we delight in your voice as if some god were speaking!

A Scarecrow For God

by reddit user survivalprocedure

“Can I take your picture?” Larissa sat a few feet away from me on the grey velvet sofa as I aimed my iPhone towards her. I stared at the screen intently for a moment before shifting my focus, looking over the brim of the phone at her defeated, hopeless state portrayed by bloodshot eyes.

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Shower Fun

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson


Imagine: It’s Elena’s birthday and Damon is insanely mad with you because you are running late. You try to rush things up, but your boyfriend Klaus shows up. Let’s just say things get steamy. 

*Requested smut, read carefully. :) 

Word Count: 1784

Y/N, we scheduled this so many times and you’re still late.

“Don’t worry, sweetpie, I’ll be there. I just need to take a shower. I’m sure Elena will get if I’m little bit late.”

“You have exactly thirty minutes to be here.”

“That’s more than enough.”

Be here!

“Bye, Damon!”

It was Elena’s eighteen birthday and everyone was buzzing about it, since Damon had been working very hard to throw her a surprise party. Of course you loved helping him organize everything, but, heck, sometimes he was so freaking annoying you thought about murdering him in a very slow pace, so he would suffer more. Like today, you spent the whole afternoon alongside Caroline and Bonnie trying to find a great dress for Elena to wear tonight, as the vampire asked, and he calls you to tell you are late. “Well, guess why I’m late, sucker”, you thought, letting out a huff.

You took a deep breath and went upstairs, back to your bedroom. You left the pair of bags you brought from your shopping by the door and started undressing, very swiftly and leaving a small mess to deal with later. You went to your closet, picking up Elena’s gift and your ravishing blue dress. As you placed them in the bed, you thought if you were not already taken, God, you would make a mess in that baby. You chuckled and bit your lower lip, remembering the last time you had seen your boyfriend. The way he touched your body and kissed your lips. One of these days that man would drive you completely insane.

“Missing me, love?” A deep voice said, making you jump out of fear.

“Klaus! Can’t you knock?”

“Well, I didn’t think I needed.”

“Of course you have to. I could be…”

“If you’re going to say naked, don’t forget you already are.” He smirked and you rolled your eyes. “Aren’t you going to give me hug? And a few kisses too?”

You smiled, rushing to his arms and enjoying the kind of warmth only his hugs could provide.  His arms wrapped your body and squeezed you against his chest, which made you sigh, closing your eyes, and feel overwhelmigly satisfied by his presence.

About six months ago, you and Klaus Mikaelson began dating. The first couple of months, both of you thought it would be best if nobody knew. Especially because he had just tried to kill Elena and murdered Jenna. You were perfectly aware you should hate him for every single bad thing he had done, but you could not help it. The Original Hybrid had stolen your heart for good.

Eventually, your friends found out about your relationship. It was brutal, for they did not want to accept the fact you were in love with their enemy. Damon thought you were compelled, so Klaus could use you as leverage, and he convinced the others to lock you up. Just to buy enough time for Bonnie to find a spell that could release you from the compulsion. Obviously nothing worked, for you were not under any kind of magic. You just loved him.

“Where have you been all this time?”

“Taking care of some things. Don’t worry about that. Now, are you trying to tease me?”

“Why?” Suddenly you noticed your lack of clothes and blushed. “Oh!”

“You don’t have to be shy, love, I told you I love your body by all means.”


He slowly touched your form, making your skin burn at any place his hands reached. You gasped and put your own hands on his shoulders, pushing him off a little.

“I, um, we can’t do that now, Nik.”

“Why not?” He questioned, nuzzling on your neck.

A small moan escaped your lips and you mentally cursed yourself.

“I have to go to Elena’s birthday party.”

“Can’t you be just a little bit late?” His hot breath on your neck made you bit your lip several times, as a way to hold the sounds that insisted to come out.

“Only if I want Damon to rip my heart out.” He stood straight and looked at me, frowning. “It’s just an expression, Nik, he’s not going to literally rip my heart out.”

“Only if he wanted me to kill him so slowly he would beg for his death.”

“Oh God, you’re so sexy when you’re playing tough.” You chuckled. “I have to hit the shower now, darling. I’ll be right back.”

You pecked his lips and went off to the bathroom. The sight of the cosy bathtub made you let out a frustrated grunt, for you did not have time to enjoy an actual bath. Shaking your head, you put your hair up, so it would not get wet. Finally, you started the showering process. The water was so deliciously hot, you saw yourself almost numb out of relaxation.

“You look so good in there, love.” You smirked and glanced over him, rubbing your body with a sponge.


“Of course.” Klaus walked slowly towards the glass made doors. “Although it gets me wishing you needed my help.”

“I believe I do. I mean, you can rub my back, right?”

He nodded and you opened one of the doors pulling him in for a kiss. Klaus let out a genuine laugh, after he saw how wet his clothes got. The Hybrid striped, quickly, and soon enough he joined you. His large hands firmly placed on your hips, squeezing strongly and making you moan instantaneously. He cornered you against the fogged up glass and made his way to your neck, kissing the delicate skin, his tongue swirling around and playing with your sensations.

“Oh, Klaus!”

“I love when you call me in that tone.” The Mikaelson stated, speaking against your skin. “Can you scream my name, babe?”

“Only if you make me.”

“I’d be delighted to.”

Klaus cupped your breasts, using his thumbs to stroke your nipples. A small gasp crawled out your lips. He smiled and kept descending, his hands slowly massaging your waist, hips, until he finally got down on his knees, finding a throbbing core which desperately needed a touch. If you were wearing any panties, they would be soaked by now. That man knew exactly what to do to get you wet.

“Please, Nik.” You hissed, feeling your breath become more and more irregular.

His blue eyes looked up, finding yours. You could see the mischief within. Klaus always had a way on making you crazy, this would not be the first time. His hands squeezed the inside of your thighs and you involuntarily gulped.

“What do you want me to do, love?”

“I want you to eat me out.”

“How badly do you want me to?”

“I’m dripping, so I’d have to say pretty badly.”

Klaus chuckled and placed a single kiss in your pulsating clit, which sent shivers down your spine. You moaned, thrusting your hips against his face, claiming for more. It did not take long for him to be kitten licking your vibrating core. You arched your back, feeling his tongue against the soft skin and groaning out loud.


“I want to hear my name, love.”

“Come on, Nik, don’t stop!”

Klaus stood up and kiss your lips softly. His hand, though, kept working on your swollen nub, circling small figure eights on it. You sighed against his plump lips and he took that as a sign he could move forward.

“Shit.” You wrapped your arms on his shoulders, as he lifted one of your legs, teasing your entrance with his cock. “Klaus, don’t do this to me, just…”

The hybrid did not allow you to finish the sentence, giving you a sharp thrust. Your walls clenched around him and he grunted, tightening the grip on your thigh. The pleasure he provided was immeasurable. You gasped, screwing your eyes shut.

“Oh, my… Klaus!”

“That’s it, Y/N, cum for me.” His voice was merely a hiss.

The only sound that could be heard at the bathroom was skin clapping skin. You desperately tried to breath, though only a couple of strangled moans came out. Luckily enough Klaus was holding you, otherwise you would fall off on the floor.

“Shit, I’m so close.” You whispered.

Klaus sunk his head onto your neck, giving you sloppy, open-mouthed kisses. His thrusts so fast and hard on you that you were sure the next morning you would be sore. It felt so good, though. You stuck your fingers on his curls, pulling it a little and feeling the tension building up on your stomach. Somehow the original managed to find a sweet spot inside of you, it barely touched, but it was more than enough to send you over the edge. Your toes curled up and dug your nails into his shoulders.

“Oh, God, Klaus!” You yelled, seeing some colourful dots on your sight. The pleasure fulfilling you completely.

His thrusts became more sloppy and you knew he was close too. As you slowly came down from your orgasm, you clenched your walls even more harder around his length.

“Damn it, Y/N!” Klaus grunted. “I’m going to cum.”

“Inside my pretty pussy?” You teased and he growled, nodding.

“Yes, right inside your pretty pussy.”

You felt his grip around your waist and thigh increase, realising, also by his moan, he had had his orgasm as well. When Klaus’ breathing came back to normal, he kissed you and giggled.

“I guess you will be late after all.”

“I don’t care, it was worth it.” He let go of your leg and you felt like you had no strength to stand up by yourself.

“Well, obviously you still need my help.” He laughed. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, my legs are just a little bit weak. I’ll be fine.”

“I think a fucked you too hard.”

“You did, actually. But I liked, so don’t worry about it.” Klaus nodded, smirking.

He turn off the water and came back to pick you up, bridal style.

“Oh, look, my hair is ruined! I’ll have to fix this and Damon will kill me for being awfully late!”

“Do you want me to take care of that?”

“Nah, just give me my phone and I’ll face the beast myself.”

As Klaus placed you gently on the bed, throwing a fluffy towel later, and going off to find your phone, you could not be more thrilled to be with him. Unlike what everyone said about him, he was, without a doubt, a complete gentleman. Also a caring and lovable person. You just had to go through his shell, to get to know the real Niklaus Mikaelson. Among other reasons, heck, you could not help but be in love with him.

This Is War [10]

Summary: After being rejected by your best friend Bucky, Sam sets you up with one of his friends, on the condition that if the date doesn’t go well, you have to sign up for a dating app. The date doesn’t go well. As you begin to look for love in other places, Bucky starts to feel something he never felt before. Jealous.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1558

Warnings: It’s a little angsty.. And there is bad language!

A/N: Sorry this took so long, I’ve been very sick!! Thank you everybody who has been reading this!! The amount of feedback has been incredible and amazing and I’m so thankful!! xo

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The drunk reveal no one asked for and the cracker shenanigans

Okay, so look at this. It is 8000+ words. Fucking hell. All the thanks to @lunian who is the mastermind behind this gem. Let’s roll. Also, it isn’t proof read cause seriously guys, who has time to proofread 21 pages of crack. Sorry for any gramamr mistake

Marinette looked around the living room, from the music system to the table covered with bowl and bags off what could easily be all the snacks found on the French market. Marinette wasn’t especially in the mood to party, she would have rather stayed at home and finish some designs, especially after the fact that there was an akuma that morning that managed to ruin her sleeping late plans. But Alya insisted, saying there wil be amiliar faces too. And Marinette totally didn’t come because Alya promised Nino is brinign her a certain blond someone who just arrived back to Paris from one year exchange in Milano. Totally not. She was perfectly content with having a friendly conversation with Adrien after only seeing him through Skype for a year. Until he walked in the room. And Marinette finally understood just how low quality the skype camera was.

