we deserved more of this hotness

Latina Girls Deserve More

Jesus Christ.
I’m going to rant for a hot second.
We’re either considered too black, too Latina, or too white.
If you’re mixed, you’ll never be considered a part of either culture.
Lighter skinned babies are idolized, but when they grow up, they’re no longer Hispanic enough.
Afro Latinas are too dark for many to consider Hispanic but not often considered a part of the black community.
LBTP+ Latinas are rarely recognized in LGBT+ groups and organizations.
Even light skinned Latinas are ignored by white feminists.
The “chola” style is ridiculed and considered “ghetto”, but fashionable on white girls.
Thick eyebrows on Latina girls are made fun of but on whites it’s yet another fashion statement.
The most famous and incredibly talented Latina artist is only noted for her eyebrows and not her art or story.
Speaking with a heavy accent is ridiculed.
Not speaking Spanish is ridiculed.
Deportation jokes, especially towards Mexicans, are considered ok by society.
Indigenous descent isn’t considered “native” to white standards.

I have so much more I am so angry.

heather fuckin chandler

lemme tell u something about heather chandler

heather was rude and bitchy and a total bully with inexcusable actions but tbh????? she deserves so much more than life gave her

heather chandler had one real friend

veronica hated her and heather duke hated her

heather mcnamara however is the only one that even remotely liked her as far as we can tell

she called heather chandler her best friend, and after giving martha that note, she went back over to the heathers and actually hugged onto heather chandler’s arm (which was insanely cute btw i love it)

everyone else in the school thought she was hot but none of them liked her

and the sad part about it??? i’m pretty sure heather at least somewhat cared for her friends

she had pictures of her and veronica in a photobooth in her locker along with other pictures of her and her friends

i mean, she really did like veronica too

she brought veronica to a college party instead of her other friends, she gets pissed off when veronica talks to other people (ESPECIALLY jd oh god she gets so mad), and according to veronica, heather calls her late at night just to babble and talk about literally whatever

she confides in veronica, she likes her, and chansaw is rEAL just very one sided and repressed

and do u think i’m done bc i’m NOT

tw mentions of rape and sexual abuse below

i noticed something v upsetting while watching the movie about heather at the party

there was a short scene of heather making out with one of the college guys at the party but she pulls away and says she just wants to get back to the party, which he responds with that they will, but she just looks so hot tonight and he can’t help himself

and here’s where it hit me in the feels HARD

heather’s expression after he says those words

she seems uncomfortable, a bit nervous, and it becomes clear that she doesn’t want to

and the fact that it’s not something she wants to do really stands out when the college guy’s hand moves to her upper back and he actually has to move her downwards

shortly afterwards, there’s a very short clip where she stares at herself in the mirror, drinking a glass of water, and then she suddenly spits out all the water over her reflection with this look of disgust, looking at herself the entire time

now i think this scene is overlooked for a specific reason, and that reason is the other girls in the movie

when ram is kissing heather mcnamara, she is very clearly struggling and pushing at him and fighting

when jd kisses veronica when she tries to leave him, she fights him and pushes and escapes

but heather chandler doesn’t fight

she doesn’t say a word, she doesn’t try to leave, she doesn’t fight him at all

here’s the thing about that

heather chandler is a very sensible person who can tell when something isn’t right

we see this when she claims jd should be put in prison for bringing a gun to school because he’s clearly dangerous, while her friends don’t think it’s a big deal

when jd hands her the cup, she immediately assumes that because of what happened last night, veronica did something to the cup to prank her and at first refuses to drink it

she’s smart, she’s clever, and she knows what’s going on

and because she knows these things, i think she’d also know that there are some men who don’t take kindly to a girl saying no

think carefully

they were alone in a room, and if she happened to refuse and he got violent and hurt her, nobody would see or hear it happen

she knows this and knows that for her own safety, it’s better to go along with it, get it over with, and go back to the party

