we could be untouchable

  • Darth Sion: What are you idiots doing? Quit screwing around and finish her!
  • Sith Assassin: I don't understand! We hit her with everything we had, how is she still standing?
  • The Exile: How? Well, it's quite simple, really. You see, Sion, you may think you've got me all figured out, but there's one thing you didn't account for: my Force power...is bigger than yours!
  • The Exile: *heals herself*
  • The Exile: Funny thing, really. After a certain level, you're basically untouchable. We could do this all day, and you would not be any closer to beating me, not that it wouldn't be fun. But, I've got good news: you see, there's no need to wonder where your god is! Because she's right here! AND SHE'S FRESH OUT OF MERCY.
  • Another Sith Assassin: *begins sobbing*

Now I haven’t been the hugest Jaune fan. I always thought Pyrrha was nuts loving this adorable dweeb. But Y’see, I was blinded. In volume 4 I now see the error of my ways. Jaune is quickly becoming one of my favourite characters

My majestic son, agreed to fight this golem withOUT his weapon. He trusts his teammates and has taken time to understand their feelings fighting skills and weaknesses.

And not to mention, he has seriously improved on his awareness.

He is 100% still the dweeby dork he is from V1 but also you see how his thought process is and how he uses it to his advantage for his team.

Links into the Jaune is a part of a bunny faunus family theory? Or at the very least loves the Pumpkin Pete cereal. 

No one is shocked when the lovely Faunus felow brings out Jaune’s new shield with Pyrrha’s gold on it. Ruby, Ren and Nora all know how much Pyrrha loved Jaune and it probably took him a long time to believe it was okay to add Pyrrha;s gold to his shield. Pyrrha always wanted to protect him and in the end she lost. This is an honor to Pyrrha to show that her fight lives on and Jaune will carry her torch of hope onwards. 

I was among those who hated on Jaune for being the reason behnd Pyrrha’s death. That she was just furthering his plot. But we could place Ruby in Jaune’s place at that time. Pyrrha would have 100% pushed Ruby into the locker to keep her safe. Pyrrha believed it was her destiny to be the fall maiden. which is why Pyrrha didn’t just die for Jaune she died for all of Team JNPR and team RWBY and or Beacon. She was our Martyr the first blood of Beacon. The untouchable heroine that we never believed could die. 

Now Pyrrha’s destiny still lives on With Team RNJR or JNRR. Jaune has a lot more character developement in his future and I hope we get to learn more about Pyrrha since they’re going to Haven Academ in Mistral. 


Birthday Lunch at Barrio Fiesta (Milpitas, CA)

One of my birthday wishes came true this year which was to have my whole family celebrate with me over a sumptuous feast. As the celebrant, I treated my whole family to lunch. It was my pleasure to see them enjoy themselves, so I told them to “just order whatever you want!”

Boy, the power of those 5 words on my family’s appetite! They did not hold back that our server had to stop them from ordering more! LOL! They ordered TWO of the following:

  • Crispy Pata (Deep-fried crispy pork thigh)
  • Beef Kalderata (Beef stewed in tomato sauce)
  • Kare-Kare (Beef inpeanut sauce served with bagoong or shrimp paste)
  • Sisig
  • Pancit: Canton and Guisado (Stir-fried egg and rice noodles)
  • Beef Nilaga
  • Chicharon Bulakbak (Crispy intestines)
  • Crab Omelet

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Maybe in 10 years?
I don’t think I know how to bring you happiness yet. We both have these certain wants and I’m not sure if we can please each other right now. I’m not enough for you. We need to find ourselves first. You deserve the best and I can’t give you that yet. I’ll watch you from a far, I have practice with that when it comes to you. For now you’re untouchable. We could be great together. I have to wait a while but I want to make you truly happy one day. Maybe in 10 years.
—  failing by falling

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scenario where Jungkook has a crush on a younger trainee in the company and his hyungs are trying to get them together lol

this request gives me so much life, thank you angel

Jungkook felt like a 2nd grader.

Here he was, hiding from his crush, feeling some kind of pride for how amazing he was at not being seen. His eyes lingered around the corner of the wall, staring through the glass windows of the practice room at you. He did this often, more often than he’d like to admit. His bright eyes followed every flick of your wrists, kick of your feet, swivel of your hips. You were training by doing a mock performance with your choreographer and your fellow band mates. It had been a few hours, and you had been redoing the same dance over and over again, yet Jungkook never felt bored watching you. Every time you got frustrated at yourself for missing a beat, he would feel his stomach do flips; he thought it was cute to see you pout at yourself in the practice room mirrors. And being a fellow maknae of your girl group, you were the only girl really close to his age, so it was hard for him not to be interested in you.

