we deserve this pizza

Day Eighty-Six

-A woman knocked over a stack of brochures at the register. She attempted to fix it, but instead simply knocked it over to the other side. Thankfully, it is the thought that counts, so she and I can remain best friends.

-A wide-eyed man with wild hair and a two-pronged beard walked through the store looking like a cartoon depiction of Satan sticking a fork into a power outlet.

-I told a woman to have a good day, to which she angrily said, “Okay!” I nearly followed her to apologize and let her know that I will not force her to do anything against her will.

-An elderly man threw a twenty-dollar bill at my face. The next man handed me his cash as meekly as one could. I appreciate his existence and his natural drive to balance things out.

-I asked a woman how she was. She replied, “Forty dollars,” and pushed a gift card at me. She has been one of my more affable guests today.

-While I was stocking candy, a woman approached my lane. Once I got back to the register, the woman looked me in the eye, and left for the adjacent cashier.

-I was angrily called “Dora” after an elderly woman had a coupon denied. I have no follow-up commentary for this as I still have not entirely processed it myself.

-A woman announced, to nobody in particular, that she deserved a free pizza. I agree with you, ma'am, and I will stand by you until we all get the free pizzas we deserve.

-I was handed a box of tampons. Upon picking them up, I found the box to be unnaturally warm, almost hot to the touch. The only thing burning with more intensity than the box were the questions it left me with.

-A young mother found that she had perfect change. Her children gave her a standing ovation with neither hesitation nor prompting. I am unsettled at the lack of credits rolling after this, as I had been certain that this level of familial support did not exist outside of cheesy sitcoms.

Dark Nights (Part 6)

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Summary: The reader is having a hard time coming to terms with how she’s reacting towards Dean and he’s not making it any easier…

Dark Nights Masterlist

Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader

Word Count: 2,200ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Some fluff, some angst, some cliffhanger…

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Timeless (Steve x Reader) - PART ONE

NOTE: I’m not aiming to be 100% accurate when it comes to the Captain America/Avenger films in this storyline, so I ask you to keep that in mind. I’m altering things to fit my work of fiction. Happy reading!

Summary: After moving into your new apartment, you notice an old nightstand in your bedroom along with a letter than was written over seventy years ago. Somehow, you’re able to write to Steve Rogers, the man who became Captain America.



“Yeah, you can put the last box on the counter,” You instructed your boyfriend, Ben. He grunted as he set the heavy box filled with kitchenware near the sink. You stood with the silverware, placing them in their respective slots.

“Is that all?" 

"For today. My friend’s gonna bringing some more stuff tomorrow morning, but for now I think we deserve a break. Maybe some pizza?” Ben laughed, fully knowing you were craving food from Leo’s, the local pizza parlour.

“Sure, babe. Do you know if Leo’s does delivery?” Ben asked. The restaurant a block away had become a hot spot for the both of you ever since you scouted a place for yourself.

“Unfortunately no. We can just order in if you don’t feel up for the walk,” you said.

“For you, anything,” Ben said. He leaned in for a kiss before picking up his keys and walking out the door.

You explored the new apartment for a bit before settling into the bedroom. The walls were fresh and recently painted white. The room was decorated in new paintings and artwork you had brought from your other apartment. The only thing out of place was a small nightstand by your bed. When you toured the recently renovated apartment, the realty agent had told you the previous resident had requested that the nightstand stay in the room until he returned. He didn’t specify when, but the previous owner of the apartment complex had fulfilled his wishes. The room hadn’t been occupied since the forties, but new regulations made it so the room needed to be occupied. The only catch was the nightstand. The more recent owner placed it in your bedroom and you accepted. Now that the complex had been passed down from generation to generation, the nightstand had become somewhat of a legend.

It was a dark brown, wooden nightstand with a single drawer. Curiously, you opened the drawer to see if anyone had left anything. As you opened the small drawer, you noticed an envelope titled ‘To Whom It May Concern.’ The paper looked to be old, as if it would crumble at your very touch. Carefully, you took the envelope out of the drawer and examined it front to back. It wasn’t sealed, but it didn’t look like anyone had torn it open.