this is all entirely speculation and i’m just going off of little details here but quite honestly, it makes sense to me 

tldr: she was a bitch, but heather chandler honestly needs a protection squad and deserved so much better and i just have a lot of emotions about her

things i expect sm to do this year for red velvet:
  • make sure that red velvet’s 2017 comeback is a FULL ALBUM and not just that but! they better give them double title tracks like ICC had: a ‘red’ song and a ‘velvet’ song
  • the velvet song to be in the style of automatic/cool hot sweet love, because while i liked ootn too, it just did not work that well, sadly
  • they’ve been around since 2014 for god’s sake and in their comeback stages on music shows, they too deserve to perform a FULL second song, not just one minute and a half like we had with automatic, huff ‘n puff, cool hot sweet love and lucky girl so far
  • ‘some love’ is probably one of the best red velvet songs so far and i totally recommend sm to experiment more with tropical pop sounds for the girls’ music!
  • wendy deserves more solo OSTs and more solo SM station songs. make. that. happen. LET. MY GIRL. SING.
  • a reality show??? like please??? we want to see just red velvet, like red velvet showtime or something, ANYTHING
  • my baby seulgi has been delivering iconic dance breaks during shows and such for a while now, so she’s gotta join hit the stage and kill everyone. like right now
  • GIVE. IRENE. A. DRAMA. imo she’d be amazing and drop dead gorgeous in a historical drama where she’d play a serious character or maybe a horror/supernatural movie where she’d be a mysterious feminine presence. don’t lie, she’d be perfect for that
  • AND WE STILL ON THE IRENE TOPIC. hello sm??? did you forget that bae is also a dancer? she’s not just a shy, silent pretty figure. let the girl dance!!!
  • better… stylists… please… it’s not that hard to pick prettier clothes… please… p-please like hire me too sm, even i’d pick better clothing for red velvet 
  • more CFs??? THEY HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO BE EVEN MORE POPULAR THAN THEY ARE NOW. i understand they’re not the most valuable moneymakers at the moment for the company, but just give them a chance. i hate seeing them thrown under the bus like this
  • i believe that if this year goes well for them, it’s definitely not too early for them to get their first solo concert. they have good songs, plenty of releases and why not? A WHOLE RED VELVET CONCERT? that would be a true blessing

2016 was not that bad for red velvet, but it could have been better, not to say the short promotions and such left a really bitter taste in my mouth and waw, this list sure got long, but they’re so amazing, talented, sweet and everything good in this world, i just want to see them succeed and make a stable name for themselves, because the industry is so over-satured with groups coming out each months, it’s so easy now to slip into irrelevancy sadly. i wish SM would stop screwing around, they have red velvet and they better treat them right.

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Prompt: Clarke searching on craigslist for a husband and finds Bellamy

Special thanks to @ponyregrets and @reblogginhood for coming through with some details.  Also on ao3.

MARRY MY BEST FRIEND HE’S GREAT!!!  Clarke set down her beer and snorted.  A friday night spent with a six pack and Best of Craigslist wasn’t exactly living her best life, but it was all she felt like doing after the week she’d had at the hospital.  She clicked the link and moved her laptop to balance more comfortably on her knees.


He’s crazy smart and kind of a grump but that’s only because he loves his friends and we’re a bunch of idiots.  He’s pan and really hot, but he’d kill me if I posted a picture of his face so here’s a picture of his chest instead:

Clarke tipped her head to the side and considered the proffered torso while she took a long swig of beer.  He was wearing a grey Arkadia University t-shirt that looked soft and worn, and he did have nice, broad shoulders that stretched the shirt pleasantly.  It looked like he had one arm around someone— a male someone— and the other one held a bottle of the same beer she was drinking.  

She scrolled on.

I’m getting married to my fiance soon and I figured we should just make it a double wedding because he deserves to be as happy as we are and he hasn’t had a boyfriend or girlfriend in too long.  All you gotta do is show up and marry my best friend!!!


