we could have had it all!

Omg with all the boyd/sinqua talks I still feel bitter about they way they treated them. I’d have love to see their brotherhood evolved to sonething more relevant, tangible and permanent. Boyd was definitely a Hale. Loved their relationship, how annoyed Derek looked most of the time or tiny he was next to Boyd. Affection and trust definitely there I mean..

Cmon.. It’d have been everything. 


I Tried

So I had this idea to create a poster for the episode Starcrushed since we didn’t have one (though we did have some nice title cards). I remember moringmark had made one for Raid the Cave, so I figured I could try my hand at it.

I bit off more than I could chew. (Also I’ve had a stomach flu for the past two days, so finishing this was twice as hard!)

I’m not very creative with certain things, like backgrounds or special effects. All I could muster was a bunch of medium-shot pictures of the cast and a giant wand in the middle. I tried. No regrets.

I’d like to dedicate this piece to Skleero, Seddm, and Mr E. I always have something new and exciting to view on my dashboard because of you guys. It’s never boring with you around!

One of our replenishers quit today. 

And I don’t fucking blame her because here’s why:

During the Christmas season, she was worked hard. There were days that she was the only person unloading the truck because everyone else was over on their hours and she was the only person able to work. When the seasonal people were let off, she stayed on. 

Replenishers have a hard job. They get up before the crack of dawn, have to unload the entire truck before they’re out at 2, and any time spent on the floor is time spent vulnerable to the whims of customers who don’t get that you got shit to do. 

So she’s been working hard since she got here. 

Two weeks ago, we had a bad scheduling week. And it was bad across the board. They had to rewrite my schedule like four times because the boss just wasn’t paying attention and put me down for 1am… long before anyone would even be there. 

But this particular replenisher… she just didn’t bother to put her on the schedule at all. Every time she called to see if she could get the schedule fixed, they just asked her to come in the next day and promised to have a schedule by then. Never happened. So she was calling each day to see if she was supposed to work, which no one should ever have to do. 

Well, she decided to be cool about it, but she was mad so she gave her two weeks notice. 

She’s not on the schedule next week, either. 

So basically I don’t blame her for quitting today because holy shit. 

Being nice is dangerous

@sandy-sims, Sandy, darling, I have a story for you. It happened with me when I went to this store near my home. I don’t usually go there ‘cause it has very rude people working in there, but this one time I really needed something and it’s literally 30 seconds away from me, so I went there. I was already at the cashier desk with my shopping basket when the cashier said I could leave the basket right there. I said I was totally okay with returning my basket to the store entrance where all baskets were and where I had taken mine from. And then we had this epic dialog:

The cashier: This is so stupid. We have people here to do that.
Me: Yeah, I know, but that’s not hard for me, I’m gonna do it myself.
The cashier: This is soooo stupidddd, I can’t believe it. Don’t you have anything better to do?
Me: I just wanna help.
The cashier: You’re being stupid.

How’s that for an absolutely ridiculous conversation?! I mean, it is RIDICULOUS! She offended me because I was trying to be nice. That’s called absurd. So. Jerks will always be around, that’s a fact. They won’t change after hearing that they’re jerks and that they shouldn’t act like they do. They’re okay with being the way they are. But we too need to be okay with the way we are. The truth is always relative, but one thing I know for sure: being negative doesn’t make this world a better place, being positive does. In the end, everyone is left with a choice of which role they want to play and be remembered for. And I think we all know which role you play.

Shape of You

Alright so here’s the start of a new AU!

Nesta hasn’t seen her sisters in almost a year. When she’s invited back to their lake house for a long weekend, Feyre insists she brings the boyfriend she’s told her about. The only problem is, he doesn’t exist. 

So out of desperation, her friend sets her up with Cassian. Somehow a weekend filled with fake hand holding and kisses, turns Nesta back into the girl she was before Tomas had destroyed her and the relationship she had with her sisters.

Chapter 1

“Fuck. Fuck, fuck,” I slammed my laptop shut as I threw my pen across the room. Of course my sisters would decide to have a start of summer weekend at the lake. And of course they would call me out for the lies I told them about the boy I met while here in the city.

