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“I’m going to tell you a family secret. We hated each other in college. We were in the same history class. We argued over everything. I’d make a point in class, and she would argue the exact opposite. At the end of the year, our professor forced us to work together on our thesis project. Both of us asked him if we could choose different partners, but he refused. We made that professor the godfather of our children.”

(Santiago, Chile)

People actually expect me to believe that if you throw a group of only one sex inside a fucking maze with no memories, no social, cultural or religious discourses forced upon them, no outside influences of any kind for years and years with only each other to grow close too, trust, survive with, protect, build with, bond with etc. 


Top 10 Herbs for the Lazy Witch

Maybe you’re maybe you’re a new witch unsure of what herbs are worth your time as a beginner, maybe money is tight, or maybe you’re just lazy (like us). If we could only choose 10 herbs to use in our craft, these would be our top picks. 

1. Basil – its the witch’s herb, need we say more? Not only do its magical uses span from protection to love to wealth to exorcism, but it is also delicious in mundane recipes as well. If you can only have one herb, basil is the way to go.

2. Rosemary – this herb is also blessed with a wide variety of uses. Excellent for purification, lust and love, good health, preventing nightmares, and all kinds of sea witchery. Bonus: its fragrance is to die for.

3. Lavender – so you might not be able to find this at the grocery store, but its magical uses outweigh the small inconvenience of tracking it down. Most often used for healing, love, protection, peace, purification, and sleep, lavender is a go-to for any mental health needs. 

4. Chamomile – lavender’s luckier, jovial cousin. Primarily used in love, healing, and stress reducing spells, but can also be used for luck and gambling. It is associated with the sun, and makes a great tea infusion for stress relief. 

5. Thyme – the best herb for social situations. It attracts loyalty, affection, and a good reputation, but we most often bathe in an infusion of thyme for constant flow of money. Also good for increasing courage. 

6. Cinnamon – while technically a spice, cinnamon has many magical uses and is also delicious in cooking. Ideal for prosperity and success, protection, love, and all spells related to the spiritual self. 

7.  Peppermint – a favorite in herbalism for treatment of digestive issues, this herb ideal for cleansing and protecting. Peppermint is also widely available, makes for lovely tea, and is a great addition to any luck spell.

8. Rose – is any love spell complete without rose petals? This flower is the symbol for beauty, marriage, sexuality, divine love, and all kinds of relationships. A larger list of uses for roses can be found here

9. Cayenne Pepper – every witch needs something with a bit of a bite. This spice does wonders as cursing or banishing agent, or even just as an addition to any spell to speed up results. 

10. Mugwort – if we recommend any specialty herb, this is the one. Mugwort is used in spells for divination, astral travel, working within the spiritual realm, and receiving prophetic dreams. (Note: this herb should not be ingested by people who are pregnant)  

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So I was on the humansofny instagram page when: “I’m going to tell you a family secret. We hated each other in college. We were in the same history class. We argued over everything. I’d make a point in class, and she would argue the exact opposite. At the end of the year, our professor forced us to work together on our thesis project. Both of us asked him if we could choose different partners, but he refused. We made that professor the godfather of our children.” -- ELDERLY JILY LET ME CRY

omg. #thatteacherwasmcgonagall

anyway, some of you may not have been in the fandom at the time, but a year ago around this time people started making some casually creepy remarks about hansol turning 18 like ‘can’t wait for 2016 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)’ and other low key predatory stuff in regards to his birthday and him no longer being a minor. and that was called out by some fans at the time, but even so, if we could all choose not do that with chan this year, that would be very much appreciated. have a good day.


I wish we could choose to ally with the mages and still get Calpernia as a nemesis in Inquisition. Imagine how awesome it would be to put our mages against Corypheus’ mages: “redeemed” mages against “evil” mages. I feel it would’ve given the game a new perspective on the use of magic rather than the “if you don’t choose us, you have to fight us” perspective we got. The same also goes for Templars, obviously.

There are some people we cannot help but love, no matter how complicated or disastrous it may be for us. If we could choose not to love them we would, simply because they bring us nothing but heartache and despair…
Yet for reasons beyond our control we cannot help but love them… and as painful and as complicated as the situation inevitably is, our love for them remains simple and pure. We don’t want to love them, we try not to love them… in fact there are times we’d almost love to hate them for the anguish they cause us – but still our hearts refuse to give up on them as a lost cause when our better judgement tells us differently. And ultimately relationships like that are indeed a test of love – but not in the way that we think. They’re not there to test the limits of what love can endure… they’re there to test if we love ourselves enough to walk away…

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I realize this may put me in the minority here, but in all honesty...I really miss our Christmas music! It was sooooooo much better than the regular, non-Christmas playlist we have. I wish we could choose our own music for the store, rather than listen to whatever corporate puts together. I guarantee you I could do a much better job with it.

