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Peter Tutoring You

“Y/N, can I talk to you for a minute?” Y/N’s chemistry teacher, Mrs. Smith asked as she walked past her desk on the way to the hallway.

“Um, yea sure,” Y/N replied, turning around to stand in front of Mrs. Smiths desk.

Mrs. Smith stood up from her chair as Y/N glanced over at Peter Parker, engaged in a conversation with his best friend, Ned. They were last to leave the room, closing the door softly behind them.

“Y/N, you do realize you are in danger of failing this class?” Mrs. Smith asked, sternly.

Y/N looked over at her, trying to act surprised. She had known for weeks that she probably wasn’t going to pass the class. Now reality was setting in.  “Really?” Y/N lied, trying her best to sound convincing.

“You need to pass this next test if you want to move onto the next chemistry class,” the chemistry teacher explained.

Y/N nodded, frantically trying to think of how she was going to tell her parents that she had to repeat chemistry. Y/N could already see it now. They would be furious. She would probably be grounded until she was twenty five.

“Peter Parker has agreed to tutor you,” Mrs. Smith said.

“W-What? Seriously?” she asked, surprised laced in her voice. She didn’t want a tutor! She was perfectly capable of studying on her own. She just had to try a bit harder.

Peter and Y/N had never really interacted before and the fact that he had agreed to tutor her was surprising. He was kinda cute though so that helped.

“Yes. He said that he would talk to you and the two of you can meet twice a week for an hour to review what we have been covering in class.”

Y/N nodded her head, brushing her hair out of her face. Thanking the teacher, she walked out of the classroom and towards the cafeteria. The hallways were quiet since her classmates were either in class or at lunch.

When she stepped into the cafeteria the smell of food, invaded her nose. Glancing over at her friends sitting at their normal table, she motioned that she would join them in a moment. Y/N’s eyes scanned the cafeteria, coming to a stop on a table in the back that was only sitting three people.

Peter and his best friend Ned were engaged in conversation when Y/N sat down opposite Peter. They both stopped talking and Ned looked over at her confused. Peter smiled as he took a bite of his sandwich.

“Mrs. Smith talked to me,” Y/N began. “And told me that you agreed to tutor me.”

“Yea. Yea, i hope that’s ok,” Peter replied.

“It’s totally fine. Maybe we could meet Monday and Wednesdays after school? In the library? Or if you have another suggestion,” Y/N offered.

“The library will work,” Peter said.

“Great! So I’ll see you tomorrow in the library!” Y/N waved as she walked towards her friends.

“Dude! How did you get to tutor her?” Ned asked, surprised.

“Mrs. Smith asked me if I would tutor a student but she didn’t say it would be her,” Peter said.

“Lucky you!”


Y/N walked into the library surprised at the amount of people milling around. She spotted an isolated table in the back and walked over, pulling a chair out and sitting down.

She scrolled through her phone, catching up on the latest news involving Spiderman. The other night he had stopped a group of bank robbers but nothing serious had happened since then. She knew that he was out there every evening because she and her friends always discussed where they saw him while trying to figure out who the mysterious masked hero was.

She peered up and saw Peter approaching. He smiled and sat down next to her, pulling out his chemistry book and notes.

“Reading anything interesting?” he asked, motioning towards her phone.

“Just looking to see if Spiderman did anything interesting last night.”

Peter coughed and began to fiddle with his pen. “Anything?”

Y/N shook her head, brushing her long hair over her shoulder. “Nope.”

“Are you ready to start?” Peter asked, abruptly changing the subject.

Y/N sighed before nodding. “Teach me what you know, Parker.”


It had been a month since Peter had begun to tutor Y/N. Y/N’s grade in chemistry had begun to slowly improve as had Y/Ns and Peters friendship. Though they had known of each other before the tutoring they had rarely talked and Y/N had started to fall for Peter. Something she thought would never happen.

“So what are going to review today?” Y/N asked as Peter sat down next to her.

He looked around the library and smiled. “Well I was actually thinking maybe we could take a day off…if you wanted to. Maybe we could hang out? Get some food.”

Y/N looked over at him surprised. “Peter Parker doesn’t want to study. I never thought I would see this day!” she joked.  

“I can have fun too you know!” he said.

“Let’s go then!”

