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Slippery When Wet

Reid x Reader

“You had sex in the Museum of Modern Art ? Oh my gawd..” Penelope’s hands were clasped over her mouth and she was almost shaking with laughter.

You all were. What had started off as a nice meal cooked by JJ, had quickly escalated into a full on girls night in. You were all strewn about her living room, wine bottles in various places. You were lying on her couch, your feet placed in Emily’s lap and you were all discussing the various strange places you’d had sex.

You were tipsy, pleasantly on your way to being hammered and you were having a brilliant night in with your female colleagues. Garcia was sat in the arm chair with her legs slung up over the side and JJ was sprawled out on her floor, her head propped up on her arms and a half empty bottle of wine next to her. She’d taken to swigging directly from the bottle as she’d smashed her second wine glass an hour ago and you’d all berated her for wasting alcohol. You knew where your priorities were.

“Yep! I used to date one of the security guards when I was eighteen. He snuck us in after hours,” Emily told you, her face pink with laughter.

“God…” JJ said. “The most adventurous place me and Will do it is in the shower, he loves it in there.”

You giggled, “Spence loves it when we fuck in the shower too, although I’m always scared we’ll slip over.”

The three girls stopped laughing and all turned to look at you incredulously.

“Spence?” Emily asked.

Your eyes widened as you realised what you’d said.

“OUR Spencer?!?” JJ rearranged herself into an upright position, crossing her legs and leaning forward.

Oh fuck.

“Y/N? Really? You and Reid?”


JJ crawled across the floor and pulled out her handbag which was stashed at the side of her couch. Taking out her purse, she handed fifty dollars to Emily.

“Penelope, I believe you owe me fifty too?” Prentiss told Garcia.

“In a minute. I still…. Really?” She was leaning forward in her seat.

“You can’t say anything to the guys. Please. We’re not ready for people to know yet.”

“OH MY GOSH, IT’S TRUE!!” Garcia squealed and you caught JJ rolling her eyes and making the motion of covering her ears.

You took a big gulp of wine and nodded, readying yourself for the questions.

“When?” Penny demanded to know. “No no no wait.. I bet it was at Morgan’s party? Am I right, am I right?”

You shook your head. “We were together by then.”


Emily and JJ just looked amused, watching the exchange between you two. You gave them all a sheepish look.

“The time we went on that outward bounds team building thing? I remember you two lagging behind on the trails. Did something happen then. Wait… You two got back to camp a good thirty minutes after the rest of us. It was then wasn’t it… Oh I can see it now; you trip and Spencer reaches for you to stop your fall. You end up in a pile on the floor and stare into each others…. ”

“Pen, no. We were already together then too. Although something definitely happened in those woods.”

JJ interrupted her just before she was about to launch into another convoluted guess. “When exactly did it happen?”

“Erm…. You remember that case where I was really ill and Spencer ended up escorting me home and spent the weekend looking after me.”

“Hahahaha,” Emily laughed. “So you played a little bit of Doctor Reid and patient then.”

“Weeell not exactly. I was too ill. But that’s when we discovered that we both liked each other.”

“Girl, we could have told you that.” JJ sipped from her wine bottle, grinning at you.

“So wow… That was… ” Garcia thought back in her head, “Seven months ago.”


“What’s he like, you know, as a boyfriend?” JJ asked.


All three awwwwed in unison. You weren’t lying either, Spencer really was the best partner you’d had.

“Does anyone at work know?” Garcia wanted to know.

“Only Hotch. And that was because we felt he ought to. He’s fine with it as long as it doesn’t effect our work. Which so far, it hasn’t.”

There was a moments pause before Emily cleared her throat.

“I’m just gonna ask what those two are thinking. What’s he like in the sack?”

“I can’t tell you that!!”

“Yes you can.” They urged, almost as if they were a practiced chorus.

“No, I can’t!”

“You’ve gotta give us something here.” Garcia begged.

“Look, all I’ll say is that he’s definitely picked up a thing or two from all the things he’s read, and that he makes me extremely happy.”

Another trio of awwws.

“I never really imagined Spencer to be a shower sex kinda guy though,” Emily piped up.

“Oh he definitely is. I swear, the amount of times one of us has nearly slipped over.”

…Monday Morning…

The girls had promised not to say anything and you were trying to find the right time to tell Reid that you’d let it slip. You’d decided that when you were ready, you’d tell everyone together.

You were sitting across from each other around the circular table in the meeting room with Hotch, Derek and Rossi, waiting for the other three.

Strolling in with smirks on their faces, they handed Reid a wrapped package.

You looked at them curiously.

“A present? What did I do to deserve this?” He asked them excitedly, ripping it open at their urging.

“An anti slip shower mat? I don’t get it?” He looked at them confused.

You were going to kill them. All three of them, together.

“Y/N was telling us the other night how you sometimes have problems staying upright in the shower,” Emily told him as the other two tried to keep a straight face.


“I’m sorry…… I’m so sorry!!”

He started to chuckle as did the other men. Standing up, he quickly walked around the table and pulled you out of your chair, wrapping his arms around you.

“I kinda let it slip too, last weekend when we were at Rossi’s.”

“Thank God!” Derek exclaimed loudly. “I thought we were gonna have to pretend we didn’t know forever. You have no idea how hard this last week has been for me, wanting to make jokes at your twos expense. Although… The shower mat. I don’t get it?”

Penelope whispered something into his ear and he grinned, nodding approvingly.

“Slippery when wet, eh.”


Initially, when we had the issue of Finn starting out as a stormtrooper, I said to JJ, “What’s he gonna be in? The armour is thick enough where he could actually have on anything.” And JJ said, “Yeah, that would make sense, except he’s going to be dressed all in black.” And I said, “Yeah, but he’s in the desert, so he could get very, very dusty so that we don’t see our hero in totally black clothes for the whole movie.” So that seemed to work with the pants and shirt got dustier and once he puts the jacket on it’s somehow a complete costume change.

Michael Kaplan, Dressing the Galaxy

Kings and Vagabonds: In Defense and Celebration of Jean-Jacques Leroy

I hadn’t expected JJ to become my favorite character, at first. Settling in for an unusually early snowfall in mid-November, I went into his introductory episode with the amount of hype I’d come to anticipate since becoming a fan of Yuri on Ice: Kubo-sensei had tweeted positive things about him beforehand, particularly about his short program song; his character design was attractive; his official description established him as a viable contender. My first impression, scrabbled together from these few snippets, was of someone mature, suave, professional, maybe even a little intimidating. Oh, how wrong I was. And I’ve never been so happy to be wrong.

JJ was ridiculous, JJ was over-the-top, and JJ was, above all else in that first episode, entertaining. Ultimately, I was amused by his introduction, sending off a volley of blissful 3 am tweets before turning in for the night, content. I woke up to snow and everyone else’s laughter. My first forays into JJ fandom came with a healthy dose of irony: I liked him because I was entertained by him, but, don’t worry (I’d assure everyone), I was in on the joke. JJ fandom post-episode 8 was all in good fun. I wondered how “Partizan Hope” could possibly top “Theme of King JJ” for ridiculousness, meanwhile changing all of my alarms to blare “Theme of King JJ” when I awoke. I lovingly dubbed him Leroy Jenkins and prepared myself for comic relief.

I was wrong again. Episode 9 came and gave us a taste of what was motivating JJ. We’d seen love and its many forms emerge as one of the central themes of Yuri on Ice, and at first, JJ would seem to embody the notion of self-love. Initially, it appeared to border on arrogance, though it was tempered by his deep gratitude.

And in episode 9, we got our first hints that there was more to JJ than meets the eye. I think we all missed it, that we were distracted. He was banging out a flawless performance, and his inner monologue would seem to reflect not just confidence, but cockiness. The announcers sing his praises, list his accolades. A desire to beat Victor in competition swiftly turns into JJ speculating that Victor’s withdrawal from the competitive circuit was out of fear of losing to him. “That poor guy, Victor!” he scoffs. And then it cuts to this close-up.

It wasn’t an expression that matched his thoughts at all. He looks nervous, stressed. Did he really believe what he was telling himself? Was it arrogant boasting, or frantic reassurance?

Episode 10 did the collective fandom in by showing us that our first impressions of characters and situations might not have aligned with reality at all. Yuuri’s prior drunken antics snowballed into the current state of affairs, with we the audience learning that Yuuri was an utterly unreliable narrator. Victor’s motivations became clear in ways we couldn’t have predicted, and context even managed to cast Chris in a friendlier light. Yet, while the previous year’s Grand Prix Final was the catalyst for this year’s successes, in episode 10 we were also seeing the pieces being laid to catalyze someone else’s failure.

Episode 10 showed us that JJ, while possessed of a strong support network of those who love him, was lacking in support from his fellow skaters. We meet Isabella Yang, who is just… so great, she is just so, so great. Yet her introduction immediately shows her antagonizing Yurio with a pointed enough edge to indicate she’d done her research. The cutting comments all came from Isabella; I immediately figured JJ didn’t bristle at Yurio’s verbal abuse of his girlfriend because he knew she’d come looking for a fight and that she wasn’t in particular need or want of defending. Rather, it stood to reason that she was the one doing the protecting. Had JJ told Isabella that Yurio had been hostile to him in the past? Was she taking it upon herself to defend him, knowing he was the sort to laugh everything off, instead?  

JJ was the first to deescalate the conflict, lightly suggesting Yurio calm down before inviting Otabek out to lunch. He accepted the declination gracefully, citing a passing familiarity with Otabek’s lone wolf tendencies. And then came another thing we may have missed on our first watching, distracted by (ultimately more important matters such as) missing nuts and engagement rings. When JJ and Isabella reappear, breaking up a tense moment at the dinner table with a bit of bravado and theatrics, Otabek was there with literally all of the other skaters. Otabek, who had declined JJ’s invitation, which JJ had likely chalked up to a preference for meals taken alone. JJ seemed unperturbed at this, though. He joined in on their joke, realizing too late that he was Excluded from being Allowed to do so. The brunt of the tension and awkwardness was transferred to him, and he was left alone, shouting that his engagement and goals were simply a joke in one last attempt at peacemaking.

And so, we are then shown the Jean-Jacques Leroy of episode 11. Someone who, in the eyes of the skating world, was mature, suave, professional, maybe even a little intimidating. A viable contender. Someone slated to take home the gold in an eventual grand-slam, the skater to watch out for, the man to beat. He’d taken Victor’s place. Yet we knew that Victor had friends and admirers. We’d seen Phichit watching videos of his routines. His relationship with Chris was well-established; his relationship with Yuuri, first as idol and then as lover, even more so. He was the living legend, the accepted leader; his competing seasons saw the other skaters in a race to place second rather than defeat him. But, how did the other skaters view JJ? Or, rather, how did JJ, himself perceive their attitude towards him?