It had been almost six months since I had last seen my sisters. I moved to the city as soon as I could, as soon as I found a job that would help me pay my half of the rent. I wanted out of that small town, I had to walk away before the memories, the ghosts haunted me forever. The city was my fresh start and even though neither of them understood, they let me go.

Feyre and I talked at least once a month on the phone. She kept asking me how I was doing and she told me that Tomas still asked about me. What she didn’t understand, even though I always changed the subject, was that I didn’t want to know about Tomas. I didn’t want to know about anyone in that small ass town because they were the reason why I left. The only reason I talked to Feyre was to check up on her and Elain.

They were the only family I had left. They were the only ones who mattered.

Sure I missed them. I missed my sisters, but it wasn’t enough to make me go visit home. I wasn’t homesick, I was content here in the city, in this new life I had made for myself. I loved my job at the bookstore. I loved the fact that I could walk everywhere and that things were open well into the night. But most of all I loved the fact that no one knew me. They didn’t know the secrets that had been whispered behind my back. They didn’t know how Tomas had tried to ruin me.

They didn’t know that he had almost won that war.

I read Feyre’s email again. Our lake house, the only thing our father had left to us. The lake house that had sat unused for years until we were old enough to realize the benefits of having that big house that sat right there at the water. The only reason we still owned it was because it was completely paid off. That and somehow Feyre and her fiancee were able to keep up with it.

The lake house where so many things had happened. So many things hadn’t happened too. There had been parties, there had been underage drinking. But mostly there had been tears. From me.

I pushed away those memories and looked at my computer. What was I supposed to do? I had started the lie to make my sister feel better. For her to think I wasn’t all alone out here in the city. Because she didn’t understand that I wanted to be alone. I didn’t want to be with someone who hurt me, who could destroy me. Not after I had been with Tomas for so long.

But I couldn’t tell her that truth. Not when I had fed her enough lies to make this boyfriend seem real. She was happy for me, she didn’t worry about me because she thought I had someone taking care of me. I didn’t need someone to take care of me. Just like I knew Feyre didn’t need her fiancee to take care of her. But it was nice knowing she had someone steady. She had someone real after the horrors that Tamlin had dealt her.

My sisters didn’t know about Tomas. They didn’t really know much about why I wanted to leave. It had been different when our parents died. I could’ve left and they would’ve understood. But I stayed until they were finished high school and then when Feyre announced she was getting married last year I up and left. I didn’t even say goodbye I just left a letter explaining I needed to find my own way now that they were both able to take care of themselves.

I pulled my hair hard, trying to stop the tears from filling my eyes. I didn’t cry, not easily. But I got teary eyed when I was frustrated. I couldn’t tell them the truth. So what was I supposed to do? I squeezed my eyes shut and the door to my apartment opened.

“Fuck me this can’t be happening.”

“Nesta!” I jumped at Rita’s voice, “you seem agitated.”

I met my roommate Rita at the bookstore. She was leaving for another job and I said something about needing a place to stay. We hit it off right away and I didn’t hate living with her. Sure our apartment was small, smaller than the home I had shared with my two sisters. But it was ours, I paid rent and I had my own room. Rita didn’t nag me about my mess and I didn’t nag her about hers.

We were good roommates. We got along and we left each other alone when we knew the other needed space. We were friends, but we were almost roommates. We didn’t get in each other’s business unless there was a reason to. I had gotten lucky.

I groaned, "my sisters want to have a long weekend at the lake.”

“Oh fun!”

“Not when you’ve been lying about having a boyfriend. And they want you to bring him along.”

Rita laughed, “oh shit I forgot. Damn what are you going to do?”

I shook my head, “I’ll think of something.”

I leaned back in my chair and Rita watched me. She raised an eyebrow and smiled, “I might know someone who can help.”

“No. The last guy you introduced me to was disgusting.”

His name was Adam and he was a hipster to end all hipsters. His hair was dirty and his glasses were round. They didn’t even have frames, and he spoke in riddles. I didn’t even spend five minutes in his presence. I found an excuse to leave, I texted Rita and told her to call me, and up and left him high and dry at the coffee shop we met at.

Rita laughed, “I’m sorry okay. I thought you’d get along. But you’ll like this one. Should I have him meet you? Even if he’s not the brightest, he’s easy on the eyes.”