“Jungkook-ah,” Jimin called out. Jungkook didn’t even turn around, he just swatted his hand in Jimin’s direction and shushed him quietly.

“Quiet midget, I’m trying to hear her sing.”

“I did not buy you this food so you could ignore it and go stalk girls.”

The other boys were sitting a few feet away, eating lunch. Jungkook sent a concentrated glare over to Jimin, but he was too busy laughing to care. They didn’t even have to ask who she was to know who he was talking about.

“Shut it, okay? I’m not stalking her. I just like to watch her perform.” Jungkook finally left from his hiding spot to stroll back over to where the others were seated. “I’m gonna dance with her one of these days.”

Namjoon bit on one of his nails intently and let his eyes focus on Jungkook, “You’ve been saying that since she got here. We haven’t seen anything happen yet.”

“Have you eaten with her yet?” Taehyung asked, but he was more focused on his lunch than anything, so they could tell where the question came from.

“I don’t even think he’s even spoken to her yet,” Namjoon said. He suppressed the burning urge to grin and laugh at the boy.

“I’ve said hi to her before,” Jungkook protested, raking his finger through his hair lazily. He glanced back at the practice room to make sure the door was closed and that you couldn’t hear him.

“Yeah,” J-Hope agreed, “So what, you’re gonna take it to the next level today? You’re gonna say bye?”

Jungkook found himself surrounded in lighthearted laughter by his hyungs. He rolled his eyes and shoved his hands into his pockets irritably.

“We had a small conversation once, it was while she was leaving the studio one day,” he confessed, regretting that he even began speaking once his hyungs leaned in closer out of pure interest and disbelief. “It was for like 5 seconds, give me a break.”

“What did she say to you?” Jimin pushed, grinning.

Jungkook felt his heart start to beat sporadically. He remembered exactly what had been said that day; it was actually what made him realize that he had a crush on you in the first place.

“We were just passing each other in the hall. She was alone, so I said hi. She said hi too, and I told her that she had a really cool skirt on,” he paused for a second and bit his lip to keep from smiling, “Then she told me I looked handsome in the sweater I was wearing. The end.”

“Dongsaeng you’re blushing,” Jimin hummed, chuckling at how the rosy color intensified with his words.

“That’s so cute,” Suga mused and pinched one of Jungkook’s warm cheeks gently. Jungkook grimaced, shoving his hyung’s hand from his face hastily. “But that’s really it?”

“Shut up,” he muttered. “I kindly said thank you and I got out of there as fast as I fucking could.”

They were interrupted by the door of the practice room opening, and tired voices spilling out promptly. Before Jungkook could walk off to start back on his food he had abandoned, J-Hope caught him by the sleeve.

“Here,” J-Hope handed Jungkook a bottle of water, “take this.”

“Wait what, why—” Jungkook began, but he was cut off midsentence by J-Hope pushing his arm to turn him around quickly and using his foot to kick him forward.

Jungkook lost his balance and fell forward clumsily. A pair of arms caught him reflexively, however whoever his savior was hadn’t been strong enough to support the both of them, and they both ended up falling in spite of everything. Jungkook landed on top, hearing who he landed on let out a squeak of panic. He sat up to find himself lying on your red-faced figure, your sweat laced hair sprawled all over your face and the floor, giggling uneasily. Jungkook had never gotten up so fast in his life. A mix of stuttered apologies and nervous laughs came from him before you could even get up. He reached his shaky hand down hurriedly and you took it, heaving yourself off the floor. Jungkook’s heart stuttered again at how soft your hand was. It wasn’t surprising to him that he could hear the struggled sounds of his hyungs trying to hold in their laughter (and ultimately failing).

“Well, that was some greeting,” you acknowledged, laughing. Your hand smoothed out your sweatpants and t-shirt gently. He swallowed hard.

“I’m really sorry about that,” he apologized, trying to catch his breath. “I didn’t mean to fall on you like that.”

“I apologize to you, because I’m all sweaty and stuff,” you scrunched up your nose and fanned yourself. The smile you gave him was one of genuine happiness. “I’d be traumatized if I had to touch this too.”

Jungkook rubbed the back of his neck and chuckled, “I promise you, it wasn’t that. I think I tripped over my own feet,” he lied, cocking his head towards his hyungs keenly. Namjoon nodded towards the water still lying on the floor and Jungkook bent down quickly to pick it up.

