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Interning at NASA is awesome!! …so I had to make some gifs

So the top gif is me sitting in front of NASA’s thermal testing chamber. At this time the chamber was heating up so I had a 45 min break before taking data again. We were testing HD video cameras that will be on the outside of the space station in a few months. They will mostly help with navigation and systems checking.

The second and last images are in front of one of NASA’s 360 degree virtual reality chambers. I’ll post more about these in the future, they are super cool and deserve a post all to their own. The third image is me programming in a good old Linux terminal.

…And the fourth image is me basking in the glory of an Saturn V rocket. This is the rocket that took us to the moon! If any of you ever get the opportunity to see one I highly recommend it.

So if you guys want to keep up with my NASA intern adventures I post about it about twice a week, check out astronomicalwonders.tumblr.com, and you can follow my adventures on twitter @astro_wonders if you so choose. also check out ourtech she’s the one in the last pic!

After 5 years I am so close to the finish line. Gracias a tod@s que me apoyaron. Becoming a mother in high school was difficult but I was blessed with resources and a support system that allowed me to further my education. Jacobito, my love, thank you for all the classes you slept through in order for your momma to be able to attend school while you were a newborn. You putting your part helped me a lot in being able to be where I am today. Te Amo! Shout out to my momma for being the bad a** brown goddess that she is. Being survivors of a hard past but here I stand today to say thank you for all your love and support. <3 As a Mexican womxn proud of her indigenous ancestry I feel it’s up to us to push our younger generations to take up the spaces they/we deserve in “higher education.” Que viva la revolucion! <3

Photographed by the very talented Jose Amezcua @pinupkulture

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First Person Flappy Bird is exactly what the title suggests.  You take control of your flappy bird and guide it through gaps in Mario-esque pipes in glorious 3D.  There are a couple of fundamental differences though, at the moment the pipe layout isn’t randomly generated and game is ridiculously hard, with the dev himself only managing a high-score of 4 (ours was 3).

While we’d like to see the difficulty toned down a bit, the game still manages to pull off the Flappy Birds trick of taking up far more of your time than it really deserves.  Also, if you get fed up of banging into things, repeatedly tap the space bar at the start and you’ll soar high above those pesky pipes!

Download the Alpha, Free


The 2015 Viva la Femme Calendar will be released this summer!!! I’m so excited, it will be launched along with a bunch of other fun things. It’s dated from August 2014 to July 2015. Perfect for a fun summer, and back to school. As always, thank you for all your love and support for the Little Ms. Aprill brand. Keep up with me here on my blog, Facebook, and instagram for more details about release dates. I will be sure to keep you all posted–but here is a fun preview!! :)

These are now available!! Message me on my Facebook Art Page Here to order your very own!! They are $30. Please send me your shipping address and email address in your message, and I will send you an invoice for your order. The invoice will include the shipping cost, and all orders $50 or more - the SHIPPING IS FREE :) 

Trans Day of Remembrance is filled to the brim with the names of murdered Black and brown trans women, but is a single evening of remembering enough? And what does it mean that TDoR doesn’t explicitly talk about race and is often dominated by white people? Here in Austin there’s this tradition of calling the names of the dead and then having an audience member sit in a chair that represents where the dead trans woman would sit. The seats are always filled with white people and non-trans women. What do our deaths mean when our bodies, our lives, the physical space we take up, is appropriated by white folks? How can I mourn for my sisters when the space set up for that mourning is so thoroughly colonized? And how can I even see hope of living a full life when I don’t see myself reflected in what is supposed to be my community?

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Maybe the reason we love Holtzmann so much is because we look at her and we see an overzealous, passionate, unafraid ‘us’. A woman who laughs with her whole body, pursues her passion and is unendingly loyal. Maybe we look at Holtzmann and love her so much because we want the people around us to look at us that way when we decide we want to, and deserve to, take up space.

sapphic girls are so great & wonderful okay can we just take a moment to appreciate all of us because honestly we deal with so much sexist & homophobic bullshit on a daily basis and so many of us struggle for such a long time to accept ourselves but we are all amazing and valid and worthy of respect!!! and we deserve to take up space and demand to be heard xx


Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the Most Flawless of Them all?