She wiggled her eyebrows at me and I couldn’t help but laugh. I bit my lip, was I that desperate?

“Really? Your advice is that I hire someone to be my boyfriend for the weekend?”

She shrugged as she set her bag on the counter, “it’s either that or tell them the truth, Nes. I’m not sure which is worse since you seem so opposed to letting your sisters believe you have someone in your life.”

I winced. Rita never told me what to do, she never scolded me for lying to my sisters. But I knew she was right. If I was so okay with being alone, and I swore I was, then why did I feel the need to please my little sister? I’m sure there was some therapist who would say I really wasn’t okay being alone and that some part of me wanted someone around.

But I wouldn’t believe them. Because I didn’t need anyone, I only needed myself. But I didn’t want my sisters to worry. I didn’t want them to think I left them because they were a burden. They are my sisters and I will always be there for them. But it’s my turn to have a life. It’s my turn to find where I’m supposed to be.

I looked at Rita, she was texting someone. She sat down on the couch and I looked at the picture of the three of us. The only picture I had on my desk of us when I was five and they were babies. I was always there, always taking care of them. They were my best friends, before that night drove us apart. Before that night pushed me so far away from everyone else that I couldn’t find my way back to them.

I didn’t want them to ask about it. I didn’t want them to think they needed to figure me out. If I had someone with me they would direct the attention to him. They would ask him about his life and how we met and what we did, instead of berating me with questions about why I left.

I let out a slow breath and Rita looked at me. She smiled slightly, like she already knew what I was about to say. My cheeks were red as I let the thoughts settle and I nodded my head slowly.

“Fine,” I gritted my teeth as I looked at the clock, “tell your friend to meet me at Luke’s diner in five minutes.”

“He’s already on his way. Trust me you’ll like him. He’s big and handsome,” her eyes got wide as if she had a crush on him herself, “he’s just your type.”

I rolled my eyes and stood up, “if he’s a hipster I swear to god I’ll kill you.”

Rita’s laugh followed me as I grabbed my purse and headed out the door. I walked down the steps, my heart pounding as I opened the door to our building. The sun was warm, the weather had already started to turn to summer. But goosebumps pricked my skin as I thought about hiring someone to lie to my family.

It wasn’t lying. It was pretending. My sister would bring her fiancee, I’m sure Elain had someone. I couldn’t remember if she told me about someone important. His name started with an L? Or maybe it was a C. She didn’t talk much whenever Feyre put her on the phone, but she told me bits and pieces of her life. Elain was the most upset when they found me gone.

I felt guilty every time she called.

But I knew with Feyre came Rhys and with Rhys came his friends. Azriel the quiet one who followed Rhys’s cousin everywhere she went. Feyre told me they were finally opening up to the idea of dating and while I was happy for them all, they were one big happy family, I knew that meant I would be the odd one out. I always was the odd one out, the one who didn’t fit in. The girl who stood alone and never had someone there beside her.

I wanted this weekend, now that I knew about it, to be fun. I wanted them to see me as the Nesta I always was, not the girl I had turned into after that terrible night. The night I was running from. The night I would do anything and everything to forget.

I rubbed my hands up and down my arms as I rounded the corner and the diner came into view. I realized as I walked towards it that I wanted to go home. I wanted to go to the lake and see my sisters and the family they had made for themselves. But I didn’t want to go alone.

Sue me I still had some feelings. I still had some pride I suppose.

I walked into the diner and the bell above the door sounded. Luke, the owner, stood behind the counter and smiled at me. I nodded in greeting, my eyes sweeping the tables. I knew which one was waiting for me as soon as my eyes landed on him. I stood there for a moment too long and contemplated turning around.

He was a big hulking man, his dark hair was long. He looked warm, his skin glowing in the harsh lights of the diner. His black shirt fit perfectly over his arms and his chest. He took up enough space that my eyes couldn’t wander away from them if they tried. My heart stopped, his eyes landing on me before I could make a run for it. Before I could decide this was a terrible choice and I should just tell my sisters the truth.

“Well hello sweetheart,” he stood up and half his mouth tilted in a smile. He could’ve been attractive, if he cut his hair.

I pulled my chair out, “I’m Nesta.”