“Ah, here,” he mumbled, handing you the bottle of water. He finally understood why Hoseok had given him the bottle. “I thought you might be thirsty after all the hard work you just did.”

“Thank you so much, that’s so kind of you. I was actually just going to get one of these and then try to find some food, I’m starving,” you opened it and took a brief sip. “My unnies decided to go get some sleep instead.”

“Jungkookie hasn’t eaten yet either, maybe you could join him while we go practice?” Jimin offered, motioning to Jungkook’s untouched plate. Jungkook’s wide eyes flickered from his hyung back over to you curiously.

“Sure,” you told him happily, “I’d love to.”

On their way out of the room, all of the other boys made faces and teasingly gave their maknae thumbs up while you weren’t looking.  

“You’re welcome,” Jimin mouthed with a wink.

Jungkook gave him the finger.

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Part of me is nervous for the new Invader Zim comics because of all the new content. Like what if Jhonen decides to run with his idea that the Tallest are actually really short Irkens in mechanic suits? Okay, that’s a little extreme, but still. I’ve never been in a fandom in this situation. There is going to be all this new canon content in a universe that has been largely untouched for 13 years. It’s surreal. 

We could get more canon backstory, world building, space battles, NEW CHARACTERS. The possibilities are endless.

Or it could just goofy and not plot-centric at all. That too.

'Sunday Morning' (Ashton Irwin Imagine)

So go listen to the song here if you would like (X) Hope you enjoy and request stuff!! xx

’Sunday morning rain is falling
Steal some covers share some skin
Clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable
You twist to fit the mold that I am in’

8:37 AM

It was the combination of the soft pitter patter of the rain of on the windowsill and Ashtons hands making soft shapes on your skin that finally shook you from your slumber. You shivered and sighed contentedly, you weren’t ready to open your eyes and face the world yet. Just five more minutes.

“You up baby?” You heard the rasp in his voice and the bed shift as he scooted closer to you. You hummed in response only turning over still refusing to open your eyes. He chuckled softly as you pulled more of the blanket up on you a frown gracing your sleepy face as you seemed to not get warm enough.

“ M’ cold”

“Then come over here and let me warm you up.” Ashton said lightheartedly. You shifted impossibly closer to him as you seemingly melted into his warmth. Fitting like a puzzle piece, you twisted to fit his mold. His strong embrace warming you up immediately.You kept your eyes closed as you began falling asleep to the beating of his heart and the sound of his soft breaths. “Go ahead, I know you’re tired. I’ll be here when you wake up.


Ashton’s P.O.V

That may be all I need
In darkness she is all I see
Come and rest your bones with me
Driving slow on Sunday morning
And I never want to leave

11:23 AM

I looked over at her as she bobbed her head and sang along to the song on the radio. A smile graced my face as I thought about how this was it, these were those memories we would establish, we would tell our kids and grandkids about. The moments I wanted to hold so dearly to my heart. She was so her all the timeand she made me relish in all of the small moments that seemed so pointless any other time or with any other person.

"You gonna go?” She asked, a smirk across her lips as she looked at me expectantly. I looked up to see us sitting at a stop sign. I nodded my head and clasped her hand in mine as we drove slowly towards our secret destination. A place that had been untouched by, where we could enjoy each others company and the beauty of nature.


(Y/N)’s P.O.V

5:45 PM

‘But things just get so crazy living life gets hard to do
And I would gladly hit the road get up and go if I knew
That someday it would lead me back to you’

“You know if you ever needed me I would go with you.” I said looking at him as he packed his bags.

“On tour?” I nodded scooting to the end of the bed.

“It gets tough, and I want you to know I would go wherever you needed me if things got too hard for you.”

“(Y/N)…” He seemed hesitant at where this conversation was headed. But I wanted to know he understood me.

“Just, please. Don’t ever think that because were a thousand miles apart that I wouldn’t drop everything to get to you. I don’t want you to ever feel like there isn’t someone who loves you again.” I pressed a kiss to his cheek as he looked at me.

“I love you (Y/N)” I smiled at him as I let him finish his packing in piece.


Ashton’s P.O.V

7:48 PM

’Fingers trace your every outline
Paint a picture with my hands
Back and forth we sway like branches in a storm
Change the weather still together when it ends’

I didn’t just want to tell her how much I loved her, I wanted to show her. It was raining harder now but that only seemed to set the mood more. We had a tradition that anytime I had to go out of town for long periods of time we would make our last day be full of love and passion. I lit the candles and played romantic music to make it that much more meaningful.