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My fellow members of the Markiplier community

I know we’re all worried about Mark, but let’s all remember that he really deserves to have his privacy. When he’s ready, he may tell us what’s going on. Or he won’t. It honestly up to him. Please please please respect him, and don’t tweet at him, Facebook comment, et cetera, asking what happened. Give him his space.
markiplier we all seriously love you. Take your time man.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that our souls have been star-crossed since the beginning of time, always separated by some breadth of space, never allowed to touch or to have.

But still I know that you are my reason to exist.

There is no greater love story than ours, the one that could take up more pages than the world has ink, and even then we would scribe who we are into those sheets of white with the dry nib, entrenching ourselves into those invisible lines.

We’re the only ones who deserve to read it anyway.

I would think it a sin, that being bound by the very same blood and bones would be enough to shatter the place in my chest where my heart belongs every time I look at you (but it’s not there, you see; it has always been yours).

And yet.

And yet the slip of your fingers between mine is my favorite prose, sweet words lifting from an ever-sweeter mouth that curls up at the sides and carves a dimple into your cheek.
I tried to hold back, to resign myself to my fate as brother (protector, caretaker, your entire life) and not ask for anything more, but that night the fireworks looked like stars and I could have sworn they spelled out our names.

So when your hand brushed my cheek and pulled me down to find you tracing love in cursive lines against the seam of my lips, I was already gone.

I resent every moment that existed before then, cursing the sand-filled hourglasses for stealing time that should have been spent with you being mine, me being yours.

I curse my past self for turning away from touches out of selfishness, out of a need to protect your fragile heart that deserves to be paired with someone, anyone, better than me, knowing how little I trusted my own hands that I was sure were tainted in putrid black.

But then you kissed me.

You kissed me and you took my hands in yours and you showed me how to turn those black fears into ink.
Together, we began to write ourselves into the sky, and there we will remain.

Ours is a book that will never burn.


You’re what I’ve been living for

For @samdeanpoetrychallenge
prompt: turning page by sleeping at last
partner: @metallicadean

How to Cope With Being Sick and Missing Out On Things During the Summer.

This is actually the end of a post I have queued up to be posted later but I thought it deserved it’s own space since I think this is something a lot of patients struggle with, especially young patients. The summer is a time we are conditioned to look forward to - a time to relax, take vacations, go on adventures, enjoy the break from school, and have the time of your life. Then you should tweet it, snap chat it, Instagram it, filter the crap out of it, and post it all over social media #slayedsummer or it didn’t happen. But how do you enjoy the summer when you are extremely sick and you are watching all of that happening around you and yet you can’t participate? 

Getting Caught in “Why me?” 

Honestly, I have had summers that have really really sucked because of my chronic illnesses. I’ve had friends stop inviting me places or just stop calling or visiting me because I am sick. I have had to watch people I love and want to spend time with doing activities I couldn’t take part in, and I have been so sick that I didn’t have the health to be able to handle much more than laying on the couch and being able to walk a few feet at a time. All of this took a real toll on my mental health. 

Truth is that unfortunately for some of you there will be times where you have to miss out on doing things you really want to do because of your health. It can be difficult to accept your limitations and it becomes easy to get stuck in your head wondering why all of this is happening to you.  

One of the things that I have found helpful when this has happened to me is to make the summer all about taking care of my mental health. Making a deal with myself to make both my mental and physical health a priority somehow helps me feel like I am doing something that will get me further than I am today and it just kind of overall relaxes me, if that makes sense.

Make the Summer All About You! 

Here are some of the things that I enjoy and that help improve my mental health during a summer of severe illness.