As viewers, we had seen all of these characters independent of their interactions with JJ, and could thus objectively state that JJ’s impression of them was skewed. But how could he know that, when all he’d seen was ambivalence at best, rejection at worst, and when he knew that the path to the gold medal hinged not on anyone outperforming him — his technical score was simply too high to allow that — but on him crashing and burning?

How would JJ have fared if he’d had friends in the skating community? If they’d pulled up an extra two seats for Isabella and him? While friendship is not immunity from anxiety — Yuuri illustrates this quite clearly, and is even able to remark on their similarities while watching JJ succumb to the pressure — I imagine he would have felt at least the slightest bit less targeted had he known that his peers saw him as more than an obstacle.

But he was not unloved.

Though his self-love takes a hit, it is JJ’s gratitude that ultimately carries him safely through the gauntlet laid before him. His parents, his fiancée, the people of Canada. His parents, former ice dancers and Olympic champions at that, who agreed to be his coach when no one else could support his goals. His fiancée, strong and fierce as a lioness, who knew exactly how to show him love in his moment of weakness and vulnerability. His fans, who cheered for him even when he wasn’t perfect. His gratitude helped him rediscover his self-love, reaffirm his identity, and be true to himself — not as a replacement for Victor, not as simply the man to beat, but as a man with goals, with passion, who sought to challenge himself on his own terms. More so than any medal, that sense of conviction was the real victory for Jean-Jacques Leroy.

And I was even more assured in my conviction that JJ was my favorite character.

Jean-Jacques Leroy was passionate, enthusiastic, open and honest. Jean-Jacques Leroy was — yes — obnoxious, but ultimately harmless, the nervous kid who tries to use humor as their “in”, perhaps a kid too used to the company of his family and the safety net of an adoring fanbase who mistakenly assumes he is already understood and accepted by all he meets. It surprised me when the other skaters unanimously rejected him; and it surprised me even more when the fans, existing outside the framework of the story and with a more objective base from which to analyze character traits and motivations, largely rejected him as well.

I’ve been trying to figure out why this is. I’ve watched his episodes over countless times, and have found little evidence of actual antagonistic behavior, save the “ladies first” comment which was positively mild compared to, say, most of Yurio’s interactions with the rest of the cast. If anything, he’d been friendly and encouraging of the other skaters, with his good intentions possibly confounded by awkwardness. I couldn’t see where this “asshole” characterization bestowed upon him by the fandom was coming from, and I found it strange, if not downright hypocritical, that a fandom so ready to celebrate the respectful and accurate portrayal of Yuuri’s introverted anxiety was also so quick to dismiss or deny JJ’s anxiety, which presented extrovertedly.  If anything, I was laughing to my friends about how JJ was a complete combo-breaker for me as far as favorite characters were concerned: I’ve gone for icy, ruthless villains since time immemorial.

Watching a show as it’s coming out it’s a much different experience than binge-watching. In the weeks between episodes, to keep ourselves engaged, we fall back on our own creations: art, fiction, fan theories. This is normally a great thing, homage and celebration and all that. It’s fun (if not a little nerve-wracking) to speculate and to see how accurate your predictions were. But I feel like, in this particular case, JJ was absolutely a victim of fan-created bias. In the space between episodes, an especially vocal opposition was allowed to fill the gaps, and even though his character was rounded out only three episodes after his introduction, that one month appears to have done enough damage. Even though the general opinion towards him did seem to soften after episode 11, a lot of it seemed to come more from a place of schadenfreude than genuine compassion. I’ve found that those who watched the series later, consuming the episodes in large chunks instead of weekly bites, seem to have an overall more positive/neutral opinion of JJ than the initial viewership.

It’s a shame to see a character you like become, of all things, a problematic fave, but I’m still hoping that after this first wave of opposition dies down, fans will see JJ for the silly, earnest, vulnerable and motivated character he was intended to be.

Thanks to @happy-riceball for urging me to write this, to @aquaticircus and @cicadaemon for listening and joining in on hours of headcanons and rants, to @traditionalthegrace for also encouraging me to put my imagination and adoration to good use, and a shout-out to @samansucks for giving me all her spare JJ’s from blind items.

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Made up fic title: Katsukilicious definition

This would be a five+one about all the times Yuuri accidentally seduced someone with his amazing thighs, and then one time that he actually meant  to.

For the record, they are:

1: That time in high school when Takeshi saw Yuuri doing squats and was flung into a bisexual crisis that lasted for a full five minutes as he just stood there, slack-jawed, until Yuuko slid by and whispered I know right into his ear, and he was abruptly reminded why Yuuko was the love of his life.

2: Phichit sees Yuuri hanging effortlessly off the pullup bar by his legs and has to consider whether or not he really wants to complicate everything by banging his roommate. (They do eventually bang–no hard feelings are had. Phichit is aro as hell and Yuuri only has eyes for Viktor Nikiforov)

3: The banquet. Enough said.

4: Viktor drops in on Yuuri in practice with Minako and has to actually go lie down afterwards because Yuuri was wearing tights. Yuuri was wearing tights and looking at him with those doe eyes and wearing a soft heather gray shirt and he looked so firm and soft at the same time and all Viktor wants in this unfair, unforgiving world is to wrap Yuuri Katsuki in his arms and only let go to put his head between Yuuri’s legs and–

5: The five male GPF finalists who aren’t Yuuri sitting in the locker room after Yuuri has left, staring furtively at each other and waiting, waiting for someone to say it.
“Are we going to talk about Katsuki’s thighs, though?” JJ asks, because it was always going to be JJ. “Like, are we?”
Everyone sighs.
“I could have made a move, you know,” Chris says. “I had the chance. I didn’t, because I didn’t think he was the sort. Apparently all I had to do was choreograph him a program accompanied by sexy violins.”
“And be Viktor Nikiforov,” Phichit snorts. 
“I’m dying,” Yuri P whispers into his jacket hood.
“Aren’t you, like, eleven?” asks JJ. “Should we be having this conversation with you?”
“I’m fifteen, you utter waste of air,” Yuri snaps.
Otabek is silent for the whole conversation, but the glint in his eyes says he’s listening very, very closely.

+1: Yuuri gives Viktor a lapdance for their first anniversary. Viktor almost expires on the spot.

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Twenty-Seven

Summary: You look more into the possibility of getting a dog, and your surprise baby shower brings more than one surprise.
Words: 3k
Jared x Reader x Gen, Jensen, Tom, Shep, assorted friends and family
Warnings: none
Beta: @blacksiren

I Know Your Wife - Masterpost

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There are so many ambiguous lines in The Force Awakens, that it makes my head spin. So many scenes that have hidden meanings, or purposefully flow into another scene that makes you on a subconscious level see the parallels. Combine those scenes with the novelization, and each time I watch it I see/hear something I hadn’t noticed before. A few lines that stand out to me:

1) ‘We’re Not Done Yet’. - Star Killer Base is exploding all around them, he just killed his father, he has a MAJOR wound to his side from Chewie’s bowcaster that could make him bleed out, yet Kylo does what? He trudges out into the snow to find the 'traitor’ and Rey. All bets are off here. What did he have to gain/prove by killing/capturing them? What did he think he would do, anyway? Try to probe Rey’s mind again for the map? Kill Finn for disowning the First Order? Yeah, that was such a high priority at the moment, while his life was literally ending before our eyes. Maybe his anger drove him, or his helplessness at his actions with Han. Maybe he was afraid to come to Snoke empty handed, yet I can’t see how that one holds water. He just killed his father, for God’s sake. He did the ultimate act of proof for that monster that he was obedient. He could have left well enough alone, and lived to fight another day. For all Kylo knew, Finn and Rey might have died on the imploding planet. Problem solved for him. But nope. He went after them, with one intent as far as I can see: He wanted Rey. Dealing with Finn was a distraction. But his words to her, 'We’re not done yet’, were directed to her alone and because even though he might not have known who she was yet (It is you- the novel) he had a good idea from the interrogation and her escape that she was someone important to his future. He was jealous (that she was with Finn) he was angry (that she witnessed what should have been his 'finest’ hour - killing Han, yet he was at his weakest) and he was lost (that he did this unspeakable act that was supposed to make him stronger, only to feel even more guilty, alone, confused, and pulled towards the light). There was NO way he was letting her go without a fight. And I don’t even think he meant to harm her at all. She pulled the blaster on him first, prompting him to save his skin by sending her flying into the tree, and she attacked with Luke’s saber first, prompting him to engage her in a duel. Rey drew first blood.

2) 'The Girl I’ve Heard So Much About’. - Okay. From whom? Unless it was offscreen, in which case they should have included it in the finished cut, because how the hell did he hear so much about 'The Girl’ when the only person who he spoke to about it was Mitaka. Did Mitaka have a dosier on Rey? Did he question everyone at Niima Outpost and learn all about Rey and her non-existent flying skills? Because all he said to Ren were those seven words. All he said was 'The two were accompanied by a girl.’ You’d think that because this 'girl’ was going to play such an important role in Kylo’s life going forward, that we would have been privy to what he’d 'heard’ about her. We don’t see Kylo investigating her, or gathering intel on her after Mitaka tells him this. I can understand his attention when the Stormtrooper said in the Forest that the droid was spotted with the girl, and why he fled to find the one who helped the droid and FN-2187 escape. But his weird line to her, 'The Girl I’ve Heard So Much About’, makes ZERO sense to me. Is it purposefully ambiguous? Are we to think he knows more than we think? Was it an error? Even paralyzed Rey looks at him like, 'Huh?’ How could you possibly know me? It’s this reason that I feel he knows ALL about her, in some way. It’s the only possible explanation for the novels line 'It Is You’. Whether he knows of her but never met her (As JJ Abrams said Rey and Kylo never met), or he feels she is the reason for the Force awakening, or if he’d had visions of her like she had of him, he has to have had some inkling of who Rey was. The fact he flipped out on Mitaka and almost choked him is another indicator. So a girl helped them escape. Was it really so surprising that a Good Samaritan on that planet could have helped Finn and BB8 out? Maybe she was a pilot, or a smuggler. Whatever. His reaction was very telling. He’s heard so much about this girl, because he knows this girl in one way, shape, or form.