Y/N grabbed her backpack and threw it onto her shoulder. She followed him out of the library and towards the front door. The hallways were quiet with a few students milling about, finishing their conversations before they left the building for the evening.

“So where are we going?” Y/N asked.

Peter smiled but didn’t say anything. They walked in a comfortable silence down the busy sidewalks finally coming to a stop in front of a deli.

“Are we eating here?” Y/N asked, confused.

“They have the best sandwiches in Queens,” Peter stated.

He grabbed her hand and pulled into the small shop. He greeted the man behind the counter and asked for his usual. The man asked Y/N if she wanted the same and she nodded. She reached into her backpack to pull out her wallet but Peter had beat her. He handed the money over as Y/N looked over at him. He smiled and handed her her sandwich before they left the store.

They walked a few a blocks before they turned down a side street that lead towards the water. Peter dropped his backpack and Y/N copied, sitting down next to him, their feet dangling over the ledge. The water splashed against the dock as Y/N glanced around. It was quiet here and she liked it. She was used to the busyness of the city but it was nice to get away from it for a bit.

“It’s nice here,” Y/N commented.

Peter nodded. “I like to come here. I’ve never bought anyone here before so consider yourself special,” he laughed.

Peter handed Y/N the sandwich and her mouth watered from just smelling it. She took a bite noting the tasted of ham and cheese along with some mayo and extra pickles. It was delicious. She made a mental note to go to that more often.

“You know you won’t need me to tutor you for much longer,” Peter said, through a mouthful of sandwich.

“I know. I’m going to miss hanging out with you,” Y/N said, glancing over at Peter.

His gaze stayed on the water as he took another bite of his sandwich. “I’m going to miss hanging out with you too.”

They sat in silence for a few minutes finishing their sandwiches. When they were done, Y/N glanced over at Peter. He ran his fingers through his brown hair, making it messy. His brown eyes stared out at the water and the few boats that were moving along.

“Are you ready for the test next week?” Peter asked her.

She nodded. “I think so. I’ve never felt more confident than I have now, thanks to you,” Y/N replied, bumping her shoulder against his.

Peter nodded. Conversation between the two of them moved along, from talking about school to their friends and their families. They laughed and playfully fought about their favorite Star Wars movie, who their favorite Avenger was, and what they liked to do when they hung out with their friends.

A cool breeze blew off the water causing Y/N to shiver. Peter reached behind him for his backpack and took out a Midtown High blue sweatshirt. He handed it to her and she pulled it over her head, grateful for the warmth.

“Thanks for this,” Y/N said, “I had fun. You’re not so bad Parker.”

“It was fun,” Peter agreed.

“It’s getting kinda late. I should probably head home soon,” Y/N replied, standing up.

They walked in the direction of Y/N’s house, Peter being a gentleman and walking her home. When they reached her apartment building, Y/N reached over and pulled Peter into an unexpected hug. Her arms snaked around his neck as he placed his arms around her.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Parker,” she said before walking into her apartment building.


Y/N sat at the back of the room, eagerly waiting for Mrs. Smith to hand back the test the class that she had taken two days ago. The pen she was playing with in her hand dropped to the floor, making a few students look in her direction.

Mrs Smith walked past Y/N placing her test facedown on her desk.

“Nice job!” she said.

Y/N flipped the two page test over to see an 86% right above her name. She smiled, glad that she had passed. She glanced around the room, looking over at Peter. He was engaged in a conversation with Ned and Michelle, his back towards Y/N.

When the bell rang, Y/N hurried towards her locker to exchange her books. She kept her test in her hand as she walked into the cafeteria. Her friends waved to her and she waved back before walking towards Peter’s table.

“Guess what?” she asked, coming to a stop next to where Peter sat.

“What?” he asked.

“I passed! I got an 86%!” she said, showing him the test.

“Y/N that’s awesome!” he cried, standing up.

She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him into a hug. “I couldn’t have done this without you!”

Peter pulled away as Y/N pulled her backpack off. “Is it ok if I sit with you guys?” she asked.

Ned and Michelle both nodded. Y/N quickly grew to like them as they talked and laughed during lunch. She enjoyed hanging out with them because she was able to be herself and she hadn’t realized how much she had missed it. The bell rang signaling the end of lunch and she stood up, placing her backpack on her shoulders. Ned and Michelle waved bye while Y/N walked with Peter towards her class, learning that his class was right next to hers.