I ran my hands across her body. I wanted to memorize her body for what it was. Imperfections and all. I wanted to remember the way she moaned under me when I hit the spot just right and the way we swayed like the branches in the storm outside.

I wanted to carry this all with me as I went away for a few months. But mostly, I wanted to remember the way she looked at me we were all tangled up in each other. When everything in the world didn’t matter. Even when the weather and seasons changed, we would still have us.


’That may be all I need
In darkness she is all I see
Come and rest your bones with me
Driving slow on Sunday morning
And I never want to leave’

11:01 PM

She laid on my chest staring up at the ceiling. Her breathing hadn’t gotten heavy and no snores were omitting from her mouth so I knew she was still awake. I ran my fingers through her hair and she shifted slightly.

“What’re you thinking about love?" 

"You. Us. Mostly you leaving in a few hours.” She turned to face me as she looked into my eyes.

“I’ll be back y'know. This isn’t permanent." 

"I know, but I’ll still miss you like you’ll be gone an eternity.” I nodded my head as we relaxed again and fell into a silence. I understood, I felt it too, but I imagined for her it was worse. I was going to new places, meeting new people, doing what most people dreamed about. She was stuck in one place, going to college, and even though she told me she was happy, her eyes always seemed to be longing for something more. Something I was determined to give her at some point.

“M’ sleepy but if I go to sleep, when I wake up you’ll be gone.” She grumble groggily. I shook my head at her persistence and smiled.

“Go to sleep love, I promise I’ll wake you up before I leave.”

“You said that last time and I slept through you leaving.”

“I promise.”

“Pinky?” She blindly raised her hand towards my face as I grabbed her pinky with my own.

“Pinky.” This was all I needed all I ever craved for. Her laying with me and us being in love. Being so wrapped up in ourselves, in our relationship, that nothing else could stop us. I wrapped the blanket tighter around us before holding her firmly to my chest. I closed my eyes allowing sleep to overcome me. But not before I heard her whisper something under her breathe.

“Sorry love? Didn’t hear you.”

“Said I never wanna leave.” I hummed in agreeance as I drifted off to sleep.

Okay, there’s that :) again request stuff!! ~Mell xx


Left page:
“So many people want to give you advice. So many people whose lives you would never want. Well this is one story that Dream Killer, or Sad Girl, or Prissy Pants or anyone ____ besides me won’t _____ writing the ending ____. There’s only room for one author on this story and it’s a story that people will be telling for a long time.”

Right page:
“The wonderful thing about islands is that nothing can touch them. Kind of like me. That’s where I see us, on an island all our own, untouchable. That’s what we could be; the power couple of Rosewood, a sole island in a sea of envy… if only he’d let me take him there.

The thing is, he’s opening another side to me. A side I always knew was there but didn’t know how to utilize until now.”


“I walk out of this darkness
With no sense ofregret
And I go with a clear conscience
We both know that you can’t say that”

“Low” was the second single released from Kelly’s debut album, Thankful. It’s a marked change in tone from what we’d heard from her before—the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed glow from “A Moment Like This” and the brassy diva pop of “Miss Independent” have no place here. Those stories were what-ifs, fairytales. They were “can we make this dream last forever and “no longer need to be defensive.” They were about trust. But trust is broken. Sometimes, the moments that you waited for, the ones you hoped and prayed and got down on your knees begging for—sometimes those are the ones that wreck you the most. Because there’s always an after. There’s always answer to the “what if,” and reality wasn’t built for optimists. Sometimes after all of that dreaming, you end up wondering if you would have been better off staying home in your bed.

Musically, Low’s defining traits are its driving, heady beat and repetition. This isn’t a song that can be brushed under the rug with the rest of the expectations of what a pop artist should be. This isn’t a song—or a girl—that can be ignored. It confronts you, over and over again, accusation followed by question; truth shouldered by experience; doubt and narration taking turns fighting it out. “Have you ever been low? Have you ever had a friend that let you down so hard? When the truth came out, were you the last to know? Cuz what you did was low.” Have you? Have you? Have you? And then, quiet, almost confessional in its tone, the answer “cuz what you did was low.” But she’s not confessing anything; it’s you that are stripped bare, and she is embarrassed by your heartlessness, by having to share a species with you, by the connection that exists just in being hurt by you. The strength in being able to step back and marvel at the defective souls that hurt you is stunning. Have you ever felt this? Have you ever felt anything, really felt? Have you had your heart broken, have you been broken with it? Or is that just me? You are the action, and I am the consequence, but that dichotomy isn’t right, it’s not human, it’s not fair. Have you ever been low?