3) 'Don’t Be Afraid, I Feel It Too.’ - Yeah. This is probably the most ambiguous line of all. As is the probing look Kylo gives Rey before he voices it. It’s clear to me that he is reacting to whatever Rey is thinking in that moment, and whatever it is, it MUST be something about him. And that something must NOT be negative. Because if she’s thinking 'He’s a creature, a monster, etc. I doubt Kylo’s reaction would be 'Don’t be afraid, I feel it too. If she’s thinking 'I hate him, I want to kill him, etc. again, I doubt his reaction would be 'Don’t be afraid, I feel it too.'He doesn’t hate her, nor want her dead. If he did, she would have been mistreated, bloodied, beaten, raped, or killed. He took care of her before, during, and after the interrogation by seeing no harm came to her. The only conclusion to me on not only why Kylo looked at her with such surprise before he said it and the words he used, was because somewhere in Rey’s mind she felt him interesting, attractive, and she was curious about him the same way he was curious about her. Kylo saw/heard this in her thoughts, and it puzzled him. Anti’s say Rey was terrified in this scene, and that she had no interest in her captor, etc. Yet her reaction speaks for itself. When he removed his mask, she did not look terrified. She looked startled and a bit disoriented. She didn’t expect THAT to be what she had thought a creature. And she seemed pretty self conscious and embarrassed at his calling her a scavenger, yet she usually wore that moniker as a badge of honor. Here he is, a handsome, young, high ranking and probably wealthy officer while she is a dirt poor scavenger who hasn’t had proper nutrition or grooming. In that moment, she was like any woman would be when faced with a man she found attractive despite herself: she was embarrassed that she was a nobody. Yet she held her own pretty damn well with NO help. By the end of the scene, she had the upper hand in every way. After her turning the tables on him, using his greatest fear against him, he could have hurt her or worse. He turned tail and fled to his Master for help. He was afraid of Rey, and needed Snoke’s 'guidance’. The only reason the mind probe hurt was because she resisted so firmly. You’d thiink with his temper, he would have injured her. But no, he never touched her. Why? Because he was already interested in her. Already had COMPASSION for her. And whatever it was he saw in her thoughts, HE FELT IT TOO.

4) 'Rey’. - I’ve shown this scene to friends, family, tumblr friends, my doctor, my mailman, my dry cleaner, etc. They all see and hear what I see and hear. After Rey defeats Kylo and he’s lying in he snow, before he sits up and gives her a look that is equal parts awed, smitten, disbelieving, shocked, and helpless…he moans (probably in exhaustion and pain) and says the word 'Rey’. I’ve heard people say he was just moaning gibberish. Or the word Okay (???) Or it was just a sound of discomfort at his defeat. Whatever. Sure, I’m a Reylo Shipper. And the part of me that WANTS a Reylo pairing to come to fruition would gladly make things up to head in that direction. Yet I’ve seen this scene on my ultra HD tv which is 60 inches and has surround sound, on youtube on my laptop, on my I Phone, on the TV’s at Best Buy (you get the picture) And you cannot tell me in that scene Kylo does not say the word Rey in a voice filled with pride and longing and yes…passion. She’s just bested him (wounded or not) after they 'Found the Force together’. Show of hands of people who thought he would orgasm right there on the edge of that cliff as he watched her meditate. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her Light. Since I think he now 'know’s her, I think he is even more drawn to her and wants her even more. He just begged her to let him be her teacher. So he is pretty stoked to see her use that beautiful rage he finds so attractive in her, even if it was against him. I’d hate to sound like he was fueled by lust in this scene, since it’s a family movie and PG-13. But the way I heard him say Rey? I expected him to light up a cigarette while he was down for the count on his fine ass. I think dueling with her REALLY excited him, and I hope to see more of that in TLJ.

So yeah. I waste a lot of time thinking about these kind of things. All I can say in my defense is if The Powers That Be didn’t want fans to obsess about this kind of stuff, then they shouldn’t do such a good job at leaving things so open to interpretation. :D

The House In the Suburbs

This is a Hotch x reader requested by an awesome anon where Hotch kept his relationship with you a secret from the team because he wanted to see where it went then about a year or two later, hotch, jack, and you, are moving into a house in the suburbs and when Hotch is submitting the change in address to update his file Garcia notices and notifies the rest of the team, leading Hotch to confess the relationship and invite the team over for a barbecue to meet you. This one ended up being kinda long, but I actually really like it and I hope you guys do, too! Please enjoy! :)

Originally posted by nevermindtheb0ll0cks

“Why do you refuse to tell them about our relationship, Hotch?” You barked, “I know that they’re like family to you!”

“Y/n,” Your boyfriend warned you, his voice low. He could feel the heated argument hurtling toward him, like an eager grenade clip barely hanging on.

You took a deep breath, steadying your heart rate for a moment, “Do you not think we’re going to last? Is that it?” You were hurt and confused, red in the face, doing all that you could to control your rampant anger at your boyfriend.

“I don’t think that at all,” Hotch took a number of large steps toward you. You could tell he was tempted to wrap his arms around your shoulders, but the anger still emanating from you warned him to do otherwise, “Y/n, I really like us. And that’s it right there. I don’t want us to be us and six other people- just us,”

You thought for a moment and Hotch could physically see you softening at his words. He laughed a little under his breath, “Us and Jack of course if that’s alright,”

“Are you kidding!” You couldn’t hide your smile anymore as your anger evaporated, “Jack is literally the best kid in the world!”

“Well,” Hotch chuckled, finally allowing his palms to settle around you, “Then I don’t see a problem here,” And with that, he pressed a kiss to your lips, the argument from mere moments before completely vanished from all mediums around.

“Hotch, babe, do you know if I have any more pairs of socks here?” You called from your boyfriend’s bedroom. It had been over a year since the long-ago fight.

He boyfriend stepped out of the bathroom, still-foamy toothbrush stuck into his palm like a wand, “What?” Hotch thought aloud, “I don’t think so,”

You groaned loudly, “It’s so difficult to have stuff in two different houses! I never know what I have at one and not at the other,” You resigned to stealing one of Hotch’s warm pairs of socks that were three times too big for your feet but would make do.

“Well, why don’t we just get a house together?” Hotch shrugged as if the suggestion was the most natural, easy thing to say in the entire world.

“What did you just say?” You looked up at Hotch in shock, eyes wide in surprise, only one sock slipped loosely onto your feet. His notion was flooded with such excited, crazy spotaneity, it threw you off your feet.

“Let’s sell our places and find one for just us,” Hotch was smirking, enjoying the thought of his own idea. It was rather romantic of him, so spontaneous yet so earnest and meditated.

You were frozen, still in shock. How could such a life-changing idea be uttered with such impossible nonchalance? Hotch was getting uneasy at your lack of response, but within another moment, your face burst into a gargantuan smile. Leaping off the bed, ignoring the cold feeling of the hard wood slapping the bottom of your sock-less foot, you wrapped your arms around Hotch, pressing your lips to his in another fateful kiss. When you pulled away, you were smiling like the Chesire cat.

“What do you say we start house hunting?” Hotch laughed

“I’ll go get my laptop!” You squealed in excitement, jutting out of the room like a train on fire. Hotch’s laughter at your enthusiasm drifted into the hallway. You could hear him finally putting his toothbrush away as you returned.

“Garcia?” Hotch knocked on the technical analyst’s door, pulling it open and entering, “Do you have access to my personal file? I need to update it,”

“Of course, boss man,” Garcia smiled, hot pink lipstick pulling apart to reveal an ivory set of sunshine. She turned to her computer, typing away momentarily before the printer in the corner of her office spurred to life, coughing up his personal file, “Make the changes on that paper then send it to HR, sir,”

“Thanks, Garcia,” Hotch said, marking the paper against her desk.

“Sir, do you mind if I ask you what exactly you’re changing?”

“My address.”

“I didn’t know you were moving!” Garcia cheered, “How exciting! Is Jack thrilled about the whole thing?” She twirled a dancing purple pen between her fingers, feeling the soft ball of fluff perched on the end brush softly against her fingertips.

“Oh yeah, Jack is ecstatic about the whole thing. Of course he’s hesitant about having a woman in the house again,” Hotch answered distractedly, focused on writing the correct words and numbers on the paper.

Hotch didn’t notice the way Garcia’s jaw completely dropped all the way to the floor, revealing a cavern of awe between the fuschia paint of her lips. She had to shake herself out of her astonished trance. Hotch hadn’t even noticed.

“Hold up, please,” Garcia stopped him from writing any farther, leaning forward and snatching the pen right out of Hotch’s hand.

“Garcia! What are you doing?”

“What woman are you moving in with?” The vibrant blonde questioned. When it came to the personal lives of her friends, Garcia’s interrogation skills rivaled that of the BAU’s. The technical analyst’s bright orange floral sweater combated the stern line that consumed her now-unsmiling lips, a curious eyebrow raised.

Hotch backtracked in his mind, flushing white, “My girlfriend,” He answered, accepting his route of no escape from his allied cohort, “We’ve been keeping the relationship to ourselves for awhile. Less pressure and all that. Please, don’t tell the rest of the team, Garcia,” Hotch practically begged.

She leapt from her seat, “Oh no, oh no, oh no,” Garcia shook her head, rising to Hotch’s height with the aid of her much-too-high heels, “Hotch, you know me, there’s no way I can keep a secret like this!”

“Can you at least try?” Hotch pleaded with her, “I don’t think we’re ready to have the rest of the team know about our relationship yet,”

“I’ll try,” Penelope emphasized the pivotal word, drawing it out so that he would remember that she had used it, “But I can’t make any promises. You know how antsy I get when people tell me secrets!”

Okay, so maybe Hotch really shouldn’t trust Garcia with secrets. Nobody should. It took one single day for Garcia to spill the news about Hotch’s secret to the rest of the team. 

“Hotch, I’m so sorry,” Garcia rushed into his office nearly out of breath. She panted the words without context.


“Forgive me?” The technical analyst cringed at her own words. She still hadn’t confirmed why exactly she was apologizing to her boss. But she didn’t need to because a mere moment later, in walked the exact reason itself. The team.

“So, Aaron,” David smirked, leaning nonchalantly against a bookcase, “We hear you have a girlfriend,”

“Yeah, when can we meet her?” Emily added, getting straight to the point

They were all smirking. Why did they have to be smirking?!

Garcia looked like a puppy that had been kicked. There was no way he wasn’t going to forgive her, but still he couldn’t help but feel helpless as his mind grappled for an answer. Hotch finally opted for an easy sigh, looking wordlessly up at them.

“Oh, come on Hotch! You have to let us meet her!” JJ pleaded. Spencer chimed in in agreement a moment later. Even Spencer was desperate to meet their his girlfriend. There was no way he could keep this contained anymore. No way. All hope was lost. Abort mission.

Hotch sighed again, “Alright, why don’t you guys come over to our new place on Sunday? We’ll have a barbecue and you guys can meet her. JJ, you can bring the kids,”

“There ya’ go,” Morgan smiled, patting his boss on the back, “Now was that so hard?” He laughed.

The agents all filed out in one globular mess of a mob, like a clique of raucous rabbits. Garcia stayed behind, wringing the rows of rainbow bracelets climbing up her arms.