He licked his lips, “you can call me Cassian,” his eyes sparkled. Like they were hiding something he was dying for me to find out.

“Right well. I take it Rita told you why I’m here.”

He coughed, “something about you being in need of a male escort to the lake this weekend.”

I winced, “a friend,” I tried wondering if I could go through with this, “to make my sisters stop asking me why I don’t have a boyfriend okay? Can you do that? Pretend?”

Amusement filled his eyes. He tried to fight the smile that tugged at his lips, but when it didn’t stop he ran his finger along his chin. He looked down at his hands and I could tell he was thinking about more than just agreeing to helping me. Hell we didn’t know each other, we had just met and I asked him to date me. Even if it was fake, even if he was helping me, this was still weird.

Me and my stupid pride. I was about to take back the offer and tell him to forget it, that I had a mental breakdown and this was all just the biggest embarrassing moment of my life.

But then Cassian nodded slowly, “you know I’m surprise you don’t have a boyfriend. You’re cute and I know a few guys who like bossy.”

I rolled my eyes, “wow that was super helpful,” I glared at him, my hands were shaking. I shoved them under my legs as I waited to hear his answer, “you can just say no. Rita said you were single and I thought maybe you’d want a free trip to the lake for a weekend. I thought maybe…”

I stopped. I almost thought we could be friends. But I bit my lip hard enough to taste blood, stopping myself form wishing for something I could never have. I didn’t let myself get close to people, not after Tomas wedged between me and my sisters. Not since that night when he destroyed all the threads of trust I had ever had.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t help you. I just said I’m surprised you aren’t taken,” he smiled then, he liked watching me squirm. He leaned back and stretched his arms over his head. His shirt rode up slightly and I saw the dark markings of a tattoo that disappeared beneath the waistband of his jeans.


He wiggled his eyebrows, “well how can I say no when you say my name like that?”

He watched me for a moment as relief flooded through me. As much as I hated this I felt better once he said he would help me. I hated having to lie because everyone thought I couldn’t handle life without Tomas. Except I broke up with him. And I moved here, far away from my family to have the life I wanted.

"What do I get for helping you?” He finally asked, his deep voice smooth as he propped his elbow on the table, then leaned his head on his hand. He kept staring at me and it felt like his honey brown eyes could see into my soul.

I looked down at his hands. His skin was golden, a little darker. He looked like he was carved of stone, like he could’ve been a Greek god in another lifetime. A piece of brown hair fell in his eyes and I wanted to push it back. I let out a breath. I hadn’t thought this far.

“I’ll pay you,” I finally said. I didn’t have a lot but I could do something, “it won’t be much. But you’ll get a four day weekend at the lake house. Meals and showers and everything included.”

Cassian seemed to think it over. He nodded his head, "how much?”


“I know I look cheap, but I won’t act like your boyfriend for a hundred dollars, Nesta.”


He shook his head, “you’ll have to do better than that.”

I blew out a breath, “$500. That’s my final offer.”

He reached across the table and touched my hand. His skin was warm and a spark shot down my arm. He ran his thumb over the back of my hand, “well sweetheart you’ve got yourself a deal.”

“Don’t call me sweetheart,” I snapped. My eyes narrowed.

He laughed, “well I guess we should make some ground rules.”

“The first one is no pet names. Nesta,“ I pointed at me, "Cassian. Got it?”

He sighed, “sure sweetheart.”

He wasn’t going to make this easy. I could tell as he continued to smile, his eyes lighting up as I glared at him. It was like he thought I was a challenge, like he wanted to defy everything I was saying. He licked his lips, his fingers tapping on the table as I thought through what other boundaries we needed to establish. I didn’t realize this would all happen so fast. The weekend would be here in two days and somehow I had managed to find myself a boyfriend to fill the empty role.

Feyre would love Cassian. He was everything I would never want in a boyfriend. He was the complete opposite of Tomas and I couldn’t stop letting that sway me. He was big and dark, whereas Tomas was small and light. Cassian was full of mystery, but not the kind that Tomas carried with him. Cassian seemed honorable, Tomas had just been pure evil.

I let out a slow breath and pulled my hands off the table so he wouldn’t try to touch me again. I couldn’t stop feeling that spark going down my spine. I couldn’t stop wondering why exactly I had wanted this in the first place. I shook my head and finally brought my eyes back up to his.