“So Y/N, I was wondering,” Peter began. “I-I like you and was wondering if you maybe wanted to go out sometime?”

“Like an official date?” she asked.

He nodded, nervously. “Yea of course Peter. But this time I get to choose where we go to eat,” she said, laughing.

Let me tell you about the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life.

I’ve never told this story to anyone before, ever. Looking back now, the whole situation was surreal. I tend to forget it ever even happened 99% of the time, but when I do remember it, it makes me feel a lil bit sick and I need a couple of minutes to kinda process it. I’m submitting this to get it off my chest more than anything and I’d rlly appreciate if you could post this anonymously! (Sorry it’s so long!!)

I’m the head moderator of a self-harm confessions blog, a position which I’m sorta neglecting at the moment bc I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted any confessions in a couple of months. (I haven’t self-harmed pretty much since this incident, so I guess it’s just not a prominent enough part of my life for me to give it that much attention nowadays.) Just over two years ago, when I actually had the time to post our confessions regularly, I got a lot of asks looking for advice and such on my main blog, and one day I received an ask from a guy who I’ll call G. When he first sent me an ask, I didn’t realise he was a guy because the huge majority of people who interacted with me after finding me via the confession blog were female. Not that it would have bothered me if I’d known he was male from the start, but I probably wouldn’t have given him my number.

Basically, he was looking for advice because he’d been struggling with his relationship for the last couple of weeks. He self-harmed and his girlfriend was fairly manipulative and abusive. She took advantage of his vulnerability and depression quite a lot and generally wasn’t a very nice person, but he was so in love with her. He kinda knew she was a shitty person tho, which is why he sent me an ask in the first place. He needed advice on how to, I guess, fall out of love with her and erase her from his life.

Like I said, I didn’t know whether he was male or female at this point and I hadn’t thought to ask yet, so when we found out that we both lived in England, he asked whether he could have my number so that it’d be easier to talk to each other. I said yes and we started to message each other via Whatsapp. Whatsapp uses your real name, so it was then that I found out his name and that he was a boy. It surprised me, but didn’t bother me too much, as he was a pretty sweet guy. We got to know each other a little bit more before we started talking about his current situation a bit more and, at some point, I asked him his age. Now, at this time, I was 15. G was 24. I was a pretty innocent teenager and often didn’t pick up on red flags before it was too late, so I didn’t even flinch at this and we continued to talk with no issues.

For the first day, it seemed that just talking to G was enough to take his mind off of his girlfriend completely. At 3am, he thanked me for talking to him, but admitted he needed to get some sleep. He told me he’d felt the happiest he’d felt for years talking to me and it made me feel so wonderful hearing that. You’ve gotta understand, I’m pretty full of myself, so hearing shit like that makes me so damn smug, it’s unbelievable. I tend to resent myself for it nowadays.

Anyway, the next day, I wake up to a good morning message asking me how I slept. Again, this made me feel like the damn queen of the world because, hey, I’m being given positive attention! We carry on talking that day and getting to know each other. It turns out he lives in London, about 2 and a half hours away from the town I used to live in, Swindon. Fun fact about the history of Swindon, it was, like, the epicentre of the railway system when they were first building it over here, so there are quite a few direct linking trains to other major cities on the original lines, London obviously being one of them. Upon hearing where I live, he immediately jumped into ‘we could totally meet up’, ‘I could come visit you’, etc, and I just kinda said 'yeah, haha, maybe’, not wanting to blow him off, but sorta trying to give off the vibe that I wasn’t entirely comfortable with it. He seemed to understand though.

Over the next couple of days, he started to drop hints that he liked me. We’d exchanged pictures by now and he was constantly telling me how pretty he thought I was and how lovely my eyes were, soppy shit like that. He never asked for any more pictures other than the ones I sent him voluntarily though and all of these were just of my face, as were the ones he sent back. Tbh, he wasn’t even unattractive and I kinda started to like him back a little, y'know, completely ignoring the 9 year age gap that technically made him a paedophile because I was a fucking idiot and he didn’t seem to know better.