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AU where Geno and the pens are part of a secret organization that time travels to maintain the flow of historic events, and on one mission, Geno is tasked to go back to the 1820s to save a man (whose great-great grandson will eventually be key to a medical breakthrough that will change history) from a freak accident involving a horse carriage gone rogue. 

Anyways, the man is super thankful and insists on treating Geno to dinner, and Geno is hesitant because he’s really not supposed to interact this much with the subject but the man won’t hear a no. So Geno gets taken to this guy’s estate and meets Sidney, the man’s youngest son, who is beautiful and intelligent and basically Geno’s exact type. So right there and then Geno knows that he’s screwed. 

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Originally posted by nnochu

genre: smut

word count: 2.7k

warning: voyeurism, choking kink, degrading names, jk’s pov

“Close your eyes for me,” She takes a step closer to me and I feel her cold, small hands touch my skin. I look up to her as I place my hands on her hips, knowing already it will bother her, but I can’t help myself.

“Jungkookie…” I hear her soft voice complain in a whisper, maybe a groan, but she is so quiet that I can’t tell for sure. We did have company in the room, but in all honesty, I am not concerned by it.

“Noona?” I say back slowly letting go of her, as if I did not know already what she meant. She looks around to grab another one of her brushes, but I know she is also ascertaining whether someone had seen me or she is just being paranoid. Then, she starts dabbing it smoothly over my face and her touch is fairly gentle, almost as if she were afraid to hurt me.

With my sight, I follow her every move as she gives her final touches. She is not wearing anything fancy today, just a plain white t-shirt and a high-waisted pink skirt, but for some reason I find myself more attracted to her than usual. It is her scent, perhaps, the lazy waves at the ends of her hair, or that innocent tone she speaks with as she smiles and informs me that she is done, I don’t know.

“Are you okay?” I look at her curiously, raising a brow. “You seem a bit off today.”

“I’m good,” She replies instantly, “Just a bit thoughtful.”

“Hmm,” I tilt my head, wondering what to say. “What—”

I interrupt my own self as I see that the boys going out distract her. As they leave, I look at them too, and I get up to close the door behind them. She just stands quiet, but when I turn around, I see her lips part slightly with a small smile. God, if only she knew how good she looked like that, standing there and doing absolutely nothing but staring at me with those pretty and playful eyes…

“Noona, what were you thinking about?” I continue as I walk back to her. “I want to know what is distracting you so much that you won’t even look at me.” My words came off a bit harsh even though I didn’t really mean them to, so I rub my thumb against her cheek delicately, hoping it will smooth my image.

“But I do look at you, Kookie,” She finally speaks confidently, “And I notice how you look at me, how you mentally undress me, and how you practically devour me with your eyes.”

“I won’t deny that.”

She crosses her arms and walks over the window, I stand a few steps behind, watching her. I can see through the reflection that she’s looking at me too, like she is expecting me to come closer.

“Do you think about me too, Noona?” I question, though I know the answer already.

And I know she does think about me, I didn’t need her to say it. From the way that I catch her staring at my lips momentarily, to the way she would take extra time to do my makeup, I just…know that she wants me. Maybe not as fervently as I want her, as I’ve wanted her this whole time, but the slightest bit of desire is enough to me.

My eyes are on her, but her stare doesn’t move from the street. It is still early from what we can see outside, and the weather is so nice, I’m certain she is enjoying the view that the big glass is allowing her. I stand behind her and slide a hand down the back of her neck, slowly, traveling through it and finally landing on her shoulder. Her shirt is so loose I can easily push it away so a bit of her skin is exposed, and as I stare at her carefully, I suddenly notice she has freckles on her shoulder.

For a moment, I find myself genuinely thinking about her. I’m thinking about how delicate she is, and how delightful she is to my sight. She turns her head from the glass, probably wondering why I stopped moving for a second, so I place a warm kiss in her cold skin and I feel her shiver under my touch instantly, but she isn’t complaining.

“I really don’t,” She suddenly says. “And you shouldn’t either.”

She exhales as if what she had just said took her a lot of effort to admit, and I’m too caught in my own lustful thoughts that I don’t bother myself to contradict her. Instead, I lower my hand to her waist, wrapping her completely because she is so small, and I stroke her earlobe with my lips. Gently, I am barely even touching her, but I still earn one of those soft whimpers of hers.

“Then why aren’t you stopping me?” I tease, enchanted by the goosebumps running through her skin. To see how she reacts to me with such vague touch is arousing, but I can’t say that I am enjoying this to its fullest, considering her body is pressed to mine so painfully…to me, at least.

“Noona, do you even want me to touch you?”

“Kookie, I…”

“Stop calling me that,” I cut her off, slowly turning her around so she is facing me and I feel her legs shaking a little. “It’s such a turn off.”

She knows — we both know that anyone could come back to the room and catch us. Although I can tell she is quite nervous, she is handling the situation better than I could wish for her to do so, looking straight and playfully into my eyes, as if she knew what she is doing.

“Jungkook,” I hear her whisper. “What if someone chimes in?”

“You wouldn’t mind,” I touch the hem of her skirt, it’s so short that I don’t even have to lean one bit to do it, and she likes it. Maybe she wears them on purpose; maybe she wears them because she knows it drives me crazy. “Noona, you just wouldn’t mind at all. Would you? I could bend you over that table and pound into your little pussy like an animal, and you’d love it too much to care if someone did catch us.” I chuckle in her ear, grabbing the back of her neck and pulling her closer.

“But I can’t do that, Noona, not unless you ask me to.”

My hand tangles itself in her hair, bringing her lips close to mine. I kiss her and I feel her body tense for a second, but she slowly gives in as she loses control of her own lips, and teasingly, I bring my hands down to her hips. She is incredibly close to me, kissing me so passionately I can barely describe such exquisite action, the temptation to touch her ass is agonizing.

“Jungkook,” she finally speaks loud, almost moaning. “Touch me.”

She speaks and I don’t hesitate to kiss her again, this time touching her properly. I bring my hands underneath her skirt as I touch her beautiful body and she can’t help but free the sexiest sounds into my mouth and I love absolutely everything about it, but the fabric of her lingerie irritates me.

I wonder how many times she has thought of this exact moment; us, kissing like there’s no tomorrow, right before I fuck her. Because I think of it quite often, her petite body in front of mine, slowly bending over as she waits for me to pound right into her, merciless, just the way I know she’d like it.

Therefore, I do justice to our fantasy, now that I know she wants me too. I break the kiss to spin her body harshly, holding her arms pressed to her back. She whines a little, like she is about to complain, but she saves it because she knows very well that I won’t hurt her. Instead, she moans when my body hovers hers, and I slowly start leaving a wet trail of kisses from her neck down to her shoulders. I kneel down suddenly, lifting up her skirt up to her waist and slowly pulling down her pink panties, caressing her thighs and cheeks, right before I spank her hard.

“Fuck,” she moans, and I smile to myself. “P-please,”

“Noona, you’re already begging?” I tease her, as I flatten my tongue against her pussy. “I see why. You’re dripping down your thighs, baby.”

She looks at me over her shoulder as I wait for her response, but then turns around to face me and takes her shirt off without even me asking her to do it. I’m on my knees, only staring at her to catch on what she is trying to do, and I see her tossing her bra out of the way too.

“Look at you,” I smirk as I stand up, taking off her skirt and exposing her completely to me. “Undressing yourself when no one asked you to… are you that hungry for dick?”

Moaning softly, she attempts to answer but I see her hesitate. I kiss her desperately, and she tries to undo my pants, but I stop her. “Uh-uh, slow down noona. I’m not undressing today. You’ll get fucked like the dirty slut you are, exposed and humiliated.”

“Now, I don’t know where I should take your little cunt. Should I bend you over this table or fuck you against the glass?” I slowly push two fingers inside of her and she immediately moans, holding onto my neck as she throws her head back and starts to lose control. “You’ve been good to me so far, so I’ll let you choose.”

“A-anywhere,” she tries to speak and I curl my fingers inside of her. “Take me anywhere.”

I think of teasing her a little longer just because I think she enjoys it even more than I do, but I’ve had a hard-on for too long now my balls are starting to hurt. I need to fill her as much as she needs me to fill her, but I’m conscious that it won’t be long until someone walks in on us. I place the back of my hand on her cheek and I lean in as if I were to kiss her, but instead, I roughly grab her hair pulling her head backwards and she laughs maniacally, enjoying the pain.

Then, I spin her body around, pushing her naked body into the glass. She moves fast and quickly places both hands right in front of her chest, to prevent her face hitting the window. I stand behind her and she smiles again, the sound of my zipper going down exciting her. With the tip of my cock, I tease her entrance for a while before I push myself deep inside her. She feels so tight around me I can’t help but groan against her body, playfully biting her torso as I wait a little for her to adjust, then I hear her begging me to move.

“Ahh fuck,” I grab her hips to hold her body against me and I thrust hard into her, all the way in, and then slowly pull out just to do the same. She moans again. God, nothing can compare to this feeling. She’s so covered in her arousal that I slide right in and out, and her walls clench tight around me I know she’s close to soon. Slowing my thrusts, I see her face is pressed against the window and her hands continue to support her body, so I reach for them and I pin them behind her back once again.

“Yes, yes, Jungkook!” She gasps out, her tits flat against the glass. For a moment I wonder what this would look like from outside this room, what it would look like if I were walking outside the building and I saw her beautiful, nude silhouette bouncing up and down as someone buries into her from behind. “Harder!”

“You want it harder, baby? Hmm….” I whisper, thrusting as hard as I can, making her scream. “Shut up, you fucking slut. You’re already putting on a show through this window, and you want everyone in the building to hear you?”

I stop thrusting and cup her breast, moving my hand down to toy with her clit, rubbing her softly, but I still don’t lose my grip on her hands. “You wanna cum, huh? I’ll make you cum, baby… but you better be good and quiet, take it like a big girl, okay?”

She nods her head and I let go of her hands to start thrusting again, my fist swirling to take her hair into a ponytail, pulling it hard. I watch her as she opens her mouth in a choked moan, breathing heavily and closing her eyes shut. At this point it seems she is chasing her high so desperately, she doesn’t even care what I do to her anymore, and just lets me take complete control over her.

