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What if …

- Cinder was raised by Levana instead of being almost killed by her?

- Scarlet grew up on Luna rather than on Earth with her grandmother?

- Cress hadn’t been born a shell but inherited the gift from her parents?

- Winter never promised herself to not use her glamour but to serve her queen?

May I present:

Crown princess Selene Blackburn

Alpha Scarlet Benoit

Dr. Crescent Moon Darnel

Head Thaumaturge Winter Hayle

Ren and the First Order pt. 1 (The Last Jedi spoilers)

There’s been good amount of information on props, costumes, and sets related to the First Order and Kylo Ren, so here’s a compilation of what we’ve learned so far:

Kylo Ren gets something of a makeover in The Last Jedi. His mask is said to be nearly the same as it was in VII, with some minor tweaks, but the rest of his outfit is different. The new costume has been compared to Luke’s black outfit from Return of the Jedi…

…but Ren wears what sources called a “Darth Vader cape” over the outfit. It’s allegedly very similar to the cape his grandfather wore in episodes V and VI, but without the chain clasp.

Lumberjack Nick’s sketch based on descriptions of Kylo Ren.

While it’s most likely that this is just inspired by Darth’s costume design, there is some possibility that it’s the same cape. Recent Star Wars books, notably Bloodline, have focused on collectors who have rounded up old relics from the days of the Empire. We could go so far as to guess that Kylo got his hands on Vader’s real cape and is wearing it to ‘honor’ his grandfather.

Even Ren’s ship gets an upgrade in The Last Jedi, the personal fighter described as a ‘First Order TIE Advanced.’ They built a life-sized model of the ship at Pinewood studios, meaning we’ll probably be seeing it docked somewhere in the film. This information also implies that Kylo Ren will be piloting the ship himself, which we haven’t seen before. He may even be in some space battles given that he’s flying a TIE Advanced.

(This may also be the same ship from the scene description on Ahch-To, where the Knights of Ren kneel around a crashed ship.)

There will also be some changes to the First Order’s army, as well as some new additions to its ranks. Thankfully, The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson posted a photo of the updated Stormtrooper look on his Instagram:

We’ll also be getting the First Order version of the Imperial Guards and Imperial Gunners in Episode VIII.

And finally, we’ll close with an exciting quote from a Making Star Wars source:

“You are going to love Captain Phasma’s spear in The Last Jedi. She looks killer.”


holy shi- huh?????????????

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It’s funny to me that of all the stupidly handled deaths on this show, there is one that was handled very, very well with a realistic, painful death that came with an excellent send-off: Bobby Singer. 

Who just happens to be alive in the dystopian AU of DO0M. 

… kinda makes me wonder who else we’re gonna see. 

we’re so close to a party clip and i for one am not ready

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Like a Whirlwind

original request from anon: PietroxReader request? Pietro gets jealous cause the reader is really close with Tony and he really wants to date the reader. She likes him too but she thinks he doesn’t like her?? Btw I love ur account so much

A/N: I honestly really liked this one, so thank you for sending it in! I hope it turned out the way wanted it to!!

Pairing: PietroxReader

Word Count: 2168

Warnings: None

“Just go tell her that you like her.”

“You know I can’t do that.” Pietro glares in (Y/N)’s direction where she’s talking excitedly with Tony. “I am no match for him.”

“What do you mean?” Wanda asks, tipping her head to the side.

“I mean that she clearly likes Stark more than me.” He huffs, tearing his eyes away from the scene before him.

“But how can you be sure?”

“Do you not see the way she leans over his shoulder to watch him work? Or the way she touches his arms or his hands?” Pietro says, gesturing wildly. “She is clearly in love with him and does not like me the way she likes him.”

“I love you, but you are very stupid sometimes.” His sister says, hauling herself up out of her seat. “Just talk to her.”

“You say that as if it were just as simple as that.”

“Trust me, I know that it is.”

“Wait, so you’re saying that we could all be invisible to every radar on the planet?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying, sweetheart.” Tony grins. “I would even go so far as to say that we could be invisible to the naked eye.”

“How is that even possible?” I ask. “I thought we were decades away from that sort of tech.”

“Please, this is me you’re talking to.” He snorts.

