we could of had it alll~~~

  • What she say: I'm fine
  • What she means: Agent Carter could have been renewed for a third season, we could have seen Angie and Peggy living together, we could have known more about Angie backstory, hell Cartinelli could have been canon and it would be soft and amazing and everybody would be talking about it but no no mainstream heterosexual marvel had to fuck up all of this possibilities and I will be forever bitter about it.

can we talk about how Marvel decided to ignore the fucking canon friendship between scott lang and Tony Stark? 


I just… we could have had it alll

Can you shut up for five minutes, please?

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Ethan Dolan x Reader 

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Your Pov: 

It was one of those nights. The nights where I just needed to be by myself and allow myself to drown in self pity. You see, I had a horrible day. First my car broke down,I was late to class, I’m pretty sure that I failed a test today and to top it all off I started my period this morning. Today is just not my day. 

This is why I wanted to be by myself, but of course luck wasn’t on my side. My boyfriend and I had plans to hang out at my place tonight since his twin brother was having some friends over and he didn’t want to be there. 

So he asked if he could come over. Of course I said yes cause it wasn’t often that we got to hang out alone. But this was alll before I had a shitty day and just wanted to be alone. 

He was supposed to come over at 5:00 and right now it was 4:30 so he should be here soon. I tried to cancel earlier but he wouldn’t let me. He told me that he was going to cheer me up. Haha yeah right, I thought. My thoughts were interrupted by my door bell ringing. There’s only one person who this could be. 

“Hey babe.” I said to Ethan as I opened the door for him to let him in.

“Hey baby.” He smiled at me. I didn’t smile back. He seemed to notice this. 

“Awe.” He said while walking over to my couch in the living room to sit down. “What’s wrong buttercup?” He asked me using his favorite nickname for me. 

I sighed. I really did not feel like explaining myself to him. 

“Nothing.” I said in a monotone voice while sitting down on the couch and propping my feet up on his lap. 

“It’s not nothing.” He said. “You were gonna cancel tonight and you never cancel.” He told me. 

I sighed again. 

“Just tell me.” He pleaded giving me his famous puppy dog eyes. 

I finally gave in. 

“My day has been horrible.” I said. He was about to say something, probably asking why my day was bad, but I cut him off. 

“Everything that could’ve went wrong, went wrong.” I said beginning to explain why my day was so horrible.  

I guess I have been explaining for a little too long cause Ethan interrupted my mini rant. 

“Can you shut up for five minutes please?” He asks me. 

I was shocked. Ethan was always the type of person that would listen to me rant and now he wanted me to shut up? This didn’t make sense. 

“Why?” I asked confused. 

“Because I wanna do this.” He said while tackling me with a kiss. 

“I’m going to make you forget all about your horrible day baby.” He whispered into my ear seductively. I smiled, I liked the sound of this.

Ethan was fully on top of me now. His hands were roaming my body while his mouth was attacking my lips. My hands were also roaming his body. We stayed in this position for a while before it started to get heated. It only took us a few minutes to have both of our shirts off. 

“Wanna take this to the bedroom?” He asked me in between kisses. 

“Yes please.” I whispered. 

He picked me up, lips still attached to mine and carried to me my bedroom. He layed me down on the bed. Needless to say we both didn’t get that much sleep that night and my day just got a whole lot better. 

A/N: Here it is! I hope it’s what you wanted. I also hope that I did this blurb thing right. It was my first time writing one lol. Also thanks for the request I appreciate it a lot! Anywayss have a great day/night wherever you are. 

We don't deserve Chyler Leigh and her awesomeness

I was able to watch a live stream of the show last night and keeping up with Chyler’s twitter and omg she is just an angel! She just finished fliming Supergirl (which ended late) and then the following day she had so much going and she could have honestly just apologize and say she couldn’t make it but that’s not what she did. She wanted to be there for everyone and even tho she was running on 2.5 hours of sleep she stayed up passed 4am to meet everyone. She is truly amazing and we don’t deserve her at alll!! I only hope one day I can meet her and her amazing husband who did such an amazing job as well last night :) Chyler is truly Supergirl ❤


I tripped on the gate.

buckyy I’m sick do you and/or anyone else have any good nonalcoholic remedies for a stuffy nose and sore throat

steve used to get colds alll the time. and if he didnt have a cold he probably had clogged sinuses from a bloody nose. our go-to was lemon and honey tea, when we could afford it, and when we couldnt, he would gargle and drink warm salt water, which will clear your nose and throat for about half an hour before you have to do it again. 

and all of you are missing out, because there are few things more hilarious than steves dumb little face, bleedin all over after yet another fistfight, trying to gargle water while i was listing off the raunchiest jokes i knew just to watch him splutter. his face was already red from bleeding but i made it red from blushin. little shit deserved it though, picking fights all over the damn city

the man can shoot a nazi in the face stone cold but if you tell him a joke with boobs in it he about dies

yesterday was one of the best days Ive ever had, qe didn’t even get hugh until 4:20iwh (HAH) though but we hung out alll day and walled jacksom and stuff and william ans jenny tried to fix up my hair then just fucked with it a bcunh and when we left to meet the guy who could give us stuff ww were goijg to go tjroigh the park but stopped at the convenience store, and the guy gave us free doughnuts and tge thrift store had really really good mugs and william got us all a mug as a memeory and we got pancake mix to make weed pancakes and we walked through the paek all day and found a smake and eveeyone was freiendly and it was so sun shiney, and everyone was saying this is a good day and theu were gooda nd we tried to smoke a bit before but the tape wasnt letting the bong work the best so we just wauted, and we eventually found the guy but it was confusing to find him though, but then we did and we biugt a bucng and wwnt to williams moms house which was empty so we smoked in there loke almooostttttt just on time and it qas so awesome but thw new stuff smelt less funny, I guess it obviosuoy did work though. also there were a bunch of funny poctures of william everywhwre that was good. but we got z9 high holy shit 9s definitely at some pointm especially with the pamcakes. it wa sso good. I doeget how we got to williams house. I forget walling to jennys. qowowowow