Now, I was in a Japanese club at school (because I was a fuckin weeaboo) and we were planning a trip to the London Japanese Matsuri that August, as we did every year. It was June at the time, so I thought it would be a good idea to let G know that I’d be in London during the festival. He was ecstatic and immediately asked about that day, where the festival is and, ultimately, whether I’d like to meet up and grab some lunch with him. Considering that it wouldn’t be for another couple of months and I figured we would’ve gotten to know each other quite well by then, so I agreed and we arranged a meeting place, time and everything else right then and there.

Of course, though, things went wrong, and quite soon after this as well. A couple of days after we’d made all of these arrangements, G’s now-ex turned up at his door and he stupidly let her in. I haven’t mentioned his ex since the start of this, because all this time, I’d sorta ended up taking up all the time that G usually spent talking to his ex. I’d genuinely made him so happy. He’d stopped cutting himself in the time we’d spent talking to each other, he constantly expressed how happy he was and, in turn, that made me happy and made me feel good about myself. Honestly, I don’t know whether it was self-fulfilment or genuine happiness that I felt, but what happened next made me feel like I was an even worse person than G’s ex.

The night she turned up and he let her in, it turned out that all she’d turned up to do was tell G that she was done with him and this is the part that makes me feel sick to my stomach every time I remember it. This broke him. He didn’t message me at all for about a day and a half and, of course, considering just how delicate his psyche was and the fact that the last message he’d sent me was along the lines if 'my ex is here’, this worried the fuck out of me. I had no idea what had happened to him and I was genuinely concerned that he might have done something… drastic, if you get me. G finally got back in touch with me though, told me what she’d said to him and admitted he had been pretty much drinking non-stop while he hasn’t been talking to me. He was still drunk when he was messaging me, but I talked to him as normal.

I’d never seen him drunk before and he was so different as a result of it. I’d never seen him this broken down, this upset and that’s when he started to pour out his heart to me. He told me how he’d fallen in love with me and how much our age gap hurt him because he knew how wrong it was. He then told me he wanted to cut himself so badly again and, when I asked him why, I really wasn’t expecting the answer I got.

“I want to see you naked and I hate myself for it.”

G was my best friend, and this is when I did the worst thing I’d ever done to anybody in my life. Instead of giving him time to cool off, asking him to calm down or anything else I’d usually do to try and forgive and rekindle the relationship, I completely broke it off. I ignored his messages, waited until I knew he’d fallen asleep and then wrote him a message basically asking him to delete my number and to not contact me from now on.

It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done because I knew how delicate he was, I knew how easily he could break and I knew how broken he was then and I didn’t hear from him after that, so I have no idea how badly I hurt him. I can’t even guarantee that he’s still alive right now.

I have one glimpse of hope that he’s still out there and that he’s okay though. There was a guy wandering around the Japanese Matsuri that year, the spitting image of G. We exchanged glances a couple of times as we passed each other and, dear god, I hoped it was him, thought I didn’t dare try to talk to him, nor him to me.

G, I’m so sorry. Two years on, I sincerely hope you’re okay and I’m honestly just so, so sorry. I blame myself for everything to this day. You deserved so much better.


Helly Taylor! We are Stroopwafel Squad!

Stroopwafels are traditional Dutch cookies - the best on earth, sweet, amazing, wonderful and soo good - the same like my friends I met here - thanks to you :) They all are my little versions of you - always lurking, always caring, beautiful and amazing :) We have this facebook chat group where we talk and fangirl about you daily :) We wish we could meet you this year cause that would be totally #SquadGoals. Those girls deserve this and your hug so much so let me introduce you to my squad.

dancingswift13: She is the first one going on tour from our Squad. She is traveling from SLOVENIA to GERMANY with her two best friends and she will be in Cologne, June 19th. It’s her first show and she is so dedicated and lovely and she waits for this for so long so I would be so thankful if you could meet her Tay.

troublexswift and drewlurksatme: My Dutch Faves - Nella and Charlotte are amazing and wonderful. It’s also their first show ever. They’re gonna be in Amsterdam, June 20th. I love them so so so much and I wish they could also get a hug from you Tay. 