“Okay so I’ve got some rules. First we hold hands if someone else is in the room. No touching if we’re alone, because honestly there’s no reason for it. You’re there to make me look good. You can kiss my cheek, but nothing more. We aren’t big on public displays of affection. My sister and her fiancé are, but that’s another story,” I rolled my eyes. Feyre and Rhys could barely keep their hands off each other. I hated being stuck in a room with them.

My cheeks turned pink and my mouth went dry, “we will probably have to share a room, you sleep on the floor. We don’t share the room if the other is changing. Make sure you bring enough clothes to sleep in and a bathing suit.”

Cassian nodded, "fine. But you want this to be believable. So you’re forgetting one thing.”


He smiled and it would’ve knocked me to my knees if I wasn’t already sitting. I had a feeling I wasn’t going to make it through the weekend alive. I had a feeling this new friend of mine was going to try and climb the walls I had built this last year. Like he thought he could break down the shell I had surrounded myself inside.

HIs brown eyes danced as he looked at me, his crooked smile in place, ”the story of how we met.“


gif is not mine

Title: Angel

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1,148

Warnings: angst

A/N: This was requested by an anon! It’s based on the song Angel by The Weeknd! I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much! <3 <3

Lucifer picked your bloody body up from the floor, a frown etched onto his lips.  How could you still be alive?  You were much stronger than he thought.  He knew this was because of him.  They wanted to go after Lucifer, and instead of coming after him, they went after you.  

He teleported to the bunker, knocking on the door.  He knew this was the last place he should be, but he had no other options.  He was thankful that Castiel decided to answer the door.  At least Castiel was an angel and not a human.  He could trust Castiel more than those cockroach humans.  

“Lucifer what are you doing here,” Castiel asked, instantly on guard.  His eyes quickly moved to you, worry washing over him.  “Is that [Y/N]?”  It was hard to tell because of all the blood and cuts on your body.  He had heard talk of Lucifer finding a soul mate, but he didn’t actually believe it until now.

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Andy Cohen randomly has the only tweet you need about NAFTA.

Donald Trump has revealed he backed down on pledges to scrap Nafta after calls from the leaders of Canada and Mexico.

He said that he had received calls from the two countries’ leaders asking him to “renegotiate Nafta rather than terminate”. It came one day after he told leaders of the two countries that he wouldn’t end the trade pact, and just days after the White House said that the President was considering quitting it entirely.

The free trade agreement may still be terminated if “we do not reach a fair deal for all”, he posted on Twitter.

He claimed that the relationship between the three countries were “good”. It comes just two days after a series of rambling and confused attacks on Canada over its policy on milk.

(cont. Independent UK

In case you missed those tweets, never fear – Andy Cohen has you covered.

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forever salty over:

- them putting cindy in a bikini and booty shorts instead of an adorable mechanics jumpsuit. 
- her being cid’s granddaughter instead of the actual cid like i thought she’d be
- imagine her in a jumpsuit tho, with her cap and goggles, it would have been adorable
- us not getting to see 30+ year old cindy after the timeskip?? i want to see my gf??
- she could have been called cidney, we could have had it all

A Soul Mate to Remember

Hello! This is the first chapter of my fic A Soul Mate to Remember! It’s a Soul Mate!AU and it’s for Jason Todd from Batman and mention the bat!fam.

TW: none

Please reblog and share, and feel free to give feed back. The original is posted on my fanfiction page, but it has to do with an OC named Asha, this one is in a different point of view. 

Y/N- Your Name

H/C- your hair color

Chapter 1

   You checked your closet again. Hoping that you could find the perfect dress out of all of them, but again, came up empty. So, you reluctently called your mother, who had just gotten off work,“Hello,” her peppy voice picked up.

“I can’t find a good dress for Uncle Greg’s party. Can we go shopping?”

“Is all your homework done?”

  You sighed, having been in college, this question was strange and annoying, but always suited your mother hen,“Yes, and besides it’s Friday.”

   Your mother grumbled into the phone, before clearing her throat and saying,“Sure. We can go to the mall as soon as I get home and change.”

You were flipping through the racks, waiting for something to catch your eye,“Why are we going again?”

