we could've had it all :(

au where Leo isn’t a complete immature asshole and actually develops a really close relationship with Frank that mostly involves Frank talking him out of really stupid ideas and the two of them hang out with Hazel and they’re her boys and she tells them stories of Sammy and these characters actually get the attention they fucking deserve 


why was this even deleted

no matter how long we are parted for.. I will always be waiting for the one day I get to be in your arms again.

People always write about being heartbroken, they always talk about their own heartbreak. But we never hear from the heartbreakers. The ones who left, the ones who broke someone’s heart. Honestly, we look at heartbreakers like some sort of monster, the people who have not returned love, we villainies them. But some of them, some not all, hurt almost as much as the person they broke. Probably for a different reason, but hurt all the same.
—  Continued (via young-wildandfresh)

The reminiscence of how we used to be together will never be forgotten, neither will the memory of how you treated me when it was over.