Guy, gal, or nonbinary pal

Patience with long, rambling historical anecdotes

Sense of humor because you’re really underestimating how many long, rambling historical anecdotes you’re gonna hear

I cannot emphasize enough how many long, rambling historical anecdotes he has

He hates going out so either you should be a shut-in too or maybe you should be the sort of person who can get him out of the house (I think the first one but my fiance says the second one is best idk use your best judgment there)

Burning hatred of the patriarchy

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More Crush Imagines Blogs

Hey guys!!! 

I decided to link several blogs that I think deserve more recognition. Their work is wonderful and I know you all will love their blogs. I know I do. 

Here they are:

Smolmaniac : This girl is my main shawty and we have the craziest convos. She does a variety of beautifully crafted imagines that range from dreamy and cute to heated and hot. 10/10 would read her work.

Crushed With Love Imagines : A blog ran by two sweethearts named C and D. I love their imagines and hope they continue posting on the regular. 

Your Celebrity Crush Imagines : Imagines that fit for both dreaming about your celeb crush AND your real life crush. What more could you want? 

Cute Crush Imagines : Wonderful blog that posts deliciously fluffy imagines and is LGBTQ friendly. 

Long Crush Imagines : Really long and beautifully detailed imagines that make me explode with feels. Also LGBTQ friendly. 

My Crush Imagines : Fabulous imagines that make you wanna scream from fangirling. 

So, there they are! These blogs are active and I just wanted to direct all you wonderful followers of mine to enjoy some of the genius creators’ work, too. 

Have a wonderful day, you dirty mofos.

Keep dreaming!~Logan

P.S. A new imagine will be posted tonight. Sorry for the delay. <3

Grell appreciation post

Things that need to be appreciated about the blood red reaper a bit more:
- She’s a canon transgender person
- Luscious hair… So beautiful
- Very strong and resilient in fights and in her work
- Very smart (A average)
- Lovely taste in shoes

Things that we should imagine her doing:
- Grell, waking up in the morning at 5 AM to work out. She beats up a punching bag and does 100 pushups and situps to keep herself in shape and keep up her stamina

-Grell taking a long hot bath with her hair up in a towel after a long day, soaking in water with sparkles and pink tones from her rose bath bomb

-Grell testing nail polish colors on Ronald (and him loving it)

-Grell, French braiding Her hair and wearing a large sunhat and overall shorts so she can tend to her little garden where she grows roses in the spring and pumpkins in the fall (on her day off, of course)

-Grell, calling Ronald and crying because she’s lonely on valentines day. Ronald leaving his party to come to her house to wipe her tears, eat chocolate dipped strawberries, and watch ‘sex in the city’ on repeat.

-Grell crying softly as Ronald graduates reaper academy, because she’s so proud

-Grell singing quietly to a German love song as she dances through the kitchen, making breakfast for herself (or a guest.. ♥)

-Grell. Just her as she is, a beautiful, strong woman.

I love grell sutcliff more than I love myself. She is the sun and the moon and the stars.

Seventeen as inside jokes I have with my friends

S.Coups: “Wear the purple crocs. Do it for Daddy.” 

Jeonghan: “I’m your mom now and what I say goes, so be a good noodle and send me the worksheet answers.”

Joshua: “Praise, raise, and bless that ass- but not more than Jesus who we now thank for this meal.”

Jun: “It’s not a real party until you tell hoe stories by the fire.”


Wonwoo: “Do you want to borrow the ‘mom on the PTA’ sweater or the ‘hot and rich art thief’ sweater?”

Woozi: “Call me that one more time and I’ll break your ass in two, try me.” *sips strawberry milk angrily*


Mingyu: “Hot diddly damn, that’s one fine piece of man.”

The8: “I look really cute in that pic, but can people still tell that I’m a bad bitch? That’s the real question here.”