“You love getting fucked like this, don’t you, Noona?” I speak since I feel her tighten so deliciously I fear I won’t last any longer, but I continue focusing on her. “You love having random people watch you getting pounded like the dirty slut you are… ah, fuck! Your cunt feels so good clenching around my hard cock like this, you’re close now, aren’t you?”

“Yes Jungkook, f-fuck, I’m so fucking close, ah…”

“You’ll come so good you’ll think about this every night,” Clutching her hips in my hands, I make sure I leave her all pretty and bruised. “You’ll finger your sweet cunt and pretend it’s my cock filling you up, hmm, but your cute little hands won’t do. Only I make you cum like this, huh?”

“Y-yes, yes! Ah, hmmm, I…”

I spank her ass hard and slow down my pace until I stop completely. “You keep screaming nonsense like a bitch, talk to me like a big girl if you want to cum.”

“Jungkook,” She manages, pushing herself back into my cock. “Make me cum, only you make me cum so hard I forget my own name.”

That’s all I need to hear. I pick up my pace again, thrusting harder and deeper I feel her shaking, and I know she’s so sensitive she’ll cum all over me in seconds. I reach down for her clit again, rubbing her fast as I try to bring her to an intense orgasm, and she holds onto my thigh to keep balance as she finally lets the wave of pleasure hit her. Tighter than ever, her moans mix with mine as I feel myself begin to collapse too, slowing down to help her ride out.

“Ah, shit, I’ll come too,” I groan quietly, trying to sound composed but it’s almost impossible. I pull out of her and start stroking myself a bit slower. “On your knees, now.”

She’s so good to me she obeys as soon as I speak, and I watch her kneel down in front of me all fucked out, her face red and her eyes teary, half smiling with an open mouth. I can’t help but smile too. Tightening my grip, I stroke myself fast, so fast I’m on that pain but blissful edge soon. “I’m coming…ah fuck, I’ll come all over my slut’s mouth…”

“Hmm that’s right Jungkook, I am your little slut.” She starts moaning, the sounds come out so sensual it only encourages me to chase my high. “Come on baby, give it to me, I’ll swallow it all…”

I’m so fucking close I feel as if my whole body were to explode right in front of her. She’s still on her knees, playing with her tits and looking straight into my eyes. I fail to look back at her as I close my eyes shut, my orgasm hitting me hard. “Tongue out, fuck,” I warn, spilling my semen into her dirty little mouth while her tongue swirls around the head, getting every single drop out of me.

“Look at all that cum,” I whisper playfully, caressing her hair. “Take it all baby.”

She opens her eyes and looks up at me once again, opening her mouth to show me she had swallowed everything I gave her just like she promised. “You’re a dime,” I smile, grabbing her chin with my finger to pull her back on her feet. 

“I’m keeping ya.”

Yoongi Scenario: Evil Eyes.

Request: Hello loves ❤ can I request a yoongi scenario(fluffy pls) about him being jealous/possessive? I’m not sure why you can just let your imaginations decide that thank you 😘❤❤❤❤❤ + Hey there~ I really like your scenarios and I was wondering if you girls could make an scenario where y/n’s brother came to visit and yoongi didn’t know (neither does he knows how her brother looks like) and then he finds him in his and y/n apartment. Her brother is staying a few days and yoongi during those days feels kinda jealous? Thanks 😊 Sorry if it isn’t very clear 😅 if you can’t do it I understand don’t worry

Genre: Fluff / Comedy.

Yoongi was eager to get home, he was supposed to have full schedule today but when the radio show they were attempting got cancelled he rushed home where you should be since you weren’t going anywhere that saturday, Yoongi had already a couple of things in mind for you to do with this free time, all of them in the bedroom.
He looked at himself in the mirror in the elevator, he looked nice still with fashionable clothes and a his hair done, he wouldn’t admit it to anyone but he liked to look his best for you, you were always so pretty sometimes Yoongi thought he was lacking. But he smirked at himself disregarding those thoughts, thinking about you who would already have that little silky pajama thing, even if it was still half afternoon.

Opening the door he got rid of his jacket and shoes but then he heard something that made him sharpen his ear. The sound of your laugh, Yoongi would have been delighted any day to hear it only that this it was accompanied by a man’s laughter. 

He frowned thinking of who could possibly be here with you, you didn’t meet guy friends at home, you hadn’t told him anything about anyone visiting either. You squealed, sounding very pleased and something in Yoongi burned. Suddenly images of you with some guy laughing together, touching, kissing, you with that silky little thing on but to other man to take off, it made him inhale sharply, Yoongi stomped his way into the apartment following the sounds of laughter, you squealing, the man telling you were as mischievous as ever. It made him lose his cool completely, he didn’t want to believe what he was hearing so he stormed into the kitchen and saw you, in the arms of another guy.

You were fully dressed that was what he noticed first but his hands were on you and just that made his own hands go to fists, you were on the middle of the kitchen and it looked like he was tickling you or teasing you, both options sounding like big no’s for Yoongi, no other could be touching you like that.

-What the hell is this?-

You were startled to hear him, but as you looked his way you didn’t lose your smile, neither did you jump apart from that guy, Yoongi wanted to lunge at him, he wanted to tear his hands away from you. 

-Babe you are here!- you smiled wider and the guy smiled a little too, what kind of twisted shit was this. -This is…-

But before you could say something else Yoongi walked to you and shoved the guy away, it was stupid for him to do it when he should just leave since you were having so much fun, but he couldn’t stand the sight of you with someone else.

-Yoongi!- you recriminated like he was on the wrong, him! Like he was the one fooling around and not you.

-Hey man…- the guy started speaking and his voice made him snap.

-Get the fuck out out here-

You walked until you were in between them frowning at Yoongi who was trying to keep his cool but he very well knew it was far gone. 

-I’ll talk with you later Y/N, first this asshole has to…-

-He’s my brother!- you exclaimed outraged.

Well fuck.

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raise a tiger verse, father’s day

part of this verse; but if you haven’t read it: an au in which viktor acquires legal guardianship of yuri p who is a distant cousin

Yuri is strangely quiet at dinner.

Viktor chews on his linguini thoughtfully, casting glances at his younger cousin from beneath his lashes. It’s a game they play, and one that Viktor has become very good at: caring while pretending not to, and the one who gets caught first loses. It’s a stupid game, his Yuuri has told him more than once, but they’ve both lived this way for so long they don’t quite know how to stop.

At length, Yuri clears his throat, fixing his gaze on the corner of the table where Viktor’s phone sits. “They celebrate weird holidays here,” he says.

“Hm,” Viktor says noncommittally. “Americans often do. Wasn’t it National Doughnut Day just a few weeks ago? You liked that one, though. You and Kenjirou came home with entirely too many donuts.” He tries, but fails to inject the appropriate amount of disappointment in his voice. He had stolen two donuts from them when they weren’t looking. “What is it this time?”

Yuri crams a forkful of pasta in his mouth. “Father’s Day is on Sunday,” he mumbles, tomato sauce smeared all over his lips, but Viktor still hears it loud and clear.

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Gaara when his s/o is jealous of his student, Matsuri

Woah, so this took me a while?? I don’t know why, but I struggled with it a little bit. I hope I didn’t get too OOC because I tend to do that when I “force” myself to write. Anyway, I loved the idea, just couldn’t make the most of it. I hope you still enjoy it, and thanks for being so patient!

Some extra love to my beta-reader @lilysflowershop for checking this scenario even though she is sick! ❤ Take care of yourself, dear!

Gaara’s reaction to his s/o being jealous of his student, Matsuri.

You knew Gaara loved you. You knew he was faithful, and that he didn’t want anyone else in his life beside you. He told you, and he showed you. You really shouldn’t feel this way. You shouldn’t be jealous.

But you couldn’t help it. Matsuri and Gaara were close, naturally. You had been close to your sensei, too. But, you hadn’t looked at your sensei the way Matsuri did. Her eyes sparkled with every word and advice Gaara gave her, and like an eager puppy, she obeyed him. And after watching this go on for a few weeks, you became frustrated. With Matsuri, with Gaara, and with yourself. Because Gaara was still just as loving to you, even if he still kept your relationship as private as possible. Did you really have a reason to be jealous when Gaara was this good to you?

But maybe that was why you were so upset about it. You understood that Gaara didn’t like PDA. You understood that he was in a position where he couldn’t be all lovey dovey with you all the time. You weren’t mad because he couldn’t show you affection in public. You were mad because he could show her affection.

Simple things like a hand on her head or shoulder began to be something you dreaded. And when the young girl smiled brightly and leaned in ever so slightly, you couldn’t help but be resentful.

And of course, Gaara picked up on it almost as quickly as you yourself did. He knew you in and out, and he noticed when you began to distance yourself. He had loved how you took the time out of your day to watch him train, especially with his student. It was the only way to see you, after all, when he was busy like this.

Gaara wanted to figure out what was wrong, and quickly, too - because just as it was to you, this relationship was everything to him. He couldn’t lose you. He really didn’t like not reacting to you being upset. But it took him a while to figure out exactly what was wrong.

Jealousy was never a big part of your relationship. Sure, Gaara made sure that any shady people kept their distance from you by sending them a warning glare, and you moved a little closer to Gaara when others swooned over him. But it had never been a big problem. So he didn’t even consider it at first.

It wasn’t until Matsuri practically invited herself in for dinner one night, that he finally realized what was bothering you.

He came home, his student right beside him as she chatted away. He listened, nodded now and then, but was more focused on the prospect of finally seeing you again. You hadn’t joined them for training for three days, and surprisingly when Gaara came home late, you were already in bed - something you had never really done before. Usually you had waited for him.

Tonight he was home as early as he could to catch you before you’d go to sleep. But in exchange for cancelling training, Matsuri had gotten him into promising that she could have dinner with him.

Gaara didn’t see a problem with that. You did, though.

You were sitting at the dining table when Gaara came home, but the bright, surprised smile you gave him vanished when Matsuri came into the room as well.

“Hello, (Y/N)-san.” She said with a grin on her face. “Gaara-sensei and I are having dinner together.”

Gaara could clearly see you bite your lip to swallow down the emotions he hadn’t understood until this very moment.