“Sir?” She asked hesitantly, “I’m sorry for telling them. I know how much you wanted to keep it a secret. I’ll make it up to you. I’ll tell you one of secrets then you can tell them! No, I’ll babysit Jack for a whole day! Actually, I’ve been told I’m not very good at babysitting… How about I-”

Hotch caught her off with a laugh and a wave of his hand, “It’s fine, Garcia. Really. It was only a matter of time until you guys found out anyway. If you want to do something to make it up to me, then you can show up at the barbecue on Sunday, how does that sound?”

Garcia’s lips exploded once again, “I’m very excited to meet her, sir,”

And with that, Garcia scurried out of the unit chief’s office without another word.

The barbecue. The day had finally arrived and the freshly painted house buried deep in the suburbs was buzzing with palpable excitement. Jack couldn’t wait for all of his favorite people to visit, overjoyed to see Uncle Spencer and Uncle Dave and Henry once again. The adults on the other hand (you especially) were incredibly nervous. 

All morning you were fidgety and anxious, wracked with never ending nerves. Hotch did what he could to comfort you, reassure you that these people were going to adore you, but you could tell that deep, deep down, he was just a little nervous, too.

The sound of the doorbell startled you to attention, and you anxiously followed your boyfriend to the door. As the door swung open, you were met with the sight of a bustling group of seven adults, two bustling kids that must have belonged to JJ trailing behind with laughs mounting jubilantly across their faces before they disappeared into the backyard in search of Jack.

Introductions were made and it became fretfully obvious that these people were nothing if not welcoming, if not friendly. Especially Garcia. Instead of a polite hand shake, the enthusiastic woman opted for an energetic hug, wrapping her arms around you in exuberant welcome.

“I’m Penelope, it is so nice to meet you,” The vibrantly robed woman gushed

“Oh, you, too, Penelope,” You smiled back warmly, rapidly feeling more and more comfortable in the presence of your boyfriend’s team.

“What do you say we take this outside?” Hotch suggestion, his arm wrapped naturally around your waist after several minutes of casual small talk.

Laughs and smiles filled the warm afternoon under the smiling golden sun. The kids laughed and played while the adults had their own fun, chit chatting easily the entire afternoon, seizing their rare opportunity for a stress-less day without work.

Garcia and Hotch barely left your side. Garcia, eager to learn all about you and seemingly become best of friends, and Hotch simply never wanting to leave your side. The food was delicious, a scrumptious summer treat on tired tongues fatigued from laughter, yet another embellishment of the increasingly delightful day.

As the food sitting on dinner plates began to disappear, Jack tried to capture your attention, waving his hands in the air from a couple seats down the table. After a moment of zero acknowledgement, Jack said rather loudly across the table, “Mom!”

And just like that, you felt everybody freeze around you, Hotch’s muscles tensed up as if the muscles themselves were additional bones. Garcia’s sharp intake of breath on your other side was painfully audible. You knew about what had happened to Jack’s mother, what had happened to Hotch’s ex-wife. It was awful, a trauma that would forever change Hotch and his son and everybody around them in so many infinite ways. The name that Jack called you could have scared you, could have changed everything, but it was Jack for Pete’s sake, so you turned to him with a muted smile, eyes soft, “Yeah, Jack?”

You slowly felt everybody around you let out a breath. Hotch’s arm tightened around your waist in a different way this time. He pressed a kiss to your cheek, “Thank you,” He whispered subtly to you as chatter resumed. And once again, all was good.

After awhile, Hotch filtered away to work at the grill to finish cooking off the last of the patties simultaneously chatting with Dave, matching beers in hand. You, Garcia, and Spencer, had ventured into the grassy abyss of the delightful backyard to join the boys in their game, running wildly and falling about in the dewy wonderland of afternoon joy.

“I like this one, Aaron,” Rossi commented, watching as you tumbled to the ground with Jack, Garcia plunging down along with the two of you moments later, “Would’ve liked to meet her earlier but…. she’s still a keeper,”

Hotch couldn’t hid the smile that reached his lips even as he brought his drink up to his mouth, “Yeah,” He said happily, watching you from the homely backyard the two of you now shared together, “I know,”

run pt.3

summary: spencer finds out, thats all i have to say lmao

words: 1318

warnings: angsty as hell, pregnancy, unspecified panic attack, etc.

a/n: contrary to my original plan, this is not the final part!! there will be a part 4. also I hope y'all know I love you because I don’t have wifi at home so I’m posting this from a mcdonalds omg. also I’m not sure about this part so I hope you guys like it.

read part four here

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Derek Morgan - Figlia

Originally posted by emmazach

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Derek meets a mysterious woman he feels a connection with, but when he sees her again he is surprised that she’s the daughter of someone he works with. Will he able to get to know her better or will her father and work get in the way?

Requested by: @pollaluci

Pairing/s: Derek x Fem!Reader, David x Daughter!Reader

Characters: Fem!Reader, Derek Morgan, David Rossi, Aaron Hotchner, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, Spencer Reid, Penelope Garcia, Emily Prentiss

Warning: A couple of swear words and mentions of alcohol.

A/N: The title translates to Daughter. Italian is translated (thank you @pollaluci)

A/N/N: Thank you to @mo320 for being my beta!

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Spreading Christmas Cheer

A/N: Day 9 of the 25 Days of BAU Christmas! This is a piece where the BAU has a diner they go to every time they get back from a case. There’s a waitress (the reader), who’s a single mother, who barely makes ends meet. Similarly, every Christmas, the BAU gathers together as a team and does something nice for someone they may or may not know. They decide that this year, the reader will be that person.

Garcia ran into the round table room in a panic. “Who’s our person this year?”

Immediately, everyone turned to face her. Year after year, they’d gotten together and done something nice for someone they knew or even someone they didn’t - someone who needed it. With cases coming in and out at lightning speed, they’d barely gotten time to breathe, no less think of who they’d try to help this year. “Oh my god, I don’t know,” Emily said. “We finally have time to think. So who should we pick this year?”

Tara sat across the table from Emily, combing her hands through her hair when it dawned on her. “What about Y/N? From the diner?”

“She did say she was going to have some issues doing Christmas for her daughter this year because she’s barely making ends meet,” Spencer said. “That could definitely work.”

Rossi nodded enthusiastically. “What should we do?”

Luke instantly had some ideas. “She said she has a tree, but that’s all she’s going to be able to do. For dinner, she was able to get picked through a local charity for a free meal, but for her daughter’s gifts, she said she was barely going to be able to do anything. Can we get a hold on her Christmas list without Y/N knowing?”

As they continued planning everything out, their faces lit up. Y/N was their favorite waitress at their local diner and she worked her ass off to provide for her little girl. The five year old was in school now, so money had gotten even tighter. Though Y/N did have her own mother, who could babysit while her daughter worked, Y/N was still barely making ends meet. “She said she might even have to tell Quinn that Santa isn’t real because she doesn’t have the money to buy anything,” JJ continued. “No one should have to say that to their five year old. But maybe we can keep the magic going for another year.”

Garcia had already pulled out her phone and texted Y/N to see if they could get together. “I have plans with her tonight. I’m going to take her and Quinn out to dinner. I’ll get the list then. Operation Save Christmas is underway!”

When Garcia arrived to pick Y/N up for dinner, she excused herself for a moment to head to the bathroom, and instead found Quinn. On her little play table was her Christmas list. It was very modest, almost as if she knew Santa was actually her mother and her mom didn’t have enough money, but now the team had something to work with. “Here we go,” she said, placing the list on the table the next morning. “This is where we start.”

Rossi grabbed the paper and looked almost sad. “Wow, she doesn’t have a lot on here.”

“But we can work with that,” Spencer said, scanning the page. When he got to the bottom, he beamed. “She wants books. It says lots of books.” He would obviously be taking care of that. 

“She also wants a pop up castle,” Emily said softly. “The kind you can sit in. Oh my god, she’s so cute. We can definitely work with this. Should we go shopping after work?”

Rossi patted his pocket, his wallet at the ready. “Sounds good to me.”

After a truly long ass day at work, the team headed to Target. It should have been a crime to be such big babies, running around the store and putting things into the cart that they thought little Quinn might enjoy. “Here’s the pop-up castle!” JJ beamed. “What about this too?” Superhero dolls. Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Supergirl were just the beginning. JJ put three into the cart and then Rossi got the rest.

“What?” He laughed when Luke gave him the side eye. “She needs the complete collection.” Rossi so rarely got to spend the money he’d earned over his lifetime; making a little girl’s Christmas dreams come true was just what he wanted to be spending it on. 

Spencer emerged from one of the aisles with a square package in hand. “It’s a tablet made just for kids. She could learn and watch tv shows and Y/N can put on parental controls and everything!” He didn’t even put it in the cart; he just gathered it close to his chest. This was something he was buying.

Luke grabbed an art kit. Matt chipped in where he could, buying her a basketball she wanted, but considering he had four kids of his own, he couldn’t do much else. It didn’t matter. The rest of the team was surely making up for it. Garcia bought…everything. A cute owl backpack for school, more barbies, but not the ones with dresses because Quinn had written on her list that she didn’t like dresses, a care bear, and even some clothes. 

Just an hour and a half after they’d arrived, they approached the counter. Spencer bought his own gift and Rossi, Emily, JJ, Luke, Matt and Tara took the rest, with Rossi happily paying for a large chunk of the bill. As they gazed upon the pile of gifts in the back of the SUV, Matt chuckled. “Now we have to get to wrapping all this.”

Over the course of the next few days, they all wrapped gifts whenever they could. They might have gone a little overboard. And in addition to the tablet, Spencer had gone and bought nearly $150 in books as well. Of course, they didn’t want to forget Y/N. Emily, JJ, Garcia and Tara had gone out and bought her a nice outfit, including shirt, pants, bag, coat, a hat, mittens, boots - the whole nine yards. 

“What’s wrong, Garcia?” Luke asked when she walked in the room. 

She was a little deflated. “Apparently Y/N had to tell Quinn that Santa wasn’t real. She got really sad. I mean I know we’re giving her stuff, but I was hoping we could keep the magic alive for her.”

Matt and JJ in particular looked distraught. With kids of their own, it was hard to  take in the fact that such an integral part of Christmas was taken away from the young child. “It’s okay,” Tara said. “She’s going to have the best Christmas ever anyway. When can we meet up with her?”

“I asked her when she’d working and when she’d bringing Quinn to the diner again. She’ll be there tomorrow night,” Emily replied. “We’re all wrapped up, right?”

A wave of nods went around the room. They were so ready for this.

Even if Quinn knew that Santa wasn’t real, they’d be damned if they didn’t make this a Christmas to remember.