 "Because your uncle has been promoted to a Colonel and they’re throwing a party for him.“

A worker from the store pranced up, this being the second time for him to do so he asked,"You sure you’re okay, Miss?”

Your mother and you both froze, and you swallowed,“Um, Yes,” you pulled the dress that you were currently holding, some pretty little mint number,“Does this come in a medium?”

 The man scanned over the dress, looking completely unphased and checked the tag,“I’ll check in the back.”

 As he pranced away, you set the dress back and sighed, letting out the breath you hadn’t known is been holding. Your mother set her hand on your shoulder,“Don’t worry dear, you’ll find them, eventually.”

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I usually don’t post su crit stuff but… Idk, I have been thinking about this a lot  and I really wish we had got to see how Greg feels about Rose giving up herself to create Steven. Like, he obviously didn’t accept the fact that he’d lose her right away, and he proably felt (and most likely still feels) very conflicted about it, he was probably confused about what he should feel.

Idk, we all know how much they loved each other, but I think they should have showed us how he felt about losing her. Idk, there’s so many episodes about how Pearl feels about it, and I think the point had came accross just fine, maybe they could have spared one of those to show us how Greg (and the other gems for that matter) felt. Three gems and a baby would have been a great chance to show that side to Greg: a Greg that loves his son, but doesn’t quite know how to feel about losing his true love. Or they could have had him talk about it on the present episodes (or maybe compose a sad song about). Or a flashback where Rose teels him and we see him get sad and eventually decide he has to try and come to terms with it for the good of the baby.

Idk, Greg is my favorite character, and I don’t like that such a crucial part of his character has been ignored, the way the show is going makes it look like he just came to terms with it instantly and that definitely doesn’t fit his character and his feelings for Rose.

I had an idea today. I though that if y'all want to we could have a day of kindness. You can go about your day as normal but take some time and message someone and just tell them how much you appreciate them. It can be anyone you want. I just thought with everything going on in the world we could all use something to lift us up. You do not have to participate if you don’t want to but if you do we will do it on Sunday April 30th. All you have to do is send someone a message and just say encouraging things. We all have bad days and all we can do is lift each other up and be supportive. If your having a bad day or not it is always wonderful to see a lovely message in your box. I appreciate you all so much and I am so greatful to be apart of this community! I love you all so much! :)
Sorry it’s not whump

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I just noticed this in my email from Ticketmaster: "As an added bonus, every ticket purchased online will include a CD of Harry Styles' self-titled debut album!" So will all of those count towards album sales? If so, the timing is genius. Didn't Bieber do something similar for his last release, when it was competing against MITAM?

YES. that’s exactly what it is. They’ll be officially ‘purchased’ when the album is released and count toward first week sales, which is why tour was announced now. SOOOOO based on math, if there are about 50,000 tickets sold on May 5th in America, that’s 50,000 additional albums for the first week.

Bieber did this, kind of. He had live album launch events in a few arenas during the first sales week, where you could buy tickets to see him perform a short set + other stuff. BUT yes, an album was included with the ticket.

We will all have 17 copies of this album by the end of May I s2g.

[TRANS] 170422 Gahyeon’s Fancafe Post -  It’s the 100th day~ 100th day party!!^^ eungae eungae kekekekekekekekeke

Hello~ What day is it today??? It’s our 100th day!!!♡

We had a running flight all of a sudden. How was it?? Because it happened so suddenly, there were some people that weren’t prepared. 
There was some expectation so the people who could, stayed so that the people who came later could meet us for sure.~
Everyone was really fast so I was really surprised. ㅠ.ㅠ I didn’t imagine hide and seek like this though…ㅠㅠ

I really liked walking and talking together!! >3< In another way, the hide and seek game was really unique.ㅋㅋ

Have you all been getting lots of exercise??ㅋㅋ

When we were busking too, no one forgot to cheer for us and we were really touched!!!

During our 100th day, there were a lot of people who gave us a lot of love! And I keep hearing that it’s not our 100th day. 

I’m very, very thankful for all the people who love me, and I love you more~♡

We have our 200th and 300th day ahead of us ….Let’s keep making lots of memories together!!

