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“I’m going to tell you a family secret. We hated each other in college. We were in the same history class. We argued over everything. I’d make a point in class, and she would argue the exact opposite. At the end of the year, our professor forced us to work together on our thesis project. Both of us asked him if we could choose different partners, but he refused. We made that professor the godfather of our children.”

(Santiago, Chile)

People actually expect me to believe that if you throw a group of only one sex inside a fucking maze with no memories, no social, cultural or religious discourses forced upon them, no outside influences of any kind for years and years with only each other to grow close too, trust, survive with, protect, build with, bond with etc. 


Top 10 Herbs for the Lazy Witch

Maybe you’re maybe you’re a new witch unsure of what herbs are worth your time as a beginner, maybe money is tight, or maybe you’re just lazy (like us). If we could only choose 10 herbs to use in our craft, these would be our top picks. 

1. Basil – its the witch’s herb, need we say more? Not only do its magical uses span from protection to love to wealth to exorcism, but it is also delicious in mundane recipes as well. If you can only have one herb, basil is the way to go.

2. Rosemary – this herb is also blessed with a wide variety of uses. Excellent for purification, lust and love, good health, preventing nightmares, and all kinds of sea witchery. Bonus: its fragrance is to die for.

3. Lavender – so you might not be able to find this at the grocery store, but its magical uses outweigh the small inconvenience of tracking it down. Most often used for healing, love, protection, peace, purification, and sleep, lavender is a go-to for any mental health needs. 

4. Chamomile – lavender’s luckier, jovial cousin. Primarily used in love, healing, and stress reducing spells, but can also be used for luck and gambling. It is associated with the sun, and makes a great tea infusion for stress relief. 

5. Thyme – the best herb for social situations. It attracts loyalty, affection, and a good reputation, but we most often bathe in an infusion of thyme for constant flow of money. Also good for increasing courage. 

6. Cinnamon – while technically a spice, cinnamon has many magical uses and is also delicious in cooking. Ideal for prosperity and success, protection, love, and all spells related to the spiritual self. 

7.  Peppermint – a favorite in herbalism for treatment of digestive issues, this herb ideal for cleansing and protecting. Peppermint is also widely available, makes for lovely tea, and is a great addition to any luck spell.

8. Rose – is any love spell complete without rose petals? This flower is the symbol for beauty, marriage, sexuality, divine love, and all kinds of relationships. A larger list of uses for roses can be found here

9. Cayenne Pepper – every witch needs something with a bit of a bite. This spice does wonders as cursing or banishing agent, or even just as an addition to any spell to speed up results. 

10. Mugwort – if we recommend any specialty herb, this is the one. Mugwort is used in spells for divination, astral travel, working within the spiritual realm, and receiving prophetic dreams. (Note: this herb should not be ingested by people who are pregnant)  

I think the thing that I really love about Mob’s explosions as a power-up concept is that in a lot of other series, these states (especially when they create a negative change in the character’s demeanor) are treated as a separate being, or an aspect of that character that isn’t *really* them. They come down from these “true” states, go into a funk, and are reassured by other characters that “No, this negative side of you isn’t the truth!”

With Mob it’s the opposite. Mob at 100% is Mob in his purest, most honest, and unfiltered state…and it isn’t always very nice. In fact, a majority of his explosions are negative thoughts and feelings that he’s held his tongue over, whether through necessity or Mob not wanting to burden others.

Mob isn’t being influenced by his own powers, but rather, his powers are a magnified reflection of what was already there.

It’s the perfect way to show how being kind and patient is an action, and not necessarily a state of being–that being compassionate is an active choice when we could choose (and sometimes have the right) to be unkind.

His “Goodness” doesn’t come from an inhuman moral perfection, but a very human strive to do and act better when he doesn’t have to.

Few things irk me more than searching for fandom content that could expand on the canon source materials (like backstory, things that were hinted at in various episodes but never shown, “What if?” scenarios) and finding nothing but that One. Fucking. Ship. EVERYWHERE.

Monologue assignment from 1st year of TAW with a grumpy Wirt (Over the Garden Wall) I just now tied down and colored. AND the monologue is Martin from my favourite BBC radio sitcom Cabin Pressure <3 

We had lovely Sarah Airriess - aka @tealin - as our teacher this time, and being a fangirl herself she had selected this as one of the clips we could choose… So of course I had to take it. 

(Also, I have rarely fangirled more than when she did an animation demo of Arthur from the show… *sigh*. It was amazing.)

