we day 13

the year is 2018. someone, probably a new homestuck lured in from hiveswap, decides to see what happened last 6/12 after just discovering it was a thing to be celebrated. they see that one post that’s a 6/12 timeline and think, wait, 2017 isn’t on here. why? little did they know, we don’t talk about 2017’s 6/12. it’s a shameful thing to even think about. they discover that all memories of 6/12/17 have been deleted, except one post simply titled “your ad here: $700.20”.

Things we have seen Cas wear:

  • the Greater Trenchcoat
  • the Lesser Trenchcoat
  • classic dress shirt, slacks, and tie
  • a robe 
  • a hoodie
  • sales associate vest
  • white boxers + nothing else

Things I still need to see Cas wear:

  • the Greater Trenchcoat again 
  • a leather jacket
  • leather pants 
  • skinny jeans
  • a plaid hunter’s shirt
  • one of Dean’s t-shirts
  • a waistcoat 
  • sunglasses
  • soft pajamas
  • eyeliner
  • a fuzzy, oversized sweater
  • literally nothing

Jesus Christ - Trump’s “How would they know that? Were they there?” - that’s the reasoning of someone who can’t fathom the world existing without them, and also a symptom of the traditional fascist refusal of study and research. 

There are days when what scares me the most is that it’s not clear how far we can go with this - every day Trump does at least one thing (and often two, or three, or four) that’s completely, completely unacceptable, and yet before we can focus on it and get properly outraged because yes, it was immoral or racist or illegal  (or all three), he goes and does something worse, so the bar of what we tolerate gets higher and higher and seriously - what’s the limit here? What are Republicans and Trump supporters waiting for? When Trump destroys Seoul because he’s bored, because he’s an idiot or because he think it′ll get people to shut the hell up about Confederate statues - will that be the final straw? Or will it be explained away like everything else? 

(Like - think about the person you were back in January 2016, not even two years ago!, before the presidential campaign even began - think about how used we’ve already become to politics being done this way, because this is how bad things and bad times start - with accepting stuff and getting used to it. I could never properly understand how quickly millions of people got talked into accepting Mussolini’s antisemitic laws, to be honest, but now I’m starting to get it.)

one big homestuck family

wanna chat? pt.23

on ao3
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i wrote this because being on tumblr and seeing posts about taz hurt my heart. i was going to make this silly and meme-y, but honestly? i wasn’t feeling it. ive been having a Weird Time, and having something so important to me end earlier the day i started this didn’t help.

and then today happened and just………i am So Tired

we’ll get back to the goofs next time, but i tried to make the end of this chapter a bit lighter? yeah i failed (multivitamin = adrien, mystic dragon = nino, monster alarm = alya, elfen whatever the heck = mari)

hail and well met all. i hope you enjoy

3:21 in orange wake up mari!!!

multivitamin: Do you ever stare at the ceiling and think about the future
And realize you have literally just
No clue what you’re doing
And you don’t know if you’ll be happy
Or successful
And you’re just looking at the ceiling
And debating your entire life
And looking at all these choices you have to make and paths you have to choose
And what you HAVE chosen so far and how it’s shaped your life
And how everything could be different if you had just changed
That one thing
But you didn’t
And now you’re here
Staring at the ceiling

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Bering & Wells: Split Screen #53

we described this ota as feeling like we were waiting for our friends to like get back from the bathroom or something because it was such a small group with just bry kt and i. it was just like “where is everyone” “this Is everyone”

also not to be gay but p sure this was literally the first con ive gone to without ollie since we started going to cons 7 years ago

People seem to forget that Gon and Killua were 13-14 of age at the time and can be considered the worst age to be at in your life and while saving the world from worst case scenario fast mutating furries you’d think people would give these kids a break about being “problematic”.

they did it, they’re free :’)

happy late 4/13, thanks for the lovely hectic tearjerking memorable sporadicly updating comic hussie