An until dawn aftermath plot where muse a and muse b are the only survivors and both have lost someone they loved as well as the rest of their friends and after being thoroughly by the police, having to relive the trauma of that night over and over, they realize that they’re all they have left. Which leads to them into helping one another with daily things that seem difficult af now, they comfort each other when it grows dark and the ghosts of what happened to them come out to play. maybe they cuddle, maybe they cuddle and kiss?? maybe they have movie nights/sleepovers - THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. just give me this & we will figure it out bc I NEED A PLOT WHERE TWO SURVIVORS GO THROUGH TRAUMATIC TRAUMA & HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE AFTERMATH WITH EACH OTHER OK.

We signed up for fake babies in parenting today for a project and we had white babies, Hispanic babies, light skinned black babies, and dark skinned black babies and I would say the class is predominantly black and Latino with like a few white girls taking it and like…nobody wanted the dark skinned black babies and it made me really sad. The black girls in my class were all trying to schedule it so they could all have the light skinned babies on different days bc everybody wanted their babies light skinned and idk I’m not black so I’m really not any authority to make observations but like that made me sad and it felt like what I was seeing was the result of centuries of white supremacy and white beauty standards materializing themselves into these young girls who seem to have the impression that their baby would be cuter light skinned. :/ idk if anyone ended signing up for a dark skin baby I think one of the Latina girls eventually signed up for the boy but then she was asked why she didn’t want the Hispanic boy and she said something like Hispanic babies were too much energy or too much work which also had me like :/ like all brown and black kids are subconsciously taught their whole lives to hate SOMETHING about themselves and it shows through and is inherited to our children even our fake children

i NEED to see a ‘return to reality’ of some kind in The Final Problem. Because imagine if we got canon Johnlock but in the same 'universe’ as there are all these inconsistencies (John’s blog shutting down irl but not on the show, disappearing blood, CAMERAMEN in the bloody frame, differences of script…) that we’ve just spent ages painfully cataloguing. I mean, we could choose to believe in the surface reading, but…this programme has taught me not to?! It would always bother me. I’d always know that it might or might not be reality. Please comfort me @shawleyleres @multifandom-madnesss @wssh-watson @the-7-percent-solution

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Hi! I have to write a text for school about a historic person and we could choose pretty much anyone we wanted. I've been thinking about writing about Tove, but the requirments are that they were affected by society and that they affected society back somehow. Do you think she will fit into this assignment? Sorry if you can't answer this, I'd just love some advice ^^

But of course! I made plenty of essays about Tove and Moomins for school when I was younger and the topic was always beloved by teachers! (I used to be the top student at my school so I can guess my advise will not be too horrible but remember to make the choice yourself!) I can write some thoughts for you below…

I could say all people are affected by society but let me be more specific how biographies analyse Tove in that regard. As you may know if you follow my blog, Tove was a female artist and a queer woman in a time when both of those things were marginalized. As an artist Tove had to endure sexism and being overlooked by men. This is one of the major reasons she did not end up getting married; marriage would have meant putting her career second or even quitting it entirely. During that time, it was not acceptable to neglect duties as a wife to make art. Tove knew this and hesitated giving up her ambitions. Also as a queer woman she needed to balance her love life and the law. She was not truly secretive about her relationships with Viveca or especially Tuulikki, but she could also not voice them in public for the longest time.

Also, one major thing which affected Tove was war. And I bet any teacher can respect you writing about a person who experienced World War II. You can read more in my older posts but basically, Tove was very depressed during the war and that depression made her create a safe place to retreat to… Moominvalley! So we can safely say that WWII made Moomins possible and thus created Tove Jansson’s career as an author.

Society’s expectations and rules and major events affected both Tove’s private life and her career.

For how she affected society, you do not need to look far. Moomins are beloved by children and adults alike. Her work has inspired artists and writers and her books have started an international business which employs thousands of people under or working with the Moomin brand. Her books are deep and have philosophy which has taught many generations since 1945. Moomin books alone are simply huge!

But Tove was also a political illustrator during 30s and made sharp satires about the politicians of the time, like Hitler. She fought antisemitism in her art and criticized politics. She also was one of the first women loving a woman publicly in Finland and never hid her relationship with Tuulikki after it became legal (1971, when it was considered a disease until 1981).

This became more of a rant than I thought but I’m sure other fans would be interested in this as well. Your question was very good! 

Please consider these points and make a decision yourself if you could expand this to make a text about Tove for your assignment. All in all I’ve learned from my time as a nerdy student that you get best results when you write about a topic which you are really interested in. Your excitement will show through in your writing.