There are some people we cannot help but love, no matter how complicated or disastrous it may be for us. If we could choose not to love them we would, simply because they bring us nothing but heartache and despair… Yet for reasons beyond our control, we cannot help but love them… and as painful and as complicated as the situation inevitably is, our love for them remains simple and pure. We don’t want to love them, we try not to love them… in fact there are times we’d almost love to hate them for the anguish they cause us – but still our hearts refuse to give up on them as a lost cause when our better judgment tells us differently.
And ultimately relationships like that are indeed a test of love – but not in the way that we think. They’re not there to test the limits of what love can endure… they’re there to test if we love ourselves enough to walk away.
Advice on Getting to Know INFPs (like, REALLY getting to know them, like on a deeply platonic or romantic level) Part One

from the perspective of an INFP: yours truly, Anika Ashbourne.

-INFPs are “idea people”. We’d much rather not talk about the football game or bland politics or it is what it is. No, let’s talk about art and potential and possibilities and theories of the universe and favorite books and why this and how that and why not and what if. Stereotypically, we’re wide-eyed innocent children in the bodies of adults who have our head too far in the clouds to ever come down. While that’s quite an exaggeration, we are very imaginative and abstract in our thinking. We love love love new ideas, new concepts, new things to be obsessed with. Because INFPs are constantly on the lookout for, as I like to call them, “things that click”. A puzzle piece falls into place. A door unlocks, and you’re the key, and suddenly you’re our new favorite person in the world and please don’t go away because you mean very much to me for helping me develop myself or my ambitions further. Advice: to connect with an INFP, don’t be a dull-ass, ordinary, out-of-all-the-things-we-could-talk-about-you-choose-to-talk-about-this?! kind of people.

-We can tell what you’re trying to do. Just saying. If you’re trying to impress an INFP, they know. If you’re trying to bring down an INFP, they know. If you’re lying to an INFP, they know. If you’re pushing down your emotions in front of an INFP… Oh god, they know. The thing is, we won’t usually let you know that we know, but we know. We can sense it. We have a way of reading people subconsciously. The thing is, we’re so conscious of how we do things and how different our ways of doing things are from other people’s ways, we start to pick up on exactly how each kind of person tends to do things and what the signs are that they’re doing the thing. We do all this without realizing we’re analyzing you, and it gives us a grip on what we think of you. Advice: be real and as honest as you can to INFPs. Don’t try to trick us, because we’re hard to deceive and you’ll lose all our trust and respect at once. Instead, be sincere and show us you’re worth getting to know, too– which isn’t that hard if you’re being genuine, because we like to really know people, too.

-INFPs are reserved. Yes, we’re the quiet ones in the corner with our notebooks or the kid that never shuts up when they’re talking to friends but never opens their mouth around other people, but it’s more than that. We’re reserved. It takes a while to really get to know an INFP. Some say we’re even more reserved than the INFJs or INTs. This is because we’re open to pain, we let it sting us when it comes and let our emotions flood us so we can taste the tides, but we’d rather avoid it when we can. An INFP that’s been hurt a lot in the past- and, warning, most INFPs have been- is less likely to want to get hurt in the future unless they really believe is worth it. Yes, we’re afraid to get hurt. We are not afraid you’ll hurt us, we are just afraid of the flood that, you have to admit, is sure to come again if you really deeply connect with someone. So we defend ourselves with layers. Hundreds and hundreds of layers, and the longer you stay with us, the more time you spend with us, the more we begin to trust you… those layers peel off. And you’ll know because that’s when we’re incredibly silly around you and fearless in expressing our ideas and we will defend you from every evil thing that comes your way at whatever the personal cost. Until then, we tend to appear as the shy butterfly flittering around on its own, a little ways away from the others. Advice: be patient and be persistent, and earn our trust by being a person we can feel comfortable and happy around.

-INFPs feel everything at an overwhelmingly deep level… or almost not at all. If you hurt us, you’ve either destroyed us for a while or you’ve only chipped a crack in the layered walls of our castle. If you make us happy, we’re basically either tempted to kiss you and be close to you forever and all eternity and return the favor, or we simply appreciate it and move on. In the overwhelming sense, we will remember it for the rest of our lives and we’ll write about it and sing about it and make art about it and let it fuel is in our quests, or we’ve already forgotten it. Advice: I just hope you realize what you’re doing will either have a very long-term affect or no affect at all. If you’re not sure, you can always ask. INFPs are very willing to help you out, especially if it means further developing our own self or yourself, and you can always always just ask them if what you’ve done is good or bad or nothing. And if it’s bad, apologize ASAP and talk to them about it. If it’s good, well done and keep it up!