There was only a week left until Christmas and Y/N was working more than ever. Her own mother dropped Quinn off at the diner about an hour before her shift was over and the diner was closing up for the night. Just as Y/N locked the doors, Spencer knocked lightly on the glass. “Hey, Spencer,” she said with a smile. “How’ve you all been? I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Been a little busy,” he said brightly. “Is Quinn with you?”

When she nodded, Spencer waved his friends over. Y/N was amazingly confused as everyone from the BAU walked in the doors with packages in hand. “What’s this?”

“We decided that Quinn needed some Christmas presents this year?”

“This is for Quinn!” She cried, bringing her hand to her mouth and attempting to hold back tears. “You bought all this for my baby?”

She burst into tears against Rossi’s shoulder as Quinn ran outside to see what was happening. “Mommy, what’s wrong?”

“Mommy’s friends got you Christmas presents this year,” she sobbed. She kept mouthing thank you to everyone as she picked up her daughter. “These are yours.”

Quinn’s eyes went wide. “All of these are for me?”

Spencer, Garcia and the rest of the team nodded at the little girl, barely containing their own smiles. “All yours.”

“Mommy, can I open them now?”

When she gave her approval, Quinn got giddy and started running around to every package, ripping open the paper and hugging each member of the team after every single gift. Hearing Quinn exclaim about each gift she received was the best soundtrack Y/N could’ve asked for this season. “Mommy! It’s a basketball! A castle! Superheroes! Mommy, look at all the books!” That last one made Spencer particularly happy. “How are we going to get all this home Mommy?”

“I don’t know,” she laughed. “But we’ll figure it out.” Taking a deep breath, she looked up to her customers, her friends. “I can’t begin to thank you enough for this.”

Quinn gave them all big, fat hugs again, while Y/N did the same. “What about these mommy?” She asked, pointing to a much smaller pile of gifts. “Who are those for?”

Tara turned around and grabbed the pile. “These are for your Mommy.”

“You didn’t…” Y/N said as she began to cry again. Everything she opened was beautiful - way more than she could ever afford and even more than she felt she deserved. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” She couldn’t stop crying.

After loading up everything in the car, they followed Y/N back to her apartment to help unload it all. It took everything in Y/N’s body not to sob the entire way home. There was no way she would’ve been able to do any of this, no less all of it. Between all of them, Quinn’s gifts were brought upstairs in about 10 minutes. The little girl was already sitting by the tree using the art kit that Luke had picked out for her. “Alright, we better get going,” Garcia said. “We’ll see you after the holidays? I need the diner’s cheesecake.”

“I’ll make sure I have it all ready for you,” Y/N replied. The BAU walked out the door, feeling like they’d accomplished their mission. Quinn was smiling from ear to ear and Y/N was in a permanent state of sobbing. “I don’t know how to say thank you. Just…seeing her smile this year was more than I could’ve asked for. Thank you all so much.”

“Anytime,” JJ said. 

Garcia continued as they made their way down the stairs. “Just spreading some Christmas cheer!”

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Going through the Adam Driver tag, I am curious: Why do people hate him?

Sure, if he did something problematic, I’d get it, but those who hate him complain about his looks and things about him, like being in the military. And I just don’t get it?

Ok, 1, don’t be a jerk about people thinking he is attractive. Some jerks post things that say something akin to, “I hate Adam Driver, he literally looks like a trash can. What a fucking tool.” It is fine that you don’t find him attractive, I have no problem with it, but don’t hate a guy simply because other people do. You can get annoyed with his fans who say and do things that are questionable, but the man himself has never thought of himself as being handsome, has never been got pigheaded after getting fame. 

“I have been told before that I have an unusual face. But my face is my face. I had a whole life before acting, over the years. Lots of things have been said about my face.”

2, people hate him because of him being in the military. That’s it. Not because of his views, not because of anything he did, just that. One person had posted that they hated him because, they “don’t like organized groups and the military is the epitome of organized groups.” Ok? What the fuck does that have to do with Adam Driver? So many people have been in the military, are you going to hate them all? And guess what? The community you live in? That is a organized group. Your workplace? Organized group. Your family? Organized group. Just think about that. 

3, Adam has never forgotten that as a white male he has privilege, and he never has used it over anyone. 

“I’m a straight, white male, and I’ve had more opportunities than other people have, unjustly. And I’ve been lucky on top of that.“

He continued, "It’s so insane to me. That’s why I like being a part of ‘Girls,’ because it’s such a female-driven show. I see so many actors and friends who are so f-king good-but for one reason or another, because they’re female or African American, there aren’t as many opportunities for them. It’s total bullsh-t. My wife is an actress. She’s had to audition for, you know, 'Blonde Girl #3.’ There’s just such sh-ty writing and not as many opportunities.”

He is very aware, and he knows that is partially the reason why he got it, so if you are to be upset with anyone, be upset with the casting directors who ignore other actors who deserve as much, or in some cases, more of chance than him. But Kylo Ren was not simply handed to him. Eddie Redmayne had auditioned for Kylo Ren before Adam Driver was approached, and there may have been others who had auditioned, but JJ Abrams saw him and thought he was perfect. He got this particular part because he is a damn good actor, and I honestly don’t know anyone who could play the part better. 

I am not saying that he is a perfect person who had done no wrong, but he isn’t an awful human being that deserves all this crap simply for the reasons listed above. Come to me when he actually does something to deserve hate, and then we will talk. 

Dirty looks.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Jensen, Genevieve
Word count : 2,193
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose. Only one more part!

Part 16 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

You were sitting on a plane, River was excitedly looking out the window. “Are we in Texas yet?”

“No, River. Probably not for a few more hours. We’ve only been in the air about an hour, and it’s a 4 ½ hour flight.”

“Aww.” He pouted. “Do we have to stop somewhere?”

“Nop. You got spoiled with a non-stop flight.”

“Uncle Jensen is my favorite uncle.” River grinned.

“You’ve never had any other uncle.” You pointed out. “Maybe one day you’ll meet your fathers siblings. You actually have an uncle and an aunt.”

“Yeah!? Will they be at this Barbecue too?” You shrugged and he looked back out the window.

You let out a sigh, wondering how you’d ended up on a flight to fucking Texas. But you knew how. Jensen had fucked you over. And by fucked you over, he’d played it smart. Made it so you couldn’t say no. “Asshole” You mumbled, looking down at your phone.

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We All Fall Down - Twenty One

You spent Tuesday and Wednesday looking after Henry at Jennifer’s…. JJ’s request. By the time Wednesday afternoon rolled around, he was much brighter looking, had managed to eat two full meals, and was bouncing around the living room when his mother returned from work. 

“Back to school for you tomorrow I think, little man!” JJ ruffled his blonde hair and he giggled. 

“Well, just call if you need me okay. I’ve got a meeting tomorrow but I can always reschedule." 

"A meeting?” JJ raised her eyebrows questionably, although unlike the other times in the past you didn’t feel like it was meant cruelly. 

“A job interview. Kind of. It’s just at this diner Tara and Emily know of, outside of town, Al’s? I feel like I need to do something with my days and start earning a living or something." 

"Oh! Well good for you, Y/N. And Al’s serve great food, their pancakes are to die for." 

You grinned. "So I’ve heard." 

"Have you ever…. have you ever thought about going to back to school? Finishing your degree?" 

Shaking you head, you replied. "No. I could barely afford college the first time around, it was only thanks to the scholarship that I could go." 

JJ pursed her lips thoughtfully. "You know, if it was something you really wanted to do and you and Spencer DO sort things out, he’d help you pay for it." 

He would and you knew that but you wrinkled your nose. "I wouldn’t even know what to do. Writing was the only thing I was ever any good at and I haven’t done that in years. And if I did ever go back, I think I’d like to fund myself rather than relying on other people." 

JJ nodded, accepting your words. You stood, making to leave. 

"Stay, please. If you don’t have any other plans this evening, stay and eat with us. Will will be at work late tonight and cooking for you is the least I can do to say thank you for watching Henry." 

You were going to protest but saw something in her face that made you stay. She was trying with you, trying to be your friend or perhaps just your sister in law. But after all the animosity between you, it mattered. So you stayed for another two hours, eating a home cooked meal with her and your nephew after texting Emily to say you’d be home later. As you left, JJ reached into her purse, pulling out a bundle of bills and pressing them upon you. You shook your head vehemently. 

"JJ, he’s my nephew. I was happy to watch him." 

"I know. It’s been three full days of your time though and if I’d have taken leave or had to pay a child minder it would have cost me a lot more than this, trust me.”

“Honestly JJ, it’s fine.”

She kept holding her hand out, not moving it away. “Please Y/N. Buy a new dress or something, or take Tara and Emily out for a meal.”

You wondered whether the money was her way of trying make up for her behaviour towards you in the past, and eventually you reached out and took it, noting there was around two hundred dollars there. You’d add it to the money you had stashed in your make up bag, left over from phone shopping, and maybe you would do what she’d suggested and take Emily and Tara out. Hopefully if tomorrow went alright you’d be earning a wage soon and could offer them board money for letting you stay, although you doubted they'd accept it. 

“Alright fine. But I’m taking it under duress. And call me if you need a sitter again and Diana isn’t available. I like watching him, he’s a great kid.”

“I will do. And good luck for tomorrow.”

You said your goodbyes and started making your way home, or at least to what had come to be your temporary home. The streetlights were starting to come on, the sun disappearing for the evening. You wanted a long hot bath and maybe to share a glass of wine with the girls. 

That wasn’t to happen though. As you pulled into their driveway, there was another familiar car parked up and you could see the shape of someone sitting on the bench on the porch. Someone who you weren’t quite sure you were ready to see yet. 

He stood as you pulled the car to a stop and you were in two minds whether to just drive away, but then you realised; you couldn’t run from him forever. Especially not with his twin sister, his brother in law, and three other people in the town knowing what was going on between you two. 

No, you needed to face him. See what he had to say for himself. 

And come up with something to say for yourself. 

It was time to face your husband. 

Locking the car you stepped towards the porch, Spencer’s eyes on you the whole time. You approached him tentatively, not knowing what you were going to say. As you got nearer to him, the front door opened and Emily and Tara stepped out. 

“Do you want us to call Will, Y/N?” Emily asked, giving Spencer the side eye. 

“No it’s fine. I’ll speak to him." 

She went to ask if you were sure but Tara jumped in, somehow knowing that you had made your decision and that Emily need not push you. "We’ll be right inside. Call if you need anything.” With that, she placed her hand on her partner’s arm and steered her back inside, closing the door behind them. 

You looked at your husband, taking him in. He looked tired, stubble covering his chin and the bags under his eyes were deeper and more prominent than normal. Had he been worried about you or just worried for himself? 