The paper inside was a light caramel brown, indicating the letter had been written a while ago. Slowly, you opened the letter and read carefully.

To Whom It May Concern,

My name’s Steve. I don’t know why I’ve decided to spend my morning writing this letter, but I figured I’m better off writing my emotions down on paper. Bucky said it’s good for me, but I don’t know how much good it’ll do me. I’ve been feeling like I can’t express my feelings to anyone. I’m not sure how to describe it, but I feel like the world is against me and everyone surrounding me is rooting for me to fail. It isn’t easy being who I am in a room full of men who could probably beat me up. I guess that’s partially why I’m writing this letter. Bucky’s too busy giving orders and training men, so I have no one else to talk to.

I recently became the target of harassment among the men in my company. It’s a hard life, being a trainee. I don’t know why my father decided to enroll me, but as his son, I must fulfill his wishes. Sometimes I wish he wasn’t so hard on me. I’m not sure if he even thought of me as his son because we’re so different. Did he wish he had another son? I see the way he treats Bucky. 

I don’t have time to see a therapist. No one in my trainee group takes the time to get to know me, so I’m left in my own thoughts.It’s dangerous. I hope that, whoever reads this letter, doesn’t feel as alone as I feel right now. The clock says it’s three in the morning. I haven’t been able to sleep lately and I don’t know why. I hope I get to relax soon. I deserve that much, I think.

I’m in the trainee quarters right now, where we all sleep. Apparently, this drawer is mine to keep and people are allowed to send me letters. If you would, whomever you are, write back. I need this.


It was an odd request and you didn’t know if someone was pulling a practical joke on you. Write back? How could you write back to someone you didn’t know, much less put it in the drawer, where nobody would see it but you? You took the letter in your hand and walked downstairs to the main office.

Martin, the seventy-something year old owner had greeted you with a smile.

“Ah, Y/N. It’s good to see you again. I trust that you’re settling in well,” he greeted. You smiled politely before shutting the office door behind you.

“I actually came here to talk about this letter I found,“ you said as you carefully placed the letter on his desk. "Curiosity got the best of me and I read it, and this person asked me to write back. I want to help this person, I really do, but there’s no return address. I don’t know how to write this person back.” He pursed his lips and tapped his chin before speaking.

“I’m going to need you to trust me when I say you should put your finished letter back inside the drawer,” he said. “Don’t ask any questions. Just put your letter back in your drawer and keep…,” he paused. “Keep this letter,” Martin said, gesturing to the one on his desk. You raised an eyebrow, but decided not to question it.“

Ben was taking a little longer than usual.

Ben: Leo’s is packed tonight. The wait’s around thirty minutes. Why don’t I grab us some pastries from the cafe?

You: Sounds good! Take your time.

This gave you time to craft your letter and really think about the conversation you had with Martin. You grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and began writing.

Dear Steve,

I guess I’m the one who read your letter. I don’t know what to make of it, since I’ve never met you before. You seem nice and humble, though. I can agree with your friend, Bucky, when I say writing helps calm the emotions. I find myself writing in a journal almost daily, despite people thinking it’s childish. 

As for your other, shall we say, concerns about being a trainee, I guarantee you’ll be okay. My mother, before she passed, always told me to take things one step at a time and to soak in your surroundings because who you are today determines who you are tomorrow. 

Your father sounds like a tough man. I don’t want to say anything bad because I don’t want to impose on your personal life nor disrespect him. Although, I think he should accept the person you are instead of trying to mold you into the person he wants you to be. It’s not exactly easy trying to live up to expectation, trust me. I hope you find your peace with him soon. 

I don’t know if you’ll even read this message because this drawer is in my bedroom where nobody can reach it except for me, but Martin told me to not ask any questions. I hope I’m not doing anything illegal.

Yours truly,

This is Kiryu. He’s a swell guy.

This is a pizza. Pizza is nice.