“Come on, you know I had to ask.” I smack him on the arm. “Still, it’s amazing. When did you even start working on this?”

“Last night.” He says, zoning out, his brain immediately leading him away from the conversation.

“Tony?” I snap my fingers in front of his face. “Tony.”

“Huh, what?”

“How long have you been awake?”

“What do you mean?”

“When did you wake up, Anthony?”


“Well that’s not too ba-”

“Yesterday morning.”

“Tony, you can’t keep doing this to yourself. You need to get some sleep.”

“I don’t have the time to sleep, I’ve got too much work to do.” Tony shakes his head in dissent. “I have to finish this.”

“No, you need to take a good eight hour long nap.” I gently pull him away from his work table, wrap an arm around his middle to support him in case he falls, and guide him from the lab.

“Fine, but I’m not going easy.” He says defiantly, though he’s walking with me quite willingly.

“You keep telling yourself that, shellhead.” I laugh quietly.

“Why’d you call me shellhead?” Tony whines.

“Because of your helmet, you doof.”

“It’s not that bad.” He says defiantly before furrowing his brow. “Is it?”

“No, it’s not, don’t worry.” I pat him on the chest to reassure him. In trying to get Tony to his room we pass through the lounge area outside of the lab. I see Pietro laying across the couch. “Hey, Piet!”

“(Y/N),” His entire body seems to perk up when he hears his nickname. He sits up quickly to look at me. “I-”

“I love you, (Y/N).” Tony interrupts, leaning heavily on my shoulder.

“Aw, I love you too, Tony.” I laugh, patting him gently on the stomach before turning back to Pietro. I’m only met with a scowl and a quiet growl before he speeds away.

“What’s his deal?” Tony asks, his posture straightening as he tries to see where Pietro ran off to.

“I have no clue.” I shake my head. “Let’s get you to bed.”

“Did you seriously growl at them?” Wanda asks. Pietro just nods and buries his face in his hands. “Why do you do this to yourself?”

“He told her he loved her.” Pietro groans. “And then she returned the sentiment!”

“It could have been friendly, Pietro. You don’t know.” Wanda sits beside him on her bed and rests a hand on his shoulder. “We can’t keep reading too far into Stark’s actions. Especially when he does things like this.”

“You didn’t see how she was touching him this time. He was leaning all over her and she was touching his chest and his stomach. Her arm was around his waist.”

“You truly are blind, Pietro.” Wanda shakes her head.


“Hey, if you screw this up, you can’t blame it on me.” She sighs in resignation. “I tried to help, but it’s clear that you must do this on your own.”

-Two days later-

“Hey, Steve?”

“What’s up?”

“Have you noticed anything weird about Pietro lately?”

“What do you mean?” He asks.

“He’s been ignoring me.” I explain. “Any time I’m in the room he speeds away and he does the same thing if I’m ever anywhere near Tony.”


“Do you think I did something to upset him?”

“I have absolutely no clue, (Y/N).” Steve shakes his head. “Have you tried talking to him?”

“Yeah, but any time I get his attention he just runs away, like… like he doesn’t want to be around me.”

“Do you want me to try talking to him?”

“Would you really? I don’t want to shove this on you, it’s my problem.”

“We’re a team, (Y/N).” Steve says, waving his hand in dismissal. “A team doesn’t work if it’s divided.”

“Thank you.” I sigh.

“Maximoff.” Steve calls after Pietro.

“What is it, Captain?” He asks, unsure of Steve’s motives for talking to him.

“I need to talk to you about your behavior over the past couple of days.”

“What do you mean, ‘my behavior’?” He cocks an eyebrow. “What has Barton accused me of this time?”

“This isn’t about what Barton may or may not have said. This is about (Y/N).” Steve says, folding his arms across his chest.

“I haven’t done anything to (Y/N).” Pietro mumbles, pushing his way past Steve.

“That may be true,” Steve picks Pietro up by the back of his shirt and places him in front of him again. “But she feels like she’s done something to upset you.”

“Well she hasn’t…” Pietro mumbles, folding his arms and looking at his feet.

“You’re gonna have to try better than that to convince me, kid.” Steve snorts.

“Why do you care?” Pietro snaps.

“Because I don’t want you to ruin your relationship before it has a chance to begin.”