“Well, I’d hate to interrupt.” You said sharply, stood up and turned, leaving a delighted Matsuri and a very shocked Gaara behind, who looked back and forth between his student and his retreating significant other, his eyes wide in realization.

And thank God, Gaara followed you.

Calling out your name, he rushed after you, making it to your bedroom before you had the chance to slam the door shut.

“What are you doing here, you’re having a date.” You stated as Gaara grabbed your arm.

“Is that why you’ve been avoiding me? Why you’re not coming to the training grounds anymore?”

“Clearly, there was no need for me to be there.”

You couldn’t help but sound bitter and upset. Gaara pulled you a little closer, hurt and anxious because of how distant you sounded. Doubts swarmed his head. Were you going to leave him? Did you hate him? He rationally knew that there wasn’t a big chance of you actually leaving him, but he was always anxious about not being good enough for you.

Please, please don’t leave….

“Nonsense.” He stated firmly. “I missed you. I thought you were mad at me, so I tried to give you some space, but-”

“Please, just leave me alone for a moment. I need to calm down before we can talk about this, Gaara.” You told him, and Gaara froze.

“Okay…” He said slowly. “I’ll send Matsuri home and wait for you in the kitchen, alright?”

You simply nodded, your arms crossed in front of your chest. You heard how Gaara took a deep breath, but then he did as he’d said and quietly shuffled out of the room. You could hear how he talked to his student, and even though you couldn’t make out any words, you could hear that she was upset. But finally, you could hear the door open and close again.

With a deep sigh you sat down on the bed, staring down at the dark red covers.

You didn’t know how long you sat there, just calming down your heart and thoughts. But you didn’t hear anything from Gaara in this time. It almost made you worry that he had left with Matsuri, but you know that was just your jealousy getting the better of you again. He did care about you, didn’t he? He had shown again how much he loved you. You stood up quietly. You knew you couldn’t just avoid the topic. And you and Gaara both had to be adults for this to be solved.

So you quietly made your way to the kitchen, your heart heavy in your chest. And like he had promised, Gaara was sitting in the kitchen, a pot of tea and two cups on the table in front of him. As soon as you entered, his head shot up, and his clear eyes stared at you.

There was an awkward silence, something the two of you weren’t used to anymore. Usually, you didn’t need to speak. But know, neither of you knew what to say. Finally, Gaara spoke up.

“I didn’t realize you were this upset. I… apologize.”

Nodding quietly, you sat down in front of him, and he quickly moved to give both of you some tea. You were grateful that he took this seriously, but it still made you a little self conscious. Maybe you were really just too sensitive.

“I don’t want you to stop training her.” You quickly said, and Gaara looked over, studying you quietly. You knew he was waiting for you to explain yourself, now that you had started.

“I know it’s important for the both of you. But… the looks she gives you sometimes bother me. And you never say anything about it.

Gaara was quiet for another few seconds, making sure you were finished, before he gently took your hand.

“That’s because I don’t take it seriously. I have you. Why would I want her? She doesn’t have anything on you, and she’s still a child.”

He sounded so firm and convinced, and it made you shift in your seat. When he said it like this, your jealousy really seemed a little ridiculous.

“But if it bothers you…” Gaara went on, giving you an insecure smile. “Then I’ll tell her from now on. I’d much rather have her be mad at me than you.”

“You don’t think I’m childish?” You asked quietly, feeling a little ashamed of how little trust you had put in him. But Gaara just smiled gently, and shook his head.

“No. Your feelings are your feelings, and they’re valid. A lesson we both still have to learn, I think.”

You were quiet for a bit, and you looked down at your joined hands. Gaara’s thumb was gently stroking over the back of your hand, soothing your nerves.

“Why don’t we make some dinner and talk? We haven’t done that in a while. I’m sure I can take one day off. I want to…” He said, and you could see a blush on his face. Voicing his feelings was still hard for him. “I want to spend time with you again. Remind you that… I love you.”

“If you could, I’d appreciate that…” You agreed sheepishly, squeezing his hand. Gaara smiled softly at you, his cheeks still bright red.

“So we’re good?”

“Yes. I think we are. I’m sorry, Gaara, and… Thank you.”

Leaning over he kissed you, before pulling you up and into his arms.

“I love you. Let’s have dinner.”

Player: Morgan Rielly – Toronto Maple Leafs

Prompt: The boys discover that you play hockey.

Mentions: Mitch Marner, Auston Matthews, Connor Brown, Matt Martin.

Warnings: Curse Words

Preview: You recognized the video as soon as the music began playing. It was your senior video. Of course Mitch found the most embarrassing and long video of you. You made a mental note to kill your old teammate for posting it.

Characters:. 1257 words.

Originally posted by hockeyontrend

You were trying to, unsuccessfully may you might add, clean your kitchen after dinner. You and Morgan had been dating for a little over six months. He had kept you to himself for the first few months, and now you could see why.

Ever since being introduced to his teammates, for some reason your apartment was now the coolest hangout spot in all of Toronto. You had no idea why at first but you quickly realized they probably enjoyed the free home-cooked meals.

You were still washing dishes when Mitch walked into the kitchen. “What are these Y/N?” he asked curiously. He held up two hockey jerseys.

Your breath hitched at the sight of them. You had hidden your college jerseys way in the back of your closet, hoping Morgan wouldn’t find them. Or noisy teammates apparently. You didn’t exactly indulge him in the fact that you played almost your entire life. Hockey was his thing. You weren’t sure how he would take the fact that you played the same sport. You had a good thing going, so you just never told him.

“What were you doing in my closet Mitchell?” you questioned trying to change the subject.

“We were trying to find clothes to give Brownie a makeover, but that is beside the point! These jerseys have your last name on them!”

You just shook your head, trying to think of a good excuse. The rest of the boys had become intrigued.

“They are old jerseys of my brothers.” You tried.

“So what’s the super small hockey equipment for?” He asked in some ridiculous detective voice he was trying. Auston held up your duffle bag you had stuffed in the back corner of your closet.

You sighed putting the last of the dishes away.

“Okay so I might have played hockey, it’s no big deal.”

Morgan looked at you quizzically as did the rest of the boys.

“You played hockey? What position did you play?” Connor asked.

“It was never that serious, I come from a hockey family, I played hockey. That’s it.” You replied trying to downplay your college career.

The boys just nodded and you had hoped that was the end of it. You figured the guys would be off to play some video game as they normally did. It was better than the alternative which was driving your neighbors insane to no end with their rough-housing.

That was until you noticed Mitch entranced by his phone. The pit in your stomach grew two sizes. You prayed he would find nothing. You gulped as you watched him.

You all moved to the couch and you sat down. You were still watching Mitch intently hoping he was talking to Steph or tweeting something ridiculous. 

You started watching whatever the guys had put on when Mitch suddenly made you jump.

“AHA! Found it. Detective Mitch is the best!”

“And what is it that you found Mitchy?” Matt asked looking up from his seat on the floor.

“I have found a highlight reel of our little Y/N here.” He grinned at you evilly.

You groaned as the guys got excited all trying to lean over Mitch’s phone.

“Y/N has airplay you know” Morgan quipped and you shot him a glare.

“No please!” you begged but you already knew you had no choice in the matter.

Mitch set up the airplay and the guys all settled in delighted to see how you played. 

You recognized the video as soon as the music began playing. It was your senior video. Of course Mitch found the most embarrassing and long video of you. You made a mental note to kill your old teammate for posting it.

The video started showing you playing on the ice and a few goals of yours.

“You played center?” Auston asked. You just nodded pulling the blanket in your lap up to your face, trying to hide the pink tinge flooding your cheeks.

“You have a pretty good celly Y/N.” Connor noted

The video had switched to show you goofing off in the locker room dancing around in your pads.

“Oh my god, she is basically Mitch” Matt added watching you try on your goalies gear playing around.

“Auston has a better ass in gear though, sorry Y/N.”

Morgan hadn’t said a single word so far. You glanced at him as he watched the screen attentively. His expression was unreadable and it worried you.

You looked at the screen and you knew what was coming next, a lump filled in your throat.

“Okay I think that’s enough of embarrassing me for one night.” You tried reaching over for Mitch’s phone. 

“No, No, No. It isn’t over yet.” Mitch quipped. You both wrestled for the phone and then you heard it the music that signaled the part of the video you dreaded. 

You sunk into the couch as far as you could. You stole a quick look at the boys. They were all staring at the screen their mouths ajar.

There on the screen, your fight reel was playing. You had a temper on the ice and when someone messed with your team, you came for them. You watched as you skated away from a fight blood dripping down your face. You think your face matched the red tinge you had on the screen.

Morgan was the first one to finally speak up as the video came to an end.

“You were an enforcer?”

You didn’t think it was possible but you could feel your cheeks get hotter.

“I might have had an inclination to fight people when they fucked with my family.”

“Our sweet little Y/N was a Goon?”

“Man she puts you to shame Martin.”

“Don’t tell my girlfriend, but I don’t think I have ever been more turned on.”

Morgan suddenly grabbed your hand pulling you up off the couch and then towards your bedroom away from the guys chirping.

He dragged you into your room and shut the door.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Morgan asked softly.

You sat on the bed with a sigh.

“I was worried about how you would react. Hockey is your whole life, and I wasn’t sure how you would react to me playing.” You said honestly.

“Why wouldn’t I be happy about the girl I love being able to share something as important to me as hockey.”

You almost fell off the bed. “What?”

Morgan’s cheeks matched your own. “Well I love the fact that you can play hockey and Well I love you.”

You were speechless. Morgan rubbed the back of his neck with his hand.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything…”

You stood up and walked over to Morgan who was now staring at the floor. You grabbed his face in your hands “If I knew telling you I played hockey would finally get you to say that, I would have told you a month ago.”

“Only a month?” He questioned raising an eyebrow.

“Well it’s when I wanted to say it for the first time.” You smiled.

A grin crept onto Morgan’s face and he kissed you.

You both pulled away when you heard the hollering outside your door. You rolled your eyes as you opened the door. You were met with the guys almost falling into your room. You laughed.

“We have the coolest parents ever!” Mitchy declared pulling you and Morgan both in for a hug.

Glad You Asked (Jared Kleinman X Reader)

WC: 2455

Warnings: Kissing, fluff, Hansen family cuteness, awkward Jared

Summary: Jared has been crushing on Y/N Hansen since freshman year. He finally decides to ask her out.