I represent a group of people who believe that good people deserve stuff that is good. We want Kiryu to have a pizza. Here is what it could look like.

Please share this post if you believe in the cause.


( art by op - x ) 

-BLARES AIRHORN- guess what you ducky fucks, I just reached 300 followers! And considering this blog is less than 5 months old, I’d call that a pretty good feat !!

     I don’t know how I received this many followers so quickly or where y’all even came from, but the fact that around 300 DIFFERENT PEOPLE legitimately enjoy seeing my Mei on the dash really warms my heart !! <3  Thank you for being who you are, you wonderful people !!  Thank you for providing your own little thing in this community I grew to love, and thank you for MAKING ME SMILE OR LAUGH, OR MAKING ME FEEL LEGITIMATE EMOTIONS FOR THESE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. STAY GOLDEN !!

alright, now onto my squad.

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Shirt Price Increase

We know, this is a scary title to a post, but we promise it isn’t that scary! For the last 6 years, we’ve been selling our daily shirts at $11, and it’s gone great! We’ve grown and changed a lot over that time as a company and a community. We want to make sure that change continues to happen without sacrificing the things about the Yetee you know and love.  

Starting today, our daily shirts will be priced at $12 plus shipping. See? I told you it wasn’t scary. We’ve only increased by 1 dollar!

We’ve had to increase our prices for one simple reason: The Shirts.

Our prices haven’t changed, but our costs have. We want to make sure we continue to offer the same hi-quality screen printing that you are used to, without sacrificing quality.

In a growing marketplace where on demand printing is widely available, it is important to us to continue offering affordable limited edition silkscreened t-shirts. We also wanted to be as upfront as possible about our reasoning; we want to keep giving you what you deserve! Quality tees and pizza. But we can really only do the quality tees part.


The Yetee

Coffee Chugging

Pairing: Barry Allen x reader
Hello! I was wondering if you could do a Barry Allen x Reader one? Where the reader was struck with lighting too, and is a metahuman with the same powers as Barry? Then they have a day of trying to be better than each other(like coffee chugging contest, racing, fighting, ect), and then at the end of the day they go home and just get really cuddly(lots of fluff, if that’s alright)… PS. Love your writing soooo much!
Words: 1751
Warning: None, I think…

For all my Harrison Wells lovers out there, check out @karmadragonia 
She wrote a smutty Harrison Wells fic that y’all should definitely check out! 
(Sorry hon for not reblogging, I hope this is ok for you?) 

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anonymous asked:

/to everyone/ Are you guys upset you were left out of the crossovers with t?he 2k12 and 1987 turtles?

I sure am! I can’t believe Nick just pushed us aside like yesterday’s pizza! The nerve! We deserved waaaay more credit; I mean, we’re the most easily remembered turtles, aside from our Classic counterparts!”

“Honestly? I don’t really care. We already had our lil’ special with the pudgeballs, an’ that’s good enough fer me. An’ everyone knows Mirage Studios an’ 4kids did the best work on us. Those yahoos ovah at Nick jus’ refuse ta admit it.

‘Sides, all da crap they been puttin’ on dat show lately is completely messed up. We ain’t gettin’ involved with that train wreck.”

“While it was nice that they had put their own spin on that cartoon, I wasn’t very impressed with it myself, and I was rather disappointed we weren’t included in this series. That Brandon Auman certainly didn’t like us, from what I’ve heard, and I have some concerns regarding his writing and interpretation of us. He made Mikey much dumber, he made Leo less mature, and paired myself with April, which seems just…ridiculous. I was also concerned how children would react to everything going on in the later seasons of the show; They showed scenes that definitely proved to be a little bit darker than what our series had to offer…

But that’s just how industry and show business works today; The cartoon that came before us raked in a whole lot of money for the franchise, and they’re trying to bring them back for the very same reason. Money.”