"Can we go inside, sit somewhere and talk?” he asked, sounding more nervous than you’d heard him in a while. 

“No. I’m not inviting you inside somewhere that isn’t my home. Because I don’t have a home remember? You threw me out. If you wanna talk, we do it out here.” You approached the wooden bench and sat yourself down on it, feeling like for the first time in years you somehow had the upper hand. He followed suit, sitting back down on the other end. 

“I am sorry about that Y/N. So very sorry. I was just so….” he broke off, pushing his hand through his hair. 

“So what, Spencer? I don’t understand what even happened." 

"I was just… I’ve just lost my dad. And those things in the box belonged to him. I snapped okay? I’ve been under a lot of stress with the move, looking out for my mom, the new job. Not to mention how awful it’s been between you and I recently. Will you come home, please? I just want things to go back to how they were before." 

You stared at him, wondering why on earth he would want that. And rather than pushing that thought to one side like you would have done in the past, you asked. "You want thing to go back to how they were? Spencer, we were miserable! You must see that? We were just…we were stagnant. How can you want that again?" 

"Because I want you! I love you Y/N, I always have. And I know you’ve never felt the same but I can live with that." 

"I… I can’t though. You say you love me but you threw me out because of something that wasn’t even my fault? You say you love me but you threw a wine glass at me. I had to have stitches Spencer. You say you love me but for the passed six months you’ve acted like I don’t exist, and you know what? I didn’t care. You don’t love me, you can’t love me. We have nothing in common, nothing binding us together. You shouldn’t love me." 

"But I do! My father always told me I should find a girl who could set my soul on fire with words and their beauty, and you do that!" 

There it was. That line you had heard from Spencer before. And that line that he had apparently said years before he even knew you existed, to another girl. You frowned. 

"Like Elle Greenaway could?" 

Spencer froze and you wondered how he was going to try and back track his way out of this. 

"You know about her?" 

You nodded. 

"I was young Y/N…. And stupid. I should not have pursued her the way I did. But you, you were different." 

"Because I was legal?" 

"What?!” he looked appalled and disgusted. “No. You were different because….because… because you needed me. You needed me as much as I needed you." 

"I didn’t need you Spencer. I needed your money so that I could end the pregnancy, but you didn’t want to give me that. And I was in that much of a shit hole that I let you convince me that you were my best option. I didn’t need you then and I don’t need you now. The only thing I need from you is a divorce..please." 

His face fell and his shoulders slumped, and he was silent for a few moments before finally speaking. 

"I can’t do that. Not now, not yet.” He thought deeply before taking a long breath. “Come home with me. Give me a year, let’s try counselling first, and let my family deal with losing my father. If after a year you still want the divorce, I’ll give it to you." 

A year. 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days. 

Could you? Let his family deal with losing William before supporting him through losing you was essentially what he was asking.

"Please Y/N. My mother thinks a lot of you. She always wanted another child and she was so happy when we married because it meant she’d have that in a way, another daughter, even if it was just by law. She always asked me about you when I’d speak to her, she always wanted to get to know you better and she never got the chance. She has that chance now.”

An overwhelming sensation of guilt coarsed through you suddenly and you wondered if he wasn’t just manipulating you.

“Why let her get to know me if it’s only going to be for a year?” you asked.

“Because…. because…. She’s fragile right now. We all are. My family can’t deal with anymore loss, even if JJ and Will do know what’s been going on between us. In a year, it’ll be easier for everyone.”

“But if I refuse to come back, you’ll have to tell your mother eventually. She’ll realise sooner or later. I might even tell her myself, tell her exactly what happened between us.”

“Could you though?”

He had you there. You couldn’t tell her, you couldn’t face destroying a mother’s belief that her son was a perfect angel. Not when that mother was already grieving. And although Spencer would have to come clean, you’d no doubt have to face her as well, you couldn’t afford to leave the town and you had nowhere else to go to even if you could.

“It’s one year Y/N. If you’re still not happy with our marriage after one year, I promise I will divorce you and I’ll fund the entire thing.”

One year.

“I’m not saying yes. Not right now. I don’t know if I can trust you enough not to throw me out again if I do the wrong thing." 

Spencer nodded. "I understand that. Can I explain though? It won’t make what I did any better but… let me explain what was in that box." 

Why Disney will never allow Reylo to become canon.

I hope it happens… I really do… but I know that it can’t. 

Disney won’t allow Kylo Ren and Rey to fall in love. Just look at the internet. So many people point out that Reylo is abusive. I don’t agree, but in some cases I see the argument. And just look at what the Reylos are doing to each other… 

Why would Disney allow their hero and villain to fall in love when it could torpedo Episode X? Think about it. They’ve invested a lot in Rey and Kathleen Kennedy may not allow their strong female lead to fall in love. This isn’t a fairy tale that she’s crafting. And if it does happen, it may not be in VII or IX. 

This fandom exploded from the moment that The Force Awakens was released. So many people feel the chemistry between Kylo Ren and Rey. It’s there in the movie… its present… but that doesn’t mean anything. Sometimes a crush is just a crush. It could just as easily be gone in the next installment.

In truth, it really never mattered if Rey was a Skywalker or not. Many Reylo detractors said that it made a difference, pointing out that she had to be Luke’s daughter. JJ Abrams debunked those rumors and said that Rey and Kylo will have an interesting relationship. 

Well… I have an interesting relationship with my best friend too. He’s gay but when we were in college, we dated and made love all the time. Something was off… and we finally figured out why!  That’s an interesting relationship. That doesn’t mean happily ever after nor does it mean tawdry affair. 

It’s tough to have Kylo Ren and Rey fall in love, when they don’t have many scenes together. The ones that they share, will be fight scenes. Take Han and Leia’s relationship… they were stuck on the Falcon. They had to face each other and interact. There was down time. Time to let it get under your skin. 

How are Kylo Ren and Rey suppose to find that time? Even with a Force Bond, the most they may share are visions… glimpses here and there. Luke and Vader were father and son—and even they didn’t share some elaborate secret. 

It’s just something to consider. I hope Reylo becomes canon… I really do.  

Why are you leaving me?

So this is for @winchesters-favorite-girl 1 year celebration. I chose the prompt. “You’ll always have me.” And i know its not great but im just happy i finally managed to get something out. And Happy one year to you Katie!

Originally posted by disneylandwheredreamscometrue

JJ just has to reach a little bit farther to reach the monkey bar. Hanging from one arm she reaches to grab the other monkey bar, missing it she falls to the sand covered ground of the park. Wiping her hands off on her shorts she feels someone poke her in the shoulder.

“You’re it.” Turning around she sees one of her best friends, Olivia smiling at her.

“That isn’t fair, you sneaked up on me,” She grumbles.

“Is to fair. I can tag anyone that isn’t on the playground.”

They continue to argue, until they hear their teacher Mrs. Jones call the kids back into class for lunch. Grabbing their lunch boxes they sit down at their favorite table with their other friends.

“What do you have for lunch JJ?” Olivia asked, looking into her lunch box.

“My daddy is home, so he packed me lunch.” Pulling out a bag of chips, a yogurt tube, m&ms, a fruit juice, a cookie and a PB&J cut to look like a horse. “That means all good stuff.” The kids at her table stare in jealousy at the food she had, most of them having some type of sandwich (not shaped like a horse) a fruit box and some kind of fruit.

“Wow I wish my Dad would give me food like that.” Matt said as he reached for her m&ms. All the kids agreeing with Matt.

“Yeah my dad’s pretty cool, I just wish he was around more so he could always make me lunches.” She muttered as she grabbed her food from Matt.

“Hey JJ do you think we could have a sleepover party tomorrow? My momma said we could if yours said yes.” Olivia asked hoping to cheer her friend up a bit, from thinking about her dad. JJ nodded her head in agreement, the two of them had been friends since the first ever day of school, often spending night over at each others houses.

Daneel Ackles was one of the best moms out there, JJ knew that she wouldn’t have a problem with letting her go over to her friends house. Arriving home JJ runs into the living room, looking for her mom. “Momma, Olivia ask me if i could sleep at her house tomorrow. Can I please?” She asks jumping up on the couch with her mom.

“Of course you can. Me or Dad can take you over after your sister’s party.”

JJ grabs onto her mom’s arms as she lifts her up. “Party? What for, is it like my birthday party?”

Daneel chuckles, “No it’s for your sister because she’s got into the college she wanted.”

Three months ago you had applied to five different colleges, but there was one in particular that you wanted to go to more than the rest. Then last week you had opened the mailbox to see a letter from the college, you spent ten minutes trying to gather the courage to open it. Finally your mom and dad helped you open it up, skipping right to the bottom to see if you got in. You danced around with them, your dad picked you up and spun you around while your mom went to go check on the twins.

Daneel had wanted to do a party for you, as a congratulations and as a going away party. You had told JJ that you had gotten into the college you wanted when she walked into the kitchen to see you all dancing. Assuming that she understood what that meant. The only problem with the college is that it was in a different state, meaning you had to move into a dorm and you wouldn’t be able to see them every day.

“Are you talking about your favorite sister.” You said, as you walked into the house. JJ squirmed in Daneel’s arms wanting to go over to you. You laughed as she collided into your legs, wrapping her arms around them.

“Oh wow I see, no one cares about dad hugh.” Jensen said as he walked in behind you.

JJ giggled at her Dad, “I love you Daddy,” Daneel awed. “Just not as much as Y/n” You snorted trying to hold in your laughter, one look at your dad though made you double over with laughter.

“I taught you well, youngling.” Picking her up, you headed to your bedroom with her. “Come on you can help me with some homework.” Turning around you stuck your tongue out at him.

As you were leaving the room you heard your dad say, “My two oldest have turned against me.”

Running down the stairs in her party dress, JJ headed straight for the cake table. Reaching for a plate she felt someone pick her up. “What do you think you’re doing huh. Who said you could have cake?” You laughed as she struggled trying to get some cake.

“I said i could have cake,” she crossed her arms, pretending to be mad.

“Well i guess since you said you could have cake,” Putting her down, you grabbed her a plate and a fork. “There you go, just make sure you don’t get it all over your dress.” She nodded her head, already shoving spoonfuls in her mouth.

“Come on JJ, we gotta go now if we want to get to your friends house before dark.” Jensen yelled from across the room. JJ walked over to him, eating her last bit of cake. “Do you have all your stuff.”

“Momma put it in the car.”

“Alright let’s go then.”

Jensen walked JJ to the front door, Olivia’s mom opens the door for them.

“I’ll be back tomorrow morning to pick her up, if you need me to come get her before then just call.” Jensen says, giving Olivia’s mom JJ’s sleeping bag. Kneeling down to JJ he tells her to be good and not cause any trouble, before watching her run into the house looking for Olivia.