Tagged: @lildipstick 

A/N: This was requested by an anon who wanted Jared and the reader’s first date with awkward fluff. Also, if you want to be tagged in any of my posts, just shoot me an ask or whatever and let me know.

The whistle of the kettle rung through the house, and I groaned at the high pitched noise. I trudged downstairs and took the kettle off the stove, gently setting it down on the bench.

Evan was still at the national park, and mom was at work, so I had the house to myself. I made myself a cup of tea and stirred it with a teaspoon, blowing on it slightly.

“Don’t you just love summer vacation?” I muttered bitterly, taking a sip from the mug. I suddenly heard the doorbell ring and I nearly spilt my tea.

I put down the mug and made my way to the door, squinting through the frosted glass to see who was on the other side. I twisted the doorknob and opened the door to reveal my brother’s best (and only) friend, Jared Kleinman.

“Hey Jared. Evan’s not here right now. Tree boy’s still at work.” I said and Jared nervously chuckled, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

“I’m, uh, actually not here to see Evan.” Jared said, and I finally noticed the bouquet of flowers he held in his free hand. My eyes widened slightly, and I gestured for him to come in.

I closed the door behind him, noticing how he knew exactly where to find a vase for the flowers. “How, uh, how has your summer been?” I asked awkwardly, internally cursing myself for asking such a terrible question.

“My summer’s been alright. I went to that Jewish summer camp we used to go to, but it was kinda boring. My bunk did, however, dominate at capture the flag.” Jared said, puffing his chest out slightly.

I chuckled and looked down, noticing that I was wearing my (slightly revealing) pyjamas. My cheeks went red as I tugged my shirt up a little, trying to show as little of my bra as possible.

“Sounds like you had a blast. My summer has been pretty boring. Evan’s almost always out at the national park, and mom’s almost always at work, so I just spend most of the time here by myself. If I’m feeling adventurous I might walk to the mall, who knows?” I said sarcastically, resting my head in my hands.

Jared frowned at me, the disappointment clear on his face. “Don’t you, you know, go out with friends or something?” Jared asked, gently placing the bouquet in a clear glass vase.

I laughed bitterly and Jared’s brows furrowed. “Friends. That’s a good one, Jared. I’m a Hansen. We don’t have friends. At least, I don’t.” I said, my voice harsh and cold.

Jared hesitantly put a hand on my arm, and I looked up into his eyes. “I know for sure you’ve at least got one, and he’s standing right here.” Jared said softly, and I felt the heat rise in my cheeks.

“Thanks Jared. I needed that.” I said and Jared smiled awkwardly at me, pushing his glasses up with his free hand.

“Now, onto the reason I’m here.” Jared said and my eyes immediately flitted to the flowers. He cleared his throat and picked the bouquet up and out of the vase.

“Would you, Y/N Y/M/N Hansen, like to maybe go on a date with me? You don’t have to say yes, it’s just.” Jared rambled, and I cut him off with a laugh. “Of course I’ll go on a date with you.” I said, gently pressing a kiss to his cheek.

His eyes widened, and his cheeks went a brilliant shade of crimson. He sputtered a little, trying to form a response. I just giggled and took the flowers in his hand.

“Thanks for the flowers. That was very sweet.” I said, sniffing the flowers. They were clearly fresh, because they still had a very strong smell. Jared laughed nervously, scratching the back of his neck.

“It’s, uh, it’s no problem really, I just, oh god I suck at this.” Jared stammered, his entire face aflame. I gingerly took one of his hands and squeezed it, watching his eyes flick from our intertwined hands back to my face.

“Did you have a time in mind? Or what we’re actually doing?” I asked, enjoying the feeling of Jared’s hand in mine. “Well, uh, to be completely honest I didn’t think I’d get this far.” Jared said meekly and I snorted, shaking my head slightly.

“How about we catch a movie tonight? Mom will most likely be at work, and Evan doesn’t get back from the park until at least 6.” I suggested and Jared nodded eagerly, fiddling with the hem of his shirt.

“That sounds perfect.” Jared said, squeezing my hand shyly. I smiled brightly and pulled him into a brief hug. Jared froze for a second before wrapping his arms around me, the embrace warm and comforting.

“If you want you can just stay here with me until Evan gets home. It’ll give us times to look up movie times, and it’ll keep me from going crazy.” I said and Jared nodded, tentatively letting go of me.

“I’ll just call mom and let her know what’s happening. Feel free to watch something on Netflix if you want.” I said, pecking Jared’s cheek before grabbing my phone.

I dialled mom’s number, and I didn’t have to wait too long before she picked up. “Hey honey. Is everything ok?” Mom answered, her sweet voice making me smile to myself.

“Everything’s good mom. I just wanted to let you know that I’m going out with Jared tonight, so I might be home late.” I said and there was a pause on mom’s end of the phone. “Mom?” I questioned, wondering if the connection had broken momentarily.

“Meredith, you owe me 20 bucks! They’re going out.” I heard mom shout and I felt a dark blush coat my cheeks. “You seriously had a bet with Mrs Kleinman that Jared and I would get together?” I said, and I heard a crash from the living room.

I looked over and saw that Jared was currently sprawled out on the floor, rubbing his head with a shocked look on his face. “I’m sorry honey, but even when you were young, you two just clicked. Mrs Kleinman was betting that Jared would end up with Evan, so lucky for me that he decided to ask you out.” Mom said and I buried my head in my hands.

“Whatever mom. We’re going to go see a movie tonight, so it’ll just be Evan who needs dinner.” I said and mom hummed in response. “Ok sweetie. Just remind Jared that he has to be safe and use protection.” Mom said and I scoffed.

“Jesus Christ, mom. I did not need that image in my head.” I said and mom chuckled on the other end of the phone. “Just forewarning you. I have to go, but I’ll hopefully see you tonight.” She said and I smiled to myself.

“Love you mom.” I said, walking slowly towards the living room. “I love you too Y/N/N.” Mom said, before hanging up the phone. I sighed and put my phone in my pocket, sitting down next to Jared, who was now back on the couch.

“That was mom. She said that she had $20 on you and I getting together, but your mom had presumably $20 on you and Evan getting together.” I said and Jared’s jaw dropped.

“There’s more. She also told me to remind you to be safe and use protection.” I said and Jared let out an annoyed groan, sinking low into the couch. “Why are moms like this?” Jared muttered and I chuckled, nodding in agreement.

“Speaking of moms, you wanna watch How I Met Your Mother?” I asked, pulling it up on Netflix. Jared snorted and nodded, shuffling a little closer towards me. “Very impressive segue, Miss Hansen. Very impressive indeed.”

“Well, Kleinman, it’s time to go.” I said, walking down the stairs from my bedroom. Jared looked up at me and his jaw dropped a little. “You look incredible.” Jared said, his cheeks dusted pink.

I waved a dismissive hand in his direction and walked over to him, my wedged heels giving me a little more height. “I left a note for Evan so he doesn’t freak out, so we’re all good.” I said and Jared nodded, looping his arm through mine.

“You still sure you wanna see Get Out? We could just as easily go see The Lego Batman Movie? Or Beauty and the Beast.” Jared said, opening the door of his car for me.

“Are you scared, Jared?” I asked, taking a seat on the passenger side. Jared’s face flushed and he sputtered, trying to find an excuse. “Jared, it’s fine. I’m a little scared too, but it should be fine.” I said, leaning back into my seat.

It turns out, I could not have been more wrong. The movie was absolutely terrifying, and I spent a majority of it with my head buried in Jared’s chest (much to the delight of Jared and I).

Jared’s arm was constantly wrapped around my shoulders, and I was practically sitting on his lap for most of the movie. Jared held me protectively, and I was secretly grateful that this movie was horrifying.

We left the cinema considerably shaken, and I clutched onto Jared’s arm for dear life. “Well… I’m never seeing that again.” Jared said when we arrived at the food court, and I let out a nervous laugh.

“I can safely say that I’m on the same page, Jared.” I said, noticing that my hands were trembling slightly. “How about we get something greasy and delicious from McDonald’s, and then head home?” Jared suggested and I nodded enthusiastically.

“I am seriously in the mood for some junk food right now.” I said and Jared chuckled, kissing my forehead softly. “Then your wish is my command, m'lady.” Jared said, tipping an invisible fedora with his free hand.

I groaned, but there was a wide smile on my face. “That is a long dead meme, Kleinman. I thought you’d know better.” I said and Jared smirked, shrugging his shoulders.

“It still made you laugh. One point for Jared.” He said and I shook my head, laughing weakly as we approached the McDonald’s kiosk. We ordered our food, and seeing as the mall was practically empty we got our food very quickly.

We took our takeaway bags and began the walk back to Jared’s car, casually munching on fries as we walked. “Thanks for taking me out Jared. I really enjoyed myself.” I said as we pulled up to my house. I noticed that mom’s car wasn’t in the driveway, but the car Evan and I shared was.

“It was honestly no problem. I’ve kinda been crushing on you since freshman year, so it only took me 4 years to ask you out.” Jared muttered, awkwardly fiddling with the hem of his shirt.

I took Jared’s hand in mine and squeezed it gently, intertwine my fingers with his. “I’ve had a thing for you since sophomore year, but I could never tell you about it because I’m a hot mess when it comes to feelings. Maybe it’s a Hansen thing, I don’t know.” I said, unbuckling my seat belt.

“Well, I mean, you’re definitely hot. Not so sure about the mess part.” Jared said, laughing slightly. “Just shut up and kiss me.” I whispered, watching as Jared’s eyes widened to the size of plates.

“What?” He squeaked out, his face a mix of shock and disbelief. I chuckled softly and sat up on my knees. “Just kiss me. Please.” I said and Jared took in a deep breath, leaning in towards me.

I pressed my lips to his, closing my eyes almost immediately. It all felt so right, and even though I was in a pretty uncomfortable position, I didn’t care. Jared’s free hand cupped the side of my face, and his lips tasted salty, most likely from the McDonald’s.

I sat my free hand on his shoulder, losing all track of time as we kissed. Jared pulled away for a breath, panting slightly. He had a dorky smile on his face, and his cheeks were flushed.

I probably looked the same, but it didn’t matter. “I should, uh, walk you to the door. Chivalry, and all that.” Jared muttered, clearly still dazed from the kiss.

I let go of his hand and opened the car door, laughing as Jared scrambled out of the driver’s side. He took my hand once more as we approached my front door, the porch light making me wince a little.

