we could moan our own names in bed

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What if Jamie and Claire DID have time to get down and dirty (and a little dominating) after the commando raid?

Hehehe I just watched this part of the episode the other day because there were so many gifs going around of it. 

He smelled like sweat and ash. And his face was greasy in my hands having been hastily wiped with (what I assumed to be) a dirty rag.

But hearing the way he said ‘commando raid’ was one of the most adorable things I’d heard. He wasn’t completely sure what it meant, but he knew it was something I understood. 

His body was practically humming with excitement. I vaguely remembered something he’d told me once, after we’d first been married.

“Fighting gives ye a nasty cockstand, ye ken?”

No amount of time would change that, I thought.

“You should get dressed,” he said quietly, lips still so close to my own.

“That’s not what I expected you to say.”

He smiled and kissed me again. The excitement and adrenaline still coursing through him was beginning to get to me.

“The British army will be up and see what we’ve done soon. We shouldna be here when they do.”

“It’ll take some time to get the campsite packed up to leave though, won’t it?” I asked, pulling him down into another warm kiss.

“Aye, it will.”

“Then can’t you stay here for just a few minutes?”

I shifted under him deliberately, churning my legs to push the quilt out of the way. His mouth was hungry and greedy against mine.

“I should… Make sure the men… Ken where…. To go,” he said, between kisses of increasing intensity.

“And you will,” I said, pulling at the lacing of my shift. “But surely the captain of his troops needs a short rest before packing up his things and moving out. Perhaps a reward for a successful raid?”

He was slowly laying himself atop me, clearly giving in to his urges.

“Used to be,” he said, pulling the shift from my shoulders. “That the reward for a successful raid was a free cow.”

“I’m sure I could go find you a cow,” I said with a giggle. “If you’d rather have that for a reward.”

“God no. You’re much more fun than a cow.”

He tugged at the hem of my shift, his hands rough against the soft skin of my thighs. His lips closed around my nipple, sucking on it almost as a babe would. Large, blunt fingers moved closer to the source of my arousal.


Jamie’s hands froze and I bit back a laugh. Fergus had the worst timing.

“Give me a moment, laddie. I’ll be wi’ ye presently.”

He kissed me hard and tossed the quilt over me before rolling off the bed.

“And I’ll be wi’ you shortly, mo nighean donn.”

“Hurry back or I may start without you.”

He huffed and went to the door.

“Aye Fergus. What is it?”

“Murtagh asked that I come and see what our orders are. He wants to know if you wish us to move camp now or if you wish us to wait.”

“Oh. Weel… Ah… Go and tell him to start packing the camp. I’ll… I’ll see to it that my things are moved and that Claire has her things ready as well.”

“Will she not need help carrying the heavy things?”

“Dinna fash lad. I’ll help her wi’ whatever she needs.”

I smiled, watching the eager face of our accidentally adopted son. That’s what he was, I realized with a sudden clarity. Fergus was our child. He’d begun as a hired pickpocket, but he’d left France with us. He’d been there for me after I’d lost Faith. He was our boy, by blood or not.

“Yes, milord.”

Fergus scampered off to deliver his master’s message and Jamie closed the door once again.

“We canna take long,” he said, throwing his coat and waistcoat on the dusty floor.

“Don’t do that!” I yelped.


“Who do you think has to wash that when you get it dirty?”

“A verra beautiful fairy,” he said, kissing me again.

He wasn’t taking his time like he had before. We were both roused and ready, but he’d been reminded that we didn’t have much time. 

Nestling between my legs, he took both my wrists in one of his hands and pinned my arms above my head. I’d found out why he was fond of this. He seemed to enjoy the way it made my chest stick out, presenting my breasts to him like gifts.

“Holy God,” he breathed as he filled me. “I willna take long.”

“You usually don’t, after a fight,” I said, my voice pitched a little higher than normal.

“I promise, Sassenach,” he said as he began grinding his hips against mine. “Once we’ve a decent camp, I’ll serve ye properly.”

“With all the men around? I doubt that very much.”

“Then I’ll take ye somewhere. But I will serve ye properly.”

“Well, alright. If you…. Oh God!

His movements became faster and harder, to the point where I could hear the sounds of our skins coming together. He buried his head in my hair as he quietly moaned my name over and over while the climax took him. 

“Now, my Sassenach, ye must dress,” he said, kissing my cheek. “For we truly must leave quickly.”

I sighed, watching him slide off the bed and pick up his coat and waistcoat. 

“Yes, I know.”

He looked back and smiled at me, his teeth even whiter with the dirty grease on his face. My hand immediately went to my own.

“Aye,” he answered my unspoken question. “Ye’ve it all about your face. Breast too.”

I looked down. Sure enough, there were dark greasy smudges on both breasts.

“Give me a rag to clean my face off at least. No one will see those.”


He tossed me the cleanest rag he could find and began putting our few belongings back into our bags and chests. 

At least during this war, I thought to myself, I got to be with my husband and not wondering where he was or if he was alright.