Make Me Choose:

@moquall asked me: Edgar Roni Figaro or Sabin Rene Figaro ?

The Masterlist of my Masterlists


Mrs. America -Hiatus 

Captain America x y/n Kent. 

Y/n Kent is the daughter of superman and wonder woman. Her parents send her to another universe because their world is ending. Here she meets fury and he helps her get used to this new world and has been working unofficially as his assistant since she was 20. Then Loki attacks and she has to step up and become a member of the avengers.

Guys Like That- Complete!

Bucky x plus sized!Reader.

 You are an inhuman with intuitive intelligence who tony and Bruce hired to work with in the lab. You have a crush on Bucky and Bucky has a crush on you. But you mistake his flirting for him being friendly.

The Deal with the Devil  -Hiatus 

Bruce Wayne X Reader. 

You’re the female version of Daredevil. This takes place in the DC universe.

How Could We Choose  -Hiatus

Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers. 

You, Steve and Bucky had been friends since childhood. Right before the war it had turned into something more for the three of you. You had been shipped out first since you were a trained nurse. Once Steve gets chosen for the super soldier program he requests that you be brought state side so that there is a medical professional he trusts present during the procedure. The night before the trial you are sitting with Steve and Dr. Erskine comes in and says that he would like to give you the serum too. He gives you the injection and you become enhanced but your body doesn’t grow like Steve’s. You fight alongside Steve, Bucky and the Howling Commandos. You fall off of the train with Bucky. 

Hey, I’ve Got You -Hiatus 

Tony Stark x enhanced! Reader

Summary -The reader was captured and experimented on and given the healing factor and she has claws that extend out from the bed of their nails. The people who are experiment on her cover her skeleton in vibranium. So the reader now has metal claws. They keep her locked away for a very long time. They rarely feed her or let her out because there is such a high chance of her escape now. Somehow the UN panel that is in charge of the accords finds out about the illegal experiments and send Iron Man in to shut down the operation. The reader is the only one there because the scientists had gotten word that they had been discovered. Tony finds the reader and takes her back to the compound.

Green With Envy 

Bruce Banner x Daughter!reader and Peter Parker x Reader

You and your little brother Wyatt have been living on your own since your mother ran out on you two years ago. You hadn’t seen your father since you were 10 and now 7 years later he shows up on your door step asking for your help. Him and the avengers need a place to lay low for a while. Everyone is shocked to meet you and your brother. They never expected Bruce to have kids. Let alone enhanced ones!

A Timeless Love -Complete!

Bucky Barnes X reader X Steve Rogers

Summary- In a world where everyone is born with the name of their soulmate-or soulmates- on their wrist the reader has the horrible fate of being bound to two dead soldiers. That is until she sees Captain America fighting in New York. Does she run from her destined love or does she go to him?

Fire and Ice 

Loki X Enhanced! Reader

Summary- You were one of the three founders of the X-men, but you’ve had enough of the world and after Charles dies you, Wade Wilson and Logan move to an isolated cabin in the forest. Because of the lack of leadership the X-men dissolve and go their seprate ways. One day the man you blame for a lot of you issues-Fury shows up at your door with the Avengers and Loki, he tells you that the world is coming to an end and it’s time to get the band back together.

Sanctuary -Complete!

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary- You are a princess on the run from your cruel brother. Three men- Bruce (the court doctor), Tony (a weapons designer who worked for your father) and Clint (your most trusted guard) sneak you into enemy territory.  They bring you to the Winter Court where they ask King James for assistance in exchange for their skills and your hand in marriage. He agrees. Will this arrangement turn into love? Or will it always be political?

Sense8: Avengers Edition

Avengers x reader (polyfic) 

Summary: You were one of eight. The eight of you are one. There was T’Challa, the Prince of Wakanda. Tony Stark, heir to a billion dollar company.  Bruce Banner, boy genius. Natasha Romanoff, a girl from Russia who went to a really weird school. Thor, who was a prince of another realm called Asgard. Clint Barton, a boy who ran away to the circus-a circus that wasn’t really a circus. Steve Rogers, a man who was frozen in the Artic.  And then there was you- a girl who only had to think of a place and then they would be there. All eight of you hadn’t met in person- but that was all about to change.