Even though they saw each other at school a few hours ago, they were still bouncy and giggly when they saw each other. Heading into Olivia’s room they grabbed as many dolls and action figures as they could find, before continuing the game they played last sleepover. An hour later Olivia’s Mom calls them to come eat. “Well JJ don’t you look adorable in your dress.”

“Thank you Mrs. Olivia’s mom. We had a party for my sissy, cause she got into the collage.”

“Oh really how exciting.” She replies, before the girls grab their dinner and head into the dining room.

“I remember when my brother got to go to college, he didn’t come back for ever. I missed him really bad, but he came for christmas and my birthday.”

JJ looked puzzled, “What do you mean, he didn’t come back?”

“Last year he moved out and lived at college, he only came during the holidays. But the good thing I got to put toys in his room. I’m gonna get juice.” Olivia left leaving JJ to wonder why her sister was leaving.

The rest of the night JJ couldn’t find it in herself to be happy, she couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that her sister was leaving.

In the morning you decided to pick up JJ, letting your parents sleep in. Mrs. Porter opened up the door for you letting you in. “The girls should be down in a minute, they were up late last night. So i heard you got into college.”

“Yup I leave in two weeks.”

“That will be such a good experience, i remember how Matt was when he moved out.”

Olivia and JJ walk into the kitchen where you were talking to Mrs. Porter. “Got everything JJ?” She nodded her head, not meeting your eyes. “Alright let’s get going i have some stuff i have to get done, thank you for letting her stay over.” Walking out of the house JJ walked a couple feet behind, scuffing her shoes against the ground.

Pulling into the garage you turn off the car, JJ gets out of the car before you could turn around to talk to her. “What in the world.” you mumble to yourself, wondering what could have made her act like that. Ever since she was born you two had been best friends, even though you were thirteen years older than her. 

“Hey did you see JJ come in?” You ask your dad as you lock the door behind you.

“Yea, she went up to her room. She okay, she looked angry.”

“I don’t know, she hasn’t said a word to me since the party last night.” Concerned that something had happened to her at her friend’s house you headed upstairs to check on her. Knocking on the door, you opened it slowly. “Hey you in here?” Noticing a lump on her bed you sat down next to it.

“Go away.” She moved as far away as she could get from you.

“Hey, what’s wrong? You don’t get to be angry at me, and then tell me to go away.” Trying to pull down the covers she grabbed on to them, not allowing them to move. “Did something happen at the sleepover? JJ you know you can tell me anything.” Finally she ripped the covers down.

“Why are you leaving me?” She cried out.

“Leaving you? JJ what do you mean?” She sat up, crossing her arms and glaring at you.

“Olivia said her brother left because of collage. And you’re going to collage, meaning you’re gonna leave too. And we had a party for you. Why are you leaving me.” This whole time you assumed that JJ understood that you were leaving, and that she was fine with it. Now you realized how wrong you were, her confession breaking your heart.

“Oh JJ I’m so sorry.” You said pulling her into your arms. “I thought you knew, i guess i never told you though. Baby just because I’m going to college doesn’t mean that we can’t talk everyday.”

She looks up at you, “What do you mean?”

“Well we can skype everyday, and  i promise i will come back to visit as many times as i can. And just think every time i visit i’ll bring you a present.” She smiles at the mention of presents. “JJ i know it’s hard because we won’t be living in the same house anymore, but i promise you’ll always have me.” Reaching up she wraps her arms around your neck, hugging you tight.

“You promise.” Patting her on her back you say, “I promise, now why don’t you head downstairs, I hear that there’s a ton of leftover cake.” Bouncing out off the bed and out of the room, you follow behind her.

“That was sweet.” Your dad stood by the twins room. “I was checking on them when i heard you two talking.” Walking over to you he leaned down and pulled you into a hug. “And i think it’s something i needed to hear too.”

Pulling away you stare at him, “What do you mean?”

“It’s just hard knowing that soon you’ll be a couple states away, living by yourself. I mean just yesterday you were the same age as JJ, and now. And in no time JJ will be gone too.”

“Dad…” You didn’t know how to respond to that, because he was gone most of the year you figured it would be like any other day. “It’s alright, like i told JJ i’ll be back as much as i can.”

He nods and sniffles, “Alright no chick flick moments.” You  chuckle at that. “Now did i hear something about cake?”

“Yeah but you might want to hurry, I think JJ might have eaten all by now.”

You laugh as he bolts down the stairs, before realizing that there would be no cake for you once he got down there.

A Bit of Serendipity

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where he gets hurt on a case and ends up in the hospital, where he meets the reader, a nurse. He’s been on a lot of painkillers, so he starts flirting with the reader while the team is right there. I placed this in season 10. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn @unstoppableangel8 @iammostdefinitelyonfire26 @hogwarts-konoha


“We’re really glad you’re okay,” Kate said, looking down and stifling a laugh as Spencer’s eyes drifted from one end of the room to another. After a harrowing week-long case, Spencer was left with yet another bullet wound to show for his hard work. Thankfully, it was a through-and-through on his arm, but the pain was excruciating, so Spencer was on copious quantities of drugs. He needed them to get through the pain, but Hotch made a note to himself to check in with Spencer after he was out of the hospital to ensure that the drugs hadn’t had a long-lasting effect on him. After the case in Atlanta more than eight years earlier, he didn’t want Reid to have to go through that again.

Spencer’s eyes couldn’t really focus, his gaze dreamily floating from one member of the team to the next. JJ, Kate, Hotch, Rossi and Morgan were nearby with Garcia flying in, even though Spencer told her not to while he was going into surgery to stitch up his gunshot wound. “I love you guys,” he said, practically falling asleep as the words fell heavily out of his mouth. “You don’t all have to be here. Go home. Get some sleep.”

“After what happened down in Texas last year, we are not taking that chance,” JJ said. Kate gave her a quizzical look. “I’ll tell you later. Plus, Spence? We’re in Idaho. Can’t go home.”

“Oh yea,” he said confused. “I forgot.”

Morgan couldn’t keep the smile off his face. He and the rest of the team had gotten Spencer drunk on occasion, but it was nothing like this. When he was drunk, he seemed slightly more outgoing and even more talkative, if one could imagine, but right now…right now, Morgan could only describe Spencer’s behavior as “high as fuck.”

Just as he was about to tease his ailing friend, a very beautiful nurse made her way into the room. “Hello everyone. My name is Y/N Y/L/N. I’m going to be Dr. Reid’s nurse for the night.” She could obviously tell he was higher than holy hell because she looked down with a grin and started talking, but not like she normally would; she was talking like she was trying to get through to a drunk man, because essentially she was. “Hello, Dr. Reid. Are you a medical doctor, or an academic doctor?”

“Academic,” he said smugly. “Three times over.” Hotch and Rossi sucked in their lips and stared at each other; this was going to be interesting.

Y/N giggled in JJ and Kate’s direction and turned back toward her patient. “Well, Dr. Reid, it seems like you are a very lucky man. Most of my patients don’t have visitors overflowing in their rooms.”

“Do I have a ton of people visiting me? Because I only have eyes for you right now.” Oh wow, he was really, really high. When Y/N looked toward her patient’s friends, they were stifling laughter. Apparently, he wasn’t normally so forward and flirty. 

After turning back toward him, the blush on her cheeks noticeable to anyone within a five-mile radius, she wrapped the blood pressure cuff around his upper arm. “Just want to check your blood pressure, Dr. Reid.”

“You can check whatever you want,” he slurred. The blush returned even stronger, probably telling his teammates that she would in fact, love to check out much more of the good doctor. He was very cute. He wasn’t wearing a ring and she was single and ready to mingle…so maybe…

JJ covered her mouth with her hands and turned to Kate to stifle her laughter into her shoulder. Even Kate, who hadn’t known the team for very long, was well aware that Spencer did not flirt - ever - especially not in front of people. He was going to regret this in the morning. 

Y/N removed the cuff. “All good. Are you in any pain?”

“None,” he said, craning is thumb back toward the morphine drip. “I’ve got the good stuff.” 

“That you do,” she laughed. “Do you have any questions you want to ask me? Anything you want to know about the surgery or when you’ll be discharged?”

Spencer thought for a moment, contemplating whether he had anything he needed to ask, but he was fine as wine. “No, I think the Doctor said it was a through-and-through,” he said, slurring his words again. “And that I can go home tomorrow. but I do have one question.”

“And your question is…?”

Spencer turned on the bed toward her, his wavy brown hair falling in front of his sleepy and drained brown eyes. “Are you always so pretty? Or am I on lots of drugs?”

“Well, Dr. Reid,” she replied with a laugh, “You are on a lot of drugs, but I’d like to think I’m pretty. Beauty and brains, you know?” She winked at him as she left the room, his teammates’ collective gazes following her as she picked up his chart and walked back to her station. She was scheduled to work until the next morning, so maybe off drugs, the sexy doctor might be still be interested; she had high hopes.


The next morning Spencer woke up in a fog, still in a slight bit of pain from the night before, but definitely much better off than he’d been before the medication. His teammates were all asleep on chairs around him, and he smiled, unable to adequately explain how lucky he felt having such amazing and caring friends.

One-by-one, they all woke up. “How are you feeling?” Rossi asked.

“Tired,” Spencer replied. “But ready to go home.” As he pushed up off the bed, he noticed the smiles on their faces. “Did something happen that’s particularly funny? Because you’re all looking at me weird?”

“You were so high on drugs last night, man,” Morgan laughed. “Do you remember anything?”

Scratching his head, feeling like he was in desperate need of a shower, he tried to remember, but he couldn’t recall a thing and shook his head. 

“You got very flirty with your nurse.” He pointed out to where Y/N was getting tired. Overnights were hard, and she normally didn’t work them, but a friend had asked her to cover for him. “Called her pretty. Told her she could check you out-”

“Any part of you she could check out, if I remember correctly,” Kate laughed.

Spencer stared in awe at the beautiful nurse, his mouth hanging open as he tried to remember saying anything to her. “I did? And you were all here?”

They all nodded their heads in unison. “Lovely,” he said as he dropped his head into his hands and let out a light and exasperated laugh. 

Y/N returned one more time, less enthusiastic than the night before, which made sense considering how tired she was, but after another couple questions and the signing of some paperwork, Spencer had been discharged. Just as they were about to leave the room, Morgan clapped Spencer on the shoulder. “Just so you know, she mentioned something about beauty and brains and winked at you when she left the room last night, so your caregiver might be interested, if you wanna take a chance.” Swinging his leather jacket around his shoulders, Morgan let it snake around his arms before following the rest of the team outside to the car, which they’d take back to the airport to go home. 

He’d never really thought about a long-distance relationship or “getting to know you” relationship as the case may have been, but maybe he should give himself a chance. “Hello, Y/N?” He asked shakily as he approached her desk. “I just wanted to apologize for last night. I am normally not like that.”