itsjustinyourwildestdreams​: Yo Tay, it’s me Kamila and I’m traveling from Poland to Manchester. It’s also my first show EVER and I’m so excited cause I’ve been waiting for almost 8 years to see you :) I’m going on tour with my beautiful Lauren figurefairy90 and we wish we could hug you and thank for everything in June 24th :)

longliveallthemagictaymade: And now we have magical Meirian. She’s gonna see you in London!! Hyde Park June 27th :) She is magical princess. So dedicated and caring and lovely so please please please - meet her :)

tswiftbecky: Sadly, Maria isn’t going on tour :( She lives in Spain and she couldn’t make it this year. BUT TAY - feel free to lurk her. Her pictures and videos are so adorable and she seriously is the cutest cupcake on earth :) 

jtmaster13: (with a smile that could light up this whole town). I know you met Jess during Secret Session (#TBI Squad) but I’m sure you miss her and her smile and her jokes because let’s be honest - Jess is everything. SO. I wanna tell you that our Jess is gonna see you July 25th - Gillette Stadium - how epic and cool is that?

1989dancer: Vicky is the cutest person on earth and lurk master. It’s also her first show! :D I can’t believe how many of us finally got a chance to see you. Vicky is LA angel and she’s gonna be in Staples Center - August 22nd. Feel free to find our lovely girl and give her the biggest hug ever :)

crystal-skys: And the last BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT is Imogen. She started our Stroopwafel cult on Facebook, she made your friend Cara Delevingne part of our Squad and she is amazing dancer so if you need dancers Imogen is free! And she’s gonna see you in Sydney, November 28th so you know Tay - I would be sooooo happy if she could meet you and say thank you and hug you.


Full Fic: Scenes from the Broadway Bean

Summary: Coffee shop AU. Kurt and Blaine. New York and a coffee shop. 

Kurt is a freshman at NYADA - top of his vocal class, stage combat superstar. He’s busy becoming a star, so what if he scores a zero in coffee shop romance history? Or in romance history all together?

Blaine Anderson is a sophomore at NYADA. Song writer. Performer. Barista. Sworn off boys altogether. Though he really hopes Kurt Hummel will let him buy him a biscotti. What? White chocolate cranberry is seasonal. And delicious.

Words: 16,130

Rating: Well, there is some sex in it.

Note: Many of these scenes are in Kurt POV, followed by the mirror scene in Blaine POV. Those scenes are marked iii.a. (Kurt) and iii.b. (Blaine), for example.

Scenes from the Broadway Bean

i.a. (Kurt)


Kurt slumps into the brown leather chair across from Rachel, gratefully accepting the non-fat mocha that she slides across the table to him. The November chill has set in and the Broadway Bean is packed with bustling NYADA students. Even the deliberately named campus cafe prevents any reprieve from the driven, goal-oriented dreams of all its competitive select students. Like it couldn’t just be a ‘Coffee Bean’? And it’s perfect for Kurt. It is. He has the drive and the dream. He just needed the audience. And in two and a half months, he’s top of his vocal and stage combat classes, and has been asked to sing in the winter showcase. He never loses focus.

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Today (December 21st) marks the day of the first Carry On fan meeting! @tyrannus-basilton , @themagesheir, @snowbazmysons, @annasimoniaine & I found out we all live in The Netherlands and decided it would be totally awesome if we could meet up, so we did! As you can see, we ate scones (unfortunately no sour cherry scones), we visited book shops (and lovingly stroked Carry On) and had fierce discussions about the character’s Hogwarts houses 🙆🏼

it was absolutely amazing and I hope we will be able to meet again soon! ❄️

picture credit: @themagesheir & @tyrannus-basilton

Everything Is Ruined (Part Three)

Arizona. Probably the hottest, driest place you had ever been. The summers were horrendous but the winters were manageable. It was currently summer, and you were literally roasting as you sat in the car, waiting for your mom to come back from inside the gas station. You regretted not going in with her now. You fanned yourself, wondering if it was too late to call your mom and ask her to buy water. When you had first arrived in Phoenix, Arizona, you were bummed and didn’t really care to see your mom. You were slowly easing into getting to know your mom more. You told her all about Stiles and your relationship and what had happened which led to you being there. You could tell she definitely felt more sympathy for you than your dad did. She found the story endearing and almost like a cliché yet amazing teenage love story. She had unblocked his number on your phone for you so you could talk to him.