The sort of universality that pop music has about love usually establishes a point of view that credits every listener with a certain amount of empathy. The reason these songs are so widespread and popular is because we’ve all been there. We’ve all been hurt, we’ve all been wronged, and we can feel that with the artist. But for as easy as it could be for Kelly to allow you to be caught up with her incredible, overwhelming refrain, because, yes, of course we have, she doesn’t stop there. Because she can’t stop there, because none of us can. The song doesn’t allow the story to end in the moment; it reaches beyond it, into the future and the past, into the times before this happened and after and within. The video features flashes of happier moments, a young girl on a car ride, friends laughing in the back seat, contrasted with leering men harassing her as she drives by, and, perhaps more strikingly, the endless, empty nothingness of the landscape of her memory.

Here’s the thing about moving on: it’s overrated. It’s easy to say, and hard to do. Because time will always remind you that only past exists, and that is the only guarantee—and even that isn’t so firm sometimes, but there is no certainty in the future. You can’t remember it, can’t live in it, can’t touch it—but you can with the past, and that’s why it’s so hard to leave. Our bodies work so hard to build our cells and create who we are right now, but once they are done, the work that they did is over, but they still have to keep going. We are made in the past, built from what happened then and who we were and what we did. Tomorrow we could be transformed. We could be the first cyborgs in a new age, untouchable and shining, or we could be dead and buried, our flesh rotting into the wet ground from which we came along with everyone else who came before us. Which one, though? It’s too much. Those options are more complicated even than the vast chaos that is behind us. If we can’t see if and how we’ll be put back together, how are we supposed to know what that will look like? Kelly isn’t being overdramatic or whiny, accusations often thrown at female artists; she’s desperate. “I never thought it’d hurt this much to be saved,” she spits out guiltily, softer than the rest of the song, more intimate. Like she let something slip that she didn’t mean to admit. The line doesn’t fit with the rest of the song, all power and bluster. But it’s the truest. The present isn’t the past; it’s about now, it’s about her, and that should be enough. Because she’s safe now, but she’s not. You are still there, every day, in her cells.

You’ve been low, and you made her go to that place too. You took us there. You did that to me. You made me live with this. You are at fault. You hurt me then, and you are the reason that I am affected now. You. You did that, and what you did was low. Time keeps moving, the girl that you were is enveloped and caressed and smothered by men with scruffy beards and greasy eyelids, and there’s nothing you can say about it. There’s nothing that erases it; I am forever the girl to whom that happened, but at least I’m not you. For all the darkness, and the pathetic, pitying looks as I walk by, and the countless shadows of days spent wondering if it’s even worth it to keep going, at least I know one place where I can stand on solid ground: thank god I’ll never be as low as you.

I had a dream of the time that we were born...
we lived so beautifully in that city of wombs,
clapping our hands and laughing out loud. We drank down the paints... and the colours of the rainbow changed.We began to wish the be held... and stopped being able to walk on our own. We laughed scornfully together, devoting love to our toys, and wishing we could destory the untouchable children with simple words. A witch started a fire, and someone in a far off city died.

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Prompt: high school au raywood fluff(maybe with a little angst on Ray's part...) where Ray is struggling with his sexuality and is hardcore crushing on Ryan and Ryan knows from the start but acts clueless.



Title: Free Edgar

Prompt: high school au raywood fluff (maybe with a little angst on Ray’s part…) where Ray is struggling with his sexuality and is hardcore crushing on Ryan and Ryan knows from the start but acts clueless.

Pairing: Raywood, side Mavin and Lindsay/Meg

AU: High School AU

Word Count: 3567


“X-Ray! How are you?”

Ray laughed, high fiving Gavin as he passed the Brit by his locker, using his free hand to unlock it, pulling out his English books.

“Doing great, Vav, doing great.” he returned, pulling open his bag to replace the books already in with the others. “And you?”

“I’m alright, could be better, but alright. How goes ‘Free Edgar’?”

Free Edgar.

That was still a major problem.

“Fuckin’ blows.” Ray said, and Gavin frowned.

“Yeah?” he asked. “Too bad, mate.”

‘Free Edgar’ was a term coined by the Lads (him, Gavin and Michael) to address the problem that was Ryan Haywood.

Ray had refused to accept he had a crush on Ryan in the first place, but with some (incredibly annoying) prodding and poking from Gavin and Michael, had come to accept that he appreciated how Ryan looked.

But no, it was not a crush. Ray was decidedly straight.

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