“What relationship?” He scoffs. “She clearly loves Stark.”

“Stark?!” Steve can’t stop the loud laugh that results from what Pietro’s said. “You seriously think (Y/N) loves Tony?”

“Of course she does!” Pietro cries. “Two days ago they were all over each other! She was touching his arms and his chest and his stomach. He was leaning all over her. It’s obvious!”

“Two days ago?”

“Yes.” Pietro’s voice holds not so subtle hints of exasperation. “Have you gone deaf in your old age, Captain?”

“No, but I remember (Y/N) saying something about Tony staying up for two days straight a couple of days ago.” Steve cards a hand through his hair before scratching his head. “He tends to get kind of loopy when he’s that tired.”

“Wait, are you serious?”

“Yeah, I had to get him into bed one night and he was leaning on me the entire way up to his room.” Steve nods. “I narrowly escaped having my ass grabbed that day.”

“I am an idiot…” Pietro smacks his head on his forehead.

“Yeah, you kind of are.”

“She thinks I hate her, doesn’t she?”

“Yeah, kind of.” Steve says, placing his hands on his hips. “But I think there may still be time to fix your fuck up kid.”

“Did I seriously just hear Captain America say fuck up?” Pietro snickers.

“Yeah,” Steve says. “If you don’t go figure this out, you might hear it again when I’m kicking your ass in your next training session.”

“(Y/N)?” Someone calls my name in the hallway. I poke my head out the door to find Pietro standing at the end of the corridor, seemingly unsure of himself.

“Piet, hey,” I say quietly. “What’s up?”

“I need to apologize.” He says, slowly walking towards me.

“For what?” I ask.

“I need to apologize for the way I-”

“Who’s that in the hall, sweetheart?” Tony asks, standing behind me and poking his head out into the hallway to see. I notice Pietro’s posture stiffen at Tony’s appearance.

“Could I, perhaps, speak to you in private?” He asks, his jaw clenched.

“Oh, uh, alright I guess-” In a flash he scoops me up and whisks me up three floors, plopping me on a couch. “So. Okay, what was that about?”

“What was what about?” He asks innocently, taking a seat beside me.

“Oh please, your body went rigid when you saw Tony and your jaw was all clenched! I call bullshit, Pietro Maximoff.” I frown at him, my brow furrowing. “What’s going on?”

“I’m sorry, (Y/N).” He sighs

“For what?”

“For the way I’ve treated you these past few days. I’ve been terrible and you deserve better than that.”

“Wait, what?”

“The other day when you were walking out of the lab with Tony he told you that he loved you, and you told him that you loved him too.” He explains. “And with the way you were touching him, I thought that you were actually in love with him and I got jealous and I took it out on you.”


“(Y/N), I like you, and… and it’s been really, really hard for me to even think of telling you-”

“You do realize you just told me, right?” I ask, a smile growing on my face.

“I… I did, shit.” He hisses, scratching at the back of his neck and looking anywhere but me.

“Hey, Piet, come on,” I say quietly, gently taking his hand in mine. “Look at me.” He just stares at his hand in mine. “Why won’t you look at me?”

“I am afraid of what you’ll say.” He says simply.

“Please,” I say, my voice hushed. I reach up and cup his cheek and he finally looks up at me, his eyes conveying his confusion. “I like you too, Pietro.”

“Wait,” He covers the hand I’ve got on his cheek with his own. “Are you serious?”

“Completely.” I confirm, gently squeezing his hand.

“But you told him you loved him.”

“Because I do love him.” I say simply. “But the way I love him is different from the way I like you. He is, in his own way, to me what Wanda is to you. He’s like my-”

“Brother,” Pietro finishes my sentence for me.

“Mhmm.” I nod. “Exactly. There’s nothing to worry about with him.”  He looks at me, eyes studying my face, his expression still unsure. I rise to my feet and gently pull on his hand to get him to stand. “Come on, I’ll prove it to you.”

“Alright.” He says quietly.

I quickly lead him back downstairs to the lab where Tony and I were working. Luckily, he’s still there, fiddling with the gauntlet he was trying to adjust for the past two weeks. We quietly enter the room, but Tony notices us almost immediately.

“Hey,” He says, briefly looking up at us before going back to work on the gauntlet. “I was wondering where you two sped off to.”

