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Ushishira week Day 4: AUs / Culture festival

Okay so, i was out of ideas for this prompt and i was playing Persona 4 Dancing all night (a rhythm game) and then i thought,’’HQ and P4D OMG THIS IS IT!!’ and…tada?

Where instead of volleyball they compete against others schools with the power of, DANCE! (ノ ̄ω ̄)ノ♪♬


This is what happens when you and your friends are Pharmercy skanks and the opponents you run into play along as well. 
Best listened with audio on to hear how squeeful @kazenorayne got. She’s the one who triggered the whole Pharmercy madness by attempting to flirt with the first Pharah she saw.
 tldr: Hi Pharah❤ go away Genji.

The ladies of S.H.I.E.L.D. and FitzSimmons! (…And Spider-Man.)

Me as Jemma, @daisy-in-the-skye as Daisy, @bribuzzz as Bobbi, & @gabitachiquita as Spider-Man.

Sometimes I really feel like people forget that doctor are other people and not medical machinery.
Yes because of hours and how much attention is demanded from us but, as I learned today, the we as medical folk must be complete and totally immune to any form of human ailment, solid liquid and everything in between. But that’s just not true. We just learn to deal with it to do what we need to do.
What I’m really trying to say is today a lady brought in a jar of her own diarrhea, unprompted.
No one had asked her nor had she asked anyone of this was a good idea.
And I had to act like it okay.
It was not.

Maybe I need to work on my gross out level.
But I feel like I wasn’t wrong today.
Please tell me I’m not being melodramatic about it.

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My friend is a total computer wiz and he got suspended for breaking the firewall on the school computers. He wanted to give his gf presents on valentines day tho so he legit just regularly showed up to school and stayed on the down low till he gave them to her and he just fuckin left and it was hilarious cause so many teachers were whispering "isnt he suspended?should we call Officer S?". I might've submitted this already but we couldn't stop laughing so I had to.

Call Officer S

@ all the people who don’t stop when they see someone who JUST had a wreck with no police or ambulance there yet: fuck you for not stopping bc we where going down the highway and some girl spun off the road we jumped out and saved her, if she was in there for any longer she would have burned bc of the gasses let out by the air bag. Do fuck all of y'all who could have gotten out to help but DIDNT

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Leave my boyfriend to get sleep last night cus he has an exam but we literally couldn't stop making out with each other. In the end I got up and could feel him staring at my arse as I left then he grabs me around the waist with one hand and moves my hair out the way with the other so he can start kissing and biting my neck, my knees started to buckle so I leant on the wall in front when he spins me around and kisses me against the wall, I drop my coat, shove him against the door kiss then leave

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One night my boyfriend and I were at a friend's house with a group of friends, watching movies.We were under a blanket, he was behind me when he started touching my ass, rubbing my nipples and fingering me. I was so wet and turned on ! We ended up going to another room,locked the door and he took my clothes off, pushed me down and ate me out so good I couldn't stop moaning. I gave him head and the heat didn't go down from here ;).When we got back I couldn't stop giggling,evrybody guessed