You stared down at your phone, contemplating on calling Stiles for the hundredth time. You missed him like crazy, and your heartache only grew worse the longer you were away. Your fingers absentmindedly dialed his number and you found yourself holding the phone to your ear. It rang for a few seconds before a groggy voice answered the phone. “Hello?” You heard him, just imagining him rubbing his face and running his hand through his hair. You smiled and your heart fluttered. “You sound super sexy when you’ve just woken up,” your grin grew and you played with your nails while on the phone. “(Y/N)? Baby, oh my god. I haven’t heard your voice in forever. It’s like music to my ears,” he sat up in his bed, no longer groggy and tired. Hearing your voice had instantly made his whole day better. “I miss you so much, Stiles. It sucks here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great seeing my mom, but the summers here are miserable. I’m dripping with sweat right now, not even kidding,” you held the phone between your shoulder and ear, unlocking the driver’s door so your mom could get in. You could almost feel him smile. “Sounds gross,” he stood up, pulling on some clothes. “Maybe you could come back for a few days. Or maybe the pack and I could organize a road trip over there. We all miss you like hell,” he spoke sincerely and hopeful. Your mom watched you with an eyebrow, so you raised an eyebrow and mouthed “Stiles” to her before returning to your conversation. Her eyes widened and she got excited, trying to take your phone. She managed to shake it out of your hand and grabbed it before you could pick it up. “Hi, this is (Y/N)’s mom! I’ve heard so much about you, Stiles,” she grinned. You shook your head and whined. “Give me my phone back!” She held her index finger up to you and continued talking to him. “You should totally come down here to see her! And we could meet!” You heard sound on the other end of the phone and your mom grinned. “All of you? That would be great. I have a cabin up north that you guys could all stay in while you’re here,” she paused for a minute, listening to Stiles. “You could bring some bathing suits, there’s a lake right over there. Not too many people know about it so it would basically just be you guys,” she started the car, backing out of the parking spot. She “mhm”‘ed a few times before handing the phone back to you. You raised an eyebrow and took it, putting it to your ear. “What was that about?” You continued talking to Stiles for the remainder of the car ride. He told you that he would bring everyone down in a week and that he couldn’t wait to see you. Now you had to wait the excruciatingly long week before you would see him. You would wait it out though, for Stiles and the rest of your friends.

A key ring jingled before falling into your lap. “Sweetheart, can you go to the store? I need to clean. This house is driving me crazy and I just need to get the cleaning done but we are completely out of groceries. I have a list made already,” she handed you two pieces of paper, filled up with writing. You sighed. “Do we really need this much?” You stared at the papers, flipping the first one over and seeing the backside full over. The second page was only one sided. “Why do we need this much stuff?” Your mom rummaged through her purse, pulling out her card. “Sweetheart, please just go to the store. Get yourself some Starbucks or something while you’re out. Take your time. Call me when you’re on your way back so I can make sure the table and counters are clean for the groceries,” she kissed your forehead and pushed you out the door. You sighed and held your phone, climbing into the burning car. You wondered how nothing managed to go up in flames here with it being as hot as it was. You wandered aimlessly around the grocery store, rolling your eyes at the amount of groceries you had to put away. It had been a good hour and a half that you had been gone. You left the store and stopped, picking up some Taco Bell on the way home. You were at least going to reward yourself for not complaining as much as you usually did. You called your mom, telling her you were on your way home and that you would need help carrying everything in. You were exhausted, sweaty and overall just gross. A shower was much needed when you got home. You unlocked the front door and frowned. Usually, your mom had the radio on when she was cleaning but it was completely silent, as if no one was inside. You shut the front door quietly and looked around. “Mom?” You called out, clutching the car keys and stepping forward slowly. The breeze blew the curtains on the back door, your face scrunching up. “What the hell?” You murmured, opening the back door and stepping outside. You shut it slowly. Your heart was about to pop out of your chest, you were so nervous. “Mom?” You checked around the corner, yet no sign there. You turned and swung your fist at the sight of someone behind you and gasped, covering your mouth. “Stiles?!” You knelt down next to the groaning boy and picked up his head. “What’re you doing here? You weren’t supposed to be here for another four days!” You helped him up and hugged him tightly. He hugged you back tightly. “Where the hell did you learn to hit like that?” He mumbled, rubbing your back gently before pulling away. You blushed, embarrassed that you had just hit your own boyfriend. “I’m sorry. I thought you were a stranger,” you brought him inside, grabbing an ice pack from your freezer. “God, it’s already starting to bruise. I’m so sorry, Stiles. I really didn’t know it was you,” you rambled, apologizing repeatedly. He only chuckled and shook his head. “(Y/N), relax, I’m fine, it’s okay. At least I don’t have to worry about your safety. You clearly have it under control,” he chuckled softly, holding the ice pack to his jaw. “Everyone else is up in your room. Just letting you know, so you don’t sock anyone else,” he grinned, grabbing your hand. “Come on, they’re all really excited to see you,” he followed you up the stairs, watching your face light up as everyone jumped up, screaming “surprise!” before rushing into a group hug with you in the middle. You were so excited, hugging them all. The grips on you let go and you hugged each person individually. You smiled. “Liam, still looking like a little pup,” you joked, hugging him tightly. He was like your little brother and you loved him to death. They were all family to you, but you were closer with some more than others. You moved to your favorite banshee, Lydia. You hugged her tightly, taking in her sweet scent. It was one you had missed dearly. Kira was next. The katana-wielding kitsune held a special spot in your heart that was only reserved for her. Next was Scott, your favorite alpha. You smiled and hugged him tightly, the scent of his home present. “How’s your mom?” You asked softly. When your dad had forced you to leave, Melissa had been in a bad financial position and was stressed out to the max. He only half smiled. “She’s doing a bit better. It’s not much, but it’s something,” he whispered, hugging you again. You smiled and moved on to Malia. She was probably your favorite person, aside from Stiles. You loved hanging out with her, and you loved everything about her. She was your best friend. Your hug with her lasted several more seconds than the others. You smiled at her. “I missed you,” you whispered, holding onto her. There was nothing romantic about your friendship with her, she had just been there for everything.

