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Skeletons and Other Relics: On a quiet afternoon, I spent a few relaxing hours, browsing through the old, unwanted, forgotten books that populate our shelves. (Note to perspective customers: We have nothing you would want to buy. Please stay away.)

The volume you see here is one such book. It was published in 1875, and contains poetry by Dickens, Coleridge, Tennyson, Procter, Keats, and a host of others. There is also exactly one poem by an anonymous author.

The poem is reproduced in its entirety, below:

Lines on a Skeleton

Behold this ruin! ‘Twas a skull
Once of ethereal spirit full.
This narrow cell was Life’s retreat,
This space was Thought’s mysterious seat.
What beauteous visions filled this spot,
What dreams of pleasure long forgot,
Nor hope, nor joy, nor love, nor feat,
Have left one trace of record here.

Beneath this mouldering canopy
Once shone the bright and busy eye,
But start not at the dismal void, –
If social love that eye employed,
If with no lawless fire it gleamed,
But through the dews of kindness beamed,
That eye shall be forever bright
When stars and sun are sunk in night.

Within this hollow cavern hung
The ready, swift, and tuneful tongue;
If Falsehood’s honey it disdained,
And when it could not praise was chained;
If bold in Virtue’s cause it spoke,
Yet gentle concord never broke, –
This silent tongue shall plead for thee
When Time unveils Eternity!

Say, did these fingers delve the mine?
Or with the envied rubies shine?
To hew the rock or wear a gem
Can little now avail to them.
But if the page of Truth they sought,
Or comfort to the mourner brought,
These hands a richer meed shall claim
Than all that wait on Wealth and Fame.

Avails it whether bare or shod
These feet the paths of duty trod?
If from the bowers of Ease they fled,
To seek Affliction’s humble shed;
If Grandeur’s guilty bribe they spurned,
And home to Virtue’s cot returned, –
These feet with angel wings shall vie,
And treat the palace of the sky!

     – Anonymous

Perhaps it is fitting that the unknown author of this poem is now a skeleton.

talesfromcallcenters: Don't text&call

So, I was working in a call center until last year as a student job, we did credit card processing. One of the cards we did customer service for was branded by a well-known German automotive club and was mainly used by longtime members of that club. As it is with those clubs, most members were older gentlemen that made a point of being polite (or whatever they thought that meant) and liked to do a bit of smalltalk during the call. Our guidelines for call times and such weren’t very strict, so I usually could chat with them a bit and still meet the requirements.

Well, one time one of them went on a monologue about his last holiday (or something along that lines) and I wasn’t really paying attention because I was looking at my phone to read a message my friend sent me (yeah, I know). I answered the text, muttered some filler words to the guy during his speech and then wanted to finish up the call because the lines were filling and other callers were starting to wait.

So, with my mind appearently still in phone-mode, what did the ~70 y/o gentleman hear from his credit card company after he inquired about his credit limit and talked about how he wanted to go on holiday with it?

“Okay, cool bro!”

Well, a German version of that, obviously, but translated quite closely. Yeah, he hung up quickly after that.

By: Chiefson_McChief

Hi! I’d like to introduce myself, I’m @nightmares06, I have a full time job and (1), that’s right, just (1) hour of free time to myself at night to answer the guesses and work on the blog, which I often do instead of playing video games or reading a book, other ways of destressing after a long day of demanding bosses and customers.

So. We will update everything.

It will happen in its own time.

Until then, feel free to search under #guess to see what we’ve had come in so far, pay attention to the #announcement posts, and I have to power my computer down because a thunderstorm arrived halfway through writing this!

@neonthewrite chiming in because this ask made me go “wow” out loud when I saw it.

You really need to update your attitude, anon, because this level of entitlement doesn’t hold well against a blog that is active daily with free content put there for your enjoyment already.

I understand that a text-based system makes it hard to get emphasis across, but honestly, most of us have grown up on the internet and we all know there are nice ways to ask what you just asked. Keep that in mind next time you want to demand that we “scroll around a ton of posts” and put something together for you so you don’t have to.


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We don’t just manufacture some of the finest barrels made in the USA. We are shooters, gunsmiths and most importantly we train hard. We put our barrels to the test because we want our customers to have the utmost confidence in our products. Here is our 10.5" upper being ran hard at our friends @menocal_international_training most recent Vehicle Combatives (Pistol & Rifle) course. Our homeboy from @Veritas_Tactical was also on the scene slinging lead right next to us. #MakingBarrelsGreatAgain

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humans, as a species, need to make better use of the fact that we can custom order t-shirts with whatever we want on them

This isn’t a story about a client from hell, but I know for a fact that it is advice that comes from dealing with them.

When I was studying 3D animation and visualization, we did customer projects as a part of our education. For each project we had a tutor, someone who worked in the industry and knew the ropes. This is legitimately one of the lessons one of our tutors gave us:

Tutor: In our company, we have what we call an “Ugly Red Blob” method. When a design has been finalized, and it’s time to send it to the client for final review, the last thing we do is we add a big, red blob somewhere in the design. The client will look at the mock-up and say: “Okay, that’s good, but take out that red blob, it doesn’t work with the rest.” The client gets a feeling that they’ve contributed to the design in a significant way, and we can get on with our work, without the client trying to micro-manage every font and color.



