster. 

Okay I’ve had my freak out...

I’m now calm. Okay so yeah the Laurel thing is well I won’t go down that rabbit hole until afer 5x10 airs then I’ll fully digest that one. 

Next @scu11y22 and @hope-for-olicity I so feel your pain but, this was actually a great building episode. Now before you say I’m crazy and trust me I’ve said that for the past hour in relation to the fucking writers hear me out. 

The boyfriend is gone… More spoilers below the cut….

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vikingwarrior-kyndall said: Astrid almost dies and scares Hiccup to death? Shippy ship :)

Here you go! I hope you enjoy it :)


Ahh thank you so much! This is for you, too! 

Previous request done here (X)

It was the longest sleep she’d ever had.

 She never once dreamed during her time unconscious; there were simply random, jumbled collaborations of colors and sounds and sensations. People seemed to come and go, but whether they were real or not, she couldn’t tell. Sometimes she could hear familiar voices, feel large motherly hands caressing her hair: the steady, gentle rumble of a man she guessed was her father. She was barely aware of anything; she knew only the warmth and darkness surrounding her, and the numbing fog inside her head.

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