we deserve medals

i was gonna do a super-detailed verse description but instead y’all are getting a bulleted list because this is what i do best!

  • sabine was born in the philippines !!! she was very young at the start of the omnic crisis, around five years old.
  • her mother was part of an organization that formed to protect against omnic attacks.
  • sabine is incredibly anti-war, but not anti-fighting. if she thinks something is wrong/unjust/etc., she’ll fight even if it gets physical, and she isn’t afraid to kill. 
  • she’s especially spiteful against the omnics as she grows up in the aftermath of the crisis. they were meant to help, not to destroy, but destroy they did. they destroyed her home, her city, took everything from her. to her, they’re nothing more than a weapon that ruined her life.
  • at some point, sabine becomes estranged from her family and leaves.
    • she assumes her family dies not long after.
  • she considers herself a neutral ground, subjectively loyal. it doesn’t matter to her who you are, what you do, as long as loyalty is earned, loyalty is given.
  • that’s all for now folks.