“Hey, Tony,” I say in greeting. “Pietro has a quick question for you.”

“Shoot, speedy.” He says, not taking his eyes off of his project.

“Uh…” He hesitates, looking between Tony and I before continuing. “Is there anything going on between you and (Y/N)?”

“How do you mean?” Tony asks, finally pulling his attention away from his work.

“Romantically.” Pietro answers.

“Nah, she’s had a hard on for you ever since you stepped through the door.” He says, the words tumbling from his mouth easily and I slap my hand over my forehead and eyes at his crude verbiage. “Not a hard on, per se, more of a serious crush.” He looks between me and Pietro. “Wait, I wasn’t supposed to say that was I.“

“I already told him.” I say, dragging my hand down my face before turning to a blushing Pietro. “See?”

“Could we speak privately again for a moment?” He asks.

“Knock yourself out, kid.” Tony says, waving his hand in dismissal.

Pietro takes me by the hand and leads me from the room. I fully expected him to scoop me up the way he did before, but he leads me down the hallway, turning a few corners along the way. He looks around, making sure we’re alone, before turning one more corner and pressing his back against the wall. He pulls me to his chest, arms looped loosely around my waist, and kisses me. I quickly kiss him back, resting my hands on his chest. When he pulls away he looks at me expectantly, rubbing small circles on my back with his thumbs.

“I’m sorry.”

“What for?” I ask.

“For not doing that sooner.” Pietro answers.

“Mmm,” I hum. “You are extremely forgiven, as long as you promise to do it again soon.”

Thank you so much for reading! Feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

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anonymous asked:

Do u think Hermione Lodge paid the guy to kill Archie's dad? I mean the Lodge has lots of secret and we know how far they could go to hide secrets. Im just so disappointed and sad that CW done it again killing off important and fan favorite characters. Ugh.

Well for starters, I don’t think Fred’s dead.

And while I suppose the Lodges could be suspect, that almost seems toooo obvious so idk

  • L: It’s okay to like boys!
  • L: They have floats and celebrations for the LGBTQA+ (i think that’s what they’re called, I can google)
  • L: One of the biggest floats is in San Francisco!
  • L: I’m not sure what a leather daddy is but apparently one reviewer said he saw a ton there and if he’s a Father I’m sure he can give you more insight :)))
  • J: Are you sure? My parents said otherwise
  • J: That's a really long acronym, what do those things even stand for?
  • J: That's not far from here! We could go sometime!
  • J: so...I googled it
  • J: I wish I didn't
  • J: don't
  • J: But he's not a father

doctorcaitlinfrost  asked:

"I think something is wrong" Caitlin said softly as she holds her stomach. Though she knows that pregnancy can be hard this was harder on her body then expected. "He was moving I felt it now nothing." Maybe it was just overprotective her talking.

Harrison frowns, standing up and putting a hand over her belly as well. He leans in to listen with one sharp ear - homing in on that tiny sound he’s come to know so instinctively.

“I hear that heart chugging away,” he says, grinning. “Nothing seems wrong so far, but we could go to Medbay and do a quick ultrasound to check it out.”

Can never be too careful.


Creepypasta #696: The Perfect Family

Story length: Super long

My brother Elliot and I are close. Don’t get me wrong- it’s nothing weird or anything like that. We’re just close. Sure, as kids we fought over dumb stuff as brothers and sisters do, and as teenagers in high school he pretended not to have a little sister, and I pretended he was just another jerk jock. But despite all of that, we’re close. Now that he’s out of the house, and I’m in college, we don’t see each other as often, but we try to talk on the phone at least once a week.

Not many people can pinpoint why it is that they are close with their siblings, but I can. And I know he can too. Maybe without our shared experience we still would have been close, but what happened to us really nailed it down. We never talked about it, but I know we both remember it. 

Every time someone suggests telling scary stories, or starts talking about odd experiences, it looms heavily over us. Even to this day, I can’t make sense of it. But this is the reason my brother and I are so close. If nothing else, this is the one thing we will always have in common, one thing that will keep us together.