Love at First Punch 

Damian Wayne x Reader

Summary- Reader is the daughter of green arrow and black canary and first meets Damian a couple weeks after he starts to live with Bruce. He says something rude and you punches him in the face and it’s been happily ever after ever since. When you are 18 you, Damian and Bart Allen get sucked into another universe. One where Thomas Wayne, your grandfather and Nora Allen are all alive and they are founding members of their justice league. In an attempt to get back to your universe Bart accidentally brings you to another universe where you are ambushed and taken into custody by none other than the Avengers. Will the three of you make it back home?

The Witch of the Rogers Pack 

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary- You and your father left your hometown of Salem, Massachusetts to move to Beacon Hills, California after a hunter attacked your home and killed your mother. You and your mother were the last witches from an old and powerful coven and now it was just you. You attempt to lay low until the Rogers pack confronts you about why you’re on the dead pool.

You Deserve More Than Me 

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary- You are King Stevens beloved little sister, who is hopelessly in love with his best friend High Duke James. The only problem is James refuses to see you when he gets home from battle.

You Do Not Need To Love Me

Tony Stark x Reader

Summary- You and your younger sister have been living off of the kindness of your friends since your parents died. Countess Natasha decides to take you to Court so you can catch yourself a husband. You go with her not expecting much since you have no dowry, but on your first night there Duke Anthony, the richest man in the kingdom, shows an interest in making you his wife.

I Promise to Love the Both of you for Forever 

Steve Rogers x Reader X Bucky Barnes

Summary- When three seven year olds declare their love for one another they do the only logical thing they can think of-get married. Eventually the three of you grow up and go two war. The world thinks the three of you died within weeks of each other, but are any of you truly dead?

Staying Quiet

Tony Stark x Daughter! Reader and Tony Stark x Steve Rogers

Summary- The reader was made from Tony’s DNA (and an unknown inhuman). Fury brings her to Tony after the civil war.  The reader is 5 and doesn’t speak due to the trauma she has faced in her life. But Tony finds out she can control machines.

Be my Queen

Loki x Reader

Summary- You and Loki have been friends since childhood. While your older sister Sif trained to fight with Thor, you were learning magic from Frigga alongside Loki. As you grow older both you and Loki believe the love you hold for one another is unrequited. Will this change when Thor is banished and Loki needs a queen to rule at his side while Odin sleeps? What will happen when you uncover a plot that will get Loki banished just like Thor?

Mayor Talisa waiting for her coffee to cool. Ever since she began working at the cafe, part time with Brewster, she’s been proudly brewing her own special blends of coffee. There’s nothing like the aroma of freshly brewed coffee~~☕️💖

Make A Wish

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: None, cute//fluff

A/N: Just something to brighten up my sour mood!

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“Come on Steve, it’s a Rangers game! It’ll be so much fun!!” You squeal chasing after your boyfriend, holding on to the tickets in your hand.

“(Y/N) you know how hard it is to go out in public with who we are.” He stops turning looking at you sliding in your socks down the hallway, he tries to not smile at you.

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So I was on the humansofny instagram page when: “I’m going to tell you a family secret. We hated each other in college. We were in the same history class. We argued over everything. I’d make a point in class, and she would argue the exact opposite. At the end of the year, our professor forced us to work together on our thesis project. Both of us asked him if we could choose different partners, but he refused. We made that professor the godfather of our children.” -- ELDERLY JILY LET ME CRY

omg. #thatteacherwasmcgonagall

Weekly Reading List 39

Weekly Recommendations get posted every Thursday. All stories are character x reader unless otherwise stated. Graphic by the awesome@wonders-of-the-enterprise.

Star Trek
Jim Kirk
Marriage Material Part 10/Part 11 by @enterprisewriting
Accidentally Married by @dreaming-about-starfleet
Fine by @auduna-druitt

Leonard McCoy
Don’t Run Yourself Ragged by @nonsensical-lee
Hell Hath No Fury by @trade-baby-blues
You Can Tell Me Anything by @whatif-animagineblog
Rules to Protect a Heart by @dirajunara
Okay by @mybullshitsensesaretingling
Messing With Bones by @blissfullylostinarabbithole
I’ll Even Get You Ice Cream by @the-space-goddess-16

Normal’s Overrated Anyway by soniclipstick
I Need You by @pinkamour1588
A Very Good Morning by @pinkamour1588 NSFW
Jocelyn by @auduna-druitt

Jim x Reader X Bones

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