we could have been anything


#i just want to know if the way she pushes his hair out of the way is something talia probably did for them as children #some sort of comforting small touch to make them feel better when they felt sick #or was it just instinct for cora to touch her brother in a very simple but comforting way because he needed it or maybe she needed it #to make sure her brother was okay #im just very emotional and i wish they would have explored their relationship more

i feel like having felicity as ghost fox killer in doomworld is the legends writers guggenheim being like “what’s good about arrow that we can bring over to be screwed up by the legion of doom” and the only answer they can think of is felicity. 

not like… she doesn’t really have that much personal history with any of the legion? bring in barry’s new miserable life at the hands of eobard instead of whitewashing another female comics character k thanks 

The Architects

There’s a clown, next door in the yard,

with a brief case and a bloody nose 

fostering the youth, (on them).

Blowing balloons into donkey baboons

splicing life, rolling the dice 

on, Gaia’s peace of, prophecy.

Its all a game of CRAP - So

plant your seed next to mine and 

we’ll see what happens. 

The larva, in your cap

won’t go shopping for any hamburger buns. Even if you smite them with 

the skeletal hand

And, the horses in the barns; they don’t really come 

outside to be sat on. But, they look like we 

should ride them - all the way, to the grave. Lets pretend 

We could have been anything but a parasite:

Masters laughing, 

grasping glitching booze from the Almighty lore. 

R.a.M // “ The symbols talking, where’d they come from, what do they mean?”

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did you hear that they never shot the delena proposal what the fuck

Yeah, I heard about that. I’m not too sad, I think we probably got a better “proposal” in 6x21 than anything that could have been written. 

However I ain’t gonna act like I’m not a little salty that they felt the proposal wasn’t necessary enough to keep but kept scenes with Katherine repeatedly dying/complaining and Vicki… doing anything. 

The day you asked my father
for my hand,
we smelled like the ocean;
curled hair thick with salt water,
seaweed wrapped against our wrists.
You said this could not be anything other
than nature;
that we must have been written
since the beginning.
You drew a timeline of where
we started and he got the picture
of where we ended
after you grabbed the seventh sheet of paper.
I remember you by the rowboats;
the way every lover there looked
like this lake wasn’t surrounded by a city
and the sky was just an open gate
to something greater.
I could have died happy the day
I said yes,
and yet,
I’m so glad I still get the chance
to keep promising you
my every days.
—  Schuyler Peck, The Day You Asked My Father

Thursday, November 26, 2015

We have constantly sought better
so how could we have been anything but blind
to the good we already have?

But don’t forget family, you remind us,
don’t forget Darigold and white wine,
remember the recipes that made us whole,
concoctions caught delicately in that part of our mind
that holds value, you pontificate—
our family meanwhile floats inches from our skin,
we belong only to this environment,
and it belongs to us,
we are just particles in its perfect soup,
the wild gesticulating balance to its stillness,
the cranial carnation to its holy bouquet,
and our remembering can never change that,
not all the goodness that surrounds

Henry’s jaw was clenched shut as he stumbled forward, pain shooting up his hip to the point where black dots appeared in his vision. Fingers gripping tightly around his cane, he stopped by the first available seat. “Would you mind?” he asked the other, nodding towards the seat to make his thoughts clear. 

Behind her, Hans was fuming. He quickly picked up his broken sword and started to swing it at Elsa, but Kristoff ran at him just in time. He hit Hans right on the jaw and knocked him down. There would be no second blows for Hans.
—  Frozen Junior Novelization

We could’ve been anything that we wanted to be
And it’s not too late to change
I’d be delighted to give it some thought
Maybe you’ll agree that we really ought two, three, four

We could’ve been anything that we wanted to be
Yes, that decision is ours
It’s been decided we’re weaker divided
Let friendship double up our powers

We could’ve been anything that we wanted to be
And I’m not saying we should
But if we try it, we’d learn to abide it
We could be the best at bein’ good guys

Flowers of the earth
Who can even guess how much a real friend is worth?
Shake an open hand
Maybe we’ll be trusted if we try to understand
No doubt about it
It must be worthwhile
Good friends do tend to make you smile

We could’ve been anything that we wanted to be
Yes, that decision is ours
It’s been decided we’re weaker divided
Let friendship double our powers

You give a little love
And it all comes back to you
You know you gonna be remembered
For the things you say and do


I don’t know what’s more prominent, Carmilla’s jawine in 2x01 or my lady boner from all the Hollstein fluff

☆ What is it?: Much like @badwolfrun​‘s Midnight Mondays and @perfectlyrose​‘s Doomsday Tuesdays and @ofstormsandwolves​ Turn Left Thursdays, this is a day dedicated to the awesomeness that is not just an episode, but Rose Tyler and her dimension-hopping ways and all that could have been.

☆ Okay Sam but what exactly are we supposed to do?: Anything! Make Dimension Hopping Rose edits, write stories, send me headcanons so I can fangirl over them and write 2,000 pages of meta. Seriously do whatever you want to celebrate!

Okay I’m game. How do I participate?: I’m glad you asked. Just make your edits/write your stories/post your headcanons and tag them with dimension hopping rose friday and/or dhr friday. Also feel free to tag me in them (I track my URL), as well as dimension hopping rose and defendersoftheuniversesnet. But those ones are option obviously. The two tags that are important aredimension hopping rose friday and dhr friday.

And, of course, you can feel free to message me about headcanons.

I want to talk about dimension hopping Rose but I don’t have any ideas!: Well luckily I think about dimension hopping Rose a lot, so here are some jumping off points–

☀ What was Rose’s life like in the parallel universe? Did she live with mother and Pete? Did she have her own place? did she just sleep at Torchwood?
☀ What kind of planets did Rose see? Did she ever get hurt? Did she meet any other Doctors? Any companions?
☀ Dimension hopping must have been stressful. Did Rose pick up any bad habits to try and deal with it?
☀ Rose at the end of series 2 and Rose ate series 4 are obviously different. How did she turn into that person?
☀ Aftermath! One of my favorite headcanons is that Rose has slight PTSD from her experiences dimension hopping (because there was no way every single jump was unicorns and rainbows) and while she’s happy and in love with the Metacrisis, she definitely needs a lot of TLC. And who better to give her that than her one-hearted Doctor?

Basically talk about whatever you want. We know nothing about Rose and her dimension hopping so the sky isn’t even the limit.

Do I have to reblog the post to participate?: No, but exposure and spreading the word would be amazingly helpful. So it’s not required, but you would have my eternal love.

When is it?: Every Friday!

Nah, I’ve just been told about the whole Alex/Lisa/Rian/Jack situation..

What the fuck I’m so disappointed in this fandom… At the end of the day, it’s Alex and Lisa’s wedding and they can do as they please… I’m sure all of the guys will have an important role to play but even if they don’t, they’ll be there showing their support? We don’t know the situation, anything could have been discussed… 

Even JOKING about crashing their wedding is LUDICROUS… Posting about it is even worse… WE ARE MEANT TO BE FANS AND BE SUPPORTIVE, NOT THE TOTAL OPPOSITE. Normally, the fandom is hugely supportive, come on guys, see some sense, please.

Anyway, peace out.