we demand a remake!

the NPR review of “Beauty and the Beast” is not messing around:

Mrs. Potts, the genteel teapot matron voiced this time by Emma Thompson, fares slightly better, in that her face is clearly painted onto the side of her fine china (minus the iconic spout-nose of Angela Lansbury’s animated incarnation). But when that penciled eye winks at the camera in horrifying IMAX-vision, we realize that our demand for Disney remakes is the 21st century’s witch-curse that dooms these once-lovable thingamabobs to a different kind of bodily prison.

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I work at a fast food chain and today we had this lady come through the drive thru and asks for a number 1 plain and is screaming at us to make it plain so we made it plain for her. She comes back 5 minutes later asking why there is nothing on the sandwich and demands that we remake it. Just, why

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Customer called the store this morning complaining that the drinks she ordered last night were wrong, and demanding that we remake them for her. I told her it was no problem, and to just come in and let us know so we could remake her drinks. She got really mad, and said "So I have to drive all the way back?" Girl, how else do you expect it to work. I'm not gonna deliver coffee to your house.

People are so fucking entitled. 


Intelligent Systems have said they would remake TTYD if there was enough fan support. You can show your support of this by signing this petition for the remake and spreading the hashtag #TTYDRemaster.

There is another petition suggesting that Nintendo/IS should push back Color Splash until it can be reworked into a better game. This one will likely not be listened to, but we can at least try.

If enough fans band together and demand this TTYD remake, Nintendo/IS may see that the likes of Sticker Star and Color Splash are not what we want out of the series. Spread this post, and spread the petitions!

some memorable assholes from my time in corporate coffee

- “can i get a blended americano without the coffee?” “so, decaf?” “no just like an americano frappuccino, hold the coffee.” “that’s a cup of blended ice.” “what the fuck? i didn’t order that!!”
- the creepy guy who would slide quarters across the counter to me and say “more where that came from if you keep smiling”
- a regular whose order was a venti extra-extra dry cappuccino. basically she just wanted 2oz of espresso and 14oz of burnt milk foam, and insisted i make it every damn time cause i was the only one who made it the way she liked. when any of my co-workers made her drink she would end up full on screaming at them “i said DRY cappuccino i want it DRYYYY this isn’t dry!!!!!!!!” etc etc etc and would throw it in the trash and demand we remake it. and this horrible bitter old woman thought we were friends and she’d stand around the counter (backing the line up around her) whining to me about my co-workers who were standing 3ft away.
- parents shouting at me bc i wouldn’t sample an entire cake pop out for their screaming toddler for free.
- i’m trans. some guy in his 30s asks “so are you gay or what?” i politely decline to answer. “um, the customer is always right. so are you?” that means i have to make whatever shitty drink you order, not that you’re entitled to my personal life in any way.

I work at a cafe at a local grocery store (similar to whole foods) and we have the most pretentious customers i s2g, especially since our policy is focused on customer service and we have to bend over backwards to please crybabies who don’t get their way. I could write a book about the shit I’ve dealt with. Anyway, one of our regulars, who I’ll call “Sarah” is always a pain in the ass to deal with, for instance she often orders a “tepid latte” and will come back and complain if it’s even a few degrees above favorable temperature and demand that we remake it for free.
Well one time we had a long line of customers and she comes to the coffee counter with several grocery items and orders a smoothie. One of the items was a bottle of vitamins, and after totaling the cost she’s gets all pissy saying “that’s not the right total!” I relay the prices of each item to her and she’s like “the vitamins were $8.30, not $8.50.” Literally a 20 cent difference. I say “I’m sorry I can call a store manager to check the price for you if you want but it’s ringing up as $8.50” and she’s like “I’ll go check I’ll be right back” and takes off across the store before I can say anything. We had over 10 people in line waiting to order coffee. At this point my manager is like what the fuck is going on.
So Sarah finally comes back after taking her sweet time and the baristas and everyone in line is pissed off and she’s like “It’s $8.30 change it.” At this point I just want her to leave and my manager was like “whatever” so I change it and she is suddenly happy again. After she walks away and waits for her smoothie my manager tells me to go check the price, and I go and guess what?: $8.50. I come back absolutely livid and my manager tries to find Sarah but she took off pretty fast after getting her smoothie, which is odd for her since she usually stays in the cafe area to enjoy her drink. So basically anytime Sarah tries to pull a stunt like that again we call the store manager, end of story, even if she cries about “horrible customer service”. 
All for 20 cents