  • I take short walks (or if I can’t walk I sit on my porch) in the morning and journal. I love spending time outdoors and getting outside can improve your mood and shift your perspective, and writing is a great outlet for your feelings. It can be nice to listen to the birds chirp, sit by the water, or feel your feet in the grass.
  • I also enjoy walks during the summer night. One thing I really like to do is lay down and look at the stars and just think about things. You can do this in your yard if walking is too much at the time. Just take a blanket, some bug spray, and lay down and stare at the sky. :)
  • Make a play list and go driving with the windows down. If you can’t handle driving right now ask a friend to be the driver and you guys can go get some coffee or ice cream and just drive around. Good music and the wind in your hair does good things.
  • When I have a PICC line for TPN and I am unable to eat by mouth but I am allowed liquids I like to make yummy summer treats like Popsicles and snow cones. I use my extra time in the summer to come up with all kinds of good NPO friendly treats.
  • If you have to miss out on swimming but still want to be included in the fun offer to be the bartender for your friends and make them some poolside drinks or the treats I mentioned above if you and/or your friends are below drinking age. Your friends will love having their own personal snow cone maker!
  • Find other creative outlets for your feelings. I love to craft, write, create videos, use pictures, etc. One thing I have been enjoying lately is making a Smash Book. I have one that I have pictures of all my IBD friends in, I print out some of the nice things you guys write to me online, and I put cool mail you send to me in it. I also like to write in it. You can get really creative with them and it’s a nice way to pass time and at the end you have something really cool that you made.
  • Find a summer pen pal in one of the IBD communities online and write to each other. It’s nice to know other people can understand some of what you are going through and snail mail is fun to send and receive. Plus just getting out some of those feelings and knowing they have been heard is helpful.
  • Overall I make summers like these a time to connect with myself. It’s helpful for me to focus on my mental health while my physical health is not so great at the time.

Missing Out on Things Just Plain Sucks!

There is no way around it, missing out on things just plain sucks. It can feel very unfair because your health for the most part is out of your control. Nothing you did gave you this disease and of course more than anything you’d love to be happy and healthy and as “normal” as everyone around you. It’s hurtful when friends stop calling because you have been away for so long in the hospital or have had to cancel plans often. What can feel worse is when it seems like nothing is working for you. When you can’t find a treatment to help you feel better, when tapering off steroids just causes you to get severely ill again, when you have fistulas or abscesses that wont heal, etc. It can start to feel like you are different, unworthy, etc. when the world seems to be going by without you in it. During a time like this the best thing you can do for yourself is work on taking care of yourself and accepting your illness. Accepting things does not mean liking them or that you are giving up, but it can help in many ways. If you cannot handle things on your own, please seek professional help. With so much working against your physical health, you shouldn’t let your mental health suffer so much on top of it. 

Above all remember that you are not alone. There are plenty of us who are in a similar position as you are or who have been there before. You are not bad, you do not deserve to be punished, you did not cause this, and you are worthy of happiness. This is not your fault. 


My brand is finally here!! I make art and apparel designed to celebrate, empower, and uplift women of color from all walks of life. Please support my movement. Help me share it with the world, we deserve to take up space, and be loved and celebrated everyday!! Shop here.


KABBY WEEK:  Day 1 - June 20: favourite season, episode or scene:

2x13 - “Resurrection”

The lighting in this is incredible. It’s honestly the dream to achieve this balance of reds and blues while still feeling so natural. And yes, Abby is determinedly saving Kane’s life (although at this point it’s not entirely about him - she’s righting Clarke’s wrong), and yes, we have the “do we even deserve to survive” conversation coming up, but look at them.

Marcus thinks he’s about to die under that rubble and all he can think to do is take Abby’s shoulder (look at that thumb in the bottom left! God bless that thumb), hold onto it, and tell her to go find her daughter. He’s literally putting Abby’s life above his own. Meanwhile, she’s heaped onto his chest like personal space ain’t no thing between them - but remember, these are early days! They’re not really at that point yet, but because there’s a chance this could be it for them, they’re not afraid to put aside whatever remaining hostility and - finally - care openly about each other.  

God bless this scene.

The Ongoing Saga Of Parent Parking
External image

2. Disabled Spaces > Parent and Child Spaces :(

Jen’s problem isn’t that Sainsbury’s doesn’t have enough parent and child parking spaces. It’s that she considers herself disabled just because she has a baby. Despite being an able-bodied mother, she genuinely doesn’t believe she should be fined for illegally parking in a disabled space, and now she’s taken to social media to get some answers!

But the truth is, the number of parent parking spaces is irrelevant. Big box retailers and grocery stores could dedicate 75% of their parking lots to those spaces, and they would still be occupied in the same way they are now – on a first come, first serve basis. Does Jen really think she was the only parent shopping at Sainbury’s that day who didn’t get a parent and child parking space? And why does her comment have 20 Likes compared to Sainsbury’s 10? This is horseshit.

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Excited for summer and all of these new fresh ideas and projects!!

Here’s another fierce, fabulous, fly femme from my Viva La Femme series. Her name is KoKo. I will keep striving to celebrate women of color in the arts!

Thank you for all your support on my journey– it helps and means everything to me. – little ms. aprill