Everyone turned to Stiles and glanced at the ice pack, then looked at you. “What? He scared me! What was I supposed to do?” You crossed your arms, looking at Stiles who only had a smile on his face. “Like I said, I don’t have to worry too much about her safety. She’s clearly capable of handling herself,” he leaned down and kissed your head. You grinned and sat on your bed. “Well, here’s my house, guys. It’s kinda big with it just being my mom and me here, but we’ve got an office and a small movie room. It’s not too fancy, but it’s fun for group things like this,” you watched everyone stand there awkwardly. “Make yourselves at home, guys. We’ll be here for a few days and then we’ll head up to the cabin for a few days,” you glanced at everyone who nodded and slumped down on the floor or in a chair. Stiles sat next to you on your bed, wrapping his arm around you. “You know, I thought you were exaggerating, but it really is like hell here. It’s not even a humid heat. It’s dry. How do people even live here?” Stiles looked down at you, starting to sweat. You only shook your head and laughed. “You think this is hot? Ninety six degrees is beyond lucky. It’s usually ten degrees higher than that, at least,” you watched him. “The movie room is cold. Do you wanna go in there? We can all watch a movie,” you suggested, standing up.

An hour later, you were sat on Stiles’s lap who was sitting on the couch and dozing off while the movie played. Stiles pulled a blanket over your small body, cradling you in his arms. He glanced down at you every so often, making sure you were okay while asleep. He brushed a few hairs out of your face and stroked your soft skin. He had missed you terribly and couldn’t believe that he was holding your fragile frame in his arms. “Hey, guys. I’m gonna go tuck her into bed, she’s asleep,” Stiles stood up with you in his arms, taking you to your room. After laying you down on the mattress, he covered your body with a thin blanket and kissed your forehead. You peaked one eye open, feeling the comforting embrace release you. “Where are you going?” You yawned, closing your eyes. “Stay with me,” you whispered, moving over on the bed. A small smile formed on Stiles’s face and he nodded, climbing under the blanket with you, kissing your head.