“Well, this is where I leave you.” Jared said, looking me in the eye. “You have my number. Call me, Kleinman.” I said, capturing his lips in another kiss. Jared’s hands flew to my waist, pulling me flush against his chest.

I clutched the collar of his shirt in my hands, the fabric slightly crushed. “Oh my god.” I suddenly heard a voice say and I immediately broke the kiss, looking at my older brother with wide eyes and flushed cheeks.

“Uh, hi Evan.” I said, my voice an octave higher than usual. Jared looked like he wanted the ground to swallow him up, and quite frankly, so did I. “When you said you were going to a movie with Jared, this is not what I expected.” Evan said, flitting his eyes back and forth between the two of us.

“Did you not see the flowers and wonder why they were there? At all?” I muttered, retracting my hands from Jared’s collar. “You got her flowers?” Evan said, looking at Jared incredulously.

Jared nodded, his cheeks bright red. “Wow. That’s quite a gesture, especially for you Jared.” Evan said and Jared tried desperately to avert his eyes from Evan.

“You can save the questioning for later, Evan. I don’t want Mrs Kleinman to get up Jared for being home after curfew.” I said, trying to get my point of ‘leave us alone’ across to my slightly thick big brother.

“Oh, uh, of course.” Evan muttered, walking inside but leaving the door ajar. “I am so sorry about that.” I said, shaking my head. Jared laughed nervously, scratching the back of his neck.

“It was fine, really. I’m just glad you said yes to this whole thing.” Jared said, taking a hold of my hands. “I’m glad you asked.” I said, kissing his cheek. Jared gave my hands one last squeeze before letting them go.

“I’ll see you on Monday, ok?” He said and I nodded, smoothing my dress down. “See you on Monday.” I repeated, smiling at Jared as he pulled out of the driveway. “I can’t wait.”


A/N: I am back. Back again. So YES. Hello! This took me a quite long time but I believe it turned out quite well. Oh and such a terrible title this is I’m sorry. ALSO….. Writing stories could be SO MUCH EASIER if I got some requests. SO PLEASE REQUEST MY LOVELIES.

Pairing: Philip Hamilton X Reader (w/ thomas jefferson as readers dad)


Time Period: Hamiltime

Word Count: 1,299 (got a bit carried away oops)

Being the daughter of the one and only Thomas Jefferson may not sound too bad. But that is not the case. Your father, Thomas Jefferson comes home every evening angry and frustrated from those dreaded cabinet meetings. He hates them primarily because he always loses them. Today was different. There was no cabinet meeting today. Thank God. Or so you thought. 

You walked up to your fathers study where he was working with a cup of tea. Destressing your father (or at least helping to destress) was an everyday thing for you. You opened the door slowly. “Father. Would you like some tea?” You said shyly, peeking your head into the room. Papers were scattered across the floor. It was definetly more of a mess than you thought. 

Thomas turned quickly to his beautiful daughter. “Yes dear. You are a lifesaver.” He smiled, gesturing for Y/N to come inside. She walked in, handing her father the cup of tea. 

“So father. Why was there no cabinet meeting today?” You questioned. Your father immediately hung his head down out of annoyance. He slowly brought it back up to look at you.

“We are going to a dinner at the Washingtons.” He frowned. You didn’t understand why he was not happy about this. 

“Oh father. That sounds absolutely delightful! Why are you so unhappy?” You asked, furrowing your brow slightly. 

“The Hamiltons are going also.” Your father said, rolling his eyes. You frowned. Eliza Hamilton is a lovely woman but Alexander Hamilton is not a man you would like to speak to, considering the manner in which your father spoke about this man. Their son, Philip Hamilton was also going to be there. You sighed at the thought. He has always attempted to speak to you, but you have never allowed it. All he is is a flirt.

One hour before the dinner arrived. You had put on your most gorgeous F/C dress. This was your mothers dress before she passed. You twirled sligtltly in front of your mirror. You began putting on your heels, your hair and makeup already done. You walked out to the main room of the Jefferson home, awaiting your father, have your carriage had already arrived.

Your father walked down the stairs. He was wearing an amazing tuxedo and you had never seen him look so elegant. A smile spread across his face when he saw you. You smiled at your father, hugging him tightly. You both walked to the carriage together, sitting in the back.

“You look beautiful my daughter.” Your father smiled to you. 

“Thank you father. You look very nice also.” You smiled back, silence spreading. It was not awkward silence. It was more……… Comforting silence. 

You had finally arrived at the Washington home, linking arms with you father. You knocked on the door slightly, Martha Washington greeting you. 

“Y/N! Long time no see!” Martha smiled at you, hugging you tightly.

“Hello Martha! It has been quite a while.” You giggle, hugging her right back. She eventually pulled away, turning to your father.

“And Thomas.” She smiled as your father kissed Martha’s knuckles. 

“Ah Martha!” He smiled back. Soon enough Martha escorted you and your father inside. You spotted the Hamiltons, all three of them staring at you and your father. You hoped your father didn’t notice until you saw the anger blossoming on his face. He began to walk over to them, you walking close behind to make sure he does nothing stupid.

“Hamilton” Thomas growled towards Alexander. You rolled your eyes at your fathers tone of voice before turning to Philip. You and him were the same age. Both 16. He had curly hair and freckles throughout his face. You hadn’t noticed you were staring until he winked at you. You turned away, blushing softly, your father and Alexander Hamilton now having a full on debate. 

You cleared your throat behind your father to get his attention. Both men turned to you, along with Eliza and Philip. “Father please be more proffesional. This is not one of your cabinet meetings. And Mr. Hamilton.” You smiled to Alexander. “I am Y/N. I’m truly sorry about my father but I would also like to request that you do not argue as well. It would benefit everyone.” You said kindly.

“But…” Alexander and your father said in unison. You smiled at both men before Martha called that dinner was ready. The seating arangment was a bit of a problem. George and Martha sat next to each other, your father next to George and you next to your father. Where is the problem you ask? The fact that you were sat right next to Philip Hamilton

You walked to the dinner table, your father still glaring at Alexander. Just as you were about to pull your chair out to sit, Philip walked in front of you, pulling your chair out for you. Blushing slightly you thanked him and sat down. He pushed your chair in carefully before sitting himself.

“Well Ms. Y/N. It was quite bold of you to stand up to our fathers like that.” He smiled, winking. You smiled back trying to be as kind as possible without your father getting angry.

“Thank you Mr. Hamilton.” You smiled kindly. He grabbed your hand, laying a soft kiss to your knuckles. 

“Please call me Philip. I am not my father.” He chuckled slightly, putting your hands down, not letting your hand go. Instead of letting your hand go he intertwined your fingers with his. You blushed scarlet.

“Y-yes. Philip.” You corrected yourself, gulping quietly. You saw your father out of your peripheral vision. He was glaring at Philip,visibly angry at the fact that he was holding your hand. 

“You look stunning in that gown Y/N.” He smiled.

“How flattering.” You smiled back, giggling slightly. You looked behind Philip to see Alexander staring at his son in disbelief. You stared at Philip in his eyes getting lost in them as he did the same to you. Eventually, you heard 2 loud coughs to get your attention. You both broke eye contact, unlacing your fingers while staring at the floor. You swear you saw Eliza smile at the two of you.

Another debate broke out at the table. You glared at your father who dropped the insult he was about to shoot back. “If it wasn’t for my lovely daughter, you would have been dead Hamilton.” Your father said in anger. George and Martha just looked extremely annoyed, obviously regretting inviting the rivaling families. Philip was still blushing just as much as you were, stealing glances at you any second he could, you attempting to do the same.

You broke the silence at your table by speaking to Philip once again. “S-sorry about my father.” You frowned as the two fathers began to argue again.

“It is fine. As you are not your father. Whaddya say when we get done we both go to my place and strip down to our socks.” He smirked. Eliza immediately smacked the back of his head. He let out a slight groan, which turned into a laugh.

You laughed slightly. “Now Now Philip. I just began speaking to you. Courting me is truly the first step.” You attempt to flirt back. His eyes widen and he smirks. 

“Allow me to court you then.” Philip said back, a bit too loud. Everyone turned around, your father and Alexander’s face in complete and utter horror. Eliza was simply smiling and Philip looked extremely hopeful.

“Okay.”You smiled. Philip smirked back as your fathers argued about how good their children were going to be in the new relationship between you and Philip.

“O-okay…” He smiled, not knowing what to say.

“Oh just kiss her already!” Eliza said.

And he did just that.


The Song Is You (Chapter One)

Summary: A summer road trip with your best friend lends its way to some revelations. 

Author’s Note: This has been a long time coming, you guys!! You’ve probably been hearing Esme and I talk about our fic collab for a while now. We’re very excited to finally begin releasing this special piece to the public! All we can say now is that you will finally understand all the Monster Mash and “rick rolling” jokes you’ve heard in the last weeks. 

*** If you wanted to listen to the road trip playlist that is mentioned in this chapter, please click here!! 

Words: 4,481 

Warnings: an extremely cheesy mixtape, lame jokes, Lin showing off (so, nothing?) 

Without any further ado, welcome to the world Esme and I have so lovingly crafted for you! 

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Sleep in my sweater P6

Part One Here
Part Two Here
Part Three Here
Part Four Here
Part Five Here

Pairing: Sam x reader 
Characters: Sam, Dean, nurses, reader
Warnings: light swearing, angst, fluff, hurt!sam, hurt!reader, 
Word count: around 1,500
Summary: The reader and Sam are both taken to the hospital, and when Sam finally wakes up confessions are made 
Tag list: @amanda-teaches @myplaceofthingsilove@spectaculicious@bambinovak @bambinovak @writingthingsisdifficult@padackles2010@mamaredd123​​ @milkymilky-cocopuff@iwantthedean@zeppo-in-a-trenchcoat@spntrista​​ @d-s-winchester@just-another-busy-fangirl@winchesterprincessbride@waywardjoy@supernaturalyobsessed@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname@sandlee44@fangirl1802@kittenofdoomage​​​ @evyiione @winchestersmut@purgatoan​ ​ @mogaruke​​ @therewillbeblood@megansescape@taste-of-dean@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid  @scarlet-soldier-in-an-impala@deathtonormalcy56@wildfirewinchester @notnaturalanahi@jensen-jarpad@impalaimagining@fangirlextraordinaire @itseverythingilike@jesspfly@love-kittykat21@mysteriouslyme81 @mrswhozeewhatsis @aiaranradnay@supernatural-jackles@girl-next-door-writes@spnsasha@27bmm@spnfanficpond @amanda-teaches@myplaceofthingsilove@spectaculicious@bambinovak @writingthingsisdifficult@spn-imagines-to-feel@spn-ficfanatic@cleverdame @saxxxology @jensen-jarpad @keepcalmandcarryondean dancingpanda137

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy! Ps, I have a game in the town of Winchester tomorrow and I almost CRIED when I found out where it was

Masterlist Here!