Seungkwan: “Pick me! Choose me! LOVE ME!”

Vernon: “HELL YEAH, I’M STEALING THE TOASTER, YOLO. But should I leave a note? Idk man.”

Dino: *soft quacking noises that keep getting louder until you’re screeching*

Anyways! Sorry about that, guys. The anon has been blocked and we’re moving on now.

I want to make it clear that my blog is absolutely here for everyone of all shapes and sizes, and doesn’t aim to exclude anyone. However, it’s important to keep in mind that fat people are treated much, much more differently than skinny people are and deserve more positive representation because fatphobia does exist. My dash is constantly swamped with images and ads of fat celebrities with photoshopped, skinny versions of themselves in a before and after picture with captions like “___ is smoking hot now that she lost weight!” which perpetuates the idea that people are only beautiful when they’re not fat. So yes, fat people are treated like utter crap unlike skinny people, and being a skinny person myself I can tell you I’ve never really been made fun of for my weight but my fat friends? All the time.

Fat people deserve respect, they deserve positive representation and we need to kill the idea that people can only be beautiful when they’re skinny or have lost a lot of weight. It’s a very toxic mindset.

We think we know what love is, but we don’t. Because to one person, love is wanting to be with someone who doesn’t deserve them. And to another, love is being utterly obsessed with one another. And to someone else, love is chocolate chip ice cream on a really hot day.

And the reality is… love is all of those things. All at once. Love is emotionally abusive, and beautiful, and funny, and curious, and stupid, and wonderful, and enthralling, and so much more. Love is…love.

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write
Popular animes described in 2 sentences or less

Hunter X Hunter: Spiders, Clowns, Furries, oh my!

Fairy Tail: Friendship is magic! And an occasional side-boob!

Naruto: Foxboy and revenge-seeking-emo-teenager go on adventures

One Piece: A world where females defy the laws of physics with waists the size of walnuts and boobs the size of watermelons.

Dragon Ball Z: *loud screaming*

Another: Everyone dies.

Gurren Lagann: Attack on Titan meets Transformers.

Clannad: TeaRS

Fate Stay Night UBW: Budget? We know not the name.

Fullmetal Alchemist: mORE TEARs

Attack on Titan: *nom nom nom*

Tokyo Ghoul; the cinnamon roll who didn’t deserve it.

Bleach: we need a remake.

Magi: Cinnamon roll goes on adventure with hot blonde and pink haired queen. Lots of bewbs.

Nanatsu no Taizai; Groping and loud screaming

Code Geass; I had a plan for your plan for my plan for your plan.


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  • “you’re a really unpopular senator and i’m a journalist determined to make your life hell but fuck you’re cute when you stutter and did i said that out loud?”
  • “you’re the only barista at the coffee shop near my office that is working at 6am so you get to hear my undercaffeinated ranting about how much politics suck and oh shit sorry yes i am your governor i should not have said that”
  • “i’m the new governor’s bodyguard and holy shit no one told me they’re smoking hot”
  • “i’m the first openly gay president and all the republicans are Losing It including my parents-in-law which are the ones making this even more awkward by going on tv saying i corrupted their daughter/son”
  • “i’m a secret service agent having an illicit affair with the president of the united states i deserve another shot even if i’m saying these things to the entire bar”
  • “we’re both running for the same government position and things become so heated between us during debates people are starting to bet on when we’re gonna bang”
  • “we’re old buddies from law school and i helped you with your campaign and we fell in love but you’re married and about to become president wtf we do”
  • the good wife au
  • scandal au
  • “i think it’s really cute you come to the bookstore to work on your campaigning but shouldn’t you have a staff for that oh yes i can help”


She had her first training session today, and is 800% done.  Training is hard and kinda scary, even if the trainer does give out hot dogs.