More drama is to come in this series. It’s not over yet!

okay tumblr i have to write ten pages of a paper between now and 7pm but before I exile myself from this blue hellscape for the day, i need to tell you about my SUPER SPECIAL SUBWAY ENCOUNTER TODAY

  • today I woke up with just enough time to grab a truly gargantuan iced coffee from dunkin donuts and catch the train, and it worked out that I could get a seat on the local train and ride it all the way to work
  • this local ride takes 45 minutes as opposed to the 25-30 minutes of the express BUT it means i get to pick a seat (the nice corner seat!!!!!!!!!!) and stay there for the whole ride
  • I GOT THE CORNER SEAT. im sitting in the corner seat w/ my vat of bean juice and my back pack, checking to see if Tubbs showed up while I was asleep, etc etc etc (he did. 50 silver fish!)
  • the first few stops of this ride are fine, right, like just normal commuters doing normal commuter stuff
  • THEN
  • 4 stops into this route, A Dude gets on. this dude is The Worst Dude. he’s 25ish, white, wearing THE MOST ILL-FITTING SUIT IVE EVER SEEN, and a SWISS ARMY briefcase 
  • seriously, this suit. this suit was like, the suits you see 13 yr old boys wear to their first chaperoned school dance. but…bigger…..and on a 25 yr old….the trousers & jacket were gun metal grey with thin stripes, the shirt was pink, and his tie. oh, his tie. a black tie with a bright magenta geometric pattern. all of these were about two sizes too big. his shoes were brown.
  • i’m not saying being a terrible dresser makes you a terrible person but in this situation it was a pretty good preview of things to come
  • This Dude decides to stand against the wall of the end of the train, perpendicular to my seat, okay fine. he stand with his legs spread like…more than shoulder width apart. if i took a picture of this dude standing i could VERY EASILY photoshop a horse between his legs, that’s what I’m saying. 
  • 2 minutes after the doors close, he slides his SWISS ARMY BRIEF CASE underneath the seat THAT IM SITTING ON. he folds his suit jacket on top of the brief case. UNDER THE SEAT. OF A DIRTY SUBWAY TRAIN. I feel both the briefcase and the suit jacket slide against my legs. he huffs. 
  • 3 minutes after that, he removes the brief case and the jacket from under my seat, continues to stand like a displaced jockey. 
  • and, of course, he sits much in the way he stands. THE SPREAD EAGLE.
  • he leaves the SWISS ARMY BRIEFCASE sitting against the wall, just you know, in case NO ONE wanted to STAND in that huge EMPTY SPACE
  • twenty minutes into this trip, he gets tired of sitting over there on THAT side of the train so he comes over and sits right next to me - A Joy
  • his thigh. is touching my thigh. spread eagling all over me. 
  • then, in a move i’m sure NO ONE SAW COMING, he takes out a vape. 
  • he vapes. on the subway. WHICH IM P SURE IS ILLEGAL. every stop, he turns his head and blows smoke out of the open door which doesn’t make any difference BC SUBWAYS ARE UNDERGROUND YOU VAPING PIECE OF SHIT.
  • we’re 15 stops into this ride now and This Dude turns to me, BLOWS VAPE SMOKE IN MY FACE, and then hits on me
  • him: “you work in the city, huh?” “I work on 23rd” “maybe we could meet for coffee some time”
  • me: “i’m gay”
  • [total silence] [still vaping] [ a child cries in the distance ] I JUST WANTED A NICE RELAXING MORNING COMMUTE
  • anyway. through the course of making this post i tried to think of a way to show you guys something that just really summed up everything about this dude, and i’ve found it. 
  • remember this picture of the Hemsworths?
Scenes from the Broadway Bean

Summary: Coffee shop AU. Kurt and Blaine. New York. NYADA and a coffee shop. A classic. But I’ve never written it before. Klaine advent fic. (It won’t have every prompt, but I will put it all together at the end for a full fic effect…)

Klaine advent prompt 3: Competition

Part 1: Broadway (Kurt’s POV) is here. This part is the same scene, Blaine’s POV.

Scenes from the Broadway Bean: Part 2 (Competition)

The first 16 times that Kurt comes into the Broadway Bean, Blaine doesn’t notice him. The fact that he knows that today is the 17th time notwithstanding. Blaine, in fact, has sworn off boys altogether - after his college freshman miscommunication with a senior who was definitely not interested in him like that, and then being pursued and fine, he went on a date with Sebastian Smythe - business arts student, smart, competitive, and looking for only one thing. And he likes that thing, he does. A lot if he’s totally honest. But he has to believe that it’s all just so much better with someone who likes at least something more than that. Sushi, or Oscar Wilde, or something else. So until then, he’s student-by-day, barista-by-night, and totally not interested in getting involved with boys.

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