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Hard Headed

Prompt: Imagine overworking your powers because you’re afraid of disappointing Charles, bu because of that, you collapse when working with him

Pairing: Charles x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, probably

Notes: Thank you to @marvel-imagines-marvel-fandoms for inspiring me and letting me use these! And not beta’d so if it sucks, that’s why. Thank you for reading!


Laying in the warm sun on an open patch of the garden, with your eyes closed, you let your mind drift. You didn’t think about all the assignments due by the end of the week, how you missed your family, how your powers were enough to make you a freak but not enough to do anything. Every other student at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters was amazing. Everyone had a special power or mutation that made them helpful, powerful…meaningful. And here you were, a simple telepath with weak electricity manipulation. You could barely guess the number someone was thinking when they asked you to nor could you barely get a spark going. Your powers were found out when a guy pushed you in a pool a year ago in your second year of college and the thrill jolted your powers, causing everyone in the pool to be electrocuted. They were okay but you weren’t–you’d never be the same after that moment. The juice wasn’t strong enough to hurt anyone badly, just enough to jounce them.

Being that you were a telepath, the head professor, Charles Xavier, took to training you. It was the most daunting task you’d ever faced. He was handsome, clever, incredibly gifted and intelligent, and you were somehow supposed to focus on your weak powers around him. Charles had discovered that your telepath powers came at a much younger age but you didn’t realize it. All this time you thought knowing the things you did were commonplace. You always knew what you were getting for Christmas or for your birthday or what really happened to that pet goldfish of yours. You thought you just had an uncanny ability to tell when people were lying, but the actuality of it was you could some how feel the truth in their thoughts.

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Method Actor - Anthony Ramos x Reader

Summary: On the stage of 21 Chump Street, the reader is playing Naomi Rodriguez opposite a very talented Anthony Ramos. He seems to have feelings for her, but she fears that this is only acting. 

Warnings: Two or so curse words, but nothing other than that! 

Word Count: 1,433 (I cut down! Yay!)

A/N: Two fics in two days. I feel like I should apologize for being so over-excited! This burst of inspiration, combined with an added adoration for Anthony Ramos meant I couldn’t stop myself from writing this one. I hope you enjoy it! It’s got the same slight angst feel to it but I’m a sucker for a fluffy ending. Let me just add @alexanderhamllton because the poor girl has only gone and cursed herself for asking to be tagged in my pieces! Enjoy, and send in requests and prompts! I love those. 

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The problem is, the moment you met Anthony Ramos was the day your feet slipped from right under you. So this is what it meant to be swept off your feet. You hadn’t been hoping for much when you signed up to audition for 21 Chump Street, you really hadn’t. With such a strong, talented rising star writing the piece, Lin-Manuel Miranda had been (in your mind) taking a huge chance casting some new girl as Naomi Rodriguez. And yet, here you were, two days before the premiere at rehearsals and you couldn’t take your eyes off the curly-haired boy in front of you. You had gotten close, during the process of the musical, and you were happy to know such a sweet boy, but damn it, were you whipped, and fast.

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“so this is how liberty dies ... with aramis hanging from the ledge of a married woman’s window”

Summary: Truly, Constance thinks, it must be a unique sight: four idiots dangling out a bedroom window in Louis de Bourbon’s perfectly nice back garden, breaking the law. 

Treville’s going to kill them when he finds out.

THE TITLE IS THE BEST THING I’VE ACCOMPLISHED IN MY WHOLE CAREER SHOUTOUT TO @emilybrontay FOR HER HELP anyways this was done in an effort to feel creative whilst simultaneously writing a really dry essay on ethics. it’s definitely part of @hansolosbutt‘s modern detective (brooklyn nine nine) au. hopefully i’ve given enough context in the fic for it to actually make sense, but at this point, who KNOWS. reviews are love and sunshine and excellently placed star wars references. speaking of, it is universally acknowledged fact that modern au anne has watched pride and prejudice over 200 times and also wants to be padme amidala when she grows up.

Constance Baudin prides herself on being good at her job.

At least, that’s what she told Deputy Commissioner Richelieu in the aftermath of the attempted murder two weeks ago. The Deputy Commissioner had said, “I must confess I was shocked to hear the matter was dealt with so gracefully, Detective,” and Constance, who perhaps had been experiencing one of Aramis’s severe bouts of utter lack of self-preservation, had said, “I pride myself on being good at my job, sir,” in front of Captain Treville, the bloke from Major Crimes, and someone who she thinks might have been the DA’s assistant.

Thank God Richelieu has what Porthos calls a right perverted sense of humor under that mustache of his, else Constance might’ve lost her job right there for giving attitude to the Deputy Bloody Commissioner.

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‘People of the Week’ Winner Request #3



Loki Laufeyson x Reader
 I’m literally the definition of trash I’m truly sorry for  taking so long for barely sending u the request: ok so Loki x reader where ur  his personal servant everyday at noon u would go to the village near by n  secretly teach the kids to read n write one day Loki asked u were u would go  u didn’t want Loki finding out and might get u and the children in trouble so  u didn’t tell him anything. Each day Loki would ask u making u nervous that  he would maybe start following u, he asked u if u would go see a lover and u  just looked at him with out saying anything Loki took ur silence as a yes and  one day decided to follow u took ur luck he had caught u talking to Thor in a  market place (u n Thor were pretty good friends and he knew about u teaching  the kids) and Loki thought Thor was ur lover. Loki hated the idea of Thor  winning at everything and anyone and to him u were his servant u were to  serve him and nobody else and he was going to prove that to u. If u need more  detail just tell me will happy to help once again super sorry like I’m  terrible at having a solid schedule- @floating-balloon
Notes: This may be the longest thing I have ever written. Sorry it took so long I had real trouble getting started but I finally have it finished. The final winner’s request should be out at the weekend, and following that Part 2 to Somewhere Only We Know as well as Possibility. Once again sorry for my lack of stuff coming out, I’ve been finding it really hard to find the motivation to write. Hopefully I’m out of that slump now. Anyway enjoy!

As you hurried through the cobbled streets of Asgard you stuffed a worn leather book into the inseam of your faded green shawl. Flickering your E/C eyes around the crowded streets you searched for any sign of the raven-haired prince, heading back towards the palace you kept your eyes to the ground and your shawl wrapped tightly around your small frame. The reason for your wariness may seem slightly melodramatic to an outsider, however your master did carry a certain reputation, one for being highly strung and easily provoked. This meant that keeping a secret from him carried it’s own set of risks, and even though yours held no significant importance you worried that his knowing of your actions could endanger both you and the ones you helped.

 The thing was that everyday, at precisely noon, you had ventured down to a local village, there you would help the local children learn the basics of reading and writing, as well as telling them great stories of your lands noble history. You had started this daily practice after a trip down to the market, in search of goods for the palace, when you overheard a conversation between a shopkeep and one of the locals. Apparently the school building had been destroyed during the most recent bout of attacks, leaving the children with no place to go, and cutting their education short. Of course you being you felt a great sorrow at these children’s predicament and vowed to do whatever you could to help.

 Reaching the gates of the palace you were quickly allowed in, rushing back to the small quarters you were granted to deposit your things before returning back to work. Laying your shawl neatly on the bed you turned to leave. But before you could exit the small room a green swirl of smoke blocked your path, leaving in its wake your master. “Sir.” You mumbled, bowing you head slightly. “I’ve already told you to call me Loki, are the formalities really so necessary?” He quipped, quirking an eyebrow at you. “Sorry sir… Loki.” You said with a small smile gracing your lips. Though the man intimidated you like nothing else, you still saw a softer side of him, even though many others didn’t. You could even say you’d developed certain affections for the Trickster God, not that it was at all appropriate, what with him being your master and a prince, and you a mere servant. Yet that didn’t stop your heart from fluttering when he smiled at you, and a rosy blush colouring your cheeks whenever he was in too close a proximity. “Where have you been for the last… hour?” Loki asked you, a slight clench in his jaw. “Nowhere…” You stuttered, fiddling with the hem of your dress. “I see… I’ve never been to nowhere, is it as delightful as it sounds?” He drawled, looking at you with an expression full of contempt. “Quite. “You mumbled, furrowing your brow as you manoeuvred around him, heading back to work.

 You and Loki had always had a weird relationship, what with him taking a particular interest in your personal affairs, and you not hesitating to call him out on some of his more neurotic behaviours. Most said they’d never seen someone speak to the younger prince in such a way, with most of his previous servants being dismissed after similar fo-pars. After your run in with the dark-haired god you quickly went back to work, cleaning the princes’ quarters as well as the dining hall. As you sat on the large dining hall floor, using certain magic’s to clean the mud-covered stone a pair of heavy footsteps caused your head to whip up to the doorway. “Lady Y/N!” Thor’s booming voice rang out. “Thor!” You grinned, standing up to greet him. “How was your trip to Midgard? How was Lady Jane?” You asked, a smile wide on your face. “Everything was as I left it Lady Y/N.” He nodded. “I told you to stop with the Lady’s Thor, for I am no Lady.” You said with a small quirk in your lips. “Nonsense, you are far more a Lady than many of those who carry such a title.” Thor boomed, bowing his head slightly. “I should go and reconvene with my Father, It was a pleasure to hold your company.” Thor said, kissing your hand before leaving the grand room.

 You and Thor had met one afternoon whilst out in the village. He’d found you teaching the children and after learning of your service in the palace agreed to keep it between the two of you. In thanks you had been assisting him with his courtship of his Lady Jane, helping him choose gifts for her as well as teaching him of Midgardian customs. Through this the two of you had struck up an unlikely friendship, one that had seemed to stand the test of time.