It happened in the summer. I was 9 years old, my brother 12. It was a pretty uneventful summer so far. We grew up in a sleepy town in the northeast. It sits on the coast and is pretty much split in two, with half of the residents being dock workers or fishers, and the other being the wealthier type who commute to the city every day. 

With the exception of my family and a few others, it is mostly those richer people who have children, and even though the town is on the coast, it’s not exactly a tourist attraction, so many of those wealthier people often leave on vacation for the summer. This, of course, means the children are gone as well. Which means my brother and I had a long string of boring, drawn out summers with all of our friends gone. This summer was no exception.

At some point during this summer, our parents began to get fed up with us. Being bored and young, we often got into things and caused trouble. Looking back, I have to laugh. I mean, we really gave my mother, who worked from home, a hard time. Elliot and I would run around, yelling and breaking things while my mother tried her hardest to get work done in her office. My father was out working on the docks.

One day, I guess my brother and I were being particularly terrible, and my mother finally told us to go play outside, we could even go into the woods behind our house if we wanted to, something she had never let us do before. Of course, she told us we could only go so far, but still, it was like we had a whole new world to explore. 

So Elliot and I gathered some “adventurer” stuff that we needed if we were going to explore this new territory. Elliot got his backpack from inside, a small green one with his name stitched across the side and frogs lining the outer pocket. He filled it with a compass he had gotten for his birthday, some walkie-talkies, a notebook to take adventure notes, and some band-aids. I was in charge of the necessities, which to us included a box of pop-tarts, two water bottles, and a bag of goldfish. It was around noon when we set off to explore the woods behind our house. With a worried smile and a warning to be back before one thirty, my mother sent us off.

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Hey guys! I’m starting a new series for Seventeen based off of songs. To start it off, Joshua! If you have any requests for songs I should base a scenario off of for another member, please let me know! ♡

Pairing: Joshua X Reader
Genre: Angst, Fluff
POV: Reader
Word Count:
Song: Inseparable by the Jonas Brothers


I didn’t know how to tell him.

The call from my parents ordering me back home I had gotten only a few minutes ago left me a mess. It’s easy for people to just say “no” to their parents and just move on, but not for me. It’s not that easy.

See, I had came to Seoul to study abroad for one school year. While I was studying, I met the love of my life, Joshua Hong. I worked in a small coffee shop in the heart of Seoul, and one day I heard the door bell chime as someone entered. I didn’t bother to look up until they came to the counter, and when I did, I was struck with a feeling in my stomach so intense I couldn’t even form words. We hit it off immediately. With talks of music and languages and anything we could come up with, I didn’t want to lose his presence and spend the rest of the dreary day alone. But I’ll save those details. We fell in love. I knew I wouldn’t be able to leave him with only 3 months left of my year abroad, I knew I had to stay. So I called my parents and told them I fell in love with Korea and the university I was attending, and that I had planned to take another full year at the same school. My parents were so proud, their child was chasing their dreams, but in reality I was chasing love.

Love, yes, love. Love makes you do funny things. My parents paid in full for my university the first year, and since I had not actually gotten accepted into a second year abroad, things started to look suspicious when they hadn’t received a bill from the school four months into the new school year.

I played it off well at first. I convinced my father that the school had gotten the payments messed up because students don’t usually extend their stay after the year is up. He believed me and I told him the bill should be coming soon. I mean, I knew he’d find out eventually, but that didn’t matter, right? I had Joshua and that was all that mattered to me. We were two kids in love and we didn’t see the future, we only saw right now.

I eventually got a higher position at that very same coffee shop we met at and got paid roughly $2 more than my original wage. Surprisingly, it was enough to get by on. That, and the monthly allowance my parents sent me. Joshua and I had managed to get a small apartment on our own and we lived so happily. Honestly, it didn’t matter where we were. It could have been in a car, on the street, or in someone’s basement and we would have been happy. We had each other, and we were each other’s happiness.

ring ring ring
ring ring ring

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing loud, right next to my ear. I grabbed my phone and swiftly ran out of my shared bedroom so I wouldn’t wake Joshua sleeping peacefully next to me. I entered the small dining room, flicked on a light and seated myself in one of the 4 chairs surrounding our table. I glanced at the time on my phone screen 2:23am. Then my heart sank. The caller ID read “Dad”. I contemplated not answering and using the excuse “it was early” but on the last ring I pressed the green button and answered.