Finally the drawing prototypes for the Tale!Sans and Fell!Sans cosplay heads are here!!!! VERY special thank you to @mnstrcndy for working with us on the Underfell Sans! We love you!!
Keep in mind that Underfell Sans is also a Work In Progress and this is not quite the 100% finalized product but just to show you what we generally have planned for him! This is just MC’s wonderful illustration before we go ahead and draw/measure it out ourselves. [Vince will be finishing the finalized drawing sometime later tonight for posting (Timezone: EST)]

Once Fell Sans is finalized we will be picking up supplies and Vince will begin the process of creating and carving Tale!Sans out of pink insulation foamboard and eventually resin casting. Fell!Sans will be built off Tale!Sans in the process. Don’t worry, there WILL be progress pictures!

Swap!Sans design already exists and will be smoothed out a bit in preparation for casting:

As you can see the differences between Swap!Sans and Tale/Fell!Sans are quite different and more “mature” looking.

The list is still open if you are interested in contacting me for one of these three heads at a base price of $250 USD + SHIPPING! You can ALWAYS message me for any questions or details!

I will tonight be making a separate page on my blog for a name-placement queue of who’s heads are being made first. This all depends on how fast you plan to pay.
Oh, the things I can’t say to you because I’m your superior…
—  Ravenclaw, barely holding back from reaming a coworker.

I noticed that not only do an Altean’s markings glow when they feel sad, but their eye color changes. I mean, in this scene where Allura was about to kill destroy the Ai of her dad, her markings were literally glowing and her eyes turned blue

I’m not sure what exactly triggers the glowy markings and changing eye color (maybe it can even change color??) but I think it’s strong emotion towards something or someone. So does this mean we’ll get to see more canonically glowing Alteans in the next season? Bc if so, sign me the fuck up

A man enters an office supply store. He was a mere mortal seconds before, but as he passes through the door he becomes a customer. His superior gaze drifts across his domain and settles on the cashier. 

“Do you sell stamps?” he asks.

“Yes,” I say,” However-”

“I want one.”

However, we sell them only in sets of ten.”

“But I want one.”

“I’m sorry, Sir, but I can’t sell you a single stamp.”

“Can’t you just…” He (skillfully) mimicks the act of ripping apart paper. 

Clearly, I have never thought of this. My simple mind grapples with the idea. I realize I am dealing with a genius, and yet, I regretfully inform him, “Sorry. They come on stickersheets, and anyways, the barcode–”

“Well that’s just rubbish,” he informs me. He is right. I realize this now. His genius ignites a spark within me. 

“You are right,” I tell him as I take fifteen sheets of stamps into my hands and begin to tear them apart. I type 0,019 stamps and press a non-existent key on the register. I hold out a quarter of a stamp to the customer (with a smile), but he shakes his head (without a smile). I rip apart all the stamps I can find, desperate to please him, for he has gifted this humble store with his presence. From the pieces, I begin to assemble a perfect, custom-made stamp. It is worth exactly 66,66€. I single-handedly reprogramme not only my cash desk, but the entire system. It can now scan any stamp in (or out of) existence. It is raining stamps. I am smiling.

Two hours later, it is done. Beaming, and covered in the torn remains of hundreds of unfortunate stamps, I hold the perfect stamp out to The Customer. He accepts it. I rejoice. It might just be my high fever and blurry gaze, but I think the right corner of his mouth moved upwards for exactly half a second. I am blessed. 

He licks the stamp and slaps it onto a letter. He wants to lend a pen. I lend him a pen. When he is done, he holds the letter out to me expectantly. He does not say a word, my silent angel, but I can tell what he wants. Thus is our connection. There is nothing, I assure you, nothing I would have rather done than to accept his letter, on my knees, with tears of gratitude streaming down my cheeks… But alas: 

“I want to send the letter,” my dear customer finally says, after the silence has stretched into infinity and back.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Sir,” I say with a polite smile, brushing stamps off my shoulders, “We don’t accept mail. We only sell stamps.” 

After all, you can’t make exceptions to a well-established rule in the workplace. 

The customer doesn’t bat an eyelash. “That’s okay,” he says with a disarming smile. “I wouldn’t ask the impossible of you.” 

As he turns to walk away, a single tear rolls down my cheek. I wipe it off with a stamp that wears his majestic face, hand-stitched by me. 

I don’t tell him there’s a mailbox around the corner.

(That’s not my job.) 

Base game glasses adult to toddler conversion

  • 9 ea swatches
  • Base game compatible woop woop :D
  • toddlers only
  • no custom thumbnail 

please contact me if you have any issues!

TOU: recolor allowed just DONT include mesh, do NOT reupload, do NOT upload to paysites, do NOT claim as yours.

Download: SFS

use #kittyysimblr or @/kittyysimblr if you use or recolor i would love to see! Enjoy! :D