“That’s okay,” she laughed. “Drugs will make you do funny things.”

Spencer swallowed thickly hoping that the words in his head came out as smoothly as he wanted them to. “Well, the thing is, I probably would have done something similar, maybe not as straightforward, but…you are very pretty.”

A blush crossed her face and he was immediately smitten. “Thank you,” she said. “I know you don’t live here, but if you’d like to get to know each other, give me a call.” With a smile, she passed him a small piece of paper with her name and number on it. “If you do give me a call, wait until at least 2 PM my time, because I am about to go home and sleep for the next six hours.”

“Will do,” he replied, his smile scrunched up as she walked past him and toward the door. 

Before she left, she turned back around and yelled down the hallway. “I wasn’t even supposed to work last night. I was covering for a friend.”

Spencer wouldn’t normally have been so comfortable, but something about her put him at ease. “Tell your friend thanks!” He yelled back. He didn’t really believe in fate, but as he looked down at the paper, he couldn’t help but feel a bit of serendipity. 

Bets (Simon)

Requested?: Yes, thanks
Warnings: None
Pairing: Simon and Reader, Rest of sidemen Platonic

This is more of a blurb than an imagine. I’ve been stuck with writers block a lot recently. So sorry it’s a bit shorter than normal.



Being over at the sidemen house is always fun. Especially when all seven, plus the Cals, are there. There is never a dull moment.

These boys definitely know how to entertain people. I mean if you count just sitting around, playing videos games as entertainment.

I’m sitting next to Simon who is playing a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with Harry. Simon keeps beating Harry, and every time he does he claims to be a “rock paper scissors master.”

After a few more times of watching Simon annihilate Harry at the game, I spoke up. “Come on that was so predictable.” Simon gave me an ‘are you serious’ look.

“You think it’s so easy? I’d like to see you beat me.” He offered.

“Gladly. Let’s make this a bit more interesting though, shall we?”

“A wager you say? I’m in. What do you want out of it?”

“If I win, I get to slap you as hard as I can.”

“And if I win?”

“That’s up to you.”

“How about if I win, I get to kiss you.” A smirk played at his lips and I raised my eyebrows.

“You have a deal.” I held out my hand for him to shake.

He took my hand in his and shook it. Then both of us repeated the words “Rock, paper, scissors. Then showing which one we chose.

I’ve never lost when I use rock, so that what I naturally choose. When I look to see what Simon had chosen, I see that he has chosen paper.

“Looks, like I win.” He says, smirking

“Guess so.” I say looking up at him

“Well then where is my kiss?”

I roll my eyes, and move closer to him, pressing my lips to his.

Soon the kiss became a little heated and Simon was pulling my into his lap. I didn’t mind though, as my hands were practically pulling at his hair.

When we finally pull away from each other, I can hear the sound of what could possibly be a record button. I turn to face the rest of the boys and see that they all have their phones out and recording.

“Did you all just record that kiss?” I ask a little annoyed

“Yep, and put it on our Snapchat.” Ethan says

I groan, and lean forward, unintentionally hiding my face is Simon’s neck.

“It was something that had to be recorded,” I hear JJ says “Trust me.”

“You didn’t have to put it online.” Simon says

“Oh well too late.” JJ says

The rest of the night, Simon and I try to stop the boys from talking about this kiss. No luck is given though. They won’t shut up about. I think I even heard Harry say that he was jealous.

But I won’t be kissing any of them again, any time soon. Well maybe Simon again but not any of the other boys.

How JJ Abrams Ruined Star Trek

Alternately titled “Why I hate JJ Abrams”.

Because, according to the Anon hate I’ve accumulated lately, I only hate jar jar abrams because I’m racist (???), here is a list of reasons why I hate him.

1) He is blatantly misogynistic
He took characters like Carol Marcus and Nyota Uhura, and turned them into nothing but sex objects to be oggled at by their male coworkers.
It doesn’t matter that Carol Marcus was a highly intelligent leader of an entire scientific outpost who discovered how to create an entire planet! And she did that while being a single mom! It doesn’t matter that she was defined by her intellect, by her kindness, and by her accomplishments. It doesn’t matter that she was NEVER  reduced just a blonde chick with big boobs. Abrams decided that’s what she was going to be.
It doesn’t matter that Uhura was a highly competent and intelligent officer of the USS Enterprise. It doesn’t matter that Uhura could go from Communications to Navigation to fixing parts of the ship without blinking an eyelash. It doesn’t matter that Uhura was defined by her competence, her bravery, her talents, and her compassion. It doesn’t matter that she was NEVER reduced to just a hot chick that her male coworkers could stare at/lust over. Abrams decided that’s what she was going to be.
Abrams took characters like Christine Chapel, who was played by Star Trek’s beloved First Lady, and shit all over her.
It doesn’t matter that Christine was RIDICULOUSLY smart! It doesn’t matter that on top of being a full-time nurse, she almost had her doctorate. Two professions that, while they work closely together, are not at all the same! It doesn’t matter that to be BOTH you have to be incredibly intelligent, incredibly committed, and incredibly competent. It doesn’t matter that Christine was defined by her sweetness, her intelligence, and her ability to love even those deemed “unlovable”. Abrams decided he would “honor” the memory of Star Trek’s most beloved Lady and turn her character into a dumb whore that Kirk fucked and promptly forgot about.
Abrams took a character like Janice Rand, AND DIDN’T EVEN INCLUDE HER IN THE MOVIES, because you can’t have more than one hot blonde, right?
Janice Rand was, as with the others, a highly competent woman. She always managed to remain professional, even under the grossest of circumstances. She was always a sunbeam of cheer even under the darkest circumstances. She was incredibly inventive, incredibly brave, and ALWAYS professional.
So Abrams decided to honor such a fantastic character but pretending she didn’t exist.
And don’t even get me started on the uniforms and how they don’t even show a female character’s rank!

2) He is incredibly racist
A TV show made in the 60s managed to be more progressive that Abrams’ reboots are. But while actually managing to have a Japanese man and a Black woman in positions of authority was groundbreaking in the 60s, we expect more today.
But Abrams’ doesn’t care about that.
Instead of including characters like Dr. M’Benga, Dr. Daystrom, Yeoman Tamura (all POC) and expanding their roles in ways that they weren’t allowed to in the 60s, he took what is inarguably Star Trek’s greatest villain (who is also a POC) and whitewashed him.
Because apparently he couldn’t accept that anybody other than a white man can be highly intelligent and, in spite of his villainy, gain the respect of the people around him. Because Abrams and his goonies couldn’t conceive of the idea that we could buy a POC villain as anything but a stuttering fool, EVEN THOUGH WE LITERALLY PROVED THAT WE COULD SINCE THE POPULARITY OF A POC VILLAIN IS WHAT LED HIM TO WHITEWASHING HIM!!!!

3) He turned the franchise that belongs to women into a male fantasy
I don’t care how many people of all genders love Star Trek, this franchise belongs to women.
Star Trek got an unprecedented TWO pilots after the first one was rejected because Lucille Ball (yes that one) liked it and bullied the studio into picking it up.
Star Trek was going to be canceled after only 2 seasons, but an army of women led by the wonderful BJo Trimble sent so many letters to the studio they agreed to pick it up for a third season. BECAUSE it got a third season, it went into syndication. BECAUSE it went into syndication, it gained more and more popularity until it became the cultural phenomenon it is today.
After Star Trek’s cancellation, women were dissatisfied so (this time led by the talented Joan Winston), they created the first fandom convention. You can also thank these women (and many others) for the creation of fanfiction, fanart, and fanvideos.
Women insisted that Star Trek insist, refused to let it die, and when it was taken from us we created FANDOM!
Star Trek belongs to women through and through.
So obviously, the thing to do with this franchise is turn it into a male fantasy.
Gone is anything that might be considered “feminine”, and which might make the male viewers uncomfortable.
Gone is the James T Kirk who respected women, loved flowers, considered himself a mother to Nomad, and was just as quick with his intellect as with his fists. .
Now we have a James T Kirk who is disrespectful of women and the embodiment of every Male Fantasy Superhero.  And don’t even get me started on how because Kirk grew up without his father he has every right to be an asshole. Tarsus IV was undeniably a MILLION times more traumatizing than growing up without a dad would be, and the real James Kirk was never an asshole!
Gone is the Mr. Spock who was defined by his gentleness. Gone is the Mr. Spock who, behind the mask of cool logic and unemotional-ism was the gentlest creature you could find. When Spock got emotional, it was always emotions of a gentle variety: grief that he never told his mother he loved her, quiet joy when he realized he could love somebody, warm delight that he had not killed his best friend, etc. The ONLY times his emotions were violent were when he was being influenced by something else, most notably IN THE MIDST OF PON FARR!!!
Now we have a Mr. Spock whose inner emotions are violent and vicious. Because obviously gentleness is too feminine a characteristic for this new Male Fantasy Star Trek.
Gone is the Leonard “Bones” McCoy who, in spite of his cantankerous nature, has a heart of gold. Gone is the Bones whose cantankerousness usually comes from how much he cares for people and how little he is able to help them. Gone is the man who has so much heart and embraces his emotions so much that he literally breaks down and cries at the thought of people suffering
Now all we have is a man who is little more than a catchphrase. Because obviously emotionalism is too feminine a characteristic for this new Male Fantasy Star Trek.
Gone is the relationship of love and support between the three of them, especially Kirk and Spock, because such warm emotions are probably too gay for this Male Fantasy!
Gone is the relationship where each man would/has offered/and has given up everything for the other two. Kirk risked his life and his career countless times for the other two, Spock died for the other two, and Bones willingly faced torture and death for the other two (literally knocking them both out so that they wouldn’t have to face it for him).
Now we have a relationship based on conflict and disrespect, because that’s much better for this Male Fantasy than anything as feminine as what the original triumvirate had.

4) His movies are an insult to what Star Trek is supposed to be about
Star Trek was ALWAYS an incredibly intellectual show, caring more about good stories and good characters over shiny special effects.
It’s why the starship being made of cardboard and jellybeans has never taken away from how amazing it is, even almost half a century later when most people seem to care more about special effects than about story.
It’s why the stories and characters themselves are still the things that have held up for this long.
Star Trek was also ALWAYS about being progressive and making a difference in the world. It dealt with many of the issues of the time: racism, the cold war, the Vietnam War, etc.
But now all it’s about is shiny space battles, lens flares, and a little R2D2 floating around in the debris.
Gone are the good characters, gone is the good writing, gone is the intellectual and progressive writing.
And what do we have in return? Nothing but a special effects extravaganza with cardboard characters (especially if you are a woman) and idiotic writing.