Our dog trainer is awesome.  The first thing she did was get Momo used to her…by handing out hot dogs like candy. :D  Then, she helped us figure out a few potential solutions to the potty problem:  I get up during the day and take her out, put a potty pad by her spot at the end of the hall and block her in, and (maybe) crate her.  She’s a puppy mill dog, though.  She knows what a crate is, and wants none of that nonsense.

The crate used to belong to Missy.  Missy thinks going inside the crate is a super cool trick deserving of ALL the treats.

We spent some time helping Momo go outside, bribing her with really good dog food and (more) hot dogs. At the end of the session, Momo went through the dog door, on her own, without even being called! :D

The trainer trained us a little bit, too.  She told us to get a martingale collar (Momo-proof; she can’t slip it off over her head), and to hand-feed the dogs outside so Momo gets that positive association.

She tried to introduce clicker training.  Momo was scared of the freaking click noise.  (She’s also scared of the sound of the tupperware with the hot dogs opening, helicopters flying overhead, and crinkling grocery bags.)  So, we’re using a training word.  Whenever Momo does something treat-worthy, we say “Yes!” and give her a treat.

I am so happy.

And I am so mad that someone kept Momo in a cage for three years and screwed her up to the point that she’s scared of every little noise and most everyday events.  She could have had three extra years of being a dog and having fun! >_< We can’t change what happened to her, though, so we’ll just do our best and help her enjoy life and fit in with our family now.

I am so disappointed in some member of the @markiplier fan base. I don’t want to say they’re even part of the community honestly because if they truly were, they wouldn’t have said the kind of stuff that they did.

I have a white hot burning rage in regards to what was said about Amy. My god, what kind of person says stuff like that??

But more than anything I’m disappointed. And sad. So so so sad that there are still people that talk that way. That threaten and harass anyone that way, not just Amy. She didn’t deserve that. No one deserves that.

We are better than this

“You know what do we look like, Babe?”
“A very loving couple?”
“That’s what we are. No. I’m talking about how I look like a damn hot cougar and her sugar baby. Life couldn’t be better.”

It wasn’t obvious at first. His teammates called him babyfaced. Lance whined about how genetic wasn’t fair. Then everyone kept growing and growing except him. When the cause was revealed–”The experimentation done on him by The Druids… it was raw Quintessence pumping in his bloodstream…” Coran did not pity Shiro, for the Paladin deserved so much more that it- Shiro was shaking terribly and holding onto Pidge’s hand like an anchor.

Pidge was an old lady now, but hardly frail. It was as if nothing had changed except for her aging. Shiro appreciated the illusion that this could last forever.

Ok but imagine Ramsay Bolton down South/in Dorne/any place that has temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius ffs 

  • Staying in his chambers with all blinds shut, laying all sprawled out on his bed naked and saying that he’s dying.
  • When he sees a fountain he immediately puts his whole fucking head under the water for a solid minute
  • Making Reek fan him.
  • Why the fuck is everything so bright?  Every colour is so saturated??  w h A t  IS  T hiS
  • (Even more) stress eating bc he can’t handle the heat 
  • Every time we see him he has a cape and 30 layers so I would love to see how he copes with light shirts and stuff that is more appropriate for high temperatures. 
  • But still refusing to wear anything else than pink and black
  • Dead bodies rot so quickly in hot temperatures wtf?? 
  • But then again, the food is good so he isn’t as angry during dinner time B) 
  • Also, in Dorne he would be so confused about people treating bastards with the respect thEY DESERVE GDI

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Hi,so this week has been a blessing for all of us because it was full of cute,loving,hot,Japril and Sasse moments. I dont find myself able to make a recap about JTS,but i want to comment something that i noticed but no one else has commented.Just the beginning when Jackson and his mom in the car talk about Harriet staying with Catherine…If he didn’t know April was travelling with him why would Harriet stay with her grandma when her April was there?writers’ big nonsense mistake to begin the episode.Also tho i love their talk in bed i want more hot sexy scenes between them.Shower or tube sex scene,etc.We deserve it.