I think the 100th day is a day to be filled with fan’s memories so I’m really happy and I like it+ㅁ+

There are lots of delicious things at the night market… It would be good if all of you could eat a lot instead of me!! Make like a pig and eat a lot.~~ㅋㅋㅋ

Whether our 100th day is long or short, I’m endlessly thankful for your support and I love you and I’ll do better.ㅎㅎ Hehet, in this letter I’m really just saying whatever… my words won’t continue smoothly.ㅋㅋ

So did you read it well?

Today is good and everyone is good but! It’s because we played with the dust and ate a lot..

You’re still playing but you should wash your hands and go! Go to sleep clean! Promise~

Even the people who couldn’t come today are happy, so it’s okay to play late.^^ ㅋㅋBut late tomorrow is the end!!

We’ll meet outside again soon!ㅋㅋMaybe?? Then I’ll go until here!!! Everyone, sleep well!

밤스타 는 바로 나야나~~~♬

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

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Me: We get hyped up over dates all of the time....have some chill. Also me: There's no chill to be had....everything that could ever happen is going to happen tomorrow, I must prepare.

[writes my will, makes amends with people i was ever an ass to including when i was a baby, picks out my gravestone]

One of the worst things is when you’re enjoying a book/tv show/movie and then it just starts going completely off track and it loses you and you’re just like, “Dammit… we could have had it aaaalllll!” And you feel cheated of having the conclusion you felt you deserved, and like you wasted your time on what was ultimately a disappointment. 

Like I was reading a book yesterday with a lot of potential and good characters, but right at the tipping point in the story… the author decided to rush through it and everything blurred. Nothing was really fleshed out and the plot/characters weren’t given the proper room to grow and resolve everything. It was as if the author had a word or page limit and had to fit it all in. Seriously… take the time to let things happen.

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My favourite Star Wars memory is discovering it at my uncle's house with my brother when I was about 9 so I guess this must have been mid-90s sometime. We watched all three in a row, it blew our minds, and the whole week we were there we'd run out and play on the swings in the park, it was our Millennium Falcon, he was Han and I was Luke. And we would be beset by TIE fighters and the hyperdrive was always broken, and we had to swing, swing as high as we could just to fix it and escape.

This is so pure and adorable I’m?????

THESE ARE THE THINGS WE DON’T TALK ABOUT: How you told him you loved him / And built a parallel story while keeping me on standby / How you denied it at first / Only to admit later that something may have happened / Might have happened / Could have happened / Must have happened / Have had happened / How you kept it going anyway / How you treat us the same / But say I’m your only one / How you don’t consider it treason / But suddenly do when it’s me doing it / How it isn’t really about me or him / But your need to have your ego served / By whoever’s available at the time / Sometimes it’s me / Sometimes it isn’t / How I know all about it / How you know that I do / How we pretend that I don’t.
—  THESE ARE THE THINGS WE DON’T TALK ABOUT by Felipe Oliveira after Caitlin Conlon @cgcpoems

Husband is out of town today and that meant I had to manage an obgyn visit with my nonverbal 3 year old in tow, along with school drop off at 7am, kindergarten pick up at 12, 2nd grade pickup at 3, and soccer practice at 6:30.

I had fully intended to just pick up some burgers, but M asked if we could get sushi for dinner, so I gladly said yes, cause that sounded way better than fast food. So far, this has gone surprisingly well, the kids have behaved well and enjoyed their meals. All that’s left is soccer practice, so hopefully that goes smoothly, too.

He has to go out of town next week also. Three days before M’s first communion. My grandma is going to be in town, which will make the whole thing more stressful. She’s extremely critical of my parenting, and not able to be helpful anymore, so I’ll have to prep M’s party, take care of the kids’ schedules, and weigh every potential shortcut with whether it’s worth hearing how ungrateful, lazy or indulgent I am.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I appreciate today. Next week is going to be different.


@master–burglar IKR as soon he was like “so this scene is from attack of the clones which is the second movie of the prequel trilogy, aka the worse trilogy” i was like dammit………….we could’ve had it all…….but instead now we only have 93% of it lmaoo

@estrangedlestrange @lihgtsabers THANKS 4 THE SUPPORT GUYS hjsdkf

@sozdanie-gryazi-eternal: LMAOO OKAY PALPATINE

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