“Hello?” I spoke groggily into my phone.

Y/N? What the hell is going on?” my dad hollered into the phone. My speaker pressed up close to my ear began to hurt, and I pulled my phone away from my ear slightly. I knew what this conversation would be about, but decided to play coy.

“What do you mean?” I spoke lazily.

You know EXACTLY what I mean, don’t play innocent with me y/n. Why aren’t you in school?”

I sat in silence. I couldn’t tell my dad I lied to him, I couldn’t. I felt tears pricking up at my eyes as I tried to think of an excuse, some other reason why there was no bill from the school still.

I called your school last night, and they said they only had records of you being enrolled LAST YEAR. They said you had applied but had not been accepted for another year.” My father spoke more calmly now. Not yelling, but still a very prominent edge in his voice. Again, I didn’t say anything.

Alright. Don’t speak yet then. But I have one question and I’m expecting a damn answer this time.” I took a deep breath, waiting to hear what my father had to ask me. “If you didn’t get accepted into that University, what the hell are you still doing in Korea, spending MY money?”

I felt the tears rolling down my face, each one leaving behind a trail of salt water on my heated cheeks. I couldn’t get any words out, I just couldn’t do it then.

Fine. Pack your bags y/n. You’re coming home this week, and I deserve a god damn explanation then. Do I make myself clear?” I hung up. I couldn’t handle it.

Part of me knew everything was going to come to an end if my father found out what was really going on, but the other part of me ignored that feeling and just let myself go. Love makes you do funny things.

I heard shuffling coming down the hallway and tried to wipe away my tears with my already soaked sweater sleeve, but Joshua caught me. He sleepily walked into the dining room and took one look at me and was down on his knees, pulling me into his embrace. I gave in and just cried on his shoulder. He didn’t even ask me what was wrong yet, he just held me close and ran his hand up and down my back. I couldn’t leave him. There was no way. But I knew the consequences if I stayed.

Feeling his wet shirt sleeve underneath my cheek, I pulled away from him and tried again to wipe my tears.

“Oh no, baby, what happened?” Joshua said, gently grabbing my chin to look up at him. He dropped his hand from my chin and grabbed both of my hands and ran his thumbs over the backs of them.

While I spilt everything to him, he listened intently, never breaking his gaze away from my eyes. He nodded along solemnly, taking in everything I had to tell him. Once I was done, Joshua finally spoke up.

“That’s so awful. I mean, lying to him probably wasn’t the best idea sure, but he can’t make you move back just because you’re not attending a university.”

“That’s true, but he can cut my allowance completely and never welcome me back home, disown me completely.” I cried.

Joshua pulled me closer to him again. I felt his chest rising and falling unevenly under my head which rested heavily against him. He took a deep breath before speaking quietly,

“I can’t lose you y/n.”

Now sitting on the dining room floor, Joshua’s back pressed against the tan wall, I completely sank into his embrace.

“It’s days like today that it feels like the sun will never shine again.” I muttered against my boyfriends chest.

“You know when the sun forgets to shine, I’ll be there to hold you through the night. I promise you, it will never be dark.” Joshua spoke into my mess of hair.

And that was it. That was why I loved him. In my worst state, he could calm me down. Make me feel loved. He always had the words to say. He spoke like a poet and I loved it so much, I could listen to him forever. Joshua pressed his lips onto the top of my head and I made one last attempt to clean up the mess of tears on my face for good and I let out a small “I love you”.

“Why don’t we go for a walk? Clear our minds a bit? Get some fresh air?” Joshua suggested, loosening his arms from around my body to let me lean out of his chest and look at him.

“It’s 3am…but that sounds like a good idea. Sure, let’s go.” I lifted myself out of my boyfriends lap and extended my arm out for him to grab my hand and help him off of the floor.


We put on some shoes and a light coat and opened the door to the cool night. I walked out of our apartment building first, Joshua closing the door behind us. We walked silently, side by side, for 5 minutes before Joshua ran a few feet in front of me.

“Take my hand.” he said with a sweet smile spread across his lips, the corners of his mouth upturned. I let out a small giggle at Joshua’s cute gesture and grabbed his hand with my own.