I gotta say i’m more positive on Japril after JTS,but sometimes i still have doubts.After the ratings,after paley fest,etc shonda must realize Japril is the strongest point in the show rn,and I cant accept and i think most of us only can only want Japril together,together,not as friends,not co-parenting,no!Japril gotta be together again.I loved Sarahs answer yesterday saying she doesnt want April anyone else but jackson,bc after reading some other interw…saying like they’ll b friends no matter what,they’ll be each others person(but i got it more like a friendship thing)etc i started having doubts,also bc shonda it’s shonda and never can trust her,and reading about jackson and maggie…eww disgusting.let se what happens in 13x17 but april is not in 18 and jackson with maggie’s mom will be closer to maggie,so i hope shonda dont star a new triangle,tho i’m afraid japril will say what happened in montana stay in montana let’s keep it quiet,thohow could they resist themselves living in the same house….well idk,i have so many fears Shonda just gave us JTS to please the fans for a while but she’ll keep japril apart.Sorry for the rant and i hope i get more positives vibes in the following episodes,weeks,etc

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Dinah looked down at the girl on the ground. “I think that is enough for today. You’re getting better, I almost thought you had me.” She couldn’t keep the grin off of her face. It shouldn’t make her happy to know that there was someone else who was becoming good enough to take her on, but considering it was Roy she was more than happy to have it be her. “I think we deserve to hit a bar, before we hit the concert.” She walked closer and held out her hand. “Or you know if you’re to sore you could always just run a hot bath and I’ll go out and listen to the band.”

one of my least favorite things probably ever is when people write lily as angry and extremely hot tempered and, for lack of a better term, a bit of a bitch. because, canonically, we have more than enough description of her personality to know that that isn’t in character at all. canonically, lily was kind. she was able to see the best in everyone (words from remus himself, referring to his lycanthropy), willing to see past faults (snape, for the longest time), and believed that people could be redeemed (snape). she was strong in that she knew what she deserved and she settled for nothing less (with snape and, in a way, james). she was charming and witty and a delight to have around (as per slughorn’s account) and obviously immensely popular and well liked, seeing as she was made head girl and so many people were devastated by her death. lily evans was not biting but cheeky, quick with her tongue, never cruel, but harsh when she needed to be. she did not have a ridiculously short fuse except for when it came to one messy haired, bespectacled boy. she was daring and loving and willing to do absolutely anything for the people she cared about. and, importantly, she didn’t have some sense of all-importance and an annoying obsession with rules. compared to the marauders, she might have seemed a stickler, but anyone described as vivacious and cheeky couldn’t have been the type to scream herself hoarse over a little bit of illegal drinking. of course, you’re allowed to characterize lily evans however you want, but i think it’s doing an incredible disservice to her character to act as if she was just a smart, angry, goody two shoes.

"I deserve free food!"

Every day we get this one customer who just comes in to complain and demands free food everytime. This is a list of his complaints;

- My fresh fries are too hot, I should get them free!
- My small non-salt fries don’t have salt, I should get a free large!
- My cheeseburger with no cheese was wrapped in hamburger wrapping, I deserve a free more expensive burger now!
-My food is cold! Give me my money back!
(After he left for 30 minutes to get high in the bathroom)

- I don’t want to hear Mexicans speaking Spanish while they’re on their break! I should get my food free now, I was so upset!
(I don’t know Spanish, I was talking to someone in Korean)

The list goes on. He has been rude to every staff member and put us on video threatening us, which he posted in Facebook. He has cussed us out in Spanish while claiming we are racist because “They only know Spanish!”, which is ironic because I’m only fluent in English and a novice in Korean… He has called me an “Ugly fat *female dog*,” multiple times to the point my GM had a talk with him and asked him to stop disrespecting her staff. He decided to call cooperate and complain about the meeting and said “The meeting ruined my day, I deserve something free now!,” Some people just can’t be pleased.