 The days following your interaction with Loki, he asked everyday where you went during your hour away, causing you to become more and more nervous about your little secret. You began to worry that he would try and follow you, meaning you started taking more complicated routes down to the village, hoping to lose anyone that may have been on your tail. However it did mean you ended up walking straight through the busy market almost everyday. After a couple of weeks Loki’s persistent asking you had still managed to keep strong, telling him you went nowhere of importance. One day, out of the blue, Loki arrived at your chambers before you parted for your journey. “Loki.” You sighed, trying to manoeuvre your way around him. “Is it a lover that you go to meet everyday?” He growls, appearing suddenly in front of your face. His anger causing you to stand there in silence, not knowing how to proceed. “It would make sense, you always return with a smile on your face and it would explain your secretive attitude about the whole affair.” He spat. Huffing you just moved your way around him and carried on down to the village.

 ‘Why would he care anyway?’ You asked yourself, ‘I’m just the help, no one of importance.’ You huffed, strolling into the busy market. “Lady Y/N!” Thor’s booming voice called you over from a nearby seller. “Thor.” You smiled, moving to his side. “I need your assistance.” The blonde prince huffed, brow furrowing, coaxing a giggle from between your lips. “Come on then.” You smiled, grabbing his hand and pulling him along to different vendors.

 3rd Person POV

 Loki had decided to follow Y/N down away from the palace. For some reason the thought that she could be meeting a suitor tore at his chest, leaving an unsettling feeling in his stomach. Loki had never felt this way about anyone before, never had a need to protect someone and keep them safe from harm. Yet she was different. The way her H/C swirled around the S/C skin of her face and neck, the way her E/C sparkled whenever she laughed or smiled, the little things were what seemed to gravitate Loki towards her, and he just couldn’t pull away.  Following her small frame through the crowded streets he watched her as she ducked and dived through the rowdy crowd, barely registering a second notice to many of the passer byes. Despite Loki’s glamour to look like an unimportant local, he stayed hidden in the shadows, skulking along hot on her trail. Suddenly a familiar voice calling Y/N’s name sent Loki’s eyes wide and caused his fists to clench. Watching her stand by his brother’s side with such a gleeful look on her face made Loki’s face contort with anger and as she took his hand he felt his stomach drop. How come his brute of a brother got everything? The power, the praise and now the girl. The only girl Loki had ever felt any sort of fondness towards, the only girl Loki could see himself actually falling for. Hell he probably already had. Turning his back on the pair Loki stormed back to the palace in a blind rage, ready to take his anger out on anyone who dared confront him.

 Y/N’s POV

 After helping Thor you had a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach that you just could not shake. You went and taught the children as usual, cutting your session short due to your little rendezvous with Thor. Heading back up to the golden palace you noticed the subtle glances the guards gave one another as you entered. Heading to your quarters you immediately noticed the lean form of Loki sat on your small bed. “Loki, what are you doing in here?” You asked, slightly puzzled by his appearance. “So it’s Thor then? That you go and see everyday? It’s my brother that you pine over like a puppy, it’s pathetic.” He spat, leaning above you as his words sliced you like a blade. Standing up to him you shoved him in the chest, causing him to falter slightly. “I do not pine after any man, and not that it is any of your business, but if I did it would certainly not be after Thor.” You growled, face thunderous, “And I am certainly not pathetic, however it is nice to know your opinion of me.” You said, jabbing him in the chest. As you whirled around, ready to storm away from the dark-haired prince, a hand darted out, holding onto to your elbow. Before you could even get another word out Loki had spun you around, engulfing you in his arms. “You serve me, and no one else.” He murmured before crashing his lips against yours. “Always.” You murmured against his lips before wrapping your arms around his neck. “Jealousy is not a nice colour on you.” You smirked, leaning your forehead against his. “You need to learn to keep that pretty little mouth closed.” He chuckled, kissing you again, this time with a more gentle touch.

Two Men, Three Angels, and a Baby, part 3

It’s finally here!

Part 2

Tagging: @sumara62 @evyiione


After an hour or so, Sam found nothing helpful. He decided to switch tactics—instead of looking up spells to change you back to an adult, he looked up how to care for a baby.

‘Tackle the bigger problem first,’ Sam reasoned. ‘It’s not going to be easy to find the cure, but I can’t ignore the fact that Y/N needs to be taken care of as is.’

You behaved, for the most part, sitting in your playpen and watching cartoons. But even as an adult, you’d never really liked sitting still for too long. After a couple of hours, you grew bored.


Sam turned, finding you staring at him. “What’s wrong?”

“Ah!” You held your arms up.

“You want out?” Sam stood and stepped to the playpen. He carefully lifted you into his arms, immediately feeling you curl into him.

“You find anything?” Dean asked, walking into the living room at that moment.

“Nothing about changing her back. But I think I know enough to keep her alive like this.” Sam noticed you sucking on your fingers. It had been a few hours since you’d eaten, and it was getting late. He wondered if you would take a bottle. “Did you find anything?”

“Not pertaining to the case. But I did accidentally stumble into a really weird section of the internet.”

Sam looked over at his brother, who did appear to be a little shell-shocked.

“Whatever you do,” Dean warned. “Don’t search ‘adult turned into baby’.”


Once Sam had warmed up the bottle for you, he took you back to his bedroom. He sat on the corner of his bed and carefully cradled you in one arm.

“Come on,” he said, holding the bottle to your lips. “It’s good, I promise.”

You looked doubtful but your lips still closed around the rubber nipple. Sam watched as you drank, slowly suckling. You didn’t seem to mind it too much.

You fell asleep before finishing the bottle, but Sam didn’t want to wake you. He carefully set you down on the mattress and changed your diaper before settling you in the crib. Upon examination of the crib, he realized something was missing. He quickly stepped into the living room and grabbed the stuffed fox from the playpen. He nestled it into the corner of the crib, close enough you could find it, but far enough away from you that it wouldn’t topple over and smother you.

‘God, I’m like a mother hen,’ he thought as he stared down at you, watching your chest rise and fall.

Sam was no stranger to stress. He’d gone to college, he’d lost multiple family members over the years, he’d come across hundreds of difficult cases, but this… this was the most stressful thing he’d ever come across. What would happen if he couldn’t take care of you correctly? What if he did something wrong?

‘Please don’t hate me,’ he thought as he watched you sleep. ‘Please know that this is a learning experience for you and me both.’


Sam barely slept that night, worried that you would become a victim of SIDS. But when he did finally get up at seven the next morning, you were still breathing rhythmically. Sam quickly jumped in the shower, knowing that he would barely have a moment to himself once you woke up.

When he stepped from the bathroom he found you staring up at him. “Good morning, Y/N,” Sam said, hearing his voice raise in that annoying manner that adults had when talking to babies.


Sam pulled some clothes on before lifting you from the crib. He stripped you from your pajamas and changed your diaper before dressing you in a onesie that was covered in ducklings. He smoothed your hair down with his hand as he carried you to the kitchen. He sat you in the plastic chair and grabbed the box of Cheerios from the counter, pouring a handful onto the tray.

Despite himself, Sam smiled as he watched you carefully pick one of the circles up and stick it in your mouth.

Dean walked in as Sam placed some cut-up banana on the tray. “Well, I see it wasn’t a twenty-four-hour thing.”

“If it is, we’ve still got a few hours.”


Sam watched as you squished your fingers into the fruit, making a squeal of delight.

“Y/N, why are you making a mess?”


Dean had a small smirk on his face as he shook his head. “I don’t envy you in the slightest, bro.”


It was not a twenty-four-hour bug.

It was not a forty-eight-hour bug.

It was not a seventy-two-hour bug.

Three weeks later, you were still a baby. And as strange as it was, Sam was actually… slightly comfortable with you in baby form. He found it easier to cuddle you, easier to talk to you, easier to care for you.

One day, Dean walked in. “Got a hit on a witch case out in Colorado.”

“You think it’s the same witch who did this to Y/N?”

“Hard to say. But this is the first witch to poke her head out of the sand since.”

Sam nodded. “So… now what?”

“Now we pack our bags and head out.”

“But we can’t take Y/N with us!”

“Sammy, I need you on this.”

Sam shifted slightly. “I think I know where I can find some babysitters.”

And so, an hour later, Sam handed you off to Cas.

“Call me if anything happens,” Sam said. “Her formula is in the kitchen, all of her clothes are in the bedroom, extra diapers are under the bed…”

“We’ll be fine, Sam,” the angel promised. “Y/N will be perfectly safe.”

“No harm will come to the little munchkin,” Gabriel promised.

“You have our word,” Lucifer agreed.

Sam nodded. “Right.” He bent down in front of you. “I’ll be home soon, Y/N. You behave for Cas and Gabriel and Lucifer, okay?”


Sam kissed your head. “Good girl.”


A few hours later, Sam called to check in.

“Everything’s fine, Sammy boy,” Gabriel promised.

“What’s she doing?”

“She’s playing with Lucifer.”

At that moment, you let out a shriek of delight as your block tower came crashing down.

“What was that?” Sam asked.

“Sam, it’s fine.”

“Let me talk to Cas.”

Gabriel rolled his eyes but handed the phone over.

“Sam,” the youngest angel said.

“What’s Y/N doing?”

“Lucifer’s helping her build and knock over block towers. She’s very enamored by the destruction.”

Sam let out a sigh of relief. “Let me talk to her.”

“She is an infant. She cannot speak.”

“Just… put the phone down by her.”

Cas was confused, but he held the phone down to you. “Y/N, it’s Sam.”


“Hi, Y/N,” Sam said on the other end of the line. “I miss you.”


“You behave, okay? I’ll be home soon.”


The three angels stared at each other; you’d just said your first word.

Sam chuckled on the other end. “Bye, Y/N.”

Ball Game

Requested by: Anonymous
(Here [and here] are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Sam
Word Count: 951
Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I don’t know how well I write Sam, but I hope it’s okay!

“I think that’s Captain America!” your friend, Katie, squeals in your ear, tearing your attention away from the baseball game you were enthralled in,

“No it’s not,” you roll your eyes after peering at the guy sitting two seats away from you, “It’s just a hot guy in a cap,”

“No, I’m telling you!” she whispers,

“You think every good looking blonde guy is Captain America,” you dismiss, shaking your head at her before returning your attention to the game.

You’d been trying to convince everyone and anyone you know to come to a baseball with you for weeks now. You’d only been able to drag Katie along with a promise of unlimited hotdogs, beer, and a stadium full of guys. She was hardly paying attention to the field, but your eyes were glued on it.

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