“You know, we could run away right now if we wanted to. We could run so far. We could go anywhere we wanted, what’s stopping us?” Joshua spoke. “We could run forever if you wanted to. I wouldn’t get tired, cause I’d be with you.” He said, looking dead into my eyes. The intense sparkle in his eyes ever so prominent.

“Where is all of this coming from?” I questioned.

Josh laughed lightly, nodding his head at my question.

“I’m just saying, what’s really stopping us? We could change the world, we can do anything we want.” He smirked at me and pulled me along with him, taking off and leading me into the crisp night.

We kept running. Buildings passed by us in a colorless blur, pavement disappearing beneath our feet as we moved quickly along the darkness. My mind was blank at the moment, no fears or worries about my family or having to leave Joshua, only the crisp air and evenly spaced streetlamps coming into thought.

Eventually we stopped at a park Joshua turned around and took my other hand in his. He walked backwards until we hit a bench and sat down.

“You see? I know it’s a silly metaphor, but what’s stopping us? We could keep running if we wanted to. Just like we can keep you here, you don’t have to go. We will make it work.” Joshua said in between breaths, exhausted from running. “I can’t lose you.”

He pulled me into his chest again.

“You know when I’m gone on tour? You know how hard that is for us? But it’s always okay because we know we will see each other soon and we usually know the exact date. y/n, if you go, it won’t be that easy. And we both know that even when we’re miles and miles apart you’re still holding all of my heart, but who knows when we’ll see each other next?“ Joshua went on. “And I know this is your choice and I know you don’t want to be disowned by your family, but we’ve made it so far. We can’t give it up now. And you don’t have to worry about the money that your family sends you, we’ll have more than enough from me and from your job. Just please, please don’t go. I’ll take care of you better than anyone else ever could.”

He was right. We didn’t need to worry about the money, in reality we could survive just fine without my father’s pay. While I loved my family, I knew what life would be like for me if I went back home. I would never see Joshua again. My parents would end up getting over it someday, but I wasn’t going to get over Joshua someday.

No, he was forever. He is forever. We are forever. Love is forever. 

“I’m staying here. I don’t think I could ever leave you Joshua, cause you know, we’re inseparable.” I managed to get out through choked back tears. 

He looked at me and our eyes met. And that’s another reason I loved him so much. Have you ever been able to see how much somebody simply adores you just through their eyes?

“I love you Joshua.” I said.

“I love you, too, y/n.” Joshua replied, holding my face in his hands and running a finger lightly over my cheek. “We’re inseparable.” he uttered, gazing into my eyes before pulling me in for a drawn out kiss, only to be followed by a drop of rain hitting me directly on the cheek. It began to rain heavily all around us, soaking us in our clothes.

“Are you ready to run again?” Joshua shouted over the sound of the rolling thunder.

“I’m always ready to run anywhere with you.” I shouted back, taking his hand and running through the puddles, leading us back home.


His Mind in the Gem (ScarletVision)

Thanos has left a considerable amount of damage, and Wanda Maximoff has one last chance to turn it all around. (ScarletVision one shots 2/2 1

     Wanda pulled the gem out of her pocket and began nervously twirling it between her fingers again. They’d be there soon, and this was her last chance. It was their last chance. Wanda looked around the quinjet. Steve and Clint were constantly shooting her worried looks. She wished they’d stop, it only made her dread what was about to happen more. Banner was staring at the floor. Sam was focused on piloting, not letting his gaze wander in her direction. After the yellow stone had finished its fifteenth revolution around her hands, Banner spoke up. 

     “For the last time, would you put that thing away?” he snapped, looking apprehensively at the gem. 

     ‘Sure,” Wanda said bitterly, drawing it into her palm and tightening her fist around it. Clint and Banner flinched. They had seen what the stone could do to a person firsthand. Bruce’s fear of it was Wanda’s fault, but she didn’t care. Right now the gem was all she had left. 

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Ugly Birds in a Beautiful Cage- Chapter 8 (Final)

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Last chapter!! Thanks for sticking with it. Enjoy!!

It was my last day here. Finally. I was all cleared to leave so all I had to do was head off to the main administration building where an officer will help me finish with some paperwork and then escort me from the prison. I felt like this day had taken a long while to get here, especially within the last few weeks.

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