“I wasn’t quite fond of them excluding us either, if I’m honest. But there’s nothing we can say on the matter. We’re owned by Nickelodeon now, whether we like it or not…So until they decide on their own to bring us back into the action, our hands are tied.”

soos on tumblr

accidentally tumblr famous. the tumblr user pizza we need and deserve. He makes a bunch of obscure aesthetic-y photoshop edits and blogs about old-school games. He likes new ones too but the pull of nostalgia is too strong. Food and cool music come up a lot too. He posts a surprising amount of fashion. He’s managed to get a couple good selfies with Stan and his followers ask how Stan’s doing a bunch. There is one very persistent anon who wants to know if he’s “obtained the old man dong yet.” He doesn’t answer these because children follow him.

The anon is Wendy

#136: He's there when your boyfriend's not.


Liam:“I know he’ll be here.” You insisted, fixing your hair in the mirror to mask the fact that you knew Liam was right. “That’s what you said last week.” He mumbled under his breath. “Okay, c'mon.” He sighed when your lip began to tremble. He opened his arms for you to come closer, and you graciously accepted. “Let’s get you out of this dress and we’ll watch a movie, hmm?” He asked, kissing your head. He didn’t complain as you clutched onto his shirt and cried. He welcomed it, because that meant a new beginning for you. Hopefully him.

Zayn:“He said his Grandma was sick.” You sobbed into Zayn’s chest. He ran careful finger down your spine to try and contain the anger he was feeling for your ass of a boyfriend. “I know.” He mumbled into your hair, leaving a few kisses there. “He was at a party, Zayn! With her!” You exclaimed, pulling away from him to make your point. He immediately missed your warmth. “Come here.” He whispered, grabbing your bicep and pulling you back to him. “You’re way too good for him." 

Louis:"C'mon, love.” He whispered, ushering you into the passenger seat of his car. He didn’t flinch when your (ex)boyfriend came right up next to him and demanded he let you out. “I don’t think so, mate. You’ve fucked her over way too many times and I’m not gonna let it keep happening. You’re scum, and I’m ending this now.” He spat, pointing a warning finger in his face. “Don’t you try to contact her or I will personally beat the shit out of you.” He snapped, walking to the other side and hopping in the car, pulling out of the restaurant car park. “I think we deserve a pizza, what do you think?” He smiled over at you his angry demeanor gone in seconds, and despite your tears, you couldn’t help but smile back.

Niall:He had gotten a heart- wrenching phone call at around half eleven at night from you, and of course he was over to your place in minutes. “You can do so much better than him, you know.” He whispered, his hand in your hair and your face to his chest. “He was an ass anyway, it’s good he’s gone.” He hummed, kissing your head lightly, hoping to ease your sobbing. “You’re right.” You cried, not able to stop your blubbering. “Why can’t I just date you instead?” You sad quietly, not loosening your grip around his middle. And while you didn’t give the question a second thought, his heart began to hammer in his chest, but he had to stay calm, you were in hysterics. But he didn’t think before he whispered “I’d treat you so much better.”

Harry:“Where's Prince Charming?” He said in the most childish tone you had ever heard from him. You giggled, covering your mouth with your hand, not expecting a comment like that. “He’s at a party tonight.” You finally sighed, your laughing completely subsided. “And you’re here eating ice cream with me and not at a party with him because?” He inquired, shovelling a spoonful into his mouth. “Because even Prince Charming needs a break, apparently.” You mumbled, angry with him for ditching you to begin with. “What a prick!” Harry said defensively, looking at you to see if you were being serious. “Fuck him, we don’t need him. We’ll have a party without him.”

why we don’t deserve glenn rhee
  • worked as a pizza deliveryman and is now an expert at surviving
  • always sees the best in people
  • believes in second chances
  • when he first killed a living human, he started to cry
  • put’s peoples needs before his
  • tries to save people even tho they could be dangerous for him
  • he would do anything to protect his family
  • he loves maggie more than any thing in this world and would rather die than seeing her get hurt + he is going to be a fantastic father
  • his whole family is dead but he found a new family all by himself
  • almost died at least 10 times and always survived (binch you can’t kill him)
  • he didn’t let this cruel world poisen him 

in conclusion: don